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Ina Garten Loves Her Gay Men
Posted by Jillian Madison

On this week’s episode of Barefoot Contessa, Ina decided to cook some food for her friend Frank Newbold and his boyfriend Stephen, to spare them from the inexplicable agony of having to return home from a springtime vacation in the south of France to an empty fridge and a flowerless house. THE HORROR!

ina garten barefoot contessa

Ina called Michael (who is, apparently, the only florist in the Hamptons). He grabbed the same old fashioned white hydrangeas he always uses, and made his way to Frank & Stephen’s house to complete the arrangement. Meanwhile, Ina prepared truffle mac & cheese so the men would have something to eat when they got home.

ina garten barefoot contessa

I was expecting Frank & Stephen to live in a gorgeous, nicely decorated home, BUT NO. Frank & Stephen live in the creepiest house in the Hamptons. It looks like a historical funeral parlor from the 18th century. Sorry, but I wouldn’t want that lady staring at me while I was trying to eat.

ina garten barefoot contessa

ina garten barefoot contessa

ina garten barefoot contessa

After all, nothing says “welcome home” like a bowl of apples and a random container of honey butter!

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  1. Heather says:

    I saw this episode and thought the same thing about their house. EL CREEPO!!!

    Also, I thought the cinnamon honey butter was strange and totally random. They didn’t have bread or anything to put it on. It was just a container of butter. Oh Ina. It’s the thought that counts. Even if it is only TV.

    • patty says:

      Doen’t anyone realize that Stephen is the editor of House Beautiful magazine? I thought his house would have been awesome. Not Grandma looking.

    • GETREAL says:


  2. mike says:

    that man looks exactly like elton john – LOL.

    • Judy K. says:

      Ina is a phony!!!! All her gay friends are getting tiresome and Jeffrey is a weakling sopping up to Ina. Probably loves her money more than anything else.
      Ina had better go to Weight Watchers!!!!! She needs it!!!!

      • liza says:

        to judy k.regarding comments made on april 21 2010 .judy ,sounds like you might be just a little bit jealous of ina.

        GET A LIFE!
        GET A HOBBY!

        • Corn says:

          You tell her Liza~!

        • dsmcc2176 says:

          sounds like YOU are “intolerant” of Judy K’s viewpoint. Judy is correct Ina needs to lose weight and I might add shes seems so “needy” for affection why else would she always annoyingly hang on her husband and friends. Thats sad to watch. enjoy her cooking portion of the show.

        • Raj says:


          Well done. Judy K needed to read that lol

      • Letsjustsayimgay says:

        What do sour grapes taste like?….. since you would seem to know.

      • Hathaway says:

        I’m sorry you find gay people “tiresome”. Ina has a lot of gay fans and a lot of gay friends, it’s true. I happen to be one of them, so I find your comment personally offensive. If you don’t like her show, you needn’t watch it.

      • Corn says:

        Get a life! You are just jealous of Ina and obviously have some insecurity issues! You are probably the one that needs to go to the Fat Farm. Don’t Be A HATER!

      • Lauren says:

        Ina’s husband Jeffrey has his own money, how else do you think he could have an apartment in NYC and let Ina play out in the hamptons with her gays all weekend?

  3. neo says:

    That is the least hom-iest home I’ve ever seen. They have some bad taste in home decor.

  4. Tatiana says:

    Well, they do look like a couple of undertakers, so the Victorian death look is appropriate for them.

  5. Jillian Madison says:

    Tatiana… WELL SAID.

  6. Hannah says:

    When I get back from a long day of traveling, the last thing I want to do is LIGHT A FIRE or eat a heavy meal. Nice try, Ina, but fail.

  7. Kyle says:

    I’ll bet those two have bodies buried everywhere on Long Island.

  8. cuisineboy1975 says:

    Do any of you people realize we are talking The Hamptons here? I seriously doubt Frank and Stephen are going to come home and order a pizza pie with a six pack to wash it down. They are friends of Ina; yes they will get the Barefoot Contessa/Mikey’s Flower Shoppe treatment. Though it’s true their house is not the kind of home you’d want to come home to, methinks that’s how a lot of people live way out there…

  9. Courtney says:

    Not me, CuisineBoy. I have a rental house in Southampton and spend 4 months a year there. People are snooty here, yes, but we have a laid back “comfortable” attitude. No one I know has decorative gold mirrors or old fashioned Victorian paintings/furnishings. Sure it’s a matter of taste, but YUCK! Don’t go thinking that’s how we live out here!

  10. Sally says:

    If you had watched the episode to the very end you would have seen that Ina stuck a loaf of some sort of bread in the fridge along with a bottle of milk and one of orange juice. She would NEVER provide honey butter without also providing something on which to put it. Although I completely agree that the decor of the house was not very homey, can anyone honestly say they would be offended to come home to an empty house and discover Ina had left you some goodies? And as for Michael’s trite hydrangeas, they are still very festive and welcoming even if they are not very exciting. Cut them some slack folks, they’re people who go out of their way to do nice things for others.

  11. Jan says:

    What does a gay couple have to do with food?? Tired of the Food Network and Ina trying to get their audience to accept the gay lifestyle, enough already! who cares!

    • Judy K. says:

      Yes, Ina has a deluge of gay friends. They are probably the only ones who put up with her cackling laugh. Boy, is that ever irritating.
      She loves praising herself and then cackle,cackle,cackle…..

      • Angelina H says:

        So what who or what her friends are? You seem to be very unsatisfied with your own life to put down people. If you dont like Ina’s laugh, DONT WATCH HER SHOW!!!

    • Tim says:

      Oh PLEASE! “Trying to get their audience to accept the gay lifestyle??” Girl, you need an enema.

      P.S. 80% of the Food Network audience ARE GAY. And the other 20% are uptight Ruth Buzzi with a hairnet types like YOU….

      • Charlotte Leigh says:

        I don’t fall into either category, but I have wondered why she so seldom seems to entertain any straight people? Lots of us who enjoy her show are straight with families, are not uptight, and do not resemble Ruth Buzzi in the least.

    • Bill says:

      Yes, Jan, that’s right. Shove them back in the closet of 1950 where you would have them lost in time. Open your mind and heart a little. In 1968 black people began to finally be seen in sitcoms, etc. on TV and it was innovative and culturally transforming. Your program of erasure to make gay people invisible is YOUR agenda.

    • Jess says:

      I completely agree with you Jan. I’m tired of the gay lifestyle, too. They’re always complaining and offended by the smallest thing. It’s like, geeze, can’t anybody say anything anymore without your little pansy butt getting defensive about it? The whole Chick-fil-A provided food to a anti-gay group, it is completely ridiculous the way all the gays reacted. So, I’m gay, I’m going to stop eating Chick-fil-A nuggets, which I LOVE, because they provided food to a anti-gay group. YEAH. Who gives a F who they give food to? Ellen is a cool gay, never bitching, why can’t the rest of you be like her! And who mentioned black people, Bill?

