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Why I Hate Rachael Ray
Posted by FNH Guest Blogger

“Poking Holes In America’s Domestic Goddess”
by Ben Malone

These days, it’s hard to miss Rachael Ray. Over the course of your day, you’re bound to run into her somewhere, whether it’s one of her twelve different shows on the Food Network, her daytime talkshow, her magazine, her signature line of cooking products, foodnetwork.com, Dunkin’ Donuts ads … hell, the other day when I was in the meat section of the grocery store, one of the TVs started rolling a video of her showing how to cook something, in case you somehow managed to dodge all of the afore mentioned media.

RR is America’s new flavor of the month, taking the mantle from such distinguished title holders as Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen DeGeneres, Donald Trump and Ryan Seacrest. What’s funny to me is that maybe with the exception of Ellen, you always detected an undercurrent of complete hatred for everyone who’s become the darling of the American media (and American rray2households). I suppose it’s natural for a certain amount of backlash when we’re force-fed these people into every aspect of our daily lives. At some point, you have to say “enough is enough” and let us get on with our lives; most of these celebs have had their time to shine and then taken their rightful place on the D List.

But with Rachael Ray, since we’re talking about a brand and not just a person, you get the feeling that she won’t fizzle out from the American consciousness as quickly as some of these other celebs have. She’s following in the footsteps of Martha Stewart and the almighty Oprah: creating an empire, yet pissing people off along the way.

There are so many things about her that grate on people, it’s hard to know where to begin.

-Her “30 minute meals” schtick is complete crap. I have tried multiple recipes from her show and not one was on the table in less than an hour, and I’m not exactly a rookie in the kitchen.

How does she do it on the show? Well, she cuts corners. I watched one of her “I’m going to show you how to make food for your Super Bowl party that nobody would ever think to have at a football party because I’m not a football fan and have never attended a Super Bowl party, because if I had, I would know that all anyone wants is finger foods while standing around and socializing, but because the Food Network makes all their chefs do a Super Bowl show in late January, I’ve got to come up with something” shows. She was preparing a chicken and chorizo chili to be served over a “polenta bowl”, which basically meant that she lined the bowl with polenta and then put the chili on top of it. The only problem was that she didn’t start cooking the polenta until the show was nearly over, and you could tell when she plated the food that she hadn’t cooked the polenta enough.

That didn’t stop her from taking the obligatory bite of the meal to show just how good it was while she was wrapping up the show, but you could tell by the look on her face that it wasn’t done. After her first bite (which left most of the polenta on the spoon), and while the camera was up close on her face, she put the spoon back into the bowl, and when it came back up to her mouth, it magically had no polenta and was all chili, which she happily took two more bites with that stupid shit-eating grin she always has on her face.

-She talks to her audience like they’re a bunch of eight year olds. The show has a real Sesame Street feel to it – she calls her audience “kids”, refers to sandwiches as “sammies”. 30mindummiesYeah, I used to call them “sammies” too, and then I started the third grade and started talking like an adult. Plus, she acts as if she’s introducing new ingredients to you, or new tricks in the kitchen, despite those same ingredients and tricks showing up on every other show on the Food Network (by the way – did you know that cumin adds a smokey flavor to food?).

-Her stupid, kitschy phrases in the kitchen. You know them well … “EVOO” or “GB” (really? is “garbage bowl” so much to say?) or “stoups” or “yum-o” or “delish”. She’s created her own language in the kitchen, and it isn’t enough for her to dumb down America with them, she had to turn them into a money-making monster. I just about crapped my pants when I saw an EVOO brand olive oil in the grocery store. And now she has a dog food called “Nutrish”. I think most cynics would say that what she cooks on “30 Minute Meals” belongs in the dog food category anyway, so this is a natural progression. Next up? An antacid called “Regurge”.

-The ingredient balancing act. Why on earth does she pride herself on carrying everything at once? I saw one episode where she got out a cookie sheet and used it as a try to put everything on. Look, that studio kitchen is about as big as my college dorm – it’s not like she’s having to walk a long way and doesn’t want to make multiple trips. She can just as easily drop everything off at the work space from the fridge, but no, she has to carry everything at once. Just another gimmick she’s come up with on her show that she thinks is appealing, but pretty much makes her audience want to throw something.

I could go on. Her facial expressions and mannerisms are straight out of high school drama class. She laughs at her own jokes (mostly because no viewer with a reasonable sense of humor would laugh on his/her own, so she has to provide a cue to get you to laugh). She puts everything in the form of a question (“How great does that look?” “How easy is that?”). Her voice sounds like that of an emphysema patient — or a 13-year old boy going through puberty… You get the point.

And the biggest problem is that she’s always expanding her reach. Rumor has it that there will be an animated series. You know a doll can’t be far behind. What’s next? A casino in Atlantic City? A ride at Disneyland? A video game console?

Unfortunately, she’s taken the torch that Oprah passed her, and is running with it. You’d like to think that with as much hot air that comes out of her mouth, she’d eventually blow the torch out, but somehow I don’t think we’re going to be that lucky. I guess what we can hope for is that she gets too big for the Food Network and leaves for greener pastures. At least then we can get to watch shows by people that don’t annoy us, like Guy Fieri.

Oh, wait…

[Editor's note: You can find more of Ben Malone's work at B-Unit. His blog is a well written gem, packed with witty one liners and hilarious insights. Check it out!]

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    189 Responses

  1. Yonkers says:

    Good write up. The woman annoys me. Will check out your site

    • Wonderland says:

      This woman looks like a troll and there is an undercurrent of false “sweetness”. I cannot stand her!
      Her waistline is under her chin.

    • Mar k says:

      First off all you haters out there know if you were given an opportunity like her you would be the next one talked about and someone hating on you! Second she had vocal cord surgery do your homework about her voice. Thirdly her husband is very kind and does tip very well maybe that day was a fluke. This is the problem with the world today is finding someone you don’t know personally to bully. As far as the book store when book sellers come to you and you have limited time as she does it leaves people there for the signing out because she had to deal with the sellers so she appropriately asked not to be approached. She was being considerate of the people waiting in line for there books to be signed. So all I can say is my prayers are with those who hate.

  2. Brittany says:

    Ahhhh…Rachel Ray….how I adore thee. Way to go Ben, awesome article!

  3. neo says:

    Loved it Ben, right on. I’ll be sure to check out your blog dude.

    You know what Rachael Ray? I do not care that your in-laws do not like garlic, stop telling me 4 times every fucking day.

