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Ina & Jeffrey Garten: In Love For 40 Years
Posted by Jillian Madison

Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey have been together for 40 years, and they claim to be as much in love now as they were when they met in high school all those years ago. From the outside, it seems they have a rare relationship that is to be envied. We should all be so lucky!

However, things can’t always be so perfect, can they? Here’s how we imagine them experiencing the not-so-happy moments that all marriages have:

ina and jeffrey garten

ina and jeffrey garten

ina and jeffrey garten

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  1. I remember that one when he was on his laptop. But look at the screen – it’s not even on! And before she gets there he is typing away. ha ha

  2. MoMo says:

    I laughed out loud at the last one… hahaha

  3. Smee says:

    LOL! I loved them all. Why is it that on Food Network shows featuring friends & family, they always ask the cook how they made the dish? The whole show was showing us how to make it and then the host goes into detail about how he/she made it and everybody praises the person. Hello? Isn’t that their job to cook good food? Plus, nobody cares about how it was made. Just pass the damn food. My, that turned into a rant. Sorry.

  4. Sarah says:

    Ina certainly seems to be in the public eye quite often this past year. In the past, she hardly ever did anything extracurricular for Food Network.

    Maybe when Lehman Bros. flamed out Jeffrey lost his Brooks Bros. shirt and Ina now has to carry some of the burden.

  5. Byrdie says:

    I love the episodes where Jeffery has to go back out of town (again) and Ina tells him “Aww, Jeffery. Too bad. We’re having a barbeque at the beach and I’m making your favorite chicken dish. I’ll miss you!” Gads. If she really loved him wouldn’t she just keep her mouth closed and not tell him all the fun he’s going to miss? Maybe what she’s really saying to him is “Aww, Jeffery. Too bad. But somebody has to go work while I play in my new three million dollar barn with my gay buds! See ya!”

  6. CherryRose says:

    One of the things that makes me (and my husband) like Ina and Jeffrey so much is that their “story” is really quite similar to ours. We met when my DH was a junior in college, and I was a senior year in high school. We’ve been together since then and have been married almost as long as the Gartens. One major difference, though, is that my husband likes to cook and is pretty darn good at it.

  7. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Hahahaha…could you imagine Jeffrey rolling up to KFC.

  8. Tatiana says:

    Isn’t he a professor or dean at Yale? He probably has his own table at Pepe’s.

  9. Beestinova says:

    Every time there is a “show of affection” on the show, like a peck on the cheek or a half-a$$ hug, I squirm in my seat. It’s so forced and uncomfortable.

  10. CherryRose says:

    “…could you imagine Jeffrey rolling up to KFC.”

    How far would Jeffrey have to drive to find KFC anywhere in the Hamptons?

  11. *Di* says:

    Haha Jeffrey’s probably never been to KFC in his whole life – or any other fast food place, for that matter.

  12. Loves2dish says:

    I feel really sorry for poor ol’ Jeffrey…he works, works, works, and she just goes to the beach or the flower shop and spends his money on food for her weird friends…do they have any children??? I never thot so, since she never mentions them…maybe that’s why she has “adopted” so many of those “festive” men :)

    • sharron says:

      They have NO children and maybe that is why they are (1) successful; (2) rich; and (3) happily married. I envy them.

    • Norieka says:

      No, they do not have children. I wonder if that was a mutual choice or they could not have any for what ever reason.

  13. Loves2dish says:

    I hope he runs off with some hot babe, like the “Count” Douchebag on “Real Housewives of NY” did to the “Countess” LuAnn….hahahaha

  14. Katie says:

    Aw. I think they’re sweet. They live their lives exactly as the wish, and it just so happens they do it together. Either that or they have a really great writer on staff to make me think so!

  15. Judy says:

    How come Jeffery hasn’t been on any of the new episondes of Barefoot Contessa????

  16. Anne says:

    Jeffrey hasn’t been on the show this season because he is still working his ass off to pay for her barn!!! Her kitchen in the house wasn’t good enough?? Oy vey!

    • Kelly says:

      Are you kidding? Ina makes 10 times the amount of money Jeffrey makes. And, Jeffrey is gay. This is a farce. You people are clueless.

  17. Colette says:

    More Ina stuff, please! You’ve nailed it.