    • David says:

      Lots of people care…as for your comment…nobody cares.

  12. Eric says:

    Sally, you’ve got to be kidding me. Sure, there are people who go out of their way to do nice things for others but this is a television show we’re talking about here. This isn’t real life. If it were, no one would be sarcastic about it. But some jolly fat woman, gathering her jolly gay friends, to do something nice for their other jolly gay friends IS AS FAR FROM REALITY AS IT GETS!

    • Bill says:

      Eric, as far from reality (whose?) as it gets? It may seem alien to you, but it goes on all over America all the time.

  13. Shane's Ex says:

    does ina garten have any female friends? or any straight male friends? haven’t seen either!

    • teddi says:

      She apparently doesn’t have any Black ones either!!

    • Penny says:

      She has a female friend Dwyer and someone who had a baby recently. She made up a basket of goodies for the mother and had a baby shower. No African American friends are on the show if she has any. How unfair is that?

  14. Tatiana says:

    I don’t think Ina is out there pushing a specific agenda, it’s just a part of the social culture out in the Hamptons. I know, my brother’s in-laws have been in Amagansett since the Thirties, and I’ve been visiting out there for decades (I won’t tell you how many!). Having said that, I am REALLY bored with these really queer (no pun intended, folks) social vignettes. They are awkward, stupid, phony, and take time away from the actual cooking. Not to mention the union scale fees accrued by all the relatives on the shows.

  15. Sarah UK says:

    I watch Ina from the UK. I havnt a clue what the hamptons is?! I love her and I think shes great!!! My husband and I do find it quite funny that all her friends seem to be male and gay. I dont know about living in the states but I dont think anybody here lives like she does unless they are in the royal family maybe ? :-)

    • Bill says:

      Sarah, it seems like Ina’s show/home is a window into a lifestyle of affluence that average people will never see. If it were not broadcast, we wouldn’t have a clue. It does seems stilted at times, but who cares? It’s interesting.

  16. Feikhal Madhur says:

    She has a few female friends. The broad that owns Loaves and Fishes appears often. The older blonde lady that was obviously very hot in her day is another one.
    And the woman who sold her the BArefoot Contessa also appears.

    By and large, most of her friends are homos though.

  17. Tatiana says:

    The Hamptons is a cluster of oceanside towns that have become one of the most popular areas for wealthy people to have weekend and summer homes. It’s about 3 hours east by car from NYC.

  18. scot says:

    she’s the biggest fag-hag on the planet. if i see ONE more godamned hydrangea, or hear of “good” vanilla again, my gay-ass head may explode. we all don’t hang around the hamptons with plump freckle-faced women dressed in blue blouses and black trousers….

    • Lisa says:

      I love Ina and I watch her all the time, but Scot that was so funny I almost pissed myself !!!!!

      • Chukkalady says:

        LOL……Ina needs some new friends…..I often wonder if Jeffrey doesn’t trust around anyone but gay people. He’s gone alot! “Don’t have any fun without me.”

  19. Genevieve says:

    Here in France, we find it fashionable to adopt gay men friends. It is not unusual to host dinner parties for several gay male couples. We also favor fresh flowers at every opportunity.

  20. scot says:

    oh dear lord. here we go again. “we in france”….

  21. Tatiana says:

    The fact that someone would “adopt” friendships with gays simply because it is fashionable says a lot about how ridiculous and superficial some people can be. It sounds like these friends are considered trendy accessories, instead of appreciating a person for who they are. Are they expected to wear rhinestone collars? And where are they stored in between dinner parties? How about gay women, do they count? I feel like gagging.

  22. scot says:

    thank you tatiana. i never thought of myself or my partner of 17 years as decorative knick-knacks. we kind of thought of ourselves as human beings. individuals with our own minds and souls. with brains and opinions that belonged to each of us. genevieve, little did i know that we were throw pillows for the french to scatter about their tired, cramped, rat-infested flats like some kind of bad tchotchke. how lovely to be in paris. mea culpa. and btw, it’s called soap and water. you loveley “french” might want to use it. how refreshing…….

  23. Genevieve says:

    Are you inferring that we Francophones do not bath regularly ? Quite the generalization wouldn’t you say “scot” ?

    Say how is the US banking sytem these days ? Is it still there ? Maybe we could send a few of our banking consultants over to supervise at Citigroup .

    • Bill says:

      Genevieve, a valid point made. Mudslinging against the French . . . a country of literature, art, and philosophy. Not too bad, I might say.

  24. Kittykitty says:

    I think Ina really does adore her gay friends, even if the constant parties and dinners on the show do feel very contrived – certainly out of the norm for the rest of us. I have never understood the idea of being friends with someone simply because it is fashionable. Do you just throw them away when it’s not the style anymore? What a very shallow life that would be. I prefer to be friends with someone because I like them on a personal basis. And incidentally, Genevieve, you might want to work on your own economy before starting on ours. Improve yours to the point the Muslim youths can actually find jobs and maybe they’ll stop rioting and tearing your precious Paris apart.

  25. scot says:

    yes my dear, i’m implying that you frogs have piss-poor hygiene. i’ve spent quite a bit of time in your country, and your personal sanitation regimen is sorely lacking. for people who have such a superior attitude of themselves, yall sure do stink. i will never forget the image of a woman on the metro on a hot day with two baguettes shoved under her sweaty, unshaved, flabby arm. now THAT must have been a tasty treat for her family. and our banking “sytem” is doing quite well thank you. when all of you people figure out how to grow a set of balls, stop hiding nazi war-crime money, and stand up for yourselves; well then maybe we can talk……

  26. Genevieve says:

    France’s economy is in pretty good shape as we speak. You see, we don’t have the mortgage meltdown affecting us as it has the USA. We do have the occasional riot but nothing too serious. Public protest is part of our culture.

    What is your youth umemployment rate ?

  27. Genevieve says:

    Oh “scot” are you getting all tough for your boyfriend now ? Who pitches? Who catches ? My My.

    Doubtful you have spent much or any time in France.If so, you would know that only a small portion of people have poor hygiene habits.

    Such generalization. I mean we don’t poke fun at Americans becuase 35% of you are considered obese , do we ? Well I do, but that’s just me. I don’t make fun of the throngs of people that use scooters and mini golf carts to go shopping at Walmart, do I ?

    • Bill says:

      Point well-made, Genevieve. Scot should visit a Wal-Mart in Indiana if he wants to see truly weird, repulsive, and disgusting fat people. On the other hand, obesity is a complex problem still being investigated. Ironically, the food network has yet to take up the fight for that matter–except Rachel Ray. Exercise–i.e.. the lack thereof, is certainly part of the issue/problem.

  28. Jillian Madison says:

    Here’s the thing:

    Before anybody goes claiming they’re from France, let’s remember that website admins can easily look up a commenter’s IP address to see their location.

    Let’s take this French/America BS elsewhere please.

  29. Tatiana says:

    Oddly enough, my favorite brand of deodorant is a French brand I buy in the Bon Marche!

