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Alton Brown Disses Food Network Chefs In Interview
Posted by Jillian Madison

Is Alton Brown drinking the FNH Kool-Aid?!

In a recent interview with an Atlanta radio station, he talked a little smack about some of his Food Network co-stars. He playfully ribbed Giada’s weight and Ina’s relationship with her husband, but his story about Sandra Lee was the funniest. He said Sandra was “semi-sane… semi-out of her mind. I had one conversation with her … and she wanted to show me the place where she had gotten this bad mole taken off of her chest, which I thought was a super creepy thing … and I’m like, `I need to go somewhere else`… I think it may be too many preservatives from boxed cake mixes…”

He also shed a little light on the corny Food Network group specials they play around the holidays: “Food Network likes to do those shows that make us look like we all hang out together, like,  ‘oh, hey, you wanna cook?’ and I’m like, ‘who the hell are you? … Most of us don’t know each other.’”

Here’s some video of the interview for your viewing pleasure:

(Thanks for the tip, Brandi!)

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  1. Motzi Greps says:

    I knew I liked Alton for some reason–tanorexia and all!

  2. DesignerJeans says:

    “Off with his head!” — Susie Fogelson and Bob Tushman

  3. Patrick says:


    But unfortunately Motzi Greps seems to be right. Because of this, Good Eats might not make it to 11 years…Tuschman and Fogelson can’t have liked this.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hopefully he can make the switch to another real network that can utilize his versatility and likeability.

    Like many of the preferred FN hosts or chefs, they get tired of being part of what has become the Kabuki Turd Circus.

  5. CherryRose says:

    Bravo, Alton Brown! I’d love to hear him take jibes at a few more FN personalities. He was right on the money about those mentioned in the interview. Applause!

  6. Squarebob Spongepants says:

    That was awesome. Alton just sounds so good natured in his jibing. Fun stuff to hear.

  7. Syd says:

    You have to love his candor, not to mention his cojones for saying some of that. LOVE that man.

  8. Ray says:

    Further proof that Alton is too good for Food Network.

  9. Bet Aunt Sandy’s gonna put some Ex-Lax in those Betty Crocker boxed brownies.

    Alton, use caution and start looking for a new job. You know revenge is best served semi-homemade.

  10. Pansy says:

    I wonder if Alton makes enough from his other ventures (Books, cookware, ect) that he could make the move back to PBS.

  11. DesignerJeans says:

    She shows gay men her boobs the first time they meet.
    She wants to show Alton the mole on her boobs the first time they meet.
    She drinks. Hard.
    Next week she’s staring in an episode of Cougertown.

    Only one of those is incorrect.

  12. Brandi says:

    AB only speaks the truth :)

  13. Amontillado says:

    I love that someone finally called out those stupid get-togethers. The only thing holding them together is the fake enthusiasm of a small group of people.

    It started with Emeril,
    Now Paula,

    Pretty soon Sandra Lee will host a New Year’s Eve party…


  14. Timothy says:

    10 years. Good for Alton. Only sensible person on the network.

  15. JB says:

    LMFAO. Preach Alton!

    I am absolutely DREADING FoodNetwork during the Holiday Season, I still have those horribly obnoxious commercials and specials ingrained in my memory from last year when they ran that garbage for a month straight nonstop. They’d be much better off showing re-runs of Good Eats during that time.

  16. HandsomeDevil says:

    So what gay men did Sandra Lee show her boobs to?

  17. DesignerJeans says:


    Some guy at a party (name escapes me) turns out the both of became best of friends after that and Aunt Sandy is very pro / respective of gay rights which is actually one great thing about her that I respect.

  18. JohnO says:

    He looks like Thomas Dolby’s older brother in that video.

  19. byrdie says:

    How could you possibly not just love this man!? Alton, if you get canned from FN, count it as a HUGE blessing. Doucheman and Susie Cream Cheese are idiots and their loss would be our gain. The best revenge is living well!

    And we no longer have to wonder. His statement proves Aunt(hic)(burrpff)Sandy is a genuine NUTBALL.

  20. Krez says:

    I love Good Eats and I love Alton Brown — I always suspected that he thought these things, but it’s great to hear him say it!

  21. Lana says:

    AB rocks and has an incredible sense of humor about the other FN “stars.”

    A gal pal of mine said to AB at his book signing last year, “I must be nervous!” as she handed him her book, opened to the wrong page.

    AB says, “You just had dinner with Guy Fieri. What else is there to be nervous about!”

    Cracked us all up, diffused all anxieties, and we credit Alton with The Best Quote of the Year. A small slap at Guy, without making anyone really feel bad about it. That’s humor! Amazing and incredibly quick-witted man. Total props to AB.

  22. @ Byrdie, the Suzy Cream Cheese comment had me rolling. That and your Col. Klink avatar is great. I remember a Zappa album with Suzy CreamCheese, lmfao.

  23. Katie says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Alton. But if those staged get-togethers are uncomfortable for him, why does he do them? Unless he’s contractually obligated, it seems weird to me that he’d agree to them and then gripe about them.

  24. Pansy says:

    @Katie Dollars to donuts, he is contractually obligated.

  25. byrdie says:

    @Dank – we both are showing our age!

  26. @Byrdie, Indeed, I tend to think I still look & act young, but when I open my pie-hole, it’s clearly evident I’m “old-as-fuck”.

  27. CherryRose says:

    @Byrdie and Dank: I’m pushing the big 6-0, and DH will be a little older tomorrow. Do we qualify for your club?

  28. Karen says:

    Love Alton even more . I didn’t think his comments were particularly harsh. I’m with JB, I’d much rather watch Good Eats reruns than those corny holiday specials .

  29. byrdie says:

    Well, at least on my part (and seemingly for Dank as well), I remember Romper Room, the original Mickey Mouse Club (the one with Annette), and watching Julia Child when she first went on tv. Let’s just say I’m over the hump and on my way to the big 6-0.

  30. DameJudiWench says:

    To all of you people saying the comments weren’t harsh, that’s only because you’re being influenced by Alton Brown’s charm. Picture one of your coworkers saying that about you. Now picture them saying it to hundreds of thousands of people. While I personally agree with everything he said, the comments WERE harsh and it was definitely a big deal that he said it.

    Wouldn’t you face huge repercussions if you were caught slamming your co-workers in a public forum? I know I would.

  31. Tom says:

    I always thought the only food Giada ate was the stuff she tried on her show after making it. And if she didn’t have the show, she’d definitely starve!

  32. CherryRose says:

    “Well, at least on my part (and seemingly for Dank as well), I remember Romper Room, the original Mickey Mouse Club (the one with Annette), and watching Julia Child when she first went on tv. Let’s just say I’m over the hump and on my way to the big 6-0.”

