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18 Unusual Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World
Posted by Jillian Madison


Found in an ice cream shop in Merida, Venezuela, that sells over 900 unusual flavors. This particular one is cheese flavored ice-cream with ground-up spaghetti pieces (no sauce).


Andrew Zimmern ate this in Italy. Thanks, but I’ll pass.


From Japan, where it’s known as Taco Aisu. Actual octopus meat in a slushy cherry ice.


This isn’t ice cream for horses… it’s RAW HORSE FLESH in vanilla ice cream. From Japan.


Strawberry ice cream with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce.


Free? I guess no one would buy it so they had to give it away.


Found in Japan. The squid ink gives the ice cream a dark charcoal color.


Made with goat’s milk, and actual GOAT BITS. Popular in Asia. Yum!


Just snip the tip, and the chocolate ice cream oozes out. <Sarcasm>How appetizing.</Sarcasm>


An Alaskan ice cream-like food made from whipped fat, berries, sugar, and leftover meat.


From England. Sausage, mash potatoes, gravy, and peas in an ice cream cone. Technically it’s not ice cream, but it’s on a cone… and it’s gross… and that’s good enough for me.


Made with 60% white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian caviar. Offered by gourmet French ice cream company, Philippe Faur.


Need a little assistance in the bedroom? Try this Viagra flavor, originally created by Italian entrepreneur Franco Corradi.


Cheese ice cream from the Philippines. According to the package, it’s “heavenly cheese mellorine loaded with bits of premium cheddar cheese.” People say it smells like moldy, cheesy popcorn.


From Nagoya, Japan.


Made by Nestle, and sold in Singapore.


Also from Singapore. Hot, spicy chili peppers (and seeds!) in a tangy tomato-flavored ice cream.


This particular variation is an Indian flavor, made using cooked cuttlefish, eggs, sugar, butter, and emulsifiers. Japan also has a fish ice cream made with saury, a saltwater fish.

(Images were compiled from across the internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. We did not take these photos and do not assume ownership of them. If you own the copyright to any of these photos, please let us know and we will remove the image, or add a link to your work at your request!)

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    111 Responses

  1. gamergf says:

    Yam and coconut actually sounds decent. Weird, but decent. And I’d TRY the chili pepper one since I love hot things, and maybe the squid ink swirl because I keep hearing people rave about it. Everything else is either negotiable or negligible.

    • Zack Morris says:

      I hope they make ranch dressing ice cream to go with the chicken wing ice cream.

    • Yam is pretty good. I have had Japanese Green Tea and Taro Soft Ice Cream. Ube is a taro (like a yam) and purple kind of colour. Nice soft flavour.

    • Gribby says:

      I’ve tried it, it’s sweet and good hand has a kind of ginger/pumpkiny flavor to it.

      Also, if you ever get a chance to, try Taro ice cream! It’s made with a starchy veggie that looks like a rock mated with turnip, but it’s one of my favorites. :]

    • Oops7LOVERS says:

      Yam and coconut is one of the better ones, but i grew up in Singapore so it’s probably just the homeland speaking. Though I don’t recommend the nestle brand, they make the flavors contradict each other.

  2. CoffeeAddict says:

    I hadcheese ice cream. It’s actually quite tasty and had tiny bits of cheese in it. It sounds off-putting but can’t rag on stuff unless you try it, right?

  3. UGH says:


  4. Kittykitty says:

    Raw horse in vanilla ice cream. There are just no words.

    • MMJ says:

      When I was a young boy I remember being obsessed with horse ice cream (the concept, I havn’t eaten it) … thank you for reminding me all about it!

  5. *Di* says:

    This sort of re-defines “ice cream” for me in big way – ick – “I scream” maybe . . .

    Yam and coconut sounds pretty good, tho’

  6. DesignerJeans says:

    Ya, gotta say the Yam and Coconut would be one I would try.

    Anyone for Vodka flavored Ice Cream? ;)

  7. kayjay says:

    love it!

  8. tunaman says:

    I fail to see how the “MAsh Cone” is gross in any way.

    • easye says:

      my wife can not stand to have her food touch on her plate so if she saw this she would throw a fit! lol. just leave the peas off and ill take three!

  9. Ellen says:

    Haha @Tunaman, I think it looks awesome!

  10. Cindy says:

    I have eaten the cheese one, and I’m surprised that it’s counter part corn and cheese ice cream wasn’t included. It’s actually not that bad.

