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FNH REVIEW: Aarti Party Premiere Episode
Posted by Jillian Madison

What do you get when you mix an unjustifiably overly-hyped show and a host with an accent that waivers in and out with a sprinkle of of cardamom and a logo that looks like it was created for the Juno sequel? Why, it’s an episode of Aarti Party, of course!

aarti party

On the premiere episode, Aarti threw a totally fake party for her totally fake friends who never even bothered to stop by. Maybe they were busy. Maybe they were scared of her creepy-looking husband. We may never know. But here’s the thing: Aarti Party wasn’t good. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t interesting or enlightening or fun or awful or wretched. IT WAS JUST TERRIBLY BORING. Ten minutes of the show felt like 10 hours, and by the 15 minute mark, I literally felt like I had just chased down a box of Benadryl with a bottle of cheap red wine.

aarti party

Aarti held her own as a host, but yet still managed to be incredibly annoying. She spent her half hour sprinkling seasonings on things and condescendingly talking to the audience,  two must-have skills for all Food Network hosts. “Sugar is sweet,” she exclaimed, like she was talking to an audience that just arrived here from Planet Clueless. “And you can dip your fruit in your vinaigrette to taste it!” Wow, really Aarti? And to think all this time I’ve just been awkwardly sticking my whole fist in!

aarti party
(This just in: lemons are sour! That’s a revelation! Quick, somebody call Fox News!)

When she wasn’t talking to us like we were 5 years old, or nervously giggling to herself like a cracked out Indian version of Ina Garten, Aarti was pointlessly blabbering on about what “Indians” like. “Indians use toh-mah-tos a lot – almost as much as Italians use them,” she said. Um, last I checked, LOTS of cultures use tomato sauce in their cooking, so why mention it at all? She also dropped the bomb that that “Indians love sweets and desserts.” What’s the implication? That Swedes and Greeks and the French don’t? Because I’ve got one cheesecake lovin’ fat Frenchman living next door to me who would beg to differ.

Sadly, her food didn’t look good, either. She made Bombay Sloppy Joes, which were basically just Turkey Manwiches with some cumin and masala flavors added in a weak attempt to Indianize the recipe. She also added pistachios “for a nice crunch”, which just seemed completely asinine to us. Who wants to bite into something crunchy while eating a sloppy Joe? Oh well. At least there’s that EXPLOSION OF CUMIN to look forward to!

aarti party

Her set was yucky looking, too. Everything was orange and red, the whole place looked like it reeked of patchouli, and I’m pretty sure the 70s flowers on the back wall were sketched directly from Carol Brady’s favorite dress. Worst of all, however, were the HIDEOUS drawings on the wall next to the pantry, that look like they were scribbled by a cranky toddler. The one on the bottom was especially gross looking, and totally looked like the Ebola virus when viewed under the microscope. YUM!

aarti party

Finally, what was up with the Nickelodeon-esque animations? Do any of us tuning into the Food Network really need to see Aarti interacting with a ripped off version of the Twitter bird?

aarti party

Bottom line: I wasn’t into the food, found myself distracted by the ugly set, was bored to tears by Aarti’s commentary, and LOATHED HER PHONY GIGGLING. And if I had to hear her say “toh-mah-toe” one more time, I was going to scream. You say TOH-MAH-TOE, I say AHH-NOY-ING.

After watching the show, you’re left feeling cold and unsatisfied and lonely, and with the realization that Aarti and her husband are nothing more than media whores who spent months posting videos of themselves on YouTube in the hopes of being discovered… and Aarti Party was only born because the Food Network was desperate enough to bite. You don’t get the feeling that she has any real knowledge of Indian cooking, and sadly, she’s already coming across as just another overly produced Food Network phony.

I will definitely be RSVP’ing to Aarti’s Party with a “NO FREAKIN’ THANKS.”

Your mileage may vary.

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  1. Twibb says:

    Yowza. A bit extreme, but I kind of agree. I liked her in the running, but this show was not my style.


    • atdleft says:

      Well, to be fair, “across the pond”, it’s often pronounced toe-mah-toe. That didn’t really annoy me… But the in-n-out Dubai/British accent did.

      • renee says:

        The in-n-out accent is part of the whole phony package with the dead-while-the-competition-now-healthy-again-”mum” thing, the gluten avoidance, the lactose intolerance, etc, etc, etc.

        She’s just very phony and very needy.

        On the accent. Yes she was raised in Dubai and schooled in a British style school where the teachers would have British derived accents but one assumes that in her family setting, even in dubai, “mum” and dad had Indian accents. And she came to the US as a teen 14 years ago, early enough for the accent learned in the British style school to fade away IF SHE LET IT. But she’ attempting to hold onto it with
        varying success, probably because it adds to her mixed up self-perception that her shit doesn’t stink …. ” it has an ahromah”….

        I really don’t think she’s terrible, or incompetent or anything like that, she’s just a phony creation that has little real personality or cooking authority behind it. Her show adds nothing to the already weak Sunday morning-afternoon lineup. she’s as condescending (but that’s a fairly commom trait among transplanted nationals in an ex-pat type astmosphere) as Alex but can’t cook anywhere near as well as Alex can. Let’s have Aahti, Melissa, and Aaron all switch attributes. Aahti can cook with frozen bacon, Melissa can give elocution lessons, and Aaron can add cumin and corainader to his greasy food.

        • R. Woodock says:

          She is great. You must realize that her cooking technics have there origins in, Goa,Damao and Diu, wich were portuguese. Nothing to do with the Hindu cuisine. Thumbs up fot you Arty Sequeira.

      • Northwester says:

        There is no way that someone who was born in India, raised in Dubai by Indian parents, and came to the U.S. when she was 14 would have that accent. No matter what she heard from her teachers in school. It is totally fake. Remember people, she’s an actress.

        • Casey says:

          Several people I knew in high school left their native lands when they were still very young (4 and 5 years old) and still have accents. They have accents because they still talk to their parents in their native tongue. It’s just something that happens. Especially because these people are still talking in their native tongue to their family members. I think your logic as to why she or anyone in a similar position as she should no longer have an accent is a load of crap. You can be living in the US for 62 years and come from England and still have trouble pronouncing all of your words the way Americans do.

          • Nickname says:

            I have to disagree that that’s something that ‘happens.’ Maybe it happened to your friends but not to me. Spanish was my first language. I moved to NYC when I was young and I speak English with no accent. I also speak Spanish fluently with no english accent. Took about 2 days in grade school to make the transition.

      • EZ says:

        Look at you dialect experts. Maybe all your psuedo-linguistic analysis is true….or maybe you all don’t know shit and Aarti just FUCKING TALKS THAT WAY. Stop trying so hard to find things wrong with her….as if there wasn’t enough with the stupid set design

        • Cuqui says:

          To EZ

          I agree with what you sid about Aarti. You must be quite ignorant yourself as you can not find words other than the overused four letter word. go get more education and enlarge your vocabulary

        • R. Woodcock says:

          Dont waste your time with her our any other nationals accent. The only occasion i can understand an american is when they sing in english (Frank Sinatta, Tony Bennet) italian origin.

    • softgeek says:

      I liked her show. She came across as relaxed and fun, especially given that it was her first show.
      Her accent sounds like she live in New Joisy now. The way she says “awesome” would be the way any of the Jersey Shore kids would say it. Oohsum.

      • Peteys Mom says:

        She lived in New Jersey before moving with hubby to California.

        When I hear people say *awesome* repeatedly, I just think they are stuck in the 1980′s.

      • potty mouth princess says:

        That must have been during her stint as a producer at CNN. A fact she TOTALLY hid.

        Even more disingenuous than “Mama” Melissa and that’s saying a LOT.

        That nervous giggle? Retched Ray all over again. I wanted to shoot myself by the end of the show (none of which I would have eaten).

        I do want to see what she does with a chicken and maybe some rice, but that’s about it.

      • Ray says:

        @Peteys Mom Yeah, I find that I absolutely cannot stand the repeated use of the word “awesome” when people are describing something. Drives me nuts. What the heck do you mean by that, Aarti? C’mon, you can do it! Cast off that intellectual laziness! Or, crack open a thesaurus if you must!

