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WE FOUND IT: Giada’s Most Gratuitous Boob Shot Of All Time
Posted by Jillian Madison

Sure, Giada’s got nice boobs… but that doesn’t mean I want to see them in my face every five seconds. Take this screen grab from Giada’s Vacation: New Orleans as an example. Why the hell is a FOOD CHANNEL showing video footage of one of their scantily-clad stars hunched over and doing construction work in a tank top? Oh, that’s right. So the camera can get a better cleavage shot. So much for subtlety.


A simple Food Network math equation:

+ a low cut tank top
+ charity work
+ a nail gun
+ baseboard
+ squatting
= the most gratuitous Food Network
boob shot of all time

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    47 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    Gross! I hate seeing pics of people squatting especially when they are posed. This isn’t “posed” but equally as revolting. I’m actually surprised she has to squat she’s the size of the Travelocity gnome.

  2. CherryRose says:

    I wonder if Giada realized that her bra straps were showing…

  3. BOO says:

    I’ll take a boob shot over a twat shot anyday!

  4. Motzi Greps says:


  5. DameJudiWench says:

    Gratuitous is right! Wow. That’s just ridiculous.

  6. Gayle King says:

    This is funny, especially since I just saw the World’s Biggest Pair Of Back Boobs on Pophangover. They compliment each other so nicely.

  7. Trini says:

    Enough with the boobage already. And this shot makes her head look even more f*cked up than ever(and by that, I mean “enormous”, of course).

  8. Chef Spock says:

    Now… if some camel toe was present to round things out we’d have a winner.

  9. Cherylf2112 says:

    Chef Spock – I was thinking the same thing about the camel toe. I have that song in my head. Dammit. That’s so funny Sandra about her being the size of the T-gnome.

  10. numb says:

    Don’t kid yourself, we all know those are the only two reasons to watch Giada’s shows.

  11. jojo2 says:

    I’m so sick of that titty hag.

  12. BorgQueen says:

    FN- Sponsored by The American Association of Milk Producers

  13. fxtech says:

    Sweet! What’s the problem here?

  14. The Nice Other Liz says:

    Just be glad it isn’t a shot of Marhta Stewart!

  15. wannabecook says:

    Does she really have nice boobs? they seem flat, and not that wonderful…average I’d say.

  16. hairball says:

    There will be BOOBAGE Captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Julia says:

    I have to say that Anne Burrell gave this shot a real run for its money on her show on 11-14. She bent over to get that turkey out of the bottom oven and I thought “Oh my God, here they come!” That girl is stacked even though she is mad as a hatter. I also love that she’s not a size 2 like so many of the other FN’s eye candy. Gain some weight you wretched waifs!

  18. Sarah says:

    I think Giada would take measures to guard herself from acquiring any camel toe affliction and hence any ridiculing photos. I think she probably takes this into consideration when buying bottoms of any types, especially knit activewear.

    Sandra Lee on the other hand was raised in sweatpants and inadvertently threw them on while on campus in Wisconsin, and subsequently gave FN their first prized TOE sighting.

    Sandra probably thought a celebri-toe would get good mileage too.

  19. Teague says:

    I’m torn here the man code dictates that I have no problem with such shots.

    On the other hand can’t help but to recall how she acts all coy and surprised that people notice her boobs. She completely downplays them (as well as her family connections) as having anything to do with her success. But just like taking her last name her bobs are always front and center.

    I’m really more surprised that she’s actually doing some manual labor. She might even scuff a nail!!

  20. Russian Blockhead says:

    I’ve seen this episode before. If I recall correctly, it was either right before or after this shot that she looked into the camera and smiled. Give me a break. What really pisses me off is that she knows exactly what she’s doing – every show, every appearance, it’s all about her chest and her pretending to be completely oblivious. I used to love Giada and her show back in the early days, but she’s become a little too precious for me.

  21. CherryRose says:

    “..I used to love Giada and her show back in the early days..”

    My sentiments, too. I have little respect for FN’s “Tits & Teeth” creature any more but did have some regard for the foods that she cooked before she became a self-indulgent soft porn star. Maybe Todd is pleased that his wife is a bona fide sex symbol on FN, but I wonder how little Jade will feel when her schoolmates taunt her about Mommy’s “image”?

  22. jsalik says:

    ok I have question because maybe I’m missing something is she hot or hot for food network?

  23. she ain’t hot, but she ain’t bad as long as she’d shut the hell up. I’ve got no problems w/ her cleavage. I do have problems w/ her pornographic squealing everytime she takes a bite of her food, the enormous supersized head (physically as well as perhaps her ego) and the constant equine grin. she really ain’t much more than yet another fn hack.

  24. Sam says:

    She just wants to play leap frog, you pervs.

