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FNH NEWS: The New Websites Are Up; No Podcast This Week
Posted by Jillian Madison

Hey FNH!

Jillian Madison here. I wanted to let you guys know we were incredibly busy this week, and did not have time to record the podcast. Episode #8 will be posted on Monday, August 9th, so look out for that!

The good news is, our 11 (yes, eleven) new websites are now live! You can easily get to them via the black bar on the top of your screen. Hopefully, there will be a little something for everyone.

Michelle and I are excited about the launch, and we would love to feature your content on these new sites! Each website will have a “submit” button, where you can easily upload and share your photos, content, and stories. We are hopeful a few of these websites will spawn their own books, so here’s your chance to be a part of it all!

Here’s a quick rundown of the new websites:

The Worst Thing I Ever Ate posts stories and photos about awful culinary experiences. Because let’s face it: the best thing you ever ate isn’t nearly as entertaining. You can only moan about how great a pork chop is for so long until people want to stab you with a fork.

Jesus Gets Around is a collection of funny Jesus products and outrageous Jesus sightings that we’ve captioned for your viewing pleasure.

Why Did You Buy Me That showcases photos and stories about the most awful gifts people have ever received.

Shit I Saw At Work collects and posts photos of the various things people all over the world see while doing their jobs. Hilarious shit, crazy shit, outrageous shit, beautiful shit… if you saw it at work, we want to see it here!

Funny Receipts collects funny, ironic, or just plain WTF receipts from all over the world.

Eff That posts all the objects, celebrities, products, and activities that make you want to scream EFF THAT!

Spelling Fails posts – and makes fun of – the humorous, idiotic, and ridiculous spelling errors that we all unfortunately encounter on a daily basis.

Unnecessarily Censored makes SFW photos look NSFW. You’ll get it if you have a dirty mind, or are a 12 year old boy. Either way.

Lame Graffiti ridicules the ugliest, stupidest, and most pointless graffiti from across the planet.

World of Warcaps posts funny captioned screen shots from the most popular game on Earth, World of Warcraft.

Epic Injuries is THE place to show off the bruises, scrapes, and breaks from your most epic rides, crashes, and accidents.

So there you have it, FNH! We hope you enjoy wasting your days with us!

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    34 Responses

  1. frozenyogurt3 says:

    Jesus is Terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    I love Funny Reciepts and Unnecessarly Censored because my mind is always in the gutter.

  3. Jerry says:

    LMAO at that slide.

    And that WoW one… I am six months clean. I am tempted to reactivate my account just to make screenshots.

    Great job on the launch. I hope you make lots of money… so you can pay your college loans and replace your Toyota Supra.

  4. Matt L. says:

    Awesome! I have a (possibly obvious) question… Are all of these run mostly or only by you, Jillian? How much time do they take up out of your day?

    • Yes – Michelle and I run them ourselves! They take up a LOT Of time in my day, probably at least 6-7 hours per day. Right now it’s just a hobby. Who knows, hopefully some day it can become a career.

      • Matt L. says:

        I *just* read your About Me page on Pophangover and was gonna come back and point that out. Wow, that’s impressive! I hope that it does turn out into a career for you; you have a talent for this.

  5. Brent-O says:

    Funny sites, but I noticed a few of them don’t have spots for comments? That’s a shame, because I really wanted to commiserate with you all on that awful gifts lol

  6. Julie says:

    Sites look great ladies. My favorite is LAME GRAFFITI! Love your comments.

  7. Thanks guys, we can’t wait to see your content. Pictures, videos, stories – share it all!

  8. Ray says:

    Now that’s a lot of websites! Don’t see how you’ll keep up with all of them.

    As a WoW player, I can see myself visiting World of Warcaps pretty often.

  9. Nathan says:

    Will this take away time from Food Network Humor? Will there be less posts here?

  10. Sarah says:

    These are great! :)

  11. Lollipop says:

    Just what I needed – more time wasters! Seriously, great job!

  12. ADITL1979 says:

    What’s the issue with just posting a late podcast? My wife and I were looking forward to listening to you and Michelle’s reactions to Brad’s ouster (and not just in print below) on NFNS.

  13. cloverleaf says:

    Congrats on all the new sites, ladies! I will have to remember to keep my camera at the ready so I can send you some sillinesses. Best of luck with all of them! :)

  14. coffee-n-toast says:

    Awesome websites, ladies! I can always count on you for some huge laughs.

    Jillian – I remember reading somewhere that you would kill for a Vespa. I finally saw one up close yesterday at an Italian food store, and I SO get it. I want one NOW. They had a raffle for a stupid motorcycle, so I signed up hoping to win, sell the ugly thing, and buy a Vespa. :-)

    • Yes! I WOULD kill for a Vespa! They’re amazing and perfect for running around town. And the best part – no motorcycle license needed!

      Now, if only the freaking things didn’t start at 3 grand, I’d be a happy girl.

      • coffee-n-toast says:

        Yeah, I ran right home to see what they cost and thought, “Oh. Well there goes that.”

        But they’re so fun and Roman and… shit, I just really f–king WANT one.

  15. Goober says:

    Hmm…access to all of these sites was blocked for me at work because of “Potentially Damaging Content”.

  16. This site used to be great, but it’s been swirling around the crapper for awhile, and it totally blows now. I looked at it very often in the past, but when I finally decided to become a member, I saw that you added 11 new websites. Are you seriously gonna do that on top of your allegedly “real” job? FNH has really tanked, despite whatever bogus numbers given to advertisers. Jillian, it seems that you’re now a money grubbing bitch while you make fun of Food Network for doing the same thing. Youre such a hypocrite. How much money do you hope to make off of those stupid surveys and app trials? So, yea, you suck and so does FNH and your incredibly boring podcasts. Later, homeslice. Your site isn’t funny anymore and you FAIL.

    • If I had a dollar for everyone who’s said that, I’d have far more money than I do from these websites. We’re not doing them for the money, because we’re not earning any. We both work real jobs and pay the bills that way. And as for the other websites, they are 90% user-submitted photos, and were set up as avenues for people to vent and share the things they saw on a daily basis.

      We spend far more than we earn on the websites, and we’re okay with that. If people choose to donate, they can.

      The only “fail” is your hilariously lame comment. Let me guess, you’re an Aarti fan that I pissed off on Twitter tonight? So obvious.


    • Julie says:

      Oh Salvador, you sound bitter. If you don’t like the FREE SITE then don’t come. No one is holding a gun to your head you bantering jackass.

      FNH is just as awesome to me as the first day I found it, and only getting bigger and better. So my question is, why should you care? If you don’t enjoy the website, then just move along with your life (if you have one) :)

      Thanks to Jillian and Michelle for making me laugh every day here from money out of their own pocket. I appreciate it, and I know thousands of other folks do as well.

      I look forward to reading the submissions from other people on their other blogs as well, I love this FREE community, which is why I am here. If you don’t, then begone. Life is too short to spend time on the internet in places you don’t enjoy, basement dweller.

    • Hilton says:

      No, you FAIL Sal. If you don’t like it. Don’t come. Moron.

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