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McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics)
Posted by Jillian Madison


Across Asia, you can pick up a McHotdog Mega Breakfast Sausage.

Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta, a breakfast item. Sausage, eggs, and pasta in chicken broth and “other greens.”

Bacon potato pie. It’s like an apple pie, but with mashed potatoes and bacon.

Cheese Katsu sandwich, a fried pork sandwich stuffed with cheese.

Double Beef Prosperity Burger from Malaysia. 2 beef patties (or chicken patties) dipped in aromatic black pepper sauce and layered with fresh onion slices in a sesame seed bun.

The Ebi Filet-o, a fried shrimp sandwich. In Hong Kong, it’s known as the Shrimp Burger

Shake Shake fries. You dump your fries into a bag, sprinkle  seasoning on them, and shake. There are several different flavors including seaweed, chargrill, French onion and salt and pepper.

McWings – deep fried chicken wings.

Fresh corn cup, a nice alternative to fries.

Banana pie.

The Shogun burger, served in Hong Kong. It’s a pork patty with Teriyaki sauce and cabbage.

Bubur Ayam, which literally translates to “chicken porridge”. Chicken strips in porridge, with onions, ginger, and chili peppers.

McSpaghetti. Spaghetti noodles served in sweet tomato-based sauce.

McRice burger. A ground beef burger, or chicken fillet, served with special sauce in fried rice cakes.


The McArabia is made with grilled chicken or grilled kofta (beef with spices). Comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and garlic mayonnaise, wrapped in an Arabic style pita bread.

The Chicken Big Mac. Two breaded chicken patties (de-boned breast meat), lettuce, sesame seed bun, McDeluxe sauce, and cheese.

The Recette Moutarde (mustard burger on ciabatta bread). Introduced in Morocco in 2006.

The Veg McPuff Pizza. Rectangular dough, filled with tomato sauce and vegetables.

The Paneer Salsa Wrap. Cottage cheese, drenched in cajun seasoning and then wrapped in flatbread and fried.

The Chicken McCurry Pan. It starts off with a rectangle dish made out of dough and is topped with a tomato-curry sauce, spiced with thyme, basil, and oregano, chicken, bell peppers, and cheese.


In Italy, not surprisingly, they serve their burgers with pancetta and usually are on ciabatta rolls.

CBO: Chicken, bacon, and onions

Croque McDo. 2 melted slices of Emmental cheese and a slice of ham toasted between 2 flattened hamburger buns.

BEER! Offered in Germany, France, and a few other locations across Europe.

Onion rings, sold in Turkey and a few other countries in Europe.

The Lakse wrap (fish) is sold in Finland and Norway.

The McTurco, sold in Turkey, is 2 burger patties covered in cayenne pepper sauce, and vegetables, and served on a fried pita.

The Little Chorizo Melt, offered in England: a 100% beef patty in a herb watersplit bun dressed with chorizo, a cheese slice made with Emmental, shredded lettuce and rich tomato sauce.

The BACON ROLL, also from England, is just slices of bacon on a hard roll with ketchup.


Traditional grilled cheese sandwich, served in Canada.

My Poutine, also from Canada. Consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

McDonalds Pizza. Started off as a family sized pizza, but turned into an individual-sized pan pizza.

You can order gallo pinto (rice and beans) at the McDonalds in Costa Rica.

The Kiwiburger, sold in New Zealand. It’s a beef patty, with an egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion, cooked beetroot, sauce and mustard on a bun.

Big Mac not big enough? Try the new TRIPLE MAC in Argentina.

McMolletes, served in Mexico, are refried beans, cheese, and pico de gallo served on an English muffin.

McPatatas, also from Mexico. Thick cut cajun steak fries.

The McDonalds deluxe breakfast in Hawaii comes with spam, rice, eggs, and sausage patties.

The McLobster roll is served seasonally in Canada.

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  1. S9 says:

    Some of those actually look a little delicious!

    • billy joe says:

      It’s time to wake up and smell the blood coming from these menus. Do you know how bad they treat the animals that “smell so good”?

      • Bob T says:

        Billy Joe, officially born yesterday.

      • Mike says:

        Yum, blood is delicious. The torture of the animals gives it the extra zing.

      • Braden says:

        Yes, I bath my dog frequently in bacon fat just for that reason…. Hmmmmm….. tasty, tasty bacon. I bet that pig smelled like shit though :(

      • ashley says:

        Yes, i do know how those animals were treated, and unfortunately for me to continue eating the way GOD intended, i will have to eat meat so i dont die off like the vegans…

        • Martin says:

          I don’t know where you get your terribly incorrect information from, but vegans don’t just “die off”. Ever wonder why the food group is called “meat and alternatives”? That’s right, because you don’t need to eat meat to get the same vitamins, fats, and proteins. Anyway, if you go vegan, get educated, and if you want to slam someone because of it, you’ll only sound like an idiot when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Sabine says:

            A vegan diet is very restrictive and vegans often suffer from vitamin B-12 deficiency because this one is mostly found in animal products, plants do not contain B-12 which is necessary for erythropoiesis so vegans can suffer from anemia as well as some disturbing symptoms…Any kind of restrictive diet (such as a vegan diet) is recommended for people with health problems such as diabetes – because it lowers their blood glucose and cholesterol levels.. also vegans might suffer from calcium, zinc and iron deficiency. But take note that dietary supplements are not as effective as a healthy, balanced diet. And I agree with Steve, PETA people are stupid and irrational, all they do is show up and scream at people, argue and throw dye at their clothes and faces. How is that normal?

        • ASmith says:

          How can you make such a comment that vegans die off? I have been a vegetarian for 15 years and counting and am a healthy, thin, energetic woman. We dont need meat to survive, but I know that people will always want to eat it. Therefore, my opinion is that people can learn to treat animals more humanely when being raised for meat because factory farming is very inhumane. These animals suffer their entire lives just to end up on your plate for your enjoyment so is it too little to ask to respect the very being that is feeding your family?

          • Matilda says:

            Vegans and vegetarians are different while still sharing some similarities in diet. I agree the animals who provide food for our tables should be treated with respect. It is NOT too much for which to ask.

        • Reuben says:

          Also GOD in all liklihood does not exist so stop pretending like we need to follow made up rules that aren’t based in logic.

      • Steve says:

        Who cares? Food is food. No one cares about you stupid irrational PETA people. No one cares about animal “rights”. The only thing that matters is how amazingly tasty it is.

        • Zoey says:

          Are you fucking retarded? You must be if you believe that, animal rights are just as important as human rights. How would you like if your cat got it’s head chopped off and served ins Asia, mmm, tasty McKitty. Sounds delicious, eh? Probably to you.

        • Natalie says:

          how would you like it if you were caged up the rest of your life with out room to move an inch and being force fed food that you are not meant to eat and then slaughter upside down with one hoof tied to a string and you slowly make your way to the blade that will cut your throat and you slowly bleed out?

          • Mase says:

            It doesnt matter how the fuck animals are treated, they’re gonna die anyway and they dont have feelings or else they would be the supirior species. And I dont have to care about being caged up all my life cause nobody ever.fucking. will.

          • Heather says:

            ummm do you know anything about animal agriculture? The only animals force fed are ducks for foie gras.. and all animals are fed what they are “intended to eat”. There’s many livestock animal nutritionists and all they do is balance rations that are cost effective and meet the animal’s nutrition requirements. Yes they may utilize byproducts of other processes because processed corn is cheaper than real corn. AND they’re stunned either by a captive bolt gun to the head (see no country for old men for an example) or electrocution, or gas. SO before you go thinking agriculture is so evil, get some degrees in it

          • JOE JOE says:

            OMG it doesn’t have feelings you are so stupid all you care about is animals. there are humans HUMANS being treated worse than animals and all you care about is cows and chickens!!!!!!

        • Matt says:

          I want to start a new group called PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). I love eating meat the only issue that I have with meat is all the chemicals and stuff. I would rather eat wild meat like Moose and Mountain Goat. That’s the real stuff. Soon enough geneticists will cross a giant pumpkin with a cow and then steal will grow on vines. Just imagine carving one of those suckers on Halloween!

      • Bob says:

        i love you mike. xD

      • bob says:

        who cares that food looks damn yummy!

      • Big Jo says:

        I love animals but my favourite are pigs, cows and chickens they taste so good.

      • steve says:

        PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals

      • S says:

        Yummy actually, they treat animals very yummy so that I can eat them with a big smile on my face you tree huggers…

        Why do animals taste so good if we aren’t supposed to eat them?

        • Emily says:

          Why does punching you in the face sounds so good if I am not supposed to do it!? Is that really the logic you use to get by?

          By the way, I am not advocating for any side. I am a vegetarian but I am not going to call anyone a murderer or force my own choices on you because that’s a waste of time and I would like to think that you can think for yourself and make you own choices. Plus, I have eaten meat of my own free will in my life.

          Also, not all animals taste so yummy. It’s mostly your perception. People in many countries eat various insects, and animals many wouldn’t even touch. Yesterday I was offered a chicken foot, while it was stewing in the pot next to the head. It’s a good part of the chicken in China and I was the guest.

        • Shannon says:

          See I think we’re supposed to eat animals. I mean humans are just part of a the biological food chain. Tigers and cheetahs eat other animals, and no one’s giving them shit for doing that!

          And don’t say that those types of animals are different from humans…while half of the people from PETA spring up with some sentimental POV story about a cow being slaughtered.

          I give props to PETA and animal rights activists for feeling bad for animals, but the food chain is going to continue whether you want it to or not.

          Also another way to think, if animals were more adept at life than humans, would they care as much about our rights as some of us do about theirs? I mean, bears and tigers and sharks will eat humans. (AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE A FUCK ABOUT THAT)

      • kasey says:

        who gives a sh@t IT TASTE GOOD!

      • alyssa says:

        Human’s taste good too, deep fried. Let’s eat steve!

      • Michael says:

        But that’s why it’s so tasty. I want the lifeblood of defenseless creatures to dribble down my chin as I sink my burly incisors into the tender, juicy flesh of my victims.

        Vegetarianism FTL.

        “You can’t eat animals.” Well, it’s either us eat them or us eat you.

      • Ed says:

        All that hate and anger tastes AMAZING

      • Randal P. says:

        I love animals, especially with gravy!

      • Emily says:

        Desperation gives the animals a delicious flavor. MMM….desperation.

      • Amy says:

        watch “Meet Your Meat” on you ignorant assholes.

        or maybe learn how shitty they treat the animals even AFTER slaughter and what exactly is going into your body. it is a matter of being humane, but even if you are just a selfish, uncaring idiot like a lot of you, you’ll care that you’re pretty much killing yourself by ingesting all this stuff.

        • Matt says:

          Yes, I don’t normally treat animals humanely since they are, in fact, animals. There is a difference between animals and humans.

          • Emily says:

            Humans are animals. Get a f***ing education. I learned that back in elementary school. Just because we are more advanced doesn’t negate that classification. Also, a bunch of animals eat other animals and even animals of their own species, so your argument is invalid there too.

            Look these things up before you post a bunch of inaccurate opinions. I am also not advocating for either side, just simply pointing that out.

        • Streetdemin says:

          Thats why you kill it yourself and give it your own spices….lol

        • Heather says:

          Yeah they often fill meat up with extenders to improve shelf life and palatability.. have you ever been to an abattoir? That’s where they slaughter animals if you don’t know and maybe you should find some stuff out for yourself rather than citing documentaries made by people with an agenda.. Yes, after slaughter they chop up the animal, duh.. what else do you think they’re going to do and why does that matter once they’re dead? worst argument ever

      • Clive says:

        has anyone noticed that they’ve never looked at a living cow or smelled a rotting carcass and become hungry? or that if we eat a piece of meat that hasn’t been through a chemical process (otherwise known as cooking) we become nauseas almost immediately? and the flat, round teeth that fill our heads? what of our long intestinal track, or that fact that none of us can easily catch and kill anything without a sharp pointy stick or something? omnivorous animals like bears and even pigs can chase something and kill it without tools. i don’t really care about “cruelty” because i haven’t been neutered and killing is kind of cool, but we’re not built for our lifestyles.

        ashley, “die off like the vegans…” with an ellipsis? ask a centurion what their diet is like. you are retarded.

