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Sandra Lee Now Shilling For KFC
Posted by Jillian Madison

OUT: Semi-homemade meals!
IN: Totally store-bought meals!

Kentucky Fried Chicken now has grilled chicken on the menu – and they hired SANDRA LEE to promote it (probably because Ina Garten, and every other chef with an ounce of self respect, told them to go f-ck themselves.)

You guessed it – the commercials she  filmed for the UnthinkKFC website were annoying and overacted! When she exclaimed, “I’m the colonel’s girl! I love their chicken!” my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I laughed for 2 minutes straight. But even worse than her poor acting and cheesy lines was her wardrobe; the people at KFC actually had the audacity to put her in a white CHEF’S JACKET. The woman is not a chef! Opening a can of salty mushroom soup and pouring it over raw chicken in a crock pot is NOT cooking. Embellishing the flavor of Cool Whip with extract does not make you a chef any more than drawing a house on a piece of paper makes you a carpenter. Please. Ol’ Aunt Sandy wouldn’t know a moist piece of chicken if it clucked in her ear and then bit her on the ass.


KFC will be giving away free pieces of their grilled chicken on April 27th. Personally, I wouldn’t eat it if you paid me – but your mileage may vary. Enjoy.

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    51 Responses

  1. Feikhal Madhur says:

    They even had the audacity to refer to her a Chef Sandra Lee along with McCargo’s brother Garvin.

    It seems she along with so many other FN personalites call themselves “chefs”.Right Geoff Manthorpe ? Goof.

  2. Tatiana says:

    It’s officially 1984 (as in the Orwell book). If Big Brother tells you Sandra Lee is a chef, then it must be true. Good Lord.

  3. heather says:

    Do you think she has on enough make-up in that commercial?! Girlfriend has no business wearing the whites (the chef’s jacket).

  4. Mike in Detroit says:

    She is a fucking disgrace to the chefs jacket. Get it off her.

    Soon all the other FN monkey cooks will think they can wear one.

    • Jimmie says:

      Some of the commentaries are more ridiculous than any recipe Sandra Lee could toss out. Their continued use of vulgarities shows the limit of their intelligence. An intelligent person should have a vocabulary, the lack of which appears in their limited use of anything but vulgaritiews. If you don’t like her program then don’t watch it but stop spewing the vulgarities all over the internet. I enjoy hearing about shortcuts to cooking that don’t include pulling out a frozen dinner & putting it in the microwave.

  5. Byrdie says:

    Does anyone remember the scene in “A Clockwork Orange” where Malcolm McDowells’ eyes are held open with metal clips so that he is forced to watch the grotesque films? Well, I just watched my first full episode of Sandra’s Homemade. I had to use the same clips. Does this woman know that you don’t have to attend culinary school in order to chop up a freakin onion! She used frozen chopped onions, frozen chopped green pepper, a can of this, a jar of that. And then when she attempted to chop up some fresh basil, her knife was so dull it didn’t cut! HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET TV SHOWS????

  6. Lana says:

    Hmmm, what’s the fuss? KFC and Sandra Lee seem like a perfect pairing to me …..

    And free grilled KFC chicken on the 29th? Cool! Cuz that’s about what they’re worth.

  7. Glendalough says:

    I just saw her commercial last night for KFC and it made me sick.

    I hate Sandra Lee. Her ratings must have dropped and doing horrible on the Food Network, as she is now getting a 2nd show after how many years? She has sunk the lowest by promoting BOTH McDonalds and KFC, 2 of the worst offenders of animal cruelty. This bimbo supporting these monsters is also supporting animal cruelty. How unfeeling, ignorant and stupid can she be.

    McDonalds: The company has refused to eliminate the worst abuses that its chickens suffer in the U.S., including abuses during slaughter. Bitch Lee is now helping them to promote their 2 new chicken sandwiches.

    KFC’s own animal welfare advisors have asked the company to take steps to eliminate these abuses, but KFC refuses to do so. Many advisors have now resigned in frustration.

    I have never liked this old, wannabe cheerleader and feel really sorry for her, to do this to further her career.

  8. Lauren says:

    “I don’t know how many herbs and spices are in here.”

    Because it didn’t come out of a seasoning packet?

    It just seems fitting she’s semi-ho-ing herself out for the Colonel.

