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Phonecall With Ina Garten
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. alex says:

    Once you notice her nervous giggle, it’s ALL you notice. Seriously.

    • Caroline says:

      There’s the giggle, then there’s the over-the-top shiny hair that looks like a grease pit. I know she probably uses $130 shampoo to keep up her “do”, but it looks like an oily mess to me.

  2. eric says:

    “Party in Jeffrey’s pants? Great! I’ll be there at 10!”

  3. jenna says:

    Oh the Ina Giggle. Guaranteed to rear its ugly head at least 30 times per episode.

  4. Kirstin says:

    I don’t think there is enough on this site to make fun of Chopped. Rice cakes, fruit punch, cocktail onions and plantains? gag

  5. Sandra says:

    It’s so hilarious because it’s so true! You can really have a GOOD laugh when you watch her show, make sure its GOOD.

  6. Byrdie says:

    She’s been in the pantry nipping on one of her various liquors….now, how bad can that be??? (giggle, giggle) BURP

  7. Donald says:

    I’d take Ina’s nervous giggle any day over Paula Deen’s cackle !

  8. Thurston says:

    Yes – the stupid phone calls are getting annoying and detract from the show. I really like Ina but the giggling has to be toned down a bit. She is beginning to sound like she is on medication – but it seems like it is not GOOD medication.

    • Kiana says:

      i know! so annoying! and the phone calls are so FAKE and scripted. when she calls someone you can see the person she calls meaning the camera crew was over there knowing that ina would call.

  9. ssun says:

    My local newspaper ran an article on her a few years ago and referred to it as her “hearty chorkle”, and now that’s all I can think about anytime she laughs.

  10. Kassie says:

    Her freakish giggle scares me… She’s probably been drinking from the alcohol that she uses ALL THE TIME! *coughs* alcoholic….

  11. Tatiana says:

    Bless her heart, but Ina is absolutely the worst actor in the world. Let her stick to cooking yummy things and get rid of those stupid, forced interactions with her friends. Besides, I’m starting to feel sorry for her, slaving over that hot stove cooking stuff for other people, and then seeing her sitting all alone at her computer while her friends party up.

  12. Cameron says:

    Has anyone noticed that she wears the cooking shirt all day long while cooking, then she goes to the market in the same shirt, THEN she goes to parties or has the people invited to her house and the poor dear still has on that shirt?? We have a bet in our house to see if she changes clothes; no one will take the bet now that she will. She’s obviously ashamed of her size but she wolfs down more butter and dough and fattening cheeses than ever. Food Network is contributing to her death by asking her to keep doing these fat shows. If she DOES fix a salad, she douses it will fattening oils instead of lemon juice for a dressing. She’s likely to get breast cancer or hardening of the arteries way before her life ends, Food Network should ask her to do a diet year where she does her fattening recipes without the fat and we follow along while she diets and exercises. It’d be a hit.

    • Lisa says:

      Fat doesn’t make you fat. Carbs and too much insulin in your system makes you fat, along with a lack of regular exercise. Seriously, when are people going to realize that the low-fat diet theory from 1950-something is a total crock? Natural fats are healthy for you and do not clog your arteries. Real about whole/real foods, and stop eating processed crap made from corn, soy, and wheat.

    • Joanne says:

      Get a grip!!

  13. Byrdie says:

    @ Cameron – Yeah, I noticed that and mentioned it, but I guess I thought I was the only one since nobody responded. Here’s what I wrote back in April:

    Wait a second. I just figured it all out!! Ina NEEDS the thirty three bucks (for two dollars worth of product). This will give her some disposable income to purchase some freakin new clothes. Poor lady has to wear the same shirt every single day! And even when she’s having a party she doesn’t even have something to change into after she’s cooked all day! Poor Ina.