        • AwseomeGerald says:

          The reason why we don’t have large claws and sharp teeth is because we have intelligence. We can make guns and cook our food so it is tender enough for our blunt teeth. Think about how the homo-sapian has survived without thick, furry skin over time. Its because we take animals skin and we wear it to protect us.

        • Faye says:

          Actually, I do enjoy the smell of raw meat. If it’s up to me, I prefer to warm my steak up to body temperature before eating it, but not to the point of cooking it. Even poultry like chicken is disgusting if I cook it beyond the point of barely pink.

          Steak tartare? Delicious!

          The amazing tangy smell of blood, makes me hungry every time.

        • stunning says:

          …really? if you wnat to be a savage then get off the computer then fool. realistically there is no way humans are going to revert back to hunting. there is only moving forward. i dont understand why you complain when you’re probably not even making an effort to change yourself. its called practice what you preach.

          • Your Name says:

            maybe some people will go back to hunting….

          • Des-tinyyy says:

            and they dont have to do anthing let the think what they think okaayyy let them state their opinion…i think we should eat healthier…..cause people are obeast..!!!and that is not cool you kan die from that..!!!!!!!sooooooooo yea!!!!!!!!!..

        • Thief says:

          Thats cool, everyone who works in the meat packing industry and farming should just become unemployed. Hell, who needs a job anyway when tax payers pay for food stamps.

      • Ben says:

        anything you see on like peta videos or meet your meat what ever the hell that is, is old. all the things that are showed in those kind of videos are illegal and no longer done. but it was a good attempt. our teeth are even made to eat meat and vegetables. so why cant there be like a group called people eating tasty animals and vegetables? lol

        • Cman says:

          Because PETAAV doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as well. Honestly McDonalds is awful for you whether or not the animals suffered so I think It’s a moot point. Buy free-range meats, mild amusement tastes better than desperation imo.

      • Aaron says:

        I would agree that God intended for man to eat meat. I would, However, disagree that god intended for man to cut off the legs of animals, pump them full of steroids and antibiotics then kill, liquefy, re-colour, add flavor and mold into the desired shape; because it’s tasty. . .

        Think about what you’re eating.

      • Dan says:

        Alright, so the first thing I’m gonna say is that I don’t eat McDonalds anymore and I’m proud of that, but only because of how unhealthy it is for you, not because they may or, more likely due to modern laws, MAY NOT be cruel to the animals they kill. But I’m just gonna say one thing, people who don’t eat meat miss out on, among other things, one crucial amino acid, which at some point will cause serious health problems if you don’t get it from somewhere else. Which begs the question, assuming of course you’re an intelligent rational human being, “are we really not supposed to eat meat?” Obviously not you idiot, but feel free to continue not eating it, and as a favour to the rest of us, don’t take supplements so eventually you die because your not getting everything you need in your diet! Also, please restrict yourself from procreating during the intervening time between now and your death so that no one else later on down the line tries to belittle people who just want to eat a balanced diet. Thanks.

        • Martin says:

          …….no…no no no no no. There are 22 amino acids that our bodies need, and 8 of those we need to acquire from outside sources. You can get all of them by eating a mixture, in any combination, of grains, legumes (beans), seeds and nuts, and vegetables.

      • Dan says:

        Also, think about this, how would you feel if I started up a Plant’s Rights Activism group? Scentists have proven that many plants can, at some level, feel what is happening to them. So yeah, I think I’m offended by the fact that you’re making more plants get decapitated every year than necessary. Put that in your pipe and smoke it ya hippy.

      • Kirby says:

        Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder!

      • Gray says:

        I would comment on this, but I am busy pounding out veal cutlets for tomorrows piccata scallopini basilico.

      • Chris says:

        You’re right Clive, we’re not carnivores. We’re omnivores you f*cking idiot. We have flat round molars for mashing plants, and canines and incisors for piercing and ripping flesh. If we weren’t designed to eat meat, then we wouldn’t be able to digest it, and the only reason we can’t eat it raw is because we’ve bred out the ability to survive the bacteria on the outside of the meat. I eat my steak blue rare (raw in the middle) all the time and I’m perfectly healthy. Change your medication. Fool.

      • I will Eat You says:

        The pain and suffering releases andrenaline and endorphines…which makes the meat so much more delicious. Besides, plants have feels too!

        • Heather says:

          well actually stress releases corticosteroids that negatively affect the quality of meat which is why producers try to eliminate stressors in a way that is economical enough to get returns on their changes.. soo happy meat is tasty meat

      • jimmie sue says:

        Billy Joel never put the top of his Steinway down on a chipmunk.

      • Nikkii says:

        “…the way GOD intended us to…”
        So what’s the difference between slaughtering a mentally disabled person and a chicken? They are both of the same intelligence level, the same physical capabilities. Infact the Chicken might be even brigther than some mentally disabled people. Should we start serving them up for breakfast too? Did GOD intended for us to kill everything that is below our intelligence level? If so maybe we should start killing off people who score low on their SAT scores too.
        Clearly a being’s intelligence level is not a valid reason to kill it.

        • Mark says:

          Do you hold the life a chicken at the same level as a human being? Whether or not they are fully functioning they are still a human. And if your assuming that because we eat meat and/or at McDonald’s that we’d kill a human for what? Meat? Then you are one of the sickest people I have ever heard of! And of course I don’t hold a chicken as high any human. Do you?! Would you be more willing to kill a mentally disabled child with a family and people around them that have loved them their entire life than a lowly chicken? I understand that you feel morally obligated to say that slaughtering an animal is wrong, but compared to a human being I believe that most any animal’s life is worth relatively nothing.

          • BB says:

            “but compared to a human being I believe that most any animal’s life is worth relatively nothing.”
            i have to disagree, pumping a chicken full of hormones that make it so fat its unable to move just so you can get more out of it or a “tastier meal” is completely uncalled for and inhumane.
            and i’m not a member of PETA, and i’m also not a vegan.
            and for the record, if my dog and a baby were about to be hit by a car and i could save only 1, the baby is roadkill.

        • Mike says:

          What if people don’t take the SAT’s? What do we do for them? Please tell me what your plan is. I’m very interested in knowing about the whole mentatlly handicapped and chicken murder plan you have developed.

        • PBL says:

          A mentaly challanged person and a chicken are nothing alike. He or she is still a human being. God made the animals for us to eat. Read the bible and youd know that.

        • Joseph mengele says:

          mentally retarded people dont deserve life. They’re good for nothing. They’re a waste of tax payers money. I say fire up the ovens of auchwitz one more time to eradicate the retard infestation. And for the tards that are born, kill them right away. Or use them as science experiments

      • Tracy says:

        It’s not the animals treatment that bother me.. it’s the horomones and antibotics that concern me. ewww.

        On that note, I still enjoy McD’s once or twice a year.. POUTINE is okay from McD’s, but gets better if you create it yourself.

        Europe’s got it perfect though. Beer. Mmmm.
        Smart folks over the ocean.. I wonder why they don’t have beer in Canada or the US? hmmm.. weird.

      • Alaric says:

        Oh please, it’s all edible. Take a Shower Hippy!

      • grover says:

        fuck you fascist liberal!

      • Garrick McElroy says:

        We evolved the ability to eat meat, there are no gods, and I have no reason to change my lifestyle for a terrorist organization, such as PETA. Yeah, that’s right, I called them what they are, a terrorist organization. They use fear to make people do what they want. That is the definition of terrorism. You know what? Even if we weren’t made to eat meat, it’s good, so I’d still eat it. You know why we can’t kill stuff without a tool? Because we can make the tools. Very few animals have that ability. We can make tools and weapons and stuff like that, so why do we need to kill stuff with our bare hands? We don’t. You can go ahead and eat the way you want, I don’t care, but trying to get other people to eat like you do is just sick. As to the whole chicken vs mentally-handicapped person, the reason I don’t eat people is because, in the human brain, we’ve evolved certain things that tell us killing and eating people doesn’t help our species out. If I was stranded on an island, I’d kill the old people and eat them first, then the mentally handicapped. I have no issues eating people if it means my survival. And if you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for the group, fine. That’s less work I have to do. McDonalds no longer treats animals the way you seem them do it in those videos. Man, I can’t stand vegans/vegetarians who push their beliefs on others.

      • Kat says:

        what PETA tells you they do to those animals is only in exceptional cases…. i was born and raised on a farm and i can tell you we treated all our animals well…. i am aware that some farmers treat their animals unfairly but there are aren’t many……

      • Steve the Realist says:

        Lets start a petition to stop lions hurting poor innocent gazelles in the wild?


        until then stop trying to push your naive opinions on everyone. animals eat meat, and we kill them in much more humane ways that any other species.

        eat what you want and keep it to yourself.

      • arkzist says:

        oh so you want the animals i kill to just rot.. i mean if you dont want me to eat them fine

      • Meredith says:

        I’m going to go eat a filet mignon now in honor of the PETA people. Filet mignon is TWO animals. *drools*
        Maybe I’ll go buy some chicken later and throw it away. I mean, have you SEEN thos chicken houses on that PETA video? There’s wayyyyy too many chickens in the world.

        • Heather says:

          …Filet mignon is one animal.. it’s the psoas major muscle in a cow.. you must be speaking of a bacon wrapped filet mignon.. yes.. that would be two animals

      • Lucy says:

        sweetheart, animals dont have souls!!!
        humans do! we were put on this earth to have dominion over the creatures, not to treat them as equals! There’s nothing wrong with eating animals in my book, or in the BIBLE for that matter! they are delicious, they never fail to procreate so its not like we’ll run out of cows or pigs or chickens, and and we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. what makes this generation so much different from the others that we can’t enjoy a pork chop with a delicious sweet glaze?

      • harley says:

        it’s time to wake up and smell the bacon coming from these menus. Do you know how tasty the bacon is that “smells so good”?

        no. you wouldn’t. you are missing out, pal.

      • Kace says:

        Shut up. Its a free country, and its annoying to see people bicker over food preferences. Lets all go cry and have a funeral for the dead chicken on the McDonald’s fryer, but lets forget the little defenseless girl who was raped and murdered that was on the news this morning. Get your priorities straight.

      • Nate says:

        So once you’ve successfully shown us all the error of our ways and we stop eating meat, which 1/3rd of the population do you plan to euthanize in order to have enough to feed the remaining people. Great you’re a vegetarian/vegan that’s fantastic for you. now sit down and shut up about it because it doesn’t somehow make you a better person and you should be thankful that other people will continue to eat meat so that you can make that kind of 1st world choice.

      • julie VII says:


      • joe joe says:

        OMG you stupid animal people…. FACEPALM

    • amber says:

      Thats all good and well, but anyways… i wish they would have added the taro pie or haupia pie from hawaii :)

    • Brian says:

      The mclobster roll started in Maine and is still serves seasonally. If you didn’t know Maine is still a state in the US.

    • Tanya says:

      Forgot all the state burgers from Japan. They brought the TEXAS BURGER back guys! WIN.

    • Vivian says:

      When I visited England from California, I was surprised that the food from the same chain would be different…BUT they had this Carmallo McFlurry…WOW.

    • Erin says:

      I live in France, and the CBO is king. Everything is good with bacon.
      The Croque McDo was created during the Mad Cow Disease period where people stopped eating beef. It was made as an alternative in the Happy Meals. It was so popular that it became a permanent fixture on their menu after that.

    • DoubleBgMcblvR says:

      There is a Double Migmac in canada. and not all of the McDs have poutine.