  30. scot says:

    jil i never claimed to be from france. i just hate the bullshit anti-american attitude. i will gladly drop this like a bad habit. i really like this site, and want to contribute and participate to it. but i feel it necessary to defend my opinion against this crap. i thought this was a forum to rag on the assholes of the foodnetwork, not a place to debate franco-american bullshit. there is a place and time for that. but when someone comes in spewing anti-american pro-franco sentiment, i’m going to have to comment. if i have pissed you off, i’m truly sorry. but i have a valid point. genevieve started the whole thing spouting her viva la france shit which was so not needed….

  31. Jillian Madison says:

    Scot – sorry, I should have been more clear. My comment was meant for the supposedly French “Genevieve.” You haven’t pissed me off at all!

    I’m in agreement with you guys, this whole Viva La France discussion is older than the condoms in Jeffrey’s nightstand.

  32. Tatiana says:

    Jillian, I am also sorry for going off-topic from the format. It isn’t pleasant for anyone.

  33. scot says:

    thanks jil. thought that was what you meant. that french cunt just kind of pissed me off. i like you people. anyway, going to make dinner. or as we say “in france” …i’m going to fix dinner. whatever…..

    • Mike says:

      Scot, your foul, ghetto trash mouth is ridiculous. Do you enjoy revealing what an uneducated, bottom-feeding punk youi are? Give those of us whose IQs involve triple digits a break. Stay in school and get that GED, and stay off of this site. You do not have enough class to interact effectively with the rest of us. A Dieu Espèce d’Arabe !!!

  34. Sue says:

    I am a Brit who lives in Hungary, I was only looking for an Ina Garten cake recipe, but got caught up in the comments I agree with so many of your comment re Ina’s pet faggots, also French hygiene standards, although it was going a bit over the top at times. I have quite a few French friends although none of them are ghastly Parisiennes, who are unbelievably arrogant….the old enemy as far as the English are concerned anyway. I find Geoffrey a bit strange, do you think she is too much for him to cope with seven days a week ?

  35. Brian says:

    Love her and the show and she’s the best fag hag ever. Though the fags she’s friends with are a bit long in the tooth. YIKES Ina, get you some younger boys on this show. Then I love to watch the drunk Sandra Lee after her show. That women is going to make “Brycer” into a little queer. My friend worked at OUT and said she’s a big fag hag too, and loves her her cocktails! It’s so elegant. Just doll it up. LOL! She’s a HOOT!

  36. nick says:


    Your scaring me. You really are.

  37. nick says:


    You too. Frightening. Go buy something off the rack, you’ll survive……………..uhm,,,,no, you probably wont.

  38. nick says:


    You said “plump”. Now I know youre gay, and not just making it up!

  39. nick says:

    Miss “Barefoot” would simply inform one and all that the reason she chooses to spend time with gay gentlemen is so that she could be free of all that sexual pressure.

    Hey Eyeda, believe me. You could have enough testosterone in that mansion kitchen of your to sink a ship and there would be NO SEXUAL TENSION, THOUGHTS, REMARKS…SEXUAL ANYTHING going on there.

  40. J says:

    Where does Jeffrey go all week? Seems like he is gone all week and then comes home on weekends? Is he gay, too? I really like Ina and the show, but was just pondering………

  41. Byrdie says:

    He’s on the board of directors for several corporations and is also the chairman of some international advisory firms and corporations. In other words he is a busy guy that travels internationally all the time. I would assume he’s really not the dorky guy he’s portrayed to be on the show.

  42. Lily says:

    Jeffy is connected. In both the private sector and goverment circles.

    I think he might be taking a shit kicking financially with the economic downturn so that is why Ina is always out pitching her books and trinket foods.

    Maybe he had Madoff invest some money for him ?

  43. Byrdie says:

    Your probably right, Lily. It won’t be long before Ina has to cook with BAD VANILLA….YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  44. Have just read all the comments about Ina Garten. Who are all of you strange people? Certainly not interested in food!!! I am a former Home Economics teacher, have written my own cookbook and I have been happily married for 49 years and I love Ina’s show. So what if all her friends are gay, who cares? Watch the show for the food.

    • Crys says:

      LOL! Right? It’s like everyone here is either talking smack or arguing with each other! It’s a cooking show. It’s there to show people recipes, not for them to criticize her lifestyle.

      I personally love watching this show. The food she makes is interesting, and I’m hoping to try some recipes when my very own kitchen allows ^_^

  45. [...] sweater-over-the-shoulder wearin’ friends. Ina asked her old pal Michael (who never met a hydrangea that he didn’t like) to decorate the beach so she could focus on the food. The result? 30 minutes of Ralph Lauren [...]

  46. [...] because Ina’s a total lush, you’ll turn around and she’s drinking straight up vodka at a gay cocktail party, and you say why did you even bother making those martinis, Ina?  You’re so fucking [...]

  47. Bruce says:

    Oh Come ON Folks! Frank and Stephen need only 2 or three more women before they have enough skin for their full body “Women’s Suits”.
    Ina, PLEASE stay the hell out of their basement!

  48. mollie says:

    I love Ina Garten…….I watch it for the food she prepares. Lets all be nice and not make fun of people because of their weight or their friends.

  49. Robert says:

    I find this whole show boring. She does the same things over and over again. Most of her basic recipes are just that. Basic! Anyone with half a brain and two hands could prepare what she makes and tries to pass off as high class “Hampton” fare. Been to the Hamptons, nice, but not that impressive. Like anywhere else in America but with a higher price tag. Again, Ina Garten is boring and if I see one more chicken dish or watch her fatass gush over Jeffrey one more time I think it will kill me. No more “Barefoot Contender” for me. Be creative, Ina, and you might actually deserve the 30 minutes of airtime they waste on you.

    • pegifor says:

      looks to me like there’s something you’re missin here. who’s the mega millionaire, you or her. guess she’s got something over you huh? I can’t believe all the tight asses out there ready to pounce. mean, mean, mean. she is a fabulous cook and you should try some of her recipes. that’s what food network is all about, RECIPES Not who has who for friends.

  50. janiegirl says:

    every time i watch b.c.,ina mispronounces phyllo is pronounced “feelo”,not “filo”,and “spanakopita”,not “spanakOpita”. as a long-island-n.y. greek chick, i feel it is my inherent duty to correct these mistakes. yassou!

    • Judy K. says:

      Ina needs to eat less. She is really putting on the pounds. Does she have any “straight” friends?
      And her lovey dovey Jeffrey is a flake.

      Your food is good Ina, but YOU are too much!!!!!!!!!!!! How good is that??

    • Jeri says:

      OMG! I thought I was the only one who was driven insane when Ina says Filo!!! You would think Michael Simon would correct her on this!!!! And one more thing. She and Jeffrey are extremely wealthy. Check Wikipedia on each of them separately. Her health cannot be be good with all the fats, sugars, etc that she cooks with. They could afford a gastric bypass or even an expensive Fat Farm for her. I just wonder what her cholesterol numbers are, her glucose levels, AND what her blood pressure is….Ticking time bomb, Ina. Love your show, but it is painfully obvious that you eat as much of your food as you make! Jeffrey is only home on weekends. hmmmm….makes you wonder what he does to keep slim!

