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HUGE SPOILER: Did Food Network Reveal Next Food Network Star 6 Winner?
Posted by Jillian Madison

You heard it here first, folks!

The Food Network updated the “Meet Our Chefs” page on their website, and the list included one of the contestants on the Next Food Network Star. We’re assuming that means this person won the competition.

We’re only a month into the show, and there are still 8 contestants left! Talk about a huge blunder!

If you want to see who they listed, keep reading after the jump. And thanks for spoiling it, Food Network. Genius, really.

Note: At the time this screencap was taken, Aarti was the only Next Food Network Star contestant listed. A few hours after we posted this entry, Food Network added the rest of the Next Food Network Star contestants – perhaps in an effort to do some damage control.

Obviously there’s no guarantee she’s the winner of the show. Perhaps the Food Network was just updating their site. However, considering Food Network’s sloppy track record of revealing winners early, I’d wager money this was another screw up.

We’ll bring you more news as it becomes available.

UPDATE #1: One hour after our original post, the Food Network realized their mistake and removed Aarti from their list of chefs.

UPDATE #2: 90 minutes after our original post, the names of ALL of the Next Food Network Stars were added to their list of chefs.

(Thanks to FNH reader Reid for the tip!)

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    154 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    Haven’t they somehow revealed the winner EVERY season?

    • oh_come_on says:

      Betty, you’re right, Dzintra nutjob’s on there too and we know she’s in outer space by now. I still think Aarti’s the ‘chosen one’.

      • JoshuaB says:

        Dzintra actually reminds me of Norma Desmond from Sunset Blvd. I assume that by now the little men in white coats have come to collect her. I can hear it now: “I’m ready for my closeup Mr. Demille.”

    • LAURA says:

      I have gotten to love my DVR. I do not watch hardly anything in real time anymore. I just found this site and love it. I have recorded most of the episodes and will watch them all at once. I admit reading the comments and then watching the shows adds a nice element. I know who was kicked off, but I am able to enjoy the show anyway. I also watch the Top Chef show the same way.

    • WhyNOT says:

      The winner is picked before the competition begins. It makes things easier for the judges that way. It is not a contest at all.

  2. Sam says:

    Wow, what an uber shit storm of a fuck up.

  3. meg says:

    Geeeeez. Epic fail.

  4. Kristen J. says:

    hahaha Wow. I do have to say though, if she’s the winner, I’d watch her show. I like her. :)

  5. ralsteve says:

    What a major screw-up!

  6. Caleb says:

    Didn’t we all call this one?

  7. Pam says:

    I didnt recognize a bunch of names on that list of “chefs”

  8. bellasera973 says:

    Oh man.. eh.. I dunno if I’d watch her show. Food Network is turning into MTV. Remember when MTV was REALLY about music videos? FN is all about competitions now… blah

  9. The whole post was in the RSS feed, no “jump” to hide the spoiler. :(

    • Caleb says:

      Was there really a spoiler anyway? I mean. . . like I said up there, we all knew she was going to win anyway. It’s been pretty obvious.

  10. Jerry says:


    It also makes more sense about how they have potrayed her in the show. I apologize if I am stating the obvious, but the show’s editing happens after the winner is chosen. So why wouldn’t you give the winner a free PR boost by editing the shows in such a way that make her seem top notch.

    Even though the show is shit, I actually liked XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX a lot. Her food/style is unique to FN and he personality is likable at least.

  11. Stephy says:

    They fuck up so many competitions by spoiling the winner, whether it be on TV or on the website.

    Bitching aside, PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE. Haha. I really like the chef listed, I’ve liked them from the beginning and I think they could do really well.

  12. Daria says:

    The good news is we don’t have to watch the rest of the show now!

  13. VeggieGirl says:

    Now I don’t have to suffer through the boring season challenges at least, haha ;)

  14. Momo says:

    We all knew she was going to win.

    But isn’t the season finale always live? Oh well.

    • Jane G says:

      Nope, back in the first few seasons when the audience vote actually counted for something , the voting closed on Tuesday or Wednesday. The finale was taped then & shown the following Sunday. They just made it seem like it was live.

  15. Kathy says:

    It is still posted in the meet the chefs. How does FN even stay in business with this kind of sloppiness?

  16. Jamie says:

    If she is the winner, I don’t mind. I’ve only seen about 1 and a quarter episodes, but I like her style the best.

    It MIGHT be that, whether she wins or not, they’ve decided to keep her around for something – like how Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino are on that one show, even though they didn’t win their season of NIC.
    By the way – I kinda keep hoping that Jeffrey Whats-his-name from last season of NFNS gets a show – they’ve got all that new space on the Cooking Channel. And he really had a pretty good concept.

