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VIDEO: Sandra Lee’s Epic Meatloaf Fail
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. Nikki says:

    Even for Sandra Lee that’s an abortion.

    For how much she makes she’s too damn even lazy to make a glaze? Just slopping ketchup on top of that pile of meat vomit is more offensive then the food itself.

  2. byrdie says:

    No wonder she drinks.

  3. CherryRose says:

    A beautiful thing? NOT!

  4. Kenneth says:

    Good Lord. Well, meatloaf comes out like that sometimes, I can’t fault her there but she should have cleaned it up before that shot.

  5. Jill (not Jillian) says:

    I think it died while it was cooking.

  6. Dick Black says:

    Pretty sad looking meatloaf. Cuisine for the slothful and uninspired.

  7. Syd says:

    I think I made a meatloaf like that once…in high school.

  8. Gypsy says:

    Nice meat wad, Sandra. The streaks of grease running from it add such a visually appealing touch. The finished product looks sort of like a squashed, poopy brain.

  9. Lana says:

    “Llllooook aaat thaaaat,” she says. Uh, yeah. Maybe not if you want to keep your appetite ….

    I was just thinking: last night I thawed some frozen burger patties, fried in a pan, toasted buns and topped them with ketchup, mustard, iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes. I figure, if Sandra Lee can have a cooking show doing what she does, I’m a shoe in to win the Next Food Network Star. Right?

    *cough cough*

    • oh_come_on says:

      I’d vote for you Lana. You’d obviously do a better job than FN’s *stars*.

      • Sandra Lee's Liver says:

        Did you see Ina a few days ago advising someone
        who wanted to make marinara sauce to use
        “jarred marinara sauce”? How LAZY is that?
        I can’t believe that these people are famous for
        cooking!?!?!? Sauce in a jar? Giant Meatloaf turds?
        You have my vote too, Lana!

      • sBasma says:

        That would be Ina Garten on that annoying video section of hers. I remember because I was scandalized by that advice coming from her of all people. I only have faith left in Alton now, that is all.

  10. Kare says:

    The least she could have done was put it in a loaf pan… It really would have helped. Appearance wise.

    • Kenneth says:

      One reason I don’t like to use loaf pans is you’re trapping the grease in the loaf. Although you could use one to shape it, I suppose.

      • oh_come_on says:

        My meatloaf pan is 2 pieces; the grease drips into the lower pan. Zippo easy and none of that crud like Aunt Sandy’s.

      • Kenneth says:

        Sounds awesome, I’ll be on the lookout for something like that.

      • thespian says:

        Gordon Ramsay actually walked someone on kitchen nightmares through taking two loaf pans and drilling holes (1/4″) in the one for a shepherd’s pie, so the grease could drain away. just get two matching ones, and put the top one on top of the other with a small metal pinch bowl at each end to lift it up a little. Within an hour of seeing that, I had drilled out one of mine (from a set of three that I only ever used one of at a time). I use it for shepherd’s pie, meatloaf, and broiling chicken wings.

      • Hot Tamale says:

        I love this drilling idea! Husband will be drilling my loaf pans tonight. In Sandy’s defense (and i dislike her, one of the only ones i truly think is a waste of space) i also slther on ketchup (so does ina!). My mother’s been doing it that way for 30 years and it still pleases everytime!

    • froglegs says:

      That’s how I make meat loaf for sandwiches ONLY!!!! It bakes faster but I never let anyone see it. Let alone the whole nation. GAWWWD!

  11. Alex says:

    I cannot believe that segment made it to air.

    • byrdie says:

      Alex, all I can think of is that she’s GOT to be doing somebody/manybodies at FN. There’s just no other explaination for her continued series of crap tv shows.

      • wannabecook says:

        Either that, or FN thinks their viewers are so dumb, that they need Sandra Lee to be able to reach out to us…ugh!!!

      • Chickahlette says:

        I’ve always said with Sandra Slush, it’s not who she knows, but who she’s blllllowin’.

        There’s no other explanation. Why else would someone give her these rediculous shows and insane set budgets??

        It’s nice to know tho, that after peddling her tacky interior design ideas on QVC (trying to be the next Martha), and dropping out after three days of a two week cooking class, that that is apparently enough, to land you not one, but two shows on a cooking network.

        Where do I sign up, and how do I get my own show too?

  12. Zach says:

    OMG! Sandra Lee made it to failblog? That just made my month!
    I’ve seen this one before youtube surfing. Disgusting.

  13. Blancmange says:

    What a mess. She didn’t mix the ingredients in with the hamburger, and so egg leaked out the side.