    LOL! I remember those well, along with “I Love Lucy”, “Leave It To Beaver”, “Howdie Doodie”, among others.

    Some of my earliest “cooking show” memories include Dinah Shore and Virginia Graham, both of whom had cooking segments on their respective talk shows.

  33. @Byrdie, CherryRose and all other of us geezers: Thank God, Jesus, and YouTube, we can (still) recall our great LP’s, classic VHF/UHF programs, and reminisce ’bout the good ‘ole days, yet still stay hip enough to embrace the “web” and not go into the “Back in my day” bullshit.

    BTW….” I see Byrdie, Cherry, Danky…..”. Banana Splits, Romper Room, Johnny Quest, Clutch Cargo have no peers!

  34. Dani says:

    Byrdie, Dank, Cherryrose, I love you all dearly, but what a perfect opportunity to ues the new FNH Forums :)

  35. Scoobie-Doobie-Doo says:

    AB’s candor makes me wonder if someone isn’t bucking to get out of a contract. Hmmmm?????? AB looks so much better in the interview than on the commercials for Next Iron Chef. Gosh, FN needs a show where AB just talks, unscripted!

  36. CherryRose says:

    “I always thought the only food Giada ate was the stuff she tried on her show after making it. And if she didn’t have the show, she’d definitely starve!”

    I commented in a recent discussion about Giada and the very small portions that dishes up for herself on her shows. Given the fact that she resides among the “beautiful people” in southern California, Giada is probably extremely conscious of her appearance and eats very sparingly to maintain her svelte physique. I’ve read that she attends yoga classes and works out at a gym, too.

  37. byrdie says:

    @Dame Judi – I have to respectfully disagree with you. The only negative comment was in regard to a personal experience he had with Aunt(hic)(erp)Sandy. I didn’t hear anything about anyone else except he didn’t know them either very well or at all. He certainly didn’t go out of his way to lay it on thick, he just answered questions. Unfortunately, Auntie Sot acted a fool and he told the truth.

  38. Could we, as a group of people with better taste than the run of the mill Sean Hannity viewer, substitute Sutter Home White Zinfandel or Boones Farm Strawberry Hill for the ‘Kool Aide’ reference?
    After all, I’m pretty sure that Sandra Lee uses Kool Aide to marinate boneless skinless (the whitest food there is) chicken breasts.
    I would hope that we can do better.

  39. Judith says:

    You younguns just hush now, I remember a bit of WWII. Born in 1940.

  40. @ DameJudyWench: As a union tradesman for years, I’ve heard far worse. What Alton said was mild, even reserved, towards incompetent co-workers. Confident, skilled leaders tell it the way it is, without fear, not to bitch, but to raise the bar, and dont fear reprucussions, because they STAND for their beliefs.

    Oh, I forgot. Cunty/Whiny/Insecure/Mediocre people just talk behind others backs.

    Kudos to Alton, perhaps mngmt will see where the ship is heading.

  41. TheOtherErin says:

    I love me some AB. Tells it like it is, can always trust him. Good people.

  42. byrdie says:

    Judith, you win the prize!! You can be president of our club!

  43. DameJudiWench says:

    Of course you’ve heard worse insults. WHO HASN’T? The point is, he shouldn’t be out in public bashing ANYONE he works with. Whether his words are true or not, it’s in bad taste. If you can’t see that, it speaks volumes about your character.

    @Byrdie, he insulted Giada, too, and insinuated she starved herself to look skinny. The whole bit about “no one knowing she’s pregnant, they just thought she ate a few strawberries” – while certainly not calling her “a fucking asswipe” – was rude in its own way and should not be done in public while you’re still associated with these people, period.

    • Amelia says:

      I must have watched a completely different interview than those who say he “bashed” other FN personalities. He said nothing mean or untrue. He simply told a story about a woman we all knew was batsh*t anyway and then joked about Giada’s slimness in a very playful non-malicious way. Other than that I heard nothing mean, cruel or even slightly rude. Even what he said about Sandra and Giada wasn’t that bad. I guess if I had no sense of humor and looked for contempt in every word ever spoken I could see where some of you were coming from. Unfortunately, I am not overly sensitive and can appreciate that we are all human and will make observations about others and share experiences with others when engaged in conversation. Maybe one day, I will be able to see conspiracy in everything. Until then, I guess I’ll have to enjoy Alton’s charm, talent and humor.

  44. @Dani: so sorry to bore you with our walk down memory lane, I’ll bring the conversation over to the AARP website, little girl.

    @ Judith: Wow, I’m “old as fuck”, does that makes us collectively “older than dirt”?

  45. byrdie says:

    Dame Judi – if the worst thing ever said about me was I was slender and didn’t look pregnant, I would kiss the ground that person walked on. He didn’t say ‘she is so skinny that if she stood behind a pencil, you coudn’t see her’ or ‘she’s so skinny that if she stood sideways and stuck her tongue out, she’d look like a zipper’. After all, what runway model doesn’t starve herself to look skinny? Nah, I don’t agree he insulted her at all.

  46. Dani says:

    I’m simply asking you have respect for the very basic rules Jillian has asked us to comply by. Keep comments under posts on topic. Your inability to open pill bottles and locate your car keys certainly has nothing to do with Alton Brown, and is better suited for the forums.
    Thank you.

  47. TheOtherErin says:

    Also? Isn’t Jeffrey the dean of some college that’s a good drive away? It would make sense if he just stayed on campus during the week…

    My parents did something similar when my dad’s job transferred him a ways away, but my mom had a business where they originally were. *shrug*

  48. DameJudiWench says:

    way to completely miss the point. I’m not saying he threw HORRIBLE AWFUL INSULTS at these people. I’m saying any insult, no matter how small, in a public forum – about people you still work with – is inappropriate. Jesus, how many times do I have to repeat myself here.

    No one at Food Net is going to listen to Alton and say, “God, he’s right! Sandra Lee is a moron! Let’s fire her!” Wake the hell up, people. Executives at the Food Network are going to say, “Stop slamming us in public or you’re fired.”

  49. Gregory says:

    Well / I am jumping in here! I’m an actor who works on a soap many of you might even watch every day (not my real name) and if I saw or read about, one of my co stars insulting me, i would be pissed and they would get their ass reamed. thats just how it works in the real world folks. Dont shit where you sleep.

  50. byrdie says:

    @Dame Judi – without getting into a ‘thing’ with you, I will close the subject on my end by saying that you hear what you want to hear. If you choose to only hear the negative, then that’s what you are going to hear. If, on the other hand, you listen and laugh along and hear humor, then you walk away not thinking ill of someone (like Giada) but how enjoyable it was. Until you said he was making rude comments, I didn’t even notice or think of it in that terms. So you heard negative and I heard humor.

