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A Whole Chicken In A Can: YUMMO!
Posted by Jillian Madison

Tracy from I Hate My Message Board is a very, very brave woman. You see, not only did she purchase one of Sweet Sue’s Canned Whole Chickens, but she actually cooked it… and ate some of it. And luckily for all of us less brave souls, she photographed the entire process.

I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t eat anything that looked like forgotten leftovers from the “Neo Being Birthed In The Matrix” scene… though I do fully expect to see Sandra Lee pouring one of these into a slow cooker on an episode of Semi-Homemade. Bon appetit!

gross whole chicken in a can

gross whole chicken in a can

gross whole chicken in a can

gross whole chicken in a can

15 minutes at 475 degrees later… voila!

gross whole chicken in a can

gross whole chicken in a can

(Thanks to Tracy for the images. She wants the world to know she did not feed this crap to her kids!)


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    224 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    That is one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. It’s so slimy!!!!

    • w. s, cotter says:

      where can i buy sweet sues whole canned chicken?

      • w.s. cotter says:

        This is supposed to be awhole chicken… Where are the head and feet?

      • gbear says:

        my mother used to buy chicker in a can that was made by Banquet foods. Opened the can tok the chicker out pulled all the meat off and then made soup. Very good. I cann’t find Baquet and would like fine Sweet Sue. Anybody know let me knoe. Gus Bear

        • Sad says:

          Who the hell would eat chicken from a can….why are you letting the government sell you crap and you encourage it. Buying it is keeping them in business….if you catch something and die from it then you deserved it!

          • daniel says:

            The government is selling it? I dont think so :)

            I doubt you are going to die from it, companies prefer you dont die from their products.

            Unless you count dying from shame.

          • VoiceofReason says:

            What does the government have to do with this disgusting product? Are you insinuating that Bumble Bee Foods, LLC the parent company of Sweet Sue is owned by the government lol? Come on now, you’re entire comment is ridiculous.

          • Kelly says:

            Yes, it is gross for the average person, but it is an excellent source of protein for emergency preparedness meat eaters. So, sadly, there is a place in the world for stuff like this.

          • Rachel says:

            Darlin, do you think the chicken in that can is a different chicken that’s deboned and diced and canned? Same thing. Cool your jets. People are starving to death all over the world. Something like this would make a great ration in third world countries where protein comes from far more questionable places. My my people think they are entitled on the Internet.

        • Sad says:

          A mother’s first concern is the child’s health………….how much do you weight?

          • Kelly says:

            Dear SAD. Looks like your question “how much do you weight?” was meant for GBEAR and it was a very rude remark. My mother ate mayonnaise sandwiches (on stale bread) as a child because they didn’t have anything else to eat and she has never been fat, but she knows what it’s like to be poor. Surely you were a bully in school, or you’re still in school perhaps.

      • Joan Thomas says:

        Where may I purchase Sweet Sue’s whole cooked chicken in a can?

        I live in Florida.

    • Laure says:

      Don’t you know that chicken lives in a can now?

      It’s just horrible.. they are grown up in a cage and finish in a can…

      We are getting close to the “Soylent Green” movie, don’t you think?

    • John says:

      That “slim” is congealed chicken stock. The chicken is actually very tasty. Use it in soups or for dumplings and it’s great. I’m a French trained chef with thirty plus years of experience. the product is very good for what it’s purposes are. It’s a great item for food storeage and has a twenty plus year shelf life. Dont judge a book by its cover

  2. damejudiwench says:

    Halloween came early in your kitchen this year, eh Tracy?

  3. Bill says:

    It looks… raw. How the hell did “Sweet Sue” cram that into a can?!

    Makes me never want to eat chicken again.

  4. Alex says:

    Sweet Sue? More like SWEET JESUS, SUE, WHYYYYY

  5. Tatiana says:

    OMG, it looks like Jon Voight after he got spit up by the snake in Anaconda!

  6. MadFab says:

    On closer inspection, the chicken appears to be . . . hairy. Which begs the question, was it in the process of evolving when it was crammed into the can with a cupful of its own intestinal fluids?

  7. Hairball says:

    That third picture of the chicken emerging from the can is making me nauseous. It also makes me think of a less gory version of that scene from Alien.

  8. Byrdie says:

    EEWWWWWW!! (gag) I expect (cough) to see this (rrrrr) product on Homemade/Sandra Lee (gack gack) any day now…..uh-oh…..blllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhkkkkkkkk

  9. Kittykitty says:

    With all that slime it appears the can is giving birth to it, and it seems to be lying in a pool of its own afterbirth. Ewwwwwwww. There is nothing delicious-looking about that. And why do they use the word delicious so many times on the can? Who are they trying to convince? This is beyond disgusting.

  10. Pilotswife says:

    Oh my goodness…they can just about anything these days.