    • Daria says:

      Yeah Jeffrey Saad would have been alright I think, I’ve been following his blog and he regularly posts recipes and videos of dishes he has come up with. He seems to have a really good life though doing what he is doing without a TV show.

    • cloverleaf says:

      I’d watch Jeffrey Saad – he had a nice presence and was clearly a skilled chef. Loved the “Spice Smuggler” concept, too.

      • Alex says:

        Concept – good
        Name – awful

        Honestly I knew he wouldn’t win when I heard the name of the show, sounds too close to plum smuggler. Should have gone with The Spice Baron or something along those lines, smuggler just sounds ridiculous.

  17. Mac says:

    Not kidding – I was just on Wikipedia and was reading how they spoiled another season or two.

    I came over here for a laugh and was not surprised to see that they’ve done it again. LOL

  18. GreenJeans says:

    Well at least when you click on her name no information pops up. In other good news, no one will die from the suspense.

  19. Miki says:

    Way to go ass clowns!

  20. Thom Stilton says:

    Just another form of betrayal towards it viewers. We all kind of knew the outcome but this just sucks the big one.

    This gives reality TV competition shows a further black eye
    as this preselection of a winner is insulting to not only the viewers, but the other contestants that are being jerked around by these mofos. Shame Tuschman and Fogelstein.
    You’re both major league hacks.

  21. douche says:

    LOL Why bother with concealing the name here when even FNH put it in their ‘after the jump’ LOLOL. I’m sure they’re laughing at that one! :P

  22. Syd says:

    Thank God. Now I don’t have to watch the rest of it.

  23. awesomeredhead says:

    Which one is Adam Gertier? LOL

  24. Ray says:

    What a collection of idiots. Granted, I think a good number of us could accurately predict the outcome, but still…. sheesh.

  25. Lana says:

    Love the title of this post, and it got me to thinking that

    “Inept Idiots At Food Network …”

    could be a regular feature on this site.

  26. Gabrielle says:

    looks like the ‘winner’s’ name was removed :)

  27. minx says:

    Well, glad to hear she’s the winner. I couldn’t imagine anyone else out of that sorry group. But what an unbelievable fuck up!

  28. BCA says:

    he show is pre-taped anyway, so it’s not like they revealed the winner before they won. Still, FN always does this. You would think they’d be more careful.

  29. blairy says:

    haha idiots

  30. Gypsy says:

    *Slow, sarcastic clapping*

    Niiiice one, FN. Nice. Good luck with trying to hold people in suspense in each episode leading up to the end of the series now. How could they have boned this so badly?

  31. KitKat says:

    I cant stand FN they are idiots. With their fake chefs, I mean how many of these cooks on their shows are ACTUALLY chefs??? I know Bobby Flay, Emeril, and Giada went to culinary school, but SERIOUSLY. FN also has the CORNIEST shows EVER!!!!!!!! I noticed TLC is starting to somewhat copy FN’s reality shows, which suck too.

  32. CJ says:

    They are ALL listed, even Dzintra!

  33. Paige says:

    Wait, but Dzintra’s name is also on there. Did they include all of the NFNS contestants as “their chefs”?

  34. Stephy says:

    They weren’t all listed when the winner’s name leaked. I think they just now did that, because I remember going through and looking for Brad’s name especially and didn’t see it.

    It’s FN’s way of trying to fix what they fucked up.

  35. booboo says:

    To Reid (reader who gave this fabulous tip) and Jillian: you rule!!! Way to go!!!!

  36. GreenJeans says:

    I would swear the other names were not on that list until very recently. You would have noticed Das’s right away. And Arti’s bio was not coming up when you clicked on it. Just very odd that they would list potential chef’s on the list.

    Nice save, IMO.

  37. Jerry says:

    It’s damage control. She was the only one on there all day until FNHumor posted about it. Then they took her off and an hour later they put them all on there, presumably to cover up the mistake.

    I would have loved to be in the meeting there they were trying to figure out how to save 7+ episodes and a lot of advertising dollars.

    • Ina Garten DaVida says:

      So who wouldn’t love the job at FN of monitoring FNH, Chowhound,, for FN-related stuff?

      Where do I sign up? I’m already doing half of it!