    • honrytoad says:

      beep beep

    • fattist says:

      we should just eat fat people. I mean, all of those years of eating bacon, double cheeseburgers, and anything that finds itself trapped in their gaping maw must give the meat quite a zing. hell, they already look like bovines. except less cute and slightly worse smelling.

    • McCall says:

      thats so weird lol since i do work at a mcdonalds…i think the triple mac is acctually a good idea we should have here n illinois lol…and i agree we were born 2 eat meat and if u dnt like the way god made us than go jump off a bridge or sumthn lol jk dnt really go jump off a bridge lol jus go eat a hamburger lol

    • mels says:

      every time i ever ate mcdonald’s grilled cheese (in quebec) it was round. and also incredibly delicious. and also like two frigging dollars.

    • larkin says:

      um, ew. what is wrong with you!??!! haha jk.

    • KG says:

      they only serve poutine in quebec that i know of. i wish they had it here. id be sofa king fat.

      ps. that pountine is a burger king poutine. you can tell buy the receipt on the left.

    • This says:

      Watch the Food Inc documentary.

      • Tracy says:

        I have. You know though, if you look through the ingredients list, oatmeal is a LARGE portion of their filler? eww.

    • grover says:

      mmm dead animal is delish!!! mc keep genetically altering food i want some more tasty critters. fuck you you fascist liberals!

      • Max says:

        I would just like to say, that this thread is EPIC, though this whole thing is stupid. Most people eat meat, and some people don’t. If someone decides to turn vegetarian it is mostly a personal choice. The fact that this simple fun informative article has nothing to do with vegetarians or meat just further makes this stupid. Its not saying that eating meat is bad or good. Seriously guys, calm down. Can’t we just all get along? They don’t even treat animals or add as many food additives as much as they did before. Anyways, I doubt anyone will read this. Hell, maybe if someone stumbles on this again. I sure know that I’m just gonna click on stumble and never visit this page again in my life.
        (Stumbled from North Vancouver BC)

      • Booj says:

        Yes indeedy. And also man come on, I’m liberal, but I’ll chomp down on a big juicy burger any day of the week. Hell I just had some bangin ribs for dinner and couldn’t be happier. Just call them tree huggers. Or pickle fuckers. Whichever.

    • jamarcus cartwright says:

      man dat stuff nasty all of it

    • Alexander says:

      I agree! Also I’m from Canada and we definitely don’t have poutine or grilled cheese in my city. I don’t even eat at mcdonalds but somehow I still feel cheated?

  2. Micah says:

    EPIC POST! I’ve seen some of these lists before, but this is really well done. Loved it. And now, I’m starving.

  3. dan says:

    Some of these look delicious, some of them look totally f-cking vile. That Poutine from Canada is making me want to bortch.

    • Erica says:

      I know I’m ten years too late to this conversation, but poutine is awesome. The picture does not do it justice. Poutine is the best reason why to visit Canada.

      • mclovin says:

        I agree that the poutine is a canadian treasure and an all around cornucopia of awesomeness but remember this is a mcd’s poutine we are talking about here!

      • socal says:

        Poutine looks like someone drank a glass of milk, rammed down a large fry… then yacked it all back up & smothered it with gravy.

        Cornucopia of awesomeness?

        I’m too afraid to try it.

    • Aylsa says:

      I’ll agree that that picture doesn’t look very good at all, but I suppose no poutine really “looks” good. You just have to get over the look and try it. It really is one of the best things ever invented. It’s probably hard to imagine since cheese curds aren’t sold in the US, but I swear to God it’s what most of the young people up here would live on if they had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of their lives.

      • Robin says:

        Sorry Alysa, but cheese curds are sold in the US. I live is Wisconsin, which produces a lot of cheese products…and cheese curds are one of the most popular. It is rare to eat at a restaurant around here that does NOT serve cheese curds.
        They are delicious, especially when eaten fresh from the cheese factory.

  4. eyeris says:

    It’s a good thing my McDonalds doesn’t serve onion rings, or I’d be 500 pounds. I CAN NOT SAY NO TO AN ONION RING!

  5. Byrdie says:

    Wow. And all we get in the states is a tired slab of cow. I would actually consider eating at MickyD’s (haven’t in so many years I can’t remember) if we had some of this food. I mean, come on….LOBSTER! …..slurp…..

    • Kristi says:

      I’ve had the McLobster roll in P.E.I. just for the hell of it. The lobster roll cart outside was a tad bit cheaper (no tax) and much MUCH better! The McD one tasted kinda fake and not nearly as fresh. I had to pacify my disappointment with a street vendor roll after that.

      The poutine is disgustingly awesome. When I tried it in Quebec, I felt like I should be turning away in disgust, but I was digging in and diggin’ it…

      • Matilda says:

        IKristi I did the same thing and bought from the vendor cart as well!!!!! I’ve also had the Lobster roll in Maine. I had it in Maine first long before it was available in Canada. Spent most of my youth summers on the Cape and we always traveled all over the Northeast sightseeing etc. Lobster rolls are NOT new to anyone in the northeast except McD’s. My vote is just try it folks if you have the opportunity albeit from a vendor or McD’s.

  6. Sandra says:

    I’m hungry now. Our McD’s in the USA seem boring compared to other countries!

    • Steve says:

      We’re just as dull in the UK. We just get the US menu with a bacon roll, the CBO (the same as in Italy) and that other burger it mentions from England. Some of the stuff in Asia and South America looks really good!

      • vickii says:

        Yeah that’s the really sad thing, but one thing i’m glad we don’t have over here in the UK is the mcbeer, because we already have too many drunks wandering the streets in centres >_>

  7. Syd says:

    McBeer? Cool!

  8. DesignerJeans says:

    Bacon potato pie.


  9. Judith says:

    Eyeris–Sonic Drivein has the best onion rings ever!!! Please tell me Mickey D’s is bringing these (drool) goodies to us.

  10. Mike in AL says:

    Seems pretty clear to me why McDonald’s is successful no matter where they go. They serve their customers well, and give them what they want. Good job Micky D’s.

  11. Lady Callahan says:

    Well shit. I’m with Byrdie – I haven’t eaten there in so long I can’t remember, but I would for some of those menu items. It seems like we Americans are getting the worst crap over here! Emmental cheese and lobster? SHIT! Thanks for nuthin, McDonald’s.

  12. Derek Lutz says:

    Bacon and potato pie would be huge on their breakfast menu.

    So would beer.

    And I want that corn…and bacon and potato pie. Seriously McD’s, put that pie on your menu, but please, keep the bacon roll in the U.K.

  13. *Di* says:

    Wow – Some of those look downright yummy.
    I think I will try to make some of them.
    McBeer ! How bad can that be !

    Yeah screw you, McDonalds – you save all the boring crap for us back here at home !

  14. Jessi says:

    You think the Triple Mac is bad? In Japan, they have something called the MegaMac – FOUR beef patties. Gross.

    They also have something in Japan called Puchi pancakes – mini pancakes with apple and cream cheese on them, I believe. You can get them instead of fries as a side xD So weird! (Chicken Nuggets are also a side in Japan, not an entre, heh. Perfect for your Mega Mac!)

  15. gringorican says:

    Hey, Some of that actually looked interesting, especially the Asian & Middle Eastern choices! A lot better that egg McMuffin or a boring old Big Mac!!!

  16. Ashely says:

    Also in Hawaii, they have a “taro pie”. It’s like apple, but filled with poi, which is purple….super delicious lol.

  17. houstonray says:

    I would SO eat a lot of those! That was fascinating, thanks for sharing! A few were odd and a couple downright gross, but most would be worth trying. I’m suddenly hungry!

  18. Automne says:

    I don’t know why fast food restaurants don’t serve beer. I mean, I’m not a beer person and wouldn’t make use of it (I’m more of a vodka and Captain Morgan’s kind of girl), but they’re missing a huge profit here. If Chuck-E-Cheese serves beer, why not McD’s and/or Burger King? Imagine the amount of people that would buy a beer just to dull the annoyance of the rowdy children around them.

    • Rei says:

      It’s because fast food is often bought by drive-through, and drinking beer while driving is illegal in most jurisdictions. It’s pretty straightforward, really…

      • carlos says:

        Actually that isn’t the reason, although drinking while driving is actually illegal everywhere in the U.S. There are plenty of places that sell beer that have drive through windows. Particularly a place called Taco Cabana in Texas. But in New Orleans there are places that you can drive through just for a drink and nothing else.
        The restaurant most likely just chooses not to be associated with the concept of drinking and driving if they made that choice.

        • drew says:

          In Florida you can get beer from a drive-thru in a paper cup with a plastic lid and a straw.

          But don’t drink and drive! LMFAO!!!

      • Matilda says:

        In TN even some liqour stores have drive through windows…not to purchase an individual drink…only full bottles of liquor or wine… LOL! I don’t think the reason beer is not sold in McD’s here in the States is because of drive through, but if that, by chance, were true…then make the folk park and go inside for shites’ sake! Sure would get people going to McD’s for a burger if they want a beer to wash it down! Marketing folks!!!!! Supply the customer with what they want and you’ll have customers!!!!!!! In TX they would serve both beer and wine at McD’s because bot are sold at grocery stores. I think they should do it. It CAN be monitored like Chili’s or Applebees or any other place that sells burgers and berr, wine or cocktails.

    • Scott says:

      That would be a good reason WHY so many fights break out between adults at Chuck-E-Cheeses all the times…..

  19. Ang says:

    geez! lets add all of those to the american menu!

  20. JohnLuvsFoodNetwork says:

    OH My! I love some of these, others uhh, not so much. I have tasted a couple on my travels! I know! I know! When you travel you DONT wanna really do the whole McDonalds things, but seriously, it is freaky, the fries are the SAME almost everywhere! But, oh my cheese gravy and fries! yuck!

  21. Business101 says:

    A lot of these look quite tasty, others are just weird. As for the Canadian contributions: the grilled cheese is for kids’ meals, I’ve never seen the poutine, and the McLobster rolls is only in Atlantic Canada, afaik.

    • Ashley says:

      We have the poutine here in Northern Ontario, but we’re close to Quebec. For those of you who think it’s gross, just try it once, you’ll be addicted (although McD’s isn’t the p;ace to try it, you need to buy some from a chipstand on the side of the highway for the good stuff!!) They stopped selling the pizza’s years ago though…..wish they were still around!!

    • carlos says:

      Never had a problem getting Poutine in Vancouver. However I have also been to McDonald’s in some of these other countries and have not seen the items listed for them.
      A few in Italy did have a full salad bar though.

      • BingoRingo says:

        Maybe they were limited offers items or they have been removed from the menu (look at the Pizza, haven’t seen that since at least the mid-1990s).

        And does anyone know if they sell poutine in the US at McDonald’s? I know you can get some in New England and New York state, but probably not at McDonald’s.

  22. Robb says:

    I definitely have to echo the awe for the Bacon and Potato pie.

    Also, that Chorizo melt looks diabolical.

  23. S9 says:

    My mister and I have made poutine before. It looks like dog barf, but it’s actually quite tasty.

  24. Katie says:

    Croque McDo, Little Chorizo Melt, McArabia and banana pie? Drool…

    I don’t get poutine. I realize it’s a cultural phenomenon or something up North, but the Texan in me says, “Uh uh. No way.”

    • K-Star says:

      I have no idea why Poutine grosses people out. It’s FRIES, CHEESE and GRAVY people! It’s a trifecta of awesomeness!

  25. Deen says:

    Some of those look really good! (The McArabia especially)
    I’ve been dying to try a Lobster roll from Mickey D’s…I hear they have them seasonally in Maine as well. All we have down here in TN is the McRib. (Blech!)

    I’m sure it’s already been done, but the regional specialties McDonald’s offers would make for a great coffee table book.

  26. Angela says:

    In Austria I had something called a McCountry. We wanted to check out a McD’s there and I tried to be adventerous. I think it was a patty with a mix of beef and pork and the sauce on it sort of looked like salsa. It was NASTY. They did have beer. Everything else was pretty much the same.

