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The World’s Ugliest Tattoo: Rachael Ray
Posted by Jillian Madison

rachael-ray-tattooToday’s question: exactly how many shots of vodka does one have to consume before getting a gigantic picture of Rachael Ray’s face tattooed on your right scapula starts to sound like a good idea? How many lonely nights must one spend alone with microwaved Hungry Man dinners and re-run episodes of 30 Minute Meals before the overwhelming urge to have Ray-Ray’s face emblazoned on your body becomes too strong to deny?

Yes, the tattoo is real, and yes, the New York woman who had it tattooed on her body is about as dumb as you’d expect. Here is a quote from “RayRayFan4Ever” explaining the reasoning behind the ink. Have fun counting the grammar and spelling errors (and let’s not even get into the syntax). I took the liberty of highlighting my favorite lines in red. Enjoy!

“YES people it is a real tattoo. I am the owner of that tat. Insted of slashing me with comments and thoughts how bout you hear why the tattoo was done? I understand people are titled to opinions which anybodys opinions dont bother me but anyway, I lost over 130lbs as of last year because of Rachael Ray. I made a bet with my cousin if I lost the weight I’d get a tattoo. So I did and Its the only tattoo I ever gotten so I wanted it to be memorable. As I got it done anytime I swore or said ouch me and my cousin thought it be cool to donate money to the YUMO organization and it was over 4000.00 so far. Rachael loved the tattoo infact so did her husband John. As I was leaving the bookstore in Syosset he invited me to come to his gig for his band in NYC so I got to party with the band and Rachael and her buddies. The Tattoo is meaningful, I known Rachael for 6 years almost 7 and because of her I wouldnt be where I am at today. So with that in mind I’d like to leave you all with a thought, Can you tell me one person famous that would take the time out of their day to talk to you, encourage you, and make you fell like a star yourself? I think NOT. Rachael is an amazing person on top of being busy and she gave me the time of day, she cares and to that yes, it is dedication, yes people that dont know the story may think its weird of creepy but all that matters is I like it, my family, friends, Rachael, her husband and everyone else Ive talked to.Yes feel free to express yourself but I assure you its for a good cause and it has meaning.”

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    50 Responses

  1. Automne says:

    There are so many different things that person could have done to commemorate losing 130lbs. (no mean feat, so *applause*) rather than getting a stranger’s face permanently branded on your body.

    And she doesn’t really explain how RR holds any responsibility for her losing 130lbs. Sure as hell couldn’t be the food.

  2. chefcatt says:

    That’s not nearly as bad as the tattoo of rachael ray topless, cooking, and pouring olive oil over her breasts that was posted on the bored board recently.

  3. Tatiana says:

    A better placement for that tat would have been on her ass. Gives new meaning to the expression butt-ugly.

  4. Mark says:

    8 & 1/4 shots?

  5. Pirate 36 says:

    Huh? Somebody needs a dumbass-to-English translator.

  6. Kittykitty says:

    If RR is so inspiring, then why is the tat on this chick’s back where she can’t see it? All it inspires from there is other people’s loss of appetite.

  7. CinnamonGerl says:

    I’d lose 130 lbs if I ate Rachel’s food.

  8. potty mouth princess says:

    I’d lose 130 lbs., too.

    Of bodily fluids, a few hours after the meal.

  9. Ange says:

    I wonder how she will feel when she’s 70 & has a tattoo of the effing Joker on her scapula.

  10. Frank L says:

    Holy Crap! What a dumb ass!

  11. Rachel says:

    What does that say about Rachael Ray that she liked the tattoo? I think if a total stranger tattooed my face on her body, I’d be totally creeped out.

    This is going to be a cause of major regret in 10 years after Ray’s 15 minutes are up.

  12. Lana says:

    Oh, RR has more than 15 minutes comin’ to her ….

    Fans do the strangest things! Tatoos used to be of movie stars and Rock n Roll bands – I mean, I can hardly count the number of Marilyin Monroes, AC/DC and Kiss tattoos I’ve seen. I guess FN stars is the next (ahem) thing.

    I read that a fan had Guy sign his arm and came back later with it tattoo’d. Yowsers, eh?!?

  13. Robert says:

    What an inarticulate bozo. Next she’ll be stalking RR and saying “But I thought you cared about me.” The tat is really creepy.

  14. Nancy says:

    I think this chick is already stalking the Rach… I have seen pictures of this chick with Rachael on different blogs — saying Rachael was drunk off her ass (which I am not saying she wasn’t) in this picture, showing me some love etc… RUN FAR AWAY RACH!

    Oh and I think the 15 min for Rachael Ray is more like 15 years – c’mon

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  16. sueper says:

    Who is Rachael Ray?

  17. sueper says:

    I googled her. Shes kinda nobody huh?

  18. DoctorBanana says:

    You should see the tattoo of Alton Brown on my throat! He and I are like bestest friends and we make science together and there is food there too. We were introduced by our good friend Chuck Norris who made me run an entire continent so that I lost 120 lbs in a day! Till this day every night Alton and I show each other our pokemons and we talk to camera’s inside kitchen appliances. We also cook with charcoal and wear costumes and make models. It’s sauce’em.

