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Why People Hate Guy Fieri
Posted by Jillian Madison

Last week, Rachel Syme at the Daily Beast interviewed me about Guy Fieri. She was trying to figure out why so many people seem to hate him these days. A few of my quotes were used in the article, but I thought I’d post my full response here to shed some light on why I, and so many others, hate Guy Fieri with the fire of 1,000 suns:

Hi Rachel,

I’d be happy to help shed some light on why so many people loathe Guy Fieri. Here’s the thing: people dislike him for about 100 tiny reasons, all of which ultimately come together to form one huge fiery ball of hate. It’s not just because he eats like a farm animal and chews with his mouth open. It’s not just the sunglasses stretched to their breaking point on the back of his meaty neck, the douchy rejected frat boy haircut, or the juvenile Twitter messages that look like they were written by Miley Cyrus (Kewl! c u krazy kats at da kulinary kitchen!)

Somewhere along the line, Fieri morphed into an overbearing, sweatband-wielding caricature of himself. He has an 8 year old’s vocabulary and a 14 year old’s wardrobe, and yet he walks around town thinking he’s a rockstar… surrounded by a posse of middle aged men who somehow manage to be even more pathetic than he is. Thankfully though, at this point, even SNL is beginning to realize his shtick is more lame than my grandmother’s left knee.

Even worse, his real last name is FERRY, which makes his ridiculous “Fi-etti” pronunciation of his name even more obnoxious. People can spot fake a mile away, and they don’t respond well to it.

I could go on forever, but here’s the bottom line: I don’t think anyone with even a modicum of intelligence wants to watch a 41 year old man with bleach blonde hair and dirty flip flops running around a kitchen screaming about how “money” a piece of cod is. Somebody should tell Fieri that saying “bad boy” 12 times in 15 minutes doesn’t make you “kewl.” It makes you a moron.

Do you hate Guy Fieri?  Tell us why in the comments.

(And by the way… if you see this thing in your town, run for your life.)


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  1. Fobby Blay says:

    Kudos Jillian!

    • Triple DDD says:

      Nailed it dude, that was Money. You forgot the Acronyms Triple D, T.N.F.N.S The Next Food Network Star, U.R.S Ultimate Recipe Showdown. G.F.I.A.T.D. Guy Fieri Is A Total Douche Bag. How about his name change? Ferry to Fieri. Is was supposedly changed to is Great Grandfather’s last name. A guy he probably never met. And what does that say about his Father and Grandfather? I’m ashamed of your last name? The Real reason of course was to make him sound COOL-er instead of a Big Fat Ferry (you decide which one). Just another rich kid who studies in France for 6 year. I really want to like him but he is such a phony. Fake name Fake hair color Fake surfer is there anything he says that’s real?

      • Raven says:

        It’s very simple really. Change the channel if you don’t like watching him rather than dissing him like a juvenile idiot. Why don’t you try focusing on making a success out of your own life rather than tearing down someone who is very successful? As far as his personality goes, I find him friendly, genuinely passionate about what he does, and really appreciative of the time and effort people put in to make excellent food. He’s obviously got viewers who love to watch him because the FN keeps giving him new shows….so it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

        • Youjimr Name says:

          Guy rocks and I love all his shows. In DDD you can get great tips from some of the top restaurants across the globe. I think he is the BEST the FOOD NETWORK has. I have a graduate degree and have traveled and eaten in many places in the world. Get off your fake pedestals people and quit being douche bags.

      • Jenifer says:

        Wouldn’t your time be so much better spent supporting something, or something, you enjoy rather than being so judgemental about people you don’t even know? Let the guy be who ever he wants to be. Whether he’s “mid-life crisising” or just likes being and dressing that way is really of no consequence to anyone. Who’s it hurting? As Raven stated, just change the channel. He seems to be a pleasant enough person and if you check around for a minute or two you will see he has quite a following. Or “groupies”. Who says only rock stars get big buses anyway?? Oh, and just FYI… Fieri is his family’s original name, he just changed it back to what it should have always been. Deal with it.

        • Wiccawest says:

          Do you understand this was a thread about why you don’t like him? Also the comment you are responding to is over 3 years old.
          The sad thing is in this amount of time Food Network has actually gone on a Guy promotion with new shows (like that children’s competition with Rachel Ray, another joke) and tons of reruns of his older shows like Diners, Drives, and Dives. Food Network either takes its lowest rated shows to decide what to show more or perhaps his shows are really cheap to make so it’s a good time filler.
          If he wants some more respect from critics, or the population or this country as a whole, maybe he can pick a handful of his abortions and manage them well. (such as his products, shows, or how about his restaurants!)
          His hair and clothes, products and shows, and finally his personality/ or the shtick he has (at this point I just think it’s who he is) are the reasons people can’t stand him.

    • electrodug says:

      Cute screen name Fobby Blay (Bobby Flay). I can never understand why people get sooooo upset, when somebody becomes successful. (and Guy did not study for 6 years in France, it was 6 months). Why not roast Jarred for dropping 20 pant sizes eating Subway subs and landing a career at the big name eating joint.

    • Aaron says:

      Ok firstly I fucking hate the way he talks about that Piece of shit car. He acts like its a living being and calls it the 67, dude wake the fuck up, you have a car great for you, im your age and I got over how cool my car was like 25 years ago, and yes I had a 68 camaro so stfu allready. Secondly im sick of seeing your spoiled rugrats on Triple D. Dude no one cares about your raggamuffins seriously. Triple D would be a much better show without this clown. I cant stomach his other show, whats it called Guy Bites Big, or big bite or something. Lastly the moron is so phony I cant stand it, where the fuck are you from man? Your from Cally when it suits you, your from Carolina when it suits you, your from Pennsylvania when it suits you and you never shut up about how you spend so much time in Rhode Island coz your wife is from there.

    • le critique says:

      This guy doesn’t really know too much, he keeps harping on about Middle Eastern food, his time in France. You would think that a guy who goes around everyone else’s eateries, would have and learnt how to have a wow dinner, how ever he fails. What is so annoying about this man is the juvenile pranks and stupid laughter. I cant believe he has made it to the status he has, for a person with no talent. Sure he would have made it big in England where they seem to back the loser but quite how he made it in America, where there are some fine chefs, is a mystery. He is like a clown.

  2. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    Oooooh, look! It’s Led Zep!

  3. Beans says:

    That was an awesome response!

  4. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    Hey, the way I always heard it was the bigger the truck, the smaller the joystick.

    Here’s the interesting thing: he admits he doesn’t play guitar and yet he has at least 2 of them in his Big Bite set. Weird. Clearly a wannabe. If people want to like him no one is stopping them. Certainly it’s a free country and having no taste or brains to speak of is not a crime.

  5. wannabecook says:

    I think I feel sorry for him. I think he should be coached into growing up, learning a new routine, oh yeah, a few manners wouldn’t hurt. But yes, I do feel sorry rather than hate.

    • Your clazzy says:

      why feel sorry for the RICHEST guy on TV… BY now. He has upteen programs and always acquiring more. Why, you ask? PERSONALITY and NEVER BORING… aka INA and all the foodies on Food Network especially the judges.

      Rachel and her so called 30 minute meals is a fake.. she has everyone doing her shopping, chopping and cleaning… all she does is combine the food already prepared to COOK.. otherwise it would take a couple of hours and cost a mint to buy all those spices, herbs and ingredients she adds to her SIMPLE 30 MINUTE MEALS. I think sheis worse thand INA with that boring husband of hers that pops in now and then to RAID THE FRIDGE.

      Personally, I will watch GUY FIERI on any program coz he is ENTERTAINING and I love his kids when they help him cook. Only problem I see he has with his fam.. is the boring wife.. who cant even SMILE in the opening of his show on FOOD NETWORK CHANNEL on Saturdays. What on earth did he see in her… Gawd! She has NO PERSONALITY at all! Maybe that’s it… so he can shine. .. AND HE DOES! I LIKE HIM ALOT! Even on MINUTE TO WIN IT… beats that Asian dude.. talk about another boring dude. GOOGLE it… only show people watch are the reruns… WHY, you ask? Coz GUY FIERI IS THE HOST!

      Yeah, I SEE why you should feel sorry for this confident guy aka: GUY!

  6. Carla says:

    I hate Guy because he’s so unsanitary in the kitchens he visits on DDD (also known as Dining with Dil-hole the Douche). They always show some poor diner owner, who’s only agreed to be on the show to increase business, preparing food in a respectable manner (with gloves or clean hands), and there’s douche bag, reaching into an entire batch of food, with his disgusting fingers. Ugh! I physically cringe evertime I witness the show. Get the man some gloves for Christ’s sake.

    • Nita says:

      I cannot stand Guy. He is a terrible cook (he could not possible be a chef.). He is filthy! He makes dishes that require use of his hands while wearing two rings a watch a bracelet and an arm band while mixing food with his hands. I always wonder how much food is stuck in all that bling.

      He is not knowledgeable about food. People who have cooking shows take it seriously and dress professionally. Would Bobby Flay or Tyler Florencr ever dress the way he does. He should be a professional.

  7. Helene Harris says:

    i agree with Carla – his lack of sanitation is so offputting. When he was on Next Food NEtwork Star, i kept waiting for them to tell him all the hand/arm jewelry had to come off. They never told him. Didn’t they make you take off your jewelry and wash your hands in Home Ec? He is absolutely gross and i don’t find it interesting but rather unpalatable.

