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Coming Soon: The Deen Family Cookbook
Posted by Jillian Madison


Paula Deen PR person #1:
Paula’s reputation for being an overindulgent butter whore is getting out of control. We’ve got to do some image adjusting ASAP. But what can we do?

Paula Deen PR person #2: I know! Let’s release a cookbook with a photo of her gently holding a TOMATO on the cover!

Paula Deen PR person #1: Brilliant! And let’s hire Melissa Clark to write the entire thing!

Paula Deen PR person #2: Now you’re talking!

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  1. kbe says:

    the deens SO need to just GO AWAY for a very long time

    all of them are disgusting but Paula I am The Attention Whore most of all…… why they have shows is beyond me.

    she is just an embarrassment….

  2. Hairball says:

    Everything on the cover is made of butter covered with a delightful candy shell.

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