    I also agree with you regarding the type of food she cooks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching Ina but if you are watching your health, weight, cholesterol, yada yada, you really can’t replicate alot of her recipes. Especially the cookies and deserts. Too much fat and sugar. Yikes. Anyway, glad someone is on the same page as me. With as much $$ as she and Jeffery have, you’d think she could afford to AT LEAST TAKE A SHOWER before a party!

    • mariannedotyYour Name says:

      Haven’t you figured it out yet that her “cooking shirt”
      is her signature and a take off on a more comfortable
      chef’s shirt? Obviously the program is NOT filmed
      in a half hour and I’m sure she changes clothing.

      If you want to see a glamorous, well dressed Ina . . .
      see her on the cover of the current issue of Town and Country magazine.
      She looks beautiful in her burgundy taffeta shirt.
      If you want “skinny cooking” watch another show.
      She is, after all, a FRENCH cook!!! Was Julia
      Child’s tiny?

  14. Kyle says:

    Ina does change her clothes. That is her Barefoot Contessa uniform.
    Over the years she has gained a few LBS but nothing that cannot fixed.The woman is 60 yrs old and looks much younger if you ask me. Her weight gain is a true reflection on her love of food and she probably tests all her recipes for her countless cookbooks. That and her husband is also a huge foodie too.

    I think Ina will retire shortly and with this, she will probably lose a bit of the weight.

    As for her not taking shower, Byrd Brain you have no clue as to how TV shows are shot and the sequences they follow, do you ?

  15. Byrdie says:

    It’s a joke, Kyle. Get a grip.

  16. Cameron says:

    Her double chin is a true reflection of NO WILL POWER. For God’s sake, the woman has a beach to walk on everyday, take advantage of THAT!!

    Please don’t make excuses for fat people; they do it enough for themselves. It makes ALL OF US pay way more for insurance than we need to be doing, all because most of America can’t and won’t establish a routine of exercise and moderation in eating.

    • chris says:

      it`s nice that she has over 40 monocromatic shents to change into for her shows but couldn`t they put her in a nice sweater or something more feminine? she is a nice looking lady , but it seems as if she has very low self esteem.

    • Emma says:

      What a bunch of stupid comments! I like her shirts and style, don’t watch if it bothers you so much….

    • Joanne says:

      You obviously are clueless as to why some people are overweight! There are many different reasons as to why some people are overweight. Instead of insulting Ina Garten and million of other people, why don’t you do something with your life! I’m sure you are perfect!!!!!

  17. Sandra says:

    I like Ina, she looks great! Look at Raytard, she’s aged about 20 years since getting married to the slovenly Jaaaahn almost 5 years ago.

  18. Cameron says:

    I can’t watch Rachael Ray; her voice grates on my nerves almost as bad as Paula Deen’s.

    I’m sure Ina is a fabulous friend and good democrat, but she does NOT look great; she looks overweight and her assistant said in an interview that Ina turned down food network time after time ONLY because she knew she was fat and would look even fatter on camera, in kinder words than those, sorry.

    • jeanette says:

      It’s a cooking show, not a beauty contest or fashion show…. Obviously, the woman has something that works, thus the success of her show!!!

    • clara says:

      I thought that ‘Good Democrat’ was an oxymoron . . . as in, anyone who could be remotely aware of what Obama is doing to this country and STILL want to vote for him . .. is a MORON!

  19. Barb says:

    I have enjoyed Ina’s Barefoot Contessa Show while working on a dissertation and need a calming distraction from time to time. I also love cooking. As a cancer survivor, I am very, very careful with my cooking and try to cook as close to nature as possible using healthy fresh ingredients, and as such, pick and choose among her recipes. I am not a dessert lover so not problematic, as baking seems less forgiving with modifications. Her fish and chicken recipes are wonderful. Of course, I would like to see her a bit leaner looking only because it would reflect better health, but she is a lovely presence and her show is calming and classy. After a rough day my husband and I watch it to relax, and adore the Jeffery episodes as they seem very devoted and cute with one another…”How nice is that!” : )

    • Christina says:

      I can’t believe the snark and the mysogyny from the males. Stupid, vapid comments about an obviously kind person.