  25. Kim says:

    Strap Perfect Bra Strap – that would help – plus it would create even moooore cleavage.
    also, i know folks at one of the post production houses that works on her programs. she actually requests that they make her head smaller in post production. someone must have created a software plug-in.

  26. FootLongSausage says:

    I, for one, want to see them in my face every five seconds.

  27. oh_come_on says:

    Agreed Russian and Cherry: “I used to love Giada and her show back in the early days….”

    Her newest annoyance baby talk to her guests…’time for dinner’ like she’s 5.

    Forget which show, but they shot through the glass blender for the perfect boob shot. Completely blatant.

  28. Martin says:

    For me, her over exaggerated pronunciation and her baby talk are far worse than her gratuitous attempts to boost ratings by highlighting her boobs. But everything about her is just plain annoying. I don’t even particularly like her recipes.

  29. DesignerJeans says:

    I’m going to need an instant replay before I call foul (or gratuitous boobies) on that play…

  30. hairball says:

    I agree with two shoes. She is actually scarey to my. The boobs is all she has. her head is about 3 times to big for her body. If she was flat chested she would not be on TV period

  31. feedme says:

    I must agree with those who don’t like her show, her recipes, her head…frankly though, I’m mostly scared of her smile. That grin reminds me of “The Langoliers”.

  32. MNLisaB says:

    One of the classic signs of starvation/anorexia is a disproportionately large head compared to the body- sometimes referred to as “bobble” head. Wasn’t it Alton Brown who was asked if he had ever seen G eat at one of those fake FN functions, and he answered that she took a bite or two and was quickly done with hers.

    Other celebrities with this: Olson twins, that Kelly chick from Top Chef Masters, and a few years ago, Nicole Richie. She has since gained some healthy weight back, and looks good.

  33. Alex says:

    So, we see Giada’s boobies while she wearing gaaaahhhh-gggllesss, using a naaaaaaiiiill guuuunnn, securing a woooooodddd pllaaaaannnkkk. That woman will over-enunciate anything.

  34. Matza Ball says:

    Not sure I see the problem. Drizzle those babies with Alfredo Sauce and go for it. Man code rules in this case. Actually would’ve like to see a little more. Sure beats the low cut blouses Susie Fogleson wore occasionally on NFNS.

  35. Jimmy Johnson says:

    I’m sure there must be a team of people behind Giada’s show. Whoever is doing her make-up should really be dialing her “whore” look down a bit.

    On some shows, it looks like her eye make-up is just trowelled on… You can’t even see the whites of her eyes. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  36. Giada says:

    I dont see the problem… what i do see is heaven…..

  37. Gypsie Rose says:

    nice boobage but a butterface -.-

    • GiadaMarryMePease says:

      your crazy gypsie rose!… shes is the most gorgious woman to grace this planet EVER!!!! are you seeing the same pics?

  38. [...] Giada will surely cash in with Ciao Chow, a premium family-style Italian dog food no teenage boy will be able to resist buying. Giada slathered her famous SPA-GIT-TEE with one of her new pasta sauces from Target, and topped the whole thing off with crunchy moat-za-rell-uh meatballs that will help promote good dental health. Studies say 4 out of 5 dentists would feed it to their own dogs. Of course, her cleavage will be prominently displayed on the pachaging. Would it really be “Giada” without it? [...]

  39. Your Mom says:

    Sure, Giada’s got nice boobs… but that doesn’t mean I want to see them in my face every five seconds.

    Guess how I know you’re gay.

  40. Justin says:

    Look for a clip on YouTube where she’s making Roman pizza and shrimp cal-zone-ays. I’m not sure if that clip qualifies as more gratuitous, but damn…

  41. Joe says:

    Seriously people? Who posts here, gay men and flat chested women? She has great breasts, a great body, and she is very pretty. As a straight male, I’m too busy oogling her boobs and body to notice whether her head is big or not. It’s the FN, not Nova or Frontline, for christ’s sake. If you can’t control your petty jealously then don’t watch her. I’ll watch enough for both of us.

  42. Maxwylium says:

    Giada is a beautiful woman and she has it, so flaunt it girl friend! She should model lingerie part time. Make Sandra Dee envious!

  43. BudGood says:

    Ho-hum…. To begin with, I have seen better cleavage shots on her cooking show. Thus, this photo, while appreciated, is nothing outside the norm for Giada. Ever notice that on her show, her boobs are always in the center of the TV screen? LoL, it’s all about the ratings.

  44. Renee says:

    why why why does she show her boobs on every show ? dont get it. it is annoying. and cant have kids watch with me……….her shows are T and A now. disgusting. she is so ugly – her head is too big for her anorexic body. yuk. and her recipes are getting boring boring boring !!!!

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