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Guy Fieri-ish Flair Hair Visor
Posted by Jillian Madison


Need a last minute holiday gift for that pesky Guy Fieri fan on your list? Look no further! This flair hair orange blaze camo visor can be yours for just $19.97!

Sorry, facial hair and hideous gold jewelry sold separately.

(Thanks for the tip, Dale!)

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  1. Oveta says:

    My parents actually sell these (and my dad even wears one, it ridiculously embarrassing, but they make a lot of money off of them – I sold 26 of them at a college football tailgate within an hour at 100% profit). This one, tho, is the one I thought they made for Guyuido Wannabes:

  2. dkmissy says:

    the crazy thing is that the guy who invented that ugly thing is rich! so i guess there is a lot of guy fans wanting to look like morons.

  3. Kittykitty says:

    I have no words for this … thing. It’s pure douchebag in an overpriced novelty product. I can’t believe this doesn’t have Fie-etti’s signature on it somewhere. Are we sure this isn’t a secret product of his?

    • Di says:

      If that product had Fieri’s signature on it, it would probably cost $199.97.
      Plus tax and shipping.

      But can you believe how iconic he’s become? Something’s very wrong in the USA . . .

  4. Motzi Greps says:

    All it’s missing is the attached beer cans on top with the straw that go down to your mouth. Holy hell.

  5. byrdie says:

    For five more bucks, you can get the model that has a pull string that plays recordings that say such gems as “that’s money” or “bad boy”.

    Along with Mozti’s beer-bong straws, what more could a douche need?

  6. rocks67 says:

    My husband got one last year (he’s also follicly challenged). I never got the Fieri connection until now. Great, now I have to burn the damned thing!

  7. Freezezzy says:


    A douche hat, to go with your douche bag.

    Only thing missing is that stupid GUY logo with that vomiting fish thing, or whatever it is.

  8. pumpkin.pi says:

    Don’t even get me started. I had a track coach in high school who was bald and wore one of these every day. (To make it even worse he was missing an eye).
    And not coincidentally, my coach was also a douche.

  9. Ferd Berfle says:

    It certainly does appear to be the perfect gift for the douche who has everything.

  10. froglegs says:

    HAAAA! Homo Hair!!!!

  11. Lynxie says:


  12. Signboy says:

    My wife’s uncle got one of these things and thinks it’s the greatest thing in the world. He wears the stupid thing at every family function he shows up at. Only, his has grey spiky hair.

  13. froglegs says:

    -5 Ouch!

    • eh – it didn’t bother me.

    • Tyler Peel says:

      for the record Froglegs… I didn’t give you a negative vote because I don’t believe in that. As a ‘wannabe’ ficitional writer I try hard to respect everyone’s right to a point-of-view because I don’t wish to give up that freedom myself. I think your comment was in bad taste but I support your right to express yourself. We are a family here, mildly dysfuntcional albeit, but we focus comments on people’s stupidity, arrogance, and ego. My opinion only as I do not profess to speak on behalf of the FNH community!

  14. froglegs says:

    Point taken Tyler

  15. Squarebob Spongepants says:

    Dale looks great in the hat. Almost looks like a muppet going hunting.

    • HEY!!
      I don’t own one of them, I only saw it in a catalog and passed it along.
      And just for the record, I do not have Truck Nutz hanging from the back of any of my vehicles, either.
      I have yet to sink quite that low.

  16. Disgrosting says:

    That model is so cute!

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  18. Turtle says:

    Long time reader, new poster. Yes I am one of those unfortunate souls that occasionally shops at wal-mart and while looking at clothes for my husband I saw these hideous visor hair things. Why? Why would anyone want to wear these let alone actually buy them? BTW, Byrdie, love all your comments!

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