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Whoa, Alton Brown Is SKINNY
Posted by Jillian Madison

skinny thin alton brown on iron chef

Forget Melissa D’Arabian. The real story during last night’s Next Food Network Star finale was the new Iron Chef commercial that featured an almost unrecognizable Alton Brown looking SUPER THIN (we’re talking “just returned home from taping a season of Survivor” thin).

Sadly for the Food Network, hardly anyone cared about Melissa winning the show… but hundreds of FNH readers sent us comments about Alton’s new svelte appearance. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the new winner and the state of the network, we don’t know what does.

FNH reader Karen Morley just talked to Alton at Food Network’s Southern Food & Wine Fest, and said he lost “45 pounds in 5 months eating sardines.” She also sent us these photos of “The New Alton Brown” that she took over the weekend:

skinny thin alton brown on iron chef

skinny thin alton brown on iron chef

skinny thin alton brown on iron chef

The new season of “The Next Iron Chef” starts Oct. 4.

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  1. DesignerJeans says:

    I hope he’s fine.

    “he lost “45 pounds in 5 months eating sardines.” Apparently, he eats them 5 times a week.”

    This is for real?

    How about just eating fruits and vegetables and removing all that Sandra Lee Processed Foods instead?

    • Rufus says:

      If you ever watched his show you’d know he would eat sara lee crap

    • Jeff says:

      OMG! What is wrong with you people? Someone losses some weight in their quest to a healthier body and self image and everyone thinks their sick or talks about how bad they look. Im sure the same folks saw him a year ago and said “He really needs to lose some weight!” I guess its just the overly critical world we live in these days. Hmmmmm?

      • Rhonda says:

        I agree!!! People like to talk about and find fault with others! I suppose they think it’s a way to get the focus off themselves, or maybe talk themselves into thinking that change is not good and no one could possibly be healthy! The world we live in today is fostering overweight and unhealthy children. Look around!!!! You’ll see the majority of kids overweight either slightly or in some obese state! Not good folks! Do some research! I commend Alton Brown for presenting a show that actually includes “healthy”! Thank you, Alton Brown!

      • Anne says:

        Actually, if you read his interview, he really rips on ‘fat’ people, to the point of being obnoxious. And no, its not about just being healthy and getting thin. That’s awesome. Its about him looking emaciated and sick; people were worried he was sick and not saying anything.

      • Adria says:

        You are so right! We are so used to fat people that we think a healthy weight is abnormal. Travel to France, Spain etc. And see the size of people there.

        • aleatharhea says:

          Yeah, I think there’s also a certain amount of ignorance about how older people look when we take off some weight (because media simply shows way more young people, and even those awful weight loss competition shows steer clear of older people). Our skin doesn’t just bounce back as it would if a 200 lb. 25-year old lost 50 lbs. Just factor his age in. He doesn’t look sick or bad at all. He looks great.

      • Angel says:

        Get real. He looks skeletal and if you think he looks ‘healthy’ your a nut.

        • Dee says:

          preview pictures of the next iron chef show pictures of Alton Brown, more thin than ever seen. It’s really frightening. I am sure one day we will no longer see him and will be told he is ill. It makes me sad. And no , we have no right to know, but we do care, and worry.

          • Your NDJame says:

            I thought Alton had cancer. I’m a big fan of weight loss but looking at his hair which looked thin (chemo?) and wirey I truly thought he was sick. If he’s well and lost weight in a healthy manner, kudos! Just checking on my fav commentator.

        • Albert says:

          “Skeletal”?!?!?! Fer real? He just looks healthy. That’s all.

          • aleatharhea says:

            Albert is right. Those people who keep saying he looks bad are probably just real young.
            For Christ’s sake, wiry hair? His hair was thinning when he was young! What is he now, 50ish? He looks fantastic for a 49-50 year old man. Young people, get off your high horses. A man of his age IS going to have some lines, some wrinkles, some bags under his eyes. He’s not freaking 20. Get over yourselves.

      • Sunshine says:

        Call down Jeff and Rhonda! If you really think about it, there’s someone out there that everyone knows that’s been stricken with CANCER!! We also know that’s exactly what you look like (as in Alton) when that does happen. The first moment I layed eyes on him that’s exactly what I thought! I said to my husband, “Oh my God….I wonder if he’s sick!” It’s not people bashing him, but merely being concerned for him. Don’t know if that’s the proper way you should lose weight, but all the more power to him. Hope he can keep it off.

      • Barbara says:

        Best friend lost lots of weight and said he was eating salads in afternoon and nothing after 5 pm. He looked really well…..died less than 3-4 months later with cancer! No one ever knew….did not get to say goodbye! That is why people are concerned! Alton is in the public eye alot and people will see the difference. It is a natural response.

      • Tina says:

        I so agree with you.
        I was first worried about him, but now I’m glad he did not loose weight, because of being sick..

      • Debbie says:

        Jeff, I think people are just concerned as to whether Alton was sick or not. And he didn’t just lose a little bit of weight. He lost 50 or more pounds. There is losing weight to look and feel better, then there is going too far. He went a bit too far and looks like he is ill.

      • Karon says:

        I just saw Alton on T.V. and he does not look good, he looks sick.
        I’m all about getting healthy but he does not look healthy.

      • Brent says:

        Not looking for fault people have eyes and common sense. Really funny how a lot of people who have aids say they are on a “diet”. I often wondered if he had aids long before his weight loss mostly because several times he has had the dark lesions often associated with aids on his face. I am not hating on him. I am actually hoping he does not have aids or the HIV virus. I enjoy his work and find him very entertaining.

    • Alton Brown losing weight is a positive move for him. I am 70 years old and I see Altons weight loss as a inspiration to me and my wife. We are going to follow his new eating plan and lose the weight AND KEEP IT OFF.

  2. Steve says:

    I hope nothing is wrong with him behind the scenes. He doesn’t just look thin, he looks emaciated.

  3. Jun says:

    I just hope he’s not ill.

  4. Byrdie says:

    Ditto. I would hate to find out that something is wrong with him.

  5. Lana says:

    The Sacred Cow is now a Sacred Broomstick?

    Well, he’s a smart man. Perhaps a bit OCD, but a smart man. He knows more about food and nutrition than the rest of us combined, and I have faith he knows what he’s doing with his own weight loss.

    All my best, AB!

    So the new Iron Chef show is the Next Iron Chef? Did I see that commercial correctly? Is this someone to replace Batali?

  6. studpuppy says:

    lookin very hot!! wrap it up!

  7. gamergf says:

    That top picture is unflattering in terms of hairstyle, lighting, angle, awkward facial expression that made his face look more gaunt, FN cutting down costs by turning off the air conditioner, etc. But he looks fine in the other pics. And by fine, I mean FIIIIINE ;D

    • Angel says:

      You must like scarecrows or sickly looking men? To each his own, but the majority of ‘fans’? here, think he looks like an AIDS patient. Who would eat sardines 5 days a week? Weird.

  8. Daria says:

    Congrats on the weight loss I say.
    I think he looks fine and healthy in that last pic. It could be that horrible haircut or the lighting in that Iron Chef commercial from last night that just makes him look unrecognizable.

  9. Liz says:

    He is the only one at that network worth watching! Could you imagine if they put Sunny Anderson and Paula Dean in a room with only cans of Sardines for 5 weeks?

    • cobaltcanarycherry says:

      Alton is a lovely guy, and my favorite. However, I think you are doing disservice to Paula. She’s so much fun. I like the lightheartedness of her show. Is it my imagination, or is there a little something different in Good Eats? Alton doesn’t seem as enthusiastic or joyful as he did a ways back.

    • Angel says:

      If you put Paula Deen or Ina in a room with nothing but sardines – they would demand that a truck load of butter be brought in and they would fry them up! Talk about fat, overweight, obese American’s! WHY are they showcased on The Food Channel all the time? I don’t purposely, watch them any longer.

      • sapphireiiii says:

        At least Paula and Ina LOOK like women who would cook yummy stuff I want to eat! Giada’s food looks good, but she’s so skinny it looks like she never eats her own cooking! So how good can it be? lol and I have to agree with the people above, Alton doesn’t look like he just decided to drop a few pounds, he looks like he’s got a parasite or something.

  10. Karen says:

    well, he didn’t eat just sardines. He said he’s in the best shape of his life – low carb high protein involving omega-3 fatty acids. He hinted that he will tell the whole story in a book that we’ll maybe see in October.

    He is FIINNE!