  51. J says:

    I love the show and you guys are making me laugh with the comments! Who is T.R.? Looks like they were at his beach house having the berry desert and the short ribs. He must have another home somewhere. Anyone know what he does for a living? Yes I know he is gay.

    • Beth says:

      T.R. is a “model/actor” .. I’ve seen him in a few Macy’s commercials.

      • Bernadette says:

        Gay or not……. TR is hot.

      • msjoyce says:

        T.R. ia also a model for KOHL’S. He’s in all the Sunday ads.

      • Your NameJZ says:

        If her show had a measure of cultural and ethnic diversity I would support her products. however, since she chooses to live in a fantasy world of her choosing, I choose not to buy her products. In addition to modeling for Macy’s, T. R. has appeared in a commercial for Viagra.

  52. Howudoing says:

    T.R. is a model, most notably for Barney’s print ads. He and his partner also have an apartment in Chelsea, a neighborhood in Manhattan with a large gay population.

  53. Mary Pietrzak says:

    I love to watch Ina’s cooking show,in fact just the sound of her voice comforts me. I think she would be a great friend,and it is obvious that the friends she has on the show think alot of her. I use her recipes and the ideas she shares for entertaining.When she gathers her friends ,women and men alike,who really cares if some of them are gay or not?,she demonstrates to do something nice for someone,we could all take that advise.

  54. Layona says:

    I watch the show regularly, and I don’t have any major complaints; but, why does Ina throw a bunch of garbage in her sink, and then call it “cleaning up”?

  55. IrishBrian says:

    The whole topic of Ina conjures up loads of questions….like how does she attract some of the most unattractive hook-nosed dried up old fags in the tri-state area! And gawd love him, poor Jeffrey apparently makes a b-line for the door everytime he hears her theme song….must means there’s been a homo siteing at 12 o’clock! Truth be told though, Ina is probably one of the only remaining Food Network hosts that is even remotely watchable. Emeril got the boot, Flay is insufferable and Tyler Florence used to be cool and now is a victim of having read his own press clippings! Like it or not…….keep them homos coming thru the front door Ina!

  56. Russian Blockhead says:

    @IrishBrian – “like how does she attract some of the most unattractive hook-nosed dried up old fags in the tri-state area!”

    whatcha mean by “hook-nosed..?”

  57. LesCandy says:

    I was surprised to see this welcome home from your trip episode! Frank is a real estate investor, one would think his main home would be his joy. I was holding my coffee cup midway to my lips cause I was shocked his kitchen was bare as could be. The living area was just as bad! I’m one of those gay Hamptons couple myself & our home does not have that slave/master feel that I would have if I walked into Frank & Steve’s house. Get it together Frank!

  58. Susan says:

    You people are so funny, arguing with one another in that mindless email sort of way that hopefully you would never do fact to face. How did this get on French hygiene and youth unemployment and banking practices from Ina’s gay man thing? I have a love/hate relationship with this show as well. Her nervous laughter at the end of everything she says is SO annoying, why is that not edited out? I have seen her entertain some “ladies”, a garden or book club or something but gay men are for sure her favs. And Jeffrey seems like a rich accessory more than anything else, poor guy. I have her BF Contessa Parties book with her much thinner self on the cover. This episode was so hilarious with the cell phone and “mission accomplished”. Barf. So hokey. But there’s something about her that compels me to watch. Does anyone really cook like with so much butter and eggs and cheese and beef tenderloin and other rich, fatty food that most of can’t even afford much less want to consume on a regular basis? Not to mention good vanilla and good olive oil. OMG I make a point to shop for shitty vanilla and rancid olive oil. It’s just so funny to watch and such fodder for humor such as what’s written here. And then there’s Rachael Ray. Don’t get me started. Hideously laughing at her own jokes constantly. Gag.

  59. J. Allan says:

    I love Ina and have been watching her show for many years. Once upon a time in the 80′s I think on PBS. She is great at tips in the kitchen. My wife loved her too. I regularly print recipes off food network and use them. Most of them from Ina. I have several gay friends and do see the shows with then as contrived. I think Ina loves her friends and they really love her as she comes across as very warm. Her nervous laughter is annoying but it only comes up when she is socializing and not when she’s cooking in the kitchen with just the camera as company.
    Ina please get rid of that jeans shirt you wear or put on an apron to cover it. It really shows the wear at the counter level. It is not flattering at all. I love Paris and your show about it reminds me of our trip there.

  60. Mark says:

    This may be the most entertaining sequence of comments I have ever read! Probably because I adore Ina, her show, and the fabulous East Hamptons. Even though most of the commentary is completely unrelated to her food, there were many insightful observations made about her gay friends being fashionable trinkets to throw into her always exclusive parties and dinners. Sadly, a part of me agrees with this shallow thought. It’s unfortunate, but I find their presence at the parties to be enjoyable, even though Ina can get a little phony with that damn nervous laughter. Then again, how would you act in front of a camera for a national t.v. show while trying to appear genuine? She’s not an actress and neither is her husband. I always take this into consideration during the dinners and parties when it tends to get a little hokey. However, it’s a great show and with great food. When Ina is in the kitchen cooking and baking I find listening her voice and the sound of vegetables being chopped, the sizzling of a skillet, and the music, to be relaxing and soothing. An effect extremely comparable to the late Bob Ross and his PBS painting segments! She creates an air of elegance and exclusivity for her food which makes it even more appealing to me. Especially when she uses rich ingredients like lobster for her lobster mac and cheese. Bottom line, apart from criticizing the social aspects and how the show is organized, I believe it to be one of the most watchable cooking shows. P.S. Can Frank and Stephen’s home be more creepy? Thank god for Bruce and his “Silence of the Lambs” joke. Stay the hell out of that house Ina haha Too funny!

  61. Kelly Winkler says:

    Where is TR?????

  62. byrdie says:

    Kelly, I think TR has run off with Jeffery…neither has been seen since last season. HMMM…..

  63. I have loved Ina Garten since she first came on television. She has such a great way with food and comes across making you feel like you can actually prepare the foods she makes and table decorations that she shows everyone.
    I have to say that most everything said here in this blog has been very negative and in quite bad taste. If you really, really don’t like any part of the show you do have the option of turning to a different channel.
    So, please, Get. Up. And. Turn. The. Channel!
    E N O U G H IS Q U I T E E N O U G H

    • Dawn Riley says:

      Don’t even know how i stumbled across this . You my friend stated it kindly Enough is quite enough.Can’t agree more with you !! Negative people are such a downer.

