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The Worst Restaurant Names In The World (35 Pics)
Posted by Jillian Madison

FNH Gallery: the 35 most unfortunately named restaurants and cafes across the world!

bad restaurant name
(Located in Tanzania)

bad restaurant name

bad restaurant name
(Located in Houston, TX)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Delaware)

bad restaurant name
(Located in NYC)

bad restaurant name
(Located in India)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Florida)

bad restaurant name
(Located in England)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Portland, Oregon)

bad restaurant name
(Located in the Philippines)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Australia)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Mass)

bad restaurant name
(No idea!)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Houston, Texas)

bad restaurant name
(Located in England)

bad restaurant name
(Sandwich shop located in London, England)

bad restaurant name
(Located in London, England)

bad restaurant name
(I believe this is located in Germany)

bad restaurant name
(Located in London, England)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Malaysia)

bad restaurant name
(Not sure where this is located)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Sweden)

bad restaurant name
(Located in England)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Canada)

bad restaurant name
(Located in NYC)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Toronto, Canada)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Los Angeles, California)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Honolulu, Hawaii)

bad restaurant name
(Located in China)

bad restaurant name
(Located in England)

bad restaurant name
(Located in India)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Spain)

bad restaurant name
(Not sure where this is located)

bad restaurant name
(Located in Tibet)

bad restaurant name
(Not sure where this is located)

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    182 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    Seriously? LMAO

  2. DesignerJeans says:

    You forgot:

    Johnny Garlic’s California Pasta Grill
    Tex Wasabi’s

  3. Syd says:

    Hard to even choose a favorite out of those. I’d have to go with Phat Phuc, I think.

  4. Nice – but the Obama Fried Chicken is definitely a fake.

  5. Sorry, I don’t think I expressed it right – I think the picture is photoshopped is what I mean is what it is – isn’t it?

  6. *Di* says:

    FUK MI !

    Thanks for the laugh – I needed it.

    But where on earth can there be a Hitler restaurant ?!

  7. Byrdie says:

    Di – I was curious about the Hilter’s Cross, so I looked it up. It’s in Bombay. The story I read was the owner used the name to attract attention, but he didn’t really get any positive feedback (imagine that!). Anyway, I guess he changed the name since then (from back in 2006). What a nutball.

    My fave of all these is the Italian “Crapitto’s”. “Hey, let’s go get a Crappy pizza!”

    • jenne says:

      Actually guys, the swastika is an ancient symbol, which dates back to the Neolithic period. It’s a common religious symbol in India and the word comes from Sanskrit.
      So you will see lots of those in India.. So the symbol is common, just the name was used to attract attention…

  8. D in Va says:

    Right before I moved away from the Northern VA area, the Il Mee Buffet opened up. You can google it, it’s in Annandale. I never tried it, but the name made me giggle every time I drove by.

  9. Erin says:

    Hey!! I’ve been to The Slug and Lettuce in London! It was actually a really great place for lunch.

    And no, there were no small gastropods in my food. ;)

    • Emily says:

      The Slug and Lettuce is actually a chain of quite posh pubs in England, they’re in every upmarket town. Windsor has a particularly nice one. I think it’s just going on the pub naming system, which really doesn’t make much sense lol. Either way, I was suprised to see it on the list, but I might just be used to the name by now.

      • Steve says:

        I’ve been to the one in Nottingham (I think it was, it was a while ago).

        I think it made the list because it was drawn up by an American, and they don’t appreciate English pub names.

        There’s a pub in Ollerton, Notts, called “The Squinting Cat”. They should add that to the list!

      • Gourmet Girl says:

        Hi Emily – sorry, no way is the Slug and Lettuce a “posh” chain. They are OK and that’s about it. Nice comfortable seats but the food is obviously bought in and isn’t particularly good. I once had some stone cold asparagus with some equally cold butter “melting” (not!) on top.

  10. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Nice! I needed a good laugh for the day:)

  11. RaleighRob says:

    The “Cabbages & Condoms” one cracks me up. I can only imagine what sort of mistranslation from Thai to English happened there.

