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Sandra Lee Regressing Back To Her Old Color Coordinated Ways
Posted by Jillian Madison

sandra lee money saving meals

Tacky tablescapes: out. Color-coordinated countertops: in!

On last week’s episode of Money Saving Meals, everything was green. This week, everything was blue. Blue shirt. Blue flowers. Blue cupcakes. Blue tchotskes. At one point, I was half expecting Papa Smurf to pop out from behind the stand mixer and start browning some onions. It was that bad.

What’s wrong, Sandra Lee? Is your tablescape withdrawal so strong that you had to resort to cluttering your countertops with a useless tri-tiered tower of color coordinated votives?

sandra lee money saving meals

(…oh, and lest we forget our favorite tip from today’s episode: store brand graham crackers cost less than name brand graham crackers! THANKS, AUNT SANDY!)

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  1. Megan says:

    Plus, blue frosting just reeks of fake coloring. I can’t imagine it’ll taste any good. I wonder if this show will last a whole season?

    Megan @

  2. Lana says:

    This program was brought to you by the color blue and the street phrase “DUH!!”

    I like Aunt Sandy just fine, really I do. I can NOT, however, watch her shows. If I do, I swear I’m losing 10 IQ points every 10 minutes.

  3. Ubiquitous says:

    One of the problems with this show is that she demonstrates that she’s a total hypocrite, which can easily be verified by watching the repeats of her original show. I wonder to whom she gave a Lewinski to get this gig?

  4. Lollipop says:

    You didn’t really think she would be able to go for long without the matchy-matchy, did you? Pretty soon she is going to get tired of all this math shit and go back to hitting the bottle.

  5. BITTER says:

    She’s pretty busted without her war paint.

  6. Teague says:

    In that last photo she looks like a worn out cougar at closing time desperately trying out her come hither look.

  7. Daria says:

    I actually watched most of this episode yesterday and I was appalled. First of all where is this woman shopping? Fantasyland? I want to know how she is making potato salad for only a $1.85. The scallions alone that she added to that salad would cost at least a dollar in my grocery store.

    Also she makes a dish that consists of 6 drumsticks and one piece of flatbread, and claims that it is supposed to feed four people? If this is her idea of a meal maybe it explains why she looks so skinny these days. I thought it was money saving meals not money saving appetizers!

  8. Jen says:

    I’ve actually been privileged enough to never seen an episode of this horrible program. I bet her russipes are super super tasty though. I wonder if next week will be red and she’ll use plenty of strawburrrrries and Cool Whip with vanilla extract.

  9. Ashwini says:

    Has she served anything resembling a fresh vegetable on this show since her outright lie about the price of in-season asparagus? You save a lot of money on meals when all your dinner guests are dead of heart disease and diabetes.

  10. Sandra says:

    The potato salad was pathetic, she might have only used 2-3 large red potatoes, plus the grilled scallions looked mushy and old.

  11. Cameron says:

    The second photo of “Aunt Sandy” shows her in a fit of constipation from all of her store-brand preprocessed salted up CRAP.

  12. Byrdie says:

    One again I REALLY tried to watch and once again I was a miserable failure. I just can’t get past her non stop talking talking talking talking talking talking talking. I got as far as the pork chops being grilled then I had to go lie down with a cool towel over my eyes….

  13. Turtle says:

    I like Aunt Sandy, too, honestly. And the intentions behind the show are good.

    But the execution? Oy! First of all, like everyone has been saying, I don’t know where the hell she picks up half of her ingredients or where she gets those prices.

    But my main issue is the show seems geared towards someone who has never seen a kitchen before and can’t tell a spoon from a fork. “How to Boil Water” is more advanced than this show. I like Ted Allen, too, but “Food Detectives” like “Money Saving Meals” seems geared towards the mildly mentally impaired.

    I know some people are so broke that paying 13 cents for a potato is a big difference from 53 cents. But I think if this show gets a second cycle they can do away with such ridiculous penny pinching and have her pick up her ingredients at Chelsea Markets or a local farmer’s market or something. The penny stuff undoubtedly appeals to Sandy’s OCD, but enough already, we’re all adults here.

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