    And the yam and coconut is like the best thing ever!

  11. Jessi says:

    #3 would actually be Tako Aisu, haha – Taku is Octopus in Japanese, so it is actually a very fitting name for ice cream with octopus bits in it. Which… really just sounds gross xD

  12. bobbyflayfan says:

    There were a few I would try; yam and coconut, caviar, cheese, squid ink, chili pepper . . . the mash cone looked kind of interesting too. The horse flesh one? THAT one makes me kind of gag. So does the octopus one. Meh.

  13. Paul says:

    Also found in the Philippines:

    Chocolate and cheese

    No kidding.

    • Mhz. X says:

      oh? really? where?? new york?? hahahahahahahaha!!! funny! tang ina!!!

    • TPS says:

      Chocolate and cheese? Here in the Philippines? Weird, I’m an ice cream fan but I have yet to see a chocolate and cheese combination.
      Avocado actually taste great. To give you an idea, chill and slice one, remove the pit, add milk+cream and sugar.

    • rob says:

      funny how Americans keep making fun of everything. From the Land of the Bland: Big Macs, Pizza Hut, etc. Americans are very unadventurous.
      Like someone said, dont knock it till you try it.

  14. Stephanie says:

    @ designer jeans: Please don’t tempt aunt sandy! You’ll give her ideas!!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Avocado ice cream is actually really good! Alton Brown made an avocado milkshake/ice cream (I can’t remember which one) in a Good Eats episode.

    Baby yam (ube) is very popular in the Philippines. My parents swear by the cheese & corn ice cream, but I won’t touch it.

  16. Barb says:

    Mmmmmmm. Spleen.

  17. foodfanatic says:

    Actual cheese ice cream is a favourite in the Philippines. I don’t fancy it but the purple ice cream on the left is amezzin. It’s called ube- they put it on top of Filipino sundaes. I’d like to try the chili pepper ice cream, to be honest. Have you tried chocolate with chili pepper?

  18. Derek Lutz says:

    Andrew Zimmern says that ice cream is not “testically” enough for his palate.

  19. Steffi says:

    I would definitely eat the Yam and Coconut…that sounds pretty tastey!

  20. Wesley says:

    Those Ricers will eat just about anything uh ? I’m surprised I didn’t see skunkassshole icecream.

  21. Dunno about you, but nothin’ says lovin’ quite like Chicken Wing Ice Cream. :x

    • ashley says:

      Im surprised that chicken wing ice cream is from japan. Id expect it to be from lousiana, missippi or texas even. And it would come with a packet of texas pete or franks red hot for toppings.

  22. OlhoNaTV says:

    It’s so icecream!

  23. Nicky says:

    I’d eat the yam and coconut ice cream. You see ube frequently in halo-halo.

  24. Minaru says:

    Actually the cheese ice cream tastes nice, and NO it doesn’t smell like popcorn. ^_^

  25. Heithmann says:

    Cheese ice cream is not that unusual! I once tried balsamic vinager ice cream with pork chops, and was really taste! Most of those salty ice creams are made to be eaten with the hot main course!

  26. saitokthx says:

    that’s some unusual ice cream alrig…*barf*

  27. saitokthx says:

    that’s some ice cream alrig…*barf*

  28. Jorge says:

    You know, the chile pepper ice cream actually sounds good. I’m mexican, and we have all sorts of different spicy flavors for ice cream, sometimes we even sprinkles some chile powder on sorbets

  29. JG says:

    “Yam” is actually Taro (which isn’t a “yam” actually or “sweat potator” which is also not a yam (or taro)); all are simply vaguely similar tropical starchy roots.

    The purple ice cream next to the Quezo Real is “Ube” or Taro also. On the other side is “Buco” or “Buco Salad” is coconut ice cream. Real Buco salad is fresh iced coconut meat or while buco is just fresh coconut meat. Both flavors are pretty common through out South East Asia and quite delicious.

    Somehow you managed to miss “Durian” ice cream. It makes me sad. Durian ice cream makes garlic ice cream seem pretty tame.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Man are you people fucking retarded, how can you immediately assume that a flavor is ‘popular’ in a country just because it’s exotic/not American

  31. Lisa says:

    I actually was born and raised in Gilroy, California and to tell you the truth, garlic ice cream is actually rather good. Well, that is if you get the vanilla-garlic flavor, which is just vanilla soft serve with garlic powder mixed in. Stay FAR AWAY from any other garlic-infused flavors, like chocolate-garlic. Yuck.