  27. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    When I went to Dubai I totally indulged in the McArabia and the chicken Big Mac. I make a point to check out McDonald’s when I travel overseas…you never know what they might have…

  28. Banton says:

    A small side note, Italy is in Europe.

    There are many seasonal items in European McD’s – Finns have their rye burger (like a Quarter Pounder with rye bread instead of buns.)

  29. valeriob says:

    The Banana Pie is actually very good in Hong Kong!

  30. jermhd says:

    In Singapore there’s a McSpicy that outsells just about anything else on the menu. It’s goood. Whole spicy fried chicken fillet burger, anyone?

  31. Dood says:

    The best McDonald’s sandwich in the universe is the Cheddar McMelt, available only in Brazil as far as I know. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!! It was added as a temporary thing but was so delicious and did so well they kept it on for good. Some of these up here look delicious though

  32. Sarah says:

    The McLobster Roll is served seasonally in Maine. They used to serve it at many of their stores, but over the past several years (as late as last summer) I’ve only see it advertised on the board outside one in Ellsworth. Why anyone in their right mind would get a lobster roll at a McDonald’s is beyond me, since, especially out in Bar Harbor, there are so many fantastic establishments that serve phenomenal ones (not to mention all the lobster pounds).

  33. [...] McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (Pics) [...]

  34. rxphoenix says:

    The poutine is served in the province of Québec (Canada). It looks disgusting but it is delicious.

  35. SvdK says:

    You completely forgot about the Dutch McKroket. Here’s a photo:

  36. rockagnostic says:

    Much of this stuff sounds tasty indeed, but before I go crying about how the American McDonald’s restaurants don’t have anything cool like this, I’d like to know how much this stuff costs compared to here in the States.

    Something tells me we’d pay a premium for these items- can anyone confirm/deny this?

  37. [...] 40 photos. You’ll probably get hungry before you finish [...]

  38. Dougie says:

    Since when was Italy in the americas or oceania?

  39. Jillian Madison says:

    I’m aware Italy is in Europe, and made a mistake with my HTML. Fixing it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  40. Krez says:

    Just giving another vote of support for poutine! I’ve never eaten it at a McDonald’s and I don’t think I would, but I’ve tried it at non-fast-food restaurants in Montreal and it is delightful, especially if the fries are good in the first place. Definitely worth trying if you ever get the chance.

    Also — spaghetti at McDonald’s? What?!

    But those rice burgers are intriguing…I would love to try one!

  41. richmond2000 says:

    quote ” You think the Triple Mac is bad? In Japan, they have something called the MegaMac – FOUR beef patties ” quote/
    we have those in canada as a regular menu item + Mcribber (Bbq sauce, onions, on a bonless pork “rib” in a bun)+ subway style deli sandwitches+ Mcgrilled toast and bannana or blue berry pies

    • Posterperson says:

      I’ve never seen the banana pie in Canada before but I have seen the wildberry, What provinces did you find the banana pie in?

  42. Christopher says:

    In the five months that I spent in Nagasaki, Japan, one of the biggest things that I wish I could have brought back to me was a Teriyaki Mac-burger – essentially think a Big ‘n Tasty with the entire patty covered in teriyaki sauce, and served with Mayo instead of ketchup. It was delicious. Seeing things like the ebi-burger and such brought back fantastic memories of the trip. Thanks for the fantastic post. :)

  43. Jayce says:

    The best thing that Maccas sells in Japan (for a hefty price of 0 yen)… is smiles.

    Seriously for anyone in Japan, look in the bottom right hand corner. Then order 3 xD I never got around to doing it myself … I wonder whether 3 people would come out and smile or if the one person would smile 3 times xD

    Oh and the Ebi(shrimp)-Fillet Burger is DELICIOUS!

  44. Stew says:

    I’ve seen the Lobster rolls up in Maine as well. What they didn’t get on the list were “Mexican Sandwiches”. I was driving through South Carolina at one point back when McDonalds first introduced the fajita back in the late ’80′s. Apparently no one knew how to pronounce fajita properly (?), so they put it up on their billboard as “Mexican sandwich”. That had me rolling.

  45. Sabra says:

    Ashely, it’s not poi in the taro pie, just cooked chunks of taro (poi is fermented taro, and judging by the bags of it in the Commissary, pretty liquid). I ate so many of those when I was pregnant with my youngest it’s a wonder she didn’t come out purple.

    Also, a minor point on the deluxe breakfast from Hawaii: that’s Portuguese sausage, not the stuff you get at any other McD’s. It’s a hard sausage & very greasy, but oh-so-good.

    They also had a Spam McMuffin, if I recall correctly.

  46. barkingmad59 says:

    When we visited England last year, we were surprised to see no Grilled McChicken on the menu. As health-conscious as the offerings were in so many stores and restaurants, how could they pass this up?

    On the plus side, though, McDs in England offer curry sauce as a dip for McNuggets. I’d eat Nuggets here at home if we could have curry as a choice!

  47. Matt says:

    McLobster! That’s one Mc I never expected to see!

    Does anyone know if it actually tastes any good?!

    • Matilda says:

      Hey Matt…it depends on how fresh the lobster is. It’s okay to try but stick to the carts if in the northeast or Canada. That libster is usually fresher in my experience.

  48. David says:

    When I was in Britain (many years ago), McDonalds was advertising the “McMutton”. I wasn’t willing to try ANYTHING McDonald’s then…but now I wish I had.

  49. [...] This page has a great list of menu items from McDonald’s restaurants around the world: [...]

  50. Zune says:

    Do they still have the McPizza anywhere, they used to sell it in Canada when I was a kid.
    I’ve had the poutine before, but the gravy wasn’t hot enough so the cheese curds didn’t melt, I’ll rather have a KFC poutine over it anyday. Actually I don’t even see it for sale in Alberta anymore, I think they only sell it in the east now.

  51. Kitty says:

    Yeah, some of those look really, really good. I wouldn’t mind if some of those came drifting over to America. :3

  52. some of your overseas items should be here in the U.S. could you please send some of these items please Especially the Cheddar McMelt thank you

  53. Gene says:

    What are “spaghetti noodles”? Is that from the department of redundancy department?

    • ApathyfortheDevil says:

      uhhh? spaghetti is a type of noodle…spaghetti doesn’t just mean “noodle” … wow, people like you really exist..just…wow

      • alyssa says:

        uhh… I think you misunderstood

      • lol@apathyforthedevil says:

        apathyforthedevil, people like you actually exist?
        let me break it down for you (or for the other people who stumble upon this just like i have, for the sake of other people thinking that you’re correct).

        Gene here clearly realizes spaghetti is a type of noodle. his whole point is, since its universal wisdom, it’s pointless to say both spaghetti and noodle. and then notice how he says ‘department of redundancy department.’ you see the two departments? emphasis on redundancy. it’s what you call sarcasm. his point: saying spaghetti noodle is repetitively redundant

  54. Jennifer says:

    When I was in the Philippines in 2005, they had fried chicken at the McDonalds & served it with steamed white rice. Yum!

  55. Brett Strotman says:

    MMMMM……. DELISH :)


  57. Portugal Mcdonalds have an exclusive product: SOUP!!! No joke! It’s true! The McDonalds portuguese sells soup. They call “sopissima” :p!

    can find all details in the official website

  58. Sil Starbuck says:

    We have Banana Pie here at Brazil.It’s delicious!

  59. Alex says:

    where is the Macs from Brazil?

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  66. Beas says:

    I live in Kansas City, Missouri and when i was little they used to serve the McPizza in Warrensburgh ( a college town about an hour away)

  67. Ammie says:

    Just to point out Morocco is not part of the Asian continent.

  68. Roisin says:

    Poutine is one of the most delicious (and unhealthiest) dishes on the planet. But Canada’s a big country and I’m pretty sure you can only get McPoutine in Quebec. Same with the lobster sandwaich, pretty sure that’s only the maritime provinces.

    In Taiwan they have those rice burgers and they are delicious, way yummier than a crappy white bun.

  69. Emily Lordahl says:

    Mmmmm poutines from Canada are the best! From a native Canadian now living in the states…no matter how gross it sounds I miss those fries so much!

  70. [...] I would totally eat at McDonald’s more often if some of this stuff was on the menu. The McArabia looks particularly [...]

  71. Annie says:

    Hawaii’s menus also includes saimen, a hawaiian version of ramen.

  72. Cat Chow says:

    I had one of those Bacon Potato Pies in Japan. The potatoes were more mashed than whole. Tasty! I seem to recall that they also serve croquettes (croquettes are huge in Japan). I think I tried a corn and ham one.

    McD’s China (well, at least the last time I was there) also still served the Apple Pie in its original format: deep fried in lard. The U.S. stopped making those sometime in the late 80′s. Heavenly!

    I did see Saimin on my recent trip to Kauai (the kids needed a McD’s fix) but did not venture to try it.

    I can also attest to having a McCerveza at the McD’s on Passieg de Gracia, Barcelona last year ;)

  73. Martin says:

    The British bacon roll is actually on a soft bun and is pretty good.

    Some very tasty ideas from around the world.

  74. iota says:

    Actually the Italian one of the ciabatta roll doesn’t contain pancetta as in the Italian-style cured pork belly, but regular old smoked bacon, “pancetta affumicata,” affumicata meaning smoked.

  75. Erika Q says:

    Does McDonald’s in the US or in other countries have fried chicken? ‘Cos here in the Philippines, we have Chicken McDo (not like the fried chicken wings I saw up there) and we either pair that with rice or McSpaghetti that you saw above. Yeah, so far I know McSpaghetti can only be found here in the Philippines. Yum, haha.

  76. Keith says:

    A&W’s poutine’s are way better than McD’s.

  77. fred says:

    funny story, I was in France for an internship last summer, had a friend come visit me for the fourth of july and then bastille day–well, the night of bastille day, we ran out of beer at about 11 o clock–but there was a McDo within walking distance.

    Upon arrival, I requested, in a drunken, broken french-english mix (neither the waitstaff nor I could decide which language we were going to speak), all the beer they had.

    I was informed that, according to french law, I could not simply purchase all the beer they had. I had to purchase food of some sort to buy beer.

    I replied, “fine, I would like one caramel mcflurry–and all the beer you have.”

    “Oui monsieur, that’s one caramel mcflurry and 27 beers.”

    Vive la France!

  78. skyhigh says:

    That potato bacon pie needs to be sold here in The USA!

    And the chicken Big mac? Why isn’t that on the menu?

    Shrimp burger? oh yeah i could do a couple of those….

    And holy cow, McBEER? Bet you don’t even need an ID in Germany or France for one of those.
    Come on micky d’s get with it and give us what we want!

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  80. alyse says:

    It makes me feel like USA isnt good enough- other places have fancy sandwiches. I dont know why we cant get some of these things here.

  81. Jun says:

    Proof positive that no matter where in the world you get McDonald’s, it’s always disgusting.

  82. shitpickle says:

    shaka shaka chicken – similar to the fries but you pick a flavor to shake in – available in japan

  83. Jimmydnet says:

    Ok I want to try all of these!

    Yes, we have had or have the Lobster Roll here in Maine. I have had one or two in my life. They weren’t bad but didn’t compare to the ones found at local restaurants.

    In Florida I have had the Mc Ribb and it was tasty! About five years ago Mc Donald’s in Mt Dora had Buffalo wings, boy were they good.

  84. Jessi says:

    they didn’t even touch on all the “pies” we have in Hawaii… banana pie, taro pie, haupia (coconut pudding) pie, not to mention the other things served with spam. haha

  85. [...] McBEER! Offered in Germany, France, and a few other locations across Europe!! Look at other “odd” McD items from around the world here. [...]

  86. Neha says:

    Wow Jillian, since when was India considered a part of the middle east?

  87. [...] site Food Network Humor reuniu os pratos com os sabores mais curiosos. Veja as fotos e conte para a gente qual deles você [...]

