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Giada’s Husband, Todd Thompson
Posted by FNH Staff

We’re a bit concerned about Giada’s husband, Todd Thompson.

Though he seems like a lovely man, we always thought he looked a bit old and frail for his age, from the random footage we’ve seen of him hanging around with his “friends” on the lawn. But while watching this week’s episode of Giada At Home, all of us here at FNH were shocked by these images of his sunken, hardened, malnourished face:

Yes, we all age and get wrinkles… but yikes! Those are simply not the crow’s feet of a healthy man in his early 40s! He looks like he spent the last 74 years of his life on a cattle ranch. What the hell is Giada feeding this guy? Mascarpone and Marlboros? If that’s the impact Giada’s cooking has on your skin, I’m calling Olive Garden instead.

Ina Garten’s husband, Jeffrey, has at least 20 years on this guy – and even he doesn’t look that old. Somebody feed this man some fatty acids, pronto.

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    87 Responses

  1. Byrdie says:

    I think this is what happens to a man who has be emasculated by his wife. He looks like he’s been rode hard and put up wet. Too bad. I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

    • Yohanan says:

      Perhaps Giada is slowly killing him by feeding him with lead utensils. After all, it appears by her smile she is a sociopath.

    • Skynyrd47 says:

      Giada is a great cook and one of the originals on the food network. She has grace and has great personality. Why so much HATE people??? All you jealous, FAT, ugly, white trash females keep eating your cheetos and bacon dip on your couch, you don’t wanna miss Oprah!!!

    • Skynyrd47 says:

      Eh Byrdie, your looking OLD and a lil bit lesbian yourself!

  2. April March says:

    That’s what happens when you forget to put on your sunscreen. Nothing wrinkles the skin faster than too much sun exposure!

  3. Sandra says:

    Must be that California sun! Do guys use sunscreen?

  4. Teague says:

    Stress. Can you imagine enduring what he must in living with her. The stress it must cause. I think we may have hit on a new reality show.

    • Carrie says:

      Soooo true! I hate how she exaggerates her words when she talks out of her square shaped mouth. Why don’t they tell her to fix that mouth? I hate the way she says Spaghetti! Poor Man!

      • disappointed says:

        you are just plain mean! are you so perfect that you have to go around picking on people in the public eye on a blog post? perhaps he has his own stress runnin a successful clothing line! they seem to look pretty happy, live in a beautiful home with dream jobs and a gorgeous little girl. i only hope that one day you can be as blessed with inner beauty on the inside and also have as much love in your life. cuz obviously if you were truly happy and surrounded by love you certainly wouldn’t waste your precious life energy spreading negative attention to anyone who will listen. love & light

        • JustAThought says:

          Hi Todd!!!

        • sunny says:

          I agree with disappointed! Do you think it has to do with envy?

        • dopey says:

          SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • vic says:

          nice to see someone saying something nice. the only people who bad mouth others are those that are just plain ‘ol jealous. I happened to know someone who knows them and they are wonderful people and very happy.
          And I know women who are married to older men, so what, omg, you people are just freakin’ rude and nasty.

        • GINA says:


      • Ellen says:

        HI-larious! The post and all the comments! Haven’t laughed this hard in months!

      • MK says:

        What’s the matter, are you jealous that you don’t look like her?

  5. Jan says:

    Looks like they would both be very careful of sun exposure since Giada’s brother died of skin cancer …

  6. *Di* says:

    Well … he does have fair and freckled skin.
    Maybe he has way too much leisure time, and spends it all out in sun.
    Better wear a hat and sunscreen, dude !

  7. Katie says:

    Less concerned about Todd’s wrinkles than I am Giada’s pancetta-smacking. I just nearly threw the computer through the TV screen in an effort to make her close her damn mouth while she’s eating.

  8. Syd says:

    He’s always seemed a little frail to me.

  9. Donna says:

    Hell he is MUCH better looking then Mr. Rachael Ray… LOL

  10. Roxanne Dupuis says:

    Could be all the stress he has working as a “fashion designer” at Anthropologie. Oh wait. Anthropologie doesn’t have fashion designers, they have product specialists or product interpreters.

  11. Tom says:

    Aw, come on — he’s fair-haired and fair-skinned and likes to bike and surf. Looks like a lot of my friends, actually.

  12. ssun says:

    Yeah, he might be a little abused by the sun but other than that, he looks totally fine.