  20. julie says:

    I really hope Ina cuts back on entertaining her gay friends. She and the Food Network want to shove their lifestyle down our throats and it’s getting old. I cant concentrate on recipes when I see two men making goo goo eyes with eachother, ruins the whole show. No, not a homphobe, just keep your sexual innuendos out of the kitchen.

    • Dave says:

      Julie, stop shoving your retarded, bigoted idiocy down my throat. If you`re `not homophobic` then why would you care that many of her guests are gayÉ Obviously you do have a problem with it. Stop lying to yourself and go seek help, I`m always mystified by people who care or feel affronted by someone else`s sexual orientation. Get a life and a brain maybe?

      • Ferd Berfle says:

        A person who uses “retarded” as an epithet telling someone else to get a brain? Good luck with all that.

      • Samantha says:

        You know what, Dave? I am sick up to my eyeballs of the way, way, way, way, way oversensitivity of the gay community. Love whomever you want to love, no problem, but act like an adult and stop calling people ridiculous names just because they’re not throwing a gay-pride party for you every other weekend.

        • Kyle h says:

          Samantha, I imagine you are a fat cow living alone with your cats because you can’t find a man of your own. Maybe try not being such a bitter bitch?

      • Michael says:

        Right on, Dave! Julie’s no homophobe the way Ina’s a runway model. Keep up the goo-goo eyes guys and keep up the great work, Ina.

      • Bruce says:

        Seriously, how old are you 15? You really are over-reacting and need to get a grip. The problem with the gay community is they wanted to be treated like normal people, when it’s not normal compared to the whole world, especially history. Okay, you like dudes, no one cares!!! Also, how could you possibly be treated normal, if you want to stand out? And lastly, Julie is completely right, nobody wants to see and flirting in the kitchen between two guys. It’s one thing if its Ina and Jefffery who are married an what not, but two random gay guys, no. And people need to lay off Ina, Everyone just has some mental block that makes them be complete jerks to anybody better than them. So all you losers, cut it out!

    • Shelby says:

      Holy Crap! I thought I was the ONLY one who noticed how many Gay guys she cooks for!!!
      I have tried several recipes and they always work out, that’s the good part.
      The bad…the word “So”. How many times does she say “So” in one episode?!
      I swear, it could be a college drinking game! So…drink. So….Drink. So…Drunk!!!

  21. Sandy says:

    She strikes me as a drunk.

  22. CherryRose says:

    Even though I really enjoy Ina and have all of her cookbooks, I agree with most of the jibes about the “Barefoot Contessa: hob-nobbing with the rich and famous, the silly giggle, pricy ingredients, etc. That said, I have never thought of Ina as “a drunk.” She enjoys champagne, cocktails or wine in social settings, but as a conscientious and cordial hostess, I doubt that she ever drinks to excess. jmo

  23. Tatiana says:

    Overall, I like Ina, but the elitism is starting to get to me. Today, she confided to us how she likes to use GOOD quality grass-fed beef for her sliders, for crying out loud. They’re SLIDERS! And if I hear her motto “… classic dishes with the volume turned up” one more time … I’ve had to remove all throwable objects from my living room so I won’t smash my new flat screen.

  24. CherryRose says:

    “…she likes to use GOOD quality grass-fed beef…”

    Ina acknowledges Niman Ranch in her cookbooks and mentions it on at least one show where she uses ground beef. I visited their website: Ground chuck is $7 a pound, plus shipping. Along with the brioche rolls, Gruyere cheese, arugula, and heirloom tomatoes, those were some very special sliders for her card sharks!

  25. Tatiana says:

    Hey, I reallly like grass-fed beef, I just think they’re wasted on sliders. Give me a nice steak, though, and I’m right there. Yummm!