    • Angel says:

      Yah, right. If you believe that, then I have some property off the coast of Southern Louisiana I have for sale for ya.

    • Nancy says:

      If he has some sort of book coming out then he probably is under contract not to give out pertinent details that affect its sale until it’s approved. I think he looks ill. As soon as I saw him I thought he was dying of something. But it could just be that he lost the weight too quickly and his skin didn’t snap back they way it should or would on a younger person plus that kind of diet is not good for your kidneys etc long-term. The diet alone is enough to make you sick. There are more than enough sources of omega (olives, olive oil, nuts,etc) to have a more varied and less organ straining diet. Maybe the powers that be required him to lose weight hence the loss of enthusiasm on the Show. Whatever the story health looks healthy and that man is not looking healthy.

  11. DesignerJeans says:

    Thanks Karen VERY GOOD TO HEAR!!!!

  12. DesignerJeans says:

    Also, would be very interested in his book seeing as how you know it will be based on scientific data etc. Go Alton!

  13. Jun says:

    Thanks, Karen.

  14. Cat Chow says:

    I hope he’s okay…he’s the only guy worth watching on FN. Still think that in that first picture he looks a little too Ted Allenish (and not in a good way)

  15. Yeah, that’s a bit too skinny, but I remember I saw him earlier this year and I thought he was quite chunky!
    Do you have a screen shot of chunky Alton too?

  16. JennyMac says:

    Wow, now I feel bad. I saw the same commercial and apparently missed the whole weight loss look for I commented about his ‘comb forward’ hairdo to my boyfriend. Clearly it’s not anyone fault with hair loss. Embrace it I always say. But the comb overs, toupees or the comb forward (creating ‘bangs) looks worse if you ask me. Leave it to me to spot the ‘not-so-obvious’ LOL

  17. emma says:

    The sexiest thing in the world is a man with brains who has a sense of humor. I don’t care if he’s slightly over or underweight but I hope he’s not ill. He’s too smart (and linear/logical) to develop an eating disorder in his late 40′s.

    • Annette says:

      Unfortunately, eating disorders are the same as other addictions in that one’s level of smartness has nothing to do with actually using the smarts :) I’m not saying that is his issue. Just saying in general. I hope he isn’t sick too :(

  18. Sandra says:

    I didn’t notice the weight loss either until now, I noticed the bad hair in the commercial.

    • Angel says:

      Commercial? Didn’t know he did one, but money is money. I just watched him on Iron Chef America today Feb. 13, 2010 and several of my friends were here and we were shocked on how bad he looks. I came here online to see if he were ill. Guess what… Almost everyone’s comments were ‘is he ill or anorexic or has AIDS.’ He has lost signifigant amounts of his hair in just months. His weight loss is not from enjoying … and I say that with humor folks, sardines!? He looks seriously ill. He better be selling lots of his books and hurriedly writing another because he isn’t long for This World from his appearance. Why would anybody in the food world of TV want to look like that? I don’t buy it.

  19. Syd says:

    Jenny Mac, I had the same worry. As long as he’s not sick, I’m ok with the weight loss. But the comb over that he is apparently contemplating, is unacceptable.

    He’s just too cute for that kind of nonsense.

  20. Syd says:

    One more thing. I just realized who he reminds me of in that top photo. Dexter.

  21. Byrdie says:

    Who is Dexter?

  22. Bill_Kos says:

    Please not another diet book. “The Sardine Diet.”

    You can get plenty of omega 3s from flax seed, walnuts, etc. This is one more complicated kitchen ritual, that no one will follow, but seems brilliant.

    Meanwhile, on the other FN shows, they’re pushing BBQ, bacon, butter and Red Lobster. Go figure.

    And did Alton give up cooking all those cakes and pastry?

  23. Silvio says:

    We are so conditioned to Food Network hosts being fat slobs ,that Alton, after losing 45 lbs returns to a normal BMI.

    Good for Alton for showing some self control and discipline. Maybe some of the others can follow his lead.

  24. Miseenplace says:

    I saw AB this weekend in Nashville as well. At the demo he was full of typical energy and wit.

  25. DesignerJeans says:

    So how long ago did they film last nights episode?

    Because I don’t remember him being so skinny while directing them? Or was I not paying enough attention.

  26. DesignerJeans says:


    Dexter is a character for a tv show on the Showtime Channel called “Dexter”. He’s sort of a serial killer…. but he kills bad people.

    Excellent show. But it may not be for everyone due to the subject matter.

  27. Byrdie says:

    DesignerJeans, thanks again. I don’t have Showtime anymore. Got tired of paying for channels I never watched, so didn’t know about Dexter. But just for the record, I have nothing against serial killers. Wait, that didn’t come out right…

  28. Sandy says:

    He looks great in the bottom pictures. FN should fire a few hairstylists, from the looks of it.

  29. Leilani says:

    It’s probably because you made so much fun of how out of shape and scruffy he looked and you wee calling for the old Alton to be brought back. He might have taken it to heart…if he reads your site which I’d wager he does.

  30. Judith says:

    Byrdie, I’m with you on the serial killers, but only if they could be aimed at certain FN “cooks”.

  31. Why does he want to look like he doesn’t like food?
    The line between being overweight and bulimic is very broad. Going rail thin is not something to brag about no more than is being 50 pounds overweight, there is a middle ground. Now Alton, the last real bastion of food on FN, has sold his flesh to starvation gods and creeps of Horrorwood? Say it ain’t so! Eat, love, laugh!

  32. *Di* says:

    He looks fine, and probably feels better not carrying those extra pounds around. But WOW it seems to have happened just overnight and it really shows in the face.
    You are perfect size, AB – just don’t lose anymore pounds or you’ll have all your fans in a tizzy of worry!

  33. Byrdie says:

    Judith, spot on! I think there’s even an attempt on Aunt (hic) Sandy and Ina! You’ll have to go back to the archives here and check it out. Scary stuff….

    • Angel says:

      I agree Byrdie ~ What’s with the pound of butter that Ina thinks is a health oil? Paula Deen adds a pound of butter to olive oil to fry stuff. Do you ever wonder what those women’s cholesteral counts are? AND Paula Deens poor new husband wanted and NEEDED to lose weight? Fat chance. Pun intended.

  34. KittyMewMewNJ says:

    :::sniff sniff::: he’s tooo thin! put 20 pounds back on , AB, then you’ll be looking good again. your tooo thin , sweet heart :( not that you don’t look good at all….but your fans need some butt on you to pinch;)

  35. itsworthalook says:

    No amount of weight loss is worth eating all those sardines!!!

  36. Alex says:

    Sad, I never even thought of him as heavy, perhaps a tiny bit extra in the middle, but he looks a bit gaunt now.

  37. Smee says:

    I think he looks fit – there’s a difference between thin and fit/toned. I think his face is a leeeettle on the gaunt side, but other than that, body-wise he’s terrific. IMO, we’re conditioned to seeing super skinny celebrities (no doubt with eating disorders) so when we see someone lose a lot of weight (and quickly), then we immediately think “uh oh, eating disorder…” Not always the case.

  38. Jenny says:

    Hopefully, he is more healthy from loosing this weight. Just because he lost weight does not mean he was starving himself or ill… but that sardine comment makes me wonder… I would hate for something to be wrong… he’s the only one on the network I respect. :(

    I think that first picture is very unflattering, which may not be helping. He does not appear to be an unhealthy weight.

  39. Karen says:

    Also of note, the night before Alton’s demo, Jamie Deen said he had lost 25 pounds. maybe FN is on a mission? However in Alton’s case – 45 pounds in 5 months is a healthy and reasonable rate of loss. I thought he looked fantastic.

  40. DesignerJeans says:

    Jillian, re: The recent Tyler tweet.

    Why does Tyler hate America?

  41. TideMama says:

    looking good alton ! :)

  42. Floor says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with a nerd-crush on Alton Brown. For he is the hotness.

  43. Kimsue says:

    He reminds me of that crazy but delightful Lincoln Meyer character on Boston Legal (played by David Dean Bottrell).

  44. Barb says:

    Hey Liz, what would happen with Paula and Sunny in a room with nothing else but sardines is that Sunny, the younger and stronger, would definitely eat Paula.

    A braise, probably, to tenderize the old bird. Deen au vin, perhaps.

    Alton looks ABfab.

  45. Theresa says:

    That’s my speed rack in the background! I saw him this weekend in Nashville as well. He seemed to be one of the nicest celebrities I’ve met in a while.