  18. Judy says:

    Haven’t heard about Jeffrey in this new season. Is he alright????

  19. sistahdelish says:

    Jeffrey will go down as one of the great cuckholds of all time. I love it when she’s all “I sent Jeffrey to the store to get some green onions! I hate to think what he’s going to come back with!” Then the roll of the eyes. You can practically hear the unspoken “that moron” at the end of her sentence.

    If Jeffrey knows what’s good for him, he has a hot blond chippy in the city.

  20. Judy says:

    Don’t you think it’s odd that there hasn’t been any mention of Jeffrey this season? Saturday, Ina made a birthday bbq for two couples and once again, no Jeffrey. Does anyone know what’s going on?

  21. Rod Labbe says:

    She stays at home during the week, cooking for gay friends and plastic-surgeried “socialites,” and he’s off somewhere, anywhere…as long as it isn’t at home. Then, when Jeffrey does arrive on Friday, he’s met by a rampaging Ina at the door. She showers him with kisses, wraps her bulk around him, and all the while, he’s looking off, allegedly toward the kitchen. She calls him “Sweetie,” he replies with, “what’s for dinner?” She pours him a whiskey sour and calls him “babe,” he replies with “is that chicken I smell?”

    Later, when the camera lights go off and everyone’s gone, Ina’s in her den watching her two-disc special edition DVD of “Sleepless in Seattle,” and Jeffrey’s upstairs fast asleep. In the guest bedroom.

  22. MIchenley says:

    @ sistahdelish I ALWAYS say Jeffrey has a chippy in the city!! That is why, whenever he comes home, he has to run up and take a shower.

  23. dartsy says:

    I certainly think that it’s quite odd for her not to mention Jeffery’s name this season, since she acts like a little school girl in love when he shows up. I’ve noticed all of the affection is initiated by Ina. It has always been my suspension that he has another woman.

  24. Andie says:

    Rod Labbe’s comments (above) are hilarious. It’s funny how this show inspires off-line fantasy storylines in the viewers’ minds. My husband & teenage daughter and I have a pet name for Ina (which I will not mention since it is somewhat impolite) and we laugh at ‘poor’, brilliant, educated, accomplished zillionaire Jeffrey pretending to be a dummy to Ina’s mommy cook. The bottom line is the Hamptons are the attraction here – the recipes are recycled Julia with 5 times the butter, salt and sugar. Still, it is fun to watch in a morbidly fascinating way!

  25. Rod Labbe says:

    I’d love to see an episode of Contessa featuring the ghost of Julia Child! Only this would be the much older Julia, the one who used to lean precariously over the meals and grunt and burble incoherently–all while another chef nervously tried to prepare something edible before Julia spit her dentures into it. She and Ina would make a great team! Ina, advising us all to use “good vanilla,” while Julia takes a swig from the bottle and says, “wow, that IS good!” Giggling nervously Ina freaks when Julia’s wig gets caught in the potato mill. A knock-down battle ensues, with Ina developing a very rapid case of shpilkis in her genechtagazoink. Jeffrey pops in with chopped liver, it’s waved under her nose, and Ina revives.

    She looks around the kitchen. Besides Jeffrey, no one’s there! “Babe, I just had the strangest dream,” she whispers, wiping away a tear. “I dreamed that Julia…”

    “Hey!” Jeffrey shouts. “Who the hell dropped their teeth on the salmon loaf?!!”

  26. Marlene says:

    OMG, Rod. I laughed ’til I cried….

  27. Mary P says:

    I love to watch Ina ‘s cooking show,in fact if I miss it I record it. I use her recipes all the time, and her entertaining ideas are really useful. I like it when Jeffrey is on her show,and it is very obvious they have great affection for each other and after 40 years of marriage not everyone can say that. All of Ina’s friends,some are gay ,so?I think it would be alot of fun to be her friend and be invited to be on the show, who wouldn’t love to eat that good food Ina cooks?Mary P

  28. CherryRose says:

    @Mary P: I totally agree with you! Ina is one of my all-time favorites on FN, and Barefoot Contessa is really the only show that I make sure to watch whenever it’s on. I confess that I poke fun at some of Ina’s idiosyncrasies here at FNH, but I assure you that it is all in good fun and that I truly enjoy Ina’s effervescent personality, her gracious style of entertaining, and her awesome food. It would be an honor and a pleasure to attend one of Ina’s gatherings.