  9. Mike in Detroit says:

    A buddy of mine calls KFC “Dirty Bird”.

    ” Hey Mikey, wanna grab some “dirty bird” ? I reply, ” sure, make it a big bucket and in 2 hours time, I’ll be ready for a massive mudslide” . ” Hurry up let’s go Big Daddy “

  10. leah says:

    I noticed on the Hunger in America spots (or whatever they were for) that Aunt Sandy’s face looked different. More refreshed or less makeup, I’m not sure which. All I know is with her shilling for KFC, that is something I won’t be eating anytime soon. God she is annoying.

  11. Automne says:

    SHE IS NOT A CHEF. One has to go to (and graduate, since that is something Sandy has an issue with) culinary school to gain that title.

    Hell, she doesn’t even get the title of cook! All she does is open packets and bags and cans of crap and pile it together and have the nerve to call it a meal.

  12. Ubiquitous says:

    SLop, a chef? It would be funny it weren’t so tragic.

    Oh, who is the other guy on that ad? I take it he’s not a real chef either.

  13. Kittykitty says:

    I can’t stand to watch her. She takes expensive cuts of meat or expensive seafood and then ruins it with those nasty seasoning packets mixed with bottled salad dressing. Then she has the nerve to claim her way of cooking is not only cheap, but nutritious – both outright lies. Some of it is just so gross she can’t even take a bite on camera, not even with a couple of cups of pure liquor to wash it down. That anyone would consider this woman a chef, let alone a cook is appalling. The Colonel is probably spinning in his grave like a top.

  14. Tatiana says:

    The FN is really doing a disservice to the public by promoting hacks like Sandra Lee (and Rachael and Big Daddy, etc.) as viable cooks. As I have mentioned before, I have a friend who teaches cooking at the high school level. And she is constantly being questioned by her students who, after watching shows like Sandra’s, wonder why aren’t they cooking using packaged seasonings, or why they have to learn to cut up their own vegetables instead of using the precut stuff. They have been indoctrinated to think that is the way they SHOULD cook. Great job on the part of the food industry.

    And what do you mean she doesn’t know the number of spices in KFC??? It’s 11, as anyone over the age of 10 should know!

  15. Lea says:

    At least she is an honest, hard working woman who has made a career for herself. The show is what it is, don’t watch if you don’t like it.

  16. mamaspam says:

    The guy in the commercial is G. Garvin. He has a cooking show on the TVONE channel. He would make a great addition to the FN as he knows his way around the kitchen. I like to watch him cook. He can cook rings around the current “stars” with shows on the FN. Here is his bio from the TVONE channel.
    As far as Sandra Lee being the KFC spokeswoman, who’s bright idea was that? Make the least talented person on the FN and have her shill your product. Doesn’t make me want to buy KFC

  17. orchidgal says:

    This makes me glad I’m allergic to chicken.

  18. Hairball says:

    Aunt Sandy better hope her Fandras buy a boatload of KFC chicken to offset the rest of us.

  19. Bourdainiac says:

    Last year it was the McDonald’s Southern chicken sandwich; now it’s KFC? She’s so mercenary and greedy. She makes me ill.

  20. Automne says:

    Orchidgal, are you my boss? You are now the second person I’ve encountered that’s allergic to chicken! That doesn’t seem like a common allergy.

  21. orchidgal says:

    Automne, I am the boss of only me! And yes, it is an uncommon allergy. It also makes it difficult to go out to eat.

  22. GetALifePeople says:

    SHM has been one of the top rated shows on FN ever since it launched so it’s not surprising that KFC wanted to use her. Furthermore – I’d like to see how many of you have time on a daily basis to cook a full “real” meal like Emeril or Wolfgang. Well, then again – if you spend all your time watching FN and writing on stupid blogs, perhaps you do have enough time on your hands. Those of us with real jobs can appreciate an easy meal – from Sandra Lee (personality aside) or KFC. I tried the Grilled Chicken – it’s actually surprisingly good.

  23. Alexis says:

    No one is saying she should be cooking full “real” meals every night. People are saying that hacks like Sandy, who sprinkles seasoning packets on things and call it cooking, have no business wearing a chef’s jacket. It’s an insult to chefs everywhere.