  38. MERIJOE says:

    Who gives a flying fuck? These are the bubbas of FN we’re talking about- and I really dont care who wins this stupid contest. Im not going to watch any of these throbbing weiners

  39. bellasera973 says:

    wow, yeah they’ve now put all of the contestants on the list. LOL.. after i read this post, i ran over to FN’s website, and “the name” had been removed… now going back a few hours later, all of the names are up there. oh Food Network.. you’re obviously run by monkeys without thumbs.

  40. Phil S. says:

    Hm, definitely saw the names of the other contestants under their list. I have no idea why they would add these bunch of under-talented chefs (except a few) to their list of “chefs” on Food Network, but it’s not like it matters anyway. Aarti’s probably going to win it all regardless of what anyone does, and to be honest, I hope she does.

  41. ralsteve says:

    After giving it some thought, I think that since all chefs are listed alphabetically, that Aarti came first. So it “looked” like there was a leak. When I clicked her name, it didn’t lead me to her page. Perhaps they started with her and when it broke, they weren’t finished updating everything. Because they’re all there now. It makes sense…because Aarti would be listed first. Perhaps it’s not a spoiler afterall?

  42. Scruffy says:

    Stop acting like Aarti is Voldemort, people. Say her fucking name. FN screwed the pooch and gave away the winner of a shitty show, it’s not that big a deal.

    And I see Susie directed the interns to come attempt to cast doubt on your post, Jillian.

    All it takes is one screenshot or cached page to capture someone’s Internet fuckup for eternity. Damage control after the fact only fools the stupid.

    I beg of you, FN. I swear if you give us Amy Finley’s Dance Party over a show with Aarti I’ll say nothing but good things about the network and all its personalities for the rest of the calendar year!

    • Here’s the thing, I specifically asked people to not mention her name in the comments, because comments are displayed in the sidebar here on FNH. People bitch and moan about spoilers, so I was just trying to be considerate. The end.

      • Scruffy says:

        I think anyone overly invested in the show probably wouldn’t frequent this site, plus the choice is telegraphed all over the editing. All it took was FN not royally fucking up their website (again) to not spill the beans.

        If I ruined someone’s day by mentioning the name, well, I’ll forgive myself later.

      • SaraCVT says:

        You weren’t the first one.

      • GreenJeans says:

        I know I slipped somewhere down the thread and “spilled the beans” without thinking.

      • SaraCVT says:

        You weren’t the first one, either.

    • Ina Garten DaVida says:

      I’d still rather watch Dzintra and Lisa’s Romulan Dance Party!

      Dzintra likes to twirl.

      And Lisa, well…looks like a Romulan

  43. Reid says:

    I guess I am the new Drudge!!

  44. Reid says:

    I love how they linked it back to the show now!! TOO LATE!! I HAVE A SCREEN CAPTURE!

  45. oh_come_on says:

    Ha ha Scruffy: Amy Finley’s Dance Party LOL! FN has become so lame, I hardly watch except Mommy McBacon, for entertainment value only. Her new ‘shows’ start Sunday; sure it’ll be more of the same. WHY put any ‘contestants’ on the list? They aren’t, so why?

    • Scruffy says:

      I’d guess they’d rationalize it by saying that they’ve got them all under some sort of a contract when they agreed to be on the show and refer to an American Idol-esque situation.

      They’re in shitstorm recovery mode, plain and simple. And frankly I enjoy stirring their pot-o-crap.

  46. Id says:

    well, she DID make that pomegranate molasses ALLLL by herself!

  47. atdleft says:

    I’m SO LOLing right now! FN did it AGAIN??!! And they really thought we wouldn’t be invited to you know who’s you know what?

  48. CSI says:

    jillian why did you delete my freaking comments!?!

  49. minx says:

    Really, congratulations to FNH. I imagine there are a lot of not-very-pleased people at FN right now. What an idiotic mistake.

  50. Lana says:

    All due respect … I dunno folks, I don’t think anything has been spoiled. ALL of the NFNS names are on that list. The screen cap posted above is just the top of the list by alphabetical order. Scroll down, and the others are there too, including the ones who’ve been eliminated already.

    Pretty sure the “meet the chefs” is just a list of every freakin’ person with a profile on

    • @Lana,

      When the screencap was taken, she was the ONLY PERSON ON THE LIST. I took the screencap myself.

      Food Network added the other chefs 90 minutes after we posted this.

      See UPDATE #1 and UPDATE #2 in the post above.

      • Scruffy says:

        Jillian, one way to prove that, not that you really need to because most people understand the concept of a screencap, would be to post the pic all the way to the bottom of the screen rather than cropping it off like it is now.

        Then people could see how Alexis Hernandez was missing from the list between Alex and Alton.