  29. Rod Labbe says:

    Mary P, you can forget about being invited to eat at Ina’s! That is, unless you fit the following criteria:

    (1) you’re rich

    (2) you’ve had a face lift

    (3) you’re gay and rich. Being gay isn’t good enough. You’ve got to have the bucks, too.

    (4) you’ve been to Paris several times “just for the heck of it”

    (5) you’ve written a screenplay, directed a movie, or wrote a book.

    (6) you’re a famous borscht belt entertainer, a la Mel Brooks.

    (7) you’ve just moved to the Hamptons and need someone to host your “open house.”

    (8) you’re a florist with highlighted hair. And you’re a male.

    (9) you’re an expert at organic gardening and are willing to break your back working in Ina’s garden. Compensation: a greek salad with, ugh, feta cheese!

    (10) you’re an ex-employee of Barefoot Contessa (only in good standing, obviously).

    (11) you’re Ina’s editor.

    (12) you’re a hunky guy named TR with no apparent means of support. Yet, you’ve got a “fishing shack” worth thousands.

    If you meet any of these requirements, expect a call from Ina! Otherwise, content yourself with watching endless repeats of Ina blinking into the TV lights!


    • kiss my grits says:

      a part of me thinks TR supports himself as a male prostitute…. and that Jeffrey is his biggest client…

    • V says:

      and how do you know all this?did you try to get invited & they turned you down?I think I can see why.

    • sharron says:

      I would love to talk to TR and find out his story. He is quite a hunk with no job. I think the “fishing shack” has been upgraded to a house he recently purchased.

      • Ms E says:

        TR is a model and works for Macy’s. He’s in their TV commercials quite a lot. Used to have a hunky sugar daddy, but I read ab interview with him where he saif they broke up.

  30. CherryRose says:

    @Rod: What a hoot! One of the best posts ev-ah :)

  31. Nancy says:

    really enjoy her show, great recipes, very relaxing to watch and very informative

  32. dante says:

    Frankly, I’ve had about all of 2 ton Ina that I can take.

    For those who say they have “tried” her recipes, then you are in the same upper class crust as she is because frankly, while she does use quality ingredients they aren’t the cheap ones. I don’t know of many families who can spend $40 on dinner every night of the week and still be preparing it at home.

    I give credit to her for her accomplishments. Although she (and Jeffrey from my understanding) both had a “comfortable” youth, they did work very hard and became successful. I appreciate Jeffrey’s Vietnam service and his military history in the Special Forces. I appreciate Ina being a Nuclear Policy advisor for the White House and preparing papers and decicisons for several administrations.

    Bottom line here though is that they are very wealthy and they have a lifestlye that is only dreamed of by the average person. And showing that over and over with recipes that are costly and geared to the fake socialite upper crust are hard to swallow for the average American.

    I have no problem with success but people have to remember here that the current success is from the TV show and it isn’t the “rich and famous” who are the viewers and supporters of the show. Tone it down for a more average person and for the love of God, leave all the gays out of it.

  33. Maggie says:

    I think Ina’s recipes are great. Not all of them mind, but what I do is take some of her recipes and cooking/baking tips and combine it with other chefs’ views and guided by my own tastes and preferences, come up with dishes I love and that work for me and my family. I think Ina and Jeffery’s marriage seems genuine and if it isn’t, it’s none of our business! Their interaction is only offered as an aside to the main point of the show – cooking. So don’t be spiteful or mean or presume to know what’s going on with them. Either watch the show/s and take from it what you will, or don’t watch. It’s quite simple really!

    • vrich says:

      Agreed, Maggie. Beats me why anyone who doesn’t like Ina would watch the show anyway. If someone earned their wealth in a dishonest or unethical way, fine – hold their feet to the fire. But if you’re ridiculing because the Gartens are wealthy and successful and you’re not, that says a lot more about you than it does about them, and none of it is good.

  34. sandy says:

    I am missing Ina’s husband and worry that he may be ill.

  35. aquamarine says:

    I always figured Ina was Jeffrey’s “beard”, which is totally fine if it works for them. I have noticed Jeffrey’s absence, however, and I wonder if their situation has changed. Perhaps he ran off with one of Ina’s florist-friends, or something.