  64. Elaine says:

    I enjoy watching Ina and think her recipes are interesting. She is soft spoken and soothing to listen to. I must say, though, all of you have opened up a whole new thought in my mind. I have wondered silently about most the things that have been stated. When she is serving her food to her friends she is not very humble. She always has something terrific to say about what she has made. She could tone it done – we know she made the food and she doesn’t need to tell the guests how good it is. Thanks for the insights.

  65. Peter Scott says:

    WOW… Again… WOW. It’s always SO much fun (and kinda scary) to read ignorant comments from the great unwashed in the U S of A! Holy rawhide! Up here in Canada, most civilized people know that gays exist so it’s not surprising to us when they show up regularly on a show. Because I should stick to the thread here, I have to say that I like the Barefoot Contessa show and agree with Mark’s comments on the show’s production values. Having said that. It’s a TV show! Get a grip. As for most of the comments regarding the interior of the house, y’all just sound ignorant. It’s really quite beautiful and sophisticated and way above the heads of anybody making those ignorant comments. As far as staying as far away from the house as possible etc. You don’t have anything to worry about. Yokels like you will never set foot anywhere near that kind of real estate. It’s much too expensive and probably gated. I know America likes that, it keeps away the riff-raff, like yourselves!

  66. Air says:

    TR is hot!!!!!! He need to be in every show as eye candy.

  67. John says:

    This has been a real enjoyable thread to read. I happen to be a big fan of Ina’s. I’ve seen all the shows a number of times but I watch them again and again. Have never tried any recipe of hers that has failed. She’s amazing.

    As for Frank, as someone said, he was in Real Estate and sold his company years ago. He and Ina are business partners in some venture, not sure what. Frank’s partner, I believe, is Ina’s “boss” at House Beautiful. I think he’s the Editor. I would imagine that the guys have a home in Manhattan, probably one in France, and who knows where else.

    I love the show and the topics, but I’m getting REAL tired of “How Easy Is That?” and “How Bad Could THAT Be?” and “Who Wouldn’t Want THAT?” My wife just about goes insane whenever she hears one of those phrases.

    But all in all, I think she’s wonderful. And I’m not even gay. :)

    • Jeri says:

      God, yes, she does say, “How bad could THAT be?” as she dumps a buttload of salt into EVERYTHING! She often says that this recipe makes a huge pot, so she tries to justify the mountains of Kosher salt! I can feel my blood pressure going up as she does it! And they give Paula Deen crap about the insane amounts of butter? Ina, Ina, Ina…..hiding in the Hamptons while getting fatter and fatter. Not good. Please stop the insanity and see a good Jewish doctor! Love your show, but you cannot keep up this very unhealthy way of cooking! And hiding behind a black tent shirt doesn’t fool anyone!

  68. diane whitten says:

    I really like Ina but her gay playmates are insufferable. T.R. is such a phoney! The whole bunch look like they are about to expire. Foodie

  69. Oddfellow says:

    Ina!! Do you have any straight friends? Are you a gayboy chaser? Why do chubby women find gay guys so irresistible?

  70. jeff adams says:

    Are there any straight men in the Hamptons? Or does Ina just attract gays? Cmon, enough with the homos.

  71. AK says:

    Wow, I can’t believe all the negative comments on this website…Out of all the Food network shows on today, The Barefoot Contessa is about the only one that really shows you how to cook something without having to go to a website. Her new kitchen setting is so inviting and I think all her friends think the world of her. Not to mention TR is a doll! Gay, Straight, who cares….

  72. Helen says:

    The one thing that bothers me about both Ina and Giada’s shows is there are no African Americans on their shows. Don’t they have ANY Black friends? Although I do enjoy their recipes and will continue to watch the shows. Any comments Ina or Giada??

    • Elizabeth Daniel says:

      Actually, it would be just as superficial for them to seek out black friends as it is to seek out gay friends. It’s insulting to blacks to force their representation in something like this.

      “Well, I don’t really like you, but I’m going to judge you by the color of your skin and not the content of your character and use you to make myself look inclusive.” Fail.

      People should (and in the real world, do) make friends because they have things in common or enjoy each other’s company. That’s why so many people are wondering about Ina’s gay friends. Since the majority of Ina’s show friends are gay, people are wondering what sort of contrivance is at play, because it doesn’t reflect most people’s reality. Most people have 1 or 2 gay friends, not 27.

      • Bernadette says:

        I’m sure this sounds racist, however, I would venture to say that there probably aren’t as many black (excuse me… African-American) residents in the areas where Ina and Giada live. Be real, people.

        • Veronica says:

          I don’t know if it sounds racist but it sure as hell sounds ignorant. Both Ina and Giada have a reach that spans way beyond their respective neighborhoods.

          Both of these women are world traveled and one would think more broad minded.

          • Ed says:

            So you are saying they should go out of their way to make friends with a person because of the color of their skin. This is so you and others will think well of them. Do you have a list of races and ethnicities that you check off to show how “broadminded” you are. O-o-o there is a Japanese person. I need one of those. Or is it just black people we need to befriend to make us not narrow minded.

    • Your NameCynthia says:

      Oh Helen, why did you have to go and ruin all the fun by playing the predictable ‘race card’ . . . and over a harmless, fun cooking show to boot? What are we supposed to do . . . go out of our way to befriend people of color just so you can feel good about dragging affirmative action into the equation???? You people really need to get over the ‘black quota thing’ and get a freaking life . . . You have the G-damned presidency (which you are failing miserably at, I might add) so don’t YOU lecture any of us of forced ‘equality’. Equality of Opportunity is all you get or deserve, and if you can’t work hard and get to where Ina is, then you do not deserve to!

  73. Henry says:

    To Scot and Gigi

    It is comical to me, that a homosexual has any commentary to give regarding hygiene. The last time I checked you are not supposed to put your pee pee in someone’s hieny. That behavior is the ultimate in hypocrasy. I’ll take a sweaty French woman any day over a depraved homo. Gays are always trying to shove straight people onto the sidelines. It’s a wonder some gay man hasn’t pushed poor pudgy Ina off the set, took over her show and called it the Bare-Assed Count.

    • Henry Loves Hawtbutseckz says:

      You sound jealous, Henry. “Putting your pee pee in someone’s hiney” is not exclusive to gay men. Every female I know has told me that most, if not all heterosexual men have requested back door entry. Something tells me that your preoccupation with the subject indicates a serious interest.

  74. Pat Brachais says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever looked this site up, just curious about Ina’s history and boy! what a shock! I cannot believe so many people watch a show they don’t enjoy. Why? Yes, she has gay friends and thats a bit overdone but to go along with the shows theme someone has to be involved. I’ve never seen a black person on the show but is there some sort of rule about that? I don’t have one single black friend but thats because there are no blacks in my area, other than a few at university and too young to be interested in a frienship with me, and I don’t find my life lacking. Have no gay friends either but I might if I knew one.Or maybe I do know one and just don’t realize it in which case if they can’t be real with me why would I want their friendship? Maybe this is her thing, there are no blacks in the Hamptons and a whole lot of gays. Lighten up, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Or do you just like to complain? If you must see blacks on a cooking show watch the insanely rediculous couple who practically have sex on the air, its stomach turning the way they touch each other and make references to the food as “she and her” as in “look this pie, isn’t she beautiful”. I just wish they would get a room and get off the air. Since I can’t stand it after giving it a try I just don’t watch. Try it sometime. Remember this, even bad attention is still attention so by watching you are helping to make her even more wealthy! For that I say thanks since I do watch and enjoy her show I can keep on watching.

