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What The Hell Is Up With Anne Burrell’s Red Shoes?
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. dkmissy says:

    what’s up with that skirt?

  2. Mac says:

    I stopped asking … her entire ensemble looks like someone just picked pieces out of the Mrs. Potato Head bucket and put them together blindfolded.

  3. BOO says:

    Shit, just go home, and take your funky wardrobe with!

    Hate you, hate Kansas, taking the fucking dog with me!

  4. I used to be disgusted
    but now I’m amused
    since their wings have gotten rusted
    the angels wanna wear my red shoes

  5. zyncooktop says:

    Don’t these people have stylists? Are they blind? And for heaven sakes, where the hell is Toto?

  6. DesignerJeans says:

    She’s trying to start another stupid fucking trend like her former boss, mario “300 fucking inch waistband” batelliewhatever.

  7. zyncooktop says:

    Oh, and btw, I’m thinking, Judy Garland’s feet didn’t look like they were stuffed into sausage casings.

  8. zyncooktop says:

    Hey Boo- you have no idea- my “funniest uncle” just passed. How did you know- are you a fellow southerner?

    • BOO says:

      Yes my dear Zyntop, good ol’ Louisiana! Sorry about your uncle, mine were way to cool before their time!

      High five OZ!

      • zyncooktop says:

        Get out! Go Saints! Anyway, born and bred in NO, live in the Midwest, hate,hate, hate it and the effing cold. Gotta go home soon-the husband needs to take the napoleonic bar test soon or there’s going to be trouble in the crescent city. Sorry if I’m punchy, been doing shiva calls.

      • BOO says:

        Go N’awlins!

      • zyncooktop says:

        Boo- you are an hour ahead-night night time to you and all our fellow FNH peeps. I am so happy to be part
        of this website. Computer is messing with me. As my daughters would say, TTYL.

      • BOO says:

        Me up, go to forum!

    • Lizzie says:

      I’m also a Southerner stuck in the Mid-West, originally from Georgia, but I do so love The Crescent City!

  9. ChefInTraining says:

    Frank Oz, the creator of the Wizard of Oz, was born and raised in Chittenango, NY, which is north of Cazenovia, NY where Anne Burrell is from…I wonder if she got her sense of style from the Wizard of Oz festivities that take place in that part of NY…

  10. Azizeh says:

    The shoes are intended to distract us from everything, cankles up.

  11. Jeff Stinnett says:

    Marketing opportunity…..same as Mario’s orange Crocs.

  12. Motzi Greps says:

    Those are either Sanita or Dansko red patent clogs for kitchen wear. Under normal circumstances, they might look nice on someone that had a sense of fashion but, it’s Anne Burrell of the bad hair and worse clothing. That frumpy skirt exposing her piano legs really has to go. Does TFN have a wardrobe consultant? Oh wait. You’ve seen how the rest of TFN talent (Ina, Bobby, Giada…) dresses.

  13. christopher lord says:

    Anne Burrell is talented, even if her former employees had a bit of a rough time with her in the kitchen. The woman could do anything with pancetta, pasta, browned veg, and salt, and I’d eat it. And you would too. I figure that the shoes keep the fallen guanciale drippings from getting stuck between her toes.

  14. Katie says:

    Dear Jilly,
    Your updates have been slow lately. Please pick it up.

  15. Sarah says:

    I predict that Anne Burrell will outweigh just about everyone at FN within the next 18 months. Even her buddy PorkChop Fee-Eddy.

    • foodness says:

      Well, in defense of the larger displacement models (while not one myself, comfly dumply married to one) they ARE on a cooking network. Speaks better for their craft than that of their more Julienne-esque-ish-y bretheren (bretherenettes).

  16. Sandra Lee's Liver says:

    This is the result of Mario Batali mating with Guy Fieri.

  17. Scoobie-Doobie-Doo says:

    Red Shoes?
    They’re the previously unknown source of her bitchiness. Hands down!

  18. Di says:

    Those red shoes (or whatever you call them) don’t look very comfortable. Or flattering either :(

    And – what – is Toto the next secret ingredient in a basket?
    Run Toto!

  19. Sandra says:

    I don’t know how a big girl like her is even comfortable in a skirt! I’m a bigger girl and I hate wearing skirts, my thighs rub together too much. I don’t like a chaffed inner thigh. I bet if she is wearing Spanx the inner thighs have holes in it!

  20. Ferd Berfle says:

    Skirts have no place in a commercial kitchen and, without a doubt, are not meant to be worn with a chef’s jacket and ugly clogs.

  21. wannabecook says:

    She’s trying to be known like Mario for his ugly crocs.

