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Alton Brown Celebrating 10 Years Of “Good Eats” With Live Shows
Posted by Jillian Madison

alton-brown-liveCalling all Good Eats fans!

The svelte new Alton Brown is celebrating 10 years (and over 200 episodes) of Good Eats by hosting two live shows at Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on August 29. There will be a Q&A session, archive video footage of some best-of-show moments, and a Good Eats musical interlude by Patrick Belden.

Ticket prices range from $10 to $75 for the 2 p.m. show and $25 to $175 for the 8 p.m. show. The $175 ticket includes a copy of Alton’s new book and a meet & greet session after the show.

Alton lost 45 pounds in five months and has a 31″ waist (down from 38″ only a few months ago). He eats lots of sardines, almonds, and fruit smoothies, and now runs 4 miles every day.

“I’m happy with routines,” he said. “Instead of being a big fat hog, I’ll be a fit guy.”

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  1. Kenneth says:

    I was always sure he was gay, and then I looked up his bio, and found out he is married with children and a deacon at a Baptist church in Georgia. That surprised me. But all that being said, AB is the man and I wish I knew a tenth as much about food as he does.

  2. Erica says:

    Way to go Alton Brown! I love Good Eats, it’s like Bill Nye but with food! I love his biscuit recipe it’s peeeeeeerfect.

  3. Lana says:

    Wow. 10 years. I’m such a newb! lol

    The thing I like most about AB’s recipes is that they are minimalist – kind of no more, no less kind of cooking. And many make great starts or bases for more complicated or creative dishes.

    AB, way to go, man.

  4. Patrina says:

    I like him. He looks like Niles from the show Frasier, and just overwhelmed with happiness with that balloon in that picture, lol.

  5. Flint says:

    A B is one of the rare talented and brillant people FN has had on the air. Some of the humor is what it is however, the food always looks great. How many other FN stars ever showed us how to poach samon in a dishwasher?

  6. sheila gosselin says:

    Ted Allen is going to MC and the format will be similar to “Inside the Actors Studio”- sounds fitting since he has a degree in Theatre from the University of Geogia. By the way, he sent in a random tape of himself to the food network 10 years ago and the rest is history. I live in Atlanta & he was the lead story in the Food section of the AJC (our newspaper) yesterday.

  7. RJTaurus says:

    The reason Alton is good , has nothing to do with Food TV, and that is the difference. His strong TV production backround plus his technical food knowledge he brought together himself, and that is what makes him successful. Take the Shun knives that bear his name, he was looking for an improvement, (although for me I prefer the Kaji series) and they make sense, unlike the crazy crap Guy is pushing.

  8. Byrdie says:

    AB rules! He’s intelligent, humorous and seemingly down to earth. He’s about the only guy on FN that my husband will actually sit down and watch. He deserves all the kudos!!

  9. Ray says:

    Alton Brown’s show is about the ONLY Food Network program I will watch with any degree of loyalty and regularity. He’s too good for the network, really. Happy Tenth Anniversary to Good Eats. Hope it continues for a good while longer.

  10. UGH says:

    Alton Brown is THE BEST!!!!

  11. leah says:

    I love Good Eats. It is one of the best shows on the Food Network. Is there a chance that the live shows will be taped and shown on the Food Network? Happy 10th Anniversary Good Eats. I hope your show is on for a long long time. Alton, YOU ROCK!!!

  12. DesignerJeans says:

    A big congrats to Alton!

  13. Jun says:

    Yay, Alton! :)

  14. Lady Callahan says:

    I think he’s smarmy. For all his supposed ‘knowledge,’ he cannot pronounce a word beginning with ‘ch’ for shit. FAIL.

  15. Tom says:

    I saw Alton do the Inside the Actors Studio thing in DC when Feasting on Asphalt premiered. Unfortunately, he picked someone from the audience to do the James Lipton part, who didn’t fawn over Alton nearly enough. I’m sure Ted is enough of a ham to do the part correctly!

  16. sheila gosselin says:

    AB is under contract with the FN until the end of 2010 to produce his “Good Eats” shows-following that he says he would like to do a little documentary filmmaking related to food or maybe something not related to food at all.

  17. Barb says:

    Ya, I love Good Eats too. But where’s the HUMOR? It’s okay to make fun of Alton because you’re Food Network HUMOR!!

  18. orchidgal says:

    I love AB’s offbeat sense of humor and I usually learn something from his shows, even if I don’t want to make the food.

    Does anyone else see a resemblence with that picture of Alton to Mr. Skullhead from Animaniacs?

  19. Tatiana says:

    Happy birthday to Good Eats! It’s fun, entertaining, and informative. Not to mention AB’s cute and his recipes are yummy (well, there was that time he added smoked paprika to peaches…).

  20. Byrdie says:

    One of the shows I like best is on popcorn…love the giant popped kernel! You don’t see that in Ina’s kitchen, do ya?!?