    • Student says:

      So true Pat. Nothing against you Helen, but there are not many black people in my area. There were none (I’m completely serious) in the county I went to high school in, nor the 2 surrounding counties. Does someone have to go out of their way to find a black friend just to put in one’s address book or tv show just to “show” they are not a racist? I have had friends of all ilk and I would say Ina is probably a very gracious host and nice to everyone, but this is the Hamptons. She probably has very few neighbors that are non-white. I’m sure it does not mean anything regarding her character.

      • Your NameCynthia says:

        Thank you for echoing my sentiments exactly! Helen is either a person of color with a chip on her shoulder that she uses as an excuse for her self-imposed failure, OR she is a well-heeled liberal white who is eaten up with well-heeled, liberal white guilt and makes it her mission to force her warped ideas of what constitutes ‘equality’ upon the rest of us. Only a true racist ‘sees’ racism at every turn . . . thus, Helen has exposed her own racism.

        • Collen says:

          Cynthia, I was going to agree with you, until you brougth politics into it. Now I can’t take you seriously. What a shame.

    • Your NameJZ says:

      WRONG PAT!! There ARE African Americans living in the Hamptons AND all over Long Island. And Cynthia, this is for you. The days of “white lily America” are dead and gone. Hispanics now out number whites. African Americans are gaining in number AND will continue to do so and will eventually out number whites. Asian Americans are nipping at your hills. Roughly 70% of this country’s population has some mixed bloodline somewhere in their genealogy. As for the President of the United States of America, he is of mixed parentage (a blessing) and that gives him a unique and varied perspective and world view into what it will take to make this country thrive and benefit everyone and not just what you would like to call the privileged few. BTW the President’s cabinet inherited the problems of former administrations regardless of the party. Every administration has made some pretty F&%K@D up choices and decisions. If you must point your finger do so and remember all of the previous administrations were white. Oh, who in the hell are, “you people”? This country was built on the backs of piss poor whites, Asian immigrants, Hispanics, Native Americans, Jews, the Polish, Indians of Asian descent, the Italians, Germans, Middle Easterners, Pacific Islanders and, AFRICANS. I am thrilled that my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents gave me the will, the intelligence, and the desire to get a damn good education and practice tolerance and embrace all people regardless of status or color. All of my family and most of my relatives are in mixed marriages and they are very happy. I am gay and I am married to a white man. Get a grip girl, we are no longer living in “Birth of A Nation”.

  75. James Salvato says:

    It’s not the fact that Ina has gay friends. I can care less if she has gay friends. It’s the fact that she ONLY has gay friends that many people are making comments about. It’s also the fact that she appears to have a very unusual relationship between Geoffrey and her. I think I would kill myself if I could only see my wife 10% of the week. As far as our relationship is concerned, I can relate better with the Nealy’s better than Ina’s relationship with her husband. We pick on each other, we sometimes use sexual innuendos towards each other (even in front of our kids), and we communicate with each other. Anyone who thinks that anything of that sort should be kept in the bedroom needs to stay in the bedroom. I welcome the sight of a married couple giving each other a hug and a kiss and joking with each other; even in front of me. It’s a sign of a healthy relationship. In this economy, healthy relationships are sorely needed. Nothing against Ina’s gay friends but why don’t they invite her over to their houses every once in a while if the friendship is so valued?

    • James Salvato says:

      I’m talking about my wife and I in regards to my earlier comment.

    • CherryRose says:

      “Nothing against Ina’s gay friends but why don’t they invite her over to their houses every once in a while if the friendship is so valued?”

      There have been episodes of Barefoot Contessa that take place at other peoples’ homes. I’m sure that Ina is invited to many social gatherings outside of her own abode.

  76. Princess says:

    I find Ina sexually creepy especially around Jeffrey and her gay friend T.R.
    She makes these noises like she actually having sex!
    I swear she wants to get T.R. in the sack the way she’s always kissing him!

    • Steve Davis says:

      What is it with In and her gay only friends have never seen a straight man on her show. Except maybe her husband . They have a strange relationship to say the least, he happens to show up just in time for “his favorite”meal. I can see Geoffrey tied up in the basement until In decides to pimp him out to one of her so called “friends for their desert. Maybe that explains why she has so many pastel friends.

    • Bernadette says:

      Ina and Geoffrey have been married for years. How many of YOU can claim that same thing? Anyway, if I was married and my husband had an awesome career and made big bucks away from home during the week (and I am POSITIVE that he’s not the ONLY person who lives on this earth who commutes to his job during the week and then comes home on the weekends), I’d bend over backwards making sure that I was attentive to his every need and would cook his favorite things while he was home. There would be no time spent typing in unnecessary comments online. People need to get a life and actually live it. Don’t always be so negative about others’ ways of life, their relationships, preferences, etc. Who died and left you in charge???

  77. Harriet Underwood says:

    I have watched Ina Garten for years and like her show very much. I like to watch her cook and yes, I envy her state of the art kitchen and equipment. Also would love to have her staff for cleaning up and doing dishes!! I live in northeast Wyoming and don’t have access to all the wonderful shops and seafoods for example. In fact I think her show and most of the cooking shows are aimed at populations east of the Mississippi river and ignore the Rocky Mtn. states. The Food Network has heard of California. Yes, Ina has lots of gay friends but I don’t care. Keep on cooking Ina and I’ll keep watching. Your show is great and you are a great cook.

    • Steve Davis says:

      Are there only flamers in the Hamptons? Okay I get it all ready, Ina is soo cosmopolitan with all her homo friends. Enough is enough. By the way, does Geoffery have anything to say besides,”Boy,that’s good.”

      • Gary says:

        HA! NO kidding, Steve!

        They are the perfect stereotypical example of the obnoxious ethnic Hampton couple that you just wanna SLAP and then laugh at uncontrollably.
        Jeffrey is “the Juan Trippe Professor in the Practice of International Trade, Finance, and Business at Yale.”
        So my gawd, I almost fell into a coma writing that. You can’t expect a man with the character of pressedboard to say much more than he does.

  78. Lola Baker says:

    Dear new friends,

    This is the best site ever.

    I will be returning from the South of France on 10 June, hungry and tired because we can only afford to fly coach. I’d love some coconut cupcakes and please, no truffles in anything …. you can just pick up some hydrangeas from my neighbors yard.