  8. Thom Stilton says:

    That was a great response and you summed it up quite accurately.

    I think the weasel management at FN have something to do with Ferry morphing into what he has become.

    This Ferry Road Show bullshit is just further proof of his overall douchiness.

  9. Deen says:

    I had a FN dream last night in which Guy Ferry was in some competitive eating contest and I, in turn, was telling him all the reasons I hated him. Alton Brown, Tyler Florence, & Giada were there too…..but Alton was cool.

    • Raul says:

      I guy I work with, sister worked with Alton at a charity event and said he was an arrogant ass. This saddens me, but for some reason it doesn’t surprise me. I really like his show “good eats,” and it bothers me to dislike him.

  10. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    @ Helene

    Didn’t they make you take off your jewelry and wash your hands in Home Ec?”

    Apparently not only do they not teach that in Home Ec, they also don’t bother at the UNLV Hotel and Restaurant Management program.

  11. Zach says:

    I remember seeing him for the first time and liking him. Now, its the complete opposite. That bus looks like a huge flaming piece of crap.

  12. Matt says:

    While I do find Guy to be an insufferable douchebagel I can’t knock his ‘Road Show’ too much as here in Chicago he’ll be featuring our very own Hot Doug’s as his opening act and for anyone here in town, Hot Doug’s is awesome and deserves that kind of recognition. Maybe Guy will get sick and be unable to perform, leaving the whole time for Doug. One can only hope.

  13. sandiasingh says:

    Guy is an insult to professional cooks and chefs and the positioning they’ve given him at the FN was the tipping point for me. They’ve totally lost any credibility in my book and I can’t wait for the new cooking channel to go live. Hopefully–HOPEFULLY–it will be a reincarnation of some of the serious programming that used to be on tv.

    • Ballz2Wallz says:

      What I have learned about TV networks in general is that they promote what sells. Maybe at first, he was only on the air cuz he won a competition, but FN is not stupid enough to keep throwing good money after a losing investment. A high school economics student can tell you that.

      So, reasonably, it is quite easy to deduce that whether you like him or not, enough people do to keep the sponsors buying add space on his shows. If for no other reason, this is enough to keep him on the air.

      So the point of the matter is simple economics. The supply remains because the demand is high enough to dictate it.

      Hate him or love him, he is popular enough to make some people a lot of money.

      Additionally, I am pretty sure that he has never actually claimed to be a Michelin level chef, so somehow trying to defame him for not being of that caliber just seems pointless. If you were going for pointless, you made your point.

      Now I am in no way defending the guy, but if you are going to attempt factor your logic in to your opinion – BE LOGICAL.

  14. hairball says:

    Seems that all the good shows have the stupiest people hosting them, That show would be good no matter who do it. I like the Idea of the theme. But good lord how many times can something be money or off the hook, or from Flavortown, Come up with something new or you will be done, It is getting real old fast, Hey give the diner owners the mic and let them tell us about the dishes

  15. Lana says:

    I think I may be one of the few who WANTED to like Guy Fieri, and just can’t seem to get that job done.

    I don’t mind the hair, sweatbands, shorts, flip flops, etc, and I don’t mind the over-the-top personality. I work p/t in the music & entertainment industry, and weird styles, huge personalities are common. No biggie. Honestly, I like a lot of his food (from GBB, anyway). And to give him his due, he has been really nice (I mean, really incredibly super fantastic great) to my daughter – once on the phone and another time in person.

    But his ego! I’ve met him half-a-dozen times now, and each time he blows me away with his incredible small-mindedness, lack of respect and I’m-too-important-for-you crap. That and his inability to take even the smallest word of constructive criticism, just torques me off. Without going into details, he owes me more than one apology.

    But then, he really doesn’t like me either, so I guess we’re even on the board. lol

  16. sandiasingh says:

    If you’re in the entertainment industry as I am then you know that it’s always obvious who the newbies are. They are the biggest divas you’ve ever met. The mature, serious performers are secure and self confident–they don’t need to impress anybody. This 41 year old teenager is an embarrassing fool. I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the music business and I know very well that “he’s so nice” act. Guess what happens the minute you turn around and walk away?

    The way the FN pushed him into prime time with that ridiculous live-audience show the minute Emeril left was disgusting. I am insulted that the FN thinks this is valuable programming.

  17. byrdie says:

    Jillian, brilliant! A concise, direct and to-the-point assessment of the Worlds Largest Doucheboy.

    Well done!

  18. BOO says:

    You can call it BIG EGO!

    I call it “TICK TURD!”

  19. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    I know someone who can do “Gweedo” one better. My ex is a classical guitarist (who got there after playing country, rock and jazz). One of the country, if not world’s, premier luthiers was at our wedding. In fact,he later reported that the Episcopalian priest who married us had a little too much champagne and made sexual advanced toward him, but I digress…

    Anyhoo, not only is my ex an accomplished guitarist and composer, he also attended culinary school. Plus he was great in the sack. So obviously, he has all kinds of chops that poor little Gweedo doesn’t and never will.

  20. Mandy says:

    Without going into details, he owes me more than one apology.

    But then, he really doesn’t like me either, so I guess we’re even on the board. lol

    Can you go into some details and you can substitute names and places so we don’t know. For example, when referring to Guy, use the term asshat.

    • wendy says:

      Ferry owes me a big apology as well. He is a complete d-bag and thinks his sh*t don’t stink. Guess what Guy, you stink!

  21. Motzi Greps says:

    No offense to Rachel Syme, but…..

    …..If you have to ask why Guy is gold palted, Grade A, lemon scented a-hole…..I have to wonder….

    It’s not obvious to anyone with a pulse?!?!?

  22. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    @ Motzi
    It’s not obvious to anyone with a pulse?!?!?>>

    Certainly not obvious to anyone getting paid by FN to write about how fantastic he is. On the record, anyway.

  23. Motzi Greps says:


    *gold plated*


  24. camille says:

    did anyone see the episode of DDD where he was making meatballs and his HUGE (the only huge thing on him besides his gut) ring busted through the latex glove and they still let him make the meatballs. i bet at least a dozen customers got sick after eating those.

    ICK, he is a disgrace and i absolutely HATE how hes included in the CA tourism commericals along side other chefs who have earned a good reputation by cooking good food.

  25. oh_come_on says:

    If FN wants this blinged out, bowling boob, used car salesman personality as their front man then they deserve every bit of candid (and brillant) critiques, such as Jillian’s.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I guess what bothers me most about him is that I think his whole persona is just an act. Really. I am positive that lurking underneath that costume he wears to work everyday is a man who grew up wanting to be a famous chef, and realized the easiest shtick would be to make himself into one that his fans would view as the guy-next-door.

    And what makes that so damn offensive, instead of just sad, is that this persona he created (the fist-pounding, polyester-clothed, peroxide-dyed, gluttonous douche bag) is a clear mimic of what he thinks the people in our country are actually like.

    Does he really think that we are so dumb that he has to speak to us, through twitter or any other source, in misspellings and bad slang? Does the Food Network really think their viewership is so idiotic that they can just thrust a caricature of their perception of us right into our faces and laugh as they lap up the profits?

    Its offensive and degrading on a new level.

  27. byrdie says:

    Oh Come On, comparing Doucheboy to a used car salesman is an insult to every guy who ever sold a used car…

  28. Simpfan says:

    Oh god, the smell on that bus must be just awful…

  29. Mystie says:

    Why I hate Guy Fieri: It’s mostly the man-pris. Grown men should not wear cut-off capri-type pants. Especially with flip-flops.

    Yes, I also hate his inability to wear sunglasses correctly, something any two-year-old should be able to accomplish…and the chin pubes, and the spiky bleached hair that was never, ever in style, ever.

    But it’s mostly the man-pris.

  30. Karen says:

    That article claims that GFerry’s popularity is on the rise. Just because he is on heavy rotation on Food Network doesn’t mean everyone likes him, it just means that he’s the latest in a line of overly-hyped hosts that get pushed onto the public. That’s what Food Network does though, right? First Emeril, then Rachael, then Paula – now Guy.

  31. Timothy R. says:

    It’s completely the phoniness, masking obvious horrible insecurities. DDD is almost worse than “Guy’s Big Bite” because of how disrespectful he is to the restaurants he goes to. He often makes snide (disguised as joking) “hints” to people who have devoted their whole life to their restaurants (as opposed to Ferry who has devoted his whole life to being a assclown). There was a gentleman who ran a BBQ restaurant that had been on DDD who came on Big Bite and they had talked about how great and popular his vinegar-based slaw was. So when this guy comes on Big Bite (presumably because Ferry was impressed with him) Ferry watches him make his slaw, and then says hold on, and makes it creamy rather than vinegary. You could just tell the guy wanted to strangle him. So why do this? I think because Ferry can’t admit to being an inferior cooking talent who is popular because of a “persona” rather than culinary skills…his insecurity makes it impossible for him to admit he has plenty to learn from real cooks.

