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UPDATE: Cablevision Drops Food Network And HGTV
Posted by Jillian Madison

As of midnight EST, HGTV, Food Network, and other Scripps channels have been blacked out for Cablevision subscribers. And folks, it’s not looking good.

Jim Maiella, Cablevision’s VP of Media Relations, just released the company’s OFFICIAL STATEMENT via Twitter:

“Unfortunately, Scripps has decided to stop distributing HGTV and Food Network to Cablevision customers upon the expiration of our current agreement at midnight, December 31. We are sorry that Scripps’ current financial difficulties are making it impossible for them to continue our relationship on terms that are reasonable for Cablevision and our customers. We wish Scripps well and have no expectation of carrying their programming again, given the dramatic changes in their approach to working with distributors to reach television viewers.”

A lot of people – myself included – are obviously pissed off. I’m a Cablevision customer, and honestly, I’m not sure who to to even be angry AT. Scripps, or Cablevision? On one hand, Cablevision keeps raising my rates and giving me less and less in return. On the other hand, exactly what are these “dramatic changes” that Scripps made in their negotiations? Were they asking for a ridiculous, unreasonable fee increase?

Cablevision is currently running a “we’re sorry” message on Food Network and HGTV, stating that Scripps refused to continue broadcasting while the two companies continued negotiations.

Considering it’s almost 1 AM on New Year’s Day, there aren’t many answers to be had.

10:40 am on January 1, 2010 – BLACKOUT, DAY ONE!
We have received over 1,000 emails from angry Cablevision customers, and Jim Maiella, Cablevision’s VP of Media Relations, has not responded to our requests for further comment. It seems we’re dealing with two stubborn, greedy companies, which obviously means this blackout could continue for a while – if not forever.

I also wanted to highlight this comment from Bijoux, who summed up the issue perfectly:

Cablevision is notorious for committing highway robbery of its subscribers and offering a fraction of what other Subscription services provide. Satellite TV offers many channels that Cablevision will not because it is all about money, not the desires of the folks who pay outrageous monthly fees.

As for Scripps and the Food Network/HGTV, their timing is impeccable. With no warning and just in time for their much hyped new season starting in January they are hurting their viewers and using us to fight their battles. I do think Cablevision is cheap with programming and expensive with their subscribers – thus boosting their own bottom line. And I do agree that the Scripps channels have grown by leaps and bounds in popularity – so they do deserve to be paid more than pennies. However, it seems like this was timed badly and handled worse with the loyal viewers as the biggest losers. I think Scripps should air the new shows on their website during these miserable non-negotiations like some of the networks do with their shows.

As a Cablevision subscriber, I obviously can’t write a site called Food Network Humor without the FOOD NETWORK. They have tied my hands, and I’m now forced to go with another cable provider. My options are Satellite, or AT&T UVerse. I will post my findings about their current rates & promotions here later, for anyone else who wants to dump Cablevision for an alternative.
10:20 am on January 2, 2010 – BLACKOUT, DAY TWO!
After 16 years of Cablevision pushing me to the brink of madness with their rate increases and awful customer service, the fact that they were the ONLY cable company that couldn’t negotiate a deal with Scripps was the final straw for me. So, I spent a good portion of the day yesterday researching my options and, ultimately, began the frustrating process of switching television providers. I had two options: Dish Network, or Direct TV. I chose Dish Network, simply because Direct TV makes you buy your equipment and I didn’t want to deal with all those up-front costs for a service I didn’t know if I was going to like. Dish will (supposedly) be installed tomorrow between 12-5, at which point I will be dumping Cablevision.

I wanted Verizon FIOS, but it’s not available in my area. Neither is AT&T UVerse, which currently is offering a $200 cash back promotion if you stay with them for 2 months. There’s no commitment, and you can cancel at any time without penalty. DISH, on the other hand, had no such deals. Even worse, you either have to sign a 2 year (TWO YEAR!!!) service agreement, or pay a $99 activation fee. I chose the activation fee, because there’s no way I wanted lock myself into a 2-year contract with a company for a service I don’t even know if I will like.

If you’re mad at Cablevision, stop wasting your time complaining about it on twitter and Facebook, and put your money where your mouth is. The only way to send a message to Cablevision is to cancel service with them. I did, and I urge you all to do the same.

I knew the people behind the scenes at Scripps were dirty scumbags, but using your customers to fight your battles? On New Years Eve? Sacrificing our interests to leverage more money for yourselves? I know it’s a common practice in television, but that doesn’t make it a fair one. I’m disgusted.

Perhaps Bobby Flay so eloquently said it best on Twitter:


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  1. Lana says:

    *I didn’t see this thread, and posted it in the “Breaking Story” thread. But here it is again, I think where it belongs*

    Woah. Trippy.

    This video of Guy Fieri was taped in November. So obviously this has been a long time coming down the chute. And as expected, FN’s PR team is way ahead on the spin game.

    • justme says:

      Note that there is no mention of Cablevision in the videos with Guy Fieri… that suggests that they may have been preparing to be dropped by another cable company too.

  2. Busta_91 says:

    Sorry to hear it. I still have it on Comcast but Comcast has never worked well for me. The fiasco started two years ago when we had a huge storm and 120 mph winds (straight line. This storm was STRONG). The wind was strong enough that it blew a large limb from our maple tree in the backyard into the power lines and the transformer. The transformer exploded and half the tree collapsed and fell into my yard, onto my garage, and onto my car. When the limb fell onto the garage, it also fell on the line running from the transformer into my house. That combined with the transformer blowing ripped the power line (and its mast) off the side of the house, and all the other lines connected to it were pulled off as well because they ran through the mast. They landed on my car. Fun stuff. Anyway, it took Comcast six weeks to hook the cable line back up and that’s only after we threatened to cancel and make them pay for installation of a competitor. It hasn’t worked right since then for more than 2 weeks at a time, even though I repeatedly call their service center asking what the hell is up.
    */ end rant

  3. Julie says:

    The solution: Call Cablevision and tell them they’ve just lost a customer to DirecTV. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Zach says:

    Im glad this is not happening in good old canada, but I’m sorry to hear about this :/

  5. oh_come_on says:

    Come on over Jillian, Directv’s fine — being tortured right now by a rerun of Bacon McMommy’s NFNS.

  6. Jen says:

    Found this when I went to

    Of course each side is going to blame the other; however, FN is using its stars and fans as amunition against Cablevision.

    You aren’t missing much right now, Debbie just told us AGAIN that she is Korean.

  7. Beans says:

    Glad I have DirecTV!

  8. Alyssa says:

    I am PISSED. Those two channels are among the only two we watch in my household, save for the news channels. Half of the TVs in my house don’t even get most of the channels above 20 because we refuse to have 6 boxes (one for each tv) because paying for three is already ENOUGH. Now this. What else is supposed to soothe my to sleep? HGTV, of course, being the soothing one. Guy Fieri only puts me in a strange mix of mortal peril and anger, keeping me up longer. I am currently stuck now watching BRAVO, and it’s Kathy Griffin. Good lord, what have we come to!