  46. Kitty says:

    Hooray! He’s not a fat load anymore~Look at those pecks! The Iron Chef lighting makes him look very gaunt, but the pictures from Karen show he is positively fit. I don’t think you need to worry about him having an eating disorder. Knowing Alton, he made sure the lose the weight safely and at a pace right for his body. As for illness, he looks energetic & fresh to me. :)

    • Angel says:

      Kitty I note your post here was from last August? I just saw him on newest show of Iron Chef America tonight (Feb. 13, 2010) and he looks like he has AIDS or something horrible. He looks skeletal, skull like head and losing his hair at an amazing rate. He looks very ill. I’ve seen people on chemo who looked better.

  47. Ds says:

    I prefer a chuibbier AB over his skinniness. He looks like Vince Offer now.

  48. Lorraine says:

    Actually, I thought he looked heavy during the “Riding on Asphalt” and “Riding on Waves” series … this looks like a healthy change for the better!

  49. Bill_Kos says:

    I think the whole cooking show thing has burned out. If you haven’t figured out how to cook a chicken breast by now, you’re prob a microwave person anyway. $10 meal? Two boxes of mac & cheese, a can of tuna, and a six pack. What’s hard about that?

    That’s why Alton’s taking a stab at directing, and now diet guru.

    I wonder where he got the inspiration for the sardine diet, maybe from visiting Sea World. You don’t see chubby dolphins.

  50. DesignerJeans says:

    Entertainment Weekly posts, wuite possibly, the most worth less list of the “17 most sauciest chefs”.

    I mean they get Tony Bourdain right but the rest is a comical run down of the same gang of people you see each and every tv food chef list. Wouldn’t want those EW editors to actually work for their paycheck would we?

    Rachel Ray #2 ?~?!!!

    Can I hear a 30 minute WTF?

    Could not even get past #4 since bobby flay was on it, and how he and Tony could be on the same list……….

  51. Liz says:

    Ha ha Barb…that was funny..hmmmm might make a good show as a alternate to the train wreck of the food network stars they are dishing out now!

  52. vegfoodie says:

    That Iron Chef commercial is wack. He looks great (i.e., healthy) in the cooking demo pics.

  53. DesignerJeans says:,,20281399_20281424_20183500_1,00.html

    Oh and EW. Try using a pic of RR that _isn’t_ from half a decade ago.

  54. Sandra says:

    He also looks majorly pissed off.

  55. Lorraine says:

    oops, sorry … “FEASTING on Asphalt” and “FEASTING on Waves” … please forgive me, Alton, as I was stuck at work and not thinking properly!

  56. Princess Crazypants says:

    Someone posted in another thread that Cat Cora’s leaving Iron Chef to have a baby. True? Not true? I’d hate to see her go. Iron Chef seriously needs at least one female if not two on it.

  57. Stephie says:

    He’s my favorite ….I hope he’s OK.

  58. vegfoodie says:

    Cat Cora and her wife/partner were pregnant at the same time… I think at least one of them has already delivered, maybe Cat is close to her due date?

    Honestly Cora loses all the time, they need to find someone better. Maybe Guarnaschelli or Freitag could replace her.

  59. Kim says:

    I think most of the FN stars have gotten too fat – so many have been losing weight: Alton, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray – It is not a bad thing really. Don’t ya think?

  60. Miseenplace says:

    Alton was very proud of his weight loss and talked a lot about it at the event. And was very cognisant of how that relates to his overall health.

    He was full of his typical energy, sarcasim, wit and charm both at the demo and the dinner the night before.

  61. Jun says:

    I’m all for people losing a few pounds.

    But that pic with Alton looking gaunt with the bad combover in the suit just looks awful. Makes Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black look good.

  62. KittyMewMewNJ says:

    :::FLOOR::: totally okay to have a super nerd crush on AB!!! I have a temple to him!

  63. KittyMewMewNJ says:

    ::Princess Crazy Pants::: I had no idea Cat Cora was gay, but that is cool. She actually just had her baby right after her wife Jennifer did according to Wikipedia.

    Personal Life ( Wikipedia)

    Cora is married to Jennifer Cora. They live in Santa Barbara, California, with their sons Zoran and Caje.[2][13] In March 2009, Cora revealed that both she and Jennifer were pregnant with sons; the boys would be born three months apart in 2009. Cat reported that all four children have the same sperm donor.[14] Additionally, Cora and her wife were surrogates for each other’s embryos. Jennifer gave birth to Thatcher Julius on Saturday, April 4.[15] Cat gave birth to Nash Lemuel on Sunday, July 19.[16]

    Congrats to Cat and Jenn

  64. Kitty says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize Cora had a partner. I had that little nudge on my gaydar, but she’s very professional and I adore her cooking, so I didn’t think on it too much. Congrats to her and her wife and their new babies. I’m glad they both love each other enough to want to bear the other’s child. It’s truly beautiful and makes me feel hopeful for the lady I currently love. ;D

  65. betty says:

    He looks like David Hyde Pierce.

  66. Barb says:

    Blasphemy! He doesn’t look like David Hyde Pierce, David Hyde Pierce looks a little like him!

  67. WalterSobchak says:

    He looks like Lerch from Addams Family

  68. Spice Weasel says:

    Lerch! That’s rich!

  69. T.P. says:

    i don’t care, as long as he’s healthy and happy. I’ll always have a nerd crush on Alton Brown.

  70. emma says:

    August 3rd, 2009

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with a nerd-crush on Alton Brown. For he is the hotness.


    Brains + a sense of humor = full satisfaction.

  71. Jennifer says:

    In the last one he looks like David Hyde Pierce, the first of many depressingly cute gay crushes (Anderson Cooper, anyone? TR as well).

  72. RachNRen says:

    Max Headroom……?

  73. Joseph Fredrickson Masterson IV says:

    It must be difficult for Alton Brown to work for the food network while trying to win a spot in Puff Daddy (or whatever his name is now)’s band as a keyboard player. More power to him.

  74. DKM Marlink says:

    Wow, AB looks EEARILY thin, but as long as he’s truly healthier, I’m not complaining! Now, if only we could get him off FN and onto a channel that’s still worth watching, that’d probably do equal wonders for his mental health.

  75. DKM Marlink says:

    (Obligatory “Crap, I made a typo” follow-up comment)

    That letter A is quite the little jokester, sneaking itself into “EERILY” like that. You gotta watch out for those alphabets; they’re sneaky little buggers!

  76. MeMeMe says:

    Yeah, I noticed his weight loss, that’s why I looked it up and ended here at this site.I noticed he was a bit over weight lately, so seeing that commercial was a shock. Anyway, he looks pretty good, I hope he doesn’t get any thinner cause he’s sick though.

  77. Nancy-Too says:

    Where IS AB this summer? No “Feasting on —” and it’s hard to find a new “Good Eats” episode.

    I want More AB!

  78. Eve Faith says:

    Honestly, he looks like he had a life threatening disease… have you ever seen someone who has Interferon for Hepatitis or chemotherapy?
    That’s what I first thought when I saw that commercial…
    Don’t get me wrong… I love Alton… Good Eats is my favorite FoodNet show! But I think I’ve seen all of them…

  79. Dan says:

    I’ve been watching Alton from the beginning, since he had all his hair, and before all the hi-def cameras!

    I saw Alton put on the weight around the time Feasting on Asphalt came out. Glad to see he’s taken it off. When you lose a lot of weight, the people around you tend to err on the side of protection and assume you’re doing something unhealthy if the weight comes off quickly.

    I for one like the new look. He looks much more distinguished, and a bit edgy.

  80. Peggy Carr says:

    Alton looks better with a little extra weight on him. I hope he’s not ill! I think he’s now too thin! I really love his shows a lot! I own every DVD set & all his books!

  81. Stephen says:

    I wonder if he’s gonna end up with mercury poisoning, like Jeremy Piven did when he was on
    Broadway and had to leave the show. He said he ate sushi all the time.
    It’s not a good look for Alton. That big a weight loss in that short amount of time, doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t seem healthy

  82. dean says:

    he could just have realized that he needed to be a healthier weight for his age and decided to cut pounds and work out. i mean why does thin look bad? just because you are a thin chef doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off your game. I once read that Giada keeps her figure by only sampling foods instead of eating entire servings. i mean jeez people, it wouldn’t kill ya to not look like a cow on tv. the bottom pics look great, and agreed that the foodnetwork iron chef promo is unflattering.

