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Embarrassing Photos Of Sunny Anderson
Posted by Jillian Madison

The urban website Media Take Out has some really unfortunate photos of Sunny Anderson from August 2007. In one of the photos, Sunny is smoking what looks like a skimpy blunt. In another, her boobs are hanging out and she looks like she’s really drunk (the pics are SFW). I believe these photos were taken while she was working as a DJ for Hot 97, NYC’s #1 hip hop station.

The Food Network has desperately been trying to pass Sunny Anderson off as the bubbly, wholesome, good girl next door. I’ll be the first to admit she seems like a nice, down to Earth woman on her show. But after seeing those photos, we can’t help but wonder… which is the real Sunny? The clean cut girl who likes to cook her grandmother’s old recipes, or the nasty girl who likes to smoke a fatty and drink til’ she pukes? Because as far as we’re concerned, you can’t have it both ways.

(Thanks for the tip, Chris!)

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  1. dan says:

    I listened to hot 97 back in the day and never put 2 and 2 together that Sunny Anderson was the Sunny from hot 97.

  2. eyeris says:

    Sunny and most of the other people Food Network are just media creations. I doubt Ina Garten throws weekly house parties. And don’t forget Giada De Laurentiis and her well positioned “girls” in our faces, because some executive read a page of statistics that said sex sells.

    • Tom Harmon says:

      A little vist from Giada’s “girls” now and then just adds a little extra spice to the cookin’ for us guys. It isn’t ever graphic or anything, just enough to warm the oven a bit. People who object need to lighten up. I’s all about entertainment, and Ms. G and her friends are certainly that!

  3. youknowwhoiam says:

    As one of the commenters on that website wrote, “who still wears rope chains” – even in 2007 those things were out!

    Sunny looks like she likes to parrr-tay.

  4. manny says:

    wow i really thought sunny was a wholesome nice woman, be it annoying.

  5. Kitty says:

    I like Sunny’s show. I thought she was genuine. Maybe a few too many drinks and blunts turned her around? I doubt she is as happy-peppy as she is made to appear on TV, though I do still think she would be fun girl to have as a friend. She probably has all sort of raunchy stories but, for now, I’ll keep my faith in her until I see some pictures taken last week. :3

  6. Tatiana says:

    I like her better now. Now, I wish she would share some of her stories while she’s cooking on the show, because inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Michael says:

    While the photos are unflattering, this is probably not a big deal in the long run. Who cares if she pukes out of car windows on the weekends? Her show is still good.

  8. Keri says:

    So, they snapped some shots of her having a good time one weekend, doesn’t mean that she does that all the time. Lots of people let loose once in a while! Maybe she had something to celebrate!

    • KJ says:

      I agree. Who really cares? It’s really not that big of a deal. No one is perfect and she was probably just having a good time. In my opinion, it doesn’t look any better when photos are published of celebrities smoking cigarettes. Those photos have nothing to do with her cooking ability or the quality of her show.

  9. Chris says:

    She is not the first star to have revealing photos released, and won’t be the last. I like her more for this, because it proves that she is normal, because we all do things society would have us believe is “unacceptable.”

  10. Michael says:

    Yeah, really what’s the big deal? This blog *loves* to find some weakness or inconsistency and blow it out of proportion. The photos are sort of gross and hilarious at the same time, but they don’t have anything to do with the Food Network show. Now, if Sunny decides to hurl on camera during one of her cooking segments, then I might agree that she can’t have it both ways (as the writer contests in the article above).

  11. Feikhal Madhur says:

    She is real fat in those photos. I mean fat. I know her bum is getting larger by the week but I hope she doesn’t go “allyoucaneatbuffet” mode on us.

    Why don’t black people use rolling papers ?

  12. manny says:

    I am shocked people think the photos are just “ok” and not a big deal.

    Some fat, half naked ladie smoking pot, and puking drunk is not the type of CHEF i want to see on foodnetwork.

    Its trashy and disgusting.

  13. manny says:

    …and if you think it’s ok, it’s no wonder why you like her show.

  14. Michael says:

    Boo-hoo Manny. It must be so disappointing to live in a world filled with flawed people.

  15. Ashwini says:

    That blunt really is skinny. I expect better from a Hot 97 alumna!

  16. chris says:

    yes it goes to show that not everyone on tv is perfect… but to the person who said “this site is just looking for weaknesses or whatever… you should realize that this is a blog THAT YOURSELF ARE READING. so if it bothers you leave. not to mention, the owner of the site wasn’t looking for anything… i emailed her the tip when a friend of mine found it on google. since i couldn’t post it at OHNOTHEYDIDNT, i sent it to FNH.