  32. Anon says:

    Gross! Every one of these look gnarly and would be enough to put me off ice cream for life!

  33. kreiyu says:

    they don’t all look gross. i’d try the condom one cause it’s simple ice cream, just in a condom and the the mash cone is just a sausage, potatos, gravy and peas in a cone. and the yam and coconut one sounds good. come on who hasn’t had sweet potatos at a holiday dinner. all the others make me want to heave till i die. lol and to wesleys comment, i wouldn’t be suprised if they did have a skunkasshole flavor.

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  35. Cathy says:

    I’m a big fan of the yam and coconut flavour. It’s my favourite!

  36. robb says:

    yucky ice cream is just yuck !!
    wtf horse flesh ?
    did ppl really eat that ?

  37. MeghanMayhem says:

    There’s a place in Hollywood called “The Stinking Rose” that serves garlic ice cream with a chocolate topping and it’s divine, I assure you. It’s one of the things I get every time I go there. It’s not an over-powering flavor, it mostly just tastes like vanilla ice cream with a slight garlic after taste and the chocolate is a wonderful addition to the oddness of the ice cream.

  38. Dave says:

    I’ve had the garlic ice cream (Stinking Rose,San Francisco) and it’s far better than you would think. Vanilla with the garlic sweetness and just a hint of funk at the the end. Super tasty.

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  40. garrett says:

    There is a place in Prague at the bottom of Prague castle that serves Absinthe ice cream.

  41. LaContessa says:

    I was in Nantucket this summer and there was a small little clam chowder/sandwich shop that made and sold home made lobster icecream. It was a vibrant orange and had fresh lobster meat in it. It was … interesting?

  42. westly jule says:

    how amazing!!!!! I like the fish ice cream

  43. westly jule says:

    how amazing!!!!! how to make fish ice cream

  44. the pictures of ice cream looks like delicious but I think it’s not….

  45. Kayra says:

    hey im so glad u put this online cause i needed this for my project. ps this website is gunny

  46. Joel says:

    i’m from Singapore and the yam and coconut ice cream is not weird at all. in fact its pretty good. i haven’t seen the chilli pepper one though

  47. Quezo Real from the Philippines is still for me….yummmmyyy

  48. desi marie says:

    our phil. cheese ice cream absolutely does not smell like moldy, cheesy popcorn.. it’s actually very delicious–we got some of the best ice creams & they’re not weird nor gross at all.. *

  49. DaGweeds says:

    There’s a restaurant in Madison, NJ called Garlic Rose that sells the Garlic Ice Cream. Was actually one of the best ice creams I’ve had!

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  51. airica says:

    Avocodo ice cream is yummy. Pretty available in the U.S., actually. Squid ink ice cream is okay, not as awful as you’d think, but I could take or leave it. Yam and coconut is tasty. Chili/jalepeno/spicy/savory ice creams are common, jeni’s splendid ice creams does a couple that are insanely good. They also have a sweet corn one, goat cheese w roasted cherries, beet, kona stout, etc. I’m a total ice cream addict, so I’m looking for odd flavors. Id definitely try that caviar one.

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  54. I have had most of these ice creams, actually a lot of these flavours are soft creams. Most are pretty nice – Charcoal flavour is yum, actually like a really good vanilla. My fav would be cherry blossom. Ube ice cream is nice too.

  55. EBT says:

    i’d rather die than eating that fish ice cream! gosh, has anyone ever try cockroach in your soup?

  56. S D says:

    Cheese ice cream is so yummy, its always sold at the asian store I go to Q.Q I would try most of those flavors except the ones with meats or fish in it

  57. Miksani says:

    Aqutaq is actually amazingly tasty. Really good for cold winter-times like you get back home in Alaska.

  58. amancan says:

    The yam and coconut is actually really popular in the Philippines. It’s made with a purple yam called ube and they use baby coconut. It’s called ube macapuno, it’s actually really good, it’s not what you’d expect yam ice cream to taste like. And it’s an amazing color!

    • Janelle De los Santos says:

      True indeed…in fact, our version of the Yam and coconut ice cream is a lot better than what I tasted in SIngapore…The macapuno (young coconut) spells the difference :-)… a must try…

  59. Lach says:

    I had durian ice cream many times when I lived in Indonesia. Tasted a bit like onions, but at least it was cold !