  83. Kim says:

    I find Alto Brown to be knowledgable and I have learned a lot from him but I find his humor to be completely annoying. Infact his act bothers me……sorry

  84. Bubbelah says:

    Sorry folks, but celebrating Alton’s OCD tanorexia is just kinda weird. I do love him but it seems clear he goes a little over-the-top in all he does including this weight loss gig.

  85. Leon says:

    I agree that Alton looks emaciated on the promo for The Next Iron Chef. He looks like someone with pancreatic cancer. I hope he’s not seriously ill.

    Why do they need another Iron Chef?? Is it because you rarely see Batali or Morimoto? Perhaps Bobby Flay is tired of doing all the shows and is giving it up? Most of the contestants for this time around are unfamiliar to me. Is any one of them qualified to be an Iron Chef?

  86. Jimbo says:

    I’m in the process of losing weight myself. And it’s good to see Alton at a healthy new look than looking like Guy and Duff, whose purpose of having a show on Food Network still baffles me.

  87. [...] thought twice. How can I be sure? Maybe the dude just lost a bunch of weight? Turns out that was a good instinct. Here’s my original, completely wrong post. Sorry, Alton. I never should have doubted [...]

  88. Frank says:

    I’d have thought illness before deliberate weight loss. He looks like friggin’ Eddie:

  89. Kristina says:

    I hope Alton Brown is okay. He does not just look like he lost weight, but like he is seriously ill. I watched Iron Chef America and we are not talking about just a bad picture. Every camera angle I saw of him looked like the one above.
    Personally I liked Alton better with a little more weight, which made him look younger. Not everyone looks great super thin. Some people look better with a little weight on their ribs.
    Other than that I love Alton =)

  90. Marian says:

    I thought he was sick, his face was so gaunt and suit was ill fitting, even his skin looked ashen. I adore Alton, I liked him a bit heavier he was more relatable… Take care of yourself AB, we love you!

  91. cherl chandler says:

    what about omega 6′s? 3′s are good, but mustn’t forget the 6′s

  92. Scott says:

    I agree with the others who have said that they hope Alton is not sick. He does look more than just “skinny.” He’s absolutely the best when it comes to food knowledge and keeping you entertained!

  93. Missy says:

    Alton actually looks like a refugee out of recently liberated prisoner retention center! I didn’t think he was “fat” or even overweight at all before. Are you sure he isn’t sick? He looks it. And his hair is thinner too which is a sure sign of being ill.

    • Heidi Hudson says:

      I think I’d rather look like a “normal” Alton than an overstuffed “Karine”. My gosh… she looks like hell @ 47!!!

  94. Leon says:

    I watched Next Iron Chef Sunday night. A.B. looked “normal.” The promo must have been filmed after his weight loss??

    Speaking of weight loss, over the weekend, I watched Iron Chef America–Iron Chef Symon vs. 3 culinary students. Karine Bakhoum was one of the judges. She has lost a bunch of weight. You can see it in her face. Also, her voice has changed. Her voice is now higher pitched and it’s like she’s having trouble speaking. I wonder if she is seriously ill or had gastric bypass surgery?

    • Miz says:

      Nov 2007 she was diagnosed with Cancer at the base of her tongue and throat with lymph node involvement. She lost 70 pounds following surgery to remove the mass, radiation, chemotherapy and a feeding tube.

  95. Mary says:

    Alton Brown always looked like a really healthy guy with great food tips and a GREAT sense of humor. This new look is not good for him if this is what he is looking for. I have seen him through numerous hair changes over the years with his changing scalp line. Hey, that is life! It happens!! Hopefully, this emaciated look is short lived. If he is ill, I hope he declares it. If not, he needs to gain at least 25 lbs and forget the changing hair line. God only made so many great heads, the rest HE covered with hair!!

    Alton, I love sardines, I haven’t lost an ounce. If that is all you are eating 3 times a week, eat a little more. WE ARE ALL WORRIED ABOUT YOU!! Mary C

  96. melody says:

    I thought it was just weight loss but I have just seen the live tribute to Good Eats. He does not look well. Bless you, Alton. A votre sante!

  97. charles moeller says:

    Alton truly does look ill. Ofcourse there are many processes that can cause wasting syndrome e.g. cancer, aids, hyperthyroid. What is that unusual mark on his left cheek. In earlier pictures of him he does not have it??????
    Its hard to believe anyone other than Ghandi would purposely go for that look. Libarace said his wait loss was a water melon diet.

  98. charles moeller says:

    pardon the mistype it should read weight loss

  99. Marcy says:

    I was shocked to see how thin and gaunt Alton looks. I just watched the 10th anniversary special and he seems to have his normal energy, but his voice seems weak. My first impression was how much he resembled Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO that is fighting cancer.
    Wow, I hope he’s not ill. That just would suck.

  100. ViVi says:

    I watched the 10th anniversary show earlier. First thing I noticed was his voice! It had a deeper,gravelly-tone to it. Like he was straining to speak. (Did anyone else notice this?) I had seen him in the next Iron Chef America commercial and thought he looked a bit aged. Enjoyed the anniversary show, but his stick-thin appearance concerns me. I truly hope the man is not ill. He is one of the most informative and entertaining persons on television. I’m sending him vibes of the white light of healing and prayers too.

    Namaste AB!

  101. MGPetrino says:

    To be honest, it looks like AB has cancer. He is not only too thin, he appears to have no muscle mass whatsoever. I hope this is not the case. I will send Reiki/Seichim his way for better health overall.

    • Anne says:

      I read online where he was ’400′ pounds? Really? If you lose 50 from 400, when are you that thin??? I am a nurse. I have never, in 23 years ever seen anyone lose 50 from that amount and look that thin.Even if he didn’t used to be 400 pounds, whatever! He looks like a cancer patient to me. Emaciated and Anemic! He should just admit it, we would support him!

  102. CherryRose says:

    DH and I caught some of Alton’s special last night while hopping back & forth from the Michigan/Iowa football game. We both thought that Alton definitely appears unwell: gaunt, jaundiced, weak. The thinning hair is a concern because most folks who lose weight while dieting don’t lose their hair. jmo

  103. I think everyone is going a little overboard with the whole “wondering if Alton is sick” thing. He’s made several media appearances over the last 2 weeks and looked/sounded like his usual self to me. Sure, he lost weight, but he’s been on a diet. And as for the hair loss, the man is almost 50 years old. What man that age ISN’T losing some of their hair?

  104. jacque says:

    I have been a fan of Alton’s for a long time, so when I saw his Good Eats special last night, I was taken aback at how thin he was. I’m sure his weight loss has to do with the fact that he is a fan of deep fried foods and his cholesterol is probably through the roof. However, I thinks it’s more personal than that. If any one watched his last special, Feasting On Waves, he was VERY plump. He had, and I hate to say this,’moobs’. Man Boobs. Can’t be anymore blunt that that. It’s when your XXXL tee shirt just doesn’t hide the chubby anymore. I guess he took a good hard look at himself and wanted to be not only healthy, but able to fit into his clothes. I know the feeling. I hope he has many years of success as the host of Iron Chef and he nevers stops teaching and entertaining with Good Eats. All the best Alton! You ROCK!

  105. byrdie says:

    I think he looks healthy, slender and rarin’ to go. He talked about having been dieting on the radio interview, so he did it on purpose. Aging changes your body and what used to be carefree stuff to eat because you could absorb, burn off and move on becomes more of a ‘not so much’. So I think he took the bull by the horns, so to speak and did something to keep himself in great shape. And as for his hair loss…Jillian hit the nail on the head. He ain’t no spring chicken. So fear not, my guess he’s just trying to stay ahead of the curve as he gets older.

  106. CherryRose says:

    @Jillian and Byrdie: You’ve both made good points about the hair loss, and I really never knew Alton’s age. That said, while most men begin to lose their hair at @50, it’s more gradual that what I’ve seen with the “Good Eats” guy. Mr.CherryRose’s hair loss over the past 10+ years has been subtle – giving me time to adjust to it since I’ve known him since I was still in high school. He’s even sporting what our stylist calls “virgin hair” these days. No more fake-looking hair coloring; rather, he has white hair that soft, shimmery, and SCANT.

  107. s says:

    New to cable but very familiar with the show. He not only looked thin but his voice was weird and did you notice his collar? Maybe he lost weight to be cute for the 10th anniversary show and has lost weight so fast that he can’t buy clothes that fit quick enough to keep up with the weight loss or he still thinks of himself has chunky and continues to wear his fat shirts. Either way he didn’t look or sound great and seemed a bit lethargic. Just an opinion.