  9. clgillespie says:

    I think all of this is related to the almighty dollar. I have DirecTv and they aren’t the best, but I am not having to lose my stations. :)

  10. So who else can you get your cable from? Where I live, there’s a contract with one and only one cable company. If I want another one, I’d have to move or get Direct TV. I’m really sorry to read this. I’m shocked they’d drop a channel as popular as FN, but then money always talks.

  11. byrdie says:

    Could be Scripps got a little too greedy with the purchase of the Travel Channel and the plans for a new cooking channel. Agressive actions only to realize they’re now cash poor. HMMMM…sounds like somebody at Scripps didn’t do their homework before they started this whole thing.

    • Tyler Peel says:

      Just a thought from the frozen northland… Scripps must guarantee so many viewers to justify advertising rates. I wonder if they’ve considered the effects of loss of viewership? I don’t know enough about the situation to give a credible opinion but based on Scripp’s choice for upper management in the past few years it’s a good guess that THEY are the greedier of the two.

      Jill, if you can… install a satellite dish, pick up a FTA (free-to-air) receiver and keep it hooked up to the internet 24/7. You won’t have a problem getting FN or Travel channel.

      • byrdie says:

        Tyler, what irony!

        FN asks for more money from the cable company. Cable company says nope. FN gets dropped. Looses viewers, thus lowering (significantly) their revenue base for advertisers. Advertisers put their dollars elsewhere. Result: FN/Scripps lost viewership and revenue dollars. Now they’re worse off than they were before they raised their rates. Yep, ironic.

      • Tyler Peel says:

        Byrdie, would it be a fair assumption to guess that Cablevision carries the Travel Channel? Obviously a money maker because the programming is upscale to anything on the FN! Cablevision is probably more than happy to pay a fair price for the Travel channel whereas the programming on HGTV and FN is on par with reheated fast-food.

        The viewship of HGTV and FN are probably not growing and therefore don’t justify any increase in price to carry those stations. I’m not arguing that Cablevision isn’t overpriced but based on Scripp’s arrogance, it is quite realistic that they simply think they are worth more than they really are? A thousand members here complain constantly about the drop in quality of Food Network’s programming so ‘maybe’Cablevision is doing the right thing and standing up to them? It will be interesting to see if other cable providers in the near future decide not to renew their license to broadcast Scripps programs.

      • byrdie says:

        I’m with ya, Tyler! That’s why I think all this greed is going to come back and really bite Scripps in the bee-hind!

      • cowpoke says:

        Tyler Peel -You and Byrdie are right up to a point. This is what both sides do to get an increase from customers. Cablevision can’t raise prices unless they “give you” something to justify it. Getting rid of the channel and then bringing it back later will get an increase. They did the same thing with the Yes channel a few years ago. I think both sides are just greedy maggots. They play these games at our expense.In the end, Cablevision and Scripps will both win and the customer will foot the bill. Unless, a miracle happens and enough people cancel Cablevision and they both get bit in the ass and the consumer actually wins. I’ve never seen it happen yet, but I can dream.

      • Tyler Peel says:

        Cowpoke, that’s a brilliant deduction! So the only hope to put an end to this practice is to get the word out and have as many Cablevision subscribers as possible dump them so they all learn not to pull this shit again. (I still say FN is at the point we should be paid to watch it.)

      • cowpoke says:

        Nothing would be better than to see Cablevision crash and burn for the crap they’ve been pulling for far too long. I also agree on FN paying us to watch.

  12. Marine Wife says:

    I recommend calling or writing to a national news show, like Good Morning America or the Today show. Our local news will run stories about companies that do crazy things like this, and when their actions are really being called to the attention of the public, the companies will usually do whatever it is that the customer wants in order to not lose business. So, maybe a national news show would run the story, and then I bet both companies would suck it up so they don’t look bad.

  13. I am furious. How dare Cablevision drop the Food Network with no notice. Call Cablevision, press the option for billing in order to reach customer service as Cablevision does not even have the guts to give customers a way to reach customer service on Jan 1st. Tell Cablevision exactly how you feel. We want Food Network back

  14. disgusted dean says:

    At almost $200 a month you would think that we would get to see the shows we want. I am an IO triple play customer that is sick of all the manipulative garbage that goes on with cable and their whining about more for your money. A reason we DON”T have NFL because of another $30 a month. Soon cable will cost as much as having a car payment….OH WAIT…IT DOES!! Get real Cablevision, start treating your costomers with respect and fill their needs…and put our needs above YOUR almighty dollar profits!!! Direct TV, you may be getting a new customer for the first time in our Cablevision lives.

    • pissed. says:

      I also own IO Dean, and I agree with you 150% on the fact that they rob us from basically everything. My family and I watch the FN religiously. Almost all the programs. You know what kills me the most Dean? The fact that Cablevision owns Newsday (Long Island’s main newspaper), MSG, the rangers, and the knicks. AS IF THEY DIDNT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY ALREADY. It is completely messed up and I will be looking into Verizon Fios very soon. When i make that call to cablevision, telling them that we are switching, BOY am I gonna have a good time!

      • Julia says:

        Damn, and I was mad when Comcast raised my rate by $4.00 a month! If I had to pay $200 a month for cable I would only be watching FNH all day. Freaking ridiculous.

    • Ken says:

      First of all: “At almost $200 a month you would think that we would get to see the shows we want. I am an IO triple play customer…”

      If you’re an “IO Triple Play” customer as I am then you’re only paying $49.00 per month for cable, so get your facts straight. The balance of your bill is for internet access and telephone service.

      I can’t complainat all about Cablevision. Yes, i was annoyed with the YES issue a few years ago, but that was as much the Yankees fault. The only minor issue I have is that I can’t get BBC America.

      I think Cablevision is a great value, and i’ve always received great service, including the few occaisions when a technician has had to come over. No contracts, plenty of channels including HD, for a very reasonable price.

      Scripps is looking for an exorbitant fee increase, and like any glutton is now choking on the result.

      Speaking of gluttony, perhaps it’s not so bad that lots of folks aren’t sitting around watching FOOD TV while stuffing their faces…

  15. byrdie says:

    THe best way to communicate your dissatisfaction with Cablevision, IMHO, is to drop them like a hot potato. If there aren’t any other cable options where you live, switch to a satelite. NO WAY will it cost $200 a month and the problem factors are nearly zero. Yes, it goes out once in a while if there is a giant storm, but not very often and only for a few minutes. I can count on one hand the number of times it went out last year, so it’s negligible. Other than that, it’s cheaper and the service is good. More often than not, at least with Dish Network, they ADD channels, not drop them.

    • Katie says:

      What sucks with switching to a satellite provider, for most people, is having to switch over so many other things with it. Like for us, we were to drop terrestrial cable, we’d also have to find another way to get internet and phone service. They screw you every which way from Sunday with their ‘bundle packages.’ They know what they’re doing, which of course comes as no shock to the consumer.

    • Katie says:

      Also, I used to be a Dish Network subscriber until one January 1st when they up and dropped Lifetime. Nuh uh. Don’t get between me and my Golden Girls.