  11. Susy says:

    I’ve never even heard of that or seen that before. Weird and truly nauseating.

  12. Byrdie says:

    I just noticed that one of the instructions on the can says “chill before opening”. Do they mean the can of chicken or “chill out, dude, cause this is gross”.

  13. Uncle Bubba says:

    Good god! This could be a good demo to curb teen pregnancy.

  14. Feikhal Madhur says:

    Is it organic free range chicken ?

  15. Kevin says:

    I actually tried it myself.

    First, its a very small chicken w/ very little meat (how else could they cram it into a can). Second, it smells like nothing I have ever smelled before. The only description is “really old soup,” you find in the back of your fridge that you’re just not sure is still good, so you hand it to your dog and he sniffs it and backs up.

    Next, it disintegrates after you cook it. Following the instructions, I took the “juice” and made a gravy.

    Scraping up some meat, what little there is, with the gravy, and PUT IT IN MY MOUTH.

    It sort of tastes like chicken & gravy, sort of. I wouldn’t turn it down if I was starving, but I can say this, I will never eat another one unless I was starving.

    -and I mean, zombie brain eating starving…

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  17. Stomach O'steel says:

    Are you people daft? Its a “canned” chicken, like all “canned” goods, its heated in the can. It clearly says on the can…fully cooked.

    Of course if you cook it again it will fall apart. What did you expect? All you need to do is heat it up. Sissies.

  18. Kinda what I would imagine a late term abortion would look like. says:

    kinda what I would imagine a late term abortion would look like

  19. this crap is real? i thought it was a joke !

  20. Lisa says:

    Ok, this is so SO disturbing! I’ve never seen such an abomination! ROFLMBO!!!!! I wonder if Sweet Sue ever tried any of her experiments, uh, canned goods.

  21. I've Eaten That says:

    I got one at Big Lots. It was cheap, and easy to pull off all the meat. Tasted just fine in a gumbo.

  22. // popular today…

    story has entered the popular today section on…

  23. terri says:

    when we were children and had little money that there chicken tasted pretty good. the gov’t. gave it out. makes a great chix salad. better than a spaghetti sauce sandwich……

  24. Garry says:

    I’ve been eating whole chicken in a can since I was a kid. You don,t have to cook it in the oven, you can eat it straight out of the can. We used to have it for lunch when we where out working the fields. What a great taste and so moist.(Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.)

  25. Zombie Survivor says:

    Better stock up on this, before the apocalypse.

  26. kuri says:

    A friend gave me one of those once. As a present. I stopped being friends with him after that.

    • Jcav says:

      Wow, you are a stand up guy and good person. Good thing you understood a horrible gift. How long did you call this asshole a friend? That’s so sad you two were friends. He put a canned chicken in front of your family to eat? That is so scary.

  27. That’s almost as bad as “canned fish” from Russia. Better watch out…in Russia, canned fish eats you:

  28. Savory Tv says:

    I will have nightmares tonight, I’m sure of it!

  29. Dawn says:

    Hahaha at the “chill” comment!

    In #3 Tracy’s son (I’m assuming that’s who he is :-p) looks a little amazed/scared. I can only imagine the look in his eyes, of course.

  30. ME says:

    Yeah, you guys are wimps.
    It’s just cooked chicken put into a can.

    The can is sterile, the cooked chicken is sterile, the “slime” that’s so “gross” is just grease/fat.

    As long as it’s not too old, there’s nothing to be grossed out about.

  31. GiggleMed says:

    “Tastes like chicken”… yeah right.

    Looks like page 74 from my old pathology text book. I bet it’s loaded with salt… Insta-CHF.

  32. -R says:

    Well she should have fed it to her kids, otherwise she shouldn’t have bought it. It IS (was) a chicken after all, and it died for nothing if you just buy it so you can take pictures and throw it away. Eat that shit. EAT IT.

    • Bella says:

