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VIDEO: Paula Deen Grinding On Rachael Ray
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. Jun says:

    Paula must be warming up for “Dance Your Ass Off.”

  2. CherryRose says:

    Did you see The Neely’s new show today? Talk about bumping and grinding! Gina was standing behind Pat with her arms around him as he was preparing a dish. We’re not prudes, but my DH and I thought it was repulsive and grabbed the remote. The Neely’s should move their set into the bedroom and change the name of the show to “Gettin’ Down With the Neelys”.

  3. DesignerJeans says:

    Are Bob and Susie now going after the “people who hump while making dinner” demographic?

    And if so, will the $10 include prophylactics?

  4. houstonray says:

    MY EYES!
    MY EYES!

  5. Just Don't Look At Me says:

    That’s pretty hot. ;)

  6. Amy says:


    …that’s only mildly disturbing. Like having your Grandmother slap your behind… totally normal

  7. CherryRose says:

    :Are Bob and Susie now going after the “people who hump while making dinner” demographic?..”

    They realize that sex sells…cookware, bakeware, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, FN logo stuff, etc.

  8. Cat Chow says:

    @CherryRose – or “Jammin’ with the Neeleys” Food optional

  9. DesignerJeans says:

    Maybe we will see some FN “body oils” and FN “massage wands” next.

    Who wouldn’t want Paula Deans face gently massaging one’s…

    Ewwww.. can’t even finish this post…

  10. Jon McKenzie says:

    I’m thinking Michael must have built up a tolerance to Viagra, Cialis, AND Levitra and is not getting the job done in the boudoir.

  11. CherryRose says:

    FN’s own line of “adult” toys?

  12. CherryRose says:

    …”Like having your Grandmother slap your behind… totally normal.”

    If “Grandpa” wants to slap my behind in the kitchen, this “Grandmother” won’t mind, but you won’t see it on FN ;)

  13. Byrdie says:

    Was that the set of a cooking show or a porn video? I’m with you Houston Ray. Oh, great. Now my eyes are bleeding…

  14. Kitty says:

    That’s probably the least sexy thing I’ve ever seen. DX

  15. Megan says:

    Sex sells…if Hugh Jackman or Angelina Jolie is selling. When it’s Paula Deen, keep me as far away from her bedroom as I can get!!

  16. Glock says:

    If Paula was even half as cute as she thinks she is, she’d be on the cover of Sports Ill swimsuit edition.

    But she’s not, and I’m going to be limp for a while because of having seen this. Where do you get those pills someone listed above?

  17. Sandra says:

    Paula is one of those older ladies who think they are cool and can get away with crap like that. What a dork!

  18. Silvio says:

    Something wrong with that broad. Inbred hillbilly. I’ll bet her vagina has seen better days.

  19. houstonray says:

    @designerJeans – FN “body oils” by Pauler Deen? That would be a stick of melted butter! haha.

  20. BobbyFlayFan says:

    Ok, Paula Deen skeeves me out. I’ve watched her get into bed with some country music guy on his tour bus and then feed him fried pickles. Um . . . eww. I bet the fried pickles were great until Paula Deen needed to feed them to the guy herself in his bed, on her show! I’ve also seen her sticking her fingers in Jason Priestly’s mouth so he could lick the mashed potatoes off. Um . . . EWW.
    I mean . . . I’m not opposed to a little foreplay in the kitchen. But it should not be televised, and it should especially not include Paula Deen.

  21. DesignerJeans says:



  22. CherryRose says:

    Maybe RR’s EVOO would do the trick!

  23. BobbyFlayFan says:

    : : : blushing : : :

    Olive oil actually does make a decent massage oil, in a pinch.

    Off to hide under a chair.

  24. DesignerJeans says:


    DON”T give RR any ideas…if I see her face on ONE more product I swear I am moving to the South Pole.

  25. Jun says:

    RR brand EVOO and Personal Lubricant. All proceeds go to her charity, Yum-0. I’m sure QVC would pick it up. :P

  26. Cat Chow says:

    Nigella Lawson totally pwoned all these “ladies” on the FN. They wish they were Nigella’s little finger…

  27. CherryRose says:

    “DON”T give RR any ideas…if I see her face on ONE more product I swear I am moving to the South Pole.”