  32. Warrior381 says:


  33. wendylosangeles says:

    Jillian, totally agree with you about him morphing into a caricature of himself….it is truly embarrassing to watch. I work in the entertainment industry, and would agree with other commenters here that the newbies are ALWAYS behaving at a level of douche-baggery that is absolutely mind-boggling, where as the actual A-listers could not be nicer…I just checked out Guy’s twitter page. I don’t understand why a 46 year old man would think it cool to write “shud” instead of “should”…..sad loser…he better enjoy his fame while it lasts before Bob Douche-man and Susie Sugartits let him go…

  34. Renee says:

    What does Guys unpopularity have to say about The Next Foodnetwork Star??? He was one of the winners!!!Has anyone looked back at those episodes, was he the same annoying person or more subdued? Perhaps the “fame” has gone to his head!

  35. FoodieOne says:

    Have you all ever seen the “Chefography” program on him. Literally, his wife is filmed stating that one day, out of nowhere, he came home with the new hairdo and costumes. You can see, in the program, the exact minute of his life he changed from Guy Ferry to Guy Douchebag. It really is sad because he was quite a handsome young man and appeared to have been a fun guy to be around.

  36. I should stop using “yer” then I suppose. especially since I’m older than 40…

  37. Brittany says:

    This is the best post ever!

  38. Tyler Peel says:

    Organized, factual, focused, informative and to the point! My Dad would be proud of you Jillian for saying so much in so few words. :)

    Even at the risk of dropping a couple of IQ points every time I watch Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives I still enjoy the show because it does showcase local cuisine. Regardless of how bad his schtick is, it’s about the food and DD&D focuses on food more than many other FN shows.

    Guy Fieri is more like a hired, part time clown – scaring small children and generally creeping the rest of us out. I will still happily watch any of his shows over anything involving Bobby Flay or Ted Allen *shudders at the thought*

    I used to think that reason for Fieri instead of Ferry was to protect his family from stalkers and weirdos but as he sadly prostitutes them regularly on his shows it simply adds more credibility to what everyone here already knows. He’s as pure as Cheez Whiz.

  39. J says:

    I was one of those people that liked Guy, but I am leaning toward dislike now. I actually went to the Fabulous Food Show last Saturday (I go every year), and he was there. It was his second year at the show. I noticed a lot of differences between last year and this year.

    Last year, I thought he was awesome and really fun. I was waiting in line to meet a chef (I don’t remember who it was), and he was finishing up signing autographs in the other line. He noticed that a lot of people in the line I was in wanted to see him too, so after he was done, he went up to those people and took pictures. I thought that was nice of him. I wanted to see his demo, but I didn’t have a ticket. However, his last demo of the day was hardly full, so I was allowed to sit in the general admission area. When he came out, he said that people could fill the first few rows. Naturally, I ran to sit near the front. Then, he went even further and said that people could sit on stage, so I ran up again and got my spot. His demo was really fun, and he took a few minutes afterward and took pictures and signed a few more autographs. He seemed like a nice man.

    This year was different. First of all, the amount of people that wanted to see him skyrocketed. His demos were packed every time, and lines to meet him were long as shit. Since I couldn’t get into one of his demos, I settled for watching the screen outside the theater. He had dance contests and chose who got to sit on stage. When it was time to finally start, some lady on stage asked him for a picture. Instead of taking one or politely declining, he said rudely, “Don’t start that…no cameras,” blah blah blah, and he compared the situation to taking pictures at a wedding, like with the bride and groom as they’re getting married or something like that. It seemed like he was making fun of her. I thought it was a dick move. And then he kept sending his goons to another theater to tell the guy to turn his trance music down because it was annoying not once, but several times. He was basically putting on a show instead of making food. From what I saw, he seemed really lame and childish, much different than last year.

    My opinion on him has definitely changed.

  40. J says:

    Sorry, I was rereading my previous post and what I wrote about the wedding picture is unclear. I meant to say that he compared the situation to a relative interrupting the ceremony to take a picture between the bride and groom. What a d-bag.

  41. Matza Ball says:

    All comments above are brutal but true. A definite man child. I think there’s a chapter about him in an old Psychology Text book from a class I took a billion years ago.

  42. Lana says:

    J., I think your comment is right on the bullseye.

    Mandy, lol. I’ll reserve the full story. The last time it was written about online, I lived to regret it and could have won gold medals for the backstrokes I had to do. In fact, I think my nose is still just a bit brown … just a bit … like a stain that doesn’t wash off.

  43. jamie.thomas says:

    It’s just a matter of time before he gets caught in the front seat of his car with a cracked out, underage transgender hooker.

    Oh you know it’s coming. :)

  44. indeed I do.
    and can’t wait.

  45. GigglesMcGee says:

    Bitch, why don’t you shut the f@ck up and quit being jealous? Just because Guy has made a success of himself -no matter how much you hate it- gives you no right to open your self-indulging big fat mouth about it. He has 2 children that love and adore him. What gives you the right to try and change that? Don’t you think the kids at his chidren’s schools are going to hear the shit you say about him? What the hell have you done lately to make a difference? I’m guessing NOTHING!!! How would you feel if people were talking shit about your dad? I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter because you’re a self serving piece of crap. Thanks for listening, DOUCHE!

  46. KG says:

    @Deen: Did you fall asleep in the middle of the Alton Brown’s Turkey Q&A session last night, also starring Giada and TyFlo? :)

    @Tyler Peel: My BF and I also like watching the show to see the local cuisine and have commented on more than one occasion that it would be so much better with out Fee-eddy.

  47. anjarew says:

    I actually like him. Am I alone? Blasphemy?

    Although I must admit I am waiting for him to slam into a tree while driving and saying “see ya’ll right here next time, on diners, drive-ins, an…” (crash)

  48. jamie.thomas says:

    Gee Giggles, you sure don’t live up to your name. LMFAO

    • Gotcha says:

      Heh, you are all over this board defending Guy and insulting his detractors.

      So… who exactly are you? Him? His publicist? A “rabid fan”?

      Your comments are hilarious and you don’t even see why.

  49. anjarew says:


    Relax. This site is all in good fun. As much as I like to think that school children are discussing Jillian Madison during recess, I’m sure bigger issues are being talked about, like healthcare reform.

  50. Jimbo says:


    This is not about Guy as a father and husband. This is about Guy as a Food Network personality. He is not a real cook, chef or even anything taht resembles the true legacy of Food Network, pre-Rachael Ray. Kindly refer to Jillian as Jillian or don’t post here anymore.

    If you don’t like this site, get the hell off.

  51. monica says:

    I hate that he thinks he’s hilarious for saying things that ryme,,,good job brilliant, who do you think you are a freaking face stuffing dr. suess..damn him!:)


    MY DAD LIKES FERRY BOY. HE THINKS HE’S A COOL FUN GUY AND WANTS TO GO TO HIS ROAD SHOW. HE THINKS IT SOUNDS FUN. Ahem, sorry for pulling a Kanye West on you guys. He doesn’t understand why I hate him so much. I should show him this post and he’ll see why.

  53. Martin says:

    I dislike Guy Fieri because he seems to be very unsanitary and dirty. He lacks refinement and an adult vocabulary.

  54. Suz says:

    why i hate ferry: when i’m enjoying my occasional junk food delight (burger, fries, etc.), he makes me extrapolate the consequences in my head. not only do i mentally gain 60 pounds, but i start visualizing sweatbands and self-autographed refrigerators. it’s terrifying.

  55. “He has 2 children that love and adore him.”

    Someone had SEX with him? TWICE?


    To Princess:
    They were probably blindfolded.

  57. Hakuna Fritatta says:


    Is an obvious FN plant

  58. potty mouth princess says:

    @Hakuna Frititta: I was thinking of someone with a “musty” smell, or possibly a Vanilla Ice reject who would know a douchebag from experience.

  59. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    Does the Food Network really think their viewership is so idiotic>>>


  60. Hakuna Fritatta says:


    someone with a “musty” smell, or possibly a Vanilla Ice reject who would know a douchebag from experience.>>>

    LOL Yes, the tone is remarkably similar.

  61. Ferd says:

    I don’t like phonies. Guy has a made-up name, bleached hair, dyed blond chin pubes (yuk, who does that?!), and has adopted a totally fake persona. He wears costumes instead of clothing (is there really a need for sweatbands around the forearm and, you’re right, flipflops never are appropriate for a restaurant kitchen) and he’s a loudmouth. He stuffs food into his mouth and uses stupid catchphrases. On “Garage Mahal” he claimed to be into woodworking. Somehow, I think that’s as made-up as everything else about Guy Ferry.

  62. Minx says:

    When I first saw him, way back when, I thought he was sort of fun and charming. No more. His whole schtick makes me feel like I’ve eaten a huge bag of store-brand cheetos–stuffed, sick, not healthy. Everything about him screams low rent.

  63. Sarah says:

    I can hardly wait till he’s caught with a hooker or arrested in some sweep. You know it’s going to happen.

    He claims he is happily married, but manboy is going to order off the menu .

  64. Impeach Obama says:

    Guy Fieri is the crowning jewel of true, clean, wholesome, PURE AMERICAN Republican values. You mouth-breathing O’simpletons will kneel before his might and majesty, as he and President-Elect Mitt Romney usher this nation into safety and decency, after the tyrannical rule of the One-Termer is over. FACT! BOO-YEAH!!

  65. byrdie says:

    Guy Fieri is the crowning jewel of douchebags.

  66. tuscany says:

    I love Guy……….but I think if he keeps eating that stuff he is going to have a heart attack soon !!!

