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VIDEO: Next Food Network Star Season 6 Previews
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. froglegs says:

    Red Carpet???? Holy Crap!!!

  2. Alex says:

    Susie Fogelson said, “Daring? Yes. Good? No.” I feel exactly that way about her hairstyle.

  3. Gypsy says:

    I’m already so annoyed, it hurts. Ow.

  4. Zach says:

    Whoa at 0:45 did I see a thinner version of that im korean chick through that video seizure .

  5. Detroit66 says:

    I used to be disgusted…now I’m just amused. Do people still watch FN? Been in the wilds of the UP for 3 months. Thought this would have been done and gone. I caught white fish and threw weeds into the pot – boiled it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I guess you need a table scape to be worthy. Does a plastic table cloth full of fish guts and day old beer suffice? Better than anything Sandwhore Lee can think up. 5 Star Dining compared to her can opener and a tub of cool whip. Make this network go away…………..

  6. Melissa says:

    Wow, this looks extra painful to watch. And yet, watch I will *sigh* lol

  7. Scruffy says:

    Did anyone else get a major “We wish this was Top Chef” vibe? Something about the music, settings, and editing totally screamed copycat.

    I did see nice boobage, which will probably warrant a watch.

    • oh_come_on says:

      Yes yes yes Scruffy….blatant copy of Top Chef, from the layout of the kitchen stations to the challenges. FN, you’re NO Bravo! And all the tears………….ugh!

    • Teague says:

      I got that too. On the first episode last year Booby Fay walked into the kitchen with a chefs jackets to discuss the dishes with the contestants. Trying to be tom Cholicio much?

    • Numb says:

      If you were TNFNS, wouldn’t you want to be the VASTLY superior Top Chef as well?

      • Daria says:

        Yeah they are throwing some money at this thing this year. Did you see that shiny new set? Is it going to be sponsored by Glad products too?

    • Robert says:

      But they do have plenty of gay guys on — so they’re almost there.

      We just need more godawful product placements.

  8. cloverleaf says:

    Heeeeere we go. Who’s bringing the popcorn? ;^)

    • mary says:

      Is it a horror flick?
      Is it comedy?
      Is it a documentary on stupidity?
      Is it a show about what fools the FN “stars” (and judges and execs) are?
      And will we throw up even without a drinking game?
      Yee haw!

      Exactly, Cloverleaf: please pass the popcorn!

  9. Barb says:

    But, really, are any of them as bad as Aaron McLame-o? I think not.

  10. Oh my god. That was too much drama crammed into two minutes. Hate to see how the show is.

    • spoonula says:

      AHHHH! watching that crap upset me. It made me miss the FN of the past even more, you know, when it was all about the FOOD! sorry, had to vent =(

    • Gypsy says:

      Yes, I completely agree. Way too much drama. They’re going too far in the direction of reality shows. I guess that’s what gets ratings, but it’s compromising the quality of the network. Just watching those videos (especially the first one) was too much. Tears and sob stories and a bunch of fighting TV star-wannabes? Makes me question whether I even want to watch this season. (Not to mention Tuschman and Suzie bug the shit out of me.)

      • Daria says:

        OH and look someone got hurt again, just like last year!
        Do they only allow klutzy people on NFNS or is it a setup?
        I agree Gypsy I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch it this year. But I probably will just so I can laugh at it with you guys on FN Humor!

      • Gypsy says:

        Yeah, I’m sure I’ll end up eating my words, and watching the damn thing anyway…

  11. BUT I did love Giada calling that a girl a puppet. :D

    • cloverleaf says:

      Totally pot calling the kettle…..LOLOLOL!! ;^)

      • Lana says:

        The bobble head calling the doll a puppet? Uh, yeah.

      • Mike C says:

        If Giada is not putting down the contestants purely for the drama, then she is dumber, more insecure, and/or less self-aware than I thought. And I must say, I did not think much of her in terms of all three of these traits to begin with.

