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The Top 10 Biggest Food Network Foodgasms Of 2009
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. Motzi Greps says:

    I just threw up a little.

  2. CherryRose says:

    In a few of those photos, FN “stars” look more like they’re fighting off the urge to f*rt!

  3. Robert says:

    In fairness to Big Daddy, it must taste good to make a True Playa show his love.
    Everyone else are food whores.

  4. Syd says:

    I love the ones of Giada. I can’t help it. But Alex? Those gave me the shivers…and not the good kind.

  5. Dan says:

    This is one of the most epic posts in FNH history.

  6. Alexis says:

    I have nothing witty to add, just that these are fucking hilarious.

  7. Gregg says:

    Alton Brown looks like The Phantom of the Opera in that picture and Big Daddy in the midst of really letting one rip.

  8. The Nice Other Liz says:

    I am shocked that Paula Dean did not make the list!

  9. Sandra says:

    I’m trying not to bust out laughing at work. OMG these are so funny. Rachael with eyes half open/closed is just creepy. LMAO

  10. this thread is worthless w/out audio.
    nobody sex squeals over food like giada. no one.

  11. BOO says:

    Jillian, Were the close-ups of Alex ServeABuffetOffMyButt really necessary?

    Close-Up and nauseous!!!!!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    I adore Alton Brown, but uhh…he kinda looks like he’s auditioning for a Reach toothbrush commercial here.

    & I analyze things way too much, but the guy gripping his bottle behind Giada in the first picture is pure perfection.

  13. martin says:

    Jillian, thanks for starting my day with a great post! I am going to work with a smile on my face. Happy Holidays.

  14. hairball says:

    Oh man this site is going to get me in trouble here at work for laughing LOL. That 2nd one of RAYRAY was to funny LOL

  15. hairball says:

    Oh yea BTW looks like big daddy is breaking wind LOL

  16. KATIE says:

    jillian madison.. thank you for these. i’m going to print them out and tape them to my ceiling so that i can look at them whilst making love.

  17. Di says:

    Robin looks like she’s about to spit that mouthful back onto her place. It’s probably been years since she’s swallowed ANY food.

    Giada is the queen of faked orgasms, tho’

  18. numb says:

    Oh silly, ridiculous Giada. Definitely the queen of the over-the-top foodgasm. That being said, that last photo *is* pretty damn sexy. Too bad it’s a wildly inapropriate response to eating food.

  19. Jill (not Jillian) says:

    What’s worse is after they all make that face, they’ll start talking about it with food still in their mouths.

  20. Mystie says:

    *wiping away the laughter tears*…and now feeling slightly nauseated….

  21. Di says:

    Emeril was also pretty skilled in the art of the faux-food-gasm.
    “Oh yeah babe . . .”

  22. Photo # 3 wins the foodgasm award, IMO.
    I may have to leave the keyboard for five or ten minutes or so to think about this…
    Is she eating raw oysters?
    Yes, I have to go now.

  23. Jen says:

    You know Big Daddy let out a mini pelvic thrust with that one.

  24. NickF says:

    Holy shit Rachel’s eyes in the 5th one! She’s like…convulsing.

  25. Squarebob Spongepants says:

    All right, enough is enough. Somebody must be under the table pleasuring these women.

  26. Gina says:

    You probably could have filled the entire page just with different pics of Giada-gasms, need to add her sound to it also. Wish they wouldn’t put RR in low cut tops, ugh! Love Alton but that pic of him is just plain creepy.

  27. Zach says:

    never go this site in english class, got my laptop back at the end of class….it was the 2nd rr pic that did me in

  28. Teague says:

    I got nothing.

    (No comments are needed these pics speak for themselves.)

  29. Lana says:

    I need a cigarette

  30. Warrior381 says:

    giada was having a head to toe screaming one

  31. Hank says:

    Giada is the master (or mistress) of these. Rachel always looks like she might be going into a grand mal. Alex with the tongue out? No. But the first one of her is a pretty good flaorgasm face and makes me feel all funny inside.

    I know. I need to have a serious talk with myself.


  32. Kenneth says:

    I’ll have what she’s having.

  33. Hank says:

    Sorry “flavorgasm” in my last post.

