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Rachael Ray Studio Audience Dress Code
Posted by Jillian Madison


For the last year and a half, my friend Alex has been begging me to accompany her to a taping of Rachael Ray’s daytime talk show on ABC. I never agreed to it because 1) getting tickets seemed like a royal pain in the ass, and 2) Rachael Ray’s show never really excited me all that much. However, since fall is just around the corner – and I love New York City in the fall – I decided to look into the whole getting tickets thing.

So, how does one earn the privilege of becoming a Rachael Ray studio audience member? As it turns out, IT AIN’T EASY.

Ray-Ray’s audience ticket information page reads like an intimidating – and frankly, snippy – ransom note.  “Submitting more than one request for tickets will result in the cancellation of all your ticket requests,” they rudely explain. “There will be no response to your initial ticket request. If you are granted tickets, you will be contacted via email by one of our audience department representatives. Admission to our show is on a first-come, first-served basis as ticket distribution may be in excess of our studio capacity. If a member of the staff or crew recognizes you as a repeat audience member, you will be denied admittance  AND YOU BETTER SHOW UP ALONE!!! NO POLICE!!!”

Wow, Rachael Ray Show! Way to act like you’re doing ME a  favor by MAYBE letting me secure tickets to a show that MAY OR MAY NOT TAPE the day I arrive.

And if you think that’s bad, get a load of the audience dress code! I understand they don’t want people showing up looking like an extra from the cast of Rent, but this thing is just ridiculous:

Please Do Not Wear: Shorts, capri/gaucho pants, tank tops, t-shirts, ripped jeans, flip flops, sequins, hats, very busy patterns, white or primarily white/off-white/light pink tops or shirts, jogging suits or velour. You’ll look your best wearing solid, jewel-toned colors (deep blues, reds, greens, etc.). We have the right to deny anyone who does not follow guidelines.

No shorts,  tank tops, or flip flops? Well hell, there goes 95% of my wardrobe right there. And NO WHITE SHIRTS? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Who does this bitch think she is?

Screw you, Rachael Ray. If I wanted to have my wardrobe critiqued and criticized, I’d go spend the afternoon with my mother.

I think FoodieOne summed it up nicely in the comments below: “Rachael Ray made a name for herself with her “everygirl” image. Even on her stupid cooking show, she’s usually wearing jeans!” Exactly. Total fail.

And sorry, Alex, old buddy old pal. You’ll be going to the Ray Ray show alllllllll alone.


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    130 Responses

  1. Syd says:

    Fuck a bunch of that!

  2. Nancy says:

    I hate to say it but all shows have a long list of rules and a dress code. Even the Ellen show! I went to her show and it was nearly an 8 hour cattle call and you still were not sure if you would make it in to the taping… I am telling you – they all act like it is a privledge to attend a FREE taping to their show… You are better off watching it from your comfy couch at home – unless you are lucky enough to get on a give-away show… just sayin’

    • Well, Ellen is wildly popular, so I can understand that. Rachael Ray is no Ellen or Oprah.

      I went to a taping of the Ricki Lake Show in college, and it was simple and effortless. She was huge at the time, and her ticket info page didn’t read like a ransom note.

      I still say, SUCK IT, RAY RAY.

      • Jenn says:

        shows do have a list of stuff of what to and not to do/wear. But it is ridiculous that this woman, who wears jeans and shirts that are too tight for her, and almost teenage wear, be asking her audience to dress better than she ever has.

      • atdleft says:

        Don’t tell that to Oprah… We all know who she’s been grooming to become her next daytime moneymaker.

      • J-Man says:

        “She was huge at the time”
        So you’re saying it was before she lost all that weight?

      • MsFoodie says:

        Wow, J-Man, hilarious…. *eyeroll*

        Screw Wretched Ray. Bitch wants everyone to dress better than her sloppy ass for her stupid show? Oh, please.

  3. cowpoke says:

    Wow. My son got tickets to the Daily Show and The Colbert Report in 2 minutes online and then just had to show up one hour before the show started.
    You couldn’t pay me enough money to sit through her show. Her voice makes my ears bleed.