  4. Simple Truth says:

    Rachael ‘The Roach’ Ray, is a hack wrapped in the enigma of her fame, which can be contributed/divided into 3 parts: people with shoe-size IQ’s lacking sense or taste (aka her fans), the rest of us who see the truth about this bitch & the lure of a modern day freak show, plus the idiots over at Food Network & ‘Harpo’ who released this scourge upon the land.

  5. Harper says:

    I used to work for Barnes & Noble and she did a book signing at our store. I can confirm she is a total bitch-wad! She told the event organizers that she wasn’t to be approached by any “booksellers.”

    Well, I guess she wasn’t aware that the lowlife booksellers were responsible for putting her books where everyone can find them.

  6. alex says:

    Ben, I watch 30 minute meals every day while cooking dinner (habit) and I always ask myself why this woman insists on carrying EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN HER ENTIRE FRIDGE over to the counter top at once. Like if she doesn’t get an ingredient, the scary fridge monster will eat it and it will disappear forever. Give it a rest, honey. It will be there when you go back.

  7. itto says:

    guess it’s her perkiness…idk! obviously, i’ve watched a time or two myself…just not one of my favs.

  8. thrifffty says:

    can’t stand how she thinks everything she does is so amusing or adorable. BARF!

  9. Voula says:


    Thank you for your honest assessment. I’m not a huge Rachael fan at all, but find her husband extremely abhorent.
    I am surprised he didn’t garner more coverage. Now he is roach.

  10. Dan says:

    So what you’re saying is you don’t like her? :)

    Well written, Mate. Liked the article. Your blog’s not too shabby either. How did you get to write for this blog

  11. Mayna says:

    Her husband is a jerkoff in real life. He tipped me $1.65 on a $50 check!!!!!! I never minded Rachael Ray, but now I hate her by default!

    • Nicki says:

      What a jerk!! The World needs to know about this!!! And all the money he has. I am soo mad right now. I actually was tettering on liking Rachel Ray or not and now my mind is made up!

  12. Dave says:

    I am not a fan O’ RR but having worked in the TV cooking and commercial industry… I have to back up the bitch for the fridge thing…for 2 reasons…..
    1. No host of any “show” should show their back to the camera….
    2. If we were looking at the back of RR we would be have to stare at her “junk in her trunk” WAY too often..
    I prefer that we only have to see the junk the one time she goes to the fridge…or the other frightful times she goes to the Susie Bake Oven…AAAARGGGG, the pain!

  13. Allison says:

    I have always thought that her stuff either looks like a total cluster or not cooked at the end of her show.

    Go Bears.

  14. 4ridofrachael says:

    As if you don’t already know, not all of America is in love with Rayho. There are sites dedicated to our disgust of her. For people that think she is the all American girl, I don’t know many “girls” that talk like they’ve smoked for 50 years and think everything they do is hilarious. I’m a much better cook than her, and I can BAKE! Could someone please tell her that the clothes she wears are too tight, dress for the way you are built.

  15. Sam says:

    Did you know that Oregano means “Joy of the Mountain”?

    • cat says:

      Ya, throw that around at your next cocktail party. Too funny, Sam.

    • Allison says:

      That is one of my biggest pet peeves about RR – my family is Greek and I get so TIRED of hearing that “oh so clever” little tidbit of information. Or that cilantro is so “verdant” (oh John, with his million dollar vocabulary). And let’s not forget the “nice smoky kewmin (cumin is normally pronounced koomin, unless I am really behind on the times) and “bright coriander.” Don’t even know what THAT means!

  16. Andi says:

    4Rido — yes!! Why must she wear clothes 2 sizes too small? She always looks like she’s outgrowing her clothes.

    And I didn’t notice it until I started reading this site, but she doesn’t bother to wash a damn thing on that show. That oogs me out!

    • Renee says:

      This is to all of you who gripe about RR.
      First of all, for people who can’t stand her, you sure do watch her a lot. Second, I’ve never smoked in my life and had some major vocal issues and have had times in my life when I sounded just like Rachael. You have no idea how frustrating it is. Third, she doesn’t wash anything b/c she is trying to tape a show…do you really expect her to stand and do dishes??? Then she would get criticized for that. There are people who work on the show that take care of the cleaning. You people are the jerks! Not her!

  17. mr_rayray says:

    Andi, that’s because she IS outgrowing her “size 6″ clothing. Bitch makes $18 mil a year and a stylist, makeup artist and high-end hairdresser can’t make her look like a polished, professional 40 year old woman.

    Can’t put lipstick on a pig…

    Hiya 4rid! Freaky posts here too. :-)

    • eastendgirl1 says:

      I honestly have only watched the show a few times since she’s been on. I doubt she was ever a size 6 and since tv adds 5-10 lbs she looked huge the last time I saw her. I honestly don’t care if she’s heavy but what’s with always wearing those damn jackets/blazers? To hide her stomach and hips of course. I saw a show where she was traveling to different restaurants in upstate ny where she owns a beautiful home in the Adirondacks by the way ( she’s from there) and w/o the tv counter or jacket to hide her…she was much heavier…and there she was stuffing her face. I prefer Giada D and although she eats a lot of Italian food she must work out every day…plus her food is so healthy.

  18. Limn says:

    If y’all hate her so much, why the hell do you watch her??????

  19. Liz says:

    I have only watched her a few times but I just finished an episode, and since when does a woman who doesn’t even have children know so much about what kids like or how much fun they’ll have in the kitchen. This woman is so incredibly obnoxious, her meals cannot be replicated in 30 minutes, and they look like such a hot damn mess nothing I would be all to eager to eat. When will this woman just go away?? Give us real recipes not just the church casserole dishes where you throw in everything but the kitchen sink.

  20. JaArCee says:

    you all must be fat pigs too if all you do is just sit on your computer talking to each other about how you hate her. i wish i could be as cool as you all=]

  21. Tatiana says:

    Not a chance, bud.

  22. Ben says:

    I find everything about her so annoying. Her voice, her stupid catch phrases, and her perkiness.

  23. loveee says:

    i heart Rachael Ray !!!

  24. Nina says:

    What really annoys me is that Rachael Ray pretends to be poor. I saw a re-run where she talked about how she and her husband save change in a jar so they can afford to go to dinner. (That’s probably why the poor man couldn’t tip you.)
    She makes $18 million dollars a year and pretends that she can’t afford to out to dinner before saving up change first. She lives in a tiny apartment in the city and in a tiny cottage in the country so what does she spend her money on? She is plain cheap – and so is obviously her husband. That is her choice but to pretend that she is poor is a terrible thing to do in times like these when so many are suffering.