      • byrdie says:

        Dish has Lifetime and Lifetime Movie channels. Still have FN and all the other Scripps channels.

        I agree with you on the bundle crap. AT&T tried, almost successfully I might add, to switch my sat service to their U-Verse when I upgraded my high-speed internet connection. But I thought about it for a couple days and told them, thanks, but no thanks. The guy at AT&T said “but you’ll only get one bill for phone, internet and tv!”. My response to him (I’m such a sweetheart)was “I don’t give a rats behind if I get one bill or three bills! What difference does it make? I get and pay all my bills online anyway, so it’s no more of a hassle clicking three times as it would be to click once. I’m not THAT lazy!”. The convenience of bundles is really more a tactic to get more of your business than it is to give the consumer an easy way to go. So I do understand that it can be a hassle. But then, nobody ever said life would be easy, right?!?

  16. GreenJeans says:

    I have written both companies. Switching providers is not so cut and dried for some of us. I would rather cut my arm off than go back to Verizon and their bullshit. It is pure greed on both parts. If they are willing to lose a large chunk of viewers they both deserve to crash and burn.

  17. JaySticLe says:

    I don’t know which is the way to go — you Cablevision people get no more Fietti, which is great, but you also get no more Alton, which is horrible. It’s a mix between awesome and suckish. Awesuck, I call it.

  18. Lindsey says:

    I work for a small, local cable company (which has been through a similar situation with another channel provider, actually, though we didn’t end up having to drop them in the end, thank god) and this is more than likely Scripps actually trying to charge a lot more than they used to for the exact same channels and programming. So though it might suck for Cablevision subscribers, I’d write to Scripps and tell them to stop trying to charge so much. Probably Cablevision was reluctant to give in to their demands because it would have raised your rates by several dollars even, I’m assuming.

    That totally sucks though. FN is like… the only channel I watch, probably wouldn’t even have cable at all if I weren’t getting it for free from working for the provider. Laaaame. I feel for you, definitely.

    • thespian says:

      for the exact same channels and programming isn’t exactly it. FN used to be a fairly backwater network (back in the days of the original How To Boil Water with Sean Donnelan, Ming Tsai’s East Meets West and such). In 2009, according to FN: “Total household primetime viewer-ship grew a staggering 32% during the period, and primetime viewer-ship among the young adults, aged 18 to 34 was up 35%”. The product is a top 10 cable channel now, and as such, they are right to increase their rates; they bring viewers to the table, as evidenced by the discussion of people leaving simply because No Food Network. They were apparently asking for, *gasp* a whole other quarter of the monthly fees that were being charged.

      What I think needs to be considered is that if FN is ending the year as a top 10 cable channel, somebody whose viewership went down is possibly getting paid as if they’re still top 10. The people to ‘offend’ would properly be the company that’s descending, not the company that’s on the rise and likely to keep ascending as the interest in home cooking increases. Until the recession ends, FN’s going to keep growing because of that.

  19. fnmademefat says:

    Maybe now I’ll lose some weight.

    • CherryRose says:

      Are you able to read the text beneath my avatar?

      “To lose weight, keep your ass out of the fridge!” LOL!

      Happy New Year!

  20. Jenn-nay says:

    DirecTV… so glad I switch from evil Comcast.

    I find it funny that many of those who work for the Food Network live in the area where they can’t even watch the channel that they work for.

  21. CherryRose says:

    In our area, we don’t have T/W but, in addition to Comcast, there is the small WowWay. When they offered a tempting piggy-back cable/internet/phone package, we decided to try it for three months. Hated it after two weeks and went back to Comcast.

  22. chris says:

    I blame Cablevision

    Here is why. . .there programming means I pay $$ for networks like BET, ESPN, and Fox News. I would gladly pay $1.00 a month for FOod network if I could save $1.00 per dropping the other three networks. .

    stop making me pay for networks I don’t want

  23. mom2az says:

    I called Cablevision this morning and informed them that I am exploring other options for my cable provider. The CS Rep informed me of the other channels offering food programming, one of them being Martha Stewart on demand. They just took the only channel that I watch off the air and they have the nerve to try and get me to send them more money for a channel that I don’t even want…I don’t think so!
    Everyone should call them up and tell them that they are canceling due to this. I am even contemplating getting rid of cable altogether and just downloading shows from Hulu or itunes! The wonders of modern technology!

    • foodiehubby says:

      Exactly, many people out there defending Cablevision don’t understand what dealing with customer service at Cablevision is like. The hubris of a dying media is only painful because as a consumer I can’t get anything else.

      No FIOS yet, and I cannot put a satellite dish on the roof of our multifamily. Cable providers are the reason we don’t have internet bandwidth as good as Romania or the Czech Republic.

      Cable will go the way of print media if they don’t wise up, I can download movies from netflix, I would gladly pay a monthly subscription to download FOOD channel.

      I remember when cable meant you didn’t have commercials, now we pay to see commercials.

  24. Hilbil says:

    WOWza. I would be pissed. I feel so bad for those that lost the channels. :(

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  26. elizabeth says:

    Ahhh,just thinking about the good old days of having to actually get off your ass to change the channel. Cablevision sucks, our cable bill is thru the roof and they’re constantly taking stations off. I’ll be returning my cableboxes next week. I’m done! The house we recently bought has a dish on the roof and is already wired! New year, new cable provider. Change is good!

  27. Steve Gruskin says:

    Cablevision is engaging in an underhanded and despicable business practice. They are positioning themselves as being on the customers side here, but in reality they are now collecting fees from us for service they are not providing. If they wanted to engender customer loyalty they would rebate or discount the time w/o Food and HGTV, that would be fair to customers not getting the service. Both companies are babies. Cablevision subscribers will switch to FiOS and Scripps will lose Food and HGTV viewers, especially as new competing programs in their categories come up on other channels.

  28. Devin says:

    This is just awful on both company’s parts. I live in a condo and satellite dishes are off limits because of their external appearance. Cablevision is literally our only option because there’s no Fios in our area and I don’t believe I can get Direct TV either. We are stuck with this terrible company that chooses to extort its customers rather than pleasing them. I don’t know ONE person who likes Cablevision. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone woke up and realized WE HAVE THE POWER?! If we all drop Cablevision together, they’d have no choice but to be competitive with their rates again. I am tired of being treated like a sucker on the corporate teat of America. is starting to look really good right about now.

    • cowpoke says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Think of the power that people have if only they would stick together. I wish ALL Cablevision customers would stop paying their bills until they give us fair rates.

    • You do have the power. Attend a homeowners association meeting, and submit an order to repeal the “no dish policy”. I’m sure you’re not the only resident who is fed up with the cable offerings.

      • cowpoke says:

        Unfortunately, it has been tried and people will complain but won’t do anything about it. They have the attitude “What can you do” It’s very sad for those of us who try to do something.