    • Sam says:

      For like an hour she was the only one on — looks like the foodnetwork web people are just doing some damage control now.

    • Lana says:

      Ah, ok. Sorry to be such a dork.
      Do I get my “official member of the human race” card now? Or perhaps a refill on my prescription lenses?

  51. jerry says:

    I’ll testify in court that for a period of time she was the only contestant on the list, then she was taken off the list within 5 minutes of me tweeting fn about it, and then 1 hour later all of them were on the list.

    Why is it so hard to believe that a web developer who probably knows nothing about the content would get an updated chef roster and jump the gun?

    • SaraCVT says:

      Me, too–when this post only had 3 comments, I went and looked on FN’s site, and she was the only “contestant” on it. Like about 3 or 4 hours later, I looked again, due the mentions in the comments, and they were all there. SOMEBODY’S changing their story…

  52. Mindy says:

    First they post just Aarti. Then they take her off. Then they add in all of the others. LOL. Isn’t it obvious someone fucked up, then removed her fast once FNH posted — then tried to cover it up by posting everyone else .. or they never would have removed her in the first place before adding the others!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Mac says:

    I also looked through the whole list and she was the only one on there for a good long time.

  54. dennylou says:

    Yessss! I just collected on my bet with my husband! Thank you to whomever the idiot is at FN that did that!

  55. minx says:

    The page says “Meet Our Chefs”–why would the contestants be listed on there? They aren’t FN chefs yet. If that’s their damage control (and evidently it is) it’s pretty feeble.

  56. Craig says:

    Not a huge surprise. Lots of us predicted the winner. I’ll still watch the trainwreck (can’t believe people watch because they actually care who wins). Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  57. B says:

    What the fxxx? A 3rd grader would have caught this. At least the winner is someone most people like.

  58. BOO says:

    Hey Jillian, will ya let us know if any of the losers send ya money? I know a few are laughing their ass off!

  59. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Not to give FN too much credit, but maybe they did this on purpose to psych us out? Survivor did something like this during the first season, when they ‘leaked’ a photo online that showed Gervase Peterson as the winner (which ended up being Richard Hatch). Since everyone is already convinced that Aarti is the winner, this could just be FN fucking with our minds…

    • I thought about that, but I don’t think they are behind it. Why would they want to do something that would potentially STOP people from watching their show? I’m sure a lot of people have the “screw it, I know the winner, I’m not watching anymore” mentality.

      • Matt says:

        To get everyone watching for the clues that she’s going to “win?”

        I mean, if I recall correctly (and there’s a chance I don’t), everyone here last year was screaming that FN was obviously building up Debbie Lee for the win, and then she became Char Siu. Plus, I heard she’s Korean.

        Though it’s sad we won’t get to see the six-episode run of “Dzintraducing the Crazy to Your Kitchen.”

      • FuryOfFirestorm says:

        Well, it worked for Survivor. That “leaked” photo fooled a lot of people into thinking that Gervase Peterson had the show in the bag…until he was eliminated a few weeks later. If it hurt the show, it certainly didn’t show in the ratings! I wouldn’t put it past FN to steal a page from “Survivor”‘s playbook.

  60. D Helmer says:

    Wow, what a surprise.

    I have to tell you, I don’t watch TV (although the rest of my family does). The only reason I’ll torture myself/ drag my ass to the couch to watch this program is to read your commentary afterwards. I hope you feel special!

    • Lefty says:

      I agree! I would never watch that show, but your commentary makes it worthwhile! So hysterical! In fact, I don’t think many of the FN “stars” would win that competition..many of them are STILL awkward on camera!

  61. anjarew says:

    Did you guys read the entire section on Aarti? Her being on there does not necessarily mean she won. The last question they asked her was “why do you think you should be the next food network star?”

    There may be a simple explanation, such as the others haven’t submitted their answers.

    • GreenJeans says:

      That whole section was added after they took her name and photo off the site. When this started it was just her and when you clicked on the link it just bounced back to the home page. The bio came after they put the whole crew on there with there bios. It really does look like an after thought. They had enough time.

  62. Rev. Dr. E. Buzz Miller says:

    They did that on purpose.

  63. Motzi Greps says:

    PWNED. TFN has proven they aren’t smart enough to do this on purpose. They have a track record of screwing up like this.

  64. Brad says:

    For someone who tried to look uncomfortable in front of the camera…..

  65. wow… good catch! and shame on FN for the screw up!

  66. Carlos says:

    I would be interested to know what her page said when you clicked on it?
    If it truly was a goof then it should have said in her bio she was the seasons winner, makes sense

    Do we have a screen cap of that?