    • lukebandit says:

      If she is so poor, how did all that change in the jar pay for the 500K donation to help pets and buy food for them and 100K to the local food pantry in Hurricane Sandy?

      Instead of a jar, It must be a 55 gallon drum!

      How could John tip that poor girl waiting on him hand and foot tip her 1.50 on a 50.00 check???


  25. doorsfan1 says:

    Geez I have never heard people be so cruel talk ing and commenting about someone they have never met….I agree with the previous comment, why are you watching her if you hate her so bad?? I happen to like her, and her recipies are great, so just watch something you actually like and stop talking crap about poor Rachael….geeeeeez what has she ever done to YOU????

    • usgonemad says:

      The woman is pure publicity. That’s what is annoying so many people. The kitchy phrases are to be “cute”, the dragging 20 items out of her pantry at one time, another “cute”. Personally, I don’t know her, BUT she has put herself on television TO BE SEEN, and yes, that gives the viewing audience ample excuses to be at anything annoying that she might do. Frankly, I can’t stand watching her, and turn the t.v. off when she comes on. Sick of hearing her laught constantly at what she thinks is funny, when it isn’t. She IS annoying, she is a blabbermouth who does not stop long enough to take a full breath. It’s supposed to be a cooking show for Pete’s sake, then COOK AND STOP RUNNING OFF AT THE MOUTH AND TRYING TO IMPRESS THE AUDIENCE WITH MOUTH THAT WON’T STOP, LOUDNESS, OBNOXIOUS. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH.

      • justsaying says:

        My thoughts exactly!!!!! She never lets her guests finish a sentence- especially the cake boss guy-She thinks she knows everything and just loves to hear her own voice!!!! Enough is right

        • manners says:

          I agree… I think that the way she jumps in to finish everyone else’s sentences (just once someone should say, “NO, that’s NOT what I was going to say!”) and the way she interrupts and makes their story all about HER and how it affects HER just irritates me to no end; SHE IS SO RUDE & SELF-CENTERED!

          • lukebandit says:

            Just another kate Gosselin. Taker, grifter, fame hungry famer kate is a child abuser and animal killer. Rachel doesn’t beat kids and kill animals.
            kate does.

    • Justin says:

      What has she ever done to us? Apart from being super annoying, having stupid catch phrases, being condescending, being on every channel on the dial, taking over the used-to-be good Food Network, being on every bookshelf at Barnes and Noble, being in every aisle at the supermarket including the dog food aisle, giggling like a stoned hyena, being fat and ugly and in our faces everywhere … nothing. I just can’t image why people are sick of her. It’s called over exposure. She belongs on the Disney Channel.

  26. love2cook says:

    OK, I have read every single comment and here is the deal. She is wicked annoying, carrying that crap annoys the shit out of me, her catch phrases piss me off, and lastly I Have cooked her meals and they absolutly SUCK!!!! I thought it was me and but I have made Ina Gartens meals which are more advanced and they tasted great. RR always starts out good but then throws some stupid crap in to make it nasty. WTF RR??

  27. Princess Crazypants says:

    Why are her shirts always so tight?

  28. Princess Crazypants says:

    “you all must be fat pigs too if all you do is just sit on your computer talking to each other about how you hate her. i wish i could be as cool as you all=]”

    Sorry, but aren’t YOU on this site trash talking us for trash talking her? Welcome to the pigpen, fellow fat pig. Oink.

    • lisa says:


  29. kitty says:

    I love RR!!! You all are like that fat bitch with the RRSux webpage. Get over it. If you don’t like her watch something else. She’ll continue to make money because of fans like me.

    • kueeie says:

      I do not hate Rachael Ray, but I will say that from the time she was on the travel channel to today, she became obnoxious. Her tone of voice got higher, she got way to perky about everything she says, and her talk show is based on a food person. Why is a person known for cooking hosting a talk show that has nothing, largely, to do with cooking? I dont wish her ill, but she has become a commercial whore, and has changed her persona to suit her monetary interests.

  30. Jessica says:

    I agree the big hipped, small chested, voice that has a frog stuck in her throat, lips that always curves up to the right idiot. with her new talkshow(that i give one more seasin) she thinks she’s all that! she doesn’t even know how to give an interview,her questions are so dumb. and her audience, enven if rachel say something like “then we add water, boil it and vaula there are pasta”. I laugh so much because they give her paraises on something that is so easily made. jus’ cause you dyed your hair don’t make you a DIVA.

  31. mark says:

    Kitty why don’t you watch her all day long with that scratchy voice. and everywhere you look and turn there she is, you would get irratated. what’s so good about her and her cooking? 30 minute meals show is stupid. that’s the kind of show that only dumb people watch cause they can’t even make cereal..

  32. p.bear says:

    if she makes $18 million a year on cooking, She better be coming up with way better receipes than the ones she showing on her show…come now pasta, tomato,garlic,bacon,cheese and that STUPID E.V.O.O..that’s all and she makes that kind of money come on give me a break
    the cooking channel for kids has better recipes than that.

  33. KKA says:

    You are right on. But what about how she takes every verb and adds “up” or something to it? For example, “I’m going to plate this UP”, instead of saying, “I’m going to plate this”. Maybe I’m nuts, but it gets on my nerves because she does this to almost all of her phrases. She’s sooooo awful.

  34. Taco says:

    I agree with most of what was posted. Funny how the networks ‘pimp’ the flavor of the month. It’s all about the $$$. If people weren’t buying what she was selling, i guarantee she wouldn’t be on the screen anymore. As far as her attitude off camera, I can sympathize for her and most celebrities when dealing with the public. Once you’ve become popular, your ‘normal’ life is over; so you have to become ‘bitchy’ in certain situations. Cheap on the other hand is unacceptable! I can take or leave RR on any given day. My wife and I watch the reruns of 30 minute meals every now and then. She is annoying and seems to over simplify everything she does. I actually liked her better in her $40 A Day program. More down to earth and better for the camera. Plus I learned a lot about food in different parts of the country.

  35. Laura says:

    If everyone here hates Rachael Ray, how come you all watch her so much? All of you seem to know every mannerism, habit, saying, everything. Here is a solution to your hatred/obsession with Ray, stop watching her. Pretty simple. It seems to me that the person who wrote the blog eats, drinks, breathes Rachael Ray. Why don’t you spend your life doing something productive intstead of being so hateful. Let go of the jealousy.