  79. Any Mouse says:

    Seriously, her show is so flamingly openly homosexual that I cannot watch much of it anymore. I usually only do a drive-by anymore to see if she is cooking something interesting, then I may visit her site to download the recipe. Please, Ina, find some more friends! Even for we who have Hillcrest to enjoy, your fixation with your gay boys is eerily creepy! Eeeewwww!!

  80. Gloria says:

    I just stumbled on this thread this morning….You are all hilarious! I think that Ina’s recipes are some of the best and easiest to make. Everyone has their own idiosyncracies.
    I wonder how we would act with T.V. cameras and microphones pointed at us.
    As for Ina’s seemingly sparcity of female friends…I have a theory that some women might feel threatend or jealous of Ina’s prowness in the kitchen and would not want to be compared to her or acknowledge how good her recipes are. Just a thought.

  81. Kat J. says:

    Come on folks…..Ina is the most genuine of all the Food Network people. Don’t be so negative about her friends Gay or Straight, what does it matter. Enjoy her show and stop being haters!

    • Deb says:

      She’s is my favorite on the food channel. Her recipes are very good and she knows what she’s talking about. At least she doesn’t show off her cleavage like Giada!

      • joe says:

        Giada has the cleavge of an undeveloped nine year old. She continues to flaunt her non existant bust and her Grand piano smile much to her advantage.

  82. Deb says:

    Who is TR?? They showed him cooking for his wife in one episode but he’s got to be another gay friend. And Ina flirts with him all the time.

  83. Gypsie Rose says:

    Gotta love her double chin ugh egad gross blech

    • joe says:

      Ina is doubled chinned and is worth 45=50 million. Her husband has a worth around 15-20 million, and they enjoy hanging out in the Hamptons in a with creative gays. Whats the big deal?.

  84. mande says:

    DEB – they did not show TR cooking for his wife, they showed him cooking for a female friend. TR is openly gay and he and Ina have been friends for 16 years (since he was an employee The Barefoot Contessa)….perhaps that answers many questions on this thread about why she has so many gay friends (I’ve met most of my gay friends through other gay friends).

    As far as Jeffrey goes (much speculation about him), just Google the guy – he’s quite impressive (PhD from Johns Hopkins, served as a Captain in the Special Forces), sounds like he’s just an incredibly busy man during the week.

    Oh yeah, and who WOULDN’T flirt with TR – Google TR Pescod and then “images”…

    • Lesley Coppen says:

      I agree, i have been on that website and he is just the most gorgeous man you could ever see or HOPE to have ha ha x

  85. jean says:

    This site has made me laugh out loud!! I have found so many people I agree with! Except of course Genevive and the person from Canada!

  86. Stephanie Tambeau says:

    Just came across the comment section regarding Ina Garten. I look forward to watching most of the cooking shows but es-pecially Ina’s. Particularly like to see her and Jeffrey share a beautifully and lovingly cooked meal together. They are so sweetly affectionate with each other; I eny them BIG TIME!!! Hope to see more of T R on the show too. Where has he been hiding?

  87. Gary says:

    “She’s is my favorite on the food channel. Her recipes are very good and she knows what she’s talking about. At least she doesn’t show off her cleavage like Giada!”

    - The BigFat Contessa doesn’t have a cleavage, dummy. Giada plumps out the girls to distract from her huge head.
    Also, gotta love The BFC’s lop of dyed hair bang that slices into her mouth constantly, she’s so pathetic and fat behaving as if she’s 20 years old. She has two on-air table cloth shirts, mostly black and sometimes blue. It’s that obese thang.
    Seriously, there’re no lesbians or plain straight people that the fag hag could pal around with, too??
    We watch her sometimes just for a laugh, but as a chef her recipes are boring. And that fat, obnoxious toad of a husband that snuffles on camera to feed his fat face has gotta go. What a buzz killer! Rival only to Paula Deen the Butter Queen’s greasy cheeked chubby sloth of a husband.

  88. Joe Joe says:

    Anyone ever notice she has nothing to do with the other food network people? Like Iron Chef or the Next Food Network Star, etc…

  89. Kitty says:

    Ina had a sex change…her husband is obviously gay and so are all her friends. She should just fess up.

  90. Billie says:

    Ina’s little laugh all the time is so annoying

  91. sergito says:

    Yum. I wish Ina would come to my house and leave me some vittles.

  92. Liz says:

    I just love Barefoot Contessa. I saw her show, today, and just wondering what kind of concoction she and Paula Deen could dream up, with all that yummy butter they use. Now, THAT would be a good show. I have also bought her mixes and made them. They are sooo good. If I were rich, I would love to live hear her, but as I am not, I am stuck here in Florida.

  93. chef smith says:

    haha this is way to funny Ina garten rules. but her laugh cracks me up.Its like”how are yah? haha


    It’s obvious we all watch her and love her. When ever I here the theme song I feel good. Love how she makes everything look so easy. Keep up the good work Ina. You have a lot viewers that love you. When she has her friends over she is trying to show us how we can entertain in our own homes. Some of the comments made me sad. I hope yall were just kidding around. Please say you were.

  95. John Rasputin says:

    Man, the anonymity of the internet really does bring out the sheer ugliness in people. It’s very telling, isn’t it? 80% of the comments about this piece were hate-filled and vile, so you know that about 80% of the people you meet in “real life” are secretly bitter, self-loathing idiots … even as they smile at you in the workplace, the grocery store, in church, etc..

    I think this satirical site about the Food Network is a fun idea, so long as people respond with some measure of good-natured humor. Maybe commenters ought to be able to pass some sort of basic “wittiness test” (a la Gawker) before being allowed to contribute. It’s a thought.

    As for Ina, her show is positive, informative, and well-produced. Moreover, she seems to be a genuine sweetheart (as well as a calm, engaging cook). Yeah, it is a bit funny that she entertains such an endless merry-go-round of obvious gay men, but I imagine they all laugh at that part, themselves. Some women like hanging-out with gay guys. Big deal. The show reflects *her* Hamptons lifestlye with *her* food and friends at the heart of it. Man, people really must be unhappy with themselves out there to hate so much on someone like Ina (and her circle) while hiding behind web anonymity.

    The dude who made the “Woman Suits” comment was top-notch, and I don’t think that sort of comment is out-of-line. It’s a funny remark, because the older gay couple do seem to be rocking a bit of a “funeral parlor” theme. No, it wouldn’t have surprised me if Jeffrey had decided to put special little lavender pillows in their bedtime coffins (“They’ll be so thurprised!”).

    But making pointless, hate-filled comments about Ina’s weight, about gay people in general, or even dissing slightly odiferous Parisian ladies who get pit-sweat on their baguettes in the subway … man, the world is in more trouble than I thought.

    You go, Ina. Make that truffle mac & cheese for your morbid Men-Friends, keep wearing those black shirts, and keep smiling, Big Girl. My wife and I think you’re pleasant and a refeshing contrast to all the manic, screeching stunt-cooks lurking on the boob-tube.

    Haters always fade into nothing, in the end. Always.

