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Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Reviews On Yelp
Posted by Jillian Madison

Chelsea wrote us an email letting us know about the awful reviews Yelp users have been giving Guy Fieri’s California restaurants. Johnny Garlic’s in Roseville and Tex Wasabi’s in Santa Rosa both have 2.5/5 user reviews, with many one star ratings. Apparently, Johnny Garlic’s serves overpriced, bland food, and Tex Wasabi’s turns into a slimy biker bar after 8 PM. YIKES!

Here are some of the funniest quotes from the user comments over at Yelp:


“I wanted a tongue scrapper to get the taste out of my mouth!” -Russ J.

“The best part of this experience was LEAVING!” -Kristi H.

“Another Guy Fieri culinary abortion.” -Buster P.

“They pump rap music over the chatter of neglectful servers” -Jenn J.

“How good can a garlic restaurant be when they don’t even have garlic bread?” -Drew T.

“…Food and server techniques that rip off the Macaroni Grill (server signs his name on the table covering, wow, how clever).” -Cameron M.

“I honestly feel so gross right now and my stomach is going crazy.” -Jenny J.

“We actually became sickish and had horrible gas / discomfort for the next two days.” -Frankie D.

(Johnny Garlic’s reviews via Yelp)



“The sushi was grocery store quality at best, and the fish was not fresh.” -Tina D.

“The clientele is really slimy, especially at night. It’s a meet market for meat heads.” -Samantha C.

“Loud ass music and douche bags everywhere.” -Mafia J.

“Its filled with Chris Angel wannabes all wearing Affliction t-shirts. This place is a magnet for ass clowns. I avoid this place at all cost after 8pm, you should too unless you want to run into vannila ice.” -Jake R.

“The fish on the sushi was not high-quality. It was very mushy and seemed like it had been hacked with a butter knife. Guy Fieri either SUCKS major ass as a chef/foodie, or has never eaten at his own restaurant.” -Lisa B.

“The food is bad and the only thing worse is the crowd that hangs out there.” -Aaron S.

“There’s a reason Guy Fierri is the fat guy that does the ads for Friday’s. Seemingly this guy’s mission in life is to take a perfectly good thing, bastardize it and call it his own.” -Douglas L.

“Gringo sushi? These rolls actually use pork, and even FRENCH FRIES!!! Ugh. Yes, let’s cater to the ignorant red necks who won’t accept sushi for what it actually is.” -Sushi L.

“If you’re a frat boy with spiked hair and a lifted truck I’m sure you’ll fit in awesomely at the bar sipping overpriced vodkacranamargatinis. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying something better. Which really, is anything.” -KC C.

“The douchbag factor of this place kills my appetite (which is a good thing, cause the food itself just isn’t good).” -Samanta V.

“Ahh yes the BBQ. Over microwaved chicken with terrible sauce. It was the worst BBQ i’d ever had.” -Erik U.

“OK, so the guy won the Food Network’s contest show thing. Quite frankly, I’m amazed, because this place has some of the most disgusting sushi I have ever tasted.” -Dustin C.

(Tex Wasabi’s reviews via Yelp)

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    29 Responses

  1. Kitty says:

    Guess I’m never going there. These reviews are priceless, though. <3

  2. GoGoErinLegs says:

    Why am I not surprised Tex Wasabi’s attracts a slimy clientele? Just look at the owner! Fieri doesn’t exactly scream class.

  3. sasha says:

    Those people are ruthless and I LOVE IT!!! Some of those comments are really hilarious. Do any FN chefs actually have decent restaurants? I remember you said Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace was gross, too.

  4. Dan says:

    Whoever called Guy Fieri’s restaurant a “culinary abortion” is a literary genius.

  5. Hank says:

    um. i have had the misfortune of eating at tex wasabi’s and the reviews at yelp are completely accurate. the sushi is disgusting, probably the worst ive ever eaten in my life. it’s supposed to be a BBQ/Sushi place, but it fails at both miserably. bad food, loud annoying atmosphere, and every night after 7 it looks like hell’s angels motorcycle gang is holding initiation meetings there. what more do you expect from a douche bag like fieri.

  6. micah says:

    I can relate. I work right down the street from crappy Johnny Garlics. Its like a lower class Applebees, if you can imagine that. And every day I have to tell at least 4 lost Guy Fieri fans how to get there. I should start screwing with them, and give them directions to McDonalds instead.