      • Northwester says:

        I would be willing to buy that’s “just the way she talks” if the accent didn’t go in and out. Which is exactly what happens with someone who affects an accent that is not native to them. I would bet anything that she sounds different when she’s off-camera. I would be willing to make the same bet about Paula Deen, who obviously exaggerates her southern accent for theatrical effect.

    • iris says:

      I am in agreement with the comment..when AArti Party comes on I turn off my TV or surf the channels for other food shows..She is not the best choice that Bobby Flay and his panel choose. Where are the other ethnic groups like Asian cooking or Jewish cooking, etc. She was the worst choice..the other 2 men had more personality and info…

    • P says:

      well, I enjoyed hearing about Indian spices. I enjoyed her for her ease of laughter. I don’t care if the accent was authentic or fake. There are far worse things on tv. I probably would not like the critic who harshly made Aarti seem like she is a useless individual. With your attitude, Aarti certainly would not want you at her party. Go eat whatever it is people like you eat; tasteless cardboard and DIet Coke?

  2. Julie says:

    Great review.

    The incessant giggling, the patronization of the audience, the come and go accent, the lack of real authentic Indian food, the mind boggling tips “cream is creamy” Just another NFNS reject host.

    • Ryan says:

      To be fair, it was never Aarti’s goal to have a show about cooking authentic Indian food, and I think that’s totally fine. While I think putting garam masala in Sloppy Joes is a very weak example, I still commend her on her concept (steps toward approachable Indian cuisine,) and think that she has the potential to turn out some interesting recipes.

      • Katie says:

        Seriously?! That might not have been her intention, but it’s what she got! Her cooking is an insult to actually Indian cooking!

      • Eoghan says:

        Does anyone whose been posting here know how to listen (as in, LISTEN, not HEAR) what someone is saying?! she said very early on in the next food network star that her show was going to be about infusing indian flavors into dishes that people make every day. This means that she’s probably adding things like spices, herbs, etc. into them. It’s an interesting concept. And also, about the accent… My dad moved to New York when he was a teenager, and lived there for a few years, and he picked up on the accent, and it fades in and out on a regular basis.

    • Northwester says:

      “Sloppy Bombay Joes” sounds like what Chili’s or TGI Friday would put on their menu is they wanted to go ethnic. “And for a taste of India, order our new Bombay Slopppy Joes.” I would imagine that if I were Indian I would find the name borderline offensive.

      After her NFNS pilot and now this debut episdose, the handwriting’s on the wall. Her food will all be about “adding Indian flavor” to typical American grub, because that’s all the execs at FN think their audience is capable of grasping. So we can look forward to “fried chicken with Indian spices,” “mac’n'cheese with Indian spices,” and no doubt when Thanksgiving comes, “roast turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes with Indian spices.”

      • Peteys Mom says:

        You are absolutely right, Northwester. Just google her name and you can see all the interviews she has done. Her pov is to add that Indian *twist* to good ole American grub.

      • Ryan says:

        I completely see your point. I agree with you that ideas like that are contrived, cheap, and just plain boring. At the same time, though, were she up there making dal or palak paneer, people would criticize her for not be approachable, or for her food being too out there. It was my hope/understanding that Aarti would be inventive by bringing Indian ingredients (not just curry powder and pistachios) and techniques to dishes people may already be familiar with. For instance, one of my favorite dishes to make is a chole risotto.
        It’s all in the marketing, I suppose, and while I think she has the ability to do better than this premiere episode, I’ll be pretty disappointed if she continues to add curry powder to the TGIF menu.

        Basically, I like her, and I hope this episode was just a weak example of how she plans to execute her point of view.

      • Northwester says:

        Good points Ryan. I agree that it would be difficult to do a show in which people are taught to do “authentic” Indian food, which, from my limited understanding, is extremely complex and time-consuming. But I think there’s something between cooking authentic Indian food and just adding Indian spices or chutney to standard American dishes. I hope she can hit that balance but I’m not expecting it. From what I’ve seen so far, I would do just as well buying a jar of Trader’s Joe korma or masala sauce and pouring it over chicken than cooking one of Aarti’s recipes.

  3. Hilton says:

    Her voice is extremely fake and annoying to me. Can’t watch.

  4. Jeff G. says:

    You nailed it. Fantastic review.

  5. froglegs says:

    I just don’t think I can take her pronouncing her own show any more.

    • kim says:

      agreed! if the food network keeps this show going….cringe..please please change the name of the show! the commercials alone are irritating!

  6. FatCat says:

    :( Poor Nazi died of boredom…

    I actually find something likeable about Aarti (*gasp*), but I admit there were some “misfires”–worst of all—those toddler framed paintings!!! The horror!

  7. Brittany says:

    I was rooting for Aarti during NFNS, but after watching her ho-hum show today, I think she’s just as fake and mass-produced as the rest of them. Honestly, the Food Network has gotten SO bad, so airbrushed, so… phony over the past 6 months that I really don’t think I’ll be tuning in much anymore except maybe to watch Alton Brown or some of the other shows I can tolerate.

    • renee says:

      Oh, while I’m still running a bit on an Aahti rant, have you noticed that her posed photos on the FN website have been slightly glamorized….oooops, should say glamoUrized….

      The jawline is much firmer and the hair isn’t as unruly looking. Her eyes have been reshaped a bit too.

      Nothing unusual with this, it’s pretty common with people in media positions, but it just adds a bit more to the whole overall phoniness.

  8. jamie.thomas says:

    I found her performance so riveting, I fell asleep.


  9. Peteys Mom says:

    I can’t even look at her anymore. I just see her sitting in that bath tub clutching at that plactic container of food. So disturbing. Her videos turned me off, way off.

    • Jenna says:

      Exactly my thoughts. I was rooting for her during the entire show and then when I saw her videos I didn’t like her anymore. If they wanted to film they should have at least cleaned their kitchen and she could have dressed better. Her husband looks creepy. I’m over aartie party.

  10. FLFarmer says:

    I lasted under ten minutes before I had to turn the channel. Even trying to keep track of the stupid giggling and the in and out accent wasn’t enough to counteract the sheer boredom.

  11. BOO says:

    Yep, all the YouTube shit did me in. And Jillian, spot on, attention whores. Have we forgot about Balloon Boy? Now, if we could stick a flower up her ass and send her off in a ballon, I’d have something to giggle about!

    • AbacoPeach says:

      The weirdly timed giggling was very annoying. Has shades of Sunny Anderson’s giggling/laughing at absolutely nothing funny!

      Whoever does the scripting along with whoever designed that atrocious set need to be hanged, drawn and quartered!

    • Northwester says:

      The giggling is part of the fake, giddy excitement you’re supposed to get from watching FN shows. (Think Paula Deen, y’all.) I find most of the FN “stars” incredibly condescending. During NFNS star, Aria (who drove me nuts) was criticized for speaking to the audience like 3 year olds, but she wasn’t that different from most of FN. Lemons are sour and sugar is sweet? Gee, thanks Aart.

      I swear that Aarti said several times during NFNS that her Mum was dead. And last year’s winner, Melissa, constantly changed her story about her family background, claiming she grew up poor, then on the episdose on the Navy ship saying her mother was an Admiral??? Does anyone ever check this crap out? They kicked Jag off NFNS for lying about his military record because allegedly they cared about integrity. They seem to have a really loose definition of integrity. I guess that’s got nothing to do with whether Aarti is a good show host or not, but the lying, on top of her fake accent and fake girly giggling make her unwatchable for me.

  12. Kathy says:

    I’m sorry, you’re very wrong. It’s NOT “Aarti Party”, it’s “Otty Potty”.

  13. Lana says:

    Sloppy Joes were blech. So were the pops. The salad seemed reasonably good, although not incredibly inspired.

    Also found the background music incredibly irritating! It wasn’t mentioned in the review; am I the only one?

    Aarti was relatively glib, which was nice. Her premiere was 10x better than D’Melissa D’Arabian’s d’premiere and 100000000x better than ANYthing Aaron McMushMouth has done to date.