  88. Evripidou Maria says:

    theres also the greek mac from greece

  89. Jennifer says:

    and people wonder why they are fat!! this is disgusting!

    • carlos says:

      People are fat because they sit on the couch and watch tv all night after they eat McDonald’s three times a day. A little Cheese Katsu never hurt anyone as long as they were willing to get off their lazy but and do something to work it off.
      Now cholesterol is another story.

  90. Darkstriker says:

    Your are missing two which the population of the Netherlands simply LOVES!

    The McKroket (

    Its served exclusively in the netherlands as far as i know

    Its a fairly simple dish with only a kroket-patty (which is fried patty of ground meat(with a large percentage of fat) with spices) and comes with a mustard sauce.

    The second one is a similar to mcnuggets called Bitterballen. They a about 1/3 the size of a kroketpatty and are served in portions of four. They are one of the foremost partysnacks all over holland and they are great with mustard as well.

  91. tuzo says:

    Turkey is not europe, although they really want to, they are not europe…

    • indie says:

      A part of it is in Europe. They are member of all european sport organisations, ass well as some other economical and political ones. Europe doesn’t mean only the members of EU, you know? :)

  92. sadfsvsc says:

    Fast food is disgusting

  93. Sarahfaithh says:

    omg good Hawaii deluxe breakfast yeuuuuuuuuuuuuum

  94. Michael says:

    funny and sad at the same time. Nowadays if your looking to taste some of the local food just go to McDonalds.!

  95. I make a point of eating at mcdonalds in every country I visit. Some of the items I’ve had include:
    McGaspacho – Spain
    macaroni and cheese – Sweden
    veggie burger – Sweden
    samurai pork burger – Thailand
    panang chicken burger – Thailand
    shrimp mcnuggets – Shanghai
    pommes frites sauce (herb mayonnaise)for fries – Denmark

  96. Kari says:

    That is very interesting! I would love to try that banana pie, but, that McHotdog breakfast thing makes me want to barf, LOL!

  97. raetsel says:

    the lobster one is served in new england (well maine at least) too :p

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  99. avisioncame says:

    Mcdonalds is taking the local foods, and making them just plain..

  100. Alessandro says:

    In Italy we have the Chicken Gourmet, with chicken, of course, salad, tomatoes, a special (and delicious) sauce, all inside a bread-alike roll. We also have beer.

  101. Lisa says:

    When I lived in Italy, the McDonalds in the southern part of the country served curly fries. They were delicious! A few of these items looked much better than what’s on the US menu.

  102. Lauren says:

    In Hawaii, we also have the Taro Pie!

  103. katie says:

    Yeah, the lobster roll you get in New England is actually pretty delicious. That was my go-to as a kid on road trips!

  104. Anneloes says:

    Too bad you left out the McKroket! It’s a bun with a patty-shaped kroket in it, a fried beef ragout kind of snack that is typically Dutch. Hence they only sell the McKroket in The Netherlands, as far as I know. It’s served with a mustard sauce.

  105. Diderot says:

    You are aware that pancetta is bacon, right??

    • Clairee says:

      Actually pancetta is not baccon, its a form or pork that is taken off the belly and cured with a differnt curring salt then baccon at time, and has more fat running throughout it unlike baccon where they cut it so its on the side. If you wanna talk say it rightt

  106. Ferd says:

    As I recall, the McD’s in Caen, France (I’m pretty sure it was Caen) had a great coffee and pastry bar area separate from the regular counter. The Croque McDo was the cheapest thing on the menu, so I had a few of them on a more recent visit to France.

  107. Eddie Starr says:

    I would give a few of these a try, but them a lot of them I would say ” Ewe ” to.

  108. Quag says:

    bullshit. I have never seen the poutine or grilled cheese in quebec or ontario. where in canada are they sold?

  109. Kaitlin says:

    You forgot about the McOriental, saw one in France

  110. Kat says:

    They have banana pies in Canada?? I’m in Alberta and we have apple & cherry, sometimes blueberry or a specialty pie… and Yes we have grilled cheese in happy meals, but I’ve never seen poutine, and pizza has been gone for years. BUT I wish some of those other things were here, like the lobster… must be in the east cause we don’t have it… Oh and the “MegaMac” that someone mentioned in Japan I think… its called a Double Big Mac here… simply a Bic Mac with 4 patties…

  111. Jocko says:

    The McLobster is served in Maine and has been for many years.

  112. Henk says:

    These aren’t onion rings, but calamaris (sort of squid tempura)

  113. carbonware says:

    I’ve had Roti in the West Indies at a McDonalds they also had coconut juice and other local juices.

  114. nsquared says:

    McD’s here in the US makes me baaarf except for the fries, which as someone else pointed out, somehow taste the same everywhere.

    However, the first thing I do when I get back to Hong Kong is go to McD’s for McWings or a McCrispy Chicken Burger! Both have the same spicy seasoning, and are oh so delicious. I used to love shake shake fries as a kid, but now it’s just way too much seasoning for me!

  115. Jenny says:

    Pure junk,and smells much better than it tastes.Give me birds eye burgers I can cook myself anytime,way cheaper and maybe junk as well but tastes much better.

  116. [...] Eric Bruntlett pulls off the first game-ending unassisted triple play in National league history – Fascinating collection of McDonald’s food items around the world – Another reason Google is full of win – Did you know Hippos are faster than Usain Bolt? – Rare [...]

  117. S Palmer says:

    McBeer Also served in Pullman Washington USA

    • Sara says:

      I don’t recall that, and I worked at a McDonald’s IN Pullmand while I was attending Washington State University (a job that fostered my lifelong refusal to eat any food made by that so-called “restaurant”, as I have actually been in the kitchen and didn’t recognize any of the ingredients as food). This was some years ago, but I’m pretty sure I would have remembered the beer. When did you see this?

  118. Alana says:

    I have to say, I really dislike McDonalds as a corporation, and avoid it as much as possible. That being said, if they had some of these items on their menu here, I might have to reconsider….

  119. someguy says:

    wow…fuck the world.. i almost threw up

  120. dsvz says:

    hey in puerto rico we have mozzarella sticks!!!

  121. Lia says:

    McDonalds in Thailand feature pork burgers and have three flavors of pie on their menu: creamed corn, taro root, or pineapple. The hot pineapple pie is pretty delicious, but I can’t say I really enjoyed the corn or taro varieties…

  122. CherryRose says:

    After leaving Gatwick (London) in our rental car, DH and I were in desperate need of some coffee after our overnight flight. We stopped at McDonald’s for the brew but didn’t get anything to eat. As we waited in the long lunchtime line, I noticed “fish & chips with Weetabix batter” on the menu. This was about 12 years ago. I wonder if the item was available all over GB and if it’s still available.

  123. Wahoo Wille says:

    Our general travel rule is no franchise food beyond a fifty mile radius of the ranch but I have to admit that international Mickey D’s may be fun. Like Anthony Bourdain slumming.

  124. Mich says:

    In Spain they also have the thick cut steak fries in addition to the regular fries which were called Papas Fritas Especiales (Special French Fries). Also in Israel, they have McFalafel and McShishkabob.

  125. sabka says:

    born n raised in canada, round countless mcdonalds…but i’ve never seen a mclobster sandwich or grilled cheese, here. :I

  126. Sara says:

    The CBO that is served in Europe is NOT from McDonald’s: it’s from “Quick” which is kinda like a French version of McDonald’s but is not affiliated with McDonald’s.
    There’s even some rivalry going on here: if you live in France, Belgium or Luxembourg(like I do)you’re pretty sure to find a “Quick” not far away from any McDonald’s you’ll see…

  127. Get Busy says:


  128. traveller says:

    You’re missing the Mega Muffin from the Asian category.. Awesome!

  129. [...] with spam, rice, eggs, and sausage patties. The McLobster roll is served seasonally in Canada. Original article Some of that stuff looks pretty deelish. Some of it looks like it bypasses the "recommended daily [...]

  130. Casey Jane says:

    I had no idea! lol This would be a fun “vacation activities” list.. although there are a few on this list I wouldn’t touch with a 10-Ft. poll! lol

  131. Hey some of these Items look disgusting but don’t knock the Poutine from Canada, It looks horrible in the photo here but looks great in real life, but it tastes amazing, Huge artery clogger but who cares.Please try it some time. I went to Canada and had Poutine and thought about it for weeks after I returned Home.

  132. Squarebob Spongepants says:

    @Antz. I LOVE Poutine. That, and loaded New York fries.

  133. [...] McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics) Food Network Humor [...]

  134. Nice list. I love this kind of stuff.

  135. [...] could have kept going, as a photo gallery of McDonald’s menu items around the world on the Food Network site and the occasional viral e-mail attest: In Asia you can get a McRice Burger, with a chicken or beef [...]

  136. Zoe says:

    McPizza? Canadian McDonald’s discontinued pizza YEARS ago. Also, I live in Newfoundland but I’ve never seen McLobster here. Subway sells lobster subs, though.

  137. Melsa says:

    I’m from Canada, and I’ve never seen grilled cheese at McDonald’s.

  138. Carl says:

    You forgot my favorite Bolshoi Krivyetki (Spelled really badly) Big Shrimp in Russia. Deep fried large and strangely long shrimp. Seem to be the Russian answer to Chicken McNuggets. First thing I get at McD when in Moscow. Now if I could get that with Poutine…. UUUUUM

  139. Matt says:

    “The Little Chorizo Melt, offered in England: a 100% beef patty in a herb watersplit bun dressed with chorizo, a cheese slice made with Emmental, shredded lettuce and rich tomato sauce.”

    100% beef? wow the English are lucky! Who knows how much beef is in the U.S. patties.

  140. mc saggy pants says:

    the mcdonalds pizza? where is it from?

  141. Sarah says:

    Pizza was available in CDN McDonalds for a few years, but was taken off the menu in 1998. Pepperoni or Deluxe. Started with small personal size and was upped to a Medium at $ 5.95. Not bad if fresh out of the hotbox, but kinda chewy if sitting around in the warming station.

    I has a MCDonut splurge in Florida a few years back. Gone now.

  142. Jaime says:

    Funny thing is, I’ve actually had a few of those in my travels.

  143. J-Rock says:

    I WANT THE CHICKEN BIG MAC! YUMMY! I’m tired of hamburgers here in the U.S. We have crappy stuff apparently.

  144. k says:

    I’m from Quebec and can confirm the awesomeness of poutine. It’s the best junk food ever. (Or it can taste like cardboard and rubber, if you get crappy poutine…)

    The banana pie looks amazing too :3

  145. callan says:

    What about the royale with cheese?

  146. dave says:

    Where’s the McOz?

  147. SKippy says:

    You forgot the McAngus – available in Australia

  148. Morgen says:

    Some of this stuff sounds delish. Why can’t we have decent fast food here in the states? Why?!!

    Also, for the people who haven’t seen poutine: It is traditional in Quebec, so that’s probably where it is served.

  149. Becky says:

    I Wish I could get ‘My Poutine’ I had that in Canada on a school trip and I still think about it now 10 years later. You have no idea what goat cheese and beef gravy can do for fries!

  150. Ashley says:

    I had a CBO in italy and it is as delish as it looks. I wish i had one right now. :(

  151. Marjon says:

    In holland the “Mc Kroket” has been part of the menu for years now.

  152. karl says:

    They just introduced the bacon roll here in Ireland, can’t wait to try it!

  153. Lena says:

    The bacon potato pie is somehow resemblant of that bacon guyere tort on 10 Dollar Dinners *cough, lunch, cough*.

    We’re onto you, Melissa…

  154. hungry! says:


  155. Elysium Alchemist says:

    The McRice burger is gone. D:

    Shame, that was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted from McDo…

    At least we still have our Spaghetti. :D

  156. Neil says:

    Turkey is actually a country in Asia, not Europe.