    I suggest you get a life. Sounds like you need one.

  24. Hailey Clark says:

    My thoughts on Sandra Lee and Semi Homemade.

    I think if even remotely admire any of her methods or shortcuts and consider this an accomplishment, then I think this is similar to being a lazy, uninspired loser that will have obese children at home. In fact, you are most likely obese yourself.

    If you need to buy prechopped vegetables, you have a learning disablity. And you’re a lazy fat slob.

  25. alexis says:

    I agree Hailey! Couldn’t have said that last sentence better myself :)

  26. GetALifePeople says:

    Lots of classy people on this site. FYI childrenm it’s possible to eat healthy while using “shortcuts” – if you don’t know that, I pity you and your budget. Furthermore, I’m assuming “real” chefs could care less if SL wears a chef jacket in an ad or not – they have far more interesting things to do and think about than who does or doesn’t deserve to be called a “chef”. Guessing none of you are real chefs – rather, just fancy yourselves as such because you know how to make a good vinagrette. Congrats, I look forward seeing your cooking show in the near future.

  27. Tatiana says:

    Of course it’s possible to eat healthy using shortcuts. But shortcuts involving corn syrup/sodium/trans fat/preservative laden ingredients is definitely not the way to do that. Sandra Lee once had a show for a children’s party, and it was horrific how much sodium and sugar was involved in the stuff prepared, to the point where a case could be made for child endangerment. And as for Sandy’s very good Balsamic friend Vinny Garette, that’s a one trick pony she trots out to show how classy she can be.

  28. orchidgal says:

    I really hate to break this news to you, but it’s really not that difficult to put out a good, nutritious meal for one’s family in this day and age. After all, one no longer has to get up before dawn to stoke the fire, slaughter the animal, or harvest the vegetables.

    I have to cook almost exclusively from scratch due to health issues for my family and it really doesn’t take any more time than opening a can/box/seasoning packet would take. And add to that the fact that I can feel good about what I am putting on the table for my family

  29. Rosie Hawthorne says:

    “Sandy’s very good Balsamic friend Vinny Garette”

    Let’s not forget Mars Capone, Al’s cousin.

  30. Tatiana says:

    Is he related to Mel K.?

  31. Tom F. says:

    You people need to lighten up. Most of the recipes I see on any cooking show are not making it into my kitchen. She does show some nice shortcuts. I agree with the pre chopped vegetables. I used them once or twice in chili but regretted it since it didn’t have the right texture or flavor. However, shortcuts are part of cooking. Buying premade stock, trimmed meats, cleaned chicken, etc. are great time savers. And using seasoning packets with a little bit of your own style is fine by me.

  32. ccampb04 says:

    I hate her show as much as the next guy- but she actually is a chef- graduated from the cordon bleu in Paris; can’t take that away from the girl. Probably why she loves cocktail time so much, she’s throwing her talent away on tablescapes and buckets of grilled drumsticks

  33. Tatiana says:

    According to her own website, Sandra attended a 2 week course at the Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Canada. It doesn’t even say whether she graduated or not. This does not a chef make.

  34. Byrdie says:

    Two weeks in Canada? I went on a couple of wine tours in Napa. Maybe I should open a vineyard and make some wine….

  35. Mike in Detroit says:

    She did not graduate. It was the “tourist” course she took at the Cordon Bleu in Ottawa. She admitted she didn’t finish it.

    Probably got distracted by all the nighlife and bars down in the Byward Market area of Ottawa.

    Not to be mixed up with the 6 week course Giada took at the Paris campus.

  36. Mike! says:

    I just saw this commericial while watching the NFL draft, and I got so pissed off. She is NOT A CHEF. If I put on a ducks beak does that make me a duck? NO! just because you wear a chef’s jacket doesn’t make you a Chef. And anyway why was she wearing a Chef’s jacket. God fuck KFC

  37. Bourdainiac says:

    Don’t forget her best fuh-rend, Russ Ippee.

  38. Bourdainiac says:

    I can see some people here have been suckered into Sandy’s LIES about her culinary background. LOL, all she does is throw Cordon Bleu’s name around a few times, and people are saying she’s a graduate. There are so many holes in her press releases and that awful autobio she wrote – it slays me how many people she has fooled into believing her bullshit. And that pretty much is what it is – bullshit. Her “russipees” are not super-simple; many of them defy logic and common sense. And they are not cheap either. Anyone who defends her here should also be taken to Gitmo and waterboarded, to paraphrase Tony Bourdain.