  26. John Olsen says:

    Regardless of all the negative, demeaning comments about Ina,— her recepes, her friends, and her patrician life style—she brings true class and sophistication to the Food Network. Her love of people—straight, gay, or whatever is truly a breath of fresh air and so intrinsically intwined to great entertaining—I love her show and watch it faithfully with my partner—so there!!!

  27. CherryRose says:

    Absolutely agree with you, JohnOlsen! I own all of Ina’s cookbooks and have used many of her recipes. I wasn’t always able to afford those ingredients, but my husband and I deserve to indulge ourselves at this stage in our lives. While we’re certainly not wealthy, we would feel very comfortable among Ina and her eclectic “assortment” of friends with whom we could discuss the arts, business, food, wine, or travel. Ina is a consummate and genuine hostess and makes all of her guests feel welcome and comfortable. Like she says, “It’s not about the food – it’s about the friends.”

  28. [...] for me to watch it on an early weekend morning. Even though her new series format has garnered a lot of ridicule, I can’t help loving Barefoot Contessa’s Ina Garten. The new series is subtitled [...]

  29. Vanessa says:

    I have watched Barefoot Contessa. Must say that Ina seems rather plain (which is a good thing!) She doesn’t seem snobbish at all. I am rather curious as to why she never bore children. Any facts on that? Oh, by the way, she does look height challenged. What is her height? Also, maybe she needs to retire and let someone younger have a shot at stardom?

    • jeanette says:

      If it annoys you to see anyone over the age of 30 hosting a cooking show, well simple enough…..change the damn channel. There’s plenty of much younger “wanna bes!!”

  30. Rick says:

    My wife watches Food TV incessantly. One of my wife’s favorite shows is Barefoot Contessa. Generally, I like the show. My wife has made several of her recipes; they are quite good. Now for some negative comments:

    1. The woman needs a new hairdo. Ina’s Prince Valiant or page boy or whatever you call it went out years and years ago. The woman needs a short do with some flair. She looks like an overweight choir boy from a bygone age.

    2. if Ina says one more time, use “good olive oil” or “good vanilla” , I will scream. I actually went into the best gourmet food stores in Asheville, NC (one of my favorite stores) and looked for “bad vanilla” or, God forbid, “bad olive oil.” I had no success in finding any.

    3. The woman needs a good Thesaurus. Every frickin thing is “perfect this” or “perfect that”. And, she loves to purr the word like Eartha Kitt!! It pays to improve your word power–how about “excellent” “ideal” “penultimate” “superb” “exquisite”–you get the drill!!

    4. I am not a homophobe, but, give me a break. Stop having these lunches and dinners at the homes of obvious swishers. Don’t you have any straight friends, Ina??

    5. Don’t they have any regular food stores in East Hampton. Or are they all elitist shops that we poor mortals can not afford??

    6. I love it when Ina says “I think Jeffrey will be home soon!”. and, voila, Jeffrey appears. Do these people every have a disagreement?? I loved the episode when Jeffrey was making noises about gettiing a boat, and Ina dismissed it with, “Here’s to your future boat.” Jeffrey looks like he makes big bucks. My response, if I were Jeffrey, would respond, “I’ m getting the frickin boat, and that’s that!!” I have some Jewish friends who are very typical of Jeffrey and Ina, and, Jeffrey is definitely not in charge!!

    7. We are talking big bux here, folks. Ina loves to remind us that she lives in the Hamptons. All of her friends appear to be millionaires, especially the ones living right on the beach with estates. Believe me, I am not jealous. My lifestyle is not Ina’s, but I ain’t eating pork and beans every meal either. I bevlieve, if you got it, DON’T flaunt it!!

    8. The woman needs to knock off a pound or two. If she doesn’t have a coronary one of these days, I will be really surprised. Her idea of exercise is getting up in the morning. And Jeffrey is not much better. He could shed some tonnage also!!