    • Teague says:

      Yeah I don’t think I could stand there while Princess Ridding on the Family Name Can’t Cook or Talk Live While Showing my Boobs Giada critiques my work.

      • wannabecook says:

        Giada may have a had a push with that family name, but she certainly has proven she can stand on her own. She is skilled and knows her italian food.
        In case you didn’t know the Delaurentiis family is big! and not many have made it to where Giada is. Most are doing regular careers out of the limelight.

      • Teague says:

        You must be thinking of another Giada. Th one of FN can’t perform without loads of editing an retakes. Certainly can’t cook live. And as we saw a few seasons ago has no trouble being rude and nasty to contestants. Criticizing them for things that she with all her time on TV can’t do. For that matter has no trouble dismissing more experienced, better (and not to mention real chefs) And denies that her family name had anything to do what so ever with her success. Then again perhaps her success is do to time in a parisian cooking school…Wait no one knows if she even went there.

        What the rest Delaurentis (not even her original name) family are doing has nothing to with her attitude and ‘skill’ level.

      • Mike C says:

        I agree with Teague. I will say that Giada’s inability to cook or talk live is alright with me, since her shows have nothing to do with either. From that point, I have a feeling Alton would be pretty bad with the cooking live part himself…

        But I must say that Giada had better appreciate her family name. Her food is pretty good for the most part (granted the recipes probably come from her aunt). However, lots of people have hard-earned skills and/or talent, but have no family name to get them started. They could probably stand on their own just as well (if not better than) Giada, but they have never been given the chance.

  12. SaraCVT says:

    What a bunch of putzes. (And I’m not necessarily just talking about the contestants.)

  13. Lana says:

    The “supertease” isn’t.

    More like “here’s some evidence why you SHOULDN’T watch this show.”

  14. Wheezer says:

    Tuschman: “You’re kinda dangling by a thread here.” Priceless. Kinda like FN’s reputation.

  15. Melissa D'umbass says:

    these clips are just too much!! they all look like idiots. i’d say i won’t watch the show, but we know i totally will. that seth rogen wannabe looks like, well, as much of an idiot as seth rogen. he looks like his specialty is pot brownies and nothing else.

  16. Motzi Greps says:

    TNAF= The Next Abject Failure

  17. froglegs says:

    I watched the whole entire season last year while I was on disability after surgery.
    Just can’t do it without the drugs. Sorry!!!

  18. Jadaris says:

    Is this the next season of food network star, or worst cooks in america? What an awful promo. The very end, Susie flat out says that they’re all not talented enough to deserve a cooking show. They couldn’t thrown in a clip showing a little victory, or something that looks tasty? At least Melissa could cook chicken.

    I just want to watch the episode with Wolfgang. And maybe Alton if he’s on again (last time, his comment was to get rid of everyone and start over).

  19. Teague says:

    Love the way they just had to bring in the single mom’s kid. Gee cheep manipulation much?

    I can’t help but wonder if Giada is going to behave this season or will she be overly obnoxious to the contestants again?

    What will be the catch phrase or word this year? Last year it was all about integrity and they showed us that they had none.

    • oh_come_on says:

      Giada’s advice to the women: “Fluff up your hair, smile a big cheesy smile, squeal and wiggle to show your enthusiasm for your food, and push-up bras and low-cut shirts are a must!” For the guys, “Give it up, you’re not gonna win!”

  20. Ferd Berfle says:

    Just seeing that asshat Duff in the first clip with his T-shirt and backwards cap just ruined my day.

    • laura says:

      Really….I thought the exact same thing. At some point you just have to leave the “little boy” clothes at home and put on the big boy pants. This is gonna be an annoying season, what with all the crying and fighting…

      • Ray says:

        “At some point you just have to leave the “little boy” clothes at home and put on the big boy pants. ”

        A lesson Guy Ferry is in dire need of learning, as well.

  21. Chickety China, the Chinese Chicken says:

    Hooray, thank you YouTube, now I don’t have to watch it. Seen it, done it, nadda is new. Next!

  22. Sarah says:

    Kabuki Turd Circus, Part 387.