  108. Kathy HOuck says:

    Iam sooo glad he is not sick! We just love him at our house! I agree with S that he really didn’t sound very good and he just really looked sickly.

  109. JustMe says:

    Alton said in an interview recently that 90% of diet consists of sardines, almonds and fruit smoothies and he intends to stay with that routine. He also said he went from 213 to 165 dieting since March. None of that sounds very healthy and he seems to be headed in a strange nutritional direction.

    • Angel says:

      He is supposedly a “Star” on a Food Network channel for heaven’s sake. Get real people, the man looks skeletal and sick. Not the place on a food channel teaching us overweight unhealthy American’s how to cook healthy. He needs to get a grip, either tell the truth or put on a few pounds which are healthy muscle weights – kick the metal laden sardines.

  110. Wheever says:

    My first thought on seeing AB on his 10th anniversary special was that he was sick, and he looked like ME, and I have LYME DISEASE. When I was at my sickest, and before I was properly diagnosed and treated, I had lost 40 lbs and couldn’t put weight back on; my hair started thinning; I had no energy; and my voice got gravelly and rough from stomach acid washing up into my larynx. I was also really stiff and in pain, and Alton had that look up there on the stage, like it cost him something. His jaw was tight and he had the same look in his eyes I have in pictures of myself from that time. Over the course of 2 years I aged a subjective 10-15 years.

    I do hope he’s not ill, as he is one of my heroes. If this is deliberate weight loss, he’s gone too damned far.

  111. Motzi Greps says:

    I hear AB has mentioned this would be his last season on TFN with Good Eats. Now, all of the offhanded criticism of his comrades on TFN makes more sense. He knows he is leaving for greener pastures as is taking a few pot shots on the way out.

    As for his manorexia? He’s a bit obsessed, non? I found the anniversary show a bit odd as well. Did it come off a bit “canned” or is it me? A wee bit contrived IMO.

    • GAL11O says:


      • SaraCVT says:

        Apparently, this wasn’t so, since–look at the date–2009 WASN’T the last season of “Good Eats”. I just saw a new show last week–”Grillus Domesticus”. Slow down, breathe, and think, instead of typing in all caps–did you know that’s sort of offensive in cyberspace, by the way, the equivalent of shouting at people?

  112. Ferd says:

    JustMe, that is not a very healthy diet!

  113. [...] like Alton Brown isn’t the only Food Network personality shedding the pounds these days! I almost didn’t [...]

  114. Bill Finkelstein says:

    Alton looks sick because he is! A high fat, high protein is hazardous to your health. It’s hard on your heart and kidneys, it contributes to osteoporosis (makes your blood acid and you pee out the calcium in your bones). Science has proven these diets to be a fraud! Yes, you lose weight, but you shorten your life! A much healthier diet is the McDougall or Ornish Reversal diet (the only diet medically proven to reverse heart disease). These diets are Complex Carb, no added fat, no added sweetener vegan. see and for more info.

  115. Todd says:

    I saw him do the10th year special and thought, ” he has cancer.” I hope all the reports that he lost his weight by design are true. Though my wife was disappointed by the new skinny Alton. Hey Alton, put a little of that weight back on and regain your muscle mass. I figure you can think of a few good dishes to get the job done.

  116. Mary says:

    I guess it wasn’t just me that was scared to see him sooo thin, …

    so long as he feels good about the weight loss, I guess it’s healthy…

  117. [...] its new size and caloric deficit. Maybe it was on purpose. Maybe it was no-sugar or low-carb. Maybe it was Sardines…You would think Alton Brown was Britney Spears with all this internet speculation about his [...]

  118. Jessica says:

    I kinda like A.B trim. But I think he’s sexy no matter what his size is. MeYOW!

  119. Jessica says:

    Though, to be serious, it might have just been me but Alton did sound a bit sick on stage at the anniversry show. Was it just me or was his voice gravly and hoarse. I’ld hat for the food god to be ill. That would be crushing to hear.

  120. MadxHatter says:

    for me I miss Alton with some meat on his bones. Now, he looks think and lanky. He should makes some ice cream, or cookies and gain a couple pounds. He looks almost like a whole new A.B now.

  121. KC says:

    I saw Alton in Sat October 17 @ the Costco book signing.
    Yes, he is a bit thinner than previously recorded, and stories of his sardine diet abounded in the line.
    From a medical view- it appears that AB lost the weight though diet and not from a condition that requires medical intervention.

    Not a Doc- But close.

  122. Sive says:

    Just watching the anniversary show and a recent (Man Food 2) episode and I was really shocked at how AB looked. In the episode you can see he has some really good muscle definition in his arms but in many pictures he’s wearing a suit which covers that up. His face looks skeletal regardless and gaunt in a way that I personally associate with the starlets who are anorexic and very underweight.

    If he’s happy and has his doctors looking after his health and diet it’s all good though. I was just worried he was sick but I’m glad he’s not. :)

  123. Cari says:

    skinny or not Alton is THE sexiest chef on tv. Hands down! (Not that I could keep my hands off of him in the first place)

  124. trianglefoodie says:

    I bet that was his plan all along, to get fat and then lose a lot of weight and then write a book about how he did it. He’s gonna make a killing.

  125. Cari says:

    Altie? Never! Not Mr. Sexy Eats! How dare you say such things about him! I bet he did it for himself its probably the pressure of trying to look sexy for the camera. I gotta say, its working. Mmmm, what I wouldn’t give for Alton pie.

  126. Kathysum says:

    My hubby, who is a doctor, and I were watching the 10th anniversary show ( we are both big Alton Brown fans) and were both shocked at his appearance. My husband commented that he noticed every time Alton sat on the couch – he made sure to sit on a pillow. He wondered if Alton could have had prostate cancer. My husband (who is close to Alton’s age) had prostate cancer two years ago. He also commented that if he was bulking up on proteins – he could be doing so to build back up after chemo. Of course we hope that Alton is doing great and it is only a diet – but in any case we hope he is well and thriving.

  127. violet says:

    lol, he looks thinner, sure.
    but not “super-thin”.
    he looks healthy, actually.

  128. Cel says:

    When one isn’t exactly a spring chicken and loses a lot weight, even with proper diet and exercise, one tends to look older. His hair’s been thinning this whole time, it didn’t just happen.

    Seeing the anniversary show, as well as the last two current Good Eats episodes, it occurred to me that he hadn’t been tucking in his shirts for a long time. And a previous poster is right, his weight was getting up there on Feasting on Waves. There always that one number on the scale that makes us “break out the sardines,” and maybe Alton hit it. I’m also willing to bet that having a young daughter he wants to see grow up is also quite an incentive to trim down.

    As for seeing his arms on the anniversary show, well with a successful diet comes exercise, and I’m guessing he can afford a personal trainer to get those bi- and triceps looking all nice and defined.

    It’s funny, I quipped to my friend during the show that he looked like David Hyde Pierce. I love them both.

  129. vadawaii says:

    seriously, i got here because i googled “alton brown looks horrible” ’cause i wondered if anyone else thought this. i
    didn’t even realize it was from weight loss. well, i DO hope he is okay, i like his shows.

  130. [...] a sidenote, while I support everybody losing weight, Alton Brown has lost too much weight. My first response when seeing him was, “Is he sick? Does he have cancer?” He lost 50 [...]

  131. gail says:

    I am glad that A. B. is okay, and isn’t ill. I do have a few words for the person who asked why Guy and Duff even have a show. They have a show because they deserve one. I love to watch triple D and Guys Big bite, and tailgate warriors. I also love duff’s show. What is your problem jealous? Those who can do those who can’t complain. Get a life. Congrats to Alton you’re the best. Keep up the good work Alton, Guy, and Duff………….and Food Network!!!!!!

  132. Jimbo says:

    GAIL said “I do have a few words for the person who asked why Guy and Duff even have a show. They have a show because they deserve one. I love to watch triple D and Guys Big bite, and tailgate warriors. I also love duff’s show. What is your problem jealous?”

    Jealous that Guy is a middle-aged douchebag who looks more like an overweight Billy Idol and is pretending he’s still a frat boy? Jealous that Duff’s show has less to do with cake making and more with trying to find out why he looks too douche for his own good?

    Yeah, I guess I’m jealous of that since I consider myself to be a mature, intelligent 40 year old who enjoys this site, Jillian’s sly sense of humor and the fact that I don’t have to dress up like a fratboy. Maybe should become a douch if that’s how you feel.

