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Ina’s Friend Stephen Drucker Is The Editor Of WHAT?
Posted by Jillian Madison

On an episode of Barefoot Contessa that aired back in April of 2009, Ina Garten broke into her friends Frank & Stephen’s house and filled their fridge with food so they’d have something to eat when they got home from France. I wrote a brief recap of the show, and couldn’t help but comment on how truly hideous Frank & Stephen’s house was. It was filled with depressingly drab furnishings, creepy old-fashioned portraits, boring white walls, and gaudy antiques. It reminded me of a funeral parlor from the 18th century, and I’m not joking when I say that the home’s ugliness stayed with me for months after the episode ended.

Well. Imagine my shock and horror while watching the DIY network last night, when all of a sudden STEPHEN DRUCKER appeared and started offering commentary about a renovation project. It wasn’t so much his striking resemblance to Beavis that frightened me to my core, as much as it was the title under his name: “EDITOR IN CHIEF, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL.”

Excuse me? The guy who lives in an even gayer version of Elvira’s lair is the editor in chief of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL?

Irony, party of 1, your table is ready.

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  1. Sandra Lee's Liver says:

    Taking decorating advice from Stephen Drucker is like taking financial advice from Bernie Madoff. Nuf said.

  2. Ina's Neighbor says:

    Michael’s hydrangeas can’t even liven up that decor!

  3. dave says:

    House Beautiful is a Hearst magazine. So is Food Network magazine. DIY is a Scripps network. So is Food Network. These people are all in bed together and they’re fucking us all.

  4. Gayle King says:

    It’s the white hydrangeas! Ina’s favorite!

  5. Jill (not Jillian) says:

    Different strokes for different folks. (no pun intended)

  6. Tegan says:

    If this guy is the editor of House Beautiful, then there’s hope for us all.

    Excuse me, I’m going to apply for an astrophysicist job at NASA. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

  7. Butter Babe says:

    That old portrait in the top picture resembles Ina. Perhaps its her great-great-grandmother, Usa Goodvanilla.

  8. byrdie says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch for more and more crossover visits between FN, DIY and the Travel Channel. All hosted by unqualified, overhyped ‘personalities’.

    Whoopee. Now, where’s that remote….

  9. michmom05 says:

    Depressing house, depressing couple of guys, depressing food…even depressing flowers. Pass the Prozac!

  10. boke1 says:

    It definitely looks like Stephen inherited his grandmother’s house and all of the contents thereof. Including the creepy half-dead caretaker, Frank. I thought gay men had good taste! And nothin’ says “welcome back from your vacation in the food capital of the world” like Ina’s doorstop of a macaroni and cheese. Blech.

    • Sandra Lee's Liver says:

      Did you see all that butter and cream that Ina used to make that “Adult” Macaroni and Cheese? Some friend she is. It looked like she wanted to clog their arteries and send their cholesterol skyrocketing!

  11. Sarah says:

    What a creep.

  12. BOO says:

    WOW House Beautiful uh? The WHITE walls, WHITE hydrangeas, Yuck! And what’s up with the bare windows? Oh! Maybe their window treatments have been taken to the dry cleaners! Hey! They could have at least hung some beach towels! LOL

    • byrdie says:

      BOO! No need for the three color scheme decorating when one will do. After all, the worse their house looks the better Ina’s looks.

  13. Jimmy Johnson says:

    Stephen must host a lot of tea parties.

  14. CherryRose says:

    The first time that I saw this episode of Barefoot Contessa, I was sure that Frank and Stephen had bought a former funeral home in East Hampton. The place has an eery aura about it – almost like Norman Bates’ house in “Psycho”. Wonder “who” is in those urns on the mantle beneath the creepy sconces?

  15. oh_come_on says:

    Doubtful that was their real house. Staged rental house I be.

  16. Kat in Texas says:

    I subscribe to House Beautiful and while it’s not a great shelter magazine, it’s okay. Ina is a contributing editor with a feature entitled, “Ask the Barefoot Contessa.” Surprise, surprise.

  17. Katie says:

    I think a lot of Ina’s friends’ houses seem depressing. (Case in point: the view into TR’s kitchen.)

    • Trini says:

      When I say TR’s house I thought “What a dump!”

      • boke1 says:

        I KNOW! It was a veritable tool shed! He must spend all of his money on cashmere turtlenecks and artfully worn-in jeans. He is very good looking, though.

      • Ina's Neighbor says:

        That veritable tool shed, which happens to be on the water, probably cost T.R. anywhere between $2 and $10 million dollars. Real estate in the Hamptons is crazy.