  17. Lana says:

    Yeah, this falls in the “who cares” bin for me too. Now if Sunny were to show up at a Food Network event trashed, or if she were trashed while working on her show, I’d be concerned. But a chick havin’ too much to drink on a night out on the town two years ago? Bah … water under the bridge, folks.
    Bygones. I’ve seen worse at wedding receptions.

    Manny, and if you call those pics “half naked,” you live a woefully sheltered life. If some cleavage and 3 square inches of bra shocks you, consider internet parental controls for own your cyber safety.

  18. Michael says:

    Yeah, I was wondering why I read this site because I actually think it’s pretty lame. It’s just that it’s already in my RSS reader and then dumb stuff is posted and sometimes I can’t help but comment.

  19. Byrdie says:

    If she was a radio dj or whatever, what qualified her to have a cooking show? I mean, that’s what FN is supposed to be providing and she doesn’t seem to have that background. (Or have I missed something?). And I’m with you Manny on the pix: disgraceful. It’s not about being a flawed person, Michael, it’s about conducting yourself like an adult and not an idiot. As far as her show is concerned, it’s boring.

  20. Jenna says:

    I’m actually shocked and disgusted by these photos. Getting drunk off your ass, smoking weed, to the point of puking out of your car window? That’s as trashy as it gets. For you guys to condone that as just being “an ordinary person” speaks volumes about you. It’s nasty and that’s not how an adult should act.

    It’s not like they’re not from 1999 – they’re not even 2 years old.

    Even the unruly commenters on MediaTakeOut were disgusted by her, and you guys are wanting to take her out and buy her a beer? Ugh, no thanks. I completely disagree with you here.

  21. Peayce says:

    Long time reader first time writer because some of you peeps pissed me off.

    To michael who said “this blog blows things out of proportion”

    I’m just curious how this simple photoless blog post is “blowing anything of proportion?” Answer, it’s not. If they wanted to blow this out of proportion they would have posted all of those pictures and written a long commentary about it! This is a tame post. I think “Michael” is clearly a troll that’s in bed with Food Network.

    As for these photos, she was actin straight up hoochie. Sunny is sooo fake. All my boys and I listened to her on hot 97 for years while I went to college at NYU – girlfriend played like she was a thuggish gangsta.

    Now she’s all up on Food Network with tons of make up and her voice sounds like she’s a little old white lady from connecticut. Fake. Those pictures are the real Sunny, you all are bein played.

    • unjudgmental says:

      First off we saw some of the pics of most of these judges of bad deeds in their younger or maybe not so young days. I’m pretty sure we would all be most shocked and disgusted. Its easy to throw stones as long as you hide your own misdeeds.

  22. Dan says:

    Sunny’s show sucks, with or without these photos.

  23. Greg says:

    This falls in the “who cares” bin?! Are you crazy? These are the most controversial photos of any Food Network host…. ever.

    You don’t see leaked photos of Rachael Ray smoking a blunt. You don’t even see photos of Sandra Lee puking out her car window. I’ve never seen a photo of the Neely’s or Alton Brown or Emeril doing anything as low class as that.

    It’s one thing to go out and party on a friday night. We all do that. But if you drink and smoke drungs to the point of puking out your car window, you’re pretty much a lowlife trashy creep in my book.

  24. Byrdie says:

    Yeah, it’s like trying to imagine Ina Garten hanging out the window of her Mercedes yelling “WHOO HOO” while sucking down a bottle of “good” wine, as her gay friends drive up and down Main Street East Hampton!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I remember her talking (on her romantic dinner episode) about events that she would host when she was a DJ and that all of the 9-5ers would get super-trashed during the week…and she definitely seemed more than a little judgmental of their behavior. Knowing that, seeing these pictures has lessened my opinion of her a little, but I have to wonder: who took those photos? A pap? A friend?

  26. Sara says:

    I’m 30, and I don’t think getting drunk and acting like trash makes you “interesting” or “fun.” I seem to be in the minority here though. I outgrew that behavior when I was 23.

  27. Sara says:

    Byrdie, I could not agree with you more!!!!!!! Well said, well said.

    Elizabeth, seeing those pictures totally lessened my opinion of her, too.

  28. orchidgal says:

    Despite FN’s admonishments that I should love Sunny, I have never been able to get comfortable watching her and have certainly never wanted to make any of her recipes. After seeing these pics? I hate to say it, but I am not surprised. Way to go FN!

  29. Kaitlin says:

    all I can say is….. BOOBIES!!!!

  30. Kaitlin says:

    all I can say is…. BOOBIES!!!!!!!!

  31. Hannah says:

    Well, here’s my two cents:

    I never liked Sunny’s show, and she always came across as fake and forced to me. Now I see why.