    I ate at Johnny Garlics once and let’s just say that was enough for my friends and me. Flavorless overpriced food? No thanks.

  7. Liz says:

    @ Sasha:

    I hear Chef Morrimoto has an amazing restaurant… but I don’t know if he counts considering he’s not actually a FN ‘star’ per se.

  8. Teague says:

    This all explains Guy’s Big Bite.

  9. Laura says:

    @ Micah- I really think you should screw with his fan(s). If you do, lets get a report back. But, McDonalds might be a step above the crap that GF can come up with.

  10. Daria says:

    I have to give these reviewers credit for even having the balls to order sushi at a place called Tex Wasabi’s.

  11. syd says:

    The concept of a BBQ/Sushi place is mind boggling. I almost want to visit Tex Wasabi’s just for the freak show.

  12. *Di* says:

    Oh dear – sounds like Guy might need a vist/wake-up call from Gordon R. ;)
    and that’s a show I definitely would watch . . .

  13. Sarah says:

    How much longer do you think America will prop up this total loser ? We should be ashamed of what we have done.

  14. Katie says:

    I agree with the phrase “culinary abortion” being perfectly fabulous word-smithing. I thought so when I heard it on “Family Guy,” too. ;)

  15. sheila gosselin says:

    Bobby Flays Bar American restaurant in NYC is really good.

  16. Lana says:

    I’ve eaten at JG’s twice and TW’s once. Food was hit n miss. We were there during an off-time of the day, so service was actually rather good. But yeah … really expensive for what you get. Their tagline should be – casual dining at fine dining prices!

    Only really good thing I can say about Johnny Garlic’s is that they do a large number of fund raisers, dine-and-donate, stuff like that. I have family in the area, so I have to appreciate JG’s support of community (hey, it’s my family! lol).

  17. Gringorican says:

    Guy’s Big Bite? More like Guy Bites Big Time!!!!!

  18. Jun says:

    Great comments, but it’s these fools’ fault for wandering into these places with any expectation of having a decent meal.

  19. Krez says:

    I don’t think I’d ever be able to work up the courage to eat at a place called Johnny Garlic’s or Tex Wasabi’s. Weird.

    @ Sasha — As for celebrity chefs with decent restaurants, I haven’t been to any that are technically those of “FN Stars” … but Todd English’s “Tuscany” at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut is quite good, as is Wolfgang Puck’s “Spago” at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

  20. WalterSobchak says:

    The FN has no shame whatsoever with these half azzed “stars”

  21. potty mouth princess says:

    Not like I was ever going to eat at either place, but I’m glad the closest of the two places is a two hour drive away. I’ve got great BBQ and sushi (in two different places, what a concept!) four blocks away from my front door and tons of places that put garlic in their food (when the wind is right I can smell it up here on top of the hill) without advertising it in their name. I’ll stick to Oakland and Bezerkeley (cheaper than SF and just as good), thank you very much. That asswipe will never get a dime from me unless I pony up .79 cents and postage to send him a bar of soap.

    (hola gringorican! mr_rayray here) :-)

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Aaron S? You can’t fool me Aaron “dirty” Sanchez. You just wait until Fieri finds out what you’ve been saying about him.

  24. Peter G says:

    My wife and I turned around and left the very moment that we saw children. I will never understand why people bring their spawn to places where people attempt to dine. Are there not enough TGIFs or McDonalds for you?

    No, your child is not cute and we all hate having it near us.

    We don’t go to Chucky Cheez, so screw you and your kid.

  25. foodie says:

    Guy spends more time in the shower room of male gyms and in the spray tan booth than in his restaurants He is a shinny chubby red face mess.

  26. Diane says:

    Can’t imagine what these people are talking about. I (and family and friends) have eaten at Johnny Garlic’s in Windsor for many years, starting way before the TV thing. Food has always has been very good. You can watch them cook it, fresh, no microwaving that I ever saw. Recently redecorated very nicely. I don’t eat sushi, but my niece does. She likes Tex Wasabi in Sacto very much. So, I don’t get these people’s comments at all. (I don’t know and have never met Guy Fieri, just for the record.)

  27. rose says:

    these reviews are so hilarios…especially the loud music and douche bags everywhere

  28. Phadra says:

    Johnny Garlics was very good and the wait staff was excellent. Drive from 3 states away to try it. Was not disappointed.

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