      • Karen says:

        Homeowners, (different for renters) are protected by the FCC. Go above your HOA and pursue rescinding of the local policy based on the FCC’s ruling that over-the-air signals(including satelite) are within the public domain as a de facto public utility and protected. A few minutes on the FCC website should provide you with plenty of ammo. Our former HOA had a policy against antennas, but we challenged it and won. HAH! In addition to an antenna, we put up a big, honkin’ ugly, 12′ diameter C-band satelite receiver. (It was the early 80′s with no cable availible in our rural area.)

  29. Michele says:

    I am really pissed. I wish we could switch to Fios but it’s not offered in our area yet. This sucks big time.

  30. Ryn says:

    I love how if you call Cablevision they tell you to watch their other great stations like BravoTV. Really?! Bravo is NOTHING like Food Network. What’s even worse is that I live in a condo complex and our management must get kick backs from Cablevision since they won’t let us get anything else.

    I vote these two companies as the biggest douches of the year. Which is sad since the year only just started.

  31. JcT says:

    I admit to bias, as I have been a DirecTV customer for 7 years now. I had Cablevision prior to that.

    Call DirecTV (or Dish, I guess) and change over right now. Even adding on Local channels, the cost is still MUCH less than cable. Don’t believe the lies about satellite service going down all the time. I lose signal rarely, and I cannot say if it is more or less than when I had cable.

    This site is much too important to go without Food Network for very long. :) Please keep us updated!

    • JcT says:

      I thought it might help to add on my actual bill:

      Date Description Price Tax
      12/29/2009 TOTAL CHOICE PLUS $57.99 $3.62
      12/29/2009 HD Access $10.00 $0.63
      12/29/2009 Leased Receiver $5.00 $0.41

      Compare that to your Cable bill!

      After thinking about it, I realized I had Time-Warner, not CableVision, prior to DirecTV.

  32. cowpoke says:

    We have been trying to get FIOS here in Brookhaven (Crookhaven) for years. Cablevision and the Town are in bed together as well as Newsday etc. FIOS blames the town. The town blames FIOS and in the end it’s all about greed. And when Cablevision and Scripps are done with this pathetic grandstanding all for the sake of their customers and saving us money blah blah blah…. It will cost us in the end. If everyone stopped paying their cable bill until they lower their prices they would HAVE to stop.Cablevision has made billions over the years off all of us. Did you know their employees get all the channels all the time for free? I’m definitely looking into other options. We pay $169 and just have “expanded basic” cable. Greedy little maggots.

    • byrdie says:

      I cannot believe that anybody would pay $169 a month for cable service!! I mean, I’m not calling you out Cowpoke. I understand the rates are what they are and either you pay or you got nuthin’! What is so unbelievable is that the rates ARE set that high. It’s ridiculous!! There are other, MUCH cheaper options. Wow. $169 is a ton of money just to watch tv. Yikes.

      • cowpoke says:

        I’m not sure who’s more stupid here. Me or Cablevision. Believe it of not we are at the cheaper end at $169. Neighbors with phone and HBO etc.. pay more. No one around here has had any luck with satellite companies. I’m not sure why but they all go back to Cablevision. We still need Cablevision for the internet. The phone company option is awful. My husband hated it. So unfortunately, Cablevision is it for now. Fios would be a great option but the crooks in Crookhaven haven’t been bribed enough yet I guess. I should just read more and get rid of the TV altogether. I only watch Food Network and old movies anyway.

      • Motzi Greps says:

        Wow, we pay $170+ for cable, internet and phone in one package with Time Warner. I can’t fathom paying $169 for just cable. Dood. I also would never switch to Dish unless I had a gun to my head. A canary farts sideways on the satellite and your service is out for days. No thanks.

      • cowpoke says:

        That also includes the internet. Sorry for the mistake on my part.

  33. breen says:

    How disappointing. Sick of getting ripped off by Cablevision with a price increase and less channels. As it is, most of what they offer is of no interest to me. Guess cablevision will be doing a bit of “downsizing” regarding their staff if the mass exodus takes place.

    I’m looking into switching to Fios.

  34. jmsiv says: NOT get Dish Network. I have Dish and am on the phone with them at least every other month resolving billing errors, and dealing with malfunctioning/broken DVRs. If I prevent at least 1 person from signing up with them, writing this was worth the effort.

    • Judith says:

      We have Dish and have had no problems with them or their service. I guess it’s where you’re located. We’re in Missouri in the St. Louis area.

      • byrdie says:

        I’m with you Judith. We’ve had Dish for 12 years and have had some issues from time to time, but they’ve always resolved problems promptly AND we have never been without programming ONE SINGLE DAY in those 12 years. As I said in another posting in this thread, the feed goes out from time to time BRIEFLY (maybe 10 minutes or so) when there is a very heavy storm. But it only happens during HEAVY storms, not just because it rains, or as Motzi stated somewhere in this long thread, if “…a canary farts sideways…”(funny Motzi!). And no way in hell do we pay the outrageous rates the cable companies are charging. I have the 250+pack and local channels, about 35 music channels, access to either pay-per-view or on demand movie channels, DVR in three rooms and my monthly bill is about 70 bucks. No, I’ve had cable and the service always sucked, the feed went out when it rained, the cable was cut more than once and it took literally DAYS AND DAYS for it to be repaired (reason we finally switched to Dish) and the rates climbed and climbed. Anyway….

    • Dana says:

      I have had nothing but GREAT service from DishNetwork. We switched from cable to dish when we moved in 2001. The place we moved to was ”too far off the road” for cable to hook us up. You would think we lived miles from the road, but our driveway was MUCH LESS than 1/10th of a mile from road to house. We chose DishNetwork at the time because the package options were a better fit to our viewing habits.
      A few years ago, four hurricanes came thru this area. Some of the damage caused by them knocked our dish out of alignment with their satellite. I called DN and they put me on the list to have it set up again. Our situation was not an emergency… so many homes were in need more than us and I was fine with that. I understood that it could take at least two weeks for them to have the manpower to fix our situation. AND THEY GAVE ME A CREDIT FOR THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE WITHOUT A SIGNAL!! Cable would NEVER do that… even if it was thier fault!

      • Ray says:

        “AND THEY GAVE ME A CREDIT FOR THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE WITHOUT A SIGNAL!! Cable would NEVER do that… even if it was thier fault!”

        Or maybe cable would. Time-Warner gave me a credit when I was without sevice (aka, a signal) for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe TW is unique in that way, or maybe I just got a sympathetic customer rep.

        Now it’s time to be unpleasantly surprised: I read that TW is raising their rates this month. Joy. Also, I’m not sure if the whole Fox channels thing has been resolved or not.

  35. d0N says:


    • cowpoke says:

      I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. Verizon said the Town of Brookhaven hasn’t signed off the contracts yet to give them the green light. The Town said Verizon hasn’t given them the contracts yet. And Cablevision is behind the whole thing with their bribes to all concerned and you won’t read about it in Newsday because they own that too. They are laughing all the way to the bank. The only way to stop them is to stop their cash flow.

      • Jenn-nay says:

        Our township in PA allowed Verizon to install FIOS. Unfortunately, it was going to take FIVE YEARS to complete.