    Hey, Food Network, looks like she has some big boobies (albeit a bit droopy). Perhaps you should start making her wear low cut shirts, like Giada!

  32. Martin says:

    I think it’s pretty funny how people are so offended by these photos. I mean, they’re not great and I wonder if there will be any repercussions for Sunny or Food Network. But seriously people! Why get so bent out of shape over those photos? Yeah, they’re pretty YUCK, but what does it matter? You all are acting like she actually did something to you and the truth is, she only did something to herself. Nobody asks you to watch Food Network or care about Sunny Anderson. Stop being so puritanical- the fake shock and gasps are totally lame. You all comment on here about hating the Food Network to the point where I wonder why you a) know so much about it and b) what the hell it matters so much to you.

  33. Tatiana says:

    I don’t care about Sunny’s former life before TFN, but it does point out, painfully so, TFN’s attitude about their network and their, well, mission statement for lack of a better word. They are not interviewing for chefs with an original style of cooking and/or with something new or informative to show their audience: they just want the personalities to bring in the demographics they are hoping to attract. And they are doing it in the most obvious, offensive and sometimes racist manner. It’s insulting to the viewing audience, and it is why I sometimes get upset with the network that I used to really enjoy watching.

  34. Jess N. says:

    I live in Jersey, and I’ve been listening to Sunny on Hot 97 for about 5 years (what can I say, I love me some hip hop). Except before today, I never put 2 and 2 together that the Sunny (who was fired from the station in 2007) from Hot 97 was the Food Network’s Sunny Anderson! The Sunny we heard on the radio was nothing at all like the Sunny you see on the Food Network! It is like night and day. I wish I had an audio clip so you could see what I mean.

    Everyone has a past. That’s not really the issue for me here. What I find so unfortunate is that the Food Network had to mold and change her into a seemingly unrecognizable version of herself. The hair. The makeup. The fake put on voice. The over the top bubbly personality. Why? To make her more appealing to a white audience? That’s ridiculous and insulting.

    • Hot Tamale says:

      i’m wondering, which one is the “real” sunny though, you know? It’s a little harder to put on “a little white old grandmom voice” as she was stated above as having (LOL btw), but a little easier to sound gangsta. or pretend to anyhow. I’m still waiting for her to make something i would acutally like. Like the say she made pretzel jello. REALLY Sunny? i’ve been making that since i was 12 so has the rest of america.. yummy, but seriously?

  35. Molix says:

    Is she in the driver’s seat? With a steering wheel in front of her?

  36. Lee says:

    I agree with you completely Titaina.

    The issue here is how it makes Food Network look.

  37. potty mouth princess says:

    Typical. Rachael Ray and Paula Deen started off really tame but their true colors came out once they signed for the major coin. I expect the same from Sunny, who has always struck me as FAKE. She’ll let loose the gangsta when she signs her big contract, probably sometime later this year.

  38. Lana says:

    @ Byrdie’s “what qualified her to have a cooking show” question – Answer: she’s got a great speaking voice and an ability to ad lib smoothly. Hey, it’s not easy. I teach, and I stumble over my words all the time.

    My opinion: Probability of finding a classically trained chef with years of experience at a 5 star restaurant who can speak clearly, spell correctly, ad lib smoothly, engage an audience through a camera and has never smoked a joint or barfed from too much booze? 1 in 99 million, or thereabouts. If it were easy to find some, they’d be on FN already.

    What *is* easy to find are actors and actresses, or just regular folks, with a modicum of culinary experience who can perform on screen. The actual prep and cooking is done off screen in the FN kitchens and not by the person we see on screen. That’s television production. Folks, it’s what’s out there, and it’s what we’ve got.

    End of unapologetic tangential rant.

  39. Byrdie says:

    Lana! Because she can speak and ad lib qualifies this hoochie for a tv show about cooking?? ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME???? That is the most absurd thing I think I’ve ever heard. Following your train of thought, lowering the bar to the lowest common denominator is an acceptable practice just for the sake of putting a show on a network? I would rather have the prep cooks in front of the camera since they are the ones actually preparing the recipes (if what you say is true)than an inexperienced smooth talker. If you want to chew on something, chew on this: there was once a lady who had a cooking show who stammered and stuttered and was not very graceful in front of the camera and she ended up being somewhat successful. Her name? Julia Child. So you can accept the lowered bar of standard. I refuse to.