  13. Derek Lutz says:

    Excessive motor boating.

  14. Juan says:

    he is not that FAIR. In many episodes he is pretty tan. he has spent too much time in the sun and probably a poor diet. Giada’s cooking isnt THAT healthy. He’s looking old.

  15. Candice says:

    Juan, I kinda agree…he’s looking a bit weathered. Is HE the new WINSTON or PALL MALL man?

  16. LOLLL says:

    he probably NEVER owned sunglasses. squinted his way through many days of smoking outside of his job (anthropologie).

    cant you see him standing outside smoking, all squinty, i can.

  17. FayeS says:

    For those folks who keep saying “oh he is fair”, I have to disagree. The man seems to be of an average skin/hair/eye color (Brown hair / Brown eyes do not = overly fair). Bobby Flay, for example, is fair, and the same age .. and his crow’s feet aren’t that bad. The man clearly needs some more fat in his diet to help fill those sunken lines.

    Giadia, give your man a burger!

  18. Anonymous says:

    He looks like a lesbian.

    • Jordan says:

      Whenever I try to find Todd’s birthday info, I get re-directed to something about Giada…. Hhhmmm do we have something to hide?

      I now wonder more than ever how old he is. I was always under the impression that he was at least bi. He just seems a little too timid and “gay” around Giada.

      • Kate says:

        Todd is 9 years older than Giada. He seems to enjoy outdoor things and is in the water a lot, doubt he has worn sunglasses much.

    • Seattle says:

      OMG!! I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time, all of you make me laugh!

    • SIM says:

      LOL……He seems a bit gay alright.

  19. Teague says:

    …as I pick my self off the floor. LOFL!!!

  20. Cameron says:

    Giada is draining the life out of this poor fella! Maybe she can give him a “mahs-ca-pon-ah” facial.

  21. hamandeggey says:

    Giada is a VAMPIRE!

  22. Deen says:

    “Excessive motor boating”


  23. SLE says:

    Emasculated, dominated, frustrated and, after Miss Giada became pregnant, probably CASTRATED!!!
    Poor S.O.B.!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Syd says:

    I agree, he needs moisturizer! But I have a feeling that he is secretly gay. Maybe he doesn’t take care of his skin so that he looks more rugged and stay in the closet a while longer?

  25. judith says:

    I don’t understand the negativity toward Giada – she’s cute, witty, neat, and attentive to her husband. Todd is older than she, but obviously they are very much in love- He has an out, if he wants it, but obviously he doesn’t. Leave them alone. Sounds like you’re all jealous!

  26. Judith says:

    I am the original Judith!!! This person does not express my views at all!!! For heavens sake I find Giada totally irritating. Jillian, please tell every one that that person is not ME!!

    • Carrie says:

      She is totally irritating!! how do we get her off the Food Network?? Her short arms and small hands freaks me out! Who cares about her family history! Big deal about her grandpa that they keep bringing up, blah blah blah, we know already! Stuff her in her own lasagna!

  27. Kim says:

    wow, I thought this was supposed to be humorous comments, but these are downright mean. If you don’t have anything nice to say, the don’t say anything.

    I think they are happy and trying to make family life and work combine well. What is so wrong with that?

  28. peg says:

    I saw beautiful Giada and her gorgeous husband at dinner last night and the first thing that caught my attention was her handsome husband. He is polished, refined and a wonderful example of a shining, young husband.

  29. Rachel says:

    I think Todd enjoys sports and he is athletic looking to me. He has a slender frame but he is strong looking, Giada is tiny woman it wouldn’t look natural if her husband is 50 lbs over weight. I think they make a nice looking couple and,I think their baby is adorable.

  30. carol says:

    why is this soo much about how he looks. safe to say none of you know the man and apparently she does….so jealous. shes a damn good cook and if you dont like her dont watch.

  31. Mimo says:


  32. spapag says:

    Actually, he’s very handsome – it’s in his genes. btw, those are laugh lines — a pity nobody actually recognizes what they are…but good for Todd, Giada and Jade.

  33. AMY says:

    I would like to just say that I think they make a great couple. Giada is just beyond beautiful and Todd is a nice looking man and they seem to have a loving relationship and a great little family. More power to them. Everyone needs to be a little more kind towards Giada I think she has a great personality and I love her show.

  34. Concerned says:

    You people a petty and rude! Shame on all of you!!
    Amy you are right. All these people just sound like jelious losers.. get a life people!