  67. lala says:

    @Impeach OBama: Darling, you’re so misguided

  68. Suz says:

    @lala: i think he was kidding :o)

  69. Mort says:

    If he name drops Sammy Hagar one more time I’m going to ‘drive 55′ into that PR machine acting as a tour bus.

  70. Ann I. Ball says:

    @ J
    It seems as if the Douche has lost the “hunger” and is resting on his laurels (something that he will come to regret).

    If he wasn’t like this at the beginning of his career, as you say, then he probably needs a long break from this fame to grow up and, like Tony Bourdain, drop all signs of immaturity into a large body of water in Turkey.

  71. Tweedles says:

    I hated Guy from the first moment I saw him. I think you nailed all the things that drive me crazy. I would key that bus if I ever see it.

  72. Rose says:

    I’m getting in late here, but I need to add that even Randy “Yo, Dawg” Jackson tries to change his tired old catch phrases every few years or so. Really, how many times can you say “That’s money!”??? Try something new, but equally moronic, like, “That’s the gold standard, baby!” or “That’s criminally insane, man!”

  73. CEE says:

    I’m surprised that the fact that he shills for the WORST restaurant chain ever, TGI Friday’s hasn’t been mentioned yet. I am talking worse than Olive Garden and Applebees. Sure he goes to all these family-owned dives but he is a hypocrite for endorsing TGI Friday’s.

  74. feedme says:

    Jillian, 24-karat synopsis of the Ferry freakshow. And some of the comments above are hysterical, first-class and “I’m running out of adjectives”.

    Even FoodTV toned him down when he first started DDD – remember when he said something like “not just for the blue hairs anymore” in the first commercials? They got rid of that quick. LOL (my hair is gray)!

    I like the premise of the show, but not the host, his hygiene, his manners, his vocabulary, his dental work. Maybe he should try the cleavage instead of Giada.

  75. Karma says:

    This site is hilarious! So glad I found it.. but I have to say I LOVE me some GF! Not only do I find him funny & cute (yes, I said it.. I have a twisted attraction to the guy, what an I say..) but I LOVE Triple D.. I’m actually surprised to find out so many people hate him. And interestedto know if he has really sent angry emails to you about your posts on here because.. that would be pretty freakin hilarious hahaha

  76. dun says:

    Funny how many haters are out there.

    • Hygiene says:

      SOO many and they have nothing valuable or valid to say. Just all full of hate and mad at the world. At least a very few of us gave valid dislikes and it was about the food, not personal attacks and not HATING him but rather hating how he approached food. They must spend a lot of time in their days worrying about how others view them, cus most of what I saw was how they hate how he dresses, and his hair and the way he talks, so i guess they make fun of gays, foreigners, and people of color. Bigots! And this is our America land of the free *rolls eyes* This is a sick and sad world, can’t wait to get up to heaven with God and his son and ditch these devils.

  77. santa rosa says:


  78. anniemary says:

    I don’t like him because he can’t seem to pronounce his own name correctly. He says FIETTI. It’s spelled FIERI. But it’s really FERRY.

    Everything about him is so unappealing – the hair, the arm band, the clothes, those god-ugly shoes but especially the sunglasses at the back of his neck. What’s that all about.

    C’mon guy – clean yourself up a little for the camera.

    • Hygiene says:

      I’m sure A LOT of people can look at you and say many things about how they don’t like you. From the way you walk, to the way you dress, and hobo clothes you wear trying to look like everybody else. Probably fatter than Guy is too. So buzz off dude. Stop talkin bout people unless you got your shit together. I bet one picture of you would have my eyes scarred for life.

    • Hygiene says:

      i called you a dude, I meant to say …girl. more appropriately low grade of a female. Actually dog, if that’s indeed how you look.

      • Acid Chip says:

        I see you’re on a Reply Rampage, since all of your comments are from the same day and time range. I can’t believe you thought it was a good idea to go down the comment line and reply like an attention-deprived five-year-old. It also seems that you’re not criticising Guy, but people’s opinions and the people themselves, as you said “Stop talkin bout people” and “can’t wait to get up to heaven.” Why must you insult people without remorse and then turn around and believe for certain that you’re going to see Lord Jesus when you die? You don’t know anything about that person so you shouldn’t have said that.

  79. Taryn says:

    I appreciate “Triple D” in theory, but in practice I think Msr. “Ferry” comes off awfully condescending to people whose food is no less bizarrely fusion than, erm, sushi and bbq. After the first time he looks agog at the camera when a cook measures by hand or eye, not teaspoon or cup, WE GET IT.

    But what I dislike the most? How he is constantly out of breath on “Big Bite”. Dude. The fridge is maybe 10 feet away. You’re not twirling around behind a line, you’re chucking a soiled saucepan in the sink!

    And why, oh why, did he autograph his own fridge? Anyone?!

  80. Raul says:

    I was just watching Guy Fieti on TV, I was complaining to my wife about how much i hated him. I did a google search for “i hate guy fieti.” and found this page. After reading your letter, it hit every point I was complaining about, plus some points I didn’t even think about. So now, thanks to you, I have more reasons to hate him. I am glad i am not alone in my hatred for his phrase “badboy”, wearing sunglasses all the time, and eating like a cow above an open prep table.

    Thank you

  81. Rachael says:

    My boyfriend and I kept thinking Guy reminded us of someone. It finally dawned on us: One of those “hip” youth pastors that try to be “down” with the kids.

  82. Dan says:

    Wow, the nail in the coffin has been hammered in for me about Guy the douchebag. I HATE when people get all ethnic on their last names out of no where. I have a very Italian ethnic last name and choose not to make it ethnic at the drop of a hat. At least I have that opportunity. Guy the douche bag either changed his name or something because his last name is FERRY (just found that out). The whole package is so annoying it’s made me cut way back on my Food Network viewing. The Food Network overall has really changed their path, moving away from more “cooking shows” to in your face assholes like Guy Ferry and 400 cake competitions per day. I guess that’s the demo they’re going for, certainly not me. Guy is a total asshole. Can’t stand him.

  83. Nita says:

    I cannot stand Guy. He is a terrible cook (he could not possible be a chef.). He is filthy! He makes dishes that require use of his hands while wearing two rings a watch a bracelet and an arm band while mixing food with his hands. I always wonder how much food is stuck in all that bling.

    He is not knowledgeable about food. People who have cooking shows take it seriously and dress professionally. Would Bobby Flay or Tyler Florencr ever dress the way

  84. I don’t hate Guy, I love to watch him.

  85. G says:

    I think he and Anne Burrell should break off and form their own network on satellite tv so we don’t have to deal with either of them. When he first appeared he seemed harmless; now I’d almost rather watch Rachel Ray (who has made me gag since the first season). It seems like the whole network is going downhill. I find Top Chef to be far better than any of the food competitions on FN. And Ace of Cakes? Please! That guy Duff is just a shithead. Why they have to show back to back episodes every time just seems like filler. Who watches that?

    I miss Molto Mario…

  86. nyuknyuk says:

    Giggles McGee, I’ll bet you must fight Bob Tuschmann for the toejam that falls from Guy Ferry’s dirty flipflops.

    Seriously, I always thought that open toed shoes were not allowed in a kitchen environment…doesn’t anyone care that he puts all of these restaurants in jeopardy every time he sets one fat flipflopped foot in them?


  87. Jimbo says:

    Thank God! I thought I was alone. I Googled, “who thinks guy fieri is a moron” and ended up here. Perhaps he is working on being Sarah Palin’s running mate in 2012. There is not other logicial explanation for his rank douchebagery…oh…wait…yes there is; he’s an f’ing moron! By the way, he can’t cook. He is the Glenn Beck of the Food World. All potatoes…no meat.

  88. Kassondra says:

    I’ve taken to watching the owners/cooks at the diners he visits. A lot of the time, they are wearing that tired, mildly camouflaged look of frustration that says, “Get this dude the hell outta my kitchen, like now.” I wish he would let them speak, and stop talking over them when they try to explain something. I also don’t like the way he gets pretty much in front of them when they’re cooking, as if the audience might forget that there’s a bleach blonde porcupine haired man boy hosting the show. Guy, you’re in their house, respect it!

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      Yeah, the restaurant owners figure the exposure on DDD will bring in some business, but they also seem aware the price for that publicity is having to put up with Ferry’s fatass douchbaggery for however long it takes to shoot the segment.

  89. Pete says:

    Absolutly! Where did the food network find this hack and what target audience dose he appeal to? The quasi billy rocker, hotrod stichk is so FN lame along with all the jewlery and bad hair. Do us all a favor stop polluting the oversaturated food industry with your garbage that you pass off as creative comfort food. Anyone with a modocom of talent sees right through your tired routine. Time for a reality chek Ferry somewhere a TGIF’s is missing their fry guy.

  90. X says:

    LOL. After seeing a commercial for a new show on NBC hosted by Guy, the rasping and unwashed delusional hipster, I googled “I hate Guy Fieri” and stumbled on this great site.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the witty yet observant posts here, except for the gangsta wannabe who resorted to using an empty-headed sexual slur to make a feeble point.

    Also, the person who claims to know Mr. Plastic, but doesn’t even know his real name should visit Wikipedia.