  36. Bill says:

    My girlfriend is pissed that Cablevision dropped Food Network. I couldn’t be happier; more Spike and Discovery for me!

  37. fxtech says:

    Screw scripps and screw cablevision.

    Go outside and enjoy the day or read a book!

  38. Foodiefav says:

    I tuned in to watch Ina at 1.30pm today and it’s a black out.

    *sobs uncontrollably*

    Now where am i supposed to get my “good” food recipes from?

    Boo to both cablevision and scripps!

  39. jamie.thomas says:

    I feel very lucky today. We have Cox cable and our television, internet and phones are all in one package. We have three t.v’s with 900 chanels of cable, three landlines and three computers and it’s only 135.00 a month. I feel very blessed but I am so sorry that so many of you are going through such shit, just trying to enjoy some simple entertainment. What a shitter this is.

    • 900 channels, really? My box displays channel 999, but in reality, there are only about 225 different channels, and most suck.

      • Traci says:

        pffft… No, there are not 900 channels. We’ve got Cox digital cable with HDTV. There are LOTS of channels, but not 900. It does numerically go into the 900′s (typically the music channels), but skips a lot in between. I think the 600s are sports. 700′s are HDTV, etc.

        And we DON’T pay 135. I think our bill is around $150 for internet and a DVR/HDTV box for digital cable (and that’s just for ONE box, we have only 1 TV).

      • jamie.thomas says:

        Okey dokey. The next time I decide to sympathize and share my thoughts, I guess I’ll just keep them to myself.

    • Di says:

      Wow, now I feel lucky with Cox, too. My bill’s about $100 for phone/internet/cable&digital channels (don’t get HBO,Showtime,tho’). Glad it works for me since only other option is dish and we’re not allowed to have them in my apartment complex.
      Poor Jillian – I can’t believe they gave no advance notice, but I guess they didn’t want to lose $$$ by people unsubscribing early. That stinks.

    • BOO says:

      Jamie, gotta luv ya! Okey Dokey!

    • Snowflake says:

      Lol, no kidding. Cox isn’t perfect but reading all these comments I also feel lucky to not have to deal with such a mess. I still subscribe to basic cable through Cox…which gets me about 60+ channels for about $25/month. Not ready to take the digital cable leap since I can easily connect my PC to my TV and watch shows online whenever.

      Good luck to all of you in this Cablevision mess.

  40. JaySticLe says:

    How about switching to Comcast, Jill? Remember, Shaq’s got your back. (ooo-oooh)

  41. hortense says:

    I don’t really have any issues with Comcast in my area..I mean, I think cable is a tad pricy, and I’m hoping they’ll become more flexible in the future.

    We should be able to pick which channels we want to watch. Why do I have ESPN, for instance? I NEVER watch that channel. Cable companies need to start being more flexible, or they’re going to die out. Hulu will kill them eventually. I hate watching shows on Itunes and Hulu. But Id have no choice if cable got too expensive.

  42. Jacky B says:

    Seems as the more you pay on Cablevision the less you get. I’m a triple play subscriber with Cablevision and my rates just increased. Will I get a reduction since these networks are in my package? The Food Network is one of my favorit channels. Cablevision will loose customers over this. I will probably be one of them.

  43. Cablevision doesn’t care about quality television at all levels. I know this because I worked for them for over a year on one of their TV channels, and then one day they decided to ax the ENTIRE NETWORK, effective CHRISTMAS EVE. So for them to pull something like this because Scripps demanded more money is not a surprise. But don’t get me wrong, they’re both screwed up. The business side of TV is their priority.

  44. cowpoke says:

    Remember when Cablevision had their commercials about the switch to digital from analog and their customers didn’t have to do anything for the switch? Well, we had to buy cable boxes for our TV’s at 6 bucks apiece. My husband wrote the Attorney general (Andrew Cuomo) and they did nothing about the false advertising of Cablevision. I wonder how much Cablevision is paying to get him elected Governor.Cablevision has alot of power and pull and we, the consumer pay the price. I think I will get rid of the TV. Reading more is sounding better all the time.

  45. Patrick says:

    I’m finished with Cablevision! I also think that Cablevision is trashing Scripps. I’m dumping Cablevision just for the unprofessional way they are handling this matter.

    FIOS for me! Ciao Cablevision! I’m sure you will lose many more users!

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  47. Fed Up Consumer says:

    Take a look at Cablevision’s website and your account details. If you are paying for the Family Cable package, click on the link that states exactly what is included in that package and you will see that HGTV and the Food Network channels are still there. Email Cablevision and demand a price deduction based on false advertising or breach of contract or whatever the correct term is.

    • cowpoke says:

      We tried that. As I stated before my husband went through all this. Cablevision even admitted they were false advertising and Cuomos office did nothing BUT Cablevision said we were paying for channels that were coming in the future….. Again, Cuomo and his croonies did nothing. Cablevision must make large contributions to his campaigns. They take away channels and we still have to pay for all of them. And for channels that don’t exist. We did try but I guess Cuomo and his gang are brain dead from all the cool whip and taco seasoning and of course vanilla vodka.

  48. Jim F. says:

    Cablevision is an evil wanna be media empire! What they are doing to Scripps happened a few years back with the Yes Network and the Yankees. Cablevision played hardball, but a year later caved in because of subscriber’s anger. Years back they acquired the Wiz and ran it into the ground, gone! They purchased Long Island’s Newsday and turned it into a rag. It’s paper-thin with most articles pulled in from wire feeds and hardly any advertising, except P.C. Richards, a store I will never purchase anything from. Just check their prices. The cheap Cablevision management has trimmed the staff to almost nothing. They recently raised the price for the newspaper to $1.00 and I finally stopped buying it, it’s just not worth it. And the Post gives me the same news and it’s more fun to read. If you use Cablevision’s internet service, you’re allowed to use their website. But if you don’t, like my son who moved upstate and used to check the website daily to keep up on Long Island news and follow his former High School’s sports, he’s out of luck unless he pays for it. He doesn’t. The Dolan’s are the cheapest pricks in the business. Check out their flagship News 12 news station. Total crap. Over the years, like Newsday, they have less and less location stories. The whole production of the station is about on par with any high school in-house TV network. Check out the company’s history and you’ll get a good sense of how a family operated media company can monopolize the business and suck the money from the poor subscribers who will now look for alternatives like Fios or satellite companies.

    For me it’s a no-brainer. My family wants the Food Network, they love it! And they don’t care what provider I use to bring it into my home. Their programming is great family friendly entertainment. Goodbye Cablevision!

    Oh, and I guess we’ll lose the Travel channel as well, since Scripps bought them also.

    • cowpoke says:

      Bravo. You are 100% on the mark.They own Long Island and all the politicians are in their back pockets. They turn everything into crap.

  49. Anne says:

    I’m dumping Cablevision ASAP. Doing my alternative research now.

  50. linda iudice says:


  51. Teague says:

    FN’s propaganda site ‘I love food network’ is working over time plaeding their case. My favforite is that with out FN you’ll miss ‘The Worst Cook in America’ Oh well.