      Thát’s actually a very good point.
      As gross and disgusting as it is, it is still “food”. There are lots of worse things out there. Take Coke for example. Or one of the thousands of gross fast foods chains cooking your food in carcinagenic grease.
      I dry retch at the thought of pasta sauce in a jar, why oh why do you need to buy pasta sauce in a jar? It takes just as long to buy from the supermarket as it does to saute some onions garlic herbs and tomatoes. I can make a litre of garlic mayonnaise in 3 mins, why do people buy that stuff. I don’t understand. There is really no reason.
      But there are people who cant afford organic free range chicken. Or who have NO IDEA how to dress and truss a fresh bird. Or who believe that the sky is falling down and want to stock up .
      Just as pickles and fish and jam and pasta sauce all come in a jar / tin, just as people ( not me people!) make cakes from a box (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is THE WORST by far!) or cookies from raw log of packaged cookie dough full of processed SHIT.
      That is worse.
      This is a chicken. In Chicken Stock. In a tin. I am sure that it was reared in unsanitary conditions, fed antibiotics and growth hormones. I’m sure that it is full of preservatives and salt and thickeners and enhancers. CLEARLY, it is not good for very much. but it would provide a form of protein for someone. Better that Macca’s fries and cheaper than McMeal. There is clearly someone, somewhere that would have this is their larder, ready to pop out and cook up for their family.
      Whilst I personally think it is disgusting I think that this chicken is a better healthier option than the alternative for some. And the “broth” it is swimming in …….
      But I guarantee that 99% of you who have commented here (especially the guy who called himself a “chef” Ba Ha Ha Ha!) eat other kinds of tinned / jarred processed food. Have you ever eaten a frozen pizza? ( i never have) chicken soup? its just the same without the bones. Just because this is a whole animal you all freak out? Just because it “looks” gross?!!!
      Even my finest quality salt packed anchovies come whole in a tin.
      To be frank I can of SPAM is a thousand times worse than this.
      Just sayin’

  33. ismhmr says:

    lol it looks the same cooked as it does right out of the can! hahahaha

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  35. AJ says:

    I keep a canned chicken as part of my emergency kit in the trunk of my car. No joke. I mean it may look nasty, but if your car dies in the middle of nowhere and you’ve gotta eat, this will keep you and whoever is with you from starving for a night.

  36. Ed says:

    I’d eat It

  37. Damien says:

    I don’t really have words to describe this.
    Canned foods that should go bad scare me.

  38. mike says:

    Fuc&*ed up beyond belief.
    The things “we” do to the animals of this planet never ceases to amaze (and disgust) me. This was once a living, sentient animal…

    • Amber says:

      I know this is really old, but chickens are NOT sentient. Really. Living, yes, sentient, no. I’ve owned chickens and they are some of the dumbest creatures on earth. Really, they are asking to be eaten.

  39. John Davis says:

    Wow, that is freakin scary dude!

  40. Gigwave says:

    What’s the big deal? Grandma used to jar whole chickens for the winter. Had a chicken coop and pig sty out back. A huge vegetable garden behind that. Mom was one of nine children.

    • New Old Schooler says:

      I have a huge pantry full of home canned Chicken and many other meats and Veggies that I canned myself and eat all the time. I have never canned a whole chicken but I may try it out now.
      Remember everyone… Home canned meat is a world better than store bought garbage that is loaded with salt.

      Mine is lovely.

  41. Alex says:

    Gigwave, times have changed. My grandmother did a lot of things too in her day, but this isn’t 1920 anymore. This….. is disgusting.

  42. Dan says:

    It reminds me of Neo in The Matrix

  43. James says:

    It looks pretty much like chicken that has been slow-baked. I’d eat it.

  44. benny says:

    I’d eat it.

  45. myklee says:

    Wait, you won’t feed your kids this, but you’ll feed them McDonalds?

  46. Craig Donovan from Knottingley says:

    I think the last photo looks really tasty. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this product. It looks far superior to anything my girl Lisa has ever knocked up in the kitchen. Or anywhere else for that matter.

  47. ugh says:

    seen a chicken lay an egg but never a can lay a chicken… ugh thats gross

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  49. Loonie says:

    Oh, that looks really, really bad.

  50. Janny says:

    That’s one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen that was intended for human consumption. If I were starving, I’d eat the can before I ate that slimy mess. Some people will eat anything, even if it looks like an unborn alien.

  51. wb says:

    That’s just fowl.

  52. Elisa says:

    Ewwwww. That totally put me off my lunch.

  53. Dragzonox says:

    OMG, I think it was dead long long before they put it in there.
    Not only that, is the name incorporating Sue?.. Like in ‘you should sue them’?

  54. This would seriously confuse Jessica Simpson if she saw this.

  55. LunchBox says:

    Lol, from the cradle to the grave – or should I say from the ‘Cage’ to the ‘Tin’ – and its still fluffy!!! :P

  56. heathaho says:

    Poor chicken to have lived a life only to end up w/ such a fate. What a waste of time, resources and life for a bunch of un-nourishing consumable(?) crap.

  57. Achtenberg says:

    That looks like a tasty and nutritious meal for my kids and me.
    Thanks Tracey for the wonderful and quick idea!

    • Greg Alzheimer says:

      These chickens are very good. Put one in a kettle, add some water and chicken bullion or broth, cook some egg noodles. Instant chicken soup.

  58. Emily says:

    Even if I wasn’t vegetarian, I still wouldn’t eat this!

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  60. Xebec says:

    It’s about extending the shelf life and portability. In a pinch with no fresh food available this would do.