  36. Susanne Garnett says:

    I love Ina and yes, I tape her programmes for when I have the flu and want something really escapist to watch. But one thing, I have never once ever seen a person on her show who was anything other than Jewish or WASP, doesn’t she know any Black people or Latinos, Asians or people from anywhere else? There are never any genuine Europeans either. Also there are never any ordinary working class types there either.

    Funny place, the Hamptons!

    I like the gay men too and occasionally we get some lesbians, but the unreality is amazing.

    I think Jeffrey should be given his own show, as a great spin-off, called “What I do during the week.”


  37. Baz says:

    I think comments on Ina’s weight are very hurtful. She could be one of the thousands of people in the world, who have a medical condition that hinders weight loss!
    For those of you who complain about the show,the simple answers is,dont watch it!
    I myself,love it. Yes, some of the receipes would cost alot to make,but most are even within my budget!,and in our household there is only one wage earner,low wages at that!
    So just enjoy it,and as for the gay guy’s,out of reach,but so pleaseing to the eye.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      Do you get a dime for each comma you use unnecessarily? I almost hate to ask, but the gay guy’s WHAT is out of reach? Do I want to reach it, whatever it is?

    • dopey45p says:

      yes, i do agree. ina does have a medical condition because of her weight. it is called forgetting to put the fork down,

  38. Carolann Zaha says:

    I so much enjoy all of Ina’s recipes. Her time with Jeffrey
    on her shows is
    marvelous. I hope they are happy for another 40 years!

  39. gypsie rose says:

    lmao @ the last frame. holy hog jowls.

  40. Gina S. says:

    I used to love her show precisely because she did use quality ingredients and had some great recipes. Lately, she has gotten a bit lazy though–she seems to be buying almost everything at “Loaves and Fishes,” which is fine if you want to spend $10 on a cucumber. The kicker was her suggestions for appetizers on the recent holiday special–potato chips, nuts, and caper berries–WTF?

    And Rod, your comments are killing me :)

  41. dopey45p says:

    ina is quite entertaining to say the least. but that show she did with mel brooks, WTF? was he drunk or what banging the table with his knife and fork screaching “i want more soup. i want more soup. give me more soup. i love that soup.”what a jackass. and jeffrey was not the least bit amused, in fact he looked rather embarrassed. and then when he offered ina money for the meal, i thought jeffrey was going to fall out of his chair. that was a very uncomfortable episode.

  42. sam carollo says:

    ina ia lovely person and a great cook i followed all her recepies then i had to sell my car to pay for the food and rhe flowers

  43. Lee says:

    On their Anniversary show Jeffrey mentions that he’s known Ina since high school and she used to make him brownies every 2 weeks like clockwork? Can you say “stalker?” I guess instead of coming out he saw her as the perfect beard? Well, at least she can cook.

    • V says:

      why are you saying “stalker”?Didn’t you ever do anything special for someone you loved?So she made him brownies–so what?She loved him–she likes to cook-he loves browines–she made them for him.It’s no big deal.

  44. kate says:

    There is something special about Ina. For a big lady she has such flare. I love everything she does – she has such great taste. I can watch a rerun of her show just to enjoy her kitchen and all the beautiful things in it. I love that nothing is too precious – everything is to be used and enjoyed. Just once I’m gonna hurl my egg shells from across the room to the sink. Gotta love Ina!

  45. V says:

    I don’t care for the Ina bashing.She appears to be a very gracious lady w/impeccable taste.Some of the things she makes are a bit costly for most of us but if you have any imagination you can substitute ingredients.If a recipe calls for “good vanilla” & you don’t have it & can’t afford it–use plain old grocery store vanilla.I don’t think that Jeffrey has to be an integral part of the show-he is not the Barefoot Contessa altho I’m sure the critics here can make something of that.They seem like a happy couple & does anyone honestly think that the viewing public needs to be listening to their daily conversations?The show is 1/2 hour–how much talking do you want them to do?Who cares if her friends are gay?Or white?Or not white?Or have had plastic surgery? For the people criticizing her why don’t you take a look at your own circle of friends–I’m sure you could find a couple of weirdos among them.I like Ina–I like her show–I like her cooking–I LOVE her house & I like Jeffrey.I don’t like people who are so small minded.

    • JoJo says:

      @V: I agree w/you, you are so right.