    • No. When you clicked on her link, it just took you back to the main “Meet Our Chefs” page. It didn’t go to her Next Food Network Star page like it does now.

      • Carlos says:

        I think it is also interesting to note that in all the NFNS promo posters that the eventual winner is usually directly in the middle of the photograph

        season 1 – hearty boys in the middle
        season 2 – guy fieri directly in the middle
        season 3 – amy finley in the middle
        season 4 – aaron mcargo, directly in the middle
        season 5 – runner up Saad directly in front (d’arabian far left)
        season 6 – arti in directly in the middle

        have you also noticed this pattern?

  67. wilson says:

    Man, I knew it! that is what people are saying on TFN board, she has experience in the field and she went to culinary school, she would fill a gap in their “food from the rest of the world” project. With Marcela covering South American, Giada for Italian and her for Arabic/Indian, they have covered a lot of the globe. Still I do not care for her affectation, the fake insecurity and the saccarine smile. Between her and Aria they are probably faker than sandrunk and rachel the devil ray together! whoever maintains the website really effed up, though…

  68. Id says:

    I still think Paul is gonna win.

  69. Kris says:

    Its a blunder on there part to reveal her name on the site early but from how the judges just go gaga over her and act like she can do no wrong i think its clear she will win

  70. seems alphabetical…

  71. Kitty says:

    Again? Isn’t this *like* the second time this has happened?

  72. mandi says:

    I just read the entire post. at the end it just says why do you think you should be the next food network star, dont think they quite said he won

  73. FNH Fan says:

    Admit it, you all knew who was gonna win lol

  74. Scruffy says:

    If some of you commenters are going to be dumb, is it too much to ask you be smart-dumb?

  75. Kathy says:

    I looked at the list and it has others of the remaining finalists on it too, looks like they have all of them on there, she’s just the first one.

  76. WalterSobchak says:

    Just remember….I called her the 2nd week….gimme KOO-KEY!

  77. Kristen says:

    Maybe Food Network treats their web people like shit and that’s why all this crap keeps happening?

    (personal bias – I’m a webmaster, but not for Food Network!!)

  78. MJ says:

    I’m just seeing this, so I’m forcing myself to watch a re-run that’s on. I swear, that dipshit Tuschman and Suzie what’s her name just make me gag. I used to truly enjoy watching the FN and now I seldom watch anything but Alton or an occasional Barefoot Contessa.

    Nice going Food Network!! I haven’t been able to watch any of it- the arrogance of the “committee” is simply appalling to me.

  79. Syth says:

    You know, after all this, considering his clout. Why doesn’t Alton just start his own channel? He’s got the following, the clout, and the money.
    Could it be contracts, or maybe just wants to bum around and not be the boss all the time?

    • MJ says:

      I agree totally- My husband and I adore Alton and we don’t get to see enough of him since we aren’t big Iron Chef fans. He’s so smart, I wish he would start producing and kick Gordon Elliot to the curb.

      Alton’s book, Good Eats, the Early Years is terrific. My husband is reading it now.

  80. Debra says:

    Not a fan of Aarti Farti!! She get’s on my last nerve. I like Aria. If Aria does not win I think they made a huge mistake. My thoughts…. enjoy

  81. Amanda says:

    they put every contestant on there.

  82. LoraGW says:

    not this sh*t again!! Food Network SPOILS this show EVERY year!

  83. don johnson says:

    at least we’ll have some good size boobs to look at now :D

  84. [...] Last month, the Food Network webmasters inadvertently – and brilliantly – included her amongst their chefs on their website. [...]

  85. Rachel says:

    Last week the Food Network ran a promo for a new show, called Family Style, which was Aria’s point of view/idea. I was so pissed because I thought “IDIOTS!!! You gave it away!!!”…then this week she was kicked off. I wonder if they are trying to throw us off.

  86. chuck says:

    so, another words, there’s another jew on this network and travel channel. uhgggg

  87. [...] screwed up and revealed the winner on their website only a few weeks into the competition. We broke the sad news almost 2 months ago right here on FNH. Were we right? Um, is Rachael Ray looking more and more like [...]

  88. [...] Food Network Humor » HUGE SPOILER: Did Food Network Reveal NextOther posts on Food Network Humor: … The Food Network updated the “Meet Our Chefs” page on their website, and the list included one of the contestants on the Next Food Network … Was there really a spoiler anyway? I mean. . . like I said up there, we all knew she was going to win anyway. It’s been pretty obvious. [...]

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