    Loud-mouth isn’t getting rich on my $$$. Don’t ya just hate the new “oven lovin’” bakeware from the broad who doesn’t bake?

  28. Princess Crazypants says:

    RR also did that skeevy men’s magazine spread with her in her stupid looking short shorts and bikini’s BAKING in the kitchen. Next up for the men’s mag is Paula Deen in a micro bikini and humping all the other FN stars in a giant vat of butter. Can I get a YUM-O?

  29. Cat Chow says:

    @Princess Crazypants – not YUM-O, but BARF-O ;)

  30. Jun says:

    @Princess Crazypants, LOL!

  31. *Di* says:

    Isn’t that her son, Bobby, standing behind scene?
    He must be SO proud.

    Gotta say, Rachael rolled pretty well with it all.

  32. KittyMewMewNJ says:


  33. UGH says:

    Well, at least RR didn’t turn around and face Pauler. Now THAT would have me barfing in the old GB!!

  34. Katie says:

    @CherryRose – I am continually disgusted by RR’s hawking of kitchen items she admittedly knows NOTHING about. How about some self-respect and credibility, RR?

  35. Byrdie says:

    What I found disturbing that I just noticed is the look on Pauler’s face before you even watch the video. She has that look that says ‘dominatrix’. Gives me the willies….

  36. CherryRose says:

    “…How about some self-respect and credibility, RR?”

    Those character traits aren’t in the recipe for RR, and she can’t buy them, either ;)

  37. Judith says:

    I found out where RR her hubby. Look at the male models in the Anthropologie catalog—they take scruffy to a new low…just where John is. The “fashions” in there are downright ugly, drab and tacky.

  38. Beestinova says:


    “Loud-mouth isn’t getting rich on my $$$. Don’t ya just hate the new “oven lovin’” bakeware from the broad who doesn’t bake?”

    THANK YOU! That was my exact thought when I saw her hawking those things the other day…

  39. yikes! says:

    WOW! Disturbing.

  40. potty mouth princess says:

    Two years later and that video still has the power to make me lose my lunch.

    w/r/t the “Oven Lovin’” line of crap: hypocrite much, Rach? Although I suspect FN is dangling clauses in her contract over her head about cookware endorsements from their “talent.” Notice how she says HER portion of the proceeds are going to Yuck-o? FN stuck her with the bakeware as yet another hint that her contact won’t be renewed next year. Thank goodness!

  41. BamaCat says:

    Forget the bump & grindin’…WTF happened to Paula’s hair?

    I used to love to watch her show but now she makes me ashamed to be from the south.
    It is now like a cheap porn show w/ all the sexual innuendos.
    FN has gone downhill PDQ.

  42. Silvio says:

    I am so not digging the ultra greed of the Food Network. I am moved to send a $ 100.00 cheque to my local PBS affiliate where I know it will be well spent.

    I urge others to do the same.It’s the only way we can see this type of Tuschman/Fogelson second rate shitty garbage programming go away. And they can take 3/4 of their current amateur wannabe cooks with them.

  43. *Di* says:

    Paula kind of makes Rachael look totally normal
    (whatever “normal” means, heh).

  44. Cat Chow says:

    I’m not subjecting myself to the torture that is to watch these videos but I have to say…”oven lovin’”? The Pillsbury doughboy may come a knockin’ for knocking off his slogan….

  45. Kyle says:

    Hey, kind-a nice thought… least RR is a spanker…

    from a guy’s point of view…….

  46. Darkane says:

    Um Byrdie. if i Ever saw a Dom look anything like paula i would run away screaming. * shudders* And Now i am imagening her as a Dom, Thank you SO much. *ick*

  47. Freezezzy says:

    “Don’t ya just hate the new “oven lovin’” bakeware from the broad who doesn’t bake?”

    What’s next? Cookware from Sandra Lee?

  48. FNFAN says:

    “: : : blushing : : :

    Olive oil actually does make a decent massage oil, in a pinch.

    Off to hide under a chair.”-BoobyFlayFan

    You trollop! :)

    Now, about the video, I think it’s cute, and Paula Deen is so cool. She’s like one of those jazzy grandma’s whose age is nothing but a number, which is admirable. I know people like that, and they are always fun to be around. I’d prefer Bobby Deen behind me if I were in Rachael’s shoes, though!

  49. LizzyV says:

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little.