  35. Lizzy says:

    I love giada’s cooking performances. I love most of her food….but I get absolutely livid when I see a person who shows off her skills in the kitchen when her boobs are about to have a falling out and when she takes a mouth full of food masticates it and talks with that food half falling out of her mouth showing the world her ignorance.

  36. Georgia says:

    I think Giana is beautiful and I love her show. I watch everyday and if not record it for later. Jade is very cute and looks like her mother. Maybe Todd gets to much sun and he is just slim and probably he just burns it off. Much better than being overweight. It isn’t always what you eat it is how much. Her clothes are for TV, you noticed didn’t you? Jealous is probably a good term to use here. Who cares about your negative thoughts, I think she is lovely and I enjoy her cooking and show VERY much. They seem to be a loving couple and live a great life. Good for them.

  37. Doris says:

    He’s actually a very handsome man and FIT! You can’t say that much about the rest of the chefs and spouses at the Food Network. The wrinkles are laugh lines, people.

  38. Betty2 says:

    I feel sorry for Todd – what with all the recent ‘blind items’ about Giada having affairs outside their marriage. I hope it is not true as neither he nor their baby deserve it. If true and she wants to to play around then divorce her husband and let him take their daughter then go nuts.

  39. Greg says:

    Wow all the negative morons on here Giada is not only a talented chef and great asset to Food Network I would guess from what I have seen she is a wonderful wife and mother. The men and women that are making crappy comments just shut up. You are jealous of what she is and what she has. Get over yourselves go take a Valium and relax stop trying to make your life seem better by putting someone else down.

  40. superbombastik says:

    This gorgeous, tiny, delicious, chunk of Italian dream cake married a fashion designer. What more do you need to know? He’s artsy, borderline gay, gives in to her every whim, is a “shopping buddy”. Clearly, she wants someone that is not going to challenge or disrupt her world. He is probably very sensitive (gay) and loving (gay gay). Some women don’t want to get “reamed” like an animal. He’s the luckiest guy alive. He probably looks like he does from low fat intake and a lot of soccer or something whilst she does her show. I hate him just for getting to touch her. She could boss me all day, as long as I got what I wanted at night.

    • Nessa says:

      Wow, for you people that are making negative comments about Giada and her husband, I don’t understand how instead of being happy for other people successes you bring up things to put them down. Definitely very negative and sounds like jealousy. Giada is beautiful and if she wants to wear low cut shirts she can. I say if you got it, flaunt it. Sounds like those that have a problem with it may not be able to wear those type of shirts.

  41. Nancy says:

    Giada is most annoying. In particular when she pronounces in Italian in the middle of an English sentence. She sounds rather moronic and that is when i turn the tv off. I like her recipes but don’t like her. Jade is sweet and darling. Todd looks brow-beaten which i’m sure he is. other than that – a regular family. Once she said “spagheeeeeeeeti” then called it spaghetti to her guests.

  42. disappointed says:

    i think they look blissfully happy and if smiling so much were to give me deep smile lines then BRING THEM ON!!! they have many things to be grateful for… both have successful careers, they live in a gorgeous home on the ocean front in a city where it is always sunny and have a beautiful little girl! rather than spreading around what’s wrong about celebrities and picking on them people, maybe one should look in the mirror first and see if you are so perfect yourself. i know i’m sure not! but it would be better serving of your energies to pour out words of affection into the world vs criticism no? i bet if you tried it you would be amazed at how your own life would look a wee bit brighter! love & light to you all

  43. Your Name Charbo says:

    I wonder if Todd actually works to earn a living. He seems to always have time to be surfing, scate boarding on a motorized board, spending time with his friends waiting for Giada to “feed” them. You never see him helping her in the kitchen – just waiting for the food to be provided for him. Is this the same way with making a living? Is Giada the breadwinner and he the breadeater? There seems to be a question if he even has a job. Must be nice.

  44. Anjie says:

    Someone wrote that she is a few years younger than Todd, but actually they are only one year apart.
    I heard her say in an interview that she met him in high school, when she was 18 y/o and he was 19 y/o. I’m not sure if that means he is one year older or if he is just born later in the year, as in after her, but he is definitely NOT a few YEARS older than her. I don’t mean to get anyone upset, but I just wanted to say what I heard from the interview. It shouldn’t seem so surprising though because most men don’t wear lotions, or sunscreen, or at least the norm of society is that ‘real’ machismo men don’t, so maybe he is a real machismo man! Giada seems like the real sweet wife who cooks and takes care of her family, so he’s gotta be the typical as well. No?