    • foodness says:

      I would be more inclined to watch mas Mario if Mario would be so inclined to bathe. Ah, well, at least we know he eats his food — & others’, I’m sure. Not like Jee-yadda yadda yadda puke-between-takes Di Laurentiis… chocoholic? Exlax, perhaps. Ugh!

    • froglegs says:

      FN thought she needed a “thing”. Skirt & red shoes. I doubt she just walked in to work one day wearing that shit!

  22. Katie says:

    For the record, I think she looks cute. At least she’s matching.

  23. Muffins says:

    For the record, I think she looks cute. At least she’s matching.

  24. Ann I. Ball says:

    All I can say is I’m glad she kept her “girls” inside this time. It’s a shame when NOT being a skank wins style points.

  25. Holly says:

    ANN: Ina, how do you like my glow-in-the-dark clogs?

    INA: (nervous laugh) Ann, I wouldn’t be caught dead in those clodhoppers!

    ANN: But why? I think they’re so-ooo fun and fashionable!

    INA: (nervous laugh) Ann, as one of Town & Country’s “Tastemakers,” I only wear Loro Piana cashmere slippers made of GOOD Italian cashmere. Only $475 a pair! I have them everywhere in the house. I wear them for cooking, for traveling and for my any-excuse-will-do dinner parties at home. Black only, of course, to match my custom-tailored black pants and black oversized shirts (demonstrates how to pop a collar).

    • Turtle says:


    • foodness says:

      Ironically, Ina’s first course of study was to be fashion design… go figure. ;) Fortunately, she chose no course of study & while a bit plompous (that would be plump & pompous) does some mean seafood. Trying to figure out how daddy feels about all that shellfish though…

      Oh, wait, this is about Ann’s shoes… Team Red, I guess.

  26. kyle says:

    How DARE you people make fun of Guy’s sister like this!


  27. Diane says:

    Whenever I look at Anne Burrell I get the sense that she is actually the love child of Guy Fieri and Mario Batali…only Anne prefers the ruby slippers to Papa Batali’s orange crocs.

  28. Kalico says:

    Leave Ann Burrell alone! She’s cute! If She wants to click her red heels together then that’s her business!
    Any of U have any talent or accomplishments that rival hers???

    • Diane says:

      Ummm…my hair doesn’t look like an explosion at the peroxide factory. I’d say that’s an accomplishment.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      Why, yes, I do.

    • Lizzie says:

      Why yes, I do. I can ensure that my clothing matches before I walk outside in the morning. I also don’t think that mismatched socks are some sort of personal take on style. So yes, I’d call that an accomplishment as well.

  29. Tatiana says:

    Leave… Anne… alone! I think her lack of fashion sense as a good thing. At least she looks like someone you might want to hang out with. One look at one of Aunt Sandy’s outfits where she matches her tablescape is scary enough to make one barf.

    • Leave Anne alone? Excuse me? This is Food Network Humor – not Food Network (With The Exception Of Anne Burrell) Humor. We mock all Food Network personalities equally. And come on. I made a joke about her shoes. If you are getting defensive about something as benign as that, I’m worried.

      • Tatiana says:

        I was trying to make a joke, citing that drama queen that made that impassioned YouTube plea about Brittany Spears a couple of years back. That’s all. Sorry it fell flat.

  30. joyce says:

    Can’t Stand Ya Ann Burrell.

  31. Tina says:

    Aww, I like the red shoes. Geez, some of you ppl are really hateful! And, yeah I get the whole poking fun of thing, but some of this stuff is just downright mean. Lighten up its just entertainment!

  32. Susan Elliott says:

    hey…color me a big fan of Anne Burrell having just found her on Food Network I spend 5 times per week with her at the gym while in cardio room with flat screen TV…… I MUST KNOW, please tell me who is responsible for wardrobe styling? LUV LUV LUV colorful tops and skirts vs pants….DO TELL where can I purchase some of those FUN tops and skirts? Tx so much

    • Momma D says:

      I’m still waiting on the answer about her wardrobe. She’s got a fun attitude and great talent. Like Anne or not, her clothes, shoes, and hair make her unforgetable.

  33. Elee says:

    Anne works hard and probably plays hard too (why not?) She’s cute, and has terrific kitchen standards for cleanliness and quality.

    Looks to me that Anne goes for comfort with some zip! She’s probably running out the door every morning, zapping hairspray on her windbolown hair (all the better to keep it out of her food!)

    Keep it up Anne (a 70 year old FAN!)

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  35. Cheddarhead says:

    Shes a whackjob. Her manly groans and Tim Allen grunts on her show are disturbing. Shes nothing but a copy cat. See above, and her hair is Guy Fieris, her shoes are Mario Batalis. Shes NOT original, no sense of self, and her cooking is not all that great, if you saw that chef challenge show youd agree…. go away dingbat.

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