  36. Tatiana says:

    Why are you here on this blog? Just double click to another site if you don’t enjoy it. It’s the same thing, right?

  37. CherryRose says:

    “…Why don’t you spend your life doing something productive intstead of being so hateful…”

    I used to post on a website that was devoted entirely to those who despised RR, and, believe me, FNH is really quite tame compared to the now-defunct “Rachael Ray Sucks”.

  38. Stefani Izquierdo says:

    I think Rachel Ray is great! She is young, full of energy and making “it” happen! All of you need to acknowledge her accomplisments and stop being haters.

  39. Luz Stewels says:

    Ray Ray gives me the Runs

  40. andy dick says:

    Harper… you dope. When any artist is at a signing, they don’t want to be approached by “booksellers”… meaning people who bring multiple copies of the book for her to sign so they can turn around and sell them on Ebay.

    Rachel may be annoying, but so is your mom.

  41. kathryn says:

    Think all of the people who hate RR are envious of her and her success…..surely all of you could find better ways to use your time in a more constructive manner. Stop the hate that infuses your lives in what appears to be about the most trivial of matters….it’s ugly and doesn’t have to be…..the world is filled with too much hate as it is and NEEDS to stop!

  42. Beatris says:

    I have a question you may not like. Why do you hate Rachel so much? Not that Im a fan of hers, Im just wondering where all this hate is coming from. Are you jealous of her or whats going on? Ive disliked people in my life but Ive never gone as far as making a website and posing stupid remarks about them. It all sounds kindof of pointless to me. Life is too short to go around hating people or looking for reasons to be pissed off. Its a waste of time. I heard about this website from a friend of mine so I wanted to check it out because I didnt believe her. Well, I was wrong. Im sorry youre so angry or want to live your life like this. Good luck with your website. I hope one day you can let your angry go.

  43. CherryRose says:

    @Beatris: All I gotta say is, “Wow! And, what a way to start my day!”

    Laugh much? Ever watch Jay Leno, David Letterman, SNL, etc.? Most of the time on these programs is spent poking fun at politicians, Hollywood stars, musicians, etc. Do the incessant jibes necessarily mean that these high-profile personalities are hated? Absolutely not! Laughing at oneself and the ability to find humor in everyday situations are special gifts, and we’d be a sorry lot without them.

  44. Beatris says:


    Yeah Im all for poking fun at people including myself. I have a alot of hate towards Bush and how he runined this country but the difference is I didnt go make a website and post how much i hate him. Get me point? Its fine to dislike somone but how does making a website and talking about them more make sense? It doesnt. Youre giving the person you claim to hate so much alot of exposure. More people will watch Rachels show and hell may even end up liking her. It just doesnt make sense to me. You understand where Im going with this? Its stupid and pointless. Why not do something with your anger instead of sitting around bitching and complaining? Make your own cooking show, somthing. If you dont like something then change it. No one forces anyone to watch Racheals show and listen to her. If you dont like her than stop watching her. I hate Bush so instead of whinning about it, I voted Obama and look a change. Im just using Bush as an example. STOP COMPLAINING. NO ONE CARES IF YOU LIKE RACHEAL RAY OR NOT. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Beatris says:


    • Zrelia says:

      I used to watch her show…then I realized what an annoying bitch she was and that’s when I started hating her (Not to mention sharing the same NAME with her, spelled the same way and people started calling me “Rachael Ray” which I’m insulted by). I still do, you can’t go anywhere or turn the TV on without seeing her ugly ass everywhere. I’m pretty pretty sure that’s what these people are referring to. I don’t still watch her…but I still hate her from what I’ve seen years ago.

  46. Bork Bork says:


  47. Bork Bork says:

    We have hobbies, one of them being food….
    So FN tends to be as annoying as people driving 35MPH in the left lane on a 65MPH highway.

  48. Bork Bork says:


    Sure, I envy RR in the same way I envied and respected Billy Mays or Dealin’ Doug (Colorado car dealer) – they are hustlers with more money than what I have, of course I envy that. When it comes to the food side, no I do not envy RR her cooking skills….

  49. Ferd says:

    Beatris, dear, don’t post after hitting the cooking sherry.

  50. Bork Bork says:

    /me ponders hitting the bbq sour mash…

  51. Tatiana says:

    @Beatris/Kathryn/Laura/All your other aliases. What a hypocrite you are! There you are on your high horse, writing long-winded essays (under several different names)on how the people on this site need to get a life, etc., etc… yet, here you are, spending Lord knows how much time poring over every single post on this site and then wasting Lord knows how much effort to write the same old posts over and over again. Have you even thought for one second as to how similar all of your posts are? Same word, same phrasing, same sentiment. I think you are the one who needs a life; we’re just all having fun here. How about you?

  52. CherryRose says:

    H/T to you, Tatiana. I haven’t been reading/posting here long enough to notice all the nuances, multiple nics, etc., nor do I spend 24/7 on blogs or message boards. That said, I’m happy to have found FNH and have laughed aloud at many of the posts here.

  53. Beatris says:

    First of all Beatris is my name. I dont need to hide myself. Second,of all, of course people are envy of others but its kindof stupid wasting your lives talking about them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I change that, its really stupid. If I hate something Im not going to create a web site so I can talk about it. You guys do need a life. I post because it makes me laugh at how you people get all worked up about some chick with a cooking show. Shes not curing cancer people. She makes meals and uses shorter versions of words. OMG lets take her out back and beat her. Come on now. Who cares!! Maybe you guys needs anger managment or something. Youre really going to waste your lives hating someone you dont know or dont have any chance of meeting? Sounds great. Have fun losers. I will keep commenting because only certain types of people get angry at what I say. You know who you are. I LOVE RACHEAL RAY!

    • cat says:

      Why are you here, if you think we haters of RR are so stupid for posting our thoughts??? I think we can put you in the same category, you feel the need to defend this abrasive person who was paid millions of dollars a year to learn how to cook on television. We won’t even get into the really tacky cookware, bakeware (how can she put her name on bakeware when she doesn’t even know how to bake?), bowls and platters, etc..

    • JohnBoy says:

      Get ‘yer teabags here!

  54. Beatris says:

    LAURA. You said it prefectly. Why watch her if you hate her so much? Its like poking yourself with a needle. Yeah it hurts but youre so dumb you dont want to stop doing it. Hello people. You guys crack me up with your stupidy. Stop watching her. Change the channel, stop cooking her meals. Its pretty simple or is it you might like her. Hmm, interesting.