  50. JaneinNH says:

    This is the 1st time I’ve been inspired to comment. I read FNH everyday – Jill & you bloggers never fail to make me laugh. But – I am shocked at the tame responses to this! PAULA DEEN SPANKING RACHEL??!! I ordered my family to come watch over my shoulder! Besides – I thought all you folks have been itching to see Rachel spanked by someone!! 8 )

  51. WalterSobchak says:

    August 8th, 2009

    : : : blushing : : :

    Olive oil actually does make a decent massage oil, in a pinch.

    Off to hide under a chair.


    No need to hide for being a Flay Fan….you can’t always be right.

  52. betty says:

    i’m scared mommy!

  53. Shorty says:

    I doubt I’m the only one who is reminded slightly of the kitchen from Friends.

  54. oh_come_on says:

    Do you think when RR got her ABC show they could’ve toned down so many FN episodes? Or at least taken her older episodes off?

    They lose me when she’s on.

    Can we say ‘overexplosure’?

  55. Larea says:

    Look out, Rachel Ray! Those nasty sleeves!!! LOL!

    What I cringe about is that Paula Deen NEVER has her sleeves rolled-up, pushed up or short enough to keep them from dragging across whatever thing she is cooking. BARFF! She grosses me out every time she reaches over another piece of raw meat (or whatever hapless ingredients she happens to be subjecting to butter that day) with a sleeve dangling and dragging over it. Sopping up and spreading GERMS!!! She has the nastiest kitchen habits I have ever watched on or off TV. Is she really that unconscious? Look how long her sleeves are in the video… Doesn’t anyone in the food industry watch her and help her “keep it clean”? ARGH!!! Teeth clenching!

    I hope she reads this. Clean up your act, NASTY lady! LOL!

    But I can’t stand Rachel either. SLOP! Her 30 Minute Meals end up with all the visual appeal of scraps one would toss to pigs.

    Oprah “blesses” Rachel’s 30 Minutes show with praise (as if Oprah has cooked since the success she found after leaving Nashville and having all her facial plastic surgery done:
    ), and TV gets the worse interviewer ever.

  56. fat betty says:

    don’t up people have a life?

  57. Byrdie says:

    What is an “up people”???

  58. Millie says:

    Paula y’all Deen needs to get her head examined. I was so uncomfortable watching this. I kept looking at the time counter at the bottom of the screen to see how much longer the video was. Ugh.

  59. James Martin says:

    This is the old broad who claimed she had agoraphobia “fear of being in public or open spaces”. Ladies and gentlemen, I know Ms. Deen, her brother Earl “Bubba” Hiers, her two sons and her hubby, Michael. She is full of shit. She moved up from Albany to Savannah WITH her husband. They were together, happy and very married. Agoraphobia, my ass. It is called inventing a back story for PR and pity. See how much this “poor” lady had to overcome? HA!!! She was having an affair and that is why Mr. Deen left. He even helped with getting the restaurant going. Paula bullied Bubba into quitting his highly profitable landscape busy in Albany to come up here after hubby left.
    She promised Bubba his own restaurant if he helped her with hers. Well, he got one but SHE owns it!!! She came in one night while we were there and had a fit throwing potatoes at her cooks and poor Bubba could not say a word.

    • jpquinlan says:

      I hate it that she has always refered to herself as being from Savannah. Kind of figured her phobia was BS based on the expressions on her sons faces every time she brings it up. But seriously WTF Did Sandra Lee slip her a couple of ruffies in between lemon drops

  60. Revedo says:

    OMFG, I don’t know what’s worse, RR singing or Poopy pattin her on the ass.
    Where do you guys get this shit, lmao.
    I HATE YOU FNH, why must you taunt me!!!
    My tummy hurts from laughing.

  61. DisEnchanted squelture says:

    I am waiting for Paula Deen to reach down her blouse, and heave out her bosoms and nurse some unsuspecting audience guest, while his wife and other guests applaude and cheer her on, at that “Ho Down” show of hers! Does this woman actually, seriously,believe that her “stuff” doesn’t stink? Honestly,I thought Hillbillies were more classy than that.

  62. jakekke says:

    That has to be the most uncomfortable dance sequence in film history. Deen can smell fear…

  63. Andrea says:

    OMG what did I just see?? patting RR backside? someone get this woman an psychiatric evaluation now! this was worst than any thing I could have seen

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