  21. Susan says:

    LOVE AB and the Good Eats shows!! Definitely the Bill Nye of the Food Network…so funny and creative!! Happy 10th Good Eats!!!!! Why don’t they do a chefography of him?? That I’d love to watch.

  22. Sarah says:

    This guy is FN’s biggest asset. His shows, while not your traditional dump&stir variety are entertaining.

    Everytime he speaks, he gives us something believable unlike most of the other FN hosts who have no frickin business on TV.

    I think Good Eats might be running out of steam, so lets hope he can continue doing documentaries or something.

    I would think he would be in huge demand by other stations or networks.

  23. *Di* says:

    What! AB loses weight W/O Nutrisystem/Weight Watchers meals – W/O drugs or surgery.
    Willpower, you say!
    Imagine . . .

  24. CherryRose says:

    “What! AB loses weight W/O Nutrisystem/Weight Watchers meals – W/O drugs or surgery…”

    Seems AB also resisted the opportunity to earn or spend big bucks doing Jenny Craig. Look what’s happened to Kirstie Alley? A lot of good that plan did her. Slow, steady, and sensible wins out over gimmicks. WTG, AB!

  25. Stephie says:

    Love Alton. I hope he has no retirement plans for a loooong time.

  26. DKM Marlink says:

    Congrats,AB! Here’s to many more years of your shows–hopefully NOT on Food Network!

    I’d love to see Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain (AB & AB!) team up sometime….

  27. *Di* says:

    You know, it was J. Craig I was thinking of – didn’t mean to knock WW they are good ;)

  28. Freezezzy says:

    I agree. Good Eats is one of the few shows that stand out amongst all the cookie-cutter, cooking in the kitchen, shows on Food Network.
    Congrats on 10 years, Alton.

  29. Megan says:

    Hooray! AB is like the last bastion of good talent left at the Food Network…now I really want to go to this event!!

  30. TheOtherErin says:

    Love. Alton.

    That is all.

  31. orchidgal says:

    In honor of my dear AB, I recently told my family that I “Alton Browned” dinner, meaning that I was being anal-retentive about the details, just like my favorite food geek.

    Happy 10th anniversary, Alton, and wishing you many more.

  32. Aloha says:

    Hooray! Good Eats is my absolute favorite show in the entire world. In just a half an hour, i can quench my thirst for cooking, humor, and (of course) Alton! Congrats on 10 years, and don’t worry- I’ll definately be around for the next 10.
    PS- Check me out on the FN Dish! Click on the “Brian Boitano Answers Your Questions” and Bam! There I am. I think Im question #3 or something. But the one from Aloha- thats me. I asked a very generic question, JSYK. I figured it’d be easier to get answered.

  33. Jon McKenzie says:

    Love the AB, but… No meet and greet for the 2 pm 75 dollar crowd? For the second time in GE history, he has let me down. The first time is when he misidentified Dick Powell as the star of the Thin Man movies in the GOOD DRINKS cocktails episode. (It was WILLIAM Powell as the Martini drinking Nick Charles. DICK Powell played Phillip Marlowe, a whiskey drinker.) I hope Food Network records it and shows it soon.

  34. Rox says:

    I love Alton and the Good Eats show. Congrats!!! I don’t like that he got involved in that stupid “FN Star” show though. Wish he would get out of it.

  35. Rob says:

    Alton, i’ve been here with you since the beginning! Please, PLEASE don’t ever stop the show!

    … I say, if he does decide to end Good Eats, we all go pull a “Misery” on him!!

    WHO’S WITH ME??!!!!!!!


  36. Trudy says:

    I am desperately in love with this man.

  37. Ros says:

    I was at the 10th Anniversary special, and it was marvelous. Alton makes a truly impressive gadget out of items from the stage, Ted Allen was a savvy counterpoint, and Alton finally explains why he says “Uhhh” all the time.

  38. Tom Fisher says:

    I believe to 10th anniversary special was one of the funniest and entertaining acts I have ever watched. We went to the 7 PM show and the first 2 hours were fantastic, so unless they are making a 3 hr show for TV it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks AB

  39. anniemary says:

    Good Eats is one of my favorite shows. Alton Brown makes it real, with great information and good techniques. It’s a true learning experience. But, please, Alton, gain a little weight back. Too thin is not a good thing.

  40. Ferd Berfle says:

    Stop saying “uh” after every other word and I might be able to watch the show.

  41. My husband and I share the cooking and we really enjoy your shows. We were wondering if you will ever have your family on your show helping you with the meals.

    • byrdie says:

      Cheri, thanks for your question. But I don’t allow my family to be on television as I’m afraid that the aliens will recognize them. I don’t want them coming back again.

  42. jojo says:

    Me and my son was just talking.. an he looks sickly..Nope he looks great Now I want his food plan. I need to lose 100 lbs. Help me Alton!!!I want to lose really bad.I am 66 yrs old an need this in my life …For me and my grandkids.!!

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