  40. Daria says:

    It is unfortunate in my eyes but what Lana is saying has a lot of truth to it. This is exactly why we all make fun of the food network, because the “chefs” they place on the shows the majority of the time don’t seem to have much actual talent. Look at the food network shows from the early days, when the shows were low budget. It is no coincidence that many of the chefs who could really cook, like Mario Batali and Emeril are now gone from the network. But the low budget shows were boring by today’s flashy standards.
    It is now all about high production and entertainment, which to FN’s credit has gotten a lot of people to watch their network and perhaps take an interest in home cooking.
    But the downside of it that a home cook can find themselves “growing out of” the food network shows. There comes a point where you stop learning new techniques from them. I wish they do a more intermediate or advanced cooking show but I somehow doubt it.
    As far as Sunny goes, her past seems too shady for her to be considered a good representative of FN, but then again she is not the first FN star to act foolish when you consider people like Paula and Guy. So I’m guessing FN will do nothing about this and look away from it.

  41. lauren says:

    I’m not sure what the big deal is. The photos are funny and blog worthy, but I don’t think Sunny ever tries to be anything but authentic. You’re acting a bit extra trying to paint her as a “nasty girl”. I bet she’d be first to tell you about that night. I never heard her on 97, but why would you expect her to act the same on FN that she did on a hip hop station. Those are two completely different demographics.

    And, I’m most certain that’s a beedi, an indian cigarette, and not a blunt. An old bf used to smoke those things. yuck! but still totally legal.

  42. Alex says:

    I don’t care about someone making some mistakes in their past… but what I do care about is fakeness. I can’t stand fakeness! Sunny has always screamed “F-A-K-E” to me and this sheds some light on why that is.

    I’m also appalled by the notion that being a good speaker makes you worthy of your own cooking show.

    Sorry, but I don’t like my cooking dumbed down like that. I still like people to have some authority and knowledge over what they’re talking about. Do we see Tom Cruise hosting This Old House? No. We see a guy with knowledge of the trade, who is ALSO a good speaker. Finding talent IS easy if you know where to look. The Food Network has NO F-CKING CLUE. They sit back and expect people to try out for their stupid show, instead of searching for their own talent. And even when people try out for their show, they send the most talented people home because they wouldn’t pull in whatever demographic they wanted to fill out that week. Pathetic.

    The Food Network is making more money now, but with that, they’ve pissed off a lot of people. There was never the sort of backlash that I’m hearing daily now. Greed will ruin them, if it hasn’t already.

  43. Byrdie says:

    Although you make some valid points, Daria, you also add validity to my point that the bar has been lowered and the value of the shows on FN are nearly zero. I agree with you that FN probably will turn a deaf ear, but I for one sent them an email to them relaying my displeasure with her behavior and the negative impact she is having on their network.

  44. Byrdie says:

    ROCK ON ALEX!! Well said!

  45. Fernando says:

    Aunt Sandy stumbles around drunk through most of her shows these days, yet people are more outraged by an old photo of Sunny, allegedly, smoking pot.

    It’s probably a bit reactionary to call out the race card, but some of your comments strike certain hypocritical chords here…throwing around words like, “hoochie.”

    I love it when someone inevitably goes to the clichéd Julia Child reference…especially in this post…because Ms. Child was also known to spark up after a tough day in the kitchen.

  46. Feikhal Madhur says:

    Well stated Alex. You were completely “on point”. Oops .Sorry, I promised myself I would never use those two words together.
    You are so correct about Sunny being fake. FAKE as they come. And her hair ? She admitted over at the other blog “it” is a wig. I thought Jill was joking all along and it turns out she was right.

  47. Lana says:

    Alex, lol @ Tom Cruise hosting This Old House. I love that show! I don’t know Sunny, and can’t comment on what is fake and what isn’t. But speaking for myself, I behave WAY differently when I’m teaching in a classroom vs. when I’m backstage working with a rock band. Does that make me fake? Perhaps it does! But I think of it more as “when in Rome …” or “there is a time and place ….” I’ve partied pretty hard before, does that mean I shouldn’t be teaching?

    Byrdie, I’m just callin’ it the way I see it and not casting any aspersions anywhere. My point is that FN is running TV shows, not a restaurant. They need good camera performers WAY more than experienced chefs.

    To draw an analogy, I’d rather take a college math class with an under ‘qualified’ instructor (say with only a b.s.) who knows how to TEACH (passionate and inspiring) rather than a Ph.D. professor with years of experience in the field, but sucks at teaching (dry and boring). You’re really lucky if you can find both all wrapped up in one person.

    Hey, if I were in charge of the world, I’d bring Julia back to life and fill the FN airwaves with the likes of her and Jacques Pepin, etc. And I’m 100% on board with Alex – I’d L-O-V-E at least one FN show that teaches about the higher culinary arts. (besides Iron Chef, which is more entertainment than teaching oriented).