  52. Peaches says:

    Comments -

    1. I used to have cable (until late November, 2005 when I moved) – it went from Century Cable to Adelphia Cable to Time Warner – and the service sucked; I had to request service and (lord help me) I actually asked if the phone rep was in the US!
    2. When I first moved here, service was ATT Dish through the apartment complex (my unit is not well situated for satellite service, plus there is a $250 deposit for placing a dish here (this is the apt complex, not the satellite providers).
    3. We now have ATT U-Verse and all in all, it isn’t too bad; I’m trying to work a deal to upgrade to HD, drop my movie channels (I currently pay extra) because they are included in HD, and come out “even” cost-wise. With HD, I would get FN and other stations on the Eastern time broadcast.
    4. Cable franchises in most cities are monopolies – there is no competition. The city contracts with a specific cable provider, usually for 3 to 5 years (!), and there is no alternative cable provider.

  53. mary lindstrom says:

    I like to voice my opinion. We have Cablevision for all our tv, internet, and phone.Yes the rates go up and up and the consumer gets less and less. Maybe the US Government will get into the cable-tv business like they did with wall street and banks. Maybe people should shut off their tv’s and go back to radio. If a network ranks in the top ten they do deserve to be rewarded.But I believe that Cablevision is greedy.

  54. [...] novel idea for cable One of the blogs I follow, Food Network Humor, wrote that Cablevision has dropped Food Network and HGTV in their subscriber area.  It’s some sort [...]

  55. Christina Salley says:

    I will follow the Cable and Scripps crap for a couple of days and then see what the other companies offer. Why do we always get porked??? I can’t wait to see what happens to Fox News.

  56. Albert says:

    I still have Food Netowrk and HGTV, but I live in Canada though

  57. DesignerJeans says:

    Off Topic Sort of:

    Fox and Time Warner made a deal. No interruption.

  58. Tyler Peel says:

    Food Network will be forced to farm out their shows to other networks so where should they go??? Hmmm…

    Diners, Drive-ins,& Dives – Travel channel
    Down Home with the Neelys – Spice channel
    Giada Di Laurentiis – Playboy channel (Softcore pRon)
    Paula Deen – TV Land (in between Hee Haw and Bonanza)
    Barefoot Contessa – FLN (Fine Living Network or the GLN Good Living Network)
    Throw Down w/Bobby Flay – WWE (Wrestling Channel)
    Rachael Ray – Oprah TV
    Alton Brown – Discovery Channel
    Anne Burrell – WE (Women’s Entertainment)
    Duff Goldman – Disney Channel/Animal Planet
    Tyler’s Ultimate – TLC (Tiny Little C*ck – Big Ego)
    Guy’s Big Bite – Comedy Central (b/c his show is a joke)
    …and Aunt Sandy – SciFi Channel (b/c she’s not of this world)

  59. NickF says:

    I have DirectTV, and I LOVE it. I used to get drops out a lot but then we stopped, and came back like almost immediately and its PERFECT now, I never have drop outs. And the bill is around 100, I think? Maybe 90?

  60. Reality Check says:

    Get satellite. I have been a DirecTV subscriber for seven years and they’re fantastic.

    Is CableVision Time Warner? I heard Time Warner is blocking out Fox channels…maybe it’s the same deal. If so, I believe the FCC is stepping in.

    Good luck.

  61. Bonzy22 says:

    All I can say is, DIRECTV!

  62. Bonzy22 says:

    oh p.s., If you do decide to switch to DirecTv, lemme know. We can get 50 bucks off! lmao

  63. [...] the rest here: UPDATE: Cablevision Drops Food Network And HGTV « Food Network Humor Tags: Business, byrdie, food, Hgtv, january, service, travel, [...]

  64. thespian says:

    we’re mentioning DirecTV here so much that they’re now showing in the google ad there; so Jillian can get the new subscriber special!

  65. Devika says:

    I rarely watch Food Network anymore (although I am disappointed that I won’t get to TiVo that Iron Chef America with Michelle Obama), but I am going to cry myself to sleep tonight at the loss of HGTV. I don’t know what my boyfriend and I are going to do without “House Hunters” and “Property Virgins” to inspire our decorating. The worst part is that Cablevision just raised our rates another $5/mo!

  66. Vickie says:

    I was shocked and pissed that the one channel that I actually do watch was pulled. I am going to start looking into other options. If they are gonna charge us an arm and a leg we should at least get to watch what we want and pay ALOT of money for!

  67. Jessi says:

    I think both companies are being stubborn jackasses… but I think in this case, it seems like Cablevision really is the bigger culprit. I can’t imagine paying over $80 for BASIC cable service and Cablevision refusing to carry programs because they are asking for more money. That’s practically highway robbery. Any time a network is blacked out from a cable company, they expect their fans to fight their battles for them, of course – what’s going to get to the cable provider’s attention is 1500 people canceling service, not a network demanding more money. I’m curious to see how this pans out in the end.

    Keep us updated, Jillian!

    • cowpoke says:

      Cablevision has 3 million customers. Wouldn’t it be great if even 1/3 called and canceled? That would make my whole year! Cablevision makes billions per year. Food Network and Scripps are definitely in the millions – They’re just playing games. Each side is “looking out for us” and blaming each other for not willing to negotiate. It’s a game that they play and in the end we’ll get FN and HGTV back and it will cost the customers. They usually throw in some other channels too that aren’t worth watching. They think their fooling us with this crap. “You can have FN And HGTV and we’re throwing in these other four channels just for you”! And your bill will only go up $5 a month for these great channels. Both sides are in on this and laughing all the way to the bank. I guess they think they’ll need all this money when they’re rotting in Hell.

  68. Di says:

    Maybe Cuomo doesn’t want his Sandy being broadcast to his local constituents because she might taint whatever wholesome image of himself he’s trying to project for election?

    (I have SUCH an imagination)

  69. JaySticLe says:

    Just switch to Comcast. They still have Food Network, and they don’t bitch and moan and take channels off the air because of petty disputes over money! That’s why they’re the number 1 cable company in the WORLD!


    • Unfortunately, you can’t “just switch to Comcast.” Cable Companies are regulated and designated based on where you live, and most of us don’t have more than one choice. It’s cable, or Satellite.

    • Michelle says:

      Comcast is the worst. We switched to DirecTV and have never looked back. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with Comcast for high speed internet …

  70. Rita says:

    I vote that all of us that have cablevision do not pay next month’s bill. Why is it that they can take away channels or make us pay for cable boxes whenever they choose but we have to pay our bill without questioning them!! We are paying for certain channels and they are not delivering! The channels they tell you to watch are only available if you have a cable box on every TV in your house. I live in Fairfield County, Connecticut and I am writing to Attorney Blumenthal.

    • BOO says:

      Rita, I have Comcast with very few problems. As with most cable suppliers, we pay a month in advance! They have it set up that way to make sure they get their money. Now, the funny is that if you’re late on that payment they charge a late fee! Go figure!