  133. Jimbo says:

    GAIL said “I do have a few words for the person who asked why Guy and Duff even have a show. They have a show because they deserve one. I love to watch triple D and Guys Big bite, and tailgate warriors. I also love duff’s show. What is your problem jealous?”

    Jealous that Guy is a middle-aged douchebag who looks more like an overweight Billy Idol and is pretending he’s still a frat boy? Jealous that Duff’s show has less to do with cake making and more with trying to find out why he looks too douche for his own good?

    Yeah, I guess I’m jealous of that since I consider myself to be a mature, intelligent 40 year old who enjoys this site, Jillian’s sly sense of humor and the fact that I don’t have to dress up like a fratboy. Maybe I should become a douch if that’s how you feel.

  134. Be Bop A Lula says:

    I love Alton Brown and have been watching him for a long time but recently, I wasn’t able to watch (over the last 2 months) and when I saw him the other night I was a bit shocked and concerned!! My first thought was I hoped there was nothing medically wrong. I had also watched the anniversary show and noticed the weight loss and that his voice sounded very gravelly. Then, my husband (who knows I secretly have big crush on AB) tells me that it might be due to a motorcycle accident he had a while back. I once lost a lot of weight and my own mother keep telling me how sick I looked. She just wasn’t used to seeing me without all the weight. I had to educate her that this is what “healthy” looks like on me and that everyone better get used to it cuz I sure wasn’t going to gain the weight back. It would break my heart to find out there was something else going on with AB and I hope it’s only due to him losing weight. Guess we’ll find out for sure when his book comes out. Like a previous poster, there’s nothing sexier than an intelligent man with a sense of humor and I’ve always had a soft spot for men with glasses. Here’s hoping for many more years on Food Network, we love you Alton!!

  135. Cari says:

    @ Be Bop A Lula

    I know. They way his eye look behind those glasses, purrrrr!! Oh I am an A.B fangirl to my very core and there’s no way in hellz I’m changing any time soon. Love you A.B!!!

  136. jp says:

    Sorry, but that much weight loss in that time frame usually means something other than a desire to lose weight……I hope he’s not sick…..but……it could be something worse.

    • maggie says:

      He ABSOLUtELY looks ill…my first thought was he looks like an AIDs patient….and btw, I never thought he looked heavy before….

  137. andria says:

    I take offense to the person who said that Mr Brown is down to a “NORMAL BMI”. Anyone who has seen him on tv and the most recently, Good Eats, can see that he looked sick. He was WAY below what a NORMAL BMI would be, or at least the very end of the scale. Too skinny is as bad for your overall health as obese. Dont you people watch “Intervention?”

  138. Foodie says:

    Does Alton have AIDS? He looks awful.

  139. Mark says:

    I purchased the 18-DVD Ultimate Good Eats Collection because my future wife has a 10 year “fan girl” crush on Alton. By watching them myself, I have learned a GREAT deal about cooking and certainly admit AB is an incomparable chef; however, I think he’s gone overboard with the weight-loss. If his doctor said it was necessary in order to stay healthy, that is definately understandable, but otherwise I have to wonder what he’s doing at night after taping GOOD EATS.

    • Angel says:

      throwing up? He looks anorexic or a Cancer chemo patient. I’ve seen many many people getting infusions and he looks like them. Very sad.

  140. David D says:

    My wife was a little worried over his rapid weight loss. Especially since we had seen him “Feasting on Waves” about 5 months prior and 50 pounds heavier. I felt even worse because I had nicknamed him ‘Alton Round’ at the time. ;p

  141. Kim"E" says:

    Dude im a fatty myself! AB congrats on the weight loss!! Your knees will thank you for it in the end!!! Now if only i could lose!!! You are a freaking awesome man!

  142. Alycurry says:

    My husband and I are avid Good Eats viewers and it wasn’t until tonight that I actually took time to Google the weight loss. Honestly, we thought he was battling cancer except his energy level seemed to be constant and color still seemed good.

    Skinny yes…good skinny? Umm..he looks ill in my opinion. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned a book possibly coming out that addressed his lifestyle change. Has this been published?

  143. Sheila says:

    Why do all the wrong people lose weight? He was by no means over weight. 70% of the chefs/cooks on the food network are overweight. However, Alton Brown is the last person that needed to lose weight. He looked great–healthy and strong. And now, sadly, he looks ill. He face is so drawn and he’s aged so much since his weight loss. I really enjoy him. I hope he’s ok.

  144. Geoff says:

    We saw Alton on Iron Chef and my wife and I both thought Alton looked very sick. He looked aged like someone fighting cancer. That is excessive weight loss. He did not look over weight before the weight loss.He may have wanted to take this much weight off but it makes him look very bad and like he just aged 20 years. I hope he is all right he is one of our favorites on the Food Network.

  145. Sandy says:

    If I hadn’t read the TIME article about chefs promoting healthy eating, I would have been truly alarmed at AB’s weight loss (first saw him on the finale of “Next Iron Chef” and then on the new “Good Eats” episode tonight). On Iron Chef he looked horribly cachectic, but it was probably the awful hairstyle (good to see he went back to spikes for Good Eats) and unflattering lighting.

    I wouldn’t get too worked up over this for now–anyone who discovers a new way of life tends to go overboard and evangelical about it, and more than a tad obsessive (heaven knows I did every time I lost weight or took up a new pastime). For now, I’d cut him some slack over the weight loss and diet, but NOT over his insensitive remarks during his interview (or more ominously, his underlying attitude towards those less affluent or disciplined than he). Good for him that he’s taken control over his own health (he’s been open about his lipid-profile problem and the negative effect the excess weight had on his endurance), but he’s gone too far projecting his former failings on to others. (The fact that he’s given up milk as a “gateway drug to sweets” says volumes about his own perceived weaknesses–he should have told viewers to analyze their own “trigger” foods and activities and left it at that).

    Let’s see what happens by this time next year. 5 months of eating sardines and antioxidants is easy. Heck, I lost 60 lbs. in 8 mos. (and as a woman, it’s much harder) on Atkins and kept it off for three years. But boredom is bound to catch up with him as it did with me. Best of all possible worlds is that he rediscovers TRUE moderation and the discipline to exercise it, rather than the all-or-nothing philosophy he’s adopted, seemingly as much out of fear as any other reason. And that he admits he’s taken control of his body FOR HIMSELF–his health, his physical comfort, his spiritual peace–and that no mortal human being is qualified to make that call for anyone else. Hopefully, he’ll pick up his Bible and reread, “judge not lest ye be judged.” Meanwhile I’ll watch him and pick up some healthier recipes (if I don’t taste the bananas, and can afford a big honkin’ Vita-Mix, I might try the smoothies)….heck, I LOVE sardines and eat them even when not dieting, But not at every lunch……

  146. Dana says:

    Thin Alton VS. Skinny Alton

    WOW! I was watching the Iron Chef w/ Batali, Lagasse, Flay, and the chick from the white house (sorry I didn’t remember your name) the other night; and I seen Alton sitting at the judges table. I kept thinking is there something wrong with him? He looked like my grandpa did after he had chemo, well with hair. He just looked tired and weak, but I couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong. Then the next day I seen Good Eats and he had a whole show about his weight loss from eating from the four foods groups. Then it all made sense, he had lost a lot of weight. He said 50 lbs.

    Personally, I think Alton looked much better when he was fatter. The fat must plump up his wrinkles because now he just looks too old. He looks like he aged 20 years. I am not saying this to be mean or cut him down. I am really big fan of Alton’s. I just think he was much more hansom when he was fat. Maybe he should spend a month with Paula Deen and her sticks butter and we’ll have him fattened up back to way he was.

  147. Melaura says:

    Reviewing for myself the quotes:
    ”I’ve struggled with weight all my life, and probably always will. But I was on my most recent book tour I was shocked by the number of overweight families,” he says. “People would come up to me and say, ‘Oh, we love the Food Network.’ Well, no (expletive); did you eat the TV? There’s only four of you and you can’t ride in an elevator together. I’ll probably make fat people angry, but we need, as a culture, to be ashamed. It’s not “… healthy.”
    “I’d go to appearances and see an audience of very heavy people. And I thought, ‘What role do I have in that?,”

    Wow, not a tv eater here but I will skip any further meetings and signings w/AB. Maybe it is his true thought or also a way to thin down the external appearance of his fan base by exclusion. I agree it can be as simple as man up and take control of your eating but there has to be some percentage in the fringe. People with thyroid issues, people that have to take some medications for medical reasons, food addicts, people in low income families buying the starch an sugar laden foods because they are cheaper to them or more accessible.
    I will go w/Sandy on this that he is on one about his new lifestyle but unfortunately his words are immortalized and cannot be erased.