    But yeah. The nervous giggles have Got. To. Go.

    • Passiflora says:

      She is definitely the best of the worst… Aarti is better than D’Arabian, McCargo, and Ferry. But that certainly isn’t saying much.

      • Your Name Here says:

        Melissa d’Arabian can’t even pronounce her own name correctly. She pronounces it “dee-Arabian,” it’s supposed to be “dah-rah-bee-an” (I took French for 4 years). So, I definitely agree that Aarti is way better than that bug-eyed middle-aged desperate housewife.

    • Minx says:

      I commented on the music in the other thread. It was distracting and low-rent It was as bad as the music they use for Bobby Flay’s grilling shows, which aims for sprightly and light-hearted–you know, qualities that Bobby Flay does not possess.

    • FatCat says:

      You’re right…McFargo is wacked. D’Arabian is cracked. Aarti was actually better.

      btw I have no idea what that means

  14. Ferd Berfle says:

    Another reason not to waste time watching FN.

  15. kellyjoy says:

    I hope my invitation to the Aarti Party gets lost in the mail.

  16. lou says:

    Ugh!!! She was on NPR this morning – made me want to call my NPR affiliate and cancel my membership. She was so full of herself it was disgusting. She’s been cooking for seven years! Seven, count ‘em folks, seven years! And she had the nerve to tell the interviewer that “I’m a journalist just like you.” Sorry, Aarti, don’t think so.

  17. Njchicaa says:

    I watched the whole thing. It wasn’t as horrible as I expected but it was still very bad. Sorry but Sloppy Joes and a raw kale salad? That’s the best she could do for her first episode? Gross and double gross.

    As if all of the spice won’t get your intestines cleaned out…. let’s add lots of raw kale!

    No thanks!

  18. Cam says:

    I was reading Aarti’s blog today, and apparently she’s heard of FNH. She said this:
    I don’t want to be swayed by blogs obsessed with my boobs (they’re big, ok?!), or my weight, or by the holes punched in my door (there’s a great story behind that).

    • Lana says:

      They’ve all heard of FNH. But too bad about her attitude. She’s totally missing an opportunity by NOT being swayed by criticisms. Sure there are times that the language is rough, or the phrasing is sarcastic, but there’s truth to be gleaned from all the snark. A clever manager will tell her that.

    • Njchicaa says:

      Big fail there then. Look at what this site did for Anne Burrell. She used to be one of the most reviled hosts (with the members here) and now everyone loves her after a few remix videos.

      • atdleft says:

        Well, I always LOVED Chef Anne… But yes, I’ve grown to respect and LOVE Chef Anne even more since she started responding merrily to our snark here.

        Now if she can handle our criticism, why can’t Aarti?

      • renee says:

        I like Anne too. Yes , the valley girl accent doesn’t really fit all that well and she’s weird but the weirdness seems organic to her personality. And she’s is slightly poking fun at herself, with is an attribute that is endearing to me.

        And she can cook. An increasingly rare talent on FN. And she knows the names of her cooking terms unlike Gina-papperika-vinegarette-Neely.

    • Scruffy says:

      Don’t show holes in a door if you aren’t prepared to explain them. Does she not have a clue of perception?

      I don’t care about her mega-saggy boobs. I don’t like the person they’re attached to. I find her fake and phony. I don’t like the food she cooks. And I certainly don’t buy that she’s an authority of any sort when it comes to Indian food. Alton’s ONE episode on Indian schooled her completely.

      And Njchicaa is right. The ones who are smart enough to embrace this site and realize that one, not everyone likes everyone else, and two, that if they show they have a sense of humor and it’s really not personal, it’s a part of being in the spotlight, they get embraced. I even lightened up on Melissa when she at least acknowledged some of the things.

      Alton, Anne, Adam, and to a lesser extent Tom and Melissa aren’t perfect, but at least they’ve shown the personality and sense of humor of normal people around these parts and don’t get all high-and-mighty about food.

    • SaraCVT says:

      So what’s the “great story”? TELL us, and maybe we’d like you more!

    • Marsha says:

      Swayed to do what?

  19. oh_come_on says:

    Romper Room show. Between the ‘…Indians eat….Indians love…’comments, the wretched wallpaper and the giggling I had a headache.

  20. FoodieOne says:

    The bottom line: She did a good job. She’s exactly what the Food Network needs – someone who doesn’t give us frozen bacon, re-done French toast, or bad grammar dripping in fat.

    She is a great conduit for new flavors with a good screen presence. She took a known dish and switched it up. We’re not looking for Julia Child here!

    Face it folks – she doesn’t suck!

    • Dave says:

      There’s really nothing to “face.” The majority of people outside her Aarti Party Aarmy thought the show sucked. I’m glad you liked it, but you’re in the minority.

    • Actually we SHOULD be looking for another Julia Child, or at least someone who can educate and teach us about how to create lovely dishes. I’m sorry, Sloppy Joes and cold Kale salad are neither inspiring nor appetizing. Regular Sloppy Joes are bad enough lol.

      I may be in a minority but I want another Julia Child, entertaining AND educating :)

    • mojito-bandito says:

      I agree, she did a good job and the food looked really interesting. I don’t find her annoying and and I can’t wait to try those bollywood joe’s!

      • It is a food network and there should be truly educational shows on it, like there used to be. Mario Batali, for example, was pretentious as hell but you got an education on the dish, the locale it came from in Italy, etc.

        FN is becoming a sad, fluff filled channel. Unfortunately. And btw, who wouldn’t want a Julia Child like cook on FN?

      • Kathy says:

        Horrified by FN, if you’re looking for that sort of show, you should watch the Create channel if you get it in your area. It’s a digital sub channel of PBS and some cable systems carry it. Basically it’s all the PBS cooking, craft, decorating, and travel shows all on one channel.

      • Ray says:

        The “bollywood joe’s”, as you call them, might make for a good Ipecac replacement, I’ll give them that.

      • atdleft says:

        Well, it’s just sad to see that one can’t find much actual FOOD these days on Food Network. And yes, seriously, PBS has most of the better food shows these days. I can’t comment much on Cooking Channel, as it’s part of the “Uber-Premium” digital cable lineup that would double my cable bill. (And why do that just for one channel?)

      • C.K. says:


        I love the Create channel. That is my new go-to channel for cooking shows. It’s funny that I JUST found that channel after moving to a different state, so now I’m happy again.

        Also, I listened to Aarti’s giggle, and immediately changed the channel. I couldn’t do it. I tried and failed.

  21. Minx says:

    Hey Jillian–I hope sometime you will review The “Great” Food Truck Race before it goes off the air. I saw it for the first time tonight and was alternately repelled and depressed by these poor schmucks wandering around cities shilling for their roach coaches–all under the smarmy hosting of Tyler Florence. This show needs the FNH treatment!

    • I agree — the show is truly hideous, but I refuse to give that man one ounce of publicity or press on FNH.

      • FoodieOne says:

        Ooh…I can’t say that I blame you. However, maybe you’ll keep in mind that TF plays the smallest of small roles on this show. In fact, it seems that FN is only using him to draw viewers.

        The show is a goldmine of comic material!

        I too hope you’ll reconsider.

      • Lana says:

        Tyler is a creep of the first order. Jill, you’ll get no flak from me if you don’t post about him.

      • Scruffy says:

        We need the Tyler story at some point soon, Jillian.

        It would be gorgeous, all right?

      • Minx says:

        Well, I don’t blame you. I found the whole show grim.

      • atdleft says:

        I guess I’m in the minority here, but I actually LIKE “The Great Food Truck Race”. Honestly, it’s one of the VERY FEW “FN Nighttime” shows I can actually watch! And as FoodieOne explains upthread, Tyler Florence actually plays a very minimal role in describing the challenge at the start of the episode, and only returning at the end of the episode to declare the winners and losers. I actually like the ideas being offered by some of the trucks, and… Well, the others are just plain COMIC PLATINUM!