    I quit watching FN after Guy won that bogus competition (it was obvious that the FN was after a certain demographic from a certain region) and then was propped up to be a “star-tool”, despite a startling lack of talent, a bad act, and a failure to pay his dues. Plus, there was something stomach turning about a middle-aged man trying to be a sorry cartoon of a kid. Then things went from bad to worse as his character fully morphed into the nightmare of a marriage between an out-of-date surfer, and an unemployable plumber turned lounge lizard.

    Guy, please, for the love of whatever is dear to you… knock it off!

  91. Foodie Fondue says:

    He’s proof that any sh%#head can get a tv show, which doesn’t say much for the idiots that produce such shlock.

    I laughed HARD when a splash from a hot pan landed on his flipflop-shod foot – haha serves you right you loser…

    Grow up and get some big boy clothes.

  92. Bud says:

    I don’t know why you don’t like Guy Fieri I have met him twice and he is very cool and great person my Wife and I saw him in Anaheim, Ca. He rocks if you ask me my observation will be don’t be so jealous just because he has a career and you don’t. Get a life and also a career.

  93. smokey says:

    You are so wrong – people relate to this “Guy”. You on the other hand sound a little jealous!

  94. Mark says:

    I commend you on your article.

  95. jared says:

    Guy is entertaining?! are you kidding…you probably shop at wal-mart and played high school football. This”Guy” is the lowest common denominator. I hate how he has a running commentary of the recipe on DDD like he is the one that invented it. The only thing worse than his image, his 5$ sunglasses, and the rented clunker is his boundless ego. Watching him speaking with these amazing innovative hard working people is like Sara Palin visiting DaVinci and exclaiming, “Look at all this cool crap!” Sigh, we are all doomed, and it is all because it is in vogue to think being uneducated makes you the salt of the earth, when it actually, makes you the scourge.

  96. JudyB says:

    You got some things wrong…
    1. Fieri is his fathers real name it was changed to Ferry…Guy changed it back to what it was originally.

    2. Guy is a fanatic about being clean, you might look a little closer and notice he never double dips…he is the oposite of filthy and is known to be impecible.

    3. The legions that “hate” Fieri sre in the minority. Guy not only happens to be one of the most liked hosts of FN, but he has a fan following that is unbelievably huge

    4. Triple D has put hundreds of small cafe/resturants on the map just because of his visit to their place’s. The owners are now making more than they ever dreamed of and most are quick to admit it was because of Guy’s airing their eateries on the show.

    Have you nothing better to do than to knock someone who has worked long and tirelessly and acheived success..he has done just that. He is a loving father & husband, he has sucessful resturants, won The Next Food Network Chef” has 3 very sucessful FN shows, and is now hosting “Win It In A Minute” on NBC. Pretty good for someone his age.
    I personally enjoy Triple D, and have tried to visit as many of the places as I can any tiume I am traveling, and all of the owners & managers of the places I’ve eaten at havwe had wonderful things to say about Guy & the crew (yes the filming was often hectic, but they would all do it again andyway the 25-30 I have spoken to.)

    • Lana says:

      Oh Judy. Do you know him? Have you met him? Are you a friend? You’re a Kulinary Krusaders, right?

      Here’s the deal – he’s obviously got a following. No one denies that. Several of us here enjoy DDD and his recipes from GBB. There was a thread about that in our discussion boards just recently. And he’s obviously hard-working.

      But he also annoys a lot of people too, Anthony Bourdain being perhaps one of the most vocal! LOL. And unfortunately, the times (plural) I’ve met him, he has been a total jackass. Oh, and he does, in fact, double dip. I have video! :-D

    • Hygiene says:

      I don’t know and don’t care about his name and all that personal shit. But I’m sorry, to me he is not sanitary in the kitchen from what I’ve seen. Shirt and shit draggin on the food. It doesn’t matter what he wearing, but how he wears it and pays attention to it around food. That is my only gripe.

  97. Eater says:

    It’s so amusing to read something like this, and then read the childish “You’re just jealous!” fifth-grade like responses from people defending Guy. It’s a very apt illustration of the demographic, I think, although the poor grammar, bad spelling, and lack of capitalization/punctuation also help in that regard.

    Let’s face it, you people accusing others of being “jealous”: there are people you don’t like. You talk about them, cattily, in the same way you’re complaining about people doing here. Not only are your responses infantile, they’re hypocritical as well. If I were “jealous” of an overgrown fratboy desperately attempting to hold on to his youth and remain hip, who cannot cook, does not appear to understand the need to remove that horrific jewelry he insists on wearing before putting his meaty paws into raw food, and who does not dress, speak, or act appropriately in other peoples’ establishments…well, let’s just say that I would immediately seek mental health assistance, or my family would do it for me.

    Yes, I just stumbled across this site last night, through the Sandra Lee lemonade/cream/vodka concoction, and then found this, so I know this is a comment on a post from may months ago. It’s still worthy of commentary, as nothing has changed.

  98. Donna says:

    I can’t stand his language. Every 10 words is “there you go.” He is so irritating to listen to, I change channels when he and Rachel Ray come on. She’s about as unpolished as he is. As a matter of fact, only Tyler Florence, Ina, and Sandra Lee “get it.” They are pleasing to listen to. But Guy reminds me of big time trailer trash. He’s trying too hard to be cool and he’s so cool, he’s turned me off.

    Stop saying “there we go” every 10 words, please!

  99. marie says:

    not his fault, its the mistake of the fkn food network management who do not know who to chose or what to decide.

  100. TeeKay says:

    It makes me smile that so many people have Googled “I hate Guy Fieri”.

    For me, it’s a toss up which irritates me more – his stupid sunglasses on the back of his neck (watch you don’t lose them in the fat rolls, hey?) or his over-used catchphrases; “It’s on point!” being the one that most makes me want to punch his smug face.


  101. Linda says:

    It really is incomprehensible that Guy Fieri would be not only be a Food Network Star, though standards on that network are declining rapidly, but that he has now been given a game show, Minute to Win It. He is nothing more than an eccentric personality. He is clearly not a chef and his mid-life crisis persona is sad and difficult to watch, so I don’t. Bravo to the person who mentioned Mario Batali’s old show-there is an articulate, talented chef. I wish the Food Network would stop appealing to the lowest common denominator.

  102. Felix says:

    I started out not hating him, but he is on so often. Doesn’t FN have any shows without him on?

    And yes, it is the 100s of tiny reasons that add up to one great big ball of “I don’t want to watch you on TV anymore.” It’s the hair, the clothes, stupid catch phrases, it’s everything.

    Please FN, one show once a week might be OK, but day in day out, Guy Fieri 24/7 is making me not want to watch FN anymore.

  103. Potte says:

    Uck we all dislike the guy here. He is abrasive, and no Einstein either. I hate the glasses on the back of the head, what is up with that? We stopped that stuff in eighth grade.

    What I really cannot stand is how he sought to position himself on FoodTV soon after his NFNS win. Soon he was hanging out with the inner circle and hosting every show he could get his claws into. This is not the new face of Food Network. it will be their demise to feature arrogant losers like him.

    • Human says:

      Are you an Einstein?

      Why is it bad that Guy sought to capitalize on his NFNS success?

      I didn’t like him. I thought he was fake, but once I started watching I began to realize that guy is trying to make food fun. He has partnered to open 2 successful restaurants and he is very outgoing. He also contributes generously of time, money, and food to charitable causes.

      You people who hate like this are jealous. I know that is not an original statement, but it is nevertheless true. You can’t stand that someone who you feel isn’t as food-snobby as you should enjoy success.

      But guess what? You haters are the losers. If you are so much better, get your own damn show. Show how you are better, and if you can’t stand the heat–well, you know the rest (you ought to anyway).

      Haters gonna hate.

      • Meeka says:

        Ahh the troll, cheering on the under dog. You really pegged us. Truly, anytime anyone is found annoying by a large group of people it must be spawned of jealousy. Secretly, we all wish we could be more like Guy Fieri. I know I do! I would love to have a mid-life crisis right about now! Ugh, so jealous…
        Sigh, the fact that you don’t seem to grasp what’s really going on here makes me sad for you. :(

        • Pharma says:

          I have to agree with the envy statement. The haters out there seem to know more about Guy Fiere than most fans clearly due to insecurity of their own failures. How about you haters post pictures of your husbands/wives and children so we can be as judgemental as you all are.

  104. Cooking Fiend says:

    So first I found this site by googling Guy Fieri douche. It was enormously comforting to find that a lot of people have had similar experiences with him and made similar searches.

    I like some of his recipes and even was willing to let his juvenile persona be just that as I figured it was just a tv image designed to appeal to the masses.

    However when I met him through a mutual friend (so I was not some random fan in the stands) he and his cow of a wife could not have been more horrible to me and my friend.

    We were all drinking at a total dive bar so it was fitting that he was there. Guy jumped over the bar poured shots for his “crew” who handed one to my girlfriend because she was talking to whomever handed it to her. Guy actually removed the shot from her hand and said “no not you!”

    I mean even if he didn’t want to buy her a $4 shot, at the point where his friend had put it into her hand you think he might have just let it go and smiled pretty about it.

    I cannot even tell you how disappointed the whole thing was as I am actual a fan of numerous of his recipes and was looking forward to the opportunity to meet him. I now feel sick to my stomach every time I see him, and he is actually EVERYWHERE!

    What would be sensational, is if when people win TNFNS, the network spent some time teaching them out to be polite and not generally offensive.