    All you gotta do is find that 5-star chef and a television production company and go pitch it to the Network! Lemme know how that goes. *smiles* Really folks, love this site and all the commenters. All due props and respects.

  48. Jen says:

    Julia Child smoked weed? Really?

  49. Tatiana says:

    The newest This Old House host is a dweeb, it hasn’t been the same since Bob Vila. ;P

    But truly, where else but on the current FN can an Aunt Sandy make an entire career out of opening cans and boxes, then piling them up on a table and call it a tablescape?

  50. Byrdie says:

    @Fernando – my reference to “cliche” Julia Child goes to validity of talent rather than tv presence, which is the not the case of FN shows. Ms. Child had more character than any chef/cook/wannabe today. This proves to me you are a total idiot. And suggesting that “hoochie” is a racist remarks shows how little you know (please see idiot remark as listed above). A “hoochie” goes to CHARACTER of person, NOT color.

  51. manny says:

    Lana you are a moron. Its everything combined which screams pure TRASH! Her nasty tits sticking out, being drunk to the point of puking, and DOING DRUGS. Ohh, class act. Once again, this is not the type of CHEF I want to see on my tv. I also think its an INSULT to african americans cooks. With all of the fine qualified (not drunken, drug using phonies) chefs/personalities out there, they come up with this vile wench? Some fake teeth clenched, sharing stories of grandma, know nothing wanna-be?

    Stop saying it’s in the past, it was 2 years ago. The fact that food network puts a CHEF like this in our face is an outrage .. and if you think it isn’t I agree with those who said it speaks volumes about you. You are probably yourself uneducated trash who act like Sunny every weekend.

  52. HungryBunny! says:

    Okay, soooooo, I never liked her, though i tried. She just never seemed to merit her show. I never saw her as a STAR and was upset to see her getting a second round of shows. She bugs the hell out of me and never stops talking and that wig makes me itch. Her recipes never inspired me once to try them. How can you have her? I dont get it. What is it you see in her that we dont? Give someone else a chance to do a great job and inspire people. Someone that deserves it.

  53. dumela says:

    I actually agree with Manny being black myself I feel its a true sin to represent chefs of color with a hoochie mama like Sunny. I know many fine black chefs who are genuine, knowledgeable, and respectable people. Then again they pick white chefs who are idiots as well, though none who puke out their windows drunk and smoke blunts (on the same night to boot). Thats a slap in the face in my opinion.

    Food network should do some digging on the folks they hire, or perhaps they just don’t care. She fit the bill of them needing a black woman who could fake the talk like she was a decent human being, and that was that. For shame.

  54. Byrdie says:

    “Her wig makes me itch”!! PRICELESS Hungry Bunny!!

  55. HungryBunny! says:

    Love you too
    Byrdie, thanks for the Ina Garten visual!

  56. Lana says:

    Manny, you’re right. I’m an uneducated moron. You found me out! How EVER did I get that job teaching at a university, I’ll never know. Well, would love to chat some more, but I got joints to roll, gotta clean up the vomit from my mouth and there’s a John at at my trailer door. Better get to work.

    BTW, with so much to do, I’ll have to put your appointment off until tomorrow, k? See ya then.

    (this is a humor site, lighten up & laugh man. you’ll live longer

  57. Byrdie says:

    Lana, the first step in conquering your problem is to ADMIT you have a problem. Yes, you ARE an uneducated moron as Manny so aptly pointed out. I don’t care if you teach at MIT, there is something known as COMMON SENSE. So now we all know that you teach at a university. I am sure we are all very impressed.

  58. Alex says:

    That’s sunny’s Myspace page – where she has several other photos up from the night in question… but coincidentally, not the ones of her smoking a blunt and puking out the car window.

    Another personal favorite: the shots of her wearing the “Deep Throat” t-shirt. Mmm, classy lady!

  59. dumela says:

    Yeah, I’m a nurse. Want a cookie Lana? People who name drop professions to prove something are idiots.

  60. dan says:

    Lana, you seem to get around. You’re a professor at a university, AND you work at a newspaper interviewing Food Network stars and rock bands? Wow, that is impressive!

    I just got back from a trip to the moon. IT WAS AWESOME

  61. Molix says:

    At least she found a use for that finger besides measuring the depth of water for rice…

  62. Byrdie says:

    I’m wondering how she got her arms out of the straight jacket to type??!?

  63. dumela says:

    Damn byrdie you on on fire! lol

  64. Byrdie says:

    Dumela, don’t be too impressed. It’s just close to my medication time. Oh, and to DAN: Welcome Back To Earth!

  65. Tatiana says:

    I think everyone has a right to their opinion without being slammed personally (well, unless you’re a FN cooking host/producer/manager, because Lord knows they deserve it).