        As my dear, sweet Ina would say, it’s “The Amazing Race” with the volume turned up… More yummy grub and more laughs. ;-)

      • FuryOfFirestorm says:

        I’m warming up to “Food Trudk Race”.
        1) The food looks great.
        2) There’s some epic lulz to be had…for example, the “Nana Queens” start talking shit about coming in 1st-then can’t make shit because didn’t fill the propane tanks. HURR DURR!
        3) The best team (Nom Nom) won twice because they made good Bahn Mi’s and used their brains, not because they sucked on Suzy and Bob’s tits. They researched which area was best, contacted the media for free press and got local businesses to send customers their way.
        4) I want to bang the blond bearded dude on the “Grill ‘Em All” real bad. I would wreck him so hard that Gordon Lightfoot would write a song about it.

    • AbacoPeach says:

      I watched it for the first time last night also. It just didn’t hold my attention. The bulk of show was following the various food trucks as they desperately begged for people to come eat their food. I thought it was sad, demeaning and definitely not entertaining.

      I don’t like Chef v. City either. I find it one dimensional and boring also.

      • FatCat says:

        Chef vs. City is plain disgusting. I don’t mean figuartively, either. Do you see what they eat on there??

        I also find “Food Truck” extremely yawn-inducing

      • Plumpy says:

        Agreed. I’m oddly entranced by Chopped. Perhaps it’s just Ted Allen’s way of saying “basket.”

  22. dippydog says:

    All I am going to say is this….
    After watching a few minutes of Aarti’s Farty Party, Melissa D. seemed cool and calm by comparison.
    I don’t know which is harder to take though – Aarti’s giggling or Melissa’s great big ole’ horse smile.

  23. Ben says:

    Pretty cheesy that they just took last year’s “10 Dollar Dinners” set and gave it some new paint / tile. Even the bench was re-used! They did put in new glass panes and pillows, though ;-)

    The show was okay (actually better than I expected), but the food did nothing for me. Let’s see some real Indian cooking on it!

  24. Robin says:

    I liked the show….thought she might be a little nervous but didn’t mind her personality at all. I would watch again.

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  26. John says:

    Oh my god the screenshot of Aarti at the “explosion of cumin” part is perfect.

    I can tell Aarti’s already experiencing that “explosion of cumin” already.

  27. Sean says:

    I love Indian Food and I’m glad to see the Cooking Channel finally has a good Indian food show with a great host… But we’re talking FN here and I was hoping Aarti would deliver, instead we get “bombay sloppy joes” STFU, I didn’t tune in for that shit.

    I’d like to see how to make authentic indian dishes, not how to add an “Indian flair” to ordinary food. I’ll pass.

    BTW, does anyone else wonder why the Cooking Channel is not broadcast in HD?

    • Scruffy says:

      Because 80% of their content is recycled from FN Canada and/or recorded well before HD was the norm. It’s the bargain bin of networks.

    • FLFarmer says:

      Apparently some it depends on your provider. I saw a post at a place that escapes me right now by someone from DirectTV claiming the Cooking Channel will go HD in September. From what I understand, DishNetwork already broadcasts TCC in HD. Not sure about cable people since I live in the boonies and there’s no cable out here.

      • AbacoPeach says:

        I would have to upgrade a tier with my cable company to get TCC and I, too, am not going to spend the extra money for one channel. Now, if my cable co. would do an even swap, FN for TCC, I would do it in a heartbeat!

  28. Cath says:

    I liked her show- She was focused and I enjoyed her stories… she was not over the top like most of the others on the FN. As long as Bob and Suzi do not eff her up and make her the Indian ‘Guy’ she will be okay. I like her accent… she at least has a brain unlike … oh ummm take your pick… for her first show I give it a 2 thumbs way up…

  29. Ellie says:

    I was so disappointed. I really liked Aarti and was rooting for her all the way on NFNS, but her show really was a letdown. IMO, if you’re going to build a show and reputation on cooking Indian, then by all means make Indian food! This sloppy joe shit was way out in left field! Seriously! I don’t pay for cable to watch someone make cheap, ordinary crap on tv. Hopefully she’ll get better with time.

    • Peteys Mom says:

      Forget Indian food — Aarti has! The whole premise of her show is to cook American food and give it an Indian *twist*. The junk she whipped up on the 3 minute pilot and this premiere episode today was it. That’s all she wrote!

  30. Diane says:

    I think they need to just go ahead and rename FN the ‘Freak Network’.
    Have you noticed that almost all the hosts have some odd physical characteristic (in addition to their annoying screen presence)?

    Aarti Faarti has ginormous boobs. Claire Robinson has that terrifying Joker mouth. Ray Ray has the weird shelf butt. Giada’s head is massive compared to her tiny body.
    And Guy Fieri…well, he’s the whole freak show package.

    Not even gonna try to watch the new show.

  31. frankielou says:

    Her voice is the worst. The accent has become more pronounced since she won NFNS. It’s not an accent that is heard any where on the planet. Her food looks horrible. the only good thing about her winning the NFNS is that this website has a lot more comedy material.

  32. Foodie says:

    I was on a shoot with Tom this weekend – much better show concept, natural on camera, no nervous laughter, no impossibly annoying pronunciations.

  33. Adam says:

    It’s difficult to imagine why the Food Network would would record her show the day after she won. Aside from being completely strung out and exhausted, perhaps a bit hung over who knows, what kind of time do they have to come up with the strange set, half thought out recipes, etc. One would think they would allow for a proper amount of time so that the winner could more adequately assess the situation. And approach it more successfully.

    On another strange note, I looked at a recipe from Dave Leiberman, who always looks stoned, and noticed the amounts were all in grams and mls. Then I looked up a staff favorite, and all the measurements are in grams and mls:

    I’m travelling, but I”m still in the midwest. Anyway. It’s definitely a strange night for the food network.

    • Njchicaa says:

      This was a “reality show” and “cooking competition” that filmed several months ago. When did FN add Aarti to their list of talent? 3 months ago?

      They filmed that big finale scene and she probably had a few weeks to rest, relax, and come up with recipes for her show. Last Sunday was NOT when Aarti learned that she had won. She did NOT just film that POS show on Monday.

      • Adam says:

        That’s odd. When they announced the winner they said the filming for the new started the very next day, and that the show would be seen this week. Just going with the smoke and mirrors, since it’s TV.

        But what’s with the grams and mls in the recipes????

      • renee says:

        Adam, that whole “scheduling” thing is some smoke and mirrors that FN is blowing up their ass. They are IMPLYING that the finale was live, is WASN”T, judging by the outside shots in NYC, the finale was in May, NYC has been very hot in June and July and they were wearing jackets outside so the weather was still cool…it was May .

        So they take an episode filmed before Memorial Day and then in mid August imply that it’s live. And they telescope the filming of the first show into a week to imply that yesterday’s show was also live.

        Reality tv isn’t very appealing if it’s obvious that everything is severa weeks old, the “live” aspect is part of the hook, to getl people to hold their breath for something that already happened ten weeks ago.

        So Aahti won in May and probably had several weeks to start planning and filming the shows.Think about it, you think they planned the show, filmed it (with probably several others in the first “season”), built the set, filmed all the promo trailers, did all the publicity, etc, in ONE WEEK.

        I don’t think so!

    • Flyingroo says:

      The correct address should be not I believe the latter is British.

    • Matt says:

      “Time” on reality cooking competitions is as flexible as “TV time” in most cooking shows, where 30 minutes elapse in 5 seconds. “Oh, look, it’s done simmering.” Someone in each episode said something about coming back “each week,” but they film the show day after day for a few weeks. They don’t need to keep the crew and contestants on ice for 5-6 days between episodes that only take 2-3 days to film. The entire series was probably filmed in less than a month (heck, each run of “The Amazing Race” takes three weeks to run but results in 12-14 hour-long episodes). They just say “who’ll be back next week” for continuity.

      Similarly, the statement that she starts work “tomorrow” for a show that will air “next week” can be both time scales: she probably did start working on the show with FN’s set designers (mock all you want, but someone put it together to match her desires plus the needs and budget of TV), recipe developers, publicity, marketing, and so on, with the intent of it premiering the week after NFNS ended. That’s just how they did it last year.