  14. Keith Lee says:

    It looks like a Paula Deen’s fresh turd after eating that donut hamburger concoction!

  15. pittsburgh says:

    looks like something a hobo shit out. either that or she grabbed her recipe from melissa d’arabian and was too drunk to read it/followed it to the letter!

  16. Scruffy says:

    I’m pretty sure Alton does a free-form meatloaf too, I think to allow for more even cooking.

    But I know it didn’t come out looking like that. Hell, Alton’s daughter could make one that looks 50 times better than SAAndy’s.

  17. Mark says:

    looks like someone dropped a fat duke onto a sheet pan and baked it.

  18. Chris says:

    What’s sad is there is a very good chance she could be First Lady of the State of New York

    • Cherry Bomb says:

      not if she makes him that!

    • Mack says:

      Well, maybe someone should e-mail him to let him know what the public really feels about her. Bad press for his future votes. Of course unless birds of the feather flock together as they say. I went to a local garage sale and her cookbook was for sale for $.50!!! I mentioned that I heard she wasn’t a good cook and the seller said she tried several of her recipes and they were crap!

  19. castle4mom says:

    Don’t they do swap-outs anymore? Was that end-product the *best* they could come up with??? I can say that my meatloafs have come out like that a time or two, but, for TV — that was not appetizing-looking at all. How could they air that??!?!?!

    • Kittykitty says:

      Look at the some of the other strange stuff she makes. Do you really think her food stylists give a crap anymore? If I worked for Aunt Drunky I’d probably be suicidal by now!

  20. froglegs says:

    This angers me to no end! what is her salary????

  21. William says:

    We should have a cupcake on top of regular cake celebration that Sandra made it onto “Fail Blog.” I hear those look like they cost hundreds of dollars!

  22. Spatuler says:

    OK, that looked like shit….literally looked like shit.

  23. Beans says:

    Who shit on the baking sheet?

  24. MASCAR-PONAY says:

    Yes, unless you have one of those self-draining loaf pans, you are supposed to use the loaf pan to form it, then tip it out onto a sheet for baking. But that free-form, alien, un-cooked looking meat turd takes the cake. Ok, not even the cake, it takes the toilet award. Oh my, the tragedy…the horror! I agree, how on earth can this woman have a cooking show?

  25. SLE says:

    HORRIFYING!! Makes you not want to eat meat loaf again!!!!!

  26. MAC says:

    I seriously can’t breathe from laughing… what in the nine hells was THAT?

  27. Betty Crocker says:

    More evidence that her camera people/editors hate her. Seriously–it’s bad enough that they didn’t do a swap-out, but then they panned in slow and close on that giant turd with its guts oozing out.

    Also, is it just me, or does Aunt Sandy drop the paper towel she dried her hands off with (after “warshing” up) directly INto the bowl of water sitting onto the counter? I just watched the clip three times, and I swear that’s what she does. Looks like she was hitting cocktail time a wee bit early.

  28. Kassondra says:

    Watched this on mute. But I didn’t need the sound. I’m sure it was super super simple, popped into the oven on 350 degrees, popped right out of the oven, sooooooo dulicious, flavorfuuuul, yummy, blah blah blah. Yuck. I would rather eat that meatloaf than listen to 00:47 seconds of her mindless chatter.

    • Daria says:

      I watched without sound as well (since my crappy work computer currently has none) and I found it interesting her facial expression right before she washes her hands. She looks absolutely disgusted with her own creation!

    • Bad Vanilla says:

      I HATE the whole “pop” thing! She never seems to “place”, “fold”, “pour” anything. She “pops” everything. Get a new freaking word Semi-Ho.

      Oh and after she “pops” whatever it is she is mangling beyond recognition, she always describes it as “perfect”. Really? I have never seen anything even close to “perfect” on that excuse for a show.

  29. teague says:

    Meatloaf or not Sandra Lee = epic (drunken) fail!

  30. Ferd Berfle says:

    She at least could have topped it with Cool-Whip.

  31. MASCAR-PONAY says:

    Just wonder why I can’t find it (to read all the RAVE reviews, of course) on FN site…..hmmmm, maybe they actually looked at it, and went “OMG – for the love of Pete, get that off”!!!!!

  32. Diane says:

    Instead of running that oh so delicate line of ketchup down the center, she should have doused it with some GOOD liquor.
    “Voila! Turd Flambe!!”

  33. RC says:

    Sandra Lee is up to her old tricks again. She does a better job grossing people out than the good people that made 2 girls 1 cup.