  55. Bork Bork says:

    Beatris, hitting the sauce early?

  56. Anon says:

    Blah blah blah. Why do you come here just to antagonize people, Beatris? Obviously, you’re the one who needs to find better things to do.

  57. Ferd says:

    What’s to be jealous of, her dreeeamy husband or her foghorn voice?

  58. Kathy says:

    Why do people assume that because you don’t like another person, it means you are jealous of them? RR annoys me in the same way my co-workers who shout at each other over the cube walls instead of walking over to the other person’s cube to talk to each other annoys me. She annoys me like that person in the movie Office Space who utters the line “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.” Do I envy those people? No. So again, I ask, why is it automatically assumed that when I don’t like someone famous, it’s because I am jealous of their success? I could really care less. I have my own life to worry about.

  59. Stephen says:

    My thing is this… how many ways can you make the same damn pasta? Sammies? or Stoup?

    And remember, kids, keep your nuts in the freezer – it keeps the oil from spoiling. I swear, I heard that line 5 times in one week.

  60. JILL says:

    Rachel Ray has gone political…..
    She threw Ronald Reagan under the bus! I am not a political person, but shut up RAY-ASS! You should be ashamed!

  61. rebecca says:

    I hate Rachel Ray. I loved when she was on the food network channel. Now she thinks she is a diva. She is not even a chef. I am a flight attendant and she was so rude on the flight she would not even talk to the flight attendant. I would not buy any product with her name on it no matter how good of a deal it would be.

  62. rebecca says:

    another comment she was in NYC in a store where my friend works and she was a bitch to the staff. Who the hell this little person thinks she is.

  63. [...] never met, yet who apparently are kept up at night stewing in hatred. It makes tamer rants such as Why I Hate Rachael Ray seem like something pulled from a hymnal. After reading the Flay Flames, I figured Bobby probably [...]

  64. TATA says:

    I really used to be a HUGE fan of Rachael’s but feel that she does not deserve 20 friggin shows. She definitely does not deserve a day time show. I don’t believe for one minute after taping all the shows that she does that she wants to come home and cook. 18 million a year and says she cannot afford to eat out…. BULLSH*T! I thought her husband was an entertainment lawyer? Or does that just translate to ‘unemployed’? I know he has his ‘band’ but she is his cash cow so at this point he is probably ‘kept’ lol.

  65. d chadb says:

    The talkin with the hands thing is so annoying!!!

    • Kiki says:

      Finally!! Someone else can’t stand RR “talking” with her hands/arms. I used to enjoy her show until one day I realized why I felt nervous during her show – it was the constant flailing of her hands. One day I thought she’d smack herself in the face. And her husband looks dirty with that unshaven face.

  66. TATA says:

    And not for anything… But must she put cheese on EVERYTHING? That isn’t healthy as far as I’m concerned.

  67. beatris says:


  68. Ferd says:

    I love losers who can’t spell the object of their affection’s name correctly. In capital letters, even.

  69. HTC says:

    My favorite thing: when people on blogs start talking about the celeb they despise and then some die-hard fan comes on saying “How can talk like this about someone you don’t even know? Stop saying all those mean things about her! None of you even know her! I am her biggest fan and I think she is the greatest human being on earth and she changed my life and now I tivo every episode and call in sick to watch her 10 times a day. It’s almost like I know her so I know all those bad things you are saying are wrong! [whaaaaaa]”


    • cat says:

      Those RR fans clearly have no class or taste.

      • bellagatta says:

        RRays Fans are Middle ” Fat” America~ they love her! Just open packages & cans and call it a 30 minute meal. No wonder American is the Obesity Country of the world… Jamie Oliver is a real Chef who servers healthy food!

      • Agung says:

        Hello Charles.I have both your DVD1 and 2.0,I am reading MANY nwlreettess, from you, Alex mandossian,Mike dillard, Shawn Casey, and many more,and I got immune from going on.I have learned the only one 19.97, 47, 97 etc’.. psychologyso I’m just not doing anything It looks like I am scared I am not sure what of

  70. Erica Brettler says:

    Kudos to you!!! Rachel Ray makes me squirm, as well as everything that comes out of her giant mouth, and everything she stands for. This article was soothing to my soul. Keep it up!

    • cat says:

      I love it! I go so far as to hide her “EVOO” when I go to the market. That really makes me feel GREAT!!! I do the same when I see her pathetic excuse for a magazine. I love how she stole the name from Martha’s “Everyday” Food. Probably to confuse the buyer.

  71. foodie says:

    I really, really dislike Rachael Ray. Those catch phrases are so obnoxious and do not save time–I cannot remember a time when she did not follow saying “EVOO” by saying “that’s extra-virgin olive oil.” Seems like that is more of a waste of time….And she passes crap off as healthy food–there is nothing healthy about a 6-layer, cheese and meet filled “Mexican lasagna.” Every recipe she makes is just a mess of cheeses, canned tomatoes, 5 different kinds of meats and grill seasoning. And then she just tosses in some special ingredient that makes the recipe some sort of ethnic food–jalepenos make it Mexican, green olives make it Mediterranean, soy sauce makes it Korean. Every recipe looks gross and most likely tastes gross (I have yet to find one that seems appealing enough to try). She is goofy and over the top to the point of annoyance (she actually seems like she is oddly immature in real life) and seems like it is probably an act and she is a huge bitch. I would way rather spend my time watching someone who is a good chef.

    Oh yeah–I have a garbage bowl too–it’s called the trash can.

  72. Rick Stein says:

    Rachael Ray constantly says “I don’t bake.” I suspect it’s because she doesn’t know HOW to measure. The only measuring device I ever saw her use is her rancid old coffee mug. I agree that her recipes are inedible, at least the ones I’ve tried. (Rachael dear: A can of chicken stock does not give that “cooked all day flavor.” It tastes like you used a can of chicken stock in your recipe.) She is the enshrinement of mediocrity, and I blame Oprah for pushing her where she is today. (Oprah has a lot to answer for, and Rachael Ray is one of her biggest crimes.) If you want to see someone who does great 30-minute recipes, check out Jacques Pepin’s “Fast Food My Way.”

    • cat says:

      THANK YOU!!! I have always said RR’s success is Oprah’s fault. The talk show has gone just too far but it’s like a bad car crash, you’ve got to look (mainly to see what an unprofessional idiot she is).

      • lisa says:

        Just so you know, Al Roker from the “TODAY SHOW” is the one that is responsible for this mess. Still love him though. Hope he asks for forgiveness. TAKE HER BACK TO WHERE SHE CAME FROM . PLEASE???????????????????????????????