  66. Kitty says:

    Okay, Jill, I think it’s about time you lock the comments. People aren’t sharing opinions anymore, just trading insults.

    I do think the handful of you who don’t approve of Sunny’s behavior and have continued to troll this thread, personally bashing those who don’t agree with you, need to take a little time to re-read your past few posts. Do you think you are better than a “drunk” Sunny by trash-talking anonymous people on the internet?

  67. dumela says:

    Censorship = bad

  68. Molix says:

    I hate to see people in the comments waste perfectly good energy going at each other when Ted Allen hasn’t received nearly enough derision around here.

  69. Byrdie says:

    So true, Molix, so true. Poor Ted! Nothing worse than being ignored. Dumela, I’m with you. I remember reading something about freedom of expression, assembly and freedom of speech. HMMM, now let’s see, where did I see that? Oh, yeah: First Amendment, Bill of Rights.

  70. Tatiana says:

    Calling another poster a moron for no other reason than they didn’t share an opinion may be free expression, but it sure doesn’t fall under the concept of decent (or adult) behavior. Which, quite ironically, was exactly the subject under discussion (namely, Sunny’s background).

    Regardless, Sunny’s past is what it is, and I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t gone through different phases in their life, some of which seem pretty juvenile and stupid a few years down the road. It’s not important. The real issue is The Food Network, and their current hiring practices for the cooking hosts. IMO, most of the newer shows have really untalented people hosting. And if personality is more important to TFN than competency, well, that’s not working either because most of them are BORING!!!

  71. FOODBARED says:

    So what if she smoked pot and did crack. Relax, kids, she is just a TV chef teaching people how to cook, it’s not like she is our Commander in Chief.

  72. Kitty says:

    Dumela, if your comment is aimed at me, locking a thread isn’t censorship. It’s stopping needless trolling and insult-wars that have become nothing but unrelated to the original topic. I say this not just to you, but everyone who continues to fight: share your view on Sunny’s behavior, though refrain from bashing someone personally because they disagree with your morals. It’s okay to not agree but lashing out with nasty words is not mature.

    Please understand me, I don’t wish to pick a fight with you, it would defeat my original purpose and there’s too much bickering on this site anyway. Just wished to explain myself if you found the wrong idea. I swear, the internet is just one big ball of hate. I wonder why I try to be a peacemaker when you are all adults and should know better? Oh well, if you would like to run about flaming me for asking you treat your neighbor with kindness, then go for it. I won’t dignify you with a response. In the end, it relfects poorly on your character, not mine.

  73. Byrdie says:

    @Kitty – please do not feel as though you have to be a “peacekeeper” for this or any other blog. As well, please do not presume anyone needs or desires your instruction on how to construct their thoughts or feelings. If you truly believe that the web is “one big ball of hate”, please feel free to log off and find something else to do.

    Telling Jill that it’s time to “lock the comments” was VERY disturbing to me. I thought to myself, “who does this person think they are?” To me, that was the most offensive comment entered in this entire site!

    And after you instructed us how one should act/be/feel about “lashing out”, your final sentence to Dumela expressed to me that you don’t follow your own advice. You stated “it reflects poorly on your character, not mine” (sounds like a slam to me) and “I won’t dignify you with a response”. Where is the kindness in those words?

    The web is one of the very few places that there is an open and honest dialog. I’ve not read anything in this forum that offended me because I realize that it IS an open and honest dialog. I certainy don’t agree with everything I read here, but that’s the price for liberty. I mean no offense to you, as your opinions are just that: yours. Not mine or any other blogger on this site. So as an adult, you have to accept that and move on.

  74. Tyronius Maximus says:

    Sunny still has it going on! I would date her in a heartbeat!! These pictures only proves to us that she is real! I’ll bet that everyone who has responded here has had at least one moment in there life where they were either drunk, high, or caught with their guards down!

  75. Kyle says:

    Saw her on Good Morning America making some cutting edge flank steak for fajitas.

    I think she has gained at least 40 lbs in the past 6 months.

    MAybe her midnight munching after she hits the hooka has something to do with this.

  76. Michael O. says:

    Ahh.. the continued urbanization of the food network. We should all pretend now that this could just as easily be Giada , Ina etc.

  77. dumela says:

    Sorry Tryonius, not I. I have never been drunk to the point of throwing up out a car window, and I am proud to say I have never done drugs. I am glad your standards on who you date are so low, this way “ladies” like Sunny can get men too.

    I agree with those who say they dont want some drunken drugged know nothing being shown as a chef on tv. Stand by it.