  71. DerekLutz says:

    DirecTV here but it’s getting expensive and I’m looking to upgrade to an HD receiver soon. DirecTV is having the same issue with sports channel Versus, owned by Comcast. It seems like this is just the beginning for any TV channel provider, cable or satellite.

    As to the folks suggesting Jillian go outside or read a book, hello, this blog is about a TV network. Also, what makes you think she doesn’t go outside or read?

  72. Rose says:

    Jillian, I hate to defend Scripps, but I think Cablevision is by far the bigger villain in this dispute.

    For one thing, everyone I know who has Cablevision hates them – more money for less channels and awful customer service. Also, I personally despise Cablevision because the Dolan family destroyed the NY Knicks when they gave the team to their son as a little toy for him to play with (do you remember when the Knicks always made the playoffs? No, neither do I)

    FN has become a top 10 cable network over the past few years, they used to be a little nothing cable station with a tiny following, so of course they want more money – they’re worth more money now.

    And I see nothing wrong with FN bringing their stars in to lobby for customer support – why wouldn’t they? At this point they’ve received at least 150,000 complaints, and even more important, people like you are canceling your service over this (and yes, I know you weren’t motivated by Bobby Flay’s or Douchebag Ferry’s impassioned pleas! lol)

    Cablevision’s campaign appears to be sending their employees to troll around on message boards to lecture the anti-Cablevision folks to “educate themselves” or “get their facts straight” before dragging their “good name” (ha!) through the mud. And the sneaky little buggers don’t even identify themselves as paid employees, they pose as concerned citizens who just happen to love Cablevision. At least Douchey and Flay are honestly representing FN, because, ya know, they pay ‘em a lot of money to do things like that.

    I have a friend with Cablevision who is despondent over losing her favorite network, so I just hope they cave, fork over the money, and return FN and HGTV to the airwaves.

    Good luck with your new provider. I would be despondent over losing FNH! It’s the funniest site on the internets IMHO.

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      “Cablevision’s campaign appears to be sending their employees to troll around on message boards to lecture the anti-Cablevision folks to “educate themselves” or “get their facts straight” before dragging their “good name” (ha!) through the mud.”

      Interesting that you make this observation. I have been convinced for some time that FN does the same exact thing.

  73. BOO says:

    Their, Their Boby Flay! Their is a problem up Their in to hed! I To mised a few day of skool! Really dout yew ar that stoopid!

    • Jimbo says:

      LMAO! Did you watch him tonight on that special with Mario, Emeril and the White House head chef? Why wasn’t I surprised that God of Food Network , Mr. Flay would even defeat the two chefs that the same network may have already phased out to serve the likes of Emperor Flay, PAAAWLA DEEEN! and Guy Douchboy? From the moment Emperor Flay was teamed with Comerford, I knew what the outcome was.


      Did you get your satellite system up in time for tonight’s prime time debacle.

  74. John says:

    Cable networks are a rip off. Why should we have to pay for something that’s also making money from advertisements? The greedy bastards are double dipping for money and it looks like Cablevision is calling them on it. As a Comcast subscriber, I’m now worried about how much they ponied up to keep Scripps programming and when I can expect to get the shaft in my cable bill hikes.

    I have no problem paying the cable (or satellite) company a nominal fee for maintaining their infrastructure, but paying these outrageous fees just for the privilege of carrying their advertisement laden bullshit infuriates me.

  75. Kathy says:

    Bring back Foodnetwork, Cannot believe customers were not told about this until 1/1/2010, how unfair. Cablevision is quick to raise rates but not quick to let the customer about important information, like we were going to lose the Food channel, how unfair. I will shop around for another carrier.

  76. Matt says:

    The question of “using the customers to fight the battle” is kind of misplaced, because that’s how it works. Scripps and Cablevision had a multi-year contract for Scripps to provide the channels for some cost per subscriber. The contract expired with 2009, and negotiations during the year didn’t work: Scripps wanted more money and Cablevision was unwilling to paying it.

    Since it was a contract, the only leverage either side has (presuming no strange escape clauses) is when it ends, and this one (like Fox and Time Warner Cable, and a few others) ended on Dec 31, 2009. Since it was on behalf of Cablevision subscribers, it’s no surprise that both sides would turn to those subscribers for help when they couldn’t get their way.

    While it definitely sucks, I’m not sure what other way it was supposed to work. If the contract hadn’t been so iron-clad, you could have problems like this all the time. I”m not sure getting the government involved and forcing carriage of Scripps private for-profit channels is a good idea, and although it’s expensive and a huge inconvenience, the market did have an answer.

    So, yeah, while I dislike it too, I’m just not sure how else it could have gone down, other than one side or the other just giving in.

    BTW, Jillian, Dish Network is notoriously the cheapest of all national transmission providers, and they usually have at least one dispute like this with a programming provider per year. Six or so years ago I switched to DirecTV from Dish after they pulled one of these things with Viacom channels, and I was without Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, Nickelodeon, and a few more for several days. If Scripps wanted more money from Dish, there is no question they’d drop them like a hot potato.

  77. JaneinNH says:

    Jillian: we LOVE dish network. We got rid of cable a year ago & are so happy we did. Around here – dish network is cheaper than direct tv. They have some pretty cool interactive apps – like being able to type in a zip code anywhere & instantly getting their forecast. Great for traveling!

  78. DesignerJeans says:

    Oh bobby…. keep grillin’ and chillin’ you illiterate hump.

  79. Michele says:

    What about a class action law suit against Cablevision?? There must be a lawyer out there somewhere willing to consider this. We as consumers were not informed that this cancellation was a possibility leaving us no time to change providers prior to the start of the new programs. We have paid for these channels and continue to pay for them as a part of our “package”, yet we are not able to watch them. What I really don’t understand is the arrogance of the executives at Cablevision…your company and your jobs exist because we the consumers are willing to pay for the service you provide….BUT if you can’t provide what we want to watch we will find someone else who will.

  80. Matt says:

    Michele, I’ll bet that if Cablevision customers look at their service agreements (the papers you signed when you got cable), it says “programming subject to change without notice.”

    They all do, because they all do this at times, or else content providers would really have distributors over a barrel. If you could sue them for dropping Food Network, then Scripps could demand a 300% or 500% increase, as could every channel operator, and the cable company would have little recourse but to comply. They’re a bit too advanced to have left that hole in the service agreement.

    The pressure on Scripps is more subtle—if FN, HGTV, FLN and others are dark in the NYC area, then not only have they lost millions of potential ratings eyeballs that will drive their advertising rates down almost immediately, but they’re also “out of sight, out of mind” of the rest of the media in NYC. If talk show hosts can’t watch FN shows, they won’t be talking about them during the “chatter” portions of the show. FN’s new “Worst Cooks in America” show will get almost no media attention, even premiering after the “Super Chef Battle,” because NYC media types won’t see it.

    Both sides are losing in this, make no mistake. But again, I still haven’t figured out how it could work better if both sides genuinely can’t come to terms.

  81. cindy thompson says:


  82. cindy thompson says:

    omg…this is all i watch!!!