  73. bb13 says:

    if all you people are going to haters of RR then dont watch her show and dont worry about what she does. because there are plenty of other people who love her.
    ~~i ♥ RR~~

  74. anniemary says:

    Rachel’s major accomlishment is that she can talk incessently (and say absolutely nothing important) and cook (inedible stuff) at the same time, all while wearing clothes that are two sizes too small. Oh, and don’t forget, the hair falling into the food. She is such a fraud.

    But, she has successfully branded herself into a major industry of profitability. Her husband must be so pleased that he doesn’t have to work any more, just play in his band.

  75. karina says:

    dude…if you hate rachel ray so much, then just don’t watch her? i personally don’t watch her, but i don’t get why there are so many haters out there. if you don’t like anything, the best way to shut it down is to not pay attention to it.

  76. John Graham says:

    Who do you think would win in a catfight ,Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray , I think Martha would just hand Rachael her ass ,Martha would simply sucker punch Rachael into total submission,Martha would pound her into mush and then saddle and ride her ass into the ground ! So what do you think

    • jpquinlan says:

      She was on Martha’s show before Turkey Day…Martha showed her how to bake a pie. I was expecting some digs hell Martha digs on Emeril. They touched on the rumors of Martha hating RR at an obvious attempt to dispell them. No catfight…or verbal abuse I was totally disappointed.

      • Galii says:

        katherine siebert – Sandra – You look gouerogs! I am so happy you’ve had the chance to be photographed by Ewan (my fave rave London photogs…) I only hope to be able to do it too someday.Beautiful, beautiful shots LFP.kath

    • cat says:

      I was in shock when Martha advertised on her show that RR was coming on. I was very disappointed. I was shocked that Martha would even entertain the idea of going on RR’s show (totally out of place). Martha has so much class and knows so much about everything. What could they possibly have to talk about! Oil and water.

      • martha hater says:

        Martha Stewart is nothing but a lieing thieving bitch, who gained even bigger fame after she was put in prison. Now thats a f****** joke. She is the biggest piece of shit ever. And she doesn’t know everything

  77. Rivermoon says:

    Those who love Rachael Ray I don’t get, at all. I think the reason most people hate her is that her recipes are really disgusting too look at. Also, what most people don’t realize is that her recipes are expensive. When she was first on, like 7 or 8 years ago, she was interesting not as loud and the recipes seemed interesting. So, I tried a few of them, good lord were they bad. I spent more money trying to replicate the junk she is pushing than some of Ina Garten’s recipes. Her steaks and chops are the 1 to 2 inch thick cut, which are wayyyyyy more expensive than a good london broil, or so many ingredients, that often don’t taste good together, that you spend more than a good simple meal. I believe it’s the dumbing down of classic recipes, that are not that hard in the first place that annoy me the most.
    Just because I, and other dislike her doesn’t mean we spend all day complaining, but this article lends itself to comments from those of us who really do dislike the woman.

    • anniemary says:

      Rachels recipes are not the only ones that are expensive. All of the cooking shows have the most expensive ingredients ever. Have you bought a whole salmon, how about those huge scallops, or the lobsters, that rack of lamb. That fancy grating cheese at my store is about $10 for a smAll chunk of it. Tenderloin? forget it you can’t afford it. Huge fresh shrimp – not on my budget.

      The thing I find disturbing is that all of them honestly believe we can do the recipes at home. But, we need second jobs in order to buy the ingredients.

      Their shows are not to teach us how to cook those dishes, they are for entertainment value only. Choose the person you like, watch the show, then go buy a can of soup for lunch.

  78. cat says:

    This very abrasive person has been paid millions for us to watch her learn how to cook on television (look back at the first shows, she barely seasons her pasta water or food). I have stopped watching alot of FoodNetwork because of her. Her recipes (I use that word loosely here) are sloppy and nothing unique. Her talk show, if you want to call it that, is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, not to mention the set is hideous. I was shocked that Martha would even entertain the idea of having RR on her show…or that Martha would go on her show (Martha has way too much class to keep that kind of company). If you see her talk show, RR could care less what her guests have to say. It’s more about hearing her own voice. It’s sad, every time she opens her mouth, something “stoup”-id comes out!

  79. cat says:

    Would someone please tell me why RR is still on TV? Her talk show, if you want to call it that, is just embarassing. Her 30-minute meal show is so bad. All her meals look like a dog’s breakfast.

  80. cat says:

    OMG! Did anyone see RR today? What a freakin’ joke. She had this announcer guy, like in a boxing ring, introducing her and stroking her ego. Very Jerry Springer-like. Did he say she won an Emmy? For what…it had to be for the worst television (not limited to talk show) show of all time.

  81. Bob Petricko says:

    There is so much crap on TV today as well as self absorbed aholes who can only put people down. None of you dorks have half the personality Rachele has. Granted you have the right to your own opionon but people shut the hell up. You hate fans suck!!!! You dont like her thats cool but keep your crap out of my face. There should be a web site that says screw the fans that hate RR Your all freakin idiot Nazis… Good Job RR Get a life you jelous pigs..

  82. cat says:

    The freak did some dumb spice rub on fish today. She kept saying it had everything in it but the kitchen sink. What do you want to bet that she bottles it, since she is such an expert of Southern cooking, and calls it Everything But The Kitchen Sink. God, I hope I didn’t giver any ideas.

  83. lisa says:

    I think she can FINALLY start to comb those eyebrows into her hair now. If they get any higher, she’ll never need a wig. I can’t stand her tongue issue. Is she dripping spit? She yells in that scrappy voice like Oprah. UGGHH!!! Then, on top of it all, she smiles with that “HUGE HORSE MOUTH” of hers. I can’t stand her manerisims. Now, the new thing…….. “GET YOUR HAND OUT OF YOUR POCKETS”! You already are fat, why would you want to make people NOTICE???? Your recipies SUCK!!! I can’t BELIEVE they gave this loser a show. Can’t wait for it to go off the air with Oprah!!! Love Giada. Now Rachael is “TRYING” to pronounce things in Italian like Giada. LOL Giada has class, skill, talent, but MOST OF ALL, SHE WAS IN ITALY, AND “KNOWS HOW TO PRONOUNCE THINGS”. Go back to her old shows and see how she says “PANCHETTA”. THEN WATCH HOW SHE “TRIES” TO SAY IT NOW!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! Doesn’t her husband, mother, or FAMILY “EVER” let her know how stupid she looks? IS??? friends???? SICKENING!!!!!!

