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FIRST LOOK: Upcoming Semi-Homemade “Homecoming Tailgate” Episode
Posted by Jillian Madison

sandra lee semi homemade wisconsin la crosse

Sandra Lee will showcase her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, on this weekend’s new episode of Semi-Homemade. Sandra will be making some wunderfullllll wunderfullllll homecoming tailgate recipes, including a buttery and deeeelishus Buffalo Chicken Pizza, a finnntastic Chipotle Java Rubbed Tenderloin, a pretty pretty pretty Chocolate Coconut Almond Cake, and a fabbbulous Homecoming Punch called Swamp Water that you’re gunnnna love.

Sandra said, “This visit is long overdue. I have some great memories of this place.” Yeah. We bet those “great memories” involve 30% schoolwork and 70% making out with her best friend’s boyfriend under the bleachers.

The show was taped in the fall of 2007. It’s now January, 2009. That means it took the Food Network 16 MONTHS to edit Sandra Lee’s ramblings into a Semi-Watchable  episode of Semi-Homemade.

And that’s just semi-pathetic.

sandra lee semi homemade wisconsin la crosse sandra lee semi homemade wisconsin la crosse

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  1. Viola says:

    I believe Wisconsin is home to Johnsonville Sausages. You would think Sandra would try and use locally sourced ingredients to feature during a tailgate party. Pizza ain’t exactly a tailgate staple. I wonder how much sponsor intervention took part.

    Sorry chipotle/coffee rubbed tenderloin isn’t exactly screaming Wisconsin is it ?

    Hopefully she gets loaded with the students.

  2. Patty O. says:

    She’s f’n Sandra Lee, like she would really make something standard and sane at a tailgate.

  3. Lew says:

    That fish bowl drink is bigger than her head. And I bet that’s just her “pre-game cocktail” too!

  4. jenna says:

    Over a year to bring an episode from filming to our televisions?!?! Oh Sandra Lee. That is really laughable.

  5. bill says:

    She looks like she has a stick up her ass (literally) in that corny picture with the cheerleaders. I’ve never quite seen THAT much separation between a woman’s thighs, even on the really skinny women. Seems a bit unnatural.

  6. Kyle says:

    Those are not very flattering photos of Sandra at all.

    Usually she looks quite hot.

    I’d let her give me a pickle wash anyday.

  7. Brooke Johnson says:

    Sandra Lee tests her recipes extensively on small animals before she unveils them to the general public (she uses any usable bits of their pelts for her tablescapes). I’m afraid to many of her “Homecoming Tailgate” recipes sickened her test animals and this episode never should have been broadcast. Apologies for the confusion regarding this matter.

  8. Bob Tuschman says:

    Say hi there Brooke. Fancy meeting you here at this site. Haven’t seen you around the office lately, but frankly I do like playing boss in charge while you are not here.

    Too bad it took so long for us to air this episode. Somehow I overlooked it.Let’s blame Susie OK.

    Say Brooke. You know since I am the one to hand out the punishments here at FN to people that fudge their resumes and aren’t Team FN players like Lieberman. What do you think I should do with Flay for stiffing his servers and letting his managers steal their tips ? Perhaps I should wait until the lawsuit is settled .You know wait till he gets his day in court. If he is found to be complicit, I could punish him by making him watch McCargo’s show and Food Detectives with Ted Allen. Maybe make hi eat of piece of Sandra’s rubbed tenderloin ?

    hey Brooke , hope to see you in the office soon. People keep throwing their garbage in my office and making animal sounds when they walk by. That never happened when you were around.

  9. Hairball says:

    She looks like a mannequin or something in that picture with the cheerleaders. Very unnatural!

  10. Betty McGee says:

    great job ,now how about showing us how to design a beautiful Table Scape like you do ,please help me need it like now .Help me make my parties a success. Watch your show everyday please share a book on the Table

  11. Moony says:

    I am ashamed that my sister went to the same college as Sandy… D:

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