    • SaraCVT says:

      You HAVE got to be kidding (except that I know you’re not). How the hell did this guy ever get close enough to a girl to get married??!?!?

      • MrSanchez says:

        Okay, you know what? I’m going down the easy road on this one. Just looking at the THUMBNAIL for your picture begs the follow-up question.

        If you’re questioning how HE got married, what hope does that pose for you? Moreso, if you do happen to be married, I’m sure you, your husband and his specially trained dog get along great.

        Oh, yeah, PS, on the off-chance you’

    • Joe Stack says:

      LOL….LMAO….. It doesn’t surprise me! He is nouveau-riche white trash!!! Money and fame cannot buy class. He’s an idiot. Has no formal training or technique. Julia Childs is rolling in her grave. To think, we went from truly educational cooking shows over the years to overly hyped C grade cooks. Thank you corporate America.

  105. Nancy says:

    Please, Guy, cant you take OFF the rings while you work the food with your bare hands? Dont you know that the jewelry harbors bacteria? If the whole point is to encourage people to cook, shouldnt we encourage the world to use proper sanitary habits? Why doesnt the network require you to take your rings off? I wonder how you would feel watching other cooks and their rings melding with the goey food and dough that YOU would have to put in YOUR mouth?

    Please answer.


    • Dave Farber says:

      Guy can’t reply because he’s busy stuffing his mouth with a deep-fried butter stick that’s been rolled in salt and parmesan cheese.

  106. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    To be fair, if I grew up with the name “Guy Ferry”, I’d change it too. I bet kids teased him by calling him “Gay Fairy”. Parents really need to think really hard before they name their kids.

  107. Scott says:

    I really can’t stand this guy (no pun intended). Just this week the New York Times ran a story about how he plays to these huge audiences and is generally treated like some sort of second-tier royalty. I don’t get it. Every time he says “bad boy” I want to punch him in the face. The only thing worse than his shows are those god-awful Friday’s commercials with disgusting food. God help us.

    • Joe Stack says:

      He plays to huge audiences???? Just further demonstrates the “dumbing down” of America. When you take away the documentaries, the wilderness/wildlife shows, educational programming, etc. and replace it with reality shows and “news” distorting reality ad nauseam, what do we expect to happen? Let’s reclaim the airwaves by not being complacent. Write to your Representatives and take back America from the corporate slime.

  108. Chix says:

    Guy Fieri has a clear understanding of food and certainly does have a culinary background. He went to France to study and train. He may have a style that isn’t generic and that draws attention to him. He does bleach his hair. But that should not take away from his culinary abilities nor should it detract from his knowledge. He has two sons that he constantly brings up on his show and would like to set a positive example for. I don’t think his twitter account should say anything about him as a person. Don’t be jealous that you don’t have a good sense of humor and fun personality and haven’t made any money with your CIA education!

  109. criag says:

    Who does this moron know that he can do commercials and a game show. How can anyone syand to look at him aor listen to him. He is not a talented chef and ahs no personality. Watched him once and saw that fat pig eat it made me want to YACK! Get him off the air he sucks!

    • Beverly says:

      Boy I googled “why doesn’t GF wear a wedding band” and found this hate site. I’m getting outta here. So much time spent hating. I wasn’t drawn to GF when I first noticed him on FN, but I don’t hate him, sorry. He’s fine for what he’s doing, he’s not just suppose to be chef on TV, they’re all required to entertain. Apparently, many are entertained by him, others are not satisfied just to change he channel, but find places like this one to spew venom and someone who has found success and a niche where he fits in. I bet half the people calling him fat are fat and unattractive. Beautiful people don’t put other people down. And if he’s fat, what is mario batali, ginormous?. These people love food so maybe some of them will be overweight. But Guy doesn’t look fat to me at all, just a broad upper body. I wish people didn’t hate people.

    • MrSanchez says:

      Coming from a moron who can’t even spell his own name correctly. Kudos to you, my friend.

  110. DDD says:

    I just didn’t care for his Disneyland special. Can’t take your family on a real vacation? It’s embarrassing when stars put their kids in front of the camera. They should protect their privacy at all costs. And, hey, wear your wedding ring instead of the other ghetto bling. Guy: It looks like you have a lovely family, be proud of them. Wear the ring.

  111. Anonymous says:

    This is in response to those critics who “hate” Guy Fieri. While growing up did your parents “teach” you to judge others, especially if you do not know them personally? How would you like it if Guy Fieri judged each and everyone of you? What I see is a group of people who have nothing better than to sit around and judge people they do not physically know. What’s sad is that your probably teaching or have taught your children not to judge unless yea be judged yourself. Hmmm…..that would make you a HYPOCRITE. Think about it.

  112. Chef says:

    I hate the (processed) Food Network and everything they promote and represent. The occasional morsel of information that is intelligent seeps out of my brain when I’m brainwashed by their garbage food commercials. I don’t want to cook for people that drink coffee with their evening meal or watch FN and enjoy their garbage. Cee-lo summed it up…..

    • Dave Farber says:

      RE: “Processed Food Network”
      Excellent term!

      I’m waiting for the first show on how to prepare a TV dinner (just add more salt, lots of butter and smother it with parmesan).

  113. honeybadger says:

    I can’t believe someone would put so much energy in to hating one person, jealousy perhaps. He’s got personality and more character then a lot of tv hosts.

    • It doesn’t take any energy at all to hate Guy Fieri. In fact, it’s quite energy-less.

      And jealousy? WOW, NEVER HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE. Try coming up with a more creative comeback than that.

      • MrSanchez says:

        How about bitter, cynical and generally just a whiny little bitch then?

        You don’t have to like the show. In fact, it’s very simple to avoid it. There’s this button on your remote that changes channels, and even one that switches off your TV if it’s too much to handle.

        No, I don’t subscribe to that notion that people who dislike Guy Fieri are jealous, I do however find it pointless that people will completely deconstruct every aspect of a persons character simply because it’s ‘cool’ to dislike him.

    • Dave Farber says:

      RE: so much hate
      Guess you’ve missed all the irrational hatred of Bush, Fox News, the Catholic Church and free market economies.

      RE: personality
      The cult following of personality in itself isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  114. theclappers4 says:

    I hate Guy Feetty so much its gives me energy. I have to get up early in the morning to hate him

  115. JP says:

    I think guy is awesome I love his show and all the different places he visits

  116. Keep your hate to yourselves and eave the guy alone. Anyone ever heard of cyber bullying?

    I think he’s cool.

  117. brett says:

    What really gets me is the intro to his cooking show. OMG I”M TAKING A REALLY BIG BITE OF A HOMBURGER…. OMG IM SQUIRTING KETCHUP AND MUSTARD ON U!!!! Its seriously like an 8 year old was given a cooking show

    • Dave Farber says:

      Guy belongs on the obnoxious Carl’s Junior commercials of slobs stuffing their mouths and spilling food everywhere.

  118. richmmcguire says:

    Not all chefs have a cia degree. Many are self trained or learn under someone else. If any of you have ever read some of his recipes, you would know he can cook. Some of his dishes are absolutely deleicious. Other people who say they aren’t jealous are only kidding themselves. He’s got tv shows and is worth millions…but’re not jealous. What a fucking joke. Sure he dresses weird, but his food is good and he’s actually really a funny guy to sit and talk to.

    • SWB says:

      As surprising as this may be to you, not everyone wants to be a millionaire nor be on TV. Lord knows I don’t want either. All I want is to be happy. I am capable of doing that with neither a multi-million bank account nor a TV show. Honestly, both just seem like hassles. And I don’t even want to be on TV.

      10 times out of 10, someone who jumps to accuse others of jealous is generally unintelligent. The type of person who votes for president based on who they’d rather have a beer with. The sort of person to whom “thinking about things” is incredibly hard; it’s much easier to just think of the easiest possible explanation and apply it to everyone.

      I mean, heck, I was just watching some YouTube videos before coming here and I actually saw an argument even dumber than this one, if you can believe it. Someone was accusing The Who of being jealous of Led Zeppelin. Really. I am not joking. One group of world famous millionaires is jealous of another group of world famous millionaires. Whoddathunkit?

      Why don’t you “you’re just jealous” twits try a little introspection. There is a 100% chance that there is SOMEONE that you don’t like… perhaps you don’t like rap artists because you hate rap music or something. Now, ask yourself, are YOU just jealous? Or do you just not like the person for whatever reason without necessarily coveting their life?

      The answer may surprise you.

    • Dave Farber says:

      I’m not jealous of Guy, he’s just a blowhard who doesn’t know cooking fundamentals, but he’s over hyped the same as Apple’s overpriced and inferior products are by the company’s fanatical supporters.

      As to culinary or other “training”, you can’t teach common sense.

  119. David Bernstein says:

    I’m Jewish. I don’t like Hitler. Ergo, I am jealous of Hitler.

    Thank you, interwebs. You teach me something new every day.

  120. He is the George W. Bush of the culinary world.

    • Dave Farber says:

      No, he’s the “messiah” of the food channel in the same way Obama is worshiped by his creepy supporters.