  157. immi says:

    i once had a mclobster in maine…

  158. That Chicken Bacon Onions burger looks DELICIOUS :O~

  159. jpquinlan says:

    The also serve that Lobster Roll in Maine during tourist season…

  160. If this lineup doesn’t confirm that McDonalds has taken over the globe, I don’t know what does. I especially love the Shake Shake Fries, because it’s nice to have customized food. I wish they would put corn on the general menu. It is so simple to do and I love corn. Thanks for the sharing.

  161. hannah says:

    The lobster roll is, not surprisingly, sold in Maine too, not just Canada.

  162. Priscilla says:

    some of the food looks ok and fine but in some other countries i don’t think its look good at all i think its just because of the different cultures and everything

  163. [...] McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics) [Food Network Humor] [...]

  164. McFood says:

    Those McPatatas were also available in the UK around a decade ago, where they were called potato wedges.

  165. Johns1959 says:

    Some of those do look pretty good – the shake shake fries out to play in America… I have acutally had the Kiwiburger and it is pretty good. The combo of fried egg and beet sounds weird but it really works…

  166. Dumbfounded says:

    Are you people serious? McDonalds supplies the most disgusting products masquerading as food no matter where they do it. Some variation is something but most of it looks vile and the rest looks foul. I wouldn’t eat it if you gave it to me for free. I’d rather be hungry. Try some real food people.

    I can prepare a simple meal in the time it takes you to drive to McDonalds, order and get home again that tastes a hundred times better than any of the rubbish they serve. Then there’s the comparison in terms of how healthy each meal is. I won’t even bother.


  167. [...] and fascinating at the same time? Why, yes, that would be an apt description for some of the food sold in other McDonalds across the world. I’m amused by almost all of it (but saddened at the same time — a bacon roll? Triple [...]

  168. Roxy says:

    I’ve never seen grilled cheese or lobster sandwich in canada. I live in toronto. It would be amazing to try these!

  169. nora says:

    About the “laksewrap”. Laks is Salmon in norwegian.

    Laksewrap = Salmon wrap.

  170. K says:

    The McLobster is widely available across New England (Northeastern USA) every summer.

  171. name says:

    Those aren’t onion rings in Turkey, they are Mozzarella (cheese) rings… We have them in Serbia too

  172. Lunchbawx says:

    here in hawaii we have the banana pie its sooo good and we have a taro pie and haupia pie which is a coconut but they are all seasonal

  173. xxx says:

    Yessss, We want the McBeer in P.R. please!!!!!!

  174. [...] plenty more exotic and interesting menu items over at foodnetworkhumor worth checking out.  You would think they would offer all of these items in the States, being a [...]

  175. lori says:

    dont agree w/ the beer due to the fact that when macdonalds first opened you concitered yourself as a family restraunt so that would meean the children would eat there too and i feel its unapproperite to have the beer in your restraunt. also if you had all these choices on an international menu in the united states you would make a hell of alot more money then you are now. thank you for allowing me to make an appinion on your website. hope you take the beer item off the menu for the childens sake!!!!!!! BECAUSEEE ITS A FAMILY RESTRAUNT and it goes againt the tradion of what macdonalds stand forrrr!!!!!!!! sincerely, lori.

    • Lars says:

      One must realize that beer in other countries like Germany, is like water or soda-pop here in the U.S.

      While you may find it offensive that they serve it in a resturant around kids, which is understandable considering the culture we grow up in here in America. In Germany and other European countries it could be considered offensive not to offer such delicacies.

      One reason they probably don’t serve beer here in the U.S. is because American’s don’t know how to drink. Americans drink to get drunk and don’t teach responsiblty to their children. While in some European countries a drink is not a bad thing and people don’t drink to just get drunk (for the most part – note their are always expections to the rules.)

      • Joe says:

        “…and in France, you can get a beer in McDonalds!”
        sorry, just watched Pulp Fiction recently :)

        I just wanted to say I absolutely agree with the grammatically correct Lars and humbly disagree with the “appinion” of Lori.

        Mcdonalds sucks, beer is good, legalize pot.

        Thank you.

      • Mandie says:

        I wouldn’t say beer is considered to be *quite* like soft drinks or water here in Bavaria (writhe in jealousy, fellow beer fans), but it’s definitely more acceptable in situations where it would not be in the US. Germany has a law (“Apfelsaftgesetz” – “apple juice law”) that the cheapest beverage on the menu, both absolutely and by volume, must be non-alcoholic because otherwise it would often be a half liter of local Helles (Bavaria) or Pils (the rest of the country). Personally, I don’t drink the McBier with my saltier-but-better-textured semi-annual McD’s fix, but that’s mostly for weight and driving reasons.

        For people under about 40 or 45, there is a huge drunk driving taboo to the extent that it’s considered a bit irresponsible to drive if you’ve touched the stuff and downright reckless if you’re actually showing signs of impairment. I adore good beer and wine, but I come off as rather preachy on DWI when I’m back home among the “good ol’ boys” (and girls).

        Lori – I have seen people in restaurants giving a sip of the delicious Hefeweizen (wheat beer) to babies in high chairs. It is also not too odd to give little kids small glasses of wheat beer with raspberry syrup mixed in. I wouldn’t do it, but doesn’t seem to hurt Bavarian kids…

    • carlos says:

      I’m sure the McDonalds located in Vienna are very happy to hear that you disagree Lori and are, as we speak, scrambling to change their menus before another uptight culture deprived housewife has a chance to find out they serve beer.

  176. edhurley says:

    This shows that McDonald’s is gross everywhere, not just in the US.

  177. benjamin89 says:

    the fish in laksewrap is Salmon

  178. Arvind says:

    This Arvind here. i have 1 request, plz provide scissors to cut tomato ketchup sachet..plz this is my humble request…..

  179. Mary says:

    Wow, I love the photos! I never knew there were so many unique creations for McDonalds globally. I guess it’s not so weird that here in Hawaii, McDonalds sells green tea, saimin noodles, spam and eggs, and taro pies among other things. LOL

  180. Elizabeth says:

    I ever tried the ebi fillet-o burger in Japan, it takes nice with the crunchy deep fried shrimp patty. Some of this menus I never knew of, great post!

  181. Bast says:

    The Kiwiburger is sold in Australia as the McOz.
    As for wishing you could get some of those things in the US, we don’t get the caramel dipping sauce to have with our apple wedges here, in fact, the apple wedges are only sold as part of the Happy Meal in Australia

  182. Alex says:

    Dammmm beer, bannanna pie, triple big mac!!! Dam my munchies are cravin a road trip

  183. BNDQ8 says:

    lol!!! we do have MC Arabia and Big Tasty here in Middle east..which is nice!! :)

  184. en argentina mi pais los mc donnals tienen mucho exito los grandes y los niños van a comer con gusto.

  185. unknown kadanth says:

    if someone can get me some apple pie “blanks” im making my own bacon potato. Maybe phillo dough or egg roll wrappers would kinda work

  186. socal says:

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if McD’s had an exhibit like Coca-Cola does at Disneyworld? Where you can go and sample all the different goodies and crazy concoctions from around the world?

    Hint hint McD’s drop one in Disneyland and I’ll be there every day!

  187. Teague says:

    McDonald’s fries good as there are are just not suitable for poutine.

  188. lolzie says:

    they serve the lobster roll in new england too, but i don’t know if i’d eat seafood at macdo.

  189. David says:

    theyshould get som of these items in wichita kansas i bet they would sell really good

  190. Evo says:

    I’m not a McDonald’s person, but I’d love a Shogun Burger!

  191. John Skookum says:

    Man this is bullshit! I cannot believe the awesome food they serve elsewhere. McDonald’s, if you’re reading this, I don’t set foot in your shitty restaurant unless it’s the only thing open late, the only thing on your menu I like is french fries, but if you served stuff like this I’d be in once or twice a week.

  192. Jay F. Kay says:

    McSpaghetti… unbelievable!
    This reminds me of my friend Mr. Macaroni Cheese from my Jamaica trip last year… hahaha

  193. wallace says:

    Mc PAtatas RULEE

  194. Big Jo says:

    I love animals. My favourite are pigs cows and chickens they taste so good.

  195. MasterOfSporks says:

    The McLobster roll is actually served in Maine also. I had one when I was vacationing up there. Pretty tasty.

  196. mike b says:

    p.e.t.a.= people eating taty animals!!!!!…….yummmmmm!

  197. Walker says:

    You guys are missing the new Meat Beast offered in the Middle east, its quite a burger

  198. Dinahbug says:

    The pizza used to be served here in KY, I miss it! It was AWSOME. Mikky D’s needs to give it back!

  199. jordan says:

    tryed the crabcake where i live in oc md. bombbbb

  200. Aileen says:

    In Brazil they have a McCheddar which is a beef patty, melted cheddar, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard and pickles on a whole wheat bun. It’s bomb. In Nicaragua they serve a two piece fried chicken meal.

  201. [...] McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics) Posted by shigga on April 26, 2010 at 1:51 pm. via [...]

  202. Mickey says:

    they forgot the tofu burger in japan

  203. KfromVA says:

    Bacon is life!

  204. Elle says:

    I live in Canada and I’ve never seen a grilled cheese sandwich or poutine before in McDonalds. Though, I’d really love if they did serve poutine.

  205. nat says:

    I didnt realize that India was considered the Middle East….

  206. bajagal says:

    One McBeer Please….LOL…LOL

  207. mel says:

    Im not supriesd that Australia didnt get a mention. Our menu is lame and boring. Japans maccas now come in vending machines. Id like to see (but not eat) that.

  208. henry gilman says:

    mcdonalds had octopus sticks in greece a few years ago. this year i saw they had shrimp burgers. they only serve it during lent before easter.

  209. russkinz says:

    In New Zealand we also have the Mega Mac which is 4 patties, as well as pretty much “double” versions of all the other beef burgers – Double Quarter Pounder, Double Cheeseburger… At times we’ve even had a triple cheeseburger. We also had the Chick ‘n McCheese at one point, which was a cheeseburger with a chicken patty and lettuce, and also the Cheeseburger Deluxe which is a cheeseburger with lettuce.

  210. Jolien says:

    Where is the Dutch McKroket?

  211. [...] recently told me about some meat-flavored potato chips she had in Egypt. That reminded me of this site which features McDonald’s cuisine from around the world. It’s interesting to see how [...]

  212. carlos says:

    I think one of the Las Vegas casinos should open up a McDonald’s of the World food court. I think it would go over wonderfully.

  213. mehere says:

    oh yeah, Kiwiburger FTW! They took this off the menu for a while and when enough of us protested, they brought it back. A burger ain’t a burger without a couple of slices of beetroot. Mmmmmmm, that’s a tasty burger!

  214. JOhn says:

    They have Taro Pie in Samoa

  215. Mcdonaldsuck says:

    Some ideas were good but the fact that they are mcdonald brand make me VOMIT!

  216. Whereabouts in Canada do they serve grilled cheese sandwiches and poutine? I’ve never seen them on the west coast.

  217. Joey says:

    Onion ring’s are also served in australia.

  218. matt says:

    No mention of the Crispy McBacon? I had that a few times in Italy, along with pepita cheese, deep fried triangles of potato and cheese and pepperoni

  219. Amanda says:

    I lived in England for a few years and loved McDonald’s Chicken Premiere. It’s a breaded, seasoned chicken breast with salsa, sour cream sauce and lettuce on a focaccia-like roll. It almost reminded me of a gyro, the flavors were very “Moroccan”

  220. James says:


    Dammit why dont we get that here in the states?

  221. X says:

    Anyone notice how large Asia’s McHotdog is? Hmm … I think they are embellishing a bit there … lol!

  222. ScoJo77 says:

    Do not want.

  223. Spatuler says:

    I dunno, some of that shit is lookin’ pretty damn tasty right about now.

  224. wanker says:

    shite products from a shite company

  225. [...] McDonalds Menu Items From Around the World [...]

  226. BADASSvegan says:

    You are what you eat!