    But, of course, I’m perfect…

    • Kapper says:

      OMG!!! I’m laughing my ass off at your post!! Ina gets to me soooo much I just HAD to go online and vent. Your ‘overweight choir boy’ comment is priceless…
      Her giggle makes me want to gouge my eyes out, especially when she gets all flirty with Jeffrey, like they’re gonna ‘do it’ right there on the table

    • Samantha says:

      I’m only about a year late with my response, but I appreciate your post, too, Rick. Very funny! Also agree with Kapper’s comment. The way Ina overdoes the flirting with Jeffrey is gag-inducing. I’m happy she loves her husband and all that, but the Ina-as-flirty-sex-kitten routine is a bit much.

    • Jami says:

      Omg!!! You people need to get a life. It’s a half an hour cooking show. Get over yourselves and stop analyzing every little detail. If you have issues just stop watching it. I have never heard such nit picking on such insignificant things. You watch it if you like the recipe you try to make it and if not that is the end of it.

  31. Rick says:

    Ooops, I forgot one thing about Ina!!–that laugh. Do you notice that when she is cooking and alone, the laugh is not existent?? But get Ina into a group, wow!! The laugh emerges. I think that in a group, every one else’s voice is muted and Ina’s voice and that laugh take center stage. Let’s edit that bad boy. I am not sure if it is just a nervous titter, but, listen to her gatherings. Her voice and THE LAUGH is definitely in the forefront. NOTICE TO SOUND EDITORS: Please tone down Ina’s voice and THE LAUGH!

  32. CherryRose says:

    @RICK: Your above posts are as astute as they are funny! Thanks for the laughs. My favorite is the “Prince Valiant” pageboy. That hairstyle was popular when I was in high school several decades ago.

  33. mitch says:

    Obviously, Ina is a very good cook and her recipes look mouth watering. I wouldn’t mind joining this elite group at the dinner table and start chowing down big time!
    However, the way she has jeffery taste most of her finished products and seeing him enjoy it, while she giggles at every ridiculous thing he says is absolutley tortourous!!

  34. Sarah says:

    I’ll admit that Ina can be a bit silly and rather goofy at times, but nobody is forcing you to watch her show. Heaven forbid she appreciate high-quality ingredients! No, poor-quality vanilla isn’t labeled as such, but if you’re incapable of discerning “good” products from “bad,” perhaps it is YOU with the problem, not Ina.

    Does her slightly outdated haircut and failure to fit into size 2 jeans make her a bad cook? No, but your inability to look past her physical appearance makes you shallow and disgusting. Get over yourselves, people!

    • Kapper says:

      Okay Sarah, we’re over ourselves now…..we’ll make sure we behave. When can we come out of our room?

      My guess is that you’re fat and have no life and can’t stand when other people do. Poor thing

  35. Irishwoman says:

    I had never watched Ina until last January when I was confined for 14 weeks with a fracture. I became hooked on her show. I have a reputation as being a good cook and it was a treat to watch her. BUT! EVERYTHING posted by RICK above is true! And he had the nerve to say it! Ina’s recipe call for soooooo much butter she must have a dairy truck deliver it in the morning. Along with salt mine workers for all the salt delivery. And, yes, she should lose some weight. Good cooking does not mean you have to be HUGE….and folks, she is HUGE. Rick, you are the man!

    • jeanette says:

      Hellooooooooooo……do you watch other cooking channels? Ina is not alone using butter, etc. in her recipes. These are intended as specialty meals, not as everyday fare, but thought you may have already been aware of that fact…. Obviously not…………………………

  36. Tina Barnes says:

    I make it a point to never eat at a restaurant that has a “skinny” chef. That tells me they don’t even like their own food. Ina is a good “cook” and obviously enjoys her own food. I’ll buy that! —- Can’t watch Giada, just don’t believe her, she’s too skinny. Besides I bet she spits the food out after the “taste test” and the camera is turned off.