  121. Benito says:

    I have stopped watching Diner, Drive-ins and Dives because of Guy. He is rude and puts down everyone he interviews. The thing that really bugs me is that he seems to enjoy sticking his finger in all the ingredients even though the cook is wearing gloves while trying to cook. Who knows where his fingers have been before showing up at the Dives. i really miss watching the show and all the different diners across the country but I just can’t get pass the asshole host. My wife loves the show and will tolerate Guy but I sometimes turn down the volume so I don’t need to hear him go on and on. I would love to see Rachel’s new show with him but I don’t know if I will get pass the first show. I’ll probably end up recording it for my wife and not watch it at all.

    • Adeline says:

      I agree with you Benito! He is just plain belittles all of the people he interviews! The show concept is so entertaining and it’s a shame that FN doesn’t have a humbler host.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree with you. I’m sick and tired of watching him put his nasty fingers in the food.

  122. mark says:

    you idiots need to get over yourself. hes a dude with a personality like it or hate it with an entertaining show.

    not your cookie cutter chef yet has a pretty good show. the fact you hate the dude is comical but says more about you. work on that then get back to us you miserable sad people.

    • max says:

      But the thing is, he IS a cookie cutter moron. And no, he does not know anything about good food other than deep fried, BBQ’d or anything that he can chew and speak with at the same time . He is obnoxious, and watching him stuff su- par food into that gaping hole in his head makes me sick. It’s just so sad the Food Network is trying to appeal to the masses of simplistic mouth breathers instead of offering quality shows where – gasp – you might learn something aboul quality food with a host who doesn not look like an obnoxious eight year old dressing up in daddy’s bowling attire.
      “That’s all she wrote”

      • MrSanchez says:

        No, it isn’t.

        If you want to ‘learn’ something about cooking, go to a class, watch an actual educational show about cooking, or -gasp- actually practice at home. Don’t watch a show designed SOLELY for the purpose of entertainment, and then proceed to rag on it because you don’t enjoy it.

        That’s like me punching you in the face for telling a bad joke. Yeah, you might think it’s great, but if it’s not to my taste, do I have the right to turn round and take it out on you?

        Wanting to know how to cook is a good thing. Watching Triple-D to do such is retarded. Clearly, by this juncture, I can define that you are, in fact, retarded.

        Besides, Food Network -does- have some decent shows for the self-proclaimed ‘foodies’ who can’t survive without some unnecessarily pretentious drivel, just as it has some shows that are simple, entertaining and FUN.

    • Dave Farber says:

      The real idiots are the ones who think Guy or the rest of his sidekicks on that goofy channel know any cooking fundamentals. Put that Bleu Cheese on your Buffalo Burger and eat it.

  123. Ed says:

    The fact that Ms EVOO and Mr Bad Boy are going to co-host a show together is the stuff of nightmares. If I were a religious person I’d wager that it will play on a continuous loop in Hell. In HD.

  124. Dill Doe says:

    Add me to the “I hate Guy Ferry” list. I don’t understand how anyone could like that douche.

    • MrSanchez says:

      This, from someone who opted for the name Dill Doe.

      Yes, I see what you did there.

      No, it’s not clever, funny or even remotely ‘ironic’ or any of that other inane nonsense. Go deepthroat a 12-gauge if you don’t mind.

  125. cockboy says:

    dont forget that god awful shirt

  126. Matt says:

    Look at you cry babies all sad over the way he is. Get over it. That is who he chooses to be and if you don’t like him change the channel. Get over it and find something else to cry about! Haha

  127. obesiverse says:

    what about eating in the kitchen? that’s my sticking point, because it’s over a big ole pot of something that’s going to be served to other people, and he’s digging in there with something or double dipping or talking into the food… i hope he says it without spraying it. :)

  128. pumbaa2183 says:

    i think guy is the coolest guy on earth — i am 28 yrs old and would love to still have the charisma and still sport my ear rings and crazy hair by the time i’m 41. at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you people think the only people should care about Guy is him self and his family. if they think he’s cool than so be it

  129. Kelly says:

    Here’s my issue with Guy… On that show diners, drive ins I’m sick and tired of him touching and eating the food that the chefs prepared. He doesn’t even give the chef time to put it on the plate. It gross and unsanitary. I just watched an episode where all the workers were using gloves and what did he do.. He started playing in the food and sticking his fingers in the gravy. Does he not realize that big pot of gravy will feed more ppl then just him?!?!? I wouldnt want to eat at a place knowing that someone was eating the food and licking there fingers and putting them back in the food. I really wish food network would tell him to keep his nasty finger out of the food!!!!!!

  130. Dave Farber says:

    Take butter, parmesan cheese and salt off the menu and none of these idiots could boil a pan of water.

    Just saw Bobby Flake do a Sangria where he added butter to “bring out the flavor.” Blue Cheese on hamburgers?@#%? These people are as fixated with dairy as heroin addicts are with the needle.

    All three so called “food” network channels are owned by the same nitwit: a gay New Yorker who wants every meal reduced to an elite fu-fu bistro concoction.

    Their reality shows bring out the worst in everyone and feature nut ball judges who don’t know most cooking fundamentals. The more asinine the combination, the more it’s hyped.

    The cameramen on “Diners” must all be coke heads because they can’t focus on a single shot for more than one second. Guy is a slob who talks while stuffing his mouth, and it would be hilarious to see Robert Irvine catch him eating in a restaurant’s kitchen: “This is unsanitary and a disgrace to customers!!! If I were a health inspector, I would close this place down right now!!!”

  131. likewise... says:

    lol. I wishe he died so id never have to see his stu[id redneck (red becaused his sunglasses are etched into the back of his head) ingnorant slob of a fat stupid SOBslut pig

    hes on like EVERY minute because the food network feels so bad for his sorry butt that he won the best food star but nobody likes him and he cant cook

    one of his REAL shows that i suffered through was just him making a fat disgusing greasy burger that was almost as greasy as his hair and he didn’t even do ANTTHING AT ALL to it – just groiuhd bef and chil powder and then he slobbered it in ketchop.

    what a joke. he is the butt of the food network,. they cant come up with anything good so they throw an episoide of his stupid show on tv

    he is a loseer and a closet homosexual (no probs with gays but with closet pedophiles like him i DO) he sucks . actutuallt no he doesnt suck at all ther word SUCKS refers to a quality that FAR exceeds what he is as a chef and human being


    • MrSanchez says:

      Dear likewise, going solely on the limitations of your grammar and articulation, I can safely say that watching a show on Food Network surprises me from you. I imagine you might be more suited to Nickelodeon or one of its subsidiaries. Of course, you’re almost certainly not a child and clearly just an idiot of an adult, so perhaps you should pop on Spike TV and watch something there.

      Between calling him a ‘fat stupid SOBslut’ (I should point out you missed a space there, of course), and a ‘closet pedophile’ (I think you’ll find it’s spelled pAedophile) simply shows your crass idiocy.

      Perhaps, instead of wishing he would die, you could throw yourself into traffic and eliminate yourself from the gene pool. Lord forbid that you may have already executed the act of reproduction.

      Fact is, if you don’t like his show, why even bother watching it long enough to know what he made in one? Of course, if you lost the remote and couldn’t disengage your rotund arse from the sofa, then my apologies, that’s a travesty of itself.

      Good day to you.

  132. MrSanchez says:

    I honestly don’t get why people have to rag on Guy as they do. Yeah, okay, his personality can be a little over the top after an episode or two of his show, and perhaps he doesn’t quite emulate the ‘haute cuisine’ that people have come to expect from the cooking shows of modern times, but what’s so wrong with that when you consider what he DOES do?

    (Generally) small, family owned places that don’t need to sink into the quagmire of pretentiousness just to drum up business, places that appreciate that, sometimes, you WANT a greasy burger and fries done from scratch, or some barbeque that’s been done properly. Maybe it’s just some proper deli grub that you can find ten-a-penny if you don’t care about quality, but a little more searching shows that genuinely good ‘home-style’ food is out there.

    I’ve never watched Triple-D for the culinary experience, it’s a fun show that highlights ‘the little guy’ in the culinary world. It’s pointing out that food can be fun and laid back, about immediate pleasure rather than gastronomic approval by the upper classes of cookery.

    Now, I say this as someone who works as a chef, I know full well that 99% of the stuff I see isn’t going to make my restaurants menu, perish the thought. I enjoy the show because (for me, I guess) it is ENTERTAINMENT. Just as anyone else should be watching it. You all KNOW the premise of the show, you know how it works, you know what to expect in watching it. Yet, still, people will consistently, and without abandon, rip on him for his manner and personality because he doesn’t act like Bobby Flay or any of the other big FN stars. Who cares? Frankly, I’m not fond of Bobby Flay as a presenter, he doesn’t carry a show nearly as well. I can respect him as a chef, but who wouldn’t?

    Some of you people are really being overly judgemental simply because you allow your own delusions of grandeur to infect your opinion. How about switching the channel if you don’t like the show, and save commenting on how much of a douchebag the presenter is, and go watch something else? I’m sure there’s some Barefoot Contessa you can go and watch, after all.

  133. Geodude says:

    I live in Santa Rosa, CA and have gone to a couple of his restaurants. Johnny Garlic’s is just ok; Tex Wasabi’s SUCKS and always has. His other failed enterprise I’ve been to, The Chophouse (which was a Johnny Garlics, then The Chophouse, then an insurance scam to collect fire damage money, and now Johnny Garlic’s again) had GREAT service – but we ate there ONCE and the food was so unbearably salty we had to return it to the kitchen. I NEVER return food, I’m way to embarrassed, but this was unreal – my wife had a pork chop and I had pasta, yet both were so overseasoned it felt like chancre sores were opening in my mouth as I ate.