  148. RobinL says:

    I’m worried. He looks like he has a wasting disease. Is he really okay? If this is such a great idea, how come he looks ill?

  149. meatonbones says:

    I came to the web wondering whether Alton Brown was seriously ill. His face has the “wasting” look of cancer patients. Is this really a look he wants? This is just kind of weird…

  150. Judifoodie says:

    You cannot tell me Alton is well. He is very thin with patchy skin. I never comment on these issues publically. I hope I am wrong.

  151. [...] Live and Let Diet episode has 2 paleo-friendly ideas that will require only slight modifications. He recently lost about 50 pounds over a 9 month timeframe. This probably looks more dramatic because of TV and filming [...]

  152. Wendy says:

    Alton – I love your work, but I tried to eat the sardines on toasts, as you described on your show. I can’t do it man. It’s not horrible, but it’s certainly not good.

    • Phyllis says:

      I had never in my 65 years tried to eat sardines. Just didn’t like the sound of it — however I did find sardines
      ( excuse me “brisling”) that are skinless and boneless packed in olive oil. They taste pretty much like oily white solid albacore.

  153. Darlene says:

    Alton has gone overboard. He looks like a refugee. I have been a loyal fan but can not watch him any longer.

    Keep in mind I am dieting, lost 34 lbs and understand a desire to be thinner. But, geez he is scary looking!

  154. Becky says:

    I am looking for the book that Alton Brown mentioned about his weight loss. He made list of what he could and could not eat. Do you know the name of the book or know where I could find it?

  155. Yugure says:

    he DID NOT consult a physician and if he goes by the BMI chart he could be underweight (the BMI was created to predict economy trends not someone’s perfect weight range) and being underweight is not healthy even if you are eating healthy

    he is a little OCD which as you get older can consume other areas of life or change areas all together ( i have minor ocd and it recently went from having to clean my handbag every hour to having 4 toothbrushes each with their own toothpaste, three types of floss and 3 types of mouthwash that all have to be used each time i do my teeth)

    he could possibly have gotten wound up in the weight lose propaganda from the last few years but instead of doing a fad diet he changed his diet for the better (or so he may think ie didn’t have to lose any weight)

    Im not at all claiming I know what he did or what is best for him, but i agree with people before me, it is a little worrying

  156. jenny says:

    if you watched his show you would know he lost the wait by eating healthy and following his 4 lists of what to eat everyday, three times a week, once a week, and never. he even let himself have sweets once a week. he didn’t just eat sardines. watch the show he did an episode on it. he’s fine.

  157. Leslee says:

    Poor Alton. HE wanted to change his eating habits. HE wanted to change the way he looked. And HE did it. He is merely sharing the information. He’s been criticized for being too fat… and now he’s being criticized for being too thin. I think he looks fantastic. Different? Yes! Healthy? Very much so.

    Kudos to you, Alton, for marching to the beat of a different, better drum.

  158. [...] the only sardine recipe Alton has published.  At any rate, these sardines supposedly helped Alton lose about 50 pounds.  Attention grab: [...]

  159. Matt says:

    FFS, people – has your view of what’s normal become so warped that somebody who’s actually a healthy weight now looks emaciated? Have you become that conditioned by widespread obesity? Just watch him – he’s vibrant, ebulient, full of energy. He looks great.

    Becky: here are the ‘lists’:

    Include Daily:
    - Fruits
    - Whole Grains
    - Leafy Greens
    - Nuts
    - Carrots
    - Green Tea

    At Least 3 times a week (eat more if you want to!)
    - Oily Fish
    - Yogurt
    - Broccoli
    - Sweet Potato
    - Avocado

    No more than once a week
    - Red meat
    - Pasta
    - Dessert
    - Alcohol

    - Fast Food
    - Soda
    - Processed meals/frozen dinners
    - Canned soup
    - “Diet” anything

    Eat breakfast every day, no exceptions.

    If you had the shake for breakfast; fruit, nuts and a carrot for a morning snack; a sardine / avocado sandwich for lunch with an orange and green salad; yoghurt, walnuts and honey with an apple for an afternoon snack; and salmon with greens and other veges for dinner, you’d be looking at around 2000 calories of something very close to a perfect Mediterranean diet – loads of fruit, vegetables and healthy fats, 50% / 25% / 25% carbs / protein / fat by weight, but 40% / 40% / 20% fat / carbs / protein by calories. It’s an enormously healthy way to eat.

    • Angel says:

      If having a carrot and nuts for a midmorning snack is what it takes to lose weight…no thanks. That’s having a life? How many people have bought into just ‘another fad diet’ that is impossible to follow for long. Atkins works too, in the short run, but it’s boring and causes kidney stones, gallstones, and worse. Never again. we all know how to lose weight, crazy or not, healthy or not. BUT, sticking to it and making it a lifestyle, we fail. Alton, too. If he truly is NOT sick with some life threatening disease now, he should count himself fortunate because eating that crazy sardine crap will cost him more than just losing his hair and looking like a skeletal guy.

      • Sara says:

        What his show didn’t reveal is that he’s ALSO running 4 miles a day. That probably has a lot to do with his weight loss and keeping the weight off. I don’t think it was an entirely wise choice that he refused to consult a doctor before such a tremendous change in his diet, but Alton does know a lot about nutrition and it IS a fairly healthy diet, not just sardines. However, I think he went a bit overboard, and I fervently hope he’s not still losing weight. The hair loss is natural, and he’s been losing his hair for some years. My husband is going through the same thing. It’s called “male pattern baldness”. He’s NOT ill and does NOT have cancer nor any other life-threatening disease (certainly not AIDS. Your insinuations that he’s throwing up or has anorexia are very insulting. Unless you know more than you’re telling, this is how vicious rumors get started.

  160. Avril says:

    I liked Alton when he had more weight on his bones. Now he looks sick and drawn…and older. This is not a pretty sight. He may feel better but, I feel he has lost way too much.

  161. Frankie says:

    Please recover from your illness

  162. Angel says:

    Alton Brown of Iron Chef America went on a weight loss diet of sardines and WANTED to look like he does? Nonsense. He looks to be very ill to me. I’m work in the medical field. ICU unit at a teaching hospital. Watch, in a short time it will come out that he indeed, is very ill and wanted to ‘hide’ it for his family. Why not be honest.

    • Stacey says:

      Wow, you’re very quick to judge….you say you work in the ICU unit…why is the “teaching hospital” relevant? I work in a hospital too, and you should know better than to assume ANYTHING about another person…shame on you!

  163. Andy Myers says:

    you are ALL fat and jelous!

  164. ric says:

    Patch on his left cheek looks like skin cancer to me….

    I’d get that looked at!!!!

    I need to lose 45 pounds…but I still wouldn’t be skinny!!

  165. Mark says:

    His condition may reflect the Kaposi’s sarcoma on his face.

    • GAL11O says:


      • SaraCVT says:

        Might be, might not be–but you are assuming data which has not been proved here. One, you are assuming that Alton Brown has AIDS, which I know conclusively is NOT TRUE. Two, you are assuming that the patch on his face is growing and malignant. Actually, if you are a faithful watcher of his show, you will have noted that it has not changed shape and has been there for several years. If it had been diagnosed as malignant, don’t you think he would have had it removed? Three, you are also assuming that the patch is a specific kind of melanoma, namely Kaposi’s sarcoma, when in fact, if it is not benign, which I believe it most likely is, it doesn’t have to be that particular type.

        So, unless you have this further data, you really don’t have much to go on, and should probably just say nothing at all. And please turn off your caps lock.

  166. Karebear says:

    I think Alton looks great! He has inspired me to work harder towards my own weight loss goals. I am going to start eating the way he described on “Live and Let Die”. Alton is my absolute favorite person on the Food Network, he is very smart and witty. Even my husband (who is not a foodie at all) and my children enjoy watching his show. Thank you, Alton for showing all of us that you don’t have to be sick to get skinny! :)

  167. Jen J says:

    AB, Please gain 10 lbs. You just look too skinny and unhealthy.

  168. cathy says:

    i still think he is hot!!!! gotta love a smart funny cute guy who can cook!!

  169. Donna Westmoreland says:

    Alton Brown sure like to know how you lost the weight. I’ve been overweight most of my life. Only time was when I lost from 211 to 150 on Weight Watchers and that was 36 years ago, gaining 50 pounds per child and still to this day just can’t lose it. So how did you do it?