  19. bkayyyy!!! says:

    wow…. i think i may have become stupider from reading this…. it was terrible. i think a 5 year old would have less grammar and spelling errors than her…. really im pretty positive my cousin in kindergarten can write better than her…. and don’t even get me started on how stupid the tattoo itself is….. WOW. is all i have to say, because i honestly can put it into words. but its unbelievably dumb.

    • RaquelW says:

      Let me start by saying this, if you are going to condem someone for spelling and grammer errors, then you shoud know this. Stupider, is not a word. You could have thought of that and said,”I have become more stupid by reading this.” As that would be proper grammer. Another thing, a 5 year old would NOT know this, as a 5 year spends a mojority of the day learning the ABC’s and how to eat paste. One more point, if you knew the use of grammer properly you would know that you have created one run on sentance as the use of …… is not the ending of a sentance. If you are going to criticize someone, make sure that you are not guilty of the offenses with which you are making yourself. Now, I beleive your comment was more unbeliveably dumb than the one she posted. Have you ever seen 100 idiots with Cabo Wabo bottles of tequila tattooed on them? I have, and that is stupid.

      • Eva says:

        GRAMMER? WOW!

      • Meg says:

        I do not claim to have perfect grammar in any sense of the word. However, I can spell and my English is decent. If YOU are going to “condem” someone for their spelling and “grammer” you ought to be a little more careful with your own. Stupider isn’t a word but that comma does not belong there. Mojority? Really? “Make sure that you are not guilty of the offenses with which you are making yourself.” Come again? Beleive? More unbeliveably dumb?

        Oh my gosh.

      • Tomasita says:

        hahah wow calm down grammar nazi.

      • Werecow says:

        Oh, the irony.

    • darby derp says:


    • blah says:

      It would be “fewer grammar and spelling errors.”
      Just sayin’.

  20. PhiL E. Drifter says:

    chefcatt: Where is the pic you mention?

  21. doe says:

    cheers to the artist,this tattoo is actually done really well and is a nice piece, but the reason for getting is pretty dumb.

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  24. anoon says:

    But she gave me the time of day! 2:36 p.m.!

  25. Jasmine says:

    What’s stupid about losing 130 lbs and donating to charity ? So what she doesn’t have good grammar- neither does 70% of the world !

  26. Lizzie says:

    No one said losing weight or donating to charity is stupid; they said that getting Ray Ray’s face tattooed on her back is stupid–which it is. I won’t even get into your 70% of people think grammar is haaaard comment because it just makes my brain want to leave the room without the rest of my body.

  27. Sarah says:

    After reading this it’s still a stupid tattoo and your still an idiot!

  28. Shirley says:

    Yes, we all have a right to free expression. We have freedom to do whatever we want but that doesn’t mean every thing is good for you to do. i don’t believe in marring one’s body like this. She asked do we know one person who would take time for you to which I reply: yes. His name is Jesus Christ and he is more famous than anyone because of the wonderful works He does through His followers. Even though the bible says “not to tatoo your body” I never would even want to out of respect for this body He gave me.

    • RaquelW says:

      Are you serious?? Have you read the Bible? I dont think it actually says “dont TATTOO your body”

      Get real.

      • Lizzie says:

        Of course it doesn’t, tattoo is a Polynesian word, not Hebrew. What the Bible was referring to was marking or cutting the body for the dead as part of ancestor worship.

        It wasn’t talking about getting a pretty butterfly tattooed on your hoohoo or Rachael Ray’s face on your shoulder.

        I have to take back my comment about how stupid that is, except for her grammar, that just makes my head hurt. The artwork is quite well done, and if the girl likes RR that much, good for her.

  29. FROG LEGS says:

    What? I have a tattoo of Paula Deen in my armpit!

  30. thesharkguys says:

    On the plus side, it’s well done and the tattoo artist definitely spent more than 30 minutes on it.

    “I have known Rachael for 6 years almost 7 and because of her I wouldn’t be where I am at today.”

    Literally, as the restraining order says she cannot come within a country mile of 2R.

    Why doesn’t anyone have a Batali on their back?

  31. Liz says:

    Oh, she’s from Long Island. That explains everything.


  32. J says:

    To the commenters and the author, you guys are really the cream of the human crop. Top notch.

  33. jennifer says:

    Don’t justify yourself to ignorant people. It’s your body, your choice. If they don’t like it they don’t have to look at it. I think it looks great. Whoever did it is a good artist. Don’t people have better things to do than criticize what the next person does. They must not be to happy with themselves so they pick on others. GROW UP!!!!!

  34. it's a crock says:

    just to clear some things up i unfortunately know this person and she is a compulsive liar…1. she’s from ohio and drives anywhere for a rachael ray event, 2. she did not lose 130lbs she doesn’t have the self control to do so, and 3.)i’m pretty sure she didn’t raise 4000 and 4.) she’s freaking crazy

  35. Marchella says:

    You have to admire the art work. People need to shut up and look into their own closet for their own skeletons. Those who have to voice their stupid options over something not so bad are just covering up their own faults. Even the girl with the Paula Dean butter tattoo………..if that is what she wants, more power to her.

    People need to stick their noses into their own business and find their own faults to fix.

  36. George brown says:

    Hey , I would be proud too if it was the only tat i`d ever gotten. I need to see the Paula Dean tat though. So , is culinary celebritys the newest fad? time to kick it up a notch then

  37. Joel says:

    Why doesnt she just get a tattoo of a treadmill?

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