    • sharron says:

      Right on you took the words out of my fingers!!!!

    • Beverly Wiley says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! I really enjoy them and the show…a pound of frozen shrimp and some linguini is not going to break the budget, and I am far from rich!

    • John T says:

      Thank you V. I’m with you on this.

      There’s a lot of bashing the wealthy these days. And I think that most of the bashers would love to have what Ina and Jeffery have.

      I met Ina briefly a few months ago at a book signing, and I could tell, just from looking into her eyes, as well as her from her interaction with the other guests, that she is a genuine person. She seems to be every bit the friendly, upbeat, classy lady that she portrays.

      People really have no good reason to bash Ina and Jeffrey. I mean, what have they done to any of these small-minded folks? The only thing I can think of is that people are indeed caught up in small-mindedness, jealousy, ignorance and cynicism. They want to rip everything and everyone apart to feel better about themselves.

      Jeffrey and Ina are good people, who have every right to be just as human and fallible as the rest of us; and every right to have and enjoy everything they’ve worked for. At the end of the day, I’m sure they recognize that they are no better than anyone else.

      Moreover, and most importantly, the bashers need to understand that they are just as fabulous as the Gartens, in spite of not having what they have. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to them, or anyone else, and recognize and appreciate our own worth. If we could do that, we wouldn’t have time to worry about anyone else. There will always be more statured and less statured people than ourselves.

      I happen to believe that for every person who hates on the Gartens, there are at least two or three who love them. I just wish that more of them, like you and me, would step forth.

      I tip my hat and say, more power to them!

  46. LiliLeigh says:

    I agree with Danta. I’ve had enough of her royal heaviness to last me a *long* time. She needs to get the heck out of those ugly shirts she wears – STOP with wrapping scarves around her neck so tight it looks like she’s choking – throw on a pretty, feminine dress once in a while, and please – for the love of PETE – CEASE with hanging on Jeffrey and totally hovering over him each time he tries to take a bite of anything. Finally, for the sake of her health. she needs to THROW AWAY THE BUTTER AND CREAM and lean to make dishes that are heart healthy; otherwise, she’s going to end up weighing 500 pounds, and by the looks of things, she doesn’t have far to go.

  47. LiliLeigh says:

    Oh yeah, I meant to say……I finally figured out why Ina smiles non-stop and is always in such a too-happy mood. She’s either on antidepressants or mood stabilizers. NO ONE IS THAT HAPPY ALL THE TIME and one of the side effects of these medications is tremendous weight gain. So there you have it

  48. LiliLeigh says:

    To Mary P. NO, it’s NOT obvious Jeffrey has great affection for Ina. Ina is the one who ALWAYS is hanging on Jeffrey – literaly hanging on him, and it’s enough to make me want to screech out “INA…..GET OFF HIM!” Ever notice EVERY time he attempts to take a bite of anything, Ina is ALWAYS there wrapped around him, on him, over him, and about him. Really…..she needs to give the poor guy breathing room. No wonder he elects to work in the city during the week, and truth be known, he probably dreads coming home on the weekends. But I give him credit … if I had a ten-ton tilli waiting at home for me every weekend with a pound of butter in one hand, a bottle of cream in the other, and ready to literally pounce on me the moment I hit the door, well, I DON’T THINK I WOULD *COME* HOME….let’s put it THAT way!

  49. LiliLeigh says:

    Dear Baz: You are hilarious. Quit making excuses for Ina. What *hinders* her weight loss is that she is ALWAYS in the kitchen cooking fat-drenched recipes. You’d think she would have heard a ding-ding in her head when she hit the 300-pound mark, but no……she just keeps cooking and cooking and EVERYTHING has either butter or cream in it , it seems

    • Smb12321 says:

      What I don’t get is why you care. It’s obviously not concern for Ina. The Gartaners earned their money through hard work, taking chances and service. Both have served the nation (thanks) and I say “Hooray”.

      What’s really crazy are folks obsessively watching folks on TV they dislike for what can charitably be called the most absurd and childish reasons.