      As for the recipes: is the FN’s site for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (see the “EMEA” in the title of the window?). You want the US site at (no TV).

      I wish there was more humor and less hate in this thread. There may be one Indian restaurant within 30 miles of me,and probably not a very good one. Around here, “Indians” means Native Americans. Most people here have never even thought about what people in India eat for dessert; all they know is “curry powder.”

      This is not to say I want a crunchy curry joe with pistachios, or that Aarti is not annoying or silly (I haven’t watched the show yet but do have it recorded), but don’t be turning up your noses at someone explaining things you know. I was disappointed in the latest pizza episode of Good Eats because it covered almost all the same ground as the original one from 2000. AB probably felt that ten years later was enough time to cover the same ground again, since a lot of the old standard-def episodes aren’t shown much anymore. He should have guessed that FN would run the original episode just before the new one, making the new one look completely redundant.

      Giggling is often a nervous tic, and she was plenty nervous on camera during NFNS. So is saying dumb obvious things, but they have 4-8 episodes to film in a limited amount of time. There’s only so long they’ll leave that set standing in one of their two studios before they strike it and put up a different one for more episodes of another 30-minute cooking show. Why do you think they did their pilots on Melissa D’Arabian’s set? It was the one that was standing at the time. They probably have to knock out two episodes per day for a full week, and they can’t do 15 takes of something just because she said something silly or giggled.

      Budget would require they redress an existing set in storage (the first year of “Ten Dollar Dinners”). And even Twitter ripped off the “Twitter bird.” Don’t you remember when Twitter’s default icon was “O_o”? Twitteriffic used a blue bird as its icon, and it was the first client to make Twitter really popular, to the point that Twitter eventually drew their own blue bird. One of the original designers explains the story.

      Less hating, more humor please.

      • Fia says:

        “don’t be turning up your noses at someone explaining things you know.”

        I’m sorry, but I can’t help be insulted by a host who feels the need to explain that sugar makes things sweet, lemons tend to be sour, and cream makes things creamy — all things that anyone with half a brain can figure out on their own before the age of ten or so. That tells me that she not only thinks her audience are inexperienced home cooks, she’s pretty sure that we’re MORONS. If I want to listen to someone who thinks I’m stupid tell me things I already know about food, that’s what my little sister is for.

      • Ray says:

        “but don’t be turning up your noses at someone explaining things you know. ”

        What, that sugar is sweet and lemons tend to be sour? How much of an isolated, back-of-beyond existence does one have to live to not know these things? She doesn’t get a pass on this. She came across as insipid and somewhat condescending. If she pulled that stuff during the competition Tuschie, Suze and Bobby would have had their talons out, ready to strike.

      • mattd says:

        To be fair (wasn’t logged in last time, sorry), by “don’t be turning up your noses at someone explaining things you know,” I was referring to the talk about “Indians love sweet food” and the like. As for “lemons are sour” and “sugar is sweet,” I meant to say that could just be a nervous tic that they didn’t have time to go back and take again because of the fast schedule on such shows.

        But yes, obvious cat is obvious, etc.

    • KristenS says:

      On Survivor they always remove any references to holidays or other specific dates to make it seem like the show is in “real time”. Nothing new for reality TV.

    • Kelley says:

      I was a bit surprised that someone believes that this show started filming the next day or that the finale was live. How could it be live if we saw previews the week before? Or how could it be possible that someone believes that they only filmed the one episode they showed Sunday when the promos for the stupidly named Aarti Party show her in different clothing and donning different silly thing in her hair?

      No offense intended. Really.

  34. Bonzy22 says:

    another pre-made boring “chef” on fn. what a effin joke.

  35. Meh says:

    I was quite excited to hear that there was an Indian chef on Food Network since I often get recipes off their website (never watch any of the shows though). But I’m seriously disappointed after reading up on Aarti. Apart from her slightly annoying personality, her fusion recipes just don’t sound interesting. I’m happy they work for some people but I’d rather see genuine Indian food. For others who said they like the real thing, is a cool site. That guy is clearly never getting his own TV show but his recipes are great, they are the real deal and even his fusion food is the kind you’d find in India. [Unlike naan-chutney pizza with prosciutto!]. Hope Aarti gets better, I am really rooting for an Indian cooking show.

    • Barb says:

      Thanks for that link! That’s some cool stuff. The sweet potato roti thing was amazing to watch. I think that would have blown the FN judges away.

    • Your Name says:

      I have such a crush on Vahchef. Love watching him work and you can tell he really enjoys showing others how to make his food. Every recipe I’ve tried of his is really, really good.

  36. Tom says:

    It’s sad when chefs get “made.” It used to be that the likes of Sara Moulton, Gale Gand, Mario Batali, etc were all established and respected chefs in their own right and THEN were deemed qualified to teach the public. Now it’s all about how many Kohl’s brand knives you can spin out while demonstrating how to open packaging and massage kale.

    So sad, FN. So so sad.

    • renee says:

      YEah, I was hooked into FN about a decade ago with the shows with Batali, Gand (loved “sweet dreams”), Moulton, and don’t forget Lo Monaco or was it Del Monaco. Even Taste, that guy was somewhat pretentious but he knew his stuff. All these people were AUTHORITIES and I watched them to learn. But none fit in with the current “reality” aspect of FN ca 2010

    • isabel says:

      So very true ! Gale Gand from Sweet Dreams was amazing, Ina Garten (good vanilla and all), Batali, East meets West, Emeril (not the Live one) etc… Now we are forced to hear and watch Alex Guarnacshelli and her big hips, Crazy haired Anne Burell, and now Tohmatoh Fake Accent Aarti.

  37. Erma says:

    Wait, what? Looking at her *official* page on the FN website (, it’s very clearly spelled, “Aarti PARTY.” You know, like a less cool version of a par-tay. The sort of place where people supposedly go to have fun, and not, as with this show, to be bored out of their minds.

    If you want to troll, at least make it more exciting! Don’t hate on the website just because you’re incapable of being funny yourself!

  38. Brian says:

    How obese is this woman? They never show her butt, like what they do for Guarnachelli, and her outfit fit her like spandex fits an elephant.

  39. atdleft says:

    Honestly, “Aarti Party” wasn’t horrible… But it wasn’t all that exciting, either. The “recipes” seemed a bit too dumbed down. Can’t FN deliver something new for those of us who have grown out of Ray Ray & Pauler explaining how water boils?

  40. Daniel says:

    I’m a fan of Aarti, but I agree the show wasn’t that interesting. A lot of it felt a bit over-rehearsed and forced. I suspect this will improve as she does more shows.

    Also, if she’s going to do the “cooking for my friends” bit, the least they could do is some cheesy little scene at the end like Giada and Ina do all the time. I’d really just prefer they don’t use it at all.

  41. Katie says:

    Way bad. Awful. Does she even really have an accent? I couldn’t watch more than ten minutes of thus train wreck. She didn’t make anything intriguing or worthy of a half hour cooking show!

  42. Fuy Gieri says:

    How funny is it that I’m reading this post and a teaser promo for Aarti Party plays on FN. LOL.

  43. Chickety China, the Chinese Chicken says:

    Why does FN think we want to watch show after show of amateur contest winners? I want learn something from someone who knows what their talking about, not being coached by the real chefs back in the test kitchen.

    • Northwester says:

      Seems like FN used to have cooking shows with honest-to-God accomplished chefs. Then a couple of years back decided it was all about the audience “relating” to the host. Meaning that an audience of amateur cooks wants to watch someone who’s more or less like them, not a professional, who might make them feel intimidated. So now, the real chefs are kept to Iron Chef or Chopped, and on the supposed instructional shows feature glorified home cooks. It’s like if you wanted to take tennis lessons, instead of hiring a pro, you find someone on the public courts who’s a little better than you are. Because you don’t want to be intimidated.

      Think about NFNS. Shane Lyons was a professional chef who had graduated from the Culinary Institute at 19. He got booted half way through the season. This year Brad was a professional chef. He got booted before Aria, who could barely make French Toast. Saying that you’re a professional chef is the kiss of death on the new dumbed down Food Network.