  34. Andrew says:

    Alton and I have the same gasm face, says me girlfriend.

  35. Russian Blockhead says:

    I’m nauseous. Just nauseous. Really, really nauseous. Seriously, I’m nauseous.

  36. bella says:

    Giada get’s 3 and Alton only 1…come on now…

  37. s l says:

    i know this is cliche’ on the site, but giada is still a sex bomb and i wish i had dropped one on her for her to make that face. over the top? yeah! over the top of that low slung cleavage she got! oww! Jillian, you are too hard (giggity)on giada. she is one of the best looking chicks on tv, why shouldn’t she be orgasmic when eating. hell, i am fugly as can be and i still sell my dishes to company with my O face. lay off her. ….

    she belongs to me.
    my wife will never know.

  38. Stephen says:

    EWWW! My eyes, my eyes are bleeding.
    That RR picture is actually frightening. Call Father Merrin quick. She needs an exorcism.
    Takes nauseating to a whole new level

  39. DerekLutz says:

    The transition from RR and her chicken cutlet boobs to McCargo in his Village People vest is awesome. Rach looks like she’s trying to work up a dump and McCargo just closed the deal.

  40. Arnold Ziffel says:

    Its quite obvious that Rachael Ray is tasting someone else’s food, not the stuff she just “cooked”….
    I’m very thankful there were no pictures of Paula Dean.
    I wish the two of them would just go away, far, far, away…

  41. Krez says:

    I wasn’t expecting an Alton picture — that made me laugh like a madman.

  42. annmartina says:

    What always annoys me about their reaction is that it always starts before they’ve even finished closing their mouth over the spoon or fork. You know they haven’t even really tasted the food yet.


    Seriously, it looks like Giada is using a vibrator when ever she has a foodgasm xP

  44. Jessica says:

    Tee-Hee AB’s foodgasim turned me on just a little bit!

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  46. Ker Kernel says:

    What about MegaloDon Don Zinn when he’s eating his sweet sweet grease ?? He looks like the lady from the “Calgon, take me away” commercials.

    And you should see Chez eating his Funyons !

  47. SRM says:

    Where’s NIGELLA?????

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  53. Barns says:

    The bottom one has some incredible boobies

  54. Thor says:

    You know, it looks more like they are all one second away from sneeze-town.


    • reid says:

      So, I’m guessing this post has garnered alot of hits from Stumbleupon. I’ve also noticed that its more about the comment list than the original content. Screw it, I scrolled to the end of the comments just to post it because they were all about the same crap anyway :D Eh.. its 5:50 am.. I should go to bed.. Just ONE… MORE.. Stumble.

  55. gir-the-doggy says:

    I’ve heard people refer to food as being “sexy”, but I didn’t think it was literal (which apparently, it is literal).

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  57. Rodney James says:

    Either they are praying, or their is demon possesion going on here. I’d really hate to say that these reactions are over food, It’s pretty sad if they are.

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  59. Turtle says:


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  61. Toots de la Footsjelly says:

    RATchel looks like she ate some bad seafood. It looks to be an allergic reaction. She is swollen up like a month old beached whale. Bad Sushi! Lets keep Paula Dean and her annoying kids off the air too. Go home and cook for the captain from the Captain and Tennile or Nemo whoever he is. Giada can cook or do anything for me. Robin? needs a transfusion!

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  64. georghe says:

    ok come on now am i the only one who would give anything to find out if rachel ray is as fun in bed as she seems she would be? she seems like a real screamer …

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  67. Regan DuCasse says:

    I’ll have what they’re having!

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  70. Bunny says:

    rachel ray porn.

  71. This totally made my day! My favorite was Rachel Ray.

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  73. Stephan says:

    Im not sure whether the guy on the patio is having a foodgasm or if he just realized he drank acid and is slowy burning from the inside out. Plus I think some of the those girls might be faking it.

  74. This is way to funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  75. Ferd Berfle says:

    What he said (I think).

  76. Sean says:

    Jiada is by far the hottest on the food network and her foodgasms along with that cleavage are just amazing

  77. Niky says:

    6 and 10 are the best. keep up the lolz work

  78. JohnJeo says:

    Second pic really suits for double meaning

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