    • Michael says:

      Giada never swallows the bites she takes. She hides them in a special pocket inside her cheeks that her husband hand made for her. At the end of each taping they drape her across the sink witth the million dollar beach view and she unzips the secret pocket and pukes it down the Malibu sewage system.

  37. boffo says:

    Wow, you folks sure like to dis poor Ina!!!!! Time for this page boy wearing, overweight, puuuuuurrrrrrfect Jewish momma to retire!!!!

  38. Eric says:

    Yeah, Ina has money. Her Hubby Jeffrey held a position in the Clinton administration and is on the board of numerous companies, so he’s paid his dues. The people are doing OK financially.

    I’m scratching my head at how people are so cruel? I don’t make that kind of money, but I do enjoy her cooking and don’t presume to judge. If you don’t like her, her husband, her lifestyle or her cooking, do us all a favor and TURN THE CHANNEL!

    • Rick says:

      Hey, Eric, the name of this website is “Food Network Humor”, not, my name is Eric and I think that I will get in here and be a critic of the posters. If you don’t like the postings, look for anothe website called “Let’s Defend the Foodies.” Looks like you like to stomp on the first amendment. Got some right wing tendencies, do we??

      • Linda says:

        Hey Rick, sounds like you believe you can say what you think, but if anyone says something different, you have the responsibility to consider them “right wing”, does that mean you are “left wing”? As you pointed out the website is “Food Network Humor” not “Let’s Roast the Cooks”. I think anyone who throws stones should send a self-made video to allow others to throw stones back.

      • chris says:

        i totally agree with you Rick , not only is it just a cooking show but it is also just a funny website the clearly states ” COOK WITH THEM , LAUGH WITH US”

        and furthermore , unless Ina Garten is reading these posts herself, i think we`re safe from offending her delicate sensabilities

  39. tom e says:

    To A great lady that seems to enjoy her cooking and her friends! I have read some mean and demeaning comments about this lady, and all of you whom have made those comments should hang your heads in shame! Ina Garten is big, bold and most of all, Beautiful! You Go Girl! I am in love!!!

  40. susannah lindstrom says:

    Ina reminds me of a weeble-wobble waddling along. Anymore weight and she will weeble right over. For goodness sake Ina, love your show but 3 things for you:
    1. Get a new hairstylist
    2. Get a new wardrobe – lots of fashion choices these days for plus sizes you know – I know you can afford it
    3. Hit the treadmill and put that piece of chicken down…

  41. Linda says:

    I have read the comments, the only thing that comes to mind is, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all”.
    I shall use my constitutional right and say that many of those “humorous” comments sound like “sour grapes”. I just wonder what those who have shared their thoughts have achieved in their lives compared to Ina Garten. I enjoy her for who she is and aplaude her courage to share her creativity with all of us. I’m also amazed that she gets watched by those who seem to like bashing her.

  42. mary says:

    If you don’t watch the food network for the food then why watch it? Barefoot Contessa is my favorite show mostly because she has such wonderful recipes and many of them use fresh ingredients with low fat dressings, etc. I don’t agree that she uses an over abundance of fat. I have to agree that her laugh is annoying but thankfully it only rears it’s ugly head at the end of the show. Rachel Ray on the other hand is annoying from start to finish. I like a lot of her recipes but I can’t stand her extreme bubbliness and raspy voice. It’s too much to take at the end of a work day. Maybe I should work out to her shows in the morning. Whew!