  51. DameJudiWench says:

    I heard humor. I think the man is funny and charming but that’s not the point. Do you think Giada and Sandra Lee are laughing after hearing that? NO, they’re not. THAT’S the point. Gregory said it best: “Don’t shit where you sleep!”

  52. @DameJudyWench: My words DO speak volumes of my character. What was that line from “Born on the 4th of July”? “You can’t handle the truth!”. Alton probably is frustrated at a network I thnk we can all agree on, is “jumping the shark”.

    He probably figured this was a good platform to express his opinions, ’cause the powers that be seem clueless, or perhaps Mr. Brown is so embarrased to be part of the sinking ship, he see this as a way to distance himself from the “douchebags” filling up the daily line-up.

    Cream rises to the top, gets skinned off for better things, or is rejected by the mass-marketing business gurus, ’cause we can sell volume, not quality”!

  53. CherryRose says:

    “Isn’t Jeffrey the dean of some college that’s a good drive away? It would make sense if he just stayed on campus during the week…”

    According to his bio, Jeffrey Garten is the former Dean of the Business School at Yale. In Ina’s early “Barefoot Contessa” shows, she talked about Jeffrey working in Connecticut and having a three-hour drive back to their home in East Hampton. She doesn’t mention this any longer but has alluded to Jeffrey “working at home”. I think Ina prefers to keep their private lives just that – private – so she doesn’t say much about what Jeffrey does.

  54. byrdie says:

    Bravo, Dank. Well said, you old coot.

  55. Daria says:

    OK this is the BEST thing ever!!! I am so happy that one of FN’s own stars has finally cut through the BS and sees what the rest of us see. I love the part where he mentions he “had” to sit beside Sandra.

    And I have been wanting to know the answer to the same question for years: HOW DOES GIADA STAY SO THIN?
    It is clear that she doesn’t eat her own recipes, other than of course taking small bites on the show and having fake foodgasms and pretending to be excited.

  56. @ Dani (again). You speak of respect, yet call me an Asshole. Nice. I’ll leave it at that, your honor.

    PS: you know us old folks, like dogs, can’t learn new tricks, so perhaps we will embrace the “forums” on “our time”.

    How is a little banter between a few members ruining the post? Probably because I can type with one thumb faster than you can read.

  57. Daria says:

    Oh yeah, and Giada’s husband is really thin too, so there is no way he is eating all that rich and fattening Italian food. I know he is an active person with all the surfing and stuff but still. I bet they are both really vegan or something.

  58. CherryRose says:

    “And I have been wanting to know the answer to the same question for years: HOW DOES GIADA STAY SO THIN?”

    It’s been obvious to me for some time that Giada doesn’t eat much at all. Her miniscule servings to herself on her shows pretty much summed it up for me, and I’m happy to know that others recognize this, as well.

  59. Silvio says:

    Brown was not out of line one bit. He didn’t really say anything that derogatory. His comments about Sandra Lee are deserved. The woman has set back culinary arts, not progressed with them for Christ’s sake.

    I guess Alton may remember parts of the old Food Network before some of the current idiot jackasses leapt into the fray led by Weasel/ManBoy Tuschman, and feels nothing but despair.

    If this is a self imposed constructed dismissal from FN, I say awesome. And best wishes Alton. We will follow and support you in any new endeavour.

    Congratulations on having the stones to call it like it is, and to extracate yourself from the shithole FN has become.

  60. I gotta stick up for Dank on this one.
    If only for: “Alton, use caution and start looking for a new job. You know revenge is best served semi-homemade.”

    People, can we keep it on topic, please?
    You can discuss classic movies and TV shows (other than food shows)on ad nauseum if you must.

  61. byrdie says:

    If Ms. Boobs is skinny, and her husband is skinny because neither of them eat her food, then following that line of thought, Ina must be eating EVERYTHING she prepares! She takes teeny tiny bites when she’s tasting something on camera, but her size didn’t get that way by always taking teeny tiny bites. I’m just curious what her cholestrol level is. She was making scones today (on one of the endless rerun episodes) and she added a three sticks of butter and a cup of heavy cream, then makes a ludicrous comment that it makes “ALOT of scones”. Who eats this way?

  62. CherryRose, I agree, but my hunch is Giada gets most of her protein/caloric intake from her husband.

    How else would she keep those “pearly-whites” so “pearly”. Gulp.

  63. CherryRose says:

    “People, can we keep it on topic, please? You can discuss classic movies and TV shows (other than food shows)on ad nauseum if you must.”

    @FootLongSausage: I was unaware that you had been appointed a moderator on this website. If Jillian wants to delete “off-topic” posts, she is free to do so.

  64. Yes, Footlong, I’ll try not to commend someone on a great post from now on. We’ll just be like NPR and Prarie Home Companion. AAAWGGGGGHHHH. Sorry, that was me snoring. Point taken, constructive criticism IS a good thing, keeps us on track.

    “You’re a Great American, Mr. Sausage!”

  65. Jimbo says:

    Alton, get ready to graduate to PBS. You have seen the light.

  66. Russian Blockhead says:

    I love this site! Can I just make a couple of comments?

    1. Hey Dank – that line is from “A Few Good Men.”

    2. I guess I’m just naive – I always thought that Giada’s small portions were just little samples for herself during the show and that she does actually sit down to her meals on her show. Having said that, I think it’s probably a combination of her good metabolism, frequent workouts, and, unfortunately – VERY SMALL portions of food, whether they are fattening or not. How else could her boobs be so big with the rest of her so small (they are not fake!)

    I also have to say that I love, love, love Ina, despite all her annoying, freaky sounds and advice and total snobbiness. Is that so wrong?

  67. Russian Blockhead says:

    oops – the word is “snobbishness” not “snobbiness” right?

    I’m obsessive-compulsive about stuff like this. I bet Ina is too! :-)

  68. @Russian…: Thank you for the correction, I started early today. Aunt Sandy’s REALLY starting to influence me.

    I’d just like to, you know, see her do a couple of shots of Jim Beam, washed down by some Busch, then she’ll have me forever.

    Shit, maybe we can make an AA meeting together someday.

  69. byrdie says:

    @FootLong – once in a while a topic wanders, but then gets back on track, so chill. No harm, no foul.