  227. Ghost Knight says:

    Hmmm, On one side people who NATURALLY enjoy consuming animal flesh for sustinance. On the other side, people with a Metally Defective gene who exports their guilt of eating poor defenseless animals and must push their mental illness onto others.

    Will not eating animals , NOT make you die? No. Smoking, Drugs Abuse, Destructive Eating Habits WILL accelerate the time of your Death, but abadoning all of those things will not make you live forever.

    Live and let live. Animals taste good, some vegitables taste good. Totalitarianism is BAD. I Have had vegi-meat at a Hospital cafiteria, no wonder Vegans are so pissed off at the world.

    I have raise , slaughtered, butchered, prepared and cooked my own livestock. If you do not EMOTIONALLY attach your self to an ANIMAL, there is no giult complexe. But what the hell, some people are mentally deficiant and need the PETA movement. Personally, I believe that there is room for all of God’s creatures, right next to the mashed potatos and gravy!

  228. Jiz Launcher says:

    Dam some of that crap looks good making me hungry.I like the sandwich that looks like a vagina with a yeast infection…,umm good.Why are all them stinking foriengners eating such ass 4 food?Dumass dirty fuckheds

  229. anuLuna says:

    Bacon. Potato. Pie.

    That is all.

  230. J. Focus says:

    And in an alternate universe: McHuman!


    • Aeronomer says:

      EXACTLY!!! When did appreciating dishes made with meat become an offense. Why the fuck are the vegetarians even reading the comments on this page if not to start trouble? It’s fucking McDonalds…you telling me you vegetarians spend you cash at Mickey D’s??? How hypocritical is that? Fucktards.

  232. brianna says:

    Also, in Northern Ireland (I’m not sure about the rest of the UK) they have burgers that are all named after different cities in America, like the Chicago Burger and a Philadelphia burger with cheese steak on it.

  233. Matty G says:

    The Lobster roll is served in certain parts of the US too. Ive seen in in Maine and other East Coast states.

  234. [...] McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics) « Food Network Humor [...]

  235. SSS says:

    The “laksewrap” is actually not sold in Finland.

  236. Brooklynne says:

    I can’t eat Mcd’s. It makes me sick. And its way too greasy. Makes a good cure for consitpation though.

  237. [...] in consumption habits overseas could be difficult to overcome. We can’t wait to see the weird fast food options that come out as Timmies tries to go multicultural. Double-double masala chai, [...]

  238. Cara says:

    HURRR. McRice burgerrr! Cravinggggg. ♥

  239. Liberal Mind says:

    i treat preachy religious people as i do preachy vegetarians and vegans.

    You learn to live with them and not hate them. I dont know why there is such a need to personally offend someone with catchy bumper sticker slogans about meat being tasty. Yes meat is delicious. But not for everyone. Consider it more meat for us carnivores.Or survival of the fittest. But arguing over mcdonalds ads? Go have a burger (soy or not!)

  240. tracy says:

    Deep fried chicken wings?? YES!!

  241. MsFoodie says:

    DAMN! I want me some bacon potato pie! Why does McDonald’s screw us here in the US with processed meat product and a narrow minded menu?? I may actually frequent McDonald’s if they had a menu like this. As such, I don’t really eat fast food but this might make me change my mind!

  242. [...] McDonalds From Around the World|Look Here [...]

  243. Noneofyourbusiness says:

    Reading this has made me feel really depressed about humanity. Pain and suffering makes the meat taste better? Have you ever heard of compassion? All of you who have made comments like that are disgusting. I don’t understand what makes you so hateful and careless. And I eat meat. I like meat. I wish I didn’t eat it because it IS murder. At least I can admit that. If it makes me a hypocrite, fine. At least I don’t get off on torturing living things.

    • lalalalaaaaaaa says:

      I totally agree with you NONEOFYOURBUSINESS, you are 100% correct. It’s because these people are moronic, selfish, disgusting, hyporcrites, and probably wouldn’t face what actually happens to these animals for 50 bucks. They want to live in their pretend worlds to keep their conveinence, and selfish gross pleasure, and are dumb and heartless enough to be able to do it. You are a much more intelligent and caring person that you are able to admit it even if you might eat meat. But you should know that you can buy humanely killed and humanely raised animals from farms like Applegate, and Amish fars (there are many of markets that cary Amish meat) also go for the cage free eggs and organic dairy. It’s not only not supporting the torture, but it’s MUCH better for you as well!

    • Yuri92001 says:

      Unless you live in a cave by yourself, I highly doubt you can live without benefiting from torture.

    • Really?? says:

      But you accept slavery. You live and prosper in America no? You think we built this country without it? Glad you find that ok but eating meat being murder. You should do some research and not take everything PETA says as fact. Oh and you know they have proven that plants have feelings? They’re also living beings. Is it murder when they are ate in a salad? Oh, it’s different then no?

      And yes, you are a dictionary definition of a hypocrite.

      • GOLD! says:

        Everyone needs to drop the political crap and just enjoy life!. If you dont want to eat the food then dont, if you do…then do so. Its no-ones business to dictate what someone should or shouldnt do!. GET A LIFE PPLS!

      • Yaz says:

        Hahaha that is the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard! Because you live in America doesn’t mean you accept slavery! Of course America wouldn’t be where it is without it but there is nothing a person can do to change the past, however the corruption and abuse that’s happening in the meat industry is a present and very relevant issue. It’s not everything that PETA says anyway, there is lots of proof of how badly these animals are treated. You should educate yourself before making such outlandish statements.

        • MAC says:

          I know you must feel good to be passionate about something but your no different than a lot of extremest in any area of life such as lowering your CO’2 by not driving at ALL, or people who are against gay marriage. You think your high in morals, but what you don’t understand is that the meat industry is an industry…meaning it produces jobs and feeds families. Things are rarely as simple as “putting down the fork”

  244. LOL says:

    YEAH! Why can’t these animals bread to feed and sustain the world be treated better? I mean, can’t they just make EVERY chicken free range? if they don’t have enough land and resources they shouldnt have that many chickens in the first place.

    But on a serious note, they need to bring a LOT of that to the US. Maybe I’d actually be tempted to eat there, and maybe I wouldnt have to stare at a bunch of fatasses every time I go past one.

    • lalalalaaaaaaa says:

      and @ LOL, agreed. It’s about money and greed. Actually the mass production of chickens and cows and other livestcok by factory famrs who torture their animals, destroy the land. It takes up so much water and grains to harvest to feed all the mass productions they force breed to torture that it is extremely unsustainable to the earth. It’s not an issue about not having enough land, it’s an issue of it being easier for them to make billions off of not giving f*ck about the animals or the people who eat them (as most the animals in these factory farms have tumors and are so infected that the milk pple buy is literally pasturized puss and blood mixed with some of the cows milk, and I could go on…) The good news is WE have to power to change this, as we are the consumers who make them their money. Choose to buy cruel free! It’s better for the animals, the planet, the farmers with integrity (the REAL buisness men and women) and you and your family!!!

    • sham says:

      Or less people. Then it would be easier to free range everythign

  245. [...] “nutrition transition.” Unfortunately, between its McArabia koftas, red bean sundaes and double beef prosperity burgers, getting rid of McDonald’s mascot would hardly slow the chain [...]

  246. fluxxe says:

    triple mac? in canada they have a double big mac, which has 4 patties total

  247. Sarah S says:

    Both the McLobster Roll and My Poutine don’t exist in Canadian restaurants as far as I can tell.
    I work for McDonald’s in Ontario and I’ve never heard of either =\

    • heather pink says:

      I don’t know if I am sold on eating lobster or any type of seafood from McDonald’s.

      • LALALALA says:

        Heather, you shouldn’t be sold on eating meat at Mcdonalds either (or anything for that matter), it’s all by products of diseased and tortured animals. These factory farms are worse than the concentration camps as we know them, for animals….. take a look, a real in depth look at what goes on and you’ll understand. And it’s all horrible for you too; even the parfait’s are all gmo chemical induced sugary fat food product…. I wouldn’t trust a peice of lettuce from Mcdonalds. Don’t think that companies that don’t care about torturing animals give a shit about humans either…. no compassion is no compassion, you can’t care about some life yet not have a heart when it comes to other life

        • Yellow Submarine says:

          Ok crazy person – you need to find better things to do with your time than start arguments about corporate greed with people on what is supposed to be a page about funny McDonald items around the world. Stop harassing everyone with your crap – no one care – if they did, no one would eat at McDonalds. In fact, everyone would just starve. Go starve yourself but no one else is interested.

          • sham says:

            i think lalala is right on the money.

            we are fast heading to oblivion and too stupid to think about it.

            i’d do the same as lalalala except there is no point – you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it THINK.

            i’m just grateful that i lived through better times and due to my age, will be dead before you guys all reap what you are sowing.

        • Teri says:

          LALALALA……Dumb….SHUT UP!!! You sound like a PETA freak.

        • AJ says:

          You’re right Lalalalala. Factory Farms are EXACTLY like concentration camps… Except they are doing these things to useless animals instead of people.

          Are you a free range meat producer? Do you own a farm that makes produce? If not then kindly STFU because you are doing absolutely nothing to change something that you consider so criminal.

    • Ben says:

      Ive had friends who visited Canadian Mc Donalds near New York and theve seen My Pountine. The Lobster Roll, that sounds good.

    • My Name says:

      BC had the McLobster roll for a VERY limited time like 5? years ago… Was no different than that fake crab sh*t they serve at Subway or you can buy at the grocery store.

    • Meh says:

      You can only get the pouting in Quebec and New-Brunswick markets. The McLobster is only available in the Maritime locations.

  248. DNFTT says:



  249. Mel says:

    The McLobster is accually only served in Maritime Provinces in Canada seasonally. The poutines are good, that’s ok cause they weren’t really good anywho. The grilled cheese sandwiches are a kids meal option here! Kids love them.

  250. Jake says:

    I work for McDonalds and dam is it good food nice and tasty they use 100% beef in their beef burgers and all cows are sourced from british and irish farms

    • LALALALALA says:

      LOL JAKE you fucking Mcdonalds hired asshole! if anyone is stupid enough to buy your bullshit…. well I guess those are the people stupid enough to eat your poision. You fucking pawn……

    • LALALALALA says:

      “JAKE” you fcking pawn…… those of us who aren’t inbred morons (or who are equal to inbred morons) know that you’re some ***hole who works for Mcdonalds, you are full of crap “JAKE”, and way to use your life as a pawn supporting the evils of the world….. hope that money buys you a nice house, just remember, you can’t take it with you….. but your deeds, you cannot leave behind…..

  251. kali says:

    i would just like to say there seems to be a huge difference in maturity from one side to the other. you guys disgust me. talking shit about how great tortured meat tastes…. MUST BE FUCKING AMERICANS. grow the fuck up, have respect….
    plants to not have feelings, so stop being such small minded wankers!
    i eat meat i have no problem eating it aslong as its not processed plastic shit, but i have NO problem with people who choose not to eat it…
    i do however have a problem with ignorant assholes who think its halarious to go making jokes about what these animals endure before and after death, GO HAVE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF what happens to them before you go bagging the people out who actually care about living creatures.
    you small minded igrorant little AMERICAN shits.

    • D says:

      Hook, line, and sinker.

      • LALALALALA says:

        “JAKE” you effing pawn…… those of us who aren’t inbred morons (or who are equal to inbred morons) know that you’re some ***hole who works for Mcdonalds, you are full of crap “JAKE”, and way to use your life as a pawn supporting the evils of the world….. hope that money buys you a nice house, just remember, you can’t take it with you….. but your deeds, you cannot leave behind…..

    • AJ says:

      Hello, pot. See you’re up to your usual stuff.

    • GoGo Pogo 64 says:

      Go Fuck Your Self !