  34. FingerFoodie says:

    “Make sure you wash your hands after handling raw meat”…
    I bet she handles a lot of meat.

    Everything she says sounds dirty. Does she have kids? If she was my mom, I’d punch her in the face.

  35. Aristan says:

    Can’t fault her on the shape, His Highness Alton suggests a freeform meatloaf to reduce the amount of grease in it.

    But serious? Ketchup? Alton would smite you.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      When I cooked for an institutional food service, we did the meat loaves “free form” on sheet pans, so I don’t question that aspect of Aunt Sandy’s dish.

  36. Charity says:

    I make meatloaf free form on occasion, but mine doesn’t usually fall apart and ooze gross God-knows-what out of it. Most often I make little meatloaf “cupcakes” because they cook quickly and are nicely portioned for leftovers.

    And yes, I do top them with ketchup.

    Of course, I don’t have a show on Food Network. If someone was paying me to cook I’m sure I would come up with a better glaze!

  37. boke1 says:

    Whose autopsy did she just take out of her oven and what the hell is oozing out of it? I can’t stand to watch her so and will never see the episode so if anyone knows what she was trying to achieve, please advise. I really like meatloaf and admit that it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing thing you’ll ever eat but this is a new FN low.

  38. Alyssa says:

    That’s terrible! I saw an episode Saturday morning called “Easy Elegance” (she was wearing a corset, don’t ask) where she made “smothered meatloaf” in the crock pot. Let’s just say the recipe involved frozen hashbrowns, evaporated milk, shake and bake, cheddar cheese soup, and powdered beefy onion soup mix among other things. It’s not on youtube yet, sadly, but here’s a link to the recipe:

    • leash says:

      Smothering that poor meatloaf would be a mercy killing.

    • Diane says:

      HUGE LOL and eye roll about the corset!

      • Betty Crocker says:

        I saw her wearing that corset too! On the outside of her clothes, for no apparent reason. Unbelievable. I vaguely recall that conspicuous lingerie was fashionable for a very short time back in, I dunno … the 1980s?

  39. Cherry Bomb says:

    Aunt Sandy and her alleged “meat loaf” are the true definitions of “hot mess.” What also startled me is that her outfit didn’t quite match her kitchen decor. I guess her food and set stylists are drinking too many of Aunt Sandy’s cocktails to care. I got a good laugh out of it tho!

  40. pcb's says:

    What? No recipe?

  41. leash says:

    Seriously, Sandeeeee’s Grease-Spewing Meatlump is going right on my menu. But what would be the best tablescape to showcase this gorgeous thing? Maybe a Trainspotting theme?

  42. Mystie says:

    I make a free-form meatloaf (Ina’s turkey meatloaf recipe) but you gotta actually mix it and press it together and shape it–not just throw it in loose handfuls onto the sheet. There’s no excuse for meatloaf to come out looking like a giant runny stool!

  43. Graham says:

    I just bake my meatloaf in a 13×9 casserole dish and form it by hand, but it has NEVER come out looking like that. Dear God…

  44. Cushie says:

    Found the recipe – it was a Round 2 recipe (round two means it’s extra disgusting, I think). After watching that monstrosity some people actually MADE it. There’s just no cure for stupid.

    • Betty Crocker says:

      “Round two means it’s extra disgusting, I think.” LOL! Thanks for finding the recipe, Cushie.

  45. Emily says:

    It just hit me who Aunt Shhandy reminds me of. There was a movie in 1982 called ‘Annie.’ Carol Burnett played a gin swilling, tee-totalling, completely wasted orphanage owner. She bathed in and was always drinking gin. That is Aunt Shhandy from the top of the nappy hair to the bottom of the Hobbit-like feet (except Aunt Shhandy bathes and always drinks vodka).

  46. Sandra Lee's Liver says:

    I can’t tell if that’s meat loaf or Aunt Sandy’s liquor-filled liver….

  47. Spoonula says:

    Shit Loaf Surprise…Like the original, just add nuts and corn

  48. Drew says:

    someone had cocktail time a little early

  49. dippydog says:

    Didn’t they rerun this episode today?

  50. Emily says:

    I was awake the other night and I turned it on food network to have some background noise. This show was playing and aunt sAAndy was making her shit loaf. He jumped down off the couch, looked at the tv and walked into the bedroom to hide under the bed. Even my dog wouldn’t eat that shit apparently.

  51. Elpee says:

    OMG – poor, poor Mario…

    Hope there’s a Mickey D’s on the corner so he can have a good meal every now and then.

  52. Fake Gee says:

    Video is Private
    So that a pretty epic fail article

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