  70. *Di* says:

    AB is the coolest thing. If I weren’t so old, I’d have desire to have his children ;)

    And I don’t think he thinks of the other FN chefs/celebrities as “co-workers” – they rarely, if ever spend time together, and then only because they they are obligated. Some he’s never met. So, it’s not like he was making fun of his good bosom buddies (heh). Probably only thing they have in common is their paycheck is signed, or stamped, with the same name.

    Anyhoo, their egos would get in each other’s way, interfering with the cooking. Although Jacques&Julia got along VERY well indeed (exception to rule).

  71. Russian Blockhead says:

    I realize we’re supposed to stay on topic, but can someone please validate my love for Ina, insane giggling and slurping and all? I also need to prove to my husband that I’m not crazy (he says he can’t stand her yet he watches her show with me every weekend.)

  72. CherryRose says:

    “I realize we’re supposed to stay on topic, but can someone please validate my love for Ina, insane giggling and slurping and all? I also need to prove to my husband that I’m not crazy (he says he can’t stand her yet he watches her show with me every weekend.)”

    Have no fear, RB! Mr.CherryRose and I are both great fans of Ina and rarely miss her shows. We also have all of Ina’s cookbooks and have prepared many of her recipes. Among all of the current FN personalities, Ina is the only one with whom we would like to dine as we feel that we would be most welcome and comfortable at one of her East Hampton soirees.

  73. @Russian, I can shed some light on your quandry. Everyone loves a trainwreck. For some it’s Aunt Sandy, others it.’s Dancing with the Stars. And sometimes, like my affinity for Disco, just can’t be rationally explained. I watch Fieri, kinda admire where he’s gotten pursuing his love of food, yet still find him a total douchebag I wouldn’t want near me or my family. Who was your favorite on Seinfeld? Most people say George Castanza, a complete trainwreck, yet we can all relate, no? And most of us root for the underdog.

  74. DesignerJeans says:

    You know what would be cooler then an ice cube?

    FN gives tushman’s job to Alton to keep him on FN.

  75. Teague says:

    Loved the idea of the ‘secret clubhouse’.

    Best line: Too many preservatives from boxed cake mixes.

  76. Freezezzy says:

    (This video has been *added* to your Favorites)

    Good Eats is easily the best show on FN, and Alton Brown is the reason why. That, and the fact that the show is unique, creative, funny, and educational. It just stands out amongst all the other cookie cutter cooking shows.

    Congrats on 10 years. Looking forward to the next 10.

  77. FoodieOne says:

    Just listening to Alton’s comments, he speaks like a man with nothing to lose. I bet he won’t be on FN much past 10 years.

  78. Judith says:

    One thing I noticed was that AB spoke nicely about Bobby Flay, so maybe he isn’t such a jerk after all.

  79. oh_come_on says:

    @Russian Blockhead….but can someone please validate my love for Ina…..

    I’m bowing in agreement with CherryRose’s sentiments concerning Ina. I love her best. I (like CherryRose) have all her cookbooks-3 of them signed. She is my go-to chef for recipes. Yes, she’s got a Rubenesque figure, which is unhealthy, but I think she’s tasteful and accomplished. I wish I lived in her house and had her money. Then we could all congregate in her barn and get toasted and slap-happy.

  80. foodnetworksnark says:

    “I realize we’re supposed to stay on topic, but can someone please validate my love for Ina, insane giggling and slurping and all? I also need to prove to my husband that I’m not crazy (he says he can’t stand her yet he watches her show with me every weekend.)”

    Ditto what Cherryrose said. I always felt if I dined with Giada, afterwards she would say “OMG, did you see that her shoes were from TARGET??!!!”. If I dined with Ray-Ray, afterwards she would say “WHO WAS THAT? And why does she have a bigger chest than me??!!”

    With Ina, I sense I would walk away from the dinner knowing she would defend my Target shoes!

  81. foodnetworksnark says:

    ..and not say anything about my chest!

  82. oh_come_on says:

    DameJudi & Dank, if Sally Field made fun of Diane Sawyer, since Brothers/Sisters and GMA are on ABC that would be out of line or not? Not nice, but network prohibited?

    FN gives the impression their chefs ARE buddies – love that AB burst that bubble.

  83. Russian Blockhead says:

    I just watched the Alton video and I thought his comments about Giada were actually very sweet and meant in good fun. And, of course, he spoke highly of the beloved Ina…

    Loved his comments about Aunt Sandy but agree Team Tuschelson may take issue. But Lord knows I have my issues with Sandra, the first two being the Kwanzaa cake debacle and her psychotablescapes. When I first discovered this website I was so happy that others were as horrified as I was…

  84. Laurie says:

    @Dank, Cherry & Byrdie: IMO you’re in the top 5 funniest and most interesting ppl on this community and for my part, I’m always happy to read your posts. On the other hand I was a little taken aback by AB’s comments, not only because they related to one person’s personal appearance, but he basically told the world about a private conversation he had with another that would obviously cause embarrasment. When Boursain did it, it was different since there is no professional link between them. But I’m with Dame Judy on this one; I think she nailed it.

  85. Ned says:

    I have to agree with Dani and FootLongSausage about staying on topic here. I know this site is a fave hang out for the geriatric set, but the convos about ancient history should be moved to the forums. No need to remind everybody how old you are constantly.

  86. oh_come_on says:

    @Russian BlockHead: …I have my issues with Sandra….her psychotablescapes.

    Psycho, you nailed it. Tacky food, tacky tablescapes.

  87. Just a visitor says:

    I like this website because it often pokes fun at the “holier-than-thou” Food Network stars.

    I thought Alton Brown was a breath of fresh air.

    I think some posters need to differentiate between “us” (normal people) and “them” (Hollywood people).

    What Alton was doing wasn’t “insulting,” it was “dishing.” There is a difference.

    Interviews like his gin up the fan base to pay more attention not only to him, but everyone he talks about.

    If you don’t think Food Network execs didn’t direct him to act this way in an interview — which, is possibly true, maybe they didn’t — they are certainly having a meeting right now to discuss how to turn AB’s interview into higher ratings for him and everyone he dished on.

    It’s all about money.

    Figure it out.

  88. Just a visitor says:

    PS — In case you all didn’t know, you might be interested to learn that Ina used to be a nuclear policy analyst in the Clinton administration (look it up, because you CANNOT make this stuff up).

    I wonder what her husband does. A diplomatic gig might be more accurate than one thinks.

    As for AB being mean, clearly the radio host and the producer were prodding at him to make some sort of joke about Ina’s marriage, and he decided not to.

    Yet he made jokes about people he ACTUALLY met and had a repore with.

    Don’t be thin skinned midwestern hens!

  89. Jimbo says:

    Just a Vistor said:
    PS — In case you all didn’t know, you might be interested to learn that Ina used to be a nuclear policy analyst in the Clinton administration (look it up, because you CANNOT make this stuff up).