    You think they might bring in seasoned veterans like McGhetto or The Baconator to mentor these newbs ?

  23. Silvio says:

    These fuckin FN people have no honor. Blatantly ripping off Top Chef in so many ways. Get an imagination you pieces of dog crap.

    Tuschman look more and more like a charactor outta Star Trek every year. What a weird looking dude.

  24. Numb says:

    “I’ve had stuff in my eye plenty of times….”
    Hate to sound crude, but between that quote and her looks, I’m starting to wonder what her past career may have been….

    Also…. it’s one thing to try and be MORE like Top Chef – that would be a fantastic goal for this show – but it’s another matter entirely to blatantly try to become Top Chef. The scenery/setting shots were almost identical, and the music was basically as close as it could possibly be without actually drawing lawsuits. And that’s without even getting into the new ‘kitchen,’ challenges, format, etc.

  25. wannabecook says:

    Can they get rid of Melissa D’Arabian before adding another idiot. I think I can also do without McDaddy or whatever his name is.

    • Gypsy says:

      Speaking of Melissa, we saw her $10 Dinners, or whatever it’s called, last weekend…There is no way, NO WAY those ingredients would cost you $10. To go out and buy sweet Italian sausage, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, wine, fresh parmesan, whole grain pasta, and everything else? No freaking way would that stay within a $10 budget. And that’s not even including the orange cranberry parfait desserts she made.

      • Gypsy says:

        And her money-saving tips were useless. She said, “I know red bell peppers can be expensive, I just watch to see when they go on sale.” Uh…OK…that’s a worthless tip. How often do they go on sale at most grocery stores? And you’re saying to wait to cook the dish, till red peppers go on sale?

        And about yogurt – she said sometimes if you shop in the morning, yogurt will be marked down. ?? Really? I’ve never, ever seen that. Completely worthless tips, Melissa.

      • oh_come_on says:

        Gypsy, completely agree. Melissa’s not even trying anymore. FN thinks we’re chumps. Aunt Sandy’s $$-saving prices show how bogus Melissa’s prices are. The whole show is a fraud, yet 15 more episodes are coming our way soon. I watch for shear entertainment value. Frantic, unorganized, untalented, and full of herself = Melissa.

    • B says:

      Agreed. Also, Melissa deserves a bitch-slap every time she says “here/there we go” and cackles. Too annoying.

  26. La Coquette says:

    “FOOD” to FN is what T-Ball is to Major League Baseball.

    Have any of you ever seen “Waiting for Gufman”? It is a brilliant Christopher Guest film. The actors are great at their roles as “regular people trying to act”. Well..”The Next FN Star” is the “Waiting for Gufman” of the food world.

    • MNLisaB says:

      Great analogy!! But would it be Suzy or Tuschie that exclaims,”I hate you and I hate your ass face!”

  27. Ferd Berfle says:

    First of all, please get rid of the Justin Timberlake wannabe (or at least lose the stupid hat). Second, Tuschman looks like that “Heaven’s Gate” leader, which is kind of distracting. Third, every one of these contestants appears to be incredibly annoying. If I watch this show, my TV may not survive, as I’ll be tempted to throw a heavy object at it.

    • BartenderJay says:

      haha!!! Heaven’s Gate leader….or he’d lock you in his cellar until you said you loved him.

    • Teague says:

      Great call on the Heaven’s Gate thing.

      Actually it’s not to far off considering how hard these people are trying to get on to the FN ship. They’d drink the Kool-ade if told to.

  28. Boston_Dan says:

    Is this s cooking competition show or All My Children? Drama, tears, injuries, OH MY! Not sure I’ll watch this year. I’m really sick of Douchemann. All Suzi is going to do is pick on the young guy for his youth and inexperience – even though they chose him for the show. And I shudder to think of the preposterous circumstances they have put these people in. “Contestants, you have a bag of clamshells, a toaster and a gallon of vinegar. You have thirty minutes to make a mouth watering meal for a bunch of Hollywood has-beens. GO!” Not sure I can take it.