    • SaraCVT says:

      Watch the “Good Eats” episode “Live and Let Diet”. Also, he runs 4 miles per day. But I’m sure he worked up to that. I myself am in the process of losing weight–about 3-4 lbs a week–and I walk/run approximately a mile and a half daily. I do it at night after my kids have gone to bed and my hubby holds down the fort for me. I just go walking around the neighborhood. I’ve started running in spurts, as I get more limber and more athletic, and that helps me lose more weight. It also feels REALLY good. Really. Running’s a rush. I relate, as I myself have been overweight most of my life–I had chipmunk cheeks at 3–but the weight can go off, and I won’t stop this time until it does!

  170. Karen Adams says:

    Dear Alton,
    2011 calendar? I think you look great.

  171. Jill Bru says:

    When you lose weight, unfortunately you can’t tell your body
    WHERE the weight should come off, and frequently it comes off where it doesn’t need to, like your face. That happened to me – I lost weight & my body looked great but my face was gaunt and my friends worried.

    AB’s weight loss did make his face gaunt and makes him look much older than before. But…c’est la vie! He’s healthy & the same smart, sarcastic guy we all love.

    And the mole on his left cheek? It’s always been there, since his first show back in 1997.

  172. Molly says:

    I saw alton Brown and was plesantly suprised.I say good for him!

  173. john says:

    Diet or not, when you get 1100 comments asking if you have cancer IT’S TIME TO STOP DIETING. How wonderfully American to always go Xxtreemes. Hope he’s ok, love his work.

    • Roger says:

      These people have a lot of heavy cancer patient relatives, by the time they get down to a healthy weight they’re on the way out. Keeping thin might prolong their lives to begin with. Angel seems like a fat stalker, her comments about not being able to change the way she eats over a long time are sad. It takes willpower, honey, not all vegetables are delicious the first bite you have but if you never eat them you’ll never grow to like them. People actually enjoy living healthy lifestyles, it’s wonderful to take a walk without fifty extra pounds around your midsection.

  174. GAL11O says:



  175. [...] And a quick shout-out to Bill for the impressive weight loss. Looks good, but almost headed to freakish Alton Brown territory, to be overly observant. I’d guess the line for over/under wagering on his future weight must [...]

  176. Farrah Knight says:

    I haven’t read through everyone else’s comments, I just want to say I hope Alton is not ill…but he does look sick….I hate to think AIDS, but I noticed this evening ugly spots on his cheeks that even production makeup could not cover. Prayer and love to Alton.

  177. Gayle says:

    I have never seen an episode of “Good Eats” that wasn’t interestingly informative and entertaining. Love Alton’s show, and glad he’s the Iron Chef host. Seeing him the eve of Labor Day 2010 on Iron Chef hosting, I am very concerned Alton is looking perhaps a bit too thin. I pray that he is in good health and not undergoing any negative physical challenges, as that would leave me completely sad. Hugs and Kudos to Alton.

  178. [...] its new size and caloric deficit. Maybe it was on purpose. Maybe it was no-sugar or low-carb. Maybe it was Sardines…You would think Alton Brown was Britney Spears with all this internet speculation about his [...]

  179. A. Viewer says:

    Glad everyone says Alton is healthy. I thought he had AIDS.

  180. Rachel says:

    Eating sardines every day? They call that an eating disorder. He looks painfully thin, not “healthy.” Looks like he needs an intervention.

  181. Yojoeur Name says:

    heyyy chill, we care about alton=cool! he does look aids e, just checking on a cool host! God bless him.

  182. DonnaHallelujah says:

    Alton, Please tell us if you are alright! We love you and are worried! If you purposedly lost that much weight, you have gone way too far. Can you let us know? Thanks!

  183. Kristin says:

    The reason some of us talk about him as if he’s terminally ill is because many of us didn’t see him as overweight to begin with, now he doesn’t much look like himself to many of his fans. Sure carried a few extra pounds but he looked much healthier then than he does now, regardless of his diet. Being thin doesn’t mean necessarily mean being healthy, I commend him for reaching his weightloss goals but I honestly miss the old Alton…he had a certain youthful glow to his skin then and now he looks as if he’s rapidly aging which is frightening to many fans. Food is our friend, to a point, but Alton looks as if he’s gone beyond thin to sickly. Compare pictures of him before his drastic weight loss to him now & tell me honestly which Alton looks healthier and more youthful. Again, being thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy by any means, yet it’s a common misconception and awfully superficial. If he feels better, than I think it’s great but he just doesn’t look healthy anymore & that’s not meant to be any kind of perverse slam to him or his weight…just simply a valid concern for his health!

  184. Sue says:

    Alton looked like a healthy man before the weight loss.
    Now he look’s like a skinny “gay” man.

    Does anyone know if he’s batting for the other team now?

  185. Maggie says:

    I appreciate your comments Food Network of trying to appease viewers about Alton Brown. But, c’mon, seriously? Who could take a chef seriously that eats a total of about 5 items and looks homeless? He could only be mentally disturbed. I don’t think it does you any credit to fob off viewers who have genuine concerns for a man they grew to admire only to have them dashed by his recent decent into madness.
    Let’s leave this behavior to the supermodels and focus on well-rounded, everything in moderation, eating behavior.

  186. It is a esteemed put up, I commit take it to respond. The competence is then utterly organized that readers faith me hypocrisy induce as stage seconds. alimony applicable up.

  187. Joe says:

    No one has any reason to criticize him their probably just like me concerned cause he looks like hell. Its alright to stay fit but if he gets any fitter their going to have to carry him off the show. I never thought he looked like he needed to lose weight. Fat is not good but being too skinny is bad too. Leave yourself a little room to lose weight in case you do get sick.

  188. Hello Alton. I like your story. You trimmed up really nicely.

  189. RoseBowl Rosie says:

    My husband and I both watched tonite’s Iron Chef Battle of the Short Ribs. We were shocked at our longtime fave Alton’s appearance. He was very gaunt. Our question: Is Alton well?
    We’ve grown very fond of him and are concerned.
    He looked just fine before — no need for any vanity dieting. Please advise.

  190. Patty says:

    George Stella leads the way! I think George Stella still had a lot to offer by way of his show, “Low Carb and Loving It”…..

  191. catherine says:

    i come from asia and sardines is one of our favorite food,i was happy when alton recognize this food,..thanks alton

  192. KC says:

    Just recently watching Good Eats I noticed that host Alton Brown looks too skinny and thin now, I prefer the old look of Alton when he had some meat on him and Chi energy, I like to trust a Chef with a good amount of meat on him so its proof that he likes food a lot !

  193. Matt says:

    I don’t understand Americans as a culture. We have progressively been gaining weight for years and we think that’s “normal”. Check out the 1940′s movies and find someone clearly obese in those films. It’s just not there. But I understand why it’s become more prevalenet in our society. If you’ve got a family with more than a few mouths to feed, it’s cheaper and easier to feed them unhealthy food rather than good, healthly food. I get it. But… put good in, get good out. Nothing makes me more sick than seeing an overweight kid… it’s sooo wrong. Surprise surprise… their parents are obese too! There should be some law on breeding regulations…

  194. Matt says:

    To caviot on what I said before…

    I stepped on a land mine while serving in Afghanistan and pretty much destroyed my right leg. Despite that, I’m still in shape. It speaks “volumes” about self-discipline and personal drive to stay in shape and continue to be an athlete… so cry all you want about how Alton isn’t being nice or fair but he’s right. Have a little self discipline about what makes it from your hand to your mouth and you might not be so damn fat…

  195. lagne says:

    For what it’s worth.. One of my former culinary school teachers has been trying to get on “The Next Food Network Star” for something like three years.

    At her latest attempt earlier this year, the producers told her to lose sixty pounds, then try again next year. Apparently, FN is pushing all its personalities to lose weight.

    At least, all its personalities who aren’t built like Bobbleheads (I’m looking at you, Giada).

    My teacher isn’t really slim, but a sixty-pound weight loss would certainly put her in the “gaunt” category.

  196. Sandyshoes says:

    This is old now, but I had been very worryied that Alton Brown had malignant melanome, between the sizeable very dark spot on his left cheek and his extreme weight loss. He looked cachectic and seemed less ebullient than usual. But I’m much relieved to see him looking much better, without the mole and having added some weight. I hope his health is and remains good. He’s my favorite!

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