  12. Mike Roberts says:

    The fourth restaurant from the bottom has a canopy that shows a phone number with an international dialing code of 968.

    If this is correct, that would put this restaurant in Oman.

    Hope I’m right.

  13. Naz says:

    how is boobys(Skokie, IL) not on here?? i can’t help but giggle everytime i pass it.

  14. *Di* says:

    “Di – I was curious about the Hilter’s Cross, so I looked it up. It’s in Bombay.”

    Thanks Byrdie. Guess India doesn’t give a sh*t about ‘PC’ re Hitler (ha).
    I’m remembering a small market in these parts, years back, known for it’s butcher department – Tom’s Market – their delivery trucks had big sign that said “you can’t beat Tom’s meat”
    (ha – so much fun to be immature, eh)

  15. IceWario says:

    @Mike Roberts: RESTAURANTE EL RAPE is located in Spain, here’s the address: SUBIDA AL FARO,1 – CABO DE PALOS (CARTAGENA)

    By the way, in Spain “Rape” is a fish, aka Lophius (

  16. Kittykitty says:

    They’re all great, but I think Crabby Dick’s is my favorite. I wonder if the bad names attract customers?

    • James Reid says:

      I’ve eaten at Crabby Dicks…the food was okay. Crabby Dicks are all over Delaware. I suspect the name does bring in the customers…that’s the reason i stopped there.

    • DeRes says:

      Crabby Dick’s ticked off the locals at Rehoboth Beach by putting up suggestive messages like:

      We Pry ‘em open ; You slurp ‘em up!
      We have crabs, do you?
      Try our big crab balls.

  17. Bri says:

    Fuk Mi is actually photoshop.

  18. A few location notes:

    Muff Cafe is in Bratislava, Slovakia. Apparently it’s an ice cream place.

    Happy Crack is what I’d call a mall food court eatery with several locations in Spain.

    The Nasty Buffet picture looks similar to a photo of Dynasty Buffet (with the “dy” unlit) in Butler, Pennsylvania seen on Flickr:

    And while there is a Dirty Dick’s seafood/crabs chain in the US, that particular photo is of Dirty Dick’s pub in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  19. potty mouth princess says:

    One of the oldies, but goodies, Berkeley’s own…

  20. Muffy the Poodle says:

    Cabbages and Condoms is actually in Bangkok, not London. I’ve been there. The food isn’t bad and condoms are provided free of charge. Its profits are donated to the Population and Community Development Association which promotes birth control. The odd name helps to draw tourists who can afford to support the restaurant’s mission.

  21. ang says:

    Crabby Dicks in DE rocks!

  22. emma says:

    I won’t fault the ones out of the USA (and yes, England has it’s own culture and I’ll give them a pass) but how does ANYONE get those names advertised in a local paper or yellow pages without someone in marketing saying “Excuse me, we need to have a talk…”

    Too funny.

  23. SpaceCow says:

    Actually Fuk Mi was located in Houston before they closed down.

  24. Joanna Breslin says:

    Squat and Gobble Cafe in San Francisco.

  25. HeWhoseNameMustNotBeSpoken says:

    LOL @ “Squat & Gobble Cafe”
    …is that also known as “The Glory Hole Cafe”?

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  27. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    I have been to Hung Far Low many times. It is a very fine restaurant in Portland’s China Town.

  28. Sarah says:

    I’ve been to Squid Lips in Melbourne for a few beers. Nice outside patio, and they have a sandy beach area on the river if you want to enjoy some Florida sunshine!

  29. Mari says:

    Dirty Dick’s is in Edinburgh, on Rose Street. Of course, I had to take a picture and send it to all of my friends…

  30. Liz says:

    I have to submit my absolute favorite unfortunate restaurant name, located in Tacoma, Washington – SAR’S Oriental Cuisine. Talk about a stroke of bad luck in epidemic names… I think they’re closed now.

  31. Nanami says:

    What’s missing is:

    Located in Raleigh Hills, Oregon

    • Ali says:

      Tillicum is also a town in Washington state . . .

      though I wish they’d put Dick’s (a burger place) on this list. Great burgers.