  45. Anjie says:

    OH! I stand corrected. I decided to find that interview on YouTube and although I cannot access it somehow, because of errors, I read the comments and people posted an interview in USA Today that says she is 5 years younger than Todd, so if she is 41 y/o this year, he is 46ish. So sorry about the mistake! And I guess that does make more sense. Funny how they’ve been dating since 1989 when she was 18-19y/o and he would have been like 25 or so, maybe the interview states she was 18-19, and he was a few years older. Once again, I stand corrected!

  46. JL says:

    Oh, who cares! “Mean people” comments only make the commenters seem meaner, stupider and smaller… unless you also are of such a mindset (hopefully, not!).

    That being said, he does seem to be pretty lean, and likely more fair skinned by nature, so if he hasn’t been good about using sunscreen, that would contribute to premature aging, especially around the eyes. IF it matters to HIM (nevermind all of you), he should get botox around his eyes and use sunscreen(!!!), as well as good skin care products. (Nevermind the “gay” comments… all you guys should listen up!). A few months later his skin will look remarkably better! This may not be important to him, or her… in which case, it isn’t really our business either! ;-) JMHO. I wouldn’t normally write about something like this, but I stumbled onto this while looking for something else, and some of the (very shallow) negative comments compelled me to comment…. I do think those who spent time writing nasty, negative comments on this topic should consider getting a life… and let others wrinkle and cook and love and live as they please… and worry about your own business instead!

  47. Your Name HERA says:

    well not looks that matter its one’s inner being and he with her she is very lovely looking lady so leave the guy alone

  48. Charlene says:

    Some of you guys are really strange with your vitriolic comments. Does this make you feel good to say ugly things about people you don’t know? I don’t get it. Todd’s got wrinkles. Who gives a sh*t? He’s a good looking guy with wrinkles. Giada talks with food in her mouth. All these TV chefs talk with food in their mouths. So do you. Don’t like it? Then don’t watch. Or do watch and then troll around on obscure web blogs hissing and berating people. Yeah, that’s winning. Did you get picked on in high school or something? Relax. Utilize your remote controls. Everything will be fine. :)

  49. Machine says:

    This is what happens when you drink alot Alcohol.women can hide it with mackup but please don’t look at them in the morning lmfao.

  50. Oh come on people, why be so harsh? Beauty is only skin deep…but Ugly is to the bone.

  51. Craig says:

    It’s funny, all you fat chicks can’t handle watching a successful, beautiful woman rise to the top. Why bash her? If you don’t like her just turn off your tv and go back to eating your donuts.

  52. Bunnymommy says:

    Jealousy rearing its ugly head here on the forum. Both Giada and Todd are beautiful people who live beautiful lives. God has blessed them both immensely in both the looks as well as the intelligence area. Their daughter is beautiful and i’m sure will follow in the footsteps of either one of her parents. Or, who knows maybe she will become a veterinarian. Whatever. You should be happy for these people instead of nitpicking at everything. Get a life.

  53. April says:

    First of all, I don’t think that he looks that bad. Second of all, Todd is 10 yrs her senior. Maybe this is why he doesnt look like a man in his early 40′s. He seems happy, has a beautiful home and wife, and a sweet little girl. Maybe some advice should be followed…”If you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.” Jealousy isn’t pretty either.

  54. Eric says:

    This is to all of the haters. Giada is a beautiful woman and if you don’t like her because of your own insecurities change the channel. There’s no need for bashing anyone just because you are jealous.

  55. Jack's Mom says:

    To all the people who have nothing but nasty things to say…what is wrong with you? Do you have nothing better to do than pick on a man simply to make fun of his looks? You better hope karma doesnt come around and scar you, disfigure you, or simply cause yo to age ungracefully so that others might deplete your self esteem with similar nasty comments. Once a bully, always a bully. So the man has wrinkles. Who the hell cares? Are you perfect? No…so find something better to do with your time…like fix your insides because they are uglier and more damaged than this poor guys appearance. Maybe he enjoys the outdoors. Sun damage can cause skin discolorations and wrinkles. Or, he could just age poorly…not everyone has perfect genes. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with how he looks….Giada is a beautiful and successful woman and i doubt her food has anything to do with the effects on his appearance. We age. Get over it and leave these poor people alone. Jealousy is a disgusting trait, and that is always at he root of unnecessary, nasty comments about a persons appearance or otherwise.