    Actually, she worked for the Carter Administration as it was mentioned in Food Network’s Chefography.

    Which reminds me, I had hoped for a new episode on Jamie Oliver, the Two Hot Tamales, and Julia Child, real chefswho take food as seriously as Alton Brown. But I guess the only episodes Food Network might want to do next maybe the
    Naughty Neelys and the most boring Douchbag of all time: Marc Summers, you know, anti-cooks and pro-publicity hogs.

  90. @Just A Visitor – I did notice that he didn’t take the prodding about Ina either. Like you said, he only dished on those he’d ever met, and even then I think it was just that, dishing. Not bitching or ranting or anything.

  91. JustANobody says:

    Okay, just to be annoying and picky, and not that anyone cares but the whole, “I’m a soap star on something you probably watch” (HATE soaps, thx) perhaps one should research or at least THINK about their “common quotes” before posting them?

    It’s “don’t SHIT where you EAT”, not “don’t SHIT where you SLEEP”. Know why? Well, it’s really common sense. It’s FREE to sleep, you can do that on a park bench or at the root of a tree. It is NOT free to eat, hence why people needs JOBS!


    It isn’t good to act high brow when in the same paragraph, your typing makes you look like a pompous windbag.

    Sorry…I should have let that one roll but wht? “This isn’t my real name”…gotta protect your identity, huh? Lest we all storm you for autographs and a personal phone call?

    Okay..back to my usual self.. :)

  92. JustANobody says:

    About Giada, hasn’t she mentioned on some silly program that she does actually use smaller plates so that she eats less? Not too unusual. (I can’t stand her, btw). People can’ win for losing. Ina’s too fat, Giada too thin…lol :D

  93. Tatiana says:

    I think it’s pretty much on record that Good Eats is in its last season or two, and that AB has plans to go in a different direction once the show is done. Something about directing food-related documentaries and/or travel shows (maybe along the idea of No Reservations). Whether he’ll be doing that for TFN, well, I doubt it after those comments on his colleagues. He probably wants out of any future TFN get-togethers and all that other stuff, and what better way than to burn a small bridge or two?

    I loved the Aunt Sandy story; she really is a Semi-Ho, isn’t she?

  94. Teague says:

    It’s good to see someone from FN state the obvious. True there a lot more that needs to be said but calling out Aunt Sandy is a good start.

  95. Shaken, Not Stirred says:

    I would love to know how his comments went down at TFN . . .
    Finally, someone to comment on just how plastic these people – and their shows – are . . .

  96. wannabecook says:

    Why is Alton the best thing since sliced bread? He’s ok…but he’s the biggest geek that ever lived! Yeah he’s smart, but he can also take all the fun out of cooking sometimes.

  97. Georgia Peach says:

    I’m with “WannaBeCook” on this one. I’m truly horrified to see so many people kissing Alton Brown’s ass on this website. The man is a pompous jackass. First of all, he’s not a food genius. He wears an —EAR PIECE— that plays someone feeding him his lines and telling him what to say. That’s why he stutters all the time, and is saying “Uhh” constantly. Like someone in another thread mentioned, he knows he does it and he can’t help it because of the ear piece.

    Second it is not cool that he publicly insulted co workers. It doesn’t make him cool or edgy. It makes him an asshole. Do that when you leave the network, buddy. Not while you’re still there.

  98. Ferd Berfle says:

    Oh gosh, no more travel shows hosted by foodies, please, even if it is the relatively tolerable Alton Brown. We already have Bourdain’s No Reservations, Zimmern’s “let’s eat slugs!”, RayRay’s various travel shows (the $40 worth of liquor a day one and others), Giada and her big white teeth’s “weekend trips” travel show … Auggh. Next we’ll have Ina’s pals taking her to gay-friendly hydrangea-filled destinations.

  99. byrdie says:

    I just watched the feed again, and with the exception of relaying a story about Aunt(hic)(erp)Sandy about a personal experience he had with her, he didn’t dis anybody. Not Giada, not Ina, certainly not Flay. So for those of you who are convinced he insulted any of the others on FN (not his co-workers or even acquaintances), please listen to his comments again.

  100. Georgia Peach says:

    @byrdie, you just said it yourself. He didn’t dis anyone, “EXCEPT FOR…”

    —which means, he did dis someone. And that is my point. No matter how over the top Sandra Lee is, it is not acceptable to dis her publicly like that. The fact that he shared a personal story makes it even more disgusting. If I was a famous person, I wouldn’t stand in the same room with him for 5 minutes. Lord knows what he’d say. Get some class, Alton. You are totally overrated.

  101. anonymouse says:


    The earpiece thing is ALTON himself..he reads through his script and plays it through his earpiece that way he doesn’t have to rely on cuecards, and can be looking at the food (or camera) or whatever else.

    It may also not be known that the money AB gets to do Good Eats goes right back into filming GE. His REAL source of income that he makes a real profit from, comes from his books, DVDs, merchandise and speaking engagements.

  102. byrdie says:

    Please, Georgia, if you are going to quote me, include the entire piece. I said “with the exception of RELAYING A STORY about Aunt(hic)(erp)Sandy about a personal experience he had with her…”. AB did not say ‘let me tell you about what Sandra Lee did…’, he was asked and answered a direct question. As far as I’m concerned she dis’d herself by acting totally inappropriately with a near total stranger.

  103. Georgia Peach says:

    You people are all the same. It’s like I’m talking to a bunch of Christians about Christianity. No matter what you say, you’re wrong. Stop defending this man like he’s the 2nd coming of Christ, and admit what he did was abhorrent.

    And who cares who is talking through the ear piece? The point is, if he’s so smart, he shouldn’t need one. I can go to a rocket scientist meeting and give a speech at Nasa if I had an earpiece telling me what to say.

  104. Daniel O says:

    Georgia Peach does have a point. If Alton’s so knowledgeable, why does he need an ear piece feeding him his lines? That’s so lame. Also, I hate Sandra Lee as much as the next dude but calling her out and sharing a personal story is douchey. Bourdain can get away with it because he’s on another network, but Alton can’t.

  105. byrdie says:

    @Georgia Peach – “you people”??

    What I wrote yesterday stands today: you heard negativity, I heard humor.

    So, buh-bye now!

  106. Georgia Peach says:

    LMFAO. Who do you think you are? “Buh bye now?” Way to dismiss me because you can’t prove me wrong. Hilarious. Buh-bye!

  107. Hal S. says:

    New here, but already hooked. Great blog. I found it via Eater and Grub Street NY. Both of them had articles titled “Alton Brown Disses Sandra Lee” with links here. Apparently they think it was a diss, too.

