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Twitter Users Sick Of Tyler Florence – Are You?
Posted by Jillian Madison

FNH is abuzz with the news that Tyler Florence, everyone’s favorite egomaniacal chef, just sent out one of the most ridiculous Twitter message ever. One FNH reader named Christina said, “Now he’s telling people to follow him? How…modest.”


We agree, Christina. First, there’s no such thing as Follow Monday (it’s Follow FRIDAY). Second, the only people seeing that message are people ALREADY FOLLOWING YOU, so why are you telling them to follow you again? Third, you’re not supposed to include yourself in a follow recommendation! That’s as tacky as it gets.

Even worse, Florence recently launched a cooking school called Twitterlicious, which is the Latin word for “the most ridiculous thing ever.” Every Friday, instead of just writing up a recipe and posting it on his website, he sends out step by step food preparation instructions via hundreds of tweets that clutter up the Twitter homepages of his followers. Judging by some of the comments in the Twittersphere, people are really getting sick of it:

“Tyler Florence tweeted a NOVEL earlier and took up my iPhone screen. Rethinking following his tweets.” -@jessicademaio

“Pains me so, but I Had to stop following Tyler Florence. dude is a tweetaholic.” -@hotsauce_please

“Tyler Florence just made a dish on Oprah that I wouldn’t feed to my cat. Ugh.” -@amandareid

“I say he must of eaten your food Tyler.” -@navyseal6, in response to Tyler saying he saw the police rescuing a jumper from the Golden Gate bridge

“Dude, please link to a blog…14 posts with an average two minute separation?”-@gregkrekelberg
(to which Tyler, who is clearly unable to handle criticism, replied: “That’s a little dull and impersonal. Don’t you think? 15,812 people cant be wrong…”) Look at Tyler all thinking he’s Ashton Kutcher with his 16k followers! Too bad that’s, what, about .000001% of the total number of people on Twitter?

So let’s hear it, FNH. Do you follow Tyler on Twitter? Are you considering unfollowing him because of his pointless and/or self-promotional Tweets?

UPDATE: Tyler Florence is claiming he didn’t write the #FollowMonday twitter message, and said his Twitter account was hacked. Uh, sure.

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    54 Responses

  1. Syd says:

    Um…FUCK no, I don’t follow that asshole.

  2. DesignerJeans says:

    Follow him?

    I don’t even freaking TiVo that narcissist…

  3. micah says:

    I unfollowed him last month. His shameless self promotion always bothered me, but Twitterliscious (spelling?) really put me over the edge. I get Twitter messages sent to my cell phone like many do, and I was getting 5 a minute from that moron. I’m sitting at my desk at work, I don’t need to know how to put paprika on chicken at this moment. Thanks. Buh bye.

  4. Jun says:

    I do for the comic relief. But then again, I don’t use Twitter on my cell phone… that would get to be an overload.

  5. erin says:

    Wow. He got fat and old. When did that happen.

  6. Cat Chow says:

    Apparently Tyler’s head is so far up you know where that he does not understand the concept of micro-blogging (which is what Twitter is)

  7. neo says:

    I think you should start an “Unfollow Tyler Florence Friday” campaign. I’ll be the president. I don’t like this douchebag.

  8. Greg says:

    More nauseating still are the dozens of desperate housewives kissing his ass on Twitter. “Oh Tyler! Your meatballs were so delicious!”

    Gag me.

  9. Kim H says:

    Hell no. No way in hell

    Oh good, Top Chef starts soon. Finally, a REAL food competition.

  10. Byrdie says:

    I find it appropriate to use Tyler and Twit in the same sentence. Sez it all.

  11. DesignerJeans says:



    I also like Neo’s idea. In fact, how about posting it on the front page this Friday Jillian?

    I mean since he banned you from his Twitter, he’d never know about the coming wave until it splashed over him and he was forced hawk even more crap to appease his ego.