    • Your NameCynthia says:

      I love you, John! Way to tell em! Wish you were here in Joplin, MO because we would be BFFs! Love your attitude and wish we were buds!

  96. Mark says:

    Why can’t people comment anymore without bashing, negativity, vileness and petty behaviour. You don’t like something? Don’t watch. Is it just the fact that she is too successful and a woman? Just like with the Make A Wish foundations attack. This is absolutely ridiculous as she does a lot of charity work and has supported the organization generously in the past. Her staff said no and she was only aware of it recently because of the calls for comments. She has commitments and scheduling that she can’t just blow off, otherwise tv crews and editors don’t get paid and they don’t have an income. She has been unfairly targeted over a misunderstanding and even the charity said she has been amazing over the years with them. You try being extremely busy and popular, you could spend 365 days granting wishes and requests and still be shot for it in the media.

    • Bigskyonee says:

      I could understand if it happened just once. But Twice ?????????? Give me a break.

      I for one will never watch the show again.

      Her food is mostly unhealthy just from the amount of salt she adds.

      She is not as fat as she is from eating healthy.

  97. Claudia says:

    Do we really need a cooking show that illustrates making a caesar salad and bratwurst on the grill? Ina’s recipes are so basic that most of us could make them without a recipe and without her demonstrations. If she uses the word ‘fantastic’ one more time, I’ll scream!

  98. Punky Brewstein says:

    F@CK ENZO!

  99. Olive Loahf says:

    But they have to be “good” Gays.

  100. [...] The Food Network show Barefoot Contessa is one of the most entertaining shows on the network, but not for the intended reasons.  Sure, host Ina Garten makes some delicious-looking food, but that’s all overshadowed by the sheer ridiculousness of her show.  For instance, you have Ina’s penchant for asking rhetorical questions (“How easy is that?” or  “How bad can that be?”) as well as her tendency to describe every ingredient she uses as “good” – good chicken stock, good olive oil, good tap water.  Add that in with the fact that she films her show at her own house in the Hamptons and is often joined on camera by many of her friends – creating an endless parade of wacky characters who are either rich, gay, or rich and gay. [...]

  101. Missy says:

    I love Ina’s show, too, however, when she plops olives in a silver bowl and breaks up a brick of cheese in another silver bowl and serves them up as appetizers for her hungry friends, I say, “huh”?
    Does it bug anyone when serving a dish for friends at the table she always gives the description first?
    “Would anyone like macaroni and cheese with tomatoes and bread crumb topping with a bit of truffle powder?”

  102. Jamie says:

    C’mon guys…this is TELEVISION. All staged!!! They prob were out grocery shopping!!!! I appreciate Ina’s cooking, but simply cannot stomach her personality, or lack thereof.

  103. geeme says:

    Its not Ina problem they are gay. Its there’s.
    She just cooks for her friends anyway. No one else.
    Considering she turned down make a wish for some one who wanted to meet her.
    I can bet she is a snob too.

  104. joot says:

    Don’t rememer what the dish is she was making but she added 3 T. of salt which made me cringe. She oversalts everything on the basis “it brings out the flavor of everything.” Sorry, Ina. Too much of a bad thing. An earlier poster mentioned Ina’s cackling after every sentence which I too find annoying. No wonder all those guys are her friend. Who else is going to cook all that gourmet food for them. She’d be my good friend too. I do enjoy watching her cook but am now totally turned off by the music that’s waaay too loud that’s continually blaring in the foreground. Background music should be just that–quietly in the background. And who in the hell decided a cooking a show needs “music” throughout the half hour?

  105. Morning Ina. That is soo sweet of you for being nice too them I am not Gay what God had made me he do out of his Bible right! I’m not saying your a bad person I don’t believe in Gay Men I was brought up too be that way. What People do is there own bessiness behind close doors. I am a person who love People. Not too judge them. If they believe that they are I feel sorry for them & Lesbens as well few are my Gay Actors that I did like there dead I felt sorry for them too. Well Ina I don’t hate you too have Friends like them. Mimi

    • Richard Barclay says:

      Mimi. I don’t wish to be rude but please take some grammar and spelling lessons. My five year-old could put a better spelt letter together. Unless of course you around four years-old in which case I apologise.

  106. ron shapley says:

    And wasn’t that Steven guy supposed to be Ina’s boss when he and his wife and kids came over to Ina’s on the Spaghetti and Meatballs episode ?? WTF >>??

  107. Kathy Baker says:

    Ina may be fat and have gay friends but she has lots of money an so does Jeffrey so they can do anything they want!….

  108. Alex says:

    I’m late on this, but I wanted to add my two cents. The fact is that Ina has plenty of straight friends and probably brings them on her show more than her gay friends. The reason you keep bringing this up is because her straight friends are BORING and you don’t notice them. I don’t give two shits about Stephen and Laurie the investment bankers next door, Anna Pump, or the Liebermans. I want to see Michael mix flowers I can’t pronounce with Hydrangeas and TR try to catch a fish off his dock. It’s pure camp and I’m sure it sells, which is why they keep bringing the gays back. So calm your homophobic asses down and enjoy it or watch something else.

  109. Bernard says:

    I have read many of the comments on this blog both positive and negative. However, I think this woman to be one of the most refreshing cooking show hosts around. After reading her pre-cooking show resume which includes high profile positions for the US government, I thought Barefoot Contessa would be a stuffy show with a stuffy host. It ends up she is anything but. She is a hoot. She is one of the most spontaneous and funny TV cooking hosts around. Her sense of humor both in front of the camera in her kitchen as well as at her barbecues and parties at the ends of the show is refreshingly spontaneous and genuine. Of course her episodes are contrived. Unlike other cooking shows, she teaches us cooking skills while actually offering us story lines and vignettes. To show you how popular this woman is, she has repeat episodes during the week at 12pm and again at 1230pm. Then again at 4pm and well again even at 430pm. No other cooking star gets such air time. She has to be doing something right. And as for her spontaneity, I think it is a hoot when I see her throwing her garbage in the sink or off to the side or of her making fun of herself using a lot of liqueur, butter, or sugar in her recipes. So, she has a lot of gay friends. I do not hear any complaints from people about gays being left out of the other 99% of the shows. This just happens to be one show where she offers the opportunity for gays to be represented. You all can criticize her and say what you want but Ina Garten is a talented force to be reckoned with. I continue to be a huge fan.

  110. Beverly says:

    It’s obvious Ina’s producers don’t care about all her friends being gay. Apparently they don’t care. So what does that say about her and Jeffery. Are they both gay?. It’s an a proper question.

  111. joe says:

    Ina enjoys creativity.She selects her gay friends accordin ly.

  112. Ern says:

    I always thought there was something weird about Jeffery. If he has a place in NYC, who does he live with. It seems Jeffery only goes to eat. Jeffery, he makes me laugh too when he can’t even light the BBQ, all he does is eat. And Ina’s laugh can’t stand it. Can the Food Network do something about her dress attire?
    Is Ina and Jeffery gay?? Jeffery is sort of weird,

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