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  62. Nydia says:

    I’ve eaten Balut before ( a fully formed duck embryo that you eat the head, feathers, etc all at once) and i have to say… even after that…i still wouldn’t eat this…

  63. Chowner says:

    That is disgusting. At first I thought it was a fake, that whole chicken just meant lots of chicken. Eww! Gross.

  64. Zapruder says:

    It looks like something that fell out of the Sphinx’s nose !

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  70. Ike Ahnoklast says:

    I hope that all these “ooo, icky-poo!!” comments are just a prank to make it seem like this blog is read solely by phobic imbeciles, because the alternative is very depressing. C’mon people – it’s chicken, it’s in a can, properly processed and perfectly edible. Sheesh!

  71. Chris says:

    Finally, something that makes “hamburger in a can” look delicious.

  72. The Dude says:

    It looks a bit unappetizing coming out of the can, but there isn’t anything gross about it.

    If you had ever made fresh chicken stock, you’d know that it tends to gelatinize and look like slime when it’s cold, the canning process cooks the chicken, and probably makes a pretty decent chicken stock around it at the same time.

    If you broiled it for a bit to get it looking nice and browned, it would probably taste no different than any other slow cooked chicken.

  73. MiMi says:

    Looks like a quick way to commit “suicide in a “can” to me!

  74. DC Sunshine says:

    Just looks like a poached whole chicken to me, cooled in its juices till its jelled. Nothing so scary about that – what’s the fuss???

    Would make a great chicken noodle soup, or a pilaf, or gumbo. Wusses :P

  75. Elizabeth says:

    When the apocalypse comes and there is no fresh meat, these here babies will be pure gold.

    Also, it’s just chicken fat.

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  77. alexannan says:

    “be sure to save the delicious broth”!!

  78. Donny says:


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  80. BB says:

    What’s the problem? I’d eat it!

  81. leah says:

    I can’t believe you got 87 comments on this. Yeah it looks gross, but so does Spam and Vienna Sausages. It comes down to, if you are hungry, you will eat them no matter how gross they look.

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  84. Am says:

    Oh. My. God.

  85. Katie says:

    Thanks for making me gag!

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  88. Aimee says:

    OMG. That is the most horrifying thing ever.

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  90. daps1 says:

    back of label suggests: “. . .or serve cold just as chicken comes from the can”.

    no thanks.

  91. fnmkr says:

    that shot of ‘chicken’ being liberated from can should send a warning to all expectant fathers out there…stay in the damn waiting room for gods sake…..although they do say babies taste like chicken, dont they?

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  93. Erica says:

    I just feel horrible for the poor chicken

  94. Ari says:

    Hahaha, nice Alex, (sweet jesus sue why)… but aye, this is truly ghastly. Kind of what a cow baby would look like being born i imagine. slimey and gross. .. i’m aware its called “calf” i prefer cow baby.

  95. haha says:

    America, lol

  96. ThingyURL says:

    yum yum in my tum!

  97. Saj Action says:

    I’d buy THAT for a dollar!!

  98. sandra says:

    The canned chicken is not new.My oldest is 41 years old.I use to buy that can of chicken when my kids were growing up.It is just cooked chicken put into a can.The slimy stuf is the same stuff you get when you cook a turkey for holidays and put it in the fridge.The liquid around it gels.You make gravy out of it.How often do you really cook to not know this?We did not have the beautiful FROZEN FOODS that we have now.That can of chicken was what a Mom had for a FAST food to fix a fast dinner when we had to continue working when we got home from work.See, most women have 2 or more jobs.Most Moms have more than 2 jobs 24/7. When you have a new marriage or a new marriage and a new family and the $ is tight, you work with what you have in your cupboards, freezer and fridge.THAT is what Sandra Lee does.The creativity is great, but the decorating is not necessary for every day.That can go to once a month with a them and she can just stick to the creative part with what people have in their homes without having to go to the store.

  99. [...] Roasting a chicken is probably one of the easiest things to do. Some people, fearing dry breast or undercooked dark meat, fuss with the oven as they cook a bird, deploying tin foil, trussing twine, toothpicks, and crazy methods that resemble superstitious rituals. Through my favorite food blog, The Paupered Chef, I found Barbara Kafka’s flawless and ridiculously easy chicken roasting method that even a completely inexperienced cook could pull off with fabulous results. There is, then, absolutely no reason canned whole chicken should exist. It is an atrocity, as Tracy O’Connor of I Hate My Message Board proved when she cooked a Sweet Sue Canned Whole Chicken and blogged about it for Food Network Humor. [...]

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  101. NoName says:

    hmmm delicious

  102. Yum Yucky says:

    WHOA! That can just gave birth!…but if someone served this to me I would try it.