    Here in Oman, a restaurant sells wasabi ice cream.

  60. Never Mind says:

    I make sage ice cream.
    It’s my own invention, and a surprising gourmet offering for my guests. ;-)

  61. cheese says:

    omg it never smells like moldy cheese, cheese flavored ice cream was awesome when i went to the philippines, just gotta get it the right places

  62. "Condom" Ice Cream says:

    that isn’t condom icecream you idiot. it says “거북알” on it and that means Turtle Egg. It doesn’t taste like turtle egg tho. It’s just shaped like it. It’s 초코(Chocolate) flavor

  63. kadayao says:

    Have you guys tried Wasabi flavor in Taku restaurant ortigas? Definitely interesting!

  64. kristin says:

    cheese ice cream actually ain’t that bad.. it’s actually one of my favourite icecream flavours.

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  66. apple says:

    What’s unusual with cheese-flavored ice cream? or yam and coconut? I’m from the Philippines and i love cheese ice cream!

  67. Janelle De los Santos says:

    I am from Manila and Cheese ice cream is my favorite…there’s one thing more u gotta try though— Mango ice cream from the Philippines. I’ve tasted other mango ice creams but nothing close to it…If you’ve tasted Philippine mangoes you will know what I am talkin about…

  68. RaNdOmIcEcReAmPeRsOn says:

    Squid Ink Ice cream looks cool.
    Some of these actually sound tasty :D

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  73. travelesque says:

    What about cactus ice cream? There are three varieties: from the flower, from the leaves, and from the roots, if I remember correctly. All are quite good.

  74. Judge says:

    I’ve wanted to try garlic ice cream since my sister went to the Stinking Rose in S.F. The cheese and yam ice creams sound good, and I would try artichoke ice cream(without the spleen). The spaghetti i.c. just looks gross!

    I had a maple bacon flavor, with real bacon in it, that is very tasty.

  75. Phoenicia says:

    Garlic ice cream is AWESOME!!! i’m not just saying that because i’m from Gilroy… It tastes like white pepper ice cream… it’s just vanilla with a little garlic flavor, there aren’t actually chunks of garlic in it…

    and the yam & coconut sounds DELICIOUS!

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  78. equestrian says:

    horse flesh flavor is my favorite.

  79. Theo says:

    Hey… cheese ice cream? I guess I could try that. But horse flesh… my friend is going to scream so loud, people in China are gonna hear it. She is OBSSESSED with horses. I repeat: OBSSESSED. I repeat once more: OBSSESSED. I’m gonna get nightmares… poor mare. GET IT? XD

  80. Miku says:

    You said taco aisu, but it’s spelled “tako.”

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  82. Cath says:

    Cicada ice cream from Columbia, Missouri!!!

  83. Catherine says:

    The Salad and Goat Ice Creams are also Japanese

    (is studying Japanese and can read it ^^)

    The condom ice cream is Korean

  84. horselover says:

    poor horses i dont think they know they are going to be put in icecream and they never will :(

  85. hi says:

    horse flesh is gross

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  87. Sara says:

    Hey! That last picture is NOT fish ice cream, you tricksters. (Just saw it on wikipedia’s “ice cream” page.)

    PS I rather enjoy this post, regardless of your trickery.

  88. Kendal says:

    Quezo Real the cheese ice cream from Philippines does NOT smell like moldy cheesy popcorn it smells like all other ice creams would, sweet and yes abit popcorny, andul be surprised, the flavour tastes like popcorn too. the grated cheese in the ice cream can be over powering on its own so i suggest eating it with hot chocolate fudge cake :D

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  90. bitterkitten says:

    Okay, most of these are from Japan and listed as being “quite popular.” Not true. I’ve lived in Japan for nearly 10 years and have traveled from one end to the other without ever seeing this stuff. I totally believe it’s out there, but not all Japanese are into crazy shit. Don’t misrepresent.

  91. Amy says:

    I don’t know about yam, but taro is one of the best ice cream flavours. It’s soft and has a kind of “dim” feel to it…can’t describe it properly, but I grew up in an Asian neighbourhood and we saw it quite often.

  92. bebe says:

    yuk that is nasty.

  93. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived says:

    I hope to hell those condoms weren’t used prior to filling them with ice cream

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