  43. Samantha says:

    I’m really not an Ina-hater but there’s just so much about her that makes me laugh. I love hearing her say “Faaaaaabulous” like a caricature of some high-society lady. It makes me laugh every time. I don’t think she has ANY idea how far removed she is from the average person, even the well-to-do average person. I recently read an online interview where she was asked about her favorite things. One of them was a particular brand of slippers (can’t remember the name) which are cashmere and cost $480! I’m not jealous of her riches (or her slippers) nor do I hold her extravagant lifestyle against her…I just think she’s amusing. :-)

  44. madeline says:

    I love Ina. I think she has put on a few pounds recently. Her hair is fine by the way. She would look horrible in any other “do”. The giggle doesn’t bug me nor the gay friends. However, if she says, “Dont have any fun without me” one more time, I will scream.

  45. Mel says:

    I love everything Ina and I will continue to watch her shows. Good riddance to those who don’t!!!

  46. Kennedy says:

    I just want to know why she never changes her shirt??
    Even if she has six of the same shirt, they all look worn out. I mean you’re getting paid to be on camera, you would think she could at least wash her hair and put on a new/different top?
    She really is a bit ridiculous parading her BMW and Hamptons life while she looks like she just finished cleaning the bathrooms at Walmart. I mean isn’t there a person who does her makeup for the show that could plop some powder on her greasy head my goodness.
    Honestly if she just lost some weight maybe her husband would stay at home for longer than a minute.
    Sorry but the truth hurts.

  47. Xtine says:

    I am so sorry but looking at this obese woman extolling the virtues of fattening animal foods was so distressing that once was clearly enough. It doesn’t set a good example for anyone in a country where over 50% of the population is obese. There is NO REASON for this woman to be so fat. She is wealthy, has access to private trainers and is privileged in every way. I couldn’t take anything she said seriously, mainly because I kept thinking of what cannot be anything but lack of discipline on her part to maintain a healthy weight. And no, I’m not buying the thyroid or PCOS excuse, there are meds for that.

    The best thing this woman could do for America would be to go on a massive diet using her own foods and showing people how to prepare them. By serving as an inspiration to fat Americans, Ms Garten could actually do some good besides just endorsing gluttony.

  48. La Rox says:

    I wish a picture was required along with the comments, as most of you must be really good looking.

  49. Linda says:

    I love everything about Ina Garten. She is refreshing to watch and is very down to earth. I love her natural style and her cute giggle. She’s adorable and her recipes are are delectable. She seems like a sweetheart. Don’t change anything about yourself Ina!

    • Lisa says:

      I agree! I LOVE INA! shes so cute and so down to earth! I made some of her recipes and am such a fan! They never come out bad :)

  50. Vanessa says:

    Negative comments say nothing about the person they are directed to, but MUCH about the person making the comments. I have no problem posting a picture of myself I’m a physically fit person, however, I believe in being positive. Negativity can cause premature death just as quickly as a stick of butter. No matter how many miles the “fit” and self-righteous people run it will never improve inner beauty, which is the only lasting beauty.

  51. jeanette says:


  52. BN says:

    I met Ina last September 2011. She was wonderful! I was in her favorite place to eat right around the corner from her home in East Hampton. I bought her a cosmo and she came over to thank me. What a beautiful gracious lady. ONE IN A MILLION.

  53. robyn says:

    I think Jeffrey and ina are really cute together. She does seem to have a crush on TR though. I don’t think she needs to lose weight if her health is good. It makes het look young not to be to skinny.

    • Megan says:

      Robyn, I think Ina’s shirts are extremely stylish. Her crush on TR is palpable. But she has always been faithful to Jeffree–remember that one episode where she said, “If the tent is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin” and disappeared into the darkness of the tent with a plateful of brownies? I do. Very much so.

  54. EndoMD says:

    Ina Gartin is a CLASSIC hypothyroid patient. She’s probably on the devil Synthroid and will never lose weight until she gets her thyroid properly medicated. Her puffy face, thinning, fine hair, and belly weight all point to thyroid and adrenal issues. Stop criticizing fat people….human beings don’t grow that size without a hormonal imbalance perpetuating it. If more doctors knew how to treat thyroid issues, we’d have a lot less fat people in the US. But instead, it goes on and is epidemic in this country.

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