    • LALALALALA says:

      KALI you are 100% correct, I’m an American but I’m not offended by your comment…. though animal torture and support of animal torture is seen in all parts of the world… ignore these compassionless ignorant morons. And when you eat your meat, since you care that it isn’t processed and what not, you probably already buy humanely raised and killed animals, but just remember to make it a point to as I’m sure u already do. Cage free eggs and organic dairy as well…. the rest is shit, and the animals are tortured beyond belief. These people will learn the hard way…. and to those who say “go fuck yourself” you should know you’re the only ones getting fucked by the shit you put in your mouth and the blood you put on your hands. (yep, even if youuuuuu don’t do the torture you’re still supporting it, so yes, the blood is on you; on your soul forever….. I knew I would have to spell that out for most people)

      • jay says:

        KALI you say its an AMERICAN’s fault but u must seriously be pretty mental to say such crap about us. theres a freaking mcdonalds in 119 countries in the world! NOT JUST IN AMERICA. SO THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK BECAUSE YOU HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT! I take AP human georgraphy and we do talk about how americans are somewhat slow and fat but you need to look at what we havee done in our lives to put us in such a positive and free spoken world unlike in other countries across the globe. we have made a difference and i honestly do NOT appreciate what mcdonalds has to offer but their amazing fries! its the way globalization has put mcdonalds as and how people have a negative outlook at us because of it. AMERICANS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    • LALALALALA says:

      “JAKE” you f-ing pawn…… those of us who aren’t inbred morons (or who are equal to inbred morons) know that you’re some ***hole who works for Mcdonalds, you are full of crap “JAKE”, and way to use your life as a pawn supporting the evils of the world….. hope that money buys you a nice house, just remember, you can’t take it with you….. but your deeds, you cannot leave behind…..

  252. AJ says:

    The Lobster roll is offered all around the Northeast US seasonally.

  253. [...] The World | Trifter: McDonalds menu items available in different countries around our worldAdmin Source Posted by Jane, admin daily free coupons, under category : mcdonald coupons, free printable [...]

  254. burt says:

    Morocco isn’t in the middle east.

  255. i love food . its so good . its like my life . my life is cool . cool is a word . a word is in a sentence . sentences are in paragraphs . paragraphs are used in life stories . my life is a story . i was born on the streets of new york on october 37th 1309 . those stupid americans fed me old halloween candy BEFORE B.C ! omg , it was nasty . but i want more now . my teeth are yellow . my hair is blue. my boyfriend is taylor lautner . i love him . hes kisses me every minute of my life . i have lived a long time . thats alot of kisses . but i love him . so much for him . i love him , that cannot be put into words .. just lip action ;) ;) ;) <3 <3 <3 BE JEALOUS YOU HOES … i think i`ve told you enough bout me … NOW HOW BOUT YOU ? TELL ME YOUR PARAGRAPHS ;) …

  256. Roger That says:

    Kali, nice rant above….you’re not mad at Americans, you’re mad at your Dad….it’s deep rooted…

  257. beaverfeaver says:

    justin beaver loves you

  258. JennE says:

    I actually had the CBO in Spain and it was yumtastic – wish it would come to the US.

  259. harley says:



  260. Mike says:

    I had the CBO in Madrid… it is delicious.

    All of the comments on this thread crack me up. What ever happened to minding one’s own business?

  261. the proclaimers says:

    i had a deap fried steak mcfully burger with extra extra large chips and a 2 ltre bottle of strawberry milkshake to wash it down with.. for only $2.99 its was sooo worth it! i loved the toe nail that i found in the batter it added that extra crunchh!!

  262. Jeremy says:

    As others have said the McLobster is a Maine thing, and Maine is a state of the United States. Though buying a McLobster in Maine would be like buying a McRib in Kansas City. Just throw a rock you’ll hit a place selling better lobster around here.

  263. LL says:

    I love animals
    Right next to
    the mashed potatoes!

    • LALALALALA says:

      LL you’re an idiot, and not the first idiot to make that joke either…… I swear…. the things people say that they think is funny or intelligent….. *rolls eyes

      • FATBOYS DAD says:

        Funnier than your “intelligent” reply?

        I swear, the things people reply with to make them sound more mature.

      • dp says:

        LOL o my god jesus haha will u just shut up. i came here to check out the diffrent menue items mcdonalds offer because im bored and waiting for my friends to get ready to go out. then finnally got to the blogs and u do sound like a god dam fucking nut. who takes this much time to lecture people on what the eat who cares it food and their animals now go take ur ridilin ya crazy bitch and kill a cow

  264. Sippin Syrup says:

    a place for to satirize and parody the Food Network hosts and shows.”", hehe…its gut gut

  265. Poet Raven says:

    the lobster roll is served in Maine during the summer and possible the rest of New England… it’s not just a Canada thing

  266. ally says:

    omg, why does canada sell lobster shit and less veggie roll things!

  267. [...] Food Network Humor » McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics). [...]

  268. home chef says:

    all of these things look super not healthy.
    i thought that health awareness was better than this

  269. [...] that I could have got a few minutes from my house in Canada. I didn’t even get any adventurous local variations of the menu, just a straight [...]

  270. Brainwashing Detective says:

    I am a vegan, and as such I must let everyone know. You see, as a vegan I have self esteem problems, and by letting everyone know of my ethically and morally superior lifestyle I am proving I am better than you.

    You see, I have a psychological impairment that does not allow me to differentiate between animals as food and humans. You know how pets like cats and dogs are bred with certain characteristics to make them more appealing to humans, well its like that except I am attracted to, I mean I feel for all the worlds animals.

    I am educated (obviously as a vegan more educated than you) and believe in evolution. The traits that humans exhibit such as, poor ability to digest plant matter (I do fart too much and my breath wreaks), omnivore digestion system and lactose tolerance past adolescence are things I don’t understand because its just carnivore propaganda that everyone just calls proven facts.

    I, being so in tune with nature, only eat organic. Even though organic food means nothing, I choose to believe it makes me better. The food I eat is so natural, even though I must eat lots of heavily processed foods (like soy) fortified with nutrients (mostly made from the byproducts of bacteria one would never eat) I can’t get just from plant life. And because it is not possible to maintain my health using only local plants, the extra carbon created by all the hauling of foods from around the world to me is offset by how awesome I am.

    I am vegan, and although my diet isn’t healthy or sustainable, I am better than you.

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  272. BurgerKing says:

    Well aint this a bitch…

  273. [...] McDonald's from around the world I know there are a lot of health nuts on this site but for those who have that nasty habit, check out the cool Mcdo menus from outside of the country. I especially dig the triple macs: Food Network Humor McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics) [...]

  274. teehee says:

    i like being a cannibal x3

  275. Aleim says:

    There’s more hate speech on this page than actual article. Geez.
    Vegans/vegetarians = I work on a farm, it’s true they die, but they’re aren’t treated the ways you’re making it sound and a local McDonald’s is actually one of our buyers. I treat them like pets rather than food on legs. I have broken down a few times when they were sent off, but they were free range and were very happy. I mean really… Cows in the wild, they wouldn’t survive anyways. Where is the wild anyways? Oooh I know, :D You all can buy one of ours and keep it in your apartments/houses. :D Problem solved.

    • sham says:

      Nice to hear you take care of your food animals. Do you have any idea how they slaughter them?

      Slaughtering meat is still a process driven by economy, and it is not unusual for inexperienced or uncaring people to be working on these lines.

      I have seen videos of cows that haven’t been properly stunned, hung up and carved alive. Their hooves and tails are lopped off first and then they are skinned alive and aware.

      You sound like a good and decent person. I hope this isn’t happening to your cows. I accept we eat meat for food, but I just wish we could make a quick humane kill.

  276. John says:

    Think please! Ignorant Americans are not just small; some are big, too. Some good people are small while others are tall or large.

  277. Daze says:

    i love McDonald food…..

  278. Fatboy says:

    I love FOOD !!!!

  279. Brandon hale says:

    jl gay !

  280. [...] Take a peek for yourself and check out all the chemically engineered goodness here. [...]

  281. jairocr says:

    The Costa Rica Gallo Pinto PICTURE could not be worse, it’s our national meal, it’s delicious and you killed it with such picture… Pura vida! Cheers from the happiest country in the world :) !!!

  282. Really?? says:

    I am going to go buy 5 big macs and throw them away for the vegans!

    Meat is not murder, it’s yummy! I bet you “vegetarians” taste yummy with some A1!

  283. Maggie says:

    Africa has McDonalds too! Why did we not here about some of the interesting marketing ideas over there? Specifically South Africa. More research please!

  284. Tinman says:

    Was expecting the McRib in the USA to feature…

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  286. [...] only relief from Russia’s “wall of dill” approach to cuisine. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed these photos from the Food Network, including Hong Kong’s Sausage & Egg Twisty [...]

  287. bigmouth says:

    Ack, when it comes to what people are willing to eat it seems standards have disappeared. You can be a vegetarian or a carnivore….it has nothing to do with the fact that people who eat at McDonalds are paying to ingest fake food. Other foods I can’t believe are eaten by Americans with gusto:
    pork rinds
    potato chips
    whole milk
    anything deep fried
    gravy on anything
    spam / hot dogs / sausage
    pizza with pineapple / bbq chicken

    And we wonder why everyone’s a fat ass?

    • AJ says:

      Not a single part of your comment makes sense. McDonalds isn’t fake food, it’s beef, cheese, lettuce, etc. etc. Also there is nothing wrong with a single item on your list nor are half of them uniquely American or even American in origin.

  288. Hi, how’s it going? I hope you are doing well. I needed to say that I like Food Network Humor » McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics).

  289. [...] by the blog posts I’ve found from 40 menu items from around the world to Esquire’s post –apparently, Sweden has a McSki concept — ski-through windows on [...]

  290. Poopoo says:

    Most of the stuff looks good. I applaud the tasty animals that make up all the tasty grub there! Animals exist for one reason, TO SERVE MAN! Don’t kid yourself, pinkos, that’s the ONLY reason.

  291. Coman Adina says:

    Thank you, thank you… Not only have you now given me a list of things I can make sure I never do, but you have at the same time given me a list which I can use to hopefully bring a couple of my friends to their senses! As I’m reading this I’m thinkin’, “Uh-huh… Yeah, so-and-so does that.. Oh wow, that is just like M…Ha, I have to show this to R… This is great…” Thank you for this valuable tool, to discourage any other ridiculous lame facebook status updates. Glad to know I am not the only one who thinks the above mentioned updates are just plain silly. I suggest you check out a you tube video called “You’re so Vain you Probably Think Facebook is About You.” by Ophelia-something-or-other.

  292. Exciting ideas, thank you for sharing them in Food Network Humor » McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics).

  293. Tim judd says:

    hey i work at McDonalds :) <3 Im McHatin it!

  294. raji says:

    i love mcdonals

  295. Matt says:

    lol Americans make me laugh, some of the comments on here are hilarious. x]

  296. Teresa says:

    Wow!! I came on here to make a comment about how some of the items on the over seas menu would be popular over here. I was amazed at how the comments on here turn to PETA and a huge discussion concerning vegan/vegetarian diet. My daughter is vegan only because her body can’t handle meat or animal by products. Instead of the rest of our meat eating family giving her crap for it, we always make sure to include vegan dishes whenever she comings over for dinner or family get togethers. And ALL of us eat it because a lot of those vegan meals are quite tasty. Instead of insulting each other, why not be respectful? Can’t we all just get along?

  297. Tatiana says:

    It’s incredible to see how this company made a great market study. They know exactly what people like to eat in each country. It’s a great article because it show us the different items that they offer around the world. I know that is true because I been in different countries and I can say that I always find variety on the food from each of the different McDonalds.

  298. Brittney Rodriguez says:

    omg mickey d’s looks so good around the world…… i wish mickey d’s in the usa would offer like a month by month menu of a few items served around the world that you could buy that would be so awesome cause i know ill never be able to make it to any of these places in my life time…

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  300. your mum says:

    everyone should just stop arguing

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