  50. LiliLeigh says:

    Now…what I want to know is: Why is it that Ina wears the same darn thing (it never fails) when she’s in the kitchen cooking, entertaining, on the beach, outside BBQ’g, or sightseeing in Paris or London? It’s ALWAYS the same thing: baggy pants and tent-like shirts. The only thing she uses to “mix it up” is a scarf wrapped so tight around her neck, it’s amazing she’s not gasping for air on her shows…..Someone please explain……

    • sharron says:

      She has ALL the money in the world that she would ever need. She is a large woman and would not look good in a frilly dress! She dresses tastely for her size. I envy her and her life – who wouldn’t love to have the life she and Jeffrey have? Anyone on here bashing them is probably just jealous. Nobody is making you watch her show – keep your negative comments to yourselves we don’t want to read them.

    • Beverly Wiley says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch…you seem obsessed with a lot small details for someone who dislikes the show so much!

  51. Mickey G says:

    Does anybody else have a problem picturing Jeffrey as a Special Forces Captain?

  52. Kelly says:

    Jeffrey is gay. This is a farce. You people are clueless.

  53. rosiec says:

    I saw them today in Paris in the park outside Le Bon Marche.- they looked very affectionate. Ina had her arm around J. They’re adorable

  54. Chukkalady says:

    I love this show and the sweet love that is shared between these two. There is another show on Food Network that features an Italian woman that seems to enjoy copying Ina’s style….without success. Ina cooks real food in portions people enjoy……

  55. A littlenglish says:

    Ina’s weight and what she eats is her concern,and quite frankly there are a lot of us her age and weight and many of us spent our youth eating as little as possible.Surely now we should be able to live our lives as we want.I presume all the sarcastic comments are from those people who are starving themselves to be thin and would like to eat once in a while. As for the cost,only those people who would rather spend their money on other things, which is their right,could moan about the expense.

  56. bernadettel dubois says:

    my husband and call her the backfat contessa! We want to see her blood work after each show. the whole thing is a farce. he’s never there except for the food. she reminds me of a fat marie antionette! he obviously has Sex In The City and Dinner at home. the overkill affection is just her way of trying place a tent over the obvious.

  57. Dylan Patrick says:

    I love this show. I don’t understand all the negative comments about her weight. She and her husband are very nice people. Most people that make rude comments aren’t that attractive themselves and are very insecure with their own looks.

  58. Louise says:

    I had no idea Ina had such a huge following of haters. I thought I invented Ina-bashing! It’s humbling to read through this blog. I started watching Ina when I started working at home and a friend of mine recommended the show. Her favorite part: “And she’s big!!” (as is my friend who, more than anything, would like to be Ina or at least be on her show). It took until I had watched all the reruns that I began to understand what makes Ina tick. A) She hates children. Those parties where they get to decorate the cake with candy picked out by Ina? Good & Plenty? Or the choo-choo trains Bn the table filled with Good & Plenty? Those kids are NOT getting her chocolate bark or rock-salt caramels. b) She hates Jeffrey and wants him to die of a heart attack. C) She never got over her 30s crush on JT or whatever his name is, that heartless tease who used to be her dishwasher when a confused teen and she had that bad perm. D) She hates her friends (as my 2-year-old used to say). What do they get for a housewarming or a welcome home surprise? Mac and cheese. A really dry desert and tepid cocoa. No, Ina loves her producers, her editors, her publicists and her managers. These are the people who whomp down most of her food, except for JT, who, have you noticed, always gets some costly cut of beef and who is entrusted with buying not only blue cheese (and you know Jeffrey would f*** that up) but also the special chimney for Ina’s grill AND a cast iron frying pan – SO CHEAP – in, of all places, the hardware store (how droll is that?). She does have a soft spot for those guys who work on the windmill and you know they gotta love her themed lunches for them, with her “bouquets” of paint samples and napkins tied with twine. Guys in hard hats go crazy for that kinda stuff.

    • Louise says:

      I didn’t know you could reply to yourself (I have a very limited attention span). So, I want to apologize for the typos in my last (and first) posting. Also, “rock-salt caramels” was lame (Ina would never use anything but Dead Sea salt on her precious little candies each in its own cunning wrapper). I’m puzzled by “Don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink.” What if there’s nothing you wouldn’t drink? (which, I’m sorry to say was the case before I got sober). And finally, Mel Brooks was really scary. Who knew he was still alive?? He reminded me of Nikita Kruschev at the UN (back when Ina and Jeffrey were first a’courtin’).

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