  12. Byrdie says:

    Jillian has been banned from T-Flo’s Twit?? Wow. Neo for president!

  13. Naseem says:

    I didn’t even know who he was until I saw him in the NFS competition. He was rude and not someone I would like to be around. Forget following him on Twitter.

  14. Andrea says:

    My favorite part of this has to be the #followmonday hash tag. Does he think he is going to start a new trend. Fail, indeed.

  15. Silvio says:

    What’s the deal with FN chefs who become total assholes like Florence has ? You’re a fucking cook pal, not a member of the Royal Family. YOu’re a celeb in your own mind and you rip people off at the rip off shop of your’s in MIll Valley. Bite me.

  16. Debbie says:

    I unfollowed him Friday after his ridiculous “twitterlicious” postings. Life is too short for that.

  17. Leilani says:

    I just unfollowed him…finally.

  18. Peggy says:

    Honestly, I like his food; my sister has been making a recipe a week from the Ultimate cookbook and they have all been pretty good (especially the peach bbq sauce chicken thing). But I just couldn’t follow him on Twitter after the cooking class thing started. Who were the people that told him this was a good idea?

  19. Donna says:

    He’s a tool.

  20. Princess Crazypants says:

    Jillian, on August 1 I posted this comment under the “I Love @TylerFlorence Twitter T-Shirt” entry:

    “Tyler Florence’s line of organic baby food called “Sprout” (get it? Hahhahaha GET IT!!!!???) is on sale at my local store for 2/99 cents.”

    Today you posted this:

    “If he’s not mentioning his new baby food (called “Sprout” – haha, so funny, GET IT?)”

    Notice anything similar there?


  21. Jillian Madison says:

    I didn’t even realize I did that, honestly. You’re right. Please consider it a compliment, and I’ll remove the line from the article to be extra fair! :)

  22. anonn says:

    just because Twatter exists, doesn’t mean you should use it.

  23. Anon says:

    Princess Crazypants, If Jillian is lifting it, you know it’s good. :)

  24. Greg says:

    Jillian, I love you. Humble and funny. Marry me?

  25. Byrdie says:

    Wow! Princess CP has the ‘kavorka’.

  26. Alexis says:

    Forget Greg, Jillian. If you ever consider coming over to the “other side” I’m here waiting!!!

  27. Jillian says:

    Flattered, guys, but I’m taken :)

    Princess CP, you’re a regular here. You know I always credit people when I quote their lines. It was an oversight and it wasn’t malicious. Again, apologies a thousand times. Line removed. Now, back to the topic at hand!

  28. Dan says:

    Now Ty-Flo is claiming that he did not write the #FollowMonday Twitter message. LOL. I guess it wrote itself.

    I don’t buy his account was hacked by someone who would log in and just wrote #FollowMonday.

  29. Greg says:

    Darn. Can’t blame a guy for trying. :)

  30. Princess Crazypants says:

    You’re just lucky I’m not Korean with kimchi running through my veins!

  31. Lana says:

    Think new Twitter users should run through a Twitter p.c. culture class before being allowed to tweet?

    And yeah, I followed Ty Flo some time ago. The self-promo didn’t bother me all that much; I guess I expected it. But unfollowed when he started the Twitterlicious. I get the idea, fans drooling at real-time recipe messages from Ty. But it should have been something one could OPT into, rather than a full broadcast.
    *big sigh*

  32. S9 says:

    I’m not going to lie. I totally follow Tyler’s twitter, and love every one. ;) But I only use it on my comp, so don’t get constant updates. I don’t think I would follow anyone if I did that lol. But I think the twitterlicious is kind of cool, and if you don’t, just don’t follow him. No big deal.

  33. Jamie O says:

    I never liked the guy. Hey Tyler how ’bout coming up with some more Applebees recipes you sellout?!

  34. Kathy says:

    I don’t follow him on Twitter, but thanks for the warning.