    • cat says:

      Whoa, Lisa. You’ve said everything I’ve ever thought about RR. That tongue thing is really gross. What is that about??? Like I have always said, she got paid millions for us to watch her learn how to cook on television (go back and watch her earlier shows; barely any salt or pepper on her food and none in her pasta water). However, now she thinks she’s an authority on all ethnicities of cuisine. He “stoup’-id words that she thinks are so cute are the dumbest thing, not to mention all of her ill designed cook/bakeware are like a corningware freak show. Now she mixes her salads in with her pasta, which makes me want to vomit.

  84. martin yulithza says:

    Oh…I’m so sick of this perky happy-ass. Why do people give her the time of day? The masses are asses.

    • cat says:

      Because no one can believe that there is a better freak show. Its not cute to act like that at 40. I think she’s been in the woods too long.

  85. Bee says:

    Was a fan of Rachael until yesterday when her show was on, she butchered the word “Pho,” a famous Vietnamese dish, pronounced “fuh” not “foe”…Why in the hell would you air this on your show (not to mention a disgusting twisted version of it called “phunky bbq pho”) and not even know how to pronounce it?? I officially dislike her for being beyond stupid among the other things that she is.

  86. cat says:

    Did anyone catch her show this morning on FoodNetwork? What was the deal with her trying to pronounce cacciatore and panini with a really bad Italian accent? The funny thing is that she forgot and dropped her bad excuse for an Italian accent after a few times. It reminds me of the time she mispronounced calvados on her show a couple years ago. What a fool.

    • Allison says:

      The fake Italian thing has really been bugging me, too – she can’t even keep it up through an entire episode! And then there is “aioli” which she pronounces “olleeohlee” – VERY Italian – NOT! Oh yeah and RAT-TAT-TOOEY! :-p

  87. Jay says:

    If her voice and perkiness bothers you, the problem is you. You have bigger things to worry about in life.

  88. GENE HALFORD says:


  89. GENE HALFORD says:


  90. marie says:

    she is only a lucky person, oprah gave hger the chance to become famous, good for her but…..pse tell her to hide her ugly babish boobs. hahahahha

  91. Stephen says:

    You forgot to mention the cackle…laugh.

  92. Cal says:

    This c*nt was chosen for this role. She is not a domestic goddess or even a talent that worked her way into this position. She is a crafted product, a puppet, designed to appeal to the white low class segment of society. And also to further dumb down younger girls who find Ray’s douche bag behavior easy to step into, meaning girls can be lazy and stupid and still be cool.

  93. lol says:


    good lord, this cacciatore episode is being played nonstop and her fake accent is terrible. whats even more LOLZY is that she forgets and pronounces it like a regular ol’ american. dumb fat b*tch

  94. cat says:

    Did you catch the recent (mis)pronunciation of orecchietti? Just as bad as cacciatore. She starts out and then half way through the episode, forgets that she’s faking an “Italian” accent.

  95. Super Mom says:

    Wow- here’s an idea, if you don’t like her CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!

  96. JohnBoy says:


    I saw the “Chef-Ography” on Cooking Channel and she is more boring than I even had imagined her. No taste what so ever. Wasted millions when I could have beautiful things with her money and still be good to the world.


    The old “I hate RR” website made me laugh. (Yours is an excellent one, too!)

    Her dirty fingernails and lack of overall cleanliness.

    Yes, of course, the little girl clothes and raspy liquor-infused voice.

    The ugly, conniving boyfriend/husband.

    She had to work in Albany.


    My brother commented that her show is the only one where people “have time to cook the recipes”. He doesn’t cook; his wife is home all day; nothing has changed in his life. He hates NPR, too. And supports the teabaggers. Don’t get me started.


    My boyfriend hides her magazines in grocery stores, or turns their covers around. I have now started doing it and folks have so far been complimentary when they catch me doing it. Please do the same thing with her food items. Just turn them around so you can’t see the brand or face…or simply put another product in front of them. And I would be HIGHLY suspect about her Nutrish dogfood. Anyone can say on a lable “organic” or “natural” but I bet you it contains all of her under cooked meals and mistakes. And perhaps a family member who died from them.

  97. likevelvet says:

    I always say Rachel ray is the beyonce knowles of culinary field!!! Can’t stand neither one of these overrated heffas!! My only wow OS that they continue to work themselves soo hard that they die from exhaustion!!

  98. poo in illinois says:

    why does she insist on constantly showing off her MAN HANDS??? nothing feminine about her except her husband. maybe she is poor because she spends her money on the meal for 6 when no one else ever shows up to eat with her-the waist line isn’t getting any smaller. what is with the tongue swipe she does all the time??? meth heads do that i am told.

  99. Randall says:

    Oh where does one begin?

    I have a new catch-phrase: STHUYFB, becuase that’s what I scream when I scramble for my remote.

    RR has man-hands… Look at those meat hooks before you click your remote.

    RR needs a sump-pump to get the excess EVOO out of her greasy hair.

    Caution! RR recipes may turn your skin that odd, oompa loompa orange color.

    Caution! RR recipes will make your voice sound like Bea Author after smoking a carton of Marlboros.

    Have you ever wondered why she doesn’t slide the entire meal into her garbage bowl?

    The ’30 minute’ name for her show was based on the time it took to build that lame set.

    If she gains two more pounds, Mr. Macy will tie a rope around her ankle and float her around New York next thanksgiving.

    Oh yea…. RR has no talent!

  100. Ella says:

    I’ve only ever seen one episode. She made Leftover-Turkey-Stuffing-Meatloaf-Enchilada-Lasagne. In case you’re wondering, that’s what you get when you use leftover turkey stuffing to make meatloaf, then crumble up the meatloaf to make lasagne, using enchiladas instead of lasagne sheets.

    • Martha says:

      Ewww…that sounds like she’s just randomly throwing together a bunch of words. Why the hell would anyone think making that mutant lasagne is a good idea? I need a garbage bowl to vomit into now.

  101. CarsonGeorge says:

    i agree RR is sooo annoying -but like a big zit on the end of someones nose -it’s hard to look away. That bubble and bakeware is so absurd looking and impractical. I love when she tries to hook one of her clever grooved spoons on a pot, but can’t get it to work and gives up.Ha. She is so frantic the way she handles the food it’s hard to watch -but hard to look away.

  102. R.A. Young says:

    I would just like to Rub her Big Butt and have her fix me a Sandwich and a drink the whole time she was preparing it lol!