    • cloverleaf says:

      “Contestants, you have a bag of clamshells, a toaster and a gallon of vinegar. You have thirty minutes to make a mouth watering meal for a bunch of Hollywood has-beens. GO!”

      Sounds like the makings of their new high-fiber, rustic douche. LOL!! ;^)

  29. Boston_Dan says:

    And if they feel the need to include a token homo in the contestant lineup, for chissakes, must they always choose a flame-throwing queen? I mean seriously, there are gay men in the world, like myself, who don’t always show up with a boa and frame their faces with all the bravura Judy Garland hand gestures.

    • SaraCVT says:

      Yeah–Alexis Hernandexz’ reaction to seeing Wolfgang Puck makes you think that if he somehow ISN’T gay, he should be, because all the teasing he surely had to live in high school has gotta be worth something. I mean, GEEZ, man, dial it down a little.

      • SaraCVT says:

        *live WITH in high school* Sorry.

      • Boston_Dan says:

        He is gay. His bio on the FN site clearly states it. I just have a hard time with the media exploiting gay people for ratings while reinforcing stereotypes.

      • SaraCVT says:

        I know that. But even if I didn’t previously know, that clip would make it abundantly clear. I have a hard time with the reinforcing stereotypes thing, too. I always thought gay people were just supposed to be people like the rest of us. Sometimes the media makes them seem like a whole different subspecies, and that doesn’t do a lot for the gay rights movement, now does it?

    • Andy says:

      Here here Boston_Dan!

    • Numb says:

      I’m a straight man and even *I* hate that. Frankly, it’s insulting to imply that being homosexual means being flamboyant. Think about the outcry that would occur television consistently cast african americans only if they met the lowest version of their undeserved stereotype… How incredible offensive would that be, and how much public outcry would it cause? Why is continually casting gay males as their stereotype any different?

    • Boston_Dan says:

      During last season, I actually followed Douchemann’s blog on the FN site. Last season had that Michael guy from Brooklyn who was openly gay. I remember him saying something in one episode like “I wanna make out with Bobby Flay.” Well, the comments from some others, particularly those in the Bible Belt, would have made you think that the world were going to come to an end. And it incited many nasty, vicious comments and at times almost hijacked the subject matter. I know that a more “colorful” person is good for ratings, I just wish that the media would include some more mainstream people in their programming as well. Reinforcing outdated stereotypes does no one any good.

    • Teague says:

      It’s typical of FN. Always shooting for the lowest rung on the ladder.

      They have a stereotype checklist:

      Needy single mom…check!

      People with dead a relative…check!

      Fashionista with attitude…check!

      Overly flamboyant dramatic gay man…check!

      • Ina Garten DaVida says:

        “Overly flamboyant dramatic gay man…check!”

        Yeah, but they never will win…the closest thing FN has to a stereotypical gay male star is the Hampton party boys.

        Well, and Brian Boitano, who was married…to a woman(and I like his show a lot–good food, doesn’t take it too seriously but obviously he cares).

        Top Chef has had its share of gay males AND females…any lesbians in this house?

  30. Freezezzy says:

    Drama? Yes.
    Manufactured? Hell yes!
    Remote? Ready!!

  31. Diane says:

    I do believe I will spend my time more constructively and enjoyably…perhaps getting root canal surgery.

  32. ADITL1979 says:

    Someone earlier made the point that one cannot distinguish these clips from a preview of “Worst Chefs in America”. It’s sad to see just how low has the Food Network has gone. This might make me give up the network entirely.

    • Mort says:

      I’m so tired of FN. Can’t wait for the Cooking Channel, the channel that looks like FN used to be. Then FN can run more crappy reruns and more Challenge type shows, blech!

  33. BartenderJay says:

    I’m all for the Giada though…..

  34. Karma says:

    I reaaaaally don’t like seeing the Food Network Stars (namely Giada & Bobby) act b*tchy to the contestants. I liked Giada until I saw her act like a douche on a previous season. They really don’t need to take it there to get good ratings, come on.. Or at the very least get someone I don’t know to act like a giant peen.