  78. Nee says:

    The pics may not be flattering, but after all, she’s just human. I’m not saying it’s ok to use drugs. But so many people do it, we just don’t get to see what goes on behind closed doors. Unfortunately, someone leaked her pics to the media(shows who your friends are). How do we know how many people that work for FN that smokes pot and drinks until the point of throwing up. She’s grown and makes her own decisions. Like others posted, it’s not like she high and drunk on the air.

  79. Cat Chow says:

    So…when is Sunny cooking up the special batch of brownies on her show? Or have a “How they Do that” in Mendocino? ;)

  80. MitchSchaft says:

    Why is it that Lana is the only one who makes any sense on this blog?

  81. doug says:

    Original link is dead. Any ideas on where these infamous pics may be found?


  82. eyeris says:

    The link works for me. Not sure what you’re talking about.

  83. doug says:

    Thanks. Twasn’t working yesterday when I tried.

  84. [...] Anderson’s Theme Song: Because I Got High by Afroman Why: A nod to the embarrassing photos of Sunny smoking what looks like a BIG FAT [...]

  85. R says:

    Food Network’s attempt at reaching a black audience shows how out of touch they are with the world. The Neelys, Sunny and Big Daddy himself are all bland and caricatured versions of themselves. The black stars on the Food Network reveal exactly how people like Bob Tuschman – and probably most viewers, judging by some of the comments here – think black people should act.

  86. Bryan B says:

    All she smoking is what it call a Tiparillo a narrow cigar.
    Google it

  87. Jun says:

    @ALEX. I agree with you. She just seems really, really fake. And just because she learned to speak the King’s English really well doesn’t mean she deserves a show. The few times I’ve watched her show, I did not believe one personal bit of information that came out of her mouth. It just sounds all so contrived. And as to her MySpace page, that explains a lot. I hope she enjoys being the “mayor of Adidas Town.”

  88. ron says:

    For anyone who ever wondered what Rachael Ray would look like if she were black….I give you Sunny Anderson! “YUMMO MOTHERFUCKA!”

  89. JazzoRenee says:

    I think that some of you actually think that most of us give 2 about what you think and who you think should be on the FNW.
    Ask yourself this, ‘who goes around trying to discredit ppl on blogs??’
    I’ll tell you who, ppl who aren’t out there trying to do them and trying to follow their dream, but try to bring down the dreams of another. You don’t have that much power so sit down an d SHUT UP.

    I don’t act the same @ ‘WORLK’ as I do out of work. I have the same personality yes, but there is no way that I give the ppl that i work with the real me. Why would I? Who are they in the grand scheme of things?, Not so important in my life they they need to know my every emotion, attitude or action.

    I think some of you are judgmental and ignorant and should re-frame from BLOGGING, COMMENTING OR FOR THAT MATTER EVEN COMING ON THE INTERNET.

    Don’t bother commentoing back, because you won’t receive ANY REPLAY.


  90. JazzoRenee says:

    Example of ignorant: Jun, Jun how about just because you recieved a green card doesn’t make you American.
    Demula: How about you learn how to love yourself and not take down the next woman.

    Manny, no one really cared what you think, least of all Sunny.

    All of you ask yourself this question, ‘Am I doing what I truly want to do????’ No, because if you were, you wouldn’t be on here concerned about what Sunny is doing, did or something to do!

    Go pray, hating is the devil’s work and you are all FULL OF HIM.

    Now let’s see how many rude, racist comments I receive now.
    But know before you reply, I’m praying for you hahahahaha

    I win,you lose.


  91. Danielle says:

    “For anyone who ever wondered what Rachael Ray would look like if she were black….I give you Sunny Anderson! “YUMMO MOTHERFUCKA!””

    LMAO! so true

  92. oh_come_on says:

    Best comment yet – hilarious!

  93. FastEddie says:

    Why don’t you guys get a life and stop all the food network etiquette crap. Drunk, sober, dressed, undressed…..damn! gimme a cheeseburger, a bag a fries with Sunny Anderson on top and let’s call it a meal.

  94. Smarties says:

    I used to like her show and now I certainly won’t be watching it anymore. I don’t expect anyone to be a saint but those pics are just tacky. Just goes to show what you see (her FN image) isn’t what you get.

  95. Missa. says:

    What !? Who says you can’t have it both ways? :P

  96. RL says:

    So if this was Rachael Ray, would you all be just as disgusted? Would you call Giada a “hoochie mama” if these pictures were of her? Or is there just *something* about Sunny that makes it different?

    Don’t get defensive, just consider it for a moment. I’m sure that for some of you, your own sense of moral superiority is the basis of your judgment, regardless of who’s in the pictures. I can respect the consistency there, at least. But answer honestly — if you think you would feel differently if it was Rachael or Giada in those pictures, if you think you’d be a little more forgiving of a white girl getting publicly plastered, if your acceptance of Sunny as a FN personality was conditional on her being squeaky-clean and wholesome so you didn’t have to deal with the reality of her being black, then you need to re-examine your attitudes and strive to be a better person in that regard.