  39. Genetalia says:

    Just face it, she is a fucking whore, she whores herself our for the mighty Dolla Dolla Bill y’all……………

  40. C U Next Tuesday says:

    See You Next Tuesday, get it CUNT?

  41. Tatiana says:

    I see that the short bus made an unscheduled stop here.

  42. Jason Lee says:

    Who cares if she’s on a commercial for KFC. She is freaking hot and there’s no denying that.

  43. gabbo says:

    Agree with Get a Life up top…..

    She’s a known FN personality and very attractive – easy pitch person for a bucket of fast food grilled chicken for 95% of their target audience.

    BTW, cooking self important cooking snobs who look down their nose at anyone who doesn’t cook 14 meals a week from scratch is exactly 0% of their target audience…so they likely don’t give a rip what you think.

  44. Jimbo says:

    According to some reports, Sandra Lee spent two days on a a two week course at Le Cordon Blue before she dropped out so she can become the Sarah Palin of the culinary world and create such monstrosities as the Kwaanza Cake.

    TWO DAYS! Julia Child spent more than two days if I remember and Meryl Streep plays her in an upcoming movie. Maybe if Sandra Lee ad spent the same amount of time (longer than 2 days) maybe a talented acclaimed award-winning actor would play her, but I guess being the AntiChrist of cooking was more her calling.

    Watch PBS. That’s where real chefs come from.

  45. Reba says:

    Hey everyone!
    Read every-one’s comments re; SL
    How can this be considered HUMOR?
    More like making fun of one’s life.
    How disgraceful calling one a whore. How sad, one takes there time in life, only to make there nasty judgements.
    Don’t get me wrong, I HATE KFC myself, always have. For that matter, I do not even eat meat, due to the slaughter of all animals.
    Everyone has a right to their opinion. But honestly, do you have to be so brutal? At least the gal has a job! Give her a break!Grow up people…Personal Note: Titiana,quit being so defensive and disrespectful on your so called HUMOR insults to other people!

  46. jpquinlan says:

    I know this guy and he swears its just not thanksgiving without KFC coleslaw…I mean he has to get the stuff the night before and transfer it into one of his mothers serving dishes for the feast…I think I might have found his long lost sister KFC’s posterchild

  47. Dana Wilde says:

    When it comes to Sandra donning a chef’s jacket… I look at it this way… chef jacket = chef… in my humble opinion you don’t have to be classically trained with a culinary degree to be called a chef. Musicians don’t have to graduate from a music academy to be called musicians. It’s a craft. One that is honed and developed over time in many different circumstances. Spending $100K on a culinary degree does not necessarily make someone more deserving than someone who has had other relevant experience. The chef’s jacket is worn for a reason – protection. Although, I do understand that was not the purpose in the KFC ads.

    My other thought is that it really doesn’t matter. KFC has its place. Folks who are looking for a more advanced level of chef, are not going to be taken by a TV personality just because they wear a chef’s jacket in a commercial and folks that think KFC is a good meal, will be reassured. I don’t see the harm – ultimately no one is being persuaded in this situation more than they want to be.

    I will say – while I’m not a fan of her style of cooking, Sandra appears to be a very driven person. I’m not offended by her KFC op in a chef’s jacket. If it were William Sonoma or Sur La Table, I might question their judgement.

  48. cab62684 says:

    I like Sandra Lee. She is the one that got me started cooking. I couldn’t even make grave before and now Sandra Lee as me cooking away!! I own everything to her. Of course I have now ventured off and am making some really super cool foods on my own. Had it not been for Sandra Lee….I’d still not now what I was doing. Thanks Sandra Lee so much for all your help. Oh and keep on making the drinks as they look wonderful !!! Thanks Sandra Lee!

  49. Cooker says:

    Why does Sandra Lee “cup” or put her hands under everything she touches?? Does she think she’s gonna make a big old “drip” mess?? No other chef does that !!! Drives me nutzo! Why does she “cup” everything that she uses with handn hand ????????????????????/ Why ???????????? It looks so silly!

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