    • Numb says:

      Why? That doesn’t bother me nearly as much as when they put up a false “super friendly” act.
      I know today’s restaurant world isn’t the same dark place that Bourdain originally wrote about, but it sure as hell isn’t the sunshine and rainbows land that Food Network had previously been trying to sell us.

  35. Betty Crocker says:

    After watching these two videos, I’m so glad I got rid of my premium cable channels, so now I couldn’t even watch this show if I wanted to–and I definitely DON’T want to see it!

    It’s hard to believe that it continues to get worse every season, but it does. And they just gave Melissa McBacon a THIRD season! Gack! Can it get any worse? Oh, wait, we should never ask that question, because we know it can and will get worse. Sigh.

    The point in the videos that really made me burst out laughing was when Giada told one of the female contestants that she was acting too much like “a puppet.” Well, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black! Giada has always struck me as being absurdly puppet-like, as if someone is pulling her mouth back, with strings, so she can keep baring those teeth constantly.

    • bon appetit says:

      BC, even if you don’t watch, you are still going to chime in on the forums about it…please?!

    • cloverleaf says:

      Betty, I mentioned the pot/kettle thing up-page also because that huge head of Giada’s has always made her look like a doll or a puppet to me!!!! We’re on the same page, for sure. :)

  36. Boston_Dan says:

    I’m over Giada, Paula, the Neeley’s, and Alex Guarnabitchy. I miss Ellie Krieger and long for Nigella Lawson!!!

    • Mike C says:

      I can understand Giada and Paula way back when. But there was a point you liked the Neely’s and Alex? I gasp. :) For me, they seemed to have went straight to the toolishness (Chopped for Alex; her cooking shows were tolerable) expected of all FN personalities. Nothing redeems the Neely’s for me.

  37. Spatuler says:

    That 2 min 35 sec “Sneak Peek” clip seemed like an eternity. Whenever I see Duff I can’t help but wonder if he has a circulatory disorder and is possibly dehydrated. His lips are almost blue and they kind of stick together at the corners. It just bugs the shit out of me.

    • cloverleaf says:

      It totally seemed like an eternity, Spatuler! Duff exhibited classic pot-head cotton mouth. BTW, love your avatar! :)

      • Spatuler says:

        Oh. Well, thanks. I try. Does it make my ass look fat?!?

      • Judith says:

        No, it’s very slimming.

      • cloverleaf says:

        It makes your ass look very colorful or are those tattoos? ;^)

      • Spatuler says:

        Nope. But I have four tattoos from my wrists to my inner elbows. Want to get more up to, just below my armpit area. All on the inside arm. Just waiting for something extremely inspirational in my life to come along. It’s been years. And I have a couple of others, in various places. Very tasteful, of course. My first was when I was in the US ARMY in ’92, WAY before it became the norm. I don’t do color tattoos, never will.

  38. Jimmy Johnson says:

    Food Network star = Style over substance.

  39. Angel says:

    0:30 of the first video; my first impression was: NO WAY, NOT ANOTHER GUY FIERI!

  40. This season looks awesome! Great blend of drama with cooking and competition.

  41. Terry says:

    Just finished looking at the episode one teaser and the trailer again and I agree that FN does try to always have the token gay/black/asian person on this show and other shows and they use them in order to seem progressive and inclusive, but they really are not! I was looking at the trailer and noticed that, the gay guy is not even on the trailer. Also If you pause the trailer at the end, it only has 11 people on it and alexis is no where on the screen…and everyone is lined up tightly shoulder to shoulder and you don’t see alexis… Does it mean that they eliminated him on the first episode since he is not in the line up at the end of the video or the fact that he isn’t in the entire video at all? Did they just forget to put him on the video or did a anti-gay producer or editor leave him out on purpose? Was it a slip up or is it because he is too gay for prime time? Has anyone else noticed they left him out of the trailer video? I don’t know what to think?

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