  108. CherryRose says:

    I’d hardly call myself a fan of AB and rarely watch “Good Eats”. I don’t remember if it’s on this thread or another about Alton, but someone that “AB takes the fun out of cooking”. Kudos to the poster, and I totally agree. This precisely the reason that AB’s nerdiness irks me at times. Yes, I’ve learned a few things from the man, but a little of his schtick goes a long way for me.

    I asked DH to watch the talk show video last night, and the first comment he made was, “You know I don’t like him”. But, he got some laughs while hearing Alton’s “right on” comments about his FN colleagues. Surely, Alton knew in advance that the host was likely to pepper him about the inner workings at FN. I believe that it was all in good fun and not meant to defame anyone. jmho

  109. Miki says:

    How can anyone think that he was out of line?! This was way milder than many a “celebrity roast,” i.e. no cussing. That interview is absolutely hilarious!! Go AB!

    Frankly, if you did not enjoy the interview, or find any humor in it, I have one question for you…..What the piss are you doing reading this site?! It says “humor” in the freaking URL!!
    Go kiss up to Bob and Susie and let us continue in our snarking.

  110. byrdie says:

    Rock on, MIKI!!

  111. Forza says:

    Calm down byrdie. One person agreed with you. No need to post useless comments like that.

  112. byrdie says:

    One person? Forza, you may want to read the ALL the posts in this thread. Then, remove you shoes and socks, and see if that helps you can count all the ones that like what AB said.

  113. Forza says:

    I have read them. And I’m a regular reader of this site and I’m just saying it is annoying to read pointless comments like “rock on miki”

    Rule of thumb, have consideration for other people. If you dont have something that adds to the conversation don’t type it at all.

    And by the way, Alton Brown is waaaay out of line here. Several other national food blogs are linking to this article and saying the same thing. People have opinions other than yours so deal with it.

  114. Squarebob Spongepants says:

    Forza, just out of curiosity what nat’l blogs? I did a Google blog search and the only one that popped up was from somebody called BBQ Dude, which hardly sounded like a national blog.

    On one hand, I want to agree with Forza. I think the off topic or pointless posts can be annoying and really belong in the forums. But on the other hand, the creation of profiles and such deliberately turns FNH into a “community” which entails more personal interaction. That coupled with a lot of older folks meeting up here, probably explains the relaxed posting style. But I think the bottom line is that it’s Jillian’s site, she’s the moderator, and she sets the tone as to how the site will be used.

  115. Actually Forza, it seems that you’re the one that can’t handle opinions other than your own. Typical.

    You better go back and flame everyone else who slaps other FNH readers on the back for posting a funny or similar-thought post.

  116. Daria says:

    Whether AB should or shouldn’t have discussed his views on Sandra Lee is irrelevant, because it already happened and it is the reality of the situation.
    Apparently he is not too concerned about any repercussions of his comments, either because he does not think FN will ever hear this local radio show, or that they won’t punish him anyway, or he is done with FN and already has plans to end his contract.
    I hope it is the later, perhaps he can reveal other interesting run-ins with FN “chefs”.

    Regular readers of this site will know, we diss Sandra Lee all the time here. This has never been a problem. She is low hanging fruit.

  117. Jille says:

    Ok, I’m late to the conversation, but I’m with Foodnetworksnark….I like Ina, snooty hampton friends, good vanilla and all. Even w/her funny laugh, her voice doesn’t grate like a fingernail on the blackboard like RayRAy or Pauler. And besides, if you’re really good friends with her, she’ll bring you cookies and have a party for you at the beach. Did anyone see that frigid cookout where the wind was at gale force?…LMAO at that one.

    Also,Jeffrey is well known enough to publish articles in US News & World Report and other business periodicals…Once in the doctors office with nothing else to read, I was thumbing thru and saw an article he had written.

  118. CherryRose says:

    “…on the other hand, the creation of profiles and such deliberately turns FNH into a “community” which entails more personal interaction. That coupled with a lot of older folks meeting up here, probably explains the relaxed posting style. But I think the bottom line is that it’s Jillian’s site, she’s the moderator, and she sets the tone as to how the site will be used.”

    Thanks for your astute and kind thoughts. I read here for a while before I started posting because I wanted to get a “feel” for the community. If the discussions were restricted, with a moderator constantly admonishing posters about staying on topic, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t like blogs where people can’t share a little of themselves with their fellow contributors. I follow high-profile criminal cases and won’t join websites where posters are required to limit speculation and/or provide links for everything they post. jmo

  119. Kittykitty says:

    @ Georgia Peach: If you don’t like what Christians have to say because you think anything they say is wrong, continuing to bother them makes you kind of a douchebag doesn’t it? They won’t change their beliefs, and you won’t change yours, kind of like the posters here may have different opinions about what Alton Brown said. Everyone is entitled to whatever they believe. Since none of us have a copy of IQ test results for Alton Brown, what any of us thinks about his intelligence is an opinion, not a fact. That’s what makes this place fun – it’s not run by a moderator Nazi. And most of us are mature enough to be able to disagree with each other without being nasty about it.

  120. Mystie says:

    @ Daria: Regular readers of this site will know, we diss Sandra Lee all the time here. This has never been a problem. She is low hanging fruit.

    She sure is. Wait–we *were* talking about her boobs, right?

  121. @SquareBob and CherryRose: Thank you! This “community” is, like Rome, not built in a day. I would love to actually meet some of the coherts here on FNH, not to mention Ms. Madison. The interaction/bonding between members is what makes this site better than some boring, predictable, politically-correct group. The forum boards will evolve, untill then, deal with us fuddy-duddy chums. Some of us are past our prime, but we still have minds and can rip/roast better than a lot of the young whipper-snappers.

    If Jillian wants to aim in a different direction, so be it. But the “communal thought” and Jillian Madison’s seem to be evident in her annotation of the site’s purpose: “Cook with Them, Laugh with us”. And that’s what we’re doing, laughing with each other over the sometimes ridiiculousness of our beloved food channel.

  122. CherryRose says:

    @Dank: Nicely put, you old geezer! LOL!

  123. byrdie says:

    Dank, we may be old(er), but we ain’t dead yet! SO, pardon me for saying it, but ROCK ON my friend!! Well said. Reminds me of what President Ronald Reagan once said:

    “Where would this country be without this great land of ours?”

  124. Forza says:

    Someone asked which blogs were linking to this article referring to it as “Alton Dissing Food Network Co-Hosts.” The answer is Eater NY (, Eater San Francisco, Grub Street (, and Eat Me Daily. Among dozens others. Google is your friend.