      • boke1 says:

        I grew up about 45 minutes away from the Hamptons so I know how ridiculously expensive even the “lower end” areas can be. I just thought, as one of Ina’s posse, that TR would live in a nicer place. That’s all.

      • Ina's Neighbor says:

        Did you see the episode where Ina invites herself, and drags Dwyer, and Dwyer’s husband Michael to her friends’ new house on the water, somewhere in the Hamptons and makes greek lamb, marinated in yogurt and some cucumber greek salad? I thought that house was very nice. It looks like it is on the Peconic Bay rather than the ocean, but still a nice water view.

        I’d like to see what Dwyer’s house looks like, especially since she was getting her kitchen remodeled the night she invited a boatload of people to her house and fed them Ina’s company potroast. Poor Ina was relegated to eating Chicken and Broccoli alone in her fabulous house.

      • boke1 says:

        I saw that episode and (while staged, I know) thought that it was a little bit of payback for all the times she has Michael over to decorate for parties to which he isn’t invited. I don’t remember that house but I liked the house where she made a b-day breakfast bbq for her friend’s husband (she has a straight friend other than Dwyer, so it would seem) but the scrambled eggs never really cooked and came out looking like creamed corn. So far I like Ina’s house the best. Simply gorgeous.

      • Ina's Neighbor says:

        I agree. Ina’s house is gorgeous. It is tastefully decorated. Her kitchen is unbelievable. I would love to have her kitchen someday.

    • CherryRose says:

      Regardless of how “homely” Ina’s friends’ abodes are, she always tells them that they’re homes are simply faaa-bulous!

  18. martin says:

    I can’t understand who could possibly live in a home without shades, blinds or window treatments. This especially true for 2 gay men. That makes me believe something is fake about all this. Or is “lack of privacy” a new trend in home design?

    • CherryRose says:

      Maybe the boys’ drapes were being cleaned or they had ordered new ones to go with the floral carpet and velvet sofa. Or, Frank and Stephen’s home could be situated on a large wooded lot with few or no neighbors nearby.

  19. oh_come_on says:

    Drucker: former editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Living
    Marital status: 14 years with Frank

  20. Courtney says:

    Sadly, my dad would probably be in love with their house. That portrait of the woman in the picture of them sitting on the red folks have that same one. Hideous!

  21. Tyler Peel says:

    [middle picture]

    “When we’re done our porridge do you want to break out our collection of Barbie dolls and play dress up?”

    “Do I??? You know it girl friend!”

    *giggle giggle*

  22. Mystie says:

    He looks like Gollum.

  23. Ina Fagten says:

    Wait, you didn’t know La Stephen was the editor of House Beautiful? IIRC, Ina mentioned it when she hosted her “boss” (Stephen) for a lunch out in the garden. Ina made spa-git-tee and meatballs because Ina likes to surprise people with really simple meals ’cause she thinks people are expecting better food when they go to her house.

    She also made soda sundaes — or whatever they are called — for dessert.

    At the end of the episode Mrs. Stephen let out a hedious cackle! LOL

  24. Ferd Berfle says:

    These homosexuals have no real decorating taste, do they?

  25. michmom05 says:

    Is Frank seriously ill? In every episode that I have ever seen him in, he looks way too thin and pasty, gaunt even. His face reminds me of pictures I have seen of liberated POWs.

  26. michmom05 says:

    Ina’s really rich gay friend, it would appear, is Jack, the guy who she helped set up his cocktail party. His house was huge and tastefully decorated. He acts about as dumb as a box of rocks. I wonder what he does for a living, other than videotape Ina showing him how to drape a table and set up martini glasses?

    • Ina Fagten says:

      @MICHHOM05: I think Jack is a Realtor. BTW, I think ALL of Ina’s friends are rich, though it looks like Ina’s the only one that likes to flaunt that fact that she is rich and has rich friends.

  27. sheila gosselin says:

    Ina has regular gig with the House Beautiful mag web site check it out. There is the connection with these guys

  28. Stephanie says:

    Oh my GOD, the Beavis comparison.


  29. LesCandy says:

    As I mentioned in a previous post about Steve & Frank’s house ..way too master / slave going on! Get it together Steve!

  30. Orange says:

    Awww man. We missed Stephen’s speech:
    Thursday, September 17, 2009: Learn how to work with color from the experts


  31. Linda says:

    I haven’t seen Jeffrey in any of the latest shows and am wondering if they’ve split. She’s not even mentioned him. I love Ina and the show. I actually learn something from her. Most of the ‘chefs’ on food network have been so dumbed down that I cook as well, if not better, than most.
    I still learn something from Ina sometimes.

  32. charlene says:

    all these comments seem very rude,snide and mean spirited. it’s not necessary or desirable to be that way.

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