  103. rick harlow says:

    Yea I ate this once, It is precooked and I had to eat it cold. Gross, goooy, but tasty. I did have hot sauce. If you take it camping please thow away the SKIN!! Eww

  104. Cheryl says:

    I have used the canned chicken many times and so have many other members of my family and friends. It is wonderful for chicken and noodles, chicken casseroles, etc. The chicken is well cooked, falling off the bone and the broth is very flavorful, not the watered down kind. Yes, the product may look gross but most chickens do when cooked. Don’t let it’s appearance fool you. I just wonder why they took this off the market at grocery stores. It was very convenient for quick meals, much better than the steaks that some people eat rare, talk about gross! Get these back on the grocery store shelves, please!!!!!

  105. gingerpaul says:

    I have always wondered what it would look like if a human gave birth to a whole chicken. Well now I know. I think I would rather implode that eat this lazy, desperate slop of inhumanity.

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  108. FROG LEGS says:

    Uhhhh….I think Sweet Sue sent 10,000 of those to the troops.

  109. old fogie says:

    From the comments, it would seem that you have never used canned meat – you’re supposed to warm it up and it is truly delicious.

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  112. fingerbo says:

    I have looked at all kinds of gross stuff over the years, and I think I’m getting more squeamish in my old age, but these pictures of the slime-slathered fowl actually made me a little nauseous. For real. No hyperbole. My stomach actually is a little upset. Wow.

  113. NeuroManson says:

    It’s Eraserhead Chicken, it’s man made and it’s new!

  114. Tater’s et a lot of canned chickens in his life, and he thinks you all actin like a bunch of sissies. That chicken been cooked to death — that’s why all that gelatin — some of you called it slime — is in there. Ain’t raw, and it ain’t “gross”. That’s just what happens when you cook something with bones in it and shove it into a can. And you know what? It tastes just like chicken.

    Tater Gumfries

  115. Dean says:

    I suppose if it was the only alternative to cannibalism. Then again maybe not.

  116. Greg says:

    Yes we can!

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  118. Ashley says:

    Sad. It was a little animal at one time and just went to waste. Should have at least fed it to the dog. It’s a real chicken, so what?

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  120. spragzpc says:

    ^^^but for real who the hell would eat chicken from a can …omg thats nasty

  121. jaysus says:

    Here is a message to everyone squeamish about the gelatin that appears when you cook meat in a can.

    1) Give up gummi bears
    2) Give up marshmallows
    3) Give up gum/altoids/mints
    4) Give up pop tarts
    5) Give up sunny d

    Then come and talk to the canned meat producers!

  122. Tina m osteen says:

    where did you get this?

  123. Tina m osteen says:

    I have such a funny story about this I would like to get one as a gag gift where did you find this at?

  124. Oh?? Can that be eaten? Oh my gosh!

  125. carrie says:

    i think im gonna puke, that is just nasty

  126. Stephen Daedalus says:

    Tosh.0 dared a morbidly obese gentleman to eat six of these gems in one sitting. On camera. He did. Cold. Straight from the can. GAG

    I’m sure it tastes just fine cooked into something(it’s hard to ruin chicken) if you can get over the visual. After all, people eat processed foods that are far lower down the food chain than a whole chicken, however the preparation happens to leave it visually.

    One thing however… this whole “we have it in the fallout shelter”. Newsflash: If you need a fallout shelter that chicken will be your last meal. Do yourself a favour and splurge on some MREs if you’re that worried about some kind of apocolyptic event you actually expect to survive… in a home shelter… with canned chickens.

    For people used to this from a time when “it was fast food”… bull. My great grandmother definitely lived in that time, and her version of fast food was killing the chicken and roasting it. I’m not kidding in the slightest either. Hell, people used to hang foul (not chicken granted) and that improves the flavour! Really, canning poultry makes no sense from any, but a financial standpoint…. and I’m not sold on that either. If you’re so poor you need canned chicken, I’d consider raising chickens, or NOT EATING CHICKEN. I’d rather eat rice and beans than that ****.

  127. n/a says:

    WHoever manufacture’s these things should be put to death. Sick. Im sure that there are a bunch of sterilants and mercury included to wipe out the % of the population stupid enough to purchase this crap.

  128. [...] Whole chicken in a can is gross: As one might imagine, a full chicken carcass in a can is a nightmarish food product that should not be consumed anywhere outside a bomb shelter. A woman named Tracy from something called “I Hate My Message Board” proves it by taking the time to buy, prepare and document her experience with canned chicken. She wants you to know that she did not feed it to her children. [via Food Network Humor] [...]

  129. Gypsie Rose says:

    holy pointy jesus moobie (man boobs derr) nipples batman that looks soooo effin gross ugh *shutters*

  130. Dale Clark says:

    That has to be the sickest thing i have ever seen.

  131. mobiustrip says:

    Yeah, they used to sell these in the grocery store in our small town in Alaska. Basically they are what fishermen call “boat food”: what you eat after all the good food has expired from lack of refrigeration. Like Spam or Underwood Deviled Ham. As a result of eating bizarre non-perishables like this, Alaskan fishermen have the culinary standards of coyotes.