    • Kathy says:

      Because they can pay an amateur less money than a professional chef.

      • Northwester says:

        The chefs on “Chopped” may not be the elite we see on Iron Chef, but they are all make a living cooking at restaurants or for their own catering business, so that does make them “real” chefs. I have seen some pretty creative dishes on that show I would really love to have tried.

  44. KarenK says:

    I TiVoed (sp?) the episode and watched it yesterday afternoon. I didn’t watch NFNS, but I did read all the recaps here, so I had to find out what Aarti was really like. Jillian, your recap is so spot-on – what a snorefest! I made it through the whole episode, kind of because it was like a trainwreck, but I wouldn’t try any of that food. I am also preggo and have horrible morning (read: all day) sickness, so I spent a little time in the ladies’ room after watching Faarti pile nasty-looking Sloppy Joe slime on that bun. Gross, gross, gross. Bottom line – it was uninteresting, did not make me want to try cooking Indian food, and quite literally made me ill.

  45. AflacDuck says:

    Boring, I agree. My girlfriend begged me to change channel after the first 5 minutes…

    Food was uninspired and cliche’. She looked ok but does she have children? I did not think so. Then why the framed pictures? does she have fans that young?

    The fame seeking actor husband will probably clean up and show his mug in one of the following episodes. Stay tuned!

  46. Silvio says:

    My sphincter would convulse in fear if I ever attempted to injest that “Sloppy Joe”.
    Can you say Mombai Mudslide ?

  47. Petec94 says:

    I’m honestly not a fan of Indian food. I’ve never eaten at an Indian restaurant but I have taken many meals in the home of the Indian couple that I used to work for back in the late 80′s

  48. ama says:

    Complete snoozefest. Aarti is cute, but her cooking leaves a lot to be desired. Throwing cumin on something and calling it Indian is akin to adding extract to cool whip and calling it homemade. Just…no.

    I have no intentions of watching her paaahhhhhty again, even to make fun of it. A new low of “Guy” standards.

  49. Ed says:

    4 hours after this on BBC America I saw Ramsay cooking in a street kitchen in Mumbai, making some delicious looking soup with lentils and chilis. I think I learned more about Indian food with 10 minutes of that show than I could in an hour of Haardli Paarti.

    But, again, the show works if you remember that it’s about learning to experiment and introduce Indian cooking into other kinds of food. I just don’t really like it.

  50. KristenS says:

    She seriously said “sugar is sweet” and “lemons are sour”? Really? Jeezum.

    • Fia says:

      I believe the exact context was “the sugar in the sweetened condensed milk will make this sweet,” “lemons tend to be sour,” and don’t forget, there was also “the creaminess from the cream.”

  51. Neel says:

    The whole “sugar is sweet” “lemons are sour” is just the last straw for me. Her whole “Indian food shouldn’t be intimidating” approach has been reduced to “you can’t do it…let’s just make sloppy joes.” I mean give people a chance! She had the perfect opportunity to teach a standard Indian Curry. In fact she could have explained how the Indian mirepoix is garlic, ginger, and onions. And how it’s really not that different from making slow cooking French or Italian meals, where you’re browning onions and tomatoes and developing flavors from the beginning, just with different spices. Fail and Fail. I’m pissed. I could be hosting this show.

  52. Boston_Dan says:

    I’m not a typical cynical critic just chomping at the bit to tear someone down. She held her own as a host and she does have some cooking talent, but don’t talk to me like I just fell off the turnip truck!!! Sugar is sweet, cream is creamy and lemons tend to be sour. Really? And thank God she showed me how to taste my vinaigrette by sticking a piece of fruit in it and popping it in my mouth. Because prior to this, I was dipping my cat’s tail into the vinaigrette and sticking THAT in my mouth. I mean, c’mon. Who produced this POS episode. And sloppy joes on your debut episode? Really?

  53. Leelee says:

    My my, so many comments, so little time to read them all, though I wish I could. Well, I’m glad I get to read some of the reviews, as me and my peeps have decided to boycott Artee Fartee. I wish the boys had gotten it together sooner, but FN got what they wanted – “ethnic” food from an “ethnic” person, real or not.

  54. Union Tom says:

    I did not watch, I will not watch, I cannot watch, Sam I Am

  55. plasticlobster says:

    I saw the comment above about the cooking channel.

    The only redeeming quality about the cooking channel is that they play good cooking shows that they didn’t produce, like Julia Child’s “The French Chef” and Kevin Brauch’s “Thirsty Traveler.”

    Other than that, snoozefest.

    • Barb says:


    • Boston_Dan says:

      I also thought that the new Cooking Channel would bring a whole bunch of new shows to the airwaves. NOT! Most of it’s content is old lame shows and/or imports from Canadian TV. I do enjoy the old Julia Child shows immensely! But you can catch those on PBS’s Create channel. The only other two shows I like are Chuck’s Day Off (also an import from Canadialand) and the repeats of Nigella Lawson’s shows. (I could watch her cleaning a litterbox all day long – she’s such a minx!) But old episodes of The Galloping Gourmet? While mildly entertaining from a retro point of view, that show was always more about camp than cooking. The worst of it all is David Rocco’s Dolce Vita. Also imported from Canada, the 4-6 year old episodes are painful to watch as he spends most of his time trying to convince the audience that he is heterosexual. And if he is, well then I’m Marilyn Quayle. (Can someone tell me how to spell potato(e?)?) Overall rating for the new Cooking Channel? WEAK.

  56. Uh Huh says:

    More like Nigel-aarti Part-xpress, amirite?

  57. Neuf says:

    If I was invited to her “party” I’d certainly come up with some sort of excuse not to go. Like, I have to go pick up dog poop off the lawn that day.

    They only picked her because it’s just another set of giant cans to add to their roster. Anyone can add an ethnic spice to something and claim it to be something new and different. She’s a waste of a half hour.

  58. Rose says:

    This show is so horrible. If I wanted to hear an overdone/fake British accent, I will watch footage of Madonna interviews.

  59. I watched the 1st show of AArti, but could only see her top half, no food, no pots. It looks that she was not doing anything with food. Maybe the cameraman wanted to show her boobs instead of her food. I will not watch this show again. It was a fiasco!!. Uninteresting, blah, etc… that’s too bad. Other contestant as Herb would have been a more appealing show on TV!!. Next time, please ask the viewers for their inputs. Maybe Food Network will not have such a fiasco. She is giggling too much but not show how to prepare food. Please get rid of her swhow!!.

    Sincerely, Micheline MOTTER

  60. Snark Lady of the Sith says:

    Thank God she didn’t wear that awful red dress again. But seriously, sloppy joes with cumin? WTF?! I could do that and I can’t even cook. Sloppy Joes are like the easiest, most simplest things you could possibly make. Having an entire episode of a cooking show devoted to telling us how to make that is just plain insulting. And it’s insulting to Indian food to reduce it to “Add a dash of this spice with the fancy name you American yokels probably can’t spell to this crap I slung together in two minutes and voila! you have Indian food.” If her “mum” is really dead, she must be rolling in her grave right about now.

  61. c says:

    I wonder if any of you actually made the food, rather than spending all of your time on a ridiculous hate site posting about how terrible it LOOKS. Snark is funny, until it’s just another excuse to be condescending. Hope you all enjoy sitting on those extremely high and mighty sticks up your @$$es while I go enjoy another incredibly tasty pistachio pop. I hope to never see life from such a terribly negative perspective.

    • Fia says:

      Many of us have a greater grasp of cooking, fusion, and (some of us) even Indian cuisine, than Aarti displayed in her first episode. If this site is ridiculous, why are YOU here?

    • KristenS says:

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, Aarti!

    • Jackers says:

      Why the eff would I want to know what it tastes like when it looks disgusting as is? That doesn’t make me want to taste it, it looked like bright orange Manwich on this poor, pathetic little bun. It was lame. Why come on a HUMOR site and expect everyone to be mooning over this person? If we’re lame then you’re worse because you bothered to come here to defend this sell-out moron.