    As for the rest of you, I’m done with this pointless discussion.

  125. We should all pool our money and buy an old cruise ship.
    We could do some minimal refurbishing, and hire a skeleton crew to run her.
    We could all take turns cooking our favorites, based on the local fresh ingredients, for everyone (those of us who actually cook) and we’d just cruise from interesting place to interesting place for the rest of our lives.
    It really wouldn’t cost that much if we had enough people involved.
    Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

  126. chewie says:

    Looks like somebody wants to join the “i’m too cool” bourdain-batali club. sorry alton, you’re just a tad too nerdly…

  127. CherryRose says:

    “We should all pool our money and buy an old cruise ship.”

    Not sure about the “cooking” part of it, but my DH and I adore cruising and have given some thought to retiring onboard a cruiseship, or at least some type of time-share on a ship. Just a dream, though, because it would probably be far too expensive for the long term.

  128. oh_come_on says:

    Chewie: “sorry alton, you’re just a tad too nerdly”

    Did you see his Feasting on Asphalt series? It’s hilarious! I’m not a regular watcher of AB’s FN show — all the stunts and chemistry stuff drives me batty (although I do like the cameras in his stove/frig) but the Asphalt series shows another side of Alton. I’d jump on a bike and go with him in a minute.

    Anyone feel the same way?

  129. @Oh Come On: Well, as a member of our human race with a member, I wouldn’t jump on a bike and ride with Sir Alton, but it might be enjoyable to ride along WITH him.

    Bet he can show me how to scrape up a squirrel stuck in my fender, cook it between the cylinders, make a sauce out of brake fluid and blood, and still make it to Austin before sunset.

  130. Lana says:

    I’d ride bitch for Alton any day. lol I’m no raving fan or anything, but I totally respect what he’s done for FoodTV. And a ride sounds mighty fine to me.

  131. @Lana: A ride always sounds good, especially this time of year, and declaring you’d ride “bitch” makes me envy the man of your life. I can tell you’re good people, probably fun as all hell.

  132. CakeGirl says:

    He IS the only reason to watch that damn channel. He’s the only one I go out of my way to watch.

  133. Katie says:

    @JustANobody – I’d really like to tell you that you’re my current, personal FNH hero for your rant about the soap guy yesterday, but I’m afraid Forza might yell at me. ;)

  134. Barb says:

    @Teague, I also thought the comment about the preservatives in the cake mix was the best — it sums up everything that’s wrong with FN. I also wonder if it bugs AB when he hears people endlessly repeat stupid stuff like “don’t wash your mushrooms because they’ll soak up water and be mushy.” Uh, no. AB proved that (with button shrooms anyway.) So will you please watch one of the REAL cooks, RR et al., and quit telling us stuff that’s plain wrong?

  135. Seven Costanza says:

    I usually like watching “Good Eats,” just because I like learning a bit about the science behind food, but it’s no way to cook. Everything is so freaking 30-step complicated! Silly.

    Anyway, about the interview… He seemed very self-righteous. Based on his “character” on the show, I would have liked to meet him, but I fear that he’s a bit more pompous than I imagined. Ok, he may be more intelligent or “real” (or whatever) than the other chefs on the network, but that doesn’t “excuse” him from being decent.

    So, ok, you might have a weird encounter with a co-worker and then go tell your friends in the lunchroom, but you don’t go back to your desk and send an office-wide email about it. No matter what people say, it’s a bit classless. Even though, Lord knows, I don’t like Sandra Lee, she probably wouldn’t find it funny, and that makes it wrong.

    You’ve never done/said something stupid before? Imagine having someone announce that boneheaded thing you did to an entire city (and now the world). And the fact that the DJ prodded him to answer doesn’t make his response permissible. He could’ve tactfully “danced around it” or just declined to answer.

    Again, say whatever you want. What he did was not something a good person would do. Gossipping person-to-person is bad enough, but person-to-city-wide radio audience? Yikes.

  136. jamos says:

    I have liked Good Eats but Alton is a self-righteous ass. He puts down Sandra, but he is the force behind hiring that no talent dipshit Melissa! Melissa makes Sandra look like a real chef. Alton said wacko bug eyed Melissa has ‘movie star quality”. I wonder if the fact they both are born again Christians, and she sits on some obnoxios board to get Christians on tv had anything to do with him pushing her untalented crap onto FN. He is a pompous ass and I would not want him for a coworker. Why is he not talking about Melissa’s weird bugged eyes, crappy skills and weird personality? I think the faster he leaves FN the better,. I don’t need the morality police taking over a cooking network.

  137. Ferd Berfle says:

    There’s no crying in baseball and shouldn’t be any religious bigotry in cooking, Jamos. Chill.

  138. Aloha says:

    This just made my day, and its nine in the morning. I KNEW I PICKED A GOOD FAVORITE! That was just freaking hilarious. I am seriously planning on watching this video about twenty more times!
    Keep up the good work FNH!! :)
    oh, and has anyone seen the FULL PAGE AD on Next Iron Chef in this week’s Entertainment Weekly? It’s on the last page.

  139. Aloha says:

    Oh, and if one of you know Sandra-Lee, please show this to her.

  140. Jeffrey Williams says:

    @ Greg. You’re an actor? And we should respect your opinion?

    As for AB… He’s a brilliant man and has set himself up for a life of success, with or w/o FN. His money isn’t coming from FN anyway, It’s coming from his line of Shun Knives, Books, Videos, appearances, etc… I see a good eats program on the Discovery Channel in the near future.

  141. Betty Crocker says:

    I love Alton. He’s the saving grace of “Iron Chef America,” and though I do agree that sometimes his recipes on “Good Eats” are way too complicated, all the recipes I’ve made from that show (everything from a multi-step “city ham” to a basic baked potato) have been stellar. And if you did not see “Feasting on Asphalt” (or to a lesser extent, the followup series where he and his crew sail around the Caribbean–can’t remember the show’s name), you have really missed out on seeing the real AB–he was so much more relaxed on that show (unscripted), and he did a truly impressive job of interacting with his crew and with the locals he met.

    As someone said upthread, the other FN stars are NOT his “co-workers.” As Alton says in the interview, he very, very rarely sees any of them, except for the ones on ICA, and when he’s forced to see them in those stupid holiday shows (and MANY thanks to Alton for dissing on those painful shows, which absolutely ruin the holiday seasons on the Food Network). His “co-workers” would be his crew on his shows–and I can’t imagine him ever dissing publicly on them.