  132. That would be great in a food fight

  133. [...] first the candwich, and now this? is there anything that they aren’t canning these days? (um no, apparently not). [...]

  134. [...] Whole chicken in a can is gross: As one might imagine, a full chicken carcass in a can is a nightmarish food product that should not be consumed anywhere outside a bomb shelter. A woman named Tracy from something called “I Hate My Message Board” proves it by taking the time to buy, prepare and document her experience with canned chicken. She wants you to know that she did not feed it to her children. [via Food Network Humor] [...]

  135. [...] Lord. No. A whole chicken in a can. Words fail [...]

  136. Jasbo says:

    Rachel Ray is a cunt & Giada is a horse faced bitch

  137. [...] o sujeito fala em “criar conteúdo” ou sai ISSO (melhor dizendo) ou sai ISSO. Ou seja, melhor continuar copiando os textos né… Outros já são tão manjados [...]

  138. [...] de perrengue, só pra ver se era bom. Tem gosto de cocô. Mas será que essa galinha em lata do Food Network Humor é [...]

  139. Panda says:

    I feel bad for the chicken :( not only to be killed to be eaten (no im not a vegitarian, but still) but the death is wasted :(

  140. L. Dobbins says:

    Whole chicken in a can looks awful but it is fantastic for making chicken and rice or chicken and dumplings….it is delicious and the meat is super tender. Don’t knock it until you try it! My store no longer carries “Chicken Right” whole canned chickens and I would love to buy some.

  141. the producer says:

    Hey the guys just ate this on video! Check it out!

  142. Bong Siems says:

    Well, it is decent, however what about the other options we’ve got here? Do you mind making a further post regarding them as well? Thanks!

  143. [...] Whole Chicken In a Can(article) –  Chicken is rather easy to make but if you’re extremely lazy or you just hate yourself – you can also purchase a whole chicken in a can. Yes, a can. It sits there in its own delicious congealed fat just waiting for someone to eat it. [...]

  144. Jon says:

    I think it would be GREAT to take camping.

  145. [...] Canned Whole Chicken- It looks as disgusting as it sounds. Let’s hope that this does not end up in your emergency food stash, because I’m not sure there is ever a time where this should be considered food! [...]

  146. [...] Amerika verkopen ze het, hele ingeblikte kip. Erg enthousiast zijn ze er niet over, bijvoorbeeld hier of hier of hier. Het leuke is, je kunt het ook zelf maken! Als je tenminste een hogedruk-inmaakpan [...]

  147. [...] of it before. It’s not new but in case you have never experienced chicken in a can before, Food Network Humor chronicled the whole experience for us. Yes the chicken is whole, fully cooked and comes in a can. [...]

  148. GoatGuy says:

    Wow… so many people influenced by the visuals! Happy grrlz ‘n’ boyzz buy their sausages, tube-steak (not-dogs), their Campbell’s chicken soup, their bright red foamboarded “cuts” of beef, pork and turkey breast. How many of you would eat it if you had to eviscerate it? How many would be disgusted at the pink-grey pile of perfectly EDIBLE but disgusting looking “parts” that end up in a Ballpark Hot Dog? But that pretty blended, compressed, pink, artificially smoked, precooked, happy-packaged, “just right” textured composite of snouts, knuckles, miscellaneous chunks, hunks of fats, legal bits and maximum-allowed pass-through of stuff which isn’t as officially recognized as good-for-you … and we slush on the mustard, the relish and munch it down as “good”.

    Most A’mericans consider tripe unfit for consumption, but the Mexicans take it to a high art. (Among others). Southerners with their (damned) chitlins, Northerners with their (damned) head cheese, Easterners (and Brits) with their kidney pies. Oh, and that enshrined effigy to unpardonable culinary terpitude, the Haggis.

    A pale haunt of a chicken is its own long-cooked aspic? In a can? Seems little different to me from the whole-chicken cooked in a pot of water, the very definition of a “start with” for 90% of a Mexican or Latin American recipe for … shredded chicken with… (anything, fill in the blank).

    Besides the REALITY of aspic looking snotty and phlegm-like when cold, what other objection do you have to well cooked canned chicken? YOUR OWN “boiled chicken” will turn out just as snotty in the refrigerator, and that chicken in your Campbells Chick’n'Stars soup is from essentially inedible hens past their egg-laying factory prime. Raise your own flightless fowl, ring their necks, decapitate and drain, then eviscerate with a dull knife and your ungloved hands. Toast to a pretty brown in a 375 for 45 minutes, garnish with perky dead plants and gently cleave off steaming hunks of bird flesh, you wimps. You earned it.