  32. sassinak says:

    funny thing, the spotted dick is my local…

    i recommend the southern cobb. freaking delicious… has stilton in it!

  33. Chamale says:

    I’ve been to Lick-A-Chick – it’s in Nova Scotia, near Sydney (IIRC). The food’s actually quite good, and the name is a reference to their fried chicken. I wonder what the other places are like.

  34. peguin says:

    cabbage and condoms,and crabby dicks. and im a 11 year old. lol

  35. Diane says:

    Late to the party here, but where I live (Montreal) there is a Korean restaurant named Hwang Kum that I keep meaning to take photos of. There’s also a Japanese restaurant called Hentai Sushi & Grill that always makes me laugh.

    • Your NameNo Nic says:

      I make it a point never to eat hen na sushi, but I presume hentai na sushi might be the kind you eat off a bare torso?

      The ‘grill’ part is scaring me, though!

  36. hermitycrab says:

    We have “Fu King” Chinese restaurant.
    And I’ve been wanting to vandalize that sign since junior high school.
    (Except now I’m 40 years old and scared of heights. Damn.)

  37. James Stewart says:

    McWank’s is (or was) in the Yukon, Canada.

  38. Jun says:

    Pink Taco in Arizona:

    Or how about the Heart Attack Grill?

  39. John says:

    Fuk Mi used to be in houston, but it sadly closed

  40. mark says:

    I take issue with Hung Far Low. That place has been in business more than 50 years. Can’t be a worst name. Now, Hang My Dong would be a worst name, but I don’t have an image of it.

  41. JD says:

    “Hey!! I’ve been to The Slug and Lettuce in London! It was actually a really great place for lunch.

    And no, there were no small gastropods in my food. ;)”

    I’ve been there too, many a time! Great pub… and as far as pub names go, this one is really not that strange.

  42. Ron Morrison says:

    Flavor of Negros refers to regional food from the islands of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental in the Philippines, sort of like Cajun food refers to the Gulf coast area or Southwestern style food.

  43. kerri anna says:

    haha my m8 runs the slug n lettice!!!
    good food tho.

  44. ENGLISH says:


  45. Irish says:

    yeah soon fat is in bray, co. wicklow in ireland.
    not a bad take away either!

  46. Liz says:

    Tragically, Chewy Balls closed last year.

  47. cb says:

    Hey, great post, just thought I would let you know Fuk Mi sushi bars can be found in most capital cities down here in Australia, so it’s probably from there

  48. hmm says:

    So…what exactly is wrong with “The Chocolate Log”? Sounds quite nice!

    • MuffMaster71 says:

      Maybe because I (as does everybody else) drop the old proverbial “chocolate log” in the toilet most every day.

  49. Paul says:

    The “Slug and Lettuce” is actually a pub chain. I know of two in the Midlands and several in London.

  50. Simon says:

    The Slug and Lettuce are quite a big chain of restaurants right across the UK and server pretty good food. As for Buttyboys, in parts of England (like where I’m from) a butty is a sandwich.

  51. UberPhreak says:

    The “Fuk Mi Seafood and Sushi” was located in Castle Rock, CO, USA. Closed down now I think.

  52. Homebrew5 says:

    Let us not forget Montezuma’s Revenge (Mexican) in Hobart ,

  53. Pu Pu hot pot says:

    I love Pu Pu Hot Pot. They’re pretty good. (Cambidge MA)

  54. Nicole says:

    No lie, Crabby Dicks is the best place in Delaware to get crabs. effing amazing <3

  55. I’ve seen to Slug and Letuuce – it is actually very upscale place (two of those, actually)

  56. R.I. says:

    The one in the Philippines.. Flavors of Negros…refers to the place Negros Occidental.

  57. carl says:

    man, lick-a-chick is like a 40 minute drive from my house…they make the best fried chicken ever!

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  59. Tumbleweeds says:

    The Rong Phuk Restaurant would be in Thailand, not Tibet. The writing on the Pepsi insignia is Thai.