  35. WalterSobchak says:

    He should follow his ass home and be more of a FATHER to his son. Same with GAY FEET-AIRY

  36. Holly says:

    Tyler is an egotistical moron. He thinks he is God. I would never follow him but this is funny.

    • rebecca says:

      what’s the deal with him constantly wiping his hands on his clothes during his cooking show segments – dude you have enough money to buy an apron ! It’s so annoying to watch him do that.

  37. Kitty says:

    I don’t even have a Twitter. If I don’t give a shit what my 9th grade math teacher is doing with his new, busty girlfriend, I certainly won’t hand over my shit for a tool like Ty-Ho.

  38. Sarah says:

    People that see a need to follow a tool like Florence need to get a life. Twitter is for losers.

  39. Kylie says:

    Why were you banned from his Twitter, Jill? He linked to this websites several times I think… Did he stop having a sense of humor?
    Oh! And btw I don’t have Twitter… I can’t microblog for beans I need to write a lot! LOL But if I did (have a Twitter) I wouldn’t follor TyFlo; he annoys me almost as much as Giada does!

  40. Deaila says:

    Ty-ho is in love with himself i had to unfollow him after 4 tweets about himself.

  41. DKM Marlink says:

    Banned from Tyler’s TWITter? Now I’m curious as well!

  42. Princess Crazypants says:

    “Twitter is for losers.”


    I kinda like Twitter, even though I rarely use it and the most interesting person I am following is Ethan Suplee.

    Apologies to Jillian for that tweet I sent when I was upset. I have thoroughly spanked myself for that faux pas.

  43. Pluff Mudder says:

    Use to, but no longer. I’m surprised he doesn’t send out a tweet each time he goes to the bathroom.

  44. Judith says:

    That would be a toot not a tweet.

  45. Bill says:

    I just watched a segment on Tyler Florence on “Unwrapped.” What an unlikeable prick.

  46. Gayle King says:

    I saw the same show last night. He’s a doughboy. Did you see when he was walking into the studio pointing at the photos on the wall? “There’s Bobby, Rachael, and oh yeah, who’s that handsome devil? Oh yeah, it’s me.” He literally said that. I’m not making it up. Get over yourself Tyler. You’re not all that, or anything close.

  47. Daniel O says:

    You know who likes Tyler Florence? My grandmother. You know who else fawn over him? Overweight desperate housewives and various other fucking losers. Congrats on the stellar fanbase Dude!

  48. [...] about this being for the Macy’s Culinary Council charity but I was too busy chuckling about how the world hates Ty Flo’s Twitter account to take down the [...]

  49. KT says:

    What I hate most about Tyler Florence, other than the too-tight casual shirts, is the way he slurs words. For example, how many times does he say “absully” instead of “absolutely” in any given episode? A bajillion times!

    “This chicken pot pie is going to be ABSULLY delicious. I should change out of this shirt before I eat this, since it’s ABSULLY two sizes too small and I ABSULLY never work out.”

  50. Boke1 says:

    Tyler’s OL-timate? Can’t he correctly pronounce a word that’s 50% of the name of his show? And the constant use of the word “claaaaaaaaaa-sic.” Ugh. And how he says “boom” every time he moves a bowl from the counter to the fridge or throws salt on something. And on a really petty note, he’s gotten fat.

  51. Jimmy Johnson says:

    I used to watch “Tyler’s Ultimate”. Tyler seemed to be a good counterpoint to all the female hosts on FN. However, I agree whatever success he’s garnered has gone to his head. Some people handle celebrity better than others; Tyler’s not one of them.

  52. MsFoodie says:

    BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Makes me want to throw a toaster in the bathtub with me.

  53. Sandy says:

    What a joke. I use to follow his Food 911 series until he got to a ep with Korean food. That’s when I knew he was a total phony. I know my Korean cuisine and that crap he was serving was no where near. Don’t take my word for it though, just look at the face of the girl’s husband when he takes a bite: priceless. And now that Tyler is fat, there’s zero motivation to even glance at any of his shows.

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