    His comments in this interview are very unusual, however, as up till now Alton has towed the line for the network. So this shift says to me one of two things: 1) The FN pre-approved his comments because they’re trying to be “edgier” and more hip with viewers like the ones right here who read Food Network Humor (and Sandra Lee’s an obvious target, and I’m quite sure FN knows she’s a parody of herself and keeps her around only because they know viewers will watch her shows purely for the snark value); or 2) Alton is planning to jump ship, and since his 10th anniversary marathon of “Good Eats” (airing this Saturday) was no doubt already filmed when he did this interview, he was safe on that. For his sake, I hope it’s the latter and that he moves onto better things. I do hope he keeps filming, though, as I think he’s a natural on camera when he’s allowed to be himself (again, see “Feasting on Asphalt”).

  142. [...] crazy. Even Alton Brown, the patron saint of homemade slow cookers, just referred to her as “semi-sane, semi-out of her mind.” Scientists and food bloggers have been unable to pinpoint the exact cause of her insanity. [...]

  143. Betty Crocker says:

    It appears that my guess that Alton plans to leave the network is wrong. Tuesday night I saw an ad on FN, advertising a new upcoming season of “Good Eats.” Oddly enough, though, I haven’t seen the ad since then, and there’s nothing about it on the “Good Eats” page on the FN website.

  144. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much Alton for mentioning Sarah Lee is NOT a real cook! Too many cocktails and cake mixes have gone to her brain…

  145. byrdie says:

    Betty Crocker – I just check FN and there is a big banner page for his 10th anniversary and a listing of upcoming episodes. Also, this Saturday night is his hour long anniversary special, with a couple hour long shows prior. The FN site sucks, so it’s no wonder one day you can find something and another day, fogedabowdit.

  146. Cuisineboy1975 says:

    It’s nice to see there are some people on here who aren’t deluded fangirls who would fight each other in line to be Alton’s professional stalker. I never cared for Alton Brown. I remember seeing him on an ep of TNFNS and he had such a pompous, diva-like attitude I snickered to myself, “I thought so”. And I see that Alton Brown is channeling Kate Moss (or Karen Carpenter, for some of us old schoolers) into looking like he’s should have “Yes–I shove fingers down my throat after eating my sardines” branded on his forehead.

    What Alton is doing is no different than what Anthony Bourdain has done in the past. You would think that someone who is part of a big corporate structure like FN would show some kind of respect or courtesy on a live radio interview towards his peers, even if he has a personal beef about them. But him airing out his dirty laundry like that just made him even more repulsive in my eyes.

  147. cdsdame says:

    Cuisine Boy, real classy, talking about AB “Channeling Karen Carpenter”. That really speaks to your character, or lack thereof .
    My fiance and I attended a book signing AB had last Friday night. I saw NO evidence of a diva-like attitude, conceit or a swelled head. The event was jammed, and he made a point, after giving his presentation, of asking that anyone who was attending with children would be allowed to cut in line and get their books signed first, so that wouldn’t be kept out too late. In addition, there was a fan in a wheelchair that he walked over to sign for, instead of making him roll all the way up to the podium.

    Because of the number of people, he could have refused to have any pictures taken, and, while he didn’t allow for posed pictures, a staff member took candids for anyone who had a camera while their books were signed. He shook hands with everyone, and chatted with my fiance and I for a few minutes as he signed, instead of just dashing off a signature and turning to the next person
    He was warm, and gracious, and totally genuine. If anyone gets a chance to see him, don’t pass it up!

  148. Cuisineboy1975 says:

    Spare me the “Alton Brown is the closest thing to Jesus” act. Anyone can be graceful and accomodating. Sandra Lee could be the same if she wanted to be. Ditto Guy Fee-ett-ee. Ditto Giada. And if Alton can diss his peers on a live radio show then I can diss him on a snarkers forum.

  149. cdsdame says:

    Um, that’s not what I said. You are a sad, sad, person.
    Please, do not reply to me again.

  150. cdsdame says:

    Yes, anyone COULD be gracious. I’ve heard of too many who aren’t. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, because you only want to see the negative.
    I’m not saying he wasn’t snarky, but everyone has off days.

  151. I have loved this guy since I first started watching this Network. He is genuinely funny w/o being nasty and his knowledge is not only helpful but makes so much sence. I do hope the “food nazi bunch” do not get a hold on this network and try to force the “cooks” to lie to the viewers and try to make us believe that our food will taste the same when we use all the new stuff they’re forcing us to use . I stay away from “lites” “low fat” “no fat”, etc. as there is “no taste”. Thanks for great shows and hosts.

  152. Amelia says:

    I’m actually a bit dissapointed. I thought he was going to actually “diss” some people. But he didn’t say anything mean at all, just some funny truths.

  153. Debra Harris says:

    I just finished watching Iron Chef, probably for the last time. Alton Brown and his stupid, rude, obnobious remarks have me at my limit. Someone else should host this show. Tonight, he pointed out “fungus cooking” in reference to mushrooms being prepared. We all know what mushrooms are and it is not appetizing and in poor taste to make this comment. He was also rude to Geoff Zakarian several times, especially when Zakarian opened a bottle of wine in an unusual way. Alton told us at home not to do that or we’d have glass all over like they did now in Kitchen Stadium. The intact bottle was sitting on the counter.

    Though, according to the TV Guide, some of his Good Eats shows have interesting subjects, I can’t stand to watch it and listen to him. He overuses “kids” to much in referring to us viewers, and he’s constantly sticking his face right in the camera so it takes up the TV screen and he has an arrogant attitude. In reference to his remark above about most of the Food Network Stars not knowing each other, my guess is they turn and run when they see him coming. Where did you ever find this idiot? Did he come from a cooking school or science lab? He must work cheap or something cause I can’t believe he has a large fan base.

    He needs a good slap across the face and lesson in how to talk to people without the smart crap. I pity the people that have to work with him. And, if I bought Welch’s grape juice, I’d boycott it now that they have him selling that. I hit the mute button in record time when that comes on.

    Debra Harris

  154. mike says:

    I can’t stand this man. He is pompous and arrogant to the point of me not being able to watch Iron Chief anymore, not to mention The Next Iron Chief where he takes his pomposity and arrogance to new levels. He is disrespectful to the contestants and to the viewers as well..

    I did watch Good Eats for a while but could never stand his campy humor then with the growing realization of what a smug self-satisfied ass he is finished me off for good. What can you expect from a man who basis his whole persona on a washed up techno music star from the 80′s like Thomas Dolby. Jackass.

    • Renee says:

      @Mike I admit that I do not watch Iron Chef very much. But the times that I have watched I have never witnessed Alton Brown doing or saying anything that I would consider pompous and arrogant. I am curious though, can you tell which episode you think shows him at his worst? Or some examples of things he has said that caused your opinion?

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