  56. Jenny says:

    I can only wish that my mouth is the one that Todd shoves his man-meat in

  57. Your Nametrish says:

    I basically agree that a lot op people are jealous. And as far as her cleavage? My husband calls it TITS ON TV. And my brother calls it COOKING CLEAVAGE. I am very big on top and in not jealous. If you got it flaunt it. HOWEVER GIADA,!!! Please have sine class and know when its not appropriate. Like at a kindergarten bake sale. For gods sake you still had to show that crack and bend over while talking to little kids. Disgusting. You did not need cleavage for that. And worse by far you had your 9 yr old neice for a sleepover and gave her breakfast in bed. Is that what you want a young girl to eminate?? You absolutely looked like a who’re in a silky thin outfit with your boobs hanging out the fabric. That was horrific. I still day do what you want and let people be jealous but can it when it is inappropriate. It also totally humiliated me as an American when you could not resist being a sexy siren when you cooked for and served the totals William and Kate. You had to wear a skin tight silver dress and oh yes had to,,, just had to have a cutout around your fits because you can’t even think about beautiful and classy in the same breath. It was disgusting when everyone knows the royal family is too low keyed and classy for that. You made americalook ccheap.

  58. k says:

    You haters are disgusting!!! You JEALOUS!!! its so f obvious! You can say whatever you want and it will not make u as pretty, graceful, smart and talented as she is. Its delight to watch get show. Her food is beautiful and classy and she is just beauty! U had nothing else to say so u had to pick something abt her husband..the guy is lucky and that’s why he is staying! SHAME ON UR FAT ASSES!

  59. Your Name says:

    I think Todd is adorable and their daughter is the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen and she is soooo happy and well behaved.

  60. kat says:

    all of you are just jelous,,,what does it matter wht she feeds Todd,,,,,,those are severe smile lines,,,,,he is happy you are not,,,,get over it,,,,,laughing so hard at all of you,,,,,

  61. laughing says:

    My man says it’s all those small bites and prissy girl food lol you do have to admit she never cooks “man food” I’ve always thought that sometimes he eats big greasy burgers when he’s not around her lol. She did a episode about game day and her food was still FU FU..poor guy.

  62. SilentContempt1015 says:

    1. This article is hurtful towards Giada De Laurentiis. I do not want to come across hurtful articles like this. Most of the time, I change sites when I see something like this, but I took it upon myself to defend Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson.

    2. The appearance on Todd Thompson’s face is not all a result of what Giada is feeding him. Todd Thompson is his own person and can eat anywhere he wants, be it at home or anywhere else. Giada should not be held responsible for Todd’s actions nor food intake, nor health regimen. Giada, before and during being with Todd, already has a health regimen not just for her body neck-down but also her face, added with what she says is good genetics. I am sure Todd has good genetics, too, and I have seen him having a fit body. It has been featured that Todd maintains his body through working out, hiking, surfing, sensible eating, and portioned indulgences. Todd may or may not have a similar facial regimen like Giada’s, but even when a person tries to improve their facial skin with products or regimen, the results are not always the same. Maybe it worked better on Giada than it did on Todd. Some of us look beyond young for our age (I happen to be one of them, I get told a lot) and there are those who age just like the majority; that is just nature on its own. Jeffrey, Ina Garten’s husband, has more of a thicker build, therefore, he has more lipids available in his body, in his face, to fill out places where there would be wrinkles such as around the eyes and mouth, a small benefit of having some extra fat in the body, it fills out wrinkles and defy the look of aging for a time being.

    3. Why, oh, why is it that when a woman starts to make more money than the man she is involved with, automatically, some people think the man is “emasculated”? People need to get that out of their heads. I am sure both Todd Thompson and Giada De Laurentiis are secure with each other. They have been together since 1990, according to Giada herself (or since 1991 according to other sources, but I would rather take Giada’s word on it because it is their lives), so if they lasted this long despite all the appointments and engagements Giada is scheduled in, then I support them both on their strong union.

  63. squange says:

    Why is it that when an Italian person pronounces Italian words correctly she gets crucified for it?!! If she was any other ethnicity we would have to be politically correct! But because she is Italian the same rules don’t apply? Every other culture gets respected,so should Italians. JUST PLAIN JEALOUSY!

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