  60. rawrsauce says:

    The last one, “Nasty Buffet”, is actually “Dynasty Buffet” without the ‘D’ lit up.

  61. Mark says:

    ‘Soon Fatt’ is a chinese takeaway in Bray, Ireland….. and the food is excellent!!

  62. Simon says:

    There’s another Wo Fat in London =P

  63. Majo says:

    “(I believe this is located in Germany)”
    its in Slovakia; Raňajky on the pic ~


  64. S'J says:

    Soon Fatt isnt in Malaysia
    its in Bray [wicklow, ireland]
    i pass it everyday and you can see the reflection of a dublin bus in the picture

  65. Adele A. says:

    Those are pretty funny restaurant names.

    Best part is, I live about a mile away from Squid Lips and go there often. Hahaha.

  66. Rosey says:

    What’s so bad about the slug and lettuce?

  67. ellie says:

    I’ve totally been to the slug and lettuce (leeds) REALLY nice food actually

  68. tom waller says:

    bitch on a pention suck my dong

  69. Anon says:

    Dirty Dicks is on Rose Street in Edinburgh, UK. I worked there for a while.

  70. Tricia N says:

    The picture of WoFat is actually located in Las Vegas, NV who does cater to mostly Hawaiians. I have been going there since I was a wee child and that been a quarter of a century! The Wo Fat in Honolulu is in the middle of Chinatown! Two totally different places!!!

  71. Kaytlin Hall says:

    I prefer the chocolate log.

  72. SQV says:

    This is hilarious… I actually had my wedding rehearsal dinner at Crapitto’s… superb restaurant, actually!!

  73. gibberishtwist says:

    I’m very late, but still felt the need to point out that Pu Pu Hot Pot is actually really, really good. They even have newspaper review clippings in their window with headlines like, “Great Food, Horrible Name.”

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  77. Margaret says:

    Funny! There’s also a “Fook Yuen” restaurant above 7-Eleven in Waikiki…got 3.5 stars on Yelp so I guess it’s not bad.

  78. Bob says:

    The Yu Kee is a fake it’s photo shopped and would never be in China anyway. The spelling would be more like Korean. And if you look at the window it’s all in English where it should be in Chinese.

    • Foodieman604 says:

      Yu Kee is not a fake, however, it isn’t located in China. It is actually located in a strip mall in Vancouver, BC, Canada at Elliot St and East 49th Ave. You can actually see the area code 604 phone number in the window if you look closely.

      Coincidentally, the mall Yu Kee is located is also the locale of Killarney Market, which was featured in Michael Buble’s music video, “I Haven’t Met You Yet”!



  80. Kaytie girl says:

    holy fuck

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  82. Gypsie Rose says:

    lmmfao at taste of negros and obama friend chicken ha

  83. atlantis says:

    The Fuk mi image is shopped. It was Fu kim in Houston off I-45 at Fuqua.

  84. Etu says:

    I walk by that “spotted dick” one nearly every day… It’s always a good laugh if it’s your first time seeing it.

  85. The Rape isn’t a extrange name. Is the name in spanish of the Goosefish and is a kind of fish very popular in Spain.

  86. Andie says:

    The ‘nasty Buffet’ is the Dynasty Buffet in Butler, PA.

  87. Suzi Boyd says:

    Those are just awful! hahahaha

    I didn’t see Fuddruckers–a place we had here in Spfld. where the Pasta Hse. now is.

  88. Kirsten says:

    The Fuk Mi restaurant pic is totally photoshopped. There’s a chain of restaurants in Houston called Fu-Kim. The one pictured is just down the highway from where I live.

  89. Sarah says:

    Very funny. Yes, there really are several ‘Slug and Lettuce’ in England and also another Spotted Dick in Farnborough. There is also a ‘Phuket’ where I live. Have also seen a ‘Phuket’ airlines.

  90. Todd says:

    No Big Lai Palace, Pho Bich Nga or Pink Pearl? No one’s been to Vancouver, i guess.