  149. [...] Food Network Humor В» A Whole Chicken In A Can: YUMMO! Apr 29, 2009 … —Unusual Canned Foods From Around The World (45 Pics) —FNH NEWS: The New Websites Are Up; … [...]

  150. Andy Makin says:

    Please tell me how I can get my hands on a can of this wondrous product? I am uk based.

  151. Old guy says:

    I have eaten many canned chickens, they were very trendy in the 40′s and 50′s… My family has canned chicken, moose and beef for more than a few generations. The congealed fat makes a great broth/stock. This product is perfect for the beginning for a stir fry or pulled chicken…… And yes it’s perfect for camping.

  152. Anon says:

    Seriously, only poor, dumb people eat this shit, there’s no way in hell someone with a few bucks and education would eat this. That’s not even stereotyping, that’s the truth.

  153. Mynamehere says:

    I can see where you went wrong in prepping this. You dropped it in a pan too large and didn’t try. I know its for laughs, but if you can’t see passed a product that’s a bit odd, well get out of the kitchen and let someone who can cook.

    I’ve never even heard of canned whole chicken before seeing this, but I know I’d be able to serve this to anyone and they’d not know unless I told them.

    Don’t blame your ingredients, blame your skill levels for a bad dish.

  154. Betty says:

    I totally agree with everyone who is calling out all of the wimpy little people out there. Goatguy has completely hit the mark on this! I have eaten it and you probably have too. It’s the same thing as a can of cooked chicken that you buy to make chicken salad. Oh, but that’s right, except for the bones and skin….ooops that’s right! It’s a bird! It was once alive! Oh no, didn’t anyone tell you?? The “snotty” looking stuff is the aspic, as was said, but it is nothing more than cold chicken broth, which if you had ever actually COOKED A CHICKEN before, you would know that it has a naturally gelatinous (ooooh….noooo…..what a horrible word!) quality when cold. For those smarty-pants out there who are already two steps ahead of me thinking this isn’t true because the broth you took from a can didn’t do that, have a seat because I’m about to gross you out again. When the bones, skin and meat are all cooked together, gelatin is released. Yes, the JELLO kind of gelatin. Would I eat it everyday? Not if I had other things, but everyone who said they are good for camping was right. My aunt used to make them into chicken salad, chicken sandwiches, whatever and, as you can see, I’m still here to tell the tale. SHAME ON YOU, FOOD NETWORK. At a time when many people are going hungry, this is really disgraceful. Well, it’s OK with me if you are just too dainty to eat something like this. I hope you are never so hungry that you have to challenge your dainty little selves to actually succumb to eating something this horrible. I, for one, won’t be going hungry waiting for something prettier to be placed ever-so-gently on my plate.

    • Cecily says:


      I have never had this, but I am shure it will be worth my while.

    • Kim says:

      Bravo Betty and Goatguy. I would rather take my chances with this than some of the other highly processed mystery foods out there. You can at least identify what this is. Would I eat it daily, no but in an emergency situation I would with no qualms. I prefer to can my own meats and veggies but for a backup I can think of alot worse foods to have in my pantry. Keep that in mind all you people who store sodas or candy bars, this at least has nutritional value.

    • Bella says:

      WIMPY? DAINTY? Darling I think you have missed the mark. Goatguy was comparing the whole chicken in a can to other equally disgusting processed foods, which because they look prettier people then tend to reserve (bury) their judgment.
      Either way it is an over processed low quality food item . Whilst it is not as bad as some other common processed foods it still is full of shit. There is very little nutrition left in that bird. Chicken salad and chicken sandwiches? Why not poach your own bird? Using quality fresh vegetables to enrich the stock? I dont think anyone is scared about the broth. It does afterall look like afterbirth in the above pictures. (The author did a wonderful job of trying to make it look much much worse than it actually is.) You may even freeze / jar it yourself or shred the meat and cover it in fat to preserve it.
      The point here is that it is the result of modern day “convenience”. Where people can no longer prepare fresh food for their family.
      I could easily lovingly, gently poach my own bird in a beautiful nutritious broth, shred the meat, cool some of the stock to form a jelly, whip up some garlic mayonnaise and slice some homemade bread quicker than it would take you to run to the store, park, get back, open the tin, give birth to a cooked chicken, heat it in the pan, open your jar of “mayonnaise” butter your sliced long life white bread, remove the partially disintergrated meat from a bird that was slaughtered over a YEAR AGO and make yourself a sanga. That is even if you didnt “chill the can before opening”
      In my scenario you still have a gorgeous chicken broth you’d be proud to serve your family and friends, that’s delicious and nutrious. More than that you would also have a sense of achievement, knowing that you prepared your food from scratch from reliable sources.