  103. archi says:

    evoo evoo evoo please stop im gona throw up, oh rach cooking school is not that spendy you might wana check it out!, and please dont get your boobs done you would not be able carry so much at one time for one step.

  104. nat says:

    Loved your post! She is SO annoying and needs to stop lowering Americans’ IQs!

  105. Mary says:

    I agree with everything here, but…. the reason her voice s like that is because she had surgery on her throat because of a throat cancer scare. I don’t think it’s right to make fun of that

    • gretchen says:

      I have the same thing (cancer/throat surgery/altered voice). Our voices fatigue easily.
      Still, she’s over using it and pushing it to the point of raspy-ness.
      And, yes, she’s still annoying.

    • manners says:

      And her voice is STILL kind of raspy because she’s an alcoholic who drinks herself stupid every night and laughs herself hoarse at her own stupid jokes!

  106. Chris D. says:

    Her show today “featured” 4 pasta dishes. Nope. We don’t cook like Everyday Tramp Giada. Boiling water for pasta is not cooking, nor is it a meal.
    But in the early days of her talk show, when Dr. Phil was a guest, he summed it all up in one sentence when he asked her:: “How old are you???” RR did not answer, of course she couldn’t. She has the IQ of a doorknob.

  107. Beavis Christ says:

    Phony, mindless, out-of-touch. Exactly what the public demands. She is devoid and sterile of anything remotely controversial or mildly offensive; displaying a complete disregard for the plight of others and whose soul is a dark, bottomless, vacuus pit of non-compassion.

    • Marky says:

      I agree with the Rachel Ray thing VERY Annoying!!!….This goes with the whole Food Network in general. Hell does this network think all the viewers are totally stupid? Sorry I dont have an indoor grill, which they seem to think everyone has. Dont even get me started on Guy Fieri or the Neely’s I used to think Guy was cool but he has gone the route off all the others $$$$$ I could spend hours on this subject, I guess people still watch so it is profitable, but it makes the old Julia Child shows on PBS look pretty good!

      • conchchowder says:

        I want to walk into Bobby Flay’s restaurants and tell them I know how to make their dishes better than they do. How effin’ arrogant…and demeaning if he wins a throw-down…can someone be? Love Extra Virgin…the only “real” show on TV.

  108. Stacy says:

    I haven’t tried a lot of her dishes but I do have to say that the chicken satay pizza was good. I transformed it into ‘Chicken Satay burgers’. My family has asked for them on multiply occasions. You grill your chicken breasts(which I brine as with all fowl just like Alton Brown taught me) and near the end of cooking, slather them with a peanut-garlic-soy sauce combination. I layer the hamburger buns with red pepper mayo, red onions, tomato, butter lettuce and provolone cheese. I put on the chicken, some sweet and sour sauce and a few chopped peanuts. It’s actully very tasty. And yeah, it took about 30 minutes. But then again, I’ve been cooking since I was 12 and graduated culinary school. I like these recipes when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. If you have a problem with Rachael, then don’t watch. I swear, you people must not have anything better to do. It’s not that hard to punch the buttons of the remote.

  109. Edshred says:


    you come across as a seriously angry, bitter person

  110. Annoyed says:

    Rachel ray takes the most commercials then anyone else on the food network channel. Why? It’s because she has other people on the set with her who does her dirty work. Like cleaning up the dishes she had out before the break, etc. She is a fony.

  111. alvie says:

    Is it just me or does she have the biggest man hands you’ve ever seen? I hate it when the audience claps when she does something simple like add cilantro to a dish.

  112. Albs says:

    As much as I try to avoid it, every once in awhile I catch a few minutes of 30-min Meals. Does anyone else notice that she seems annoyed that she still has to do this show? Although the shit-eating grin is gone, she looks and sounds COMPLETELY disinterested in what she is doing. I am guessing this attitude comes from the fact that she now that has several other shows, along with her own crappy daytime talkshow…..

  113. Nyxx says:

    “It’s what’s for dinner tonight.” “Everyday with Rachel Ray.” If I ate like that everyday, I’d be either 300 pounds or dead . . .

  114. Lee says:

    I can’t stand watching Rachael Ray – her idiotic little “Delish”, “EVOO” etc… words drive me crazy! Once or twice – ok – but every single episode?!?! And don’t EVEN get me started on her line of cookware! A girlfriend thought she was giving me the best Xmas gift – a set of Rachael Ray cookware….can I just tell you – as far as I’m concerned – it is “throw away cookware”. It doesn’t last, the paring knives that came with it are only 2 years old – the orange handles are discolored and look brownish and like they’ve been buried in dirt for a year. I absolutely think her OVAL pan is the stupidest thing I’ve ever come across. And who the heck wants to pay $20 for a BOWL they’re just going to put trash in?!?!?!? REALLY?!?! I think most of her ideas are plainly – stupid.

  115. Uprise against rachel ray says:

    I have no earthy idea why people watch her show. She is probably one of the rudest people i have ever seen, and normally rude celebrities will hide their rudeness in public, especially on national television, but not rachel. She makes it very clear that she loves the sound of her own voice. She constantly talks over EVERYBODY! She honestly sounds completely ignorant when she tries to get in the final word or when her guest will be talking, she will just cut right in and continue to talk over them. And she isnt very pleasant to listen to either. She sounds like she smokes a pack of cigarettes right before every show. Its literally like nails on a chalkboard. But everytime she has a guest on her show, i feel like she doesnt understand what guest means. She constantly cuts them off and talks about herself. She needs to do everyone a favor and shut the hell up. Please, someone do something to get her show and her off television.

  116. conchchowder says:

    I just got an Amazon offer for “Free Rachael Ray Cake Pan with Cookware Set Purchase” Odd. A Rachael Ray cake pan? Her constant line, “I don’t bake!” (and VERY rudely stating so to an audience member!) so, “I don’t buy your baking products!” She insults an entire segment of the population and wants us as customers? Effing twit.

  117. kit says:

    To everyone saying dont watch her show if you dont like her. all I have say is just knowing she is on the planet makes me sick. RR stop talking with your fricken hands. Is she having a seizure or what. All that nasty food she cooks is making her crazy.

  118. to the haters says:

    If you dont like anyone no matter who they are dont support them dont talk bad about them and leave them alone.but obviously you haters have nothing else to do in life then putting all your energy in hating people and talking bad about them.i think let everyone be who they wanna be why would i put so much energy towards hate? Why dont leavevthe negative route and start your life and live

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