  91. Tycon says:

    Bunghole: A bunghole is a hole bored in a liquid-tight barrel. IE keg of beer. It’s not their fault that it became rude later…

    • T says:

      In Tulsa, OK there was a Bung Hole Liquor…the city made them change the name and now it is Bung Hole Wine and Spirits.

  92. Stuart A. says:

    The Fuk Mi restaurant is located in Clear Lake Texas, just south of Houston, down I-45.

  93. Andrew says:

    I’ve been to the Slug and Lettuce! It’s great!

  94. Jim spicer says:

    in my travles around the world twice and stoping in a numbere of countrys i think i had dinner in a few of theas places

  95. Donomite says:

    You guys forgot the “Pho King Restaurant” located in Bellevue Washington. Great Pho and Vietnamese food. Cheers

  96. Victoria says:

    The Slug and Lettuce is in Glasgow, Scotland you dumb American!

  97. ted says:

    i just want to clarify that Flavors of Negros aint a typo. It pertains to food that comes from the Negros Occidental region of the philippines. and its not pronounced negro meaning a black person its pronounced Neh-gross. just wanted to clear that up

    • jim says:

      thx for your incitful review of the name of this place, the world would truly be lost without it. Her’s my incite, (its meant to be a play on words you putz) i quess treating the rest of the world like idiots, makes you feel superior. IDIOT

  98. Check your facts says:

    Dirty Dicks is in London, UK not generic USA
    The Tibetan one is actually from Thailand.

  99. eoghan says:

    soon fatt is actually in Bray (just as you head out on the shankill road), Ireland and not in Malaysia lol
    I go by it nearly every day, funny I came across it here. just about to eat their food as I speak ;)

  100. Big Joe says:

    i agree with TED. “Flavors of Negros” is a restaurant in the Philippines that serves food from the province of Negros Occidental. it’s funny how cultural backgrounds give us different perceptions/reactions of something as trivial as a restaurant name.

  101. Tabasc0Kat says:

    The last picture was from Butler, PA. The restaurant is “Dynasty Buffet”, but the D and Y were burnt out.

  102. DrEmil says:

    Victoria, if we are all dumb Americans, perhaps you should cruise your own country’s websites, but clearly wherever you live they have no sense of humor. Or should I say humour.

  103. Tuesday says:

    Cabbages and Condoms is actually in Bangkok not in London. I wish there was one here though. They give you condoms instead of mints at the end of your meal! Worth buying some pad thai!

  104. generalforum says:

    The Mc Wanks photo left me speechless…
    Some of those photos simply had me asking “why?”.

  105. Mitch says:

    Fuk Mi is located in houston, tx

  106. Big Sherm says:

    I know for sure Happy Crack is in Waterloo Iowa…Ha!

  107. Mom Poon says:

    Fuk Mi was located in Friendswood/Webster Texas just south of Houston for a few years in the 90′s. Never went there, but always joked about it.

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  109. Kait says:

    Nasty Buffet is in Butler, PA in the Clearview Mall. Its actually called Dynasty Buffet, but the lights in “DY” have burnt out an haven’t been replaced in at least 5 years. I used to eat there all the time. Surprisingly, fir Chinese buffets, The Nasty Buffet isn’t too nasty.

  110. chris says:

    the Muffcaffe is located in Slovakia

  111. Janice says:

    The Lick-A-Chick is located next door to the Lick-A-Treat!! No kidding, it’s located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada and has the best fried chicken ever, So yes, I have had Lick-A-Chick!!

  112. Rose says:

    the Last one- “nasty buffet” is actually dynasty buffet with the d and y lights burnt out

    there’s also a crabby dicks in ocean city maryland.
    In OC there’s also Big Peckers, and Bj’s

  113. Gary S. says:

    I think “Soon Fatt” restaurant would be FUNNIER if it were an all you can eat place! (Buffet)

  114. Chance says:

    Chewy Balls was right across the street from our High School

  115. Aaron says:

    Nasty buffet is supposed to say Dynasty Buffet. It’s in Reno, Nevada. It’s a Damn good Mongolian buffet

  116. jch67 says:

    Cabbages & Condoms is actually in Bangkok, Thailand and is an excellent restaurant. It was started by a Member of Parliament who championed the use of condoms in the Thai sex industry to combat the spread of Aids. Great restaurant with great food, great atmosphere and a great cause.