    • Roger says:

      Inspired by this post, I sprinkled curry powder and cumin over everything I cooked yesterday. Allakhazam! Now I’m cooking Indian just like Aarti! Goddamn, this is easy. I needs me a Food Network show.

    • Snark Lady of the Sith says:

      So any perspective you don’t agree with is “negative”? Have fun in the real world, dearie. And if the site is ridiculous, don’t come here. Unless someone held a gun to your head to make you come here, stfu.

    • JanetM says:

      We’re not commenting on life… not ours and not Aarti’s. We’re simply critiquing a show and being honest. You think we should all be making Aarti’s sloppy joes before we judge so harshly? Seriously?! Maybe you made them, but I’m not making sloppy joes for ANY meal ANY time! I love garam masala, but no matter how you season ground turkey and tomato sauce, it’s still a sloppy joe. It’s just not something I’d make, no matter what is in it, and certainly not for company!! I love to cook. Sorry, but I didn’t even consider that recipe cooking. Let me see, company’s coming. How about wild sockeye salmon fillets with a garam masala & smoked paprika rub on the grill? Served with grilled (yes grilled) romaine lettuce hearts cut the long way and grilled for about 30 secs with goat cheese and an herb, pomegranate dressing. Quick, easy, delicious… and fit for company…. or just me. No, we’re not looking at life negatively… just Aarty Party.

    • Lizzie says:

      I don’t have to make any kind of Sloppy Joe to know it’s nasty, disgusting pig slop. If that means I have a stick up my ass, so be it, I have a stick up my ass.

  62. Jackers says:

    I actually watched the show first before I came on here to make sure that my reaction would not be affected. Guess what? I STILL had the same reaction to everyone else, this shit was BORING. Her giggling IS annoying and the food DID look gross and lame. I don’t WANT to know what this would taste like simply because it LOOKED disgusting and just…sad. It was sad looking food that I have no interest in and I love Indian food very much.

    I can’t believe I was surprised or disappointed by just how awful this show was, I guess some tiny part of me wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe, FN would have a show about making Indian food (real, actual Indian food) accessible. Oh well, shame on me for having an inkling of a spark of hope. Ugh.

  63. JanetM says:

    Poor Aarti. I have to say I was totally thrown when I heard what she was making. Who would serve Sloppy Joes to company? I want to impress my guests with good food, not have them rolling their eyes when I turn my back. The giggling was annoying, and the show was, yes… boring. On the one hand I was very disappointed, even though she wasn’t my choice as the winner. On the other hand, she pretty much came across just as we saw her throughout the competition… so no surprise there. And then at the end… no friends show up, and she’s tasting her food AND dessert almost as if she forgot she has company coming (or they canceled when they found out what she was serving). The friends coming idea was way too fake. I won’t be getting out my garam masala to try that recipe. Honestly… I don’t think it’s going to get any better. In her defense… she’s not the only annoying host there is. There are a few I can’t watch.

  64. Mike J. says:

    I can’t believe you sat through the whole thing. The mid-week party setup was completely fake. At least the Ina and the big-breasted Italian pretend to have the boring parties. Then on her third annoying pronunciation of the word tomato, I switched the channel. Great review.

  65. Lyn says:

    I didn’t hate it. And Julia Child says “to-mah-to,” as well. But with the possible exception of the kale salad (just weird enough to be a little intriguing), I wouldn’t try making those dull dishes. It was like “30-Minute Slightly Indian Meals,” complete with giggles that sounded exactly like Rachael Ray.

  66. Guillermo Proano says:

    aarti is just awful

  67. hilda sa. says:

    Aarti has proved again take she was the wrong choice. She is not bringing anything exciting to the table except fakeness. Please let us vote again,perhaps HERB and his latin cuisine or Tod would have been a better choice. Do not keep around for too long, you will lose many audiences.

  68. Viewer.007 says:

    So who do you think should have won?

  69. Viewer.007 says:

    Herb and Todd were not consistent on camera or with their food. Give the woman a chance, why be so negative. All of the network stars start out shakey and than they get a grove going.

    • Ray says:

      Your point being… what exactly? Aarti was not consistent on camera or with her food, either, over the course of the show. If you were viewing her through rose-colored glasses, take them off, see if you can find some episodes of the show online, and watch again. That said, I otherwise generally agree with you on the point of seeing how her show might shake out over the coming weeks. I just hope she loses that asinine giggle.

  70. Darius says:

    I did not witness the first episode of this, but I just sat through the second. It was horrible. Her food looked mediocre for the most part, but her salad dressing of sriracha and pistachios looked awful. Worst, though, were the recipe names.
    “Don’t be chicken chicken” was a run-of-the-mill roast chicken with a Guy-Ferry-inspired name.
    “Ugly duckling salad” was a salad with the aforementioned dressing and celeriac. No duck involved, making the recipe name completely irrelevant and asinine.
    And, worst of all, “Huggy buggy bread pudding”. She said it would make you feel like you were hugged from the inside. I had the mental image of her squeezing someone’s intestines.
    Combined with her constant giggling, ugly set, and lack of
    actual Indian cuisine, made this show a complete trainwreck.
    I’m sure some people enjoy her personality. Her food didn’t look very good, but it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen. I just don’t think her recipes deserve the three hundred favorable reviews on the Food Network website, nor does she deserve a following of incredibly devoted fans who think she’s a goddess of Indian cooking.
    I suggest watching Anjum Anand on “Indian Made Easy”, which is on cooking channel. Her food is authentic, and she teaches about the regions of India from which they come.
    Hopefully Aarti will improve, since she clearly has potential.

    • Ray says:

      “And, worst of all, “Huggy buggy bread pudding”. She said it would make you feel like you were hugged from the inside.”

      hmmm sounds to me I might have to worry about insects eating my insides after consuming it.

    • SaraCVT says:

      OK, for the “Don’t Be Chicken Chicken”, she has 50 reviews, most of them 5-star, but the majority of them aren’t actually reviews of the recipe, they’re her fans sounding off about her show, and they’re actually kind of funny. Apparently, they’re starting to realize that her food isn’t actually Indian food, it’s just basic American staples sprinkled with some exotic spices and more than a few of them are unhappy with that. (But every one of them STILL gives her a 5-star rating!) Apparently, even her star is starting to tarnish a bit.

      And the ones that ARE reviews are even funnier. Apparently one of her instructions was to cook the chicken in a 500-degree oven, and EVERY one of the reviewers says something along the lines of “I set off the fire alarm” or “My whole kitchen filled up with smoke and I had to open the windows”. One invited his in-laws over for dinner. Oops. You think she would have noticed all the smoke swirling around her before this, but apparently not. And they STILL gave her 5-star ratings!!! ARRGGHH!!! If it took me two days to clear the smoke out of my kitchen, as one reviewer said, I wouldn’t have given her such a high rating…but what do you do with the Aarmi?

  71. Jerry says:

    Yeah, I watched the second episode too then sat through one of Melissa’s $10 dinners and quite frankly Aarti was better, but they also shoot her from much further away (you can see Melissa’s fillings). My question? What the f%$# is an accountability group? We she cooking for her tax preparers?

  72. gogo says:

    ok so unlike 95% of the people here i am actually Indian.*gasp* so i do admit I am definately disappointed with the lack of a complete Indian dish, however, since i have been eating indian food since i can eat i am definately glad to find a decent twist on indian food. Since most Indians are hindus meat is not used in indian food, but to appeal to her american viewers she has used meat in every episode. so far i am interested in the dishes. I like her even though shes a bit annoying at times.

  73. Mia Bass says:

    I enjoyed the Aug 29 show and would like the receipes from that show.Please help me.

  74. Julia says:

    my mom said she should have called them “sloppy jafar’s” LOL

  75. am says:

    I would agree that her show is a bit twee, but then so was her original show on youtube:

    In that low-fi context though, it was silly and endearing; in a more corporate setting (food network), it struggles not to be trite.