    Personally, I just see a girl who went a little overboard one night. There’s no reason to judge her so harshly, or think that this is the *real* Sunny, and the Sunny we see on her show is a lie. Human beings are multidimensional — just because she drank too much one night, that doesn’t negate everything else about her. This may be a revolutionary concept to some of you, but good people can make bad decisions, and still be good people. I know people who drink responsibly 99% of the time — would you really call them “trashy” and “hoochie” because of that other 1%? If so, then you have issues that I just can’t help with.

    • Jaybird says:

      I think RL makes good sense. I really don’t have more to say because she (or he) said it all.

      People think racism is dead because it’s been more than 100 years since slavery, but it is manifested in different ways. I hate saying anything about people being racist because I don’t like pulling an alarm when there’s no fire. However, when I look at comments on the black personalities I see a lot of smoke and flames.

      Take the Neeleys. They have a wholesome image and the message they send as personalities is pretty much perfect. However, on their posts Gina is beaten to a pulp because she speaks with southern dialect. Notice I did not say “Black”. She speaks JUST like Paula Deen, she’s just a different color. However people think Paula Deen is just charming and Gina is an overbearing shrew–it’s the SAME damn accent if you listen closely.

      So many people say they like Sunny probably because she speaks with no personality– but it’s no wonder you find her show boring–she took the easy way out and drained her voice of all accent and color. Proper grammar and english are all well and good–if you’re writing a paper. When you speak, grammar takes a backseat to what is easier to say and get your point across. I’ve worked as a news producer and news scripts are FULL of grammatical errors–because it SOUNDS better than it reads. I say if you can understand it, then it’s okay. Jersey and New York accents all misuse grammar and somehow the speaker isn’t any less intelligent. I wonder why.

      One more thing what makes DRUNK TO THE POINT OF PUKING so much worse than just being drunk in general? Julia Child and Sandra Lee look slizzered all the time and they don’t recieve as much criticism. People who get drunk to the point of puking are often people who only drink when they go out on special occasions. It’s the chronic, diseased, addicted drunks that have that are constantly “tipsy”.

      Plus it’s been mentioned that she’s not even smoking weed, that it’s a thin cigar.

      And Giada shows more boob everyday ON-AIR than Sunny does in these photos.

  97. fasteddie says:

    Nobody cares what color she is except you. Give it a rest you racist asshole.

  98. tareco says:

    I can’t believe the ignorant comments on this board! Man!

  99. David says:

    Yep – these comments are completely ridiculous. It seems to me that when I’m critiquing a Food Network Star, I should be more concerned with their COOKING ability than their ability to maintain a squeaky-clean public image.

    Oh my…Sunny Anderson got really drunk one night and she EVEN smoked a cigar! *Gasp* What is this world coming to?!

    Guess this blog must be inundated with lil’ old ladies, because I simply can’t see a 21st century citizen really getting so bent out of shape over these pictures.

    Are her recipes any good? Does she apply good techniques and presentations? For me the answer is yes, and so I really don’t give a DAMN what she does outside the Food Network Kitchen. She’s not exactly running for President here.

    Sad little milquetoast suburbanites need to grow up and shut up.

    • nieice smith says:

      I agree with David, people need to get a life! Like none of you have had a wild night out with your friends. I like Sunny and what she does in her personal time is her damn business, there are far more things in the world to worry about than what she did one night out, and who knows when these were taken maybe she was still working for the radio station and not a chef yet. Check your facts before you judge people!

  100. BlackAngel Playah says:

    The girl’s having fun. Get bent haters.

  101. Cole says:

    LMAO! are you people serious?! Get off your judgemental high horses! If joints and drinking make a person trash then the majority of chefs are since many are excessive drinkers and do alot harder drugs than weed.

  102. Lisa says:

    Alex has the nerve to judge Sunny she looks like she’s fake and undercover and probably sleep with black men. White women have a master’s degree in deep throat so how can she dare try and judge Sunny. I guarantee you look into Alex past and sh’d dine things you could never imagine. Alex before you judge Sunny did you take a good look at yourself because all I see is Racist and Fake

  103. Lisa says:

    Alex has the nerve to judge Sunny she looks like she’s fake and undercover and probably sleep with black men. White women have a master’s degree in deep throat so how can she dare try and judge Sunny. I guarantee you look into Alex past and she’s done so of the most disgusting things you could never imagine. Alex before you judge Sunny did you take a good look at yourself because all I see is Racist and Fake

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