    I live in Bangkok for several years and have eaten here dozens of times. Highly recommended if you’re visiting.

  117. Mary says:

    That was great while it lasted, they had to change their name, due to legalities I assume.

  118. Rachel says:

    I love Dirty Dicks! It’s in Boston, MA. The foods nothing spectacular, but the service is purposefully horrible. It’s a great atmosphere and the waiters have good humored fun at your expense, but it’s nothing cruel, just funny.

  119. MuffMaster71 says:

    LOL…..those people in that Happy Crack restaurant don’t look like their cracks are too happy. Except for those two over on the far left who have their arms all around each other – they look like their cracks are kind of happy.

  120. Your Name Elizabeth says:

    I’m glad to see others have come to the defense of Cabbages and Condoms. There are actually several throughout Thailand, and the profits go to helping to combat the AIDs problem in the country. Some of the other names are very funny, however.

  121. kakiski says:

    beeen to golden shower…ask for Kitimoto when you get there…yummm…ohh n the Gold3en-shower special…they should match up with the golden Stool…Rotlfmao!!

  122. Mike says:

    In Lexington, KY on UK’s campus, just saw a place called Hugh Jass Burgers.

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  124. Sayrial says:

    Damnit! I knew it!
    Hung Far Low is awwwwwesome!!! My bastard friends didnt wanna go!

  125. samuel says:

    I believe that El Rape restaurant is located in Portugal, because it’s a portuguese phone number. Having said that, it’s a great name ahahah

  126. Kmac says:

    Please someone look up Pho King in Austin Tx off of parmer lane.

  127. Nan says:

    “rape” means angler-fish/ devilfish in spanish and as the restaurant is located in Spain I don’t think that the name is that bad.

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  129. vancity says:

    The yu kee one isn’t in china…

  130. Sam says:

    Funny, except that Wo Fat is in Las Vegas on Desert Inn near Sandhill Road.

  131. Elysianladie says:

    Hung Far Low sounds like the perfect opportunity for an asian bar.

  132. Chowda says:

    The Pu Pu Hot Pot just craks me up.. but I definitely would not go to a resturant named EL RAPE!? Who comes up with stuff XD

  133. Chris Amati says:

    where’s Sam N’ Ella’s in KankakeeIL?

  134. Cambo says:

    Vancouver has some good ones hehe,
    “Ho Bich Niga” a vietnamese restaurant,

    and the “Phuk Yoo” which got closed down about 10 years ago and was in the newspaper for #1 dirtiest restaurant in a list of top(or..bottom) 10

  135. Erica says:

    Just to be clear, Negros is a city in the Philippines.
    So I hope no one takes offense in that. Just saying.

  136. victoriaxo says:

    OMG!!! A&K LICK A CHICK has theeee best chicken ever!! its in cape breton, nova scotia which is where im from! everybody loves it :) lol i love that it made this list!

  137. Richard says:

    The “Slug and lettuce” chain is part of a big British conglomerate.

    I guess that irony is not part of the American humour. (yes we spell words kind a different here too)!

    Anyway, we call them the “Slut & Legless”

  138. james says:

    Dirty Dicks is actually in Edinburgh

  139. Nagmani says:

    Rong Phuk is not Tibet, its in Thailand. The pepsi logo has Pepsi written in Thai.
    Good pics though

  140. RalphieGirl says:

    These are too funny, thanks for the laughs!
    I live in East TN & we used to have a place that was more of a…dive bar(?) where men went if they were stepping out on their wives, or to hide from the wife…it was called “The Exhausted Rooster”. The bartender would actually make excuses for the men if the wives & girlfriends called! I wish someone had kept the sign, it was great!
    It fell into a seedy part of town (surprising…I know), urban development came through, tore it down & rebuilt a thriving McDonalds.

  141. Vero says:

    Bahahaha that’s funny
    Most of those names mean normal things in other languages, but it’s still funny
    The one in Spain actually means monkfish

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