  155. shelley otto says:

    My mother made this all the time, in the 50′s ; she actually deboned it all first too … and could fit a fryer in a quart jar. it is absolutely delicious, and we ate it cold, not cooked again. fabulous in chicken salads or on a hot summer day, even great in sandwiches, and so healthy … i cant believe the yuk comments … people now-a-days dont realize a lot of us who werent city slickers, canned or froze almost all of our food. we made our own butter, baked our own bread, grew our own vegetables and raised our own animals. food tasted like food back then …

  156. babs says:

    grow up. this is a boiled chicken. its for people on the go, that cant cook, this will make the best chicken and noodle cassorle or chicken soup youve ever eaten

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  159. [...] I was doing my normal reading and researching online, I found this article on Food Network Work Humor blog. I have no words.  Just read this for [...]

  160. [...] your B.O.B.Does anyone know of a good fish based canned dog food. My pug is allergic to chickenFood Network Humor jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery("#dropmenu ul").css({display: "none"}); // Opera Fix [...]

  161. Kenzi says:

    Well, here’s one way to die before 30.

  162. Lauren says:

    This is so disgusting. How can you eat something that is so bad for you? Imagine how many hormones this chicken has as well as preservatives. ITS FROM A CAN POEPLE. This world is nasty. Organic is the only way to go. I know it’s expensive, but my health is more important than my pocketbook.

  163. Gary says:

    I have seen these before in grocery stores when I’m traveling, so my initial “weird” reaction is now long gone. It really is a cool thing, esp. for hikers/campers who don’t have the luxury of refridgeration, even though the weight is not as practical as dried meats. Thy hypocrisy of folks comments here are interesting. We have long divorced most reality from our eating habits – preferring ignorance or deceptions to truths. I suppose that may be why some mentioned buying this is a clearance store? People would just rather buy their chicken already chopped up. I hope this may encourage more vegetarianism. The proof & the science is there for the interested. Use bouillon instead. Meat as seasoning only to help wean you off the primitive habit. “A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.” -Tolstoy

  164. Quint says:

    Ya it looks a little like an experiment from the island of Dr. Moreau but I think the nay saying and “cruelty” comments are a bit over the top.
    Now opening the can, throwing it in the oven for 10 minutes and slamming it on a serving dish is a bit cruel to your dinner guests but I think using it in a gumbo, jambalaya, paella or soup would be fine.
    Even shredded for chicken salad or dumplings.

    That being said it sure doesn’t look great so dont let anyone watch you prepare a meal with it

  165. [...] Franco-American Turkey Gravy (1990) As a teenager, I found this ad compelling and somewhat unnerving, thanks mostly to the lady's overly comforting humming. That was before I found out that whole poultry really does come in cans. [...]

  166. [...] As a teenager, I found this ad compelling and somewhat unnerving, thanks mostly to the lady's overly comforting humming. That was before I found out that whole poultry really does come in cans. [...]

  167. [...] As a teenager, I found this ad compelling and somewhat unnerving, thanks mostly to the lady's overly comforting humming. That was before I found out that whole poultry really does come in cans. [...]

  168. Dawn says:

    Featured on “Chopped” tonight!! Ha!!

  169. Deb says:

    Regardless of what it looks like, it is very good, and completely wholesome, chicken. I use this to make quick chicken and dumplings. Retain the broth, debone the chicken and shred it, then make dumpling batter with Bisquick. (I did say, ”quick” chicken and dumplings.) It’s a very good dish. Don’t be food snobs.

  170. It truly is truly a excellent as well as useful bit of facts. I’m happy that you just discussed this useful data around. Make sure you keep us up to par similar to this. Appreciate discussing.

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    books, as I found this paragraph at this web site.

  172. Aqiyl Aniys says:

    Oh my, that can’t be healthy. Chicken already has enough diseases associated with it. This can’t make things better.

  173. Thomas says:

    I have tried it. Yes it looks gross. However, it tasted great with white rice and black pepper. I read a lot of the comments about it being disgusting and saying it was the last thing they would eat. I feel the same way about snails, ants, rotten fruit and fish eggs. However, people pay a small fortune for escarrgo, chocolat covered ants, wine and caviar. There is actually a thriving business smuggling those things. At one time only the poor would eat shrimp, crabs and lobster because they looked like insects and considered to be “unclean”. Later, railroad companies advertised them as “delicasies” because they could buy them cheap, transport them in refridgerated containers and sell them throught the country. Now look who eats them and pays so much for them. I am not saying the chicken in a can will ever be like lobster, but for families who live in the real world worrying about making ends meet, it something to look at.

  174. Grandma Kwitcherbellyachin says:

    Good grief…over two hundred posts, most of them expressing disgust/fear/revulsion at something that’s been available for years and is in fact pretty darn good.

    Not to mention a lot safer to eat than, say, lettuce from your local “organic market” that uses fresh manure on its garden.

    Get a grip, America!

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