    But mocking her accent? Seriously?? First of all, how do any of you know that “there is no way that someone who was born in India, raised in Dubai by Indian parents, and came to the U.S. when she was 14 would have that accent”?? I know people who have been here forty years who still have an accent. More importantly, why does it matter? Does everyone you see on TV have to sound like they’re from Ohio, and say “tomato” the same way as you do? It’s a little bit incongruous to hear such xenophobia together with this demand for authenticity (and btw, if a cosmopolitan American of Indian descent doesn’t make “classical Indian food” (as if such a thing even exists), she’s somehow fake? And this demand is made of which other tv chefs exactly?).

  76. Steph says:

    I liked the show. I tried the kale salad and my husband and I thought it was great. Her accent doesn’t seem fake to me… it just seems mixed. I’m a bit like that.

    I grew up an army brat. We moved 12 times while I was growing up. I learned to speak in the Northeast, but, haven’t been up there for decades. My accent is generic American most of the time. When I’m really tired or frustrated (occasional just randomly), though, I tend to sound like someone from Boston. LOL I got very annoyed looking for a spot at the mall not that long ago and I told my mom “I’m gonna paar this caaar in this damn gaaaraage sometime today!!”

    I bet her’s changes some when she’s nervous.

  77. Joe says:

    What I’ve learned from Aarti Party so far: Indian-ing up a dish involves adding cardamom.

  78. Susan says:

    Re: “The whole premise of her show is to cook American food and give it an Indian *twist*.”

    I think it’s Food Network policy to water down “ethnic” food. I doubt Arti wanted to make Sloppy Joes. Get real. Bob and Suzi need to go. I am so tired of Paula Deen, Sandra Lee and the garbage they make. Too bad there isn’t a more upscale Food Network for people who know how to eat.

  79. anon says:

    remember, the english language existed long before white men arrived on where food network is located. get a passport and discover for yourself how native speakers speak english around the world, sherlock!

  80. Charlotte says:

    On a random tangent, where does the screenshot of the scientist skeleton in front of the computer come from? I feel like I’ve seen it before but…*temporary brain death from one of Sandra’s concoctions*

  81. Renuka says:

    I guess her accent is mixed not fake.. I moved between India and the US several times throughout my life and my accent is all mixed too.. So I understand..
    I thought her show was good.. Maybe not great but good.. I will try out her recipes for sure..

    An Indian person with an authentic Indian accent cooking and serving authentic Indian food WILL NOT APPEAL TO AMERICANS. You know it. Don’t deny it. It’s sad but true. So don’t criticize her for being “fake”. It’s a survival tactic. It’s showbiz after all.

  82. bc says:

    Thanks for expressing what I’ve been thinking ever since she started the competition, and for making me laugh at the same time.

  83. Matt says:

    Ugggghhhhh, big chef should have won that competition. He didn’t need any fluffing or special treatment to make his show. He grew into what he was through the competition, while still maintaining all of his personality (hard to do for most). A lot of them become fake. The Mexican guy needed his kids to watch him and would probably not make stuff that just tastes good just because. Aartii…. where to begin… I can’t believe she made it as far as she did. Oh well… I’m sure there are plenty out there saying, “you go gurl!!!!” I am not one of them. I called it in the beginning that there will not be a caucasian guy who wins this plain and simple. Oh well….. it is what it is. I watched Aartii party with an open mind and thought the food would not be well mixed… nuts with meat???? Meh, to each there own. Good luck with that ;)

  84. FNL says:

    She is better than super-duper annyoing Melissa

  85. foodshowaddict says:

    Could not believe this woman won the competition. Not only was she annoyingly cheerful, but her voice further grated on my nerves. Her continual grinning reminded me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. Maybe part of my dislike comes from the fact I hate Indian cuisine–especially curry. Now, I’d have watched Big Tom’s show in an instant. He was warm and naturally witty. And I liked Herb’s POV about healthy eating with ordinary foods. I’d have tuned into his show, too. But Aarti? No f***ing way.

  86. Jackie says:

    I love Aarti Party…you guys are mean.

  87. Sad observer says:

    I wanted Tom to win the competition. I would have enjoyed his show because he’s so real and down to earth. This show just makes me sad and is a waste of air time.

  88. Dean says:

    I watch Food Network all the time. The only 2 shows I will not watch are 30 minute Meals or Aarti Party.

  89. Teri says:

    I happened to enjoy Aarti Party. Why you ask, because I learned about spices and spice combinations I’d never tried before as well as learning about a different culture and how to change things up from the usually home cooked meal like hot dogs and hamburgers which you can’t tell me gets old after a while having it the same old way every time. I also enjoyed her bubbly personality even if she was planning a party for make-believe friends, excuse me it is Television right, oh and most times you didn’t see the so called friends of other Food Network parties for friends so lighten up. I think she did a good job considering that it was her first run on Food Network especially since I’m sure more than a few viewers were voting her out but she had something that viewers liked or she wouldn’t have won. All I am hearing is comments about her accent which I guess you all forgot she was born in India and oh don’t forget that the reason she talked the way she did even if some of it was in some in yours opinion redundant because everyone knows a lemon is sour and one again I state that it was new to her having her own show on Food Network so she said something everyone knows, BIG DEAL. How about thinking of something original instead of insulting her accent and how she describes the food or ingredience or how about you try out for The Next Food Network Star and lets see if you win and then see how we can pick on you for ever mistake you make and the way you talk but then again most of you don’t have half the courage Aarti did to try because you’d rather pick on someone because you have nothing better to do. Well I say that I’m happy to see that other culture’s cuisines are being introduced on Food Network so I can learn about new ways to cook old favorites.
    I love you Aarti and sorry to see the party end.

  90. K says:

    She is not a star, please.

  91. LizBeth says:

    Wow…..I wonder if you gave the other ‘stars’ such a negative review on their FIRST show? Give the woman a chance, for heaven’s sake. I like her a lot. She’s not pretentious and phony like Giada, or overly gushy like Rachael….she’s down to earth and warm. Giving this kind of negative, nasty review so soon is not warranted. Take a look at Giada’s early shows (that’s SHOWS, plural). She couldn’t even talk and cook at the same time, and she did not smile once. It was painful. You come off as a hateful, racist idiot. When Aarti makes it big, I can’t wait till you have to eat some crow.

  92. Donna says:

    I couldn’t stand her on the Next Food Network Star show – so I wouldn’t even watch her show. I’m not surprised it sucked. What is wrong with these people? ? ? ?

  93. Sabrina says:

    Why are you guys hating on foodnetwork?? and especially aarti??? you guys are all jelous just coz she won the next foodnetwork star
    Seriously foodnetwork humour??? why dont u guys make ur own private website for ur only self you guys are haterzzz and btw if ur a fan of this website I HATE YOUUUMAND I HATE THIS STUPID WEBSITEE

  94. Foodie says:

    OMG. PLEASE make her go away. Does she really need to cackle after saying something innocuous like “add some garam masala?

  95. Otnip says:

    Hello arrogant, pompous a-holes. It’s so fun reading all your err…insightful (read: racist and completely unnecessary) comments.

    Here’s a quick suggestion though, don’t like Aarti… change the channel? Or do your fat, bloated hands (from just sitting on the couch, watching food network and hating on people who have it better than yourselves) not work?
    Just a suggestion though…

    And sorry to burst all of your bubbles but Aarti already won (cause shes awesome) and she already has her own show (which is awesome) so you’ll should quit whining like little school girls, get off your asses and go get jobs.

    Okay? Cool.

  96. Mike says:

    Aarti’s show is catered to the American crowd because she and her crew probably thought that since most Americans (like the ones on this website) are racist may actually give this show a chance. They failed at that. Bigots cannot see past skin color and their own narrow mindedness to appreciate “other” things. I hate that Americans are this way.

  97. kay says:

    Wow, I really wish the food network had let us Canadian’s see what Aarti had to offer. I loved her in the Next Food Network Star and I was very disappointed when she did not appear on Food Network in Canada. However, Canadian’s aren’t really into Americanized versions of great food so it is probably just as well. How about letting Aarti show your neighbours to the north how to make delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. We would love that.

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