  83. Richard says:

    Everyone should know that Cablevision did a similar thing with the US Open Tennis Tournament Aug-Sept-2009.
    Cablevision waited until the last minute to announce that they would not carry the US open early round play ( the finals & semifinals are broadcast on network TV) .
    They then said it would be available through the “Tennis Channel”, but only if you purchased an additional package containing NASCAR for five dollars more per month.

    I have friends in California and other states and the Tennis Channel is part of their regular cable package at no additional cost.
    Perhaps, if everyone sent letters and emails to the Food Network SPONSORS, saying we will not buy their products it would help.

  84. LB says:

    I am still holding out some hope but if they don’t say for sure in the next few days, I am switching. Verizon is offering a FABULOUS deal. It is not fios but I do need Internet – and my Internet via Cablevision sucks so this one can’t be worse. It is directv and a 1 year contract. But the price is more than half what I am paying now, and I’ll have my Food and HGTV AND a DVR, which I have never had!

    I agree that the best way to fight this is to go somewhere else. I am still holding out hope but I am ready to change before the verizon special is over.

  85. Kim says:

    I have been a cable customer for years. I WANT MY FOOD NETWORK BACK ON! I pay $80 damn dollars for cable and all I get is a bunch of QVC channels and infomericals. Why is that? I think we all should boycott cable and be done with it. The rates we pay, NO CHANNELS should cut, if anything we should be getting more for the money. I will be contacting the FCC and every other agency. I suggest everyone do the same.

  86. MichaelLC says:

    I’ve been pretty happy with UVerse here in Chicago. A big improvement over Comcast, which isn’t saying a lot, but they’ve got some good features.

  87. cowpoke says:

    I just read this and it came as no surprise. An increase will be coming soon.

  88. maggie says:

    Switch to VERIZON FiOS there should be no reason a cable TV company should be able to control your life’s entertainment when your paying for it.
    cable has already raised their rates and now we get even less, if its optimum its crap
    you might even help 225 laid off verizon workers return to work. lets once and for all send a message to cable you cant control our viewing content

  89. sonya travis says:

    I would like to know whether our rates will decrease, due to this blackout. I only watch those channels, and am so angry with Cablevision. No advance warnings, nothing! Is it true that we may have to pay for these channels like a la carte- HBO, etc? I know that I will not return to Verizon Fios. They have the worst customer service. They are the reason why I returned to Cablevision.

  90. I kicked cable to the curb years ago.
    DirecTV gives you much more for less money.
    And I’ve heard that Dish has improved enough to be worth considering, too.
    Unfortunately neither offers Roadrunner or other high speed internet connection, so I’m stuck with AT@T DSL.
    But I get a discount for bundling DirecTV, Landline, and DSL.
    Since I’m not a gamer, the slightly slower internet matters little to me.

  91. CHARLIE says:


  92. Simba says:

    I am Soooooooooooooooooooo pissed cause how in the world am I suppose to cook for myself now. My life depended on Paula Dean and Racheal Ray!CAN THEY EVEN DO THIS WE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS AND DID’NT EVEN HAVE A SAY IN THIS SORRY PC OF; EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE “SHIT”. SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THIS!

    • Sara says:

      Are you serious? You can’t cook for yourself without Food Network programming? That is seriously pathetic. My first thought was: Get a cookbook–but someone with your obviously low level skills may not be able to follow a recipe. I’m not sure you should go near a hot stove unsupervised. Can your Mommy come over and tell you what to do until you can get Food Network back because obviously you need verbal instructions.

  93. Katakeen says:

    I can not believe this was run with such a horrendous spelling mistake: “there” should be “they’re” and Food Network shousl be separated, as well.

  94. Miriam K says:

    I am furious that we were not made aware of the problems between Cablevision and Scripps. I want my Foodnetwork and HGTV turned back on my cable channel NOW!!!!!

  95. gloria vega says:

    i used to watch the fod chanell i enjoyed the different people they have on the show. i a total lost for everyone. maybe is wasnt watched as often. iam very sorry for this everyting is going away in this contry the lost is mutual. thank you.

  96. leah gorran says:

    i am so mad now i cant watch my favorite shows like color splash and house hunters! come on lets work this out with cablevision i know we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    leah gorran

  97. Camille H says:

    I wrote the following comments to HGTV and Food Network..I work in market data and am fully aware of the greedy tactics pulled by companies like yours. You raise rates exhorbitantly with aplomb , we’re still in a recession, be lucky you have a revenue stream, where many have no jobs and have sought help from the government to even put food on their children’s tables. Why don’t you work w/Cablevision in an equitable fashion and with some sense of business ethics. No matter what, your rate increases will fall on the customer’s shoulders so in my view you’re basically sticking it to those that are your bread and butter and have made you as popular as you’ve become. That’s some thanks we, the populis, get. Nice job. Also, forcing us to switch to another provider besides Cablevision only creates a monopolistic environment which will also negatively impact our costs. What you’re doing on an overall basis is quite cost prohibitive and I hope your ads are pulled due to the diminished viewers…you deserve to be hit in the wallet as you’re doing to your “beloved” fans.

    I hope Cablevision doesn’t cave intotheirdemands!

    • Kris says:

      I agree. Not only should the Food Network not be raising their rates, they should actually be cutting them as they are no longer providing the quality programming and talent that they used to. They decided to cut costs by getting rid of real chefs and are attempting to pass off no talent hacks who have never even cleaned the toilets at a culinary school as “chefs”. Regardless of “common” usage, which stems from ignorance, people who really know food know that “Chef” is an earned credential that means something. To call anyone else a chef equates to selling glass and calling it diamonds. The food network can continue to pander to the lowest common denominator all they want, but they need to do it honestly. You have hosts, NOT chefs and you offer nothing that cannot be found from dozens of other sources online and in books.

    • Rona says:

      Because Cablevision and Scripps are engaged in a power-play, I have contacted Verizon FIOS in preparation for the transfer of TV, Phone and Internet. The FIOS representative informed me that “It’s a personal thing between Cablevision and Scripps”. Also,with TV (the Food Channel&HGTV), Phone and Internet serviced by FIOS,our bill will be less than the current Cablevision.

  98. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    Interesting that this particular thread has seemingly brought out a slough of new posters.

    My underwhelmed response to this is a hearty “meh.” Food Network has very little that is worth watching. It’s constantly the same old crap broadcast multiple times and most of the content wasn’t really worth watching in the first place. Poor me, poor me, no Rachael Ray desecrating every food culture on the planet, no Aunt Drunky making multiple bizarre “tinis,”

    I can understand Jillian’s point, though that she can’t really run a FN humor site without access. Everyone else who is so up in arms really needs to take a chill pill. People there is more to life than fucking Food Network. Try cracking a book or something.

  99. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    I have DishNetwork and have found their service to be fantastic. They had a similar dispute and for several months did not carry the local ABC affiliate. Guess what? I can live quite easily without it. I hope that most CV customers also come to this conclusion.

    The whole PR campaign on both sides is just so much saber rattling.

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