    • Aaron says:

      So Ok firstly I fucking hate the way he talks about that Piece of shit car. He acts like its a living being and calls it the 67, dude wake the fuck up, you have a car great for you, im your age and I got over how cool my car was like 25 years ago, and yes I had a 68 camaro so stfu allready. Secondly im sick of seeing your spoiled rugrats on Triple D. Dude no one cares about your raggamuffins seriously. Triple D would be a much better show without this clown. I cant stomach his other show, whats it called Guy Bites Big, or big bite or something. Lastly the moron is so phony I cant stand it, where the fuck are you from man? Your from Cally when it suits you, your from Carolina when it suits you, your from Pennsylvania when it suits you and you never shut up about how you spend so much time in Rhode Island coz your wife is from there.

  134. georgia says:

    I think he’s great and very entertaining.

  135. franki786 says:

    seriously people!? Guy Fieri is an awesome guy! i guess every celebrity out there has haters, though.

  136. FOODLOVER says:

    I could care less about Guy’s last name, where he is actually from, whether you love or hate him as a person.

    The undisputed FACT is he routinely engages in unsanitary practices in his guest’s kitchen. I watch DDD in appreciation for all the wonderful family owned establishments all across the countrysy. He should respect the chef or cook enough to refrain from sticking his filthy, unwashed hands in their food before it reaches HIS plate. The food he contaminates is served to unsuspecting patrons. This should NOT be tolerated and simply changing the channel is not the proper remedy. FN should make him wear gloves if he insists on touching the food.

    By the way, I love FN and its variety of personalities- choose the ones you like and watch them. However, I am certain that the local health departments would not condone or excuse Guy’s beavior because he is there to entertain.

    Love & Peace to ALL!

  137. TraciM says:

    Yes he’s arrogant and his recipes and restaurants suck. But I was through with his schtick after visiting three restaurants he showcased in DDD and each one of them was SUBPAR, nothing special, not even very good. What a waste of time and money.

  138. Stacy says:

    I don’t see the big deal about changing your name and hair color. People do it all the time. I wonder–out of all the people on here–who dyes their hair. I use hair dye. I have 2 pen names. Who cares? You don’t like Guy. Change the channel. It’s pretty simple. I can’t dumb it down any more than that.

    • Guy Ferry says:

      This is a “Why people hate Guy “Ferry” page… you don’t like it, don’t come here. I can’t dumb it down any more than that.

  139. Getoverit says:

    Sounds like a bunch of jealous people who have nothing better to do than complain about things your jealous about. You can say how much you “hate” Guy, but sounds to me everyone is a tad bit jealous of his “money” that he has worked for. Get over it, and damn… for people that hate him so much sure know a hell of alot about him… Just saying…

    • Your Name says:

      Judging by the grammatical and spelling errors and the use of unnecessary quotation marks in your post, I’d say you’re his target audience.

  140. Arkman says:

    Personally, I like his shows and his personality.
    I don’t understand the haters… To each his own!

  141. Dicken Mc Nuggets says:

    I’d go over to my mom’s house to visit and she’d be on TVFN all the time.

    At first she was entertained, but as the ‘health standards’ dropped – along with the programming choices – she’d go nuts commenting about GF’s manners, habits and general stupidity.

    (No I am not hating on the big moron, He does a fine job of making people hate him, he don’t need me to pile on…….)

    She would say, ‘If he were in my kitchen, I’d throw him out……..’

    She was oh, so wrong.

    IF HE WAS IN her kitchen?

    She would have hit him with the wooden spoon and tell him to GTFO.

    I also would have loved to see her pull of the knife slap she pulled on my brother once…He was phuqing off and she took a knife she had in hand, turned the blade flat and slapped him across the arm with it.

    No blood but a lesson learned……….I think GF’s mom was a wimp.

  142. TT says:

    Guy Fieri is certainly no prize. I think he’s a tool. I have to say though, the Food Network is terrible in it’s present state, and is almost completely un-watchable.

    The Food Network doesn’t really teach us how to cook anymore. Their quality cooking shows have been replaced with reality/competition programming that just gets dumber every day; and with “Restaurant Stakeout–” a series that uses hidden cameras to spy on bad restaurant employees–the Food Network has sunk to a new low.

    I read a small blog post (I can’t remember where) that discussed the problems that FoodTV has in retaining quality chefs (the network has demanded increasingly large percentages of their chefs’ licensing deals), along with it’s budget problems. I suppose therein, lie most of it’s troubles.

    The website is terrible now. I don’t know if it’s due to the economy or not, but many of the online recipes now feature cheap meals and employ a lot of processed food. In general, the recipes have been dumbed down.

    Guy Fieri is an ass. The though of watching hours and hours of his repeats because FoodTV has very little new programming on in the evening has put me off of the network almost entirely.

    • Jeanne says:

      TT, I completely agree with everything you said. One of the things that I cannot stand with all of the (so called) chefs is they eat the food and talk with their mouths full! It’s so disgusting! I, too, am off the network almost entirely.
      I never liked Guy Ferry because he’s a big mouth, celebrity wanna-be. I started hating him when his diner show first came out. He did a promo & said “diner’s aren’t for blue hairs anymore”. They must have gotten a lot of complaints (me included) because they took the promo off the air.

    • Annie says:

      Amen. All these shows are basically the ending to something good. Like the saying goes ” All good things come to an end.”

  143. Ross says:

    We get his crap show DDD on all the timer here in the UK. the following applies to guy fairy…..IF YOU TALK LIKE AN ASSHOLE AND LOOK LIKE AN ASSHOLE…YOUR AN ASSHOLE.
    I feckin hate that no talent annoying twat.

    here endith the lesson

  144. Katy Did says:

    Amen, FOODLOVER! You’ve said a mouth full!

    Someone tell Guy!

  145. Judith says:

    I used to like Guy, but no more. After watching him time and time again on Triple D,I have had enough. The FN keeps giving him new shows and I just do not understand why. I have turned off the FN channel at home, I used to love it, but when all you see is Guy, enough is enough. Its time to watch another channel. Come on FN, find some new and interesting hosts for your new shows, maybe I’ll come back.

  146. Eric says:

    I think Guy, like just about every television personality, has a shelf life. I used to watch DD&D religiously whenever it was on. But then he started in with all these other avenues, and he’s like a mix of chewing gum that’s lost its flavor (you keep chewing on it despite that) and a hip hop artist who has merchandise lines for everything. If there wasn’t so much of the trendy going on all the time (the jewelry, the sayings (“on point” and “that’s money” was enough, but it got to be like Randy Jackson on American Idol.) Can’t speak about the rumors of how his personality is, but it must be saying something that so many think this of him.

  147. nadia says:

    What a bunch of morons. Jealous obviously. Guy is awesome!!!!

  148. Bill Castello says:

    wow, Haters gonna hate… If he bugs you so much, why do you watch him and then comment on him. Step 1. get a life… Step 2. Let it go, for god sakes. Sound like a bunch of whiners…

  149. Barry McGurpins says:

    Fieri is a monster. A friend of mine told me once that he went to a party that Guy was at and he pretty much didn’t do anything that WASN’T sexually inappropriate.

  150. Granda says:

    Tired of seeing this dirty little fatso. Who the heck wants to see a 45 year old man dressed like a teenage girl?

  151. Glynis says:

    I like guy. No one likes rich people, even though he has changed some he’s cool. He loves his family and isn’t afraid of that. Grow up I thought someone had hung out with him… then you’d have something to
    Say. I bet if he offered you some money you won’t turn you Collar up to it.

  152. James says:

    What did it for me was finding out that he has his car trailered wherever he goes. The show promotes some romantic image that he cruises the back roads of America with his cool car. It’s a total facade. Why not just use file footage of him in the car? It would save a lot of money. Only an image concerned poser would conduct business this way. Give me the real deal, please. Just leave the car at home if it’s just a prop.

  153. Dan says:

    You guys all dislike him for so many tiny little insignificant details. Of course there is an image that he has to project, and of course it’s fake. It’s called being on television and working for a network. Anyone with half a brain would know that.

    Look at the big picture here; His show helps many restaurants around the country by bringing business to them.

  154. mary says:

    Because he practically can do nothing except for eating and tasting foods.

  155. dan says:

    He mixes pork wirh sushi! So wrong, and I`m all for innovation ..

  156. GFIAD says:

    I’d be happy with 1 whole day without seeing that douche Guy Fieri on but these days it’s impossible cause he’s on 7 days a week. It’s the douche network now sigh :(

  157. Mark says:

    I don’t hate Guy Fieri, but i am sure sick of him. Do his parents own the Network? Is that why he is on every time I switch to that channel? He tries way to hard to be cool, and brother, that ain’t cool.

  158. Jimmy says:

    I love love love the show but the sight of Guy Fieri makes me want to throw up. I wish they would continue the show with a new character.

  159. mgirl says:

    I agree with the post I read earlier about not tearing him down. I myself am not crazy about him either. I dont know why when I look at him I just think he looks dirty. Coming from a culinary background and having a degree in it as well I think it would hurt him to clean himselp up a little. The dishes on the show do look delicious when I see him devouring them I lose my appetite. I wonder what his agent is telling him.

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