    • Laura says:

      Not to mention she interrupts her guests or at least talks much more than she allows them to. AND, she tries to act like and expert in their field. UGH. As far as the celebrity guests, she tried to make is seem like they are so close.

    • Flyingroo says:

      The only talk show I would go to is Oprah’s – she gives away stuff, sometimes really expensive one! :o)

    • Jim says:

      This is probably because they don’t show the audience as much on Colbert/Stewart as they do on RR. I mean every applause gets an audience shot or just random shots of people at any given time.

  4. Susan says:

    Ridiculous! Period.

  5. merijoe says:

    But can you wear a Hijab?

    I know the reason for the no wearing of light colored clothes has to do with some camera glare or not showing up real good on camera, but I dont understand the rest of it. Sounds like business casual at an insurance agency or a friday night blind date.

    Is it worth it to make a visual impression just to see RR in person? AKA somebody who doesnt give a damn effing fat rat about you, wont give you a paycheck or take you out for dinner.

    You can still visit New York in the fall, in your shorts, flip flops, white shirt. Go see Daily Show instead

    • Jessica says:

      Ha! I guess if you can’t wear hijab I would be out of luck! But I’m sure there would be no point in crying foul, all they would have to say is I “just didn’t make it.”

      Hell ya! I’d give my right arm to see the Daily Show or Colbert!

  6. Brad says:

    The dress code is standard for TV. The white causes problems with filming.

    • Fine. Even IF it’s not recommended that you wear white, it doesn’t explain why I CAN’T WEAR CAPRIS OR SHORTS OR TANK-TOPS.

      Rachael Ray studio audience dress code fail.

      • frozenyogurt3 says:

        The shorts might be because some people will wear daisy dukes and would still the show away from Ray Ray.

      • Cayenne says:

        People have different ideas of what type of shorts, T-shirts and tank tops are appropriate (or not)for wearing in public and on a family rated show. Barring the items avoids arguments. Incidentally, the dress code bars “ripped jeans”. So you could still wear regular jeans.
        If you want to dress like trailer trash, go on Jerry Springer.

    • Mark H88 says:

      It does sound ridiculous, but I guess you can’t complain since the tickets are free. And her talk show isn’t the same as her cooking show. It’s OK that she wants to “class” her talk show up. Just because she wears jeans on her cooking show and is known for being the “everyday” girl, it doesn’t mean she can’t be classy.

      I mean, I’m the type of person who wears jeans and a t-shirt every day of the year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wear a suit to a wedding. I was in shock when I went to a wake a few weeks back and saw people wearing jeans.

      Again, I am the LAST person who would be caught dead wearing Dockers or dress pants (if I didn’t absolutely had to), but some people don’t seem to care about how they present themselves these days.

  7. FoodieOne says:

    Gee. Capri pants are dressy attire for me! Especially my khaki ones. I agree with the fail-ness of this. Rachael Ray made a name for herself with the “everygirl” image. Even on her stupid cooking show, she’s usually wearing jeans!

  8. Mandy says:

    I would love to send them a memo back saying that I’m happy to comply with their rules if they would buy Rachel a size smedium shirt so I don’t see her bra digging into her back. She has the worst foundations, bless her heart.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      Perhaps we all should dress like Rachael: ill-fitting shirts that hug every bulge, ill-fitting bra, ill-fitting jeans.

  9. Catherine says:

    Just to see, I looked up the dress code requirements for Martha Stewart Show tapings, figuring that if anyone could top this nonsense, it would be her. BUT NO, dear readers, even Martha frakking Stewart manages to be more respectful and reasonable than Ray Ray. Martha’s guidelines include polite phrases like “dress your best” and “bright colors photograph best,” and the list of things she would like you to “please avoid” is fairly short and reasonable. Meanwhile, who does Rachael think she is, forbidding people to wear capris and “primarily light pink tops”?!?! What a psycho.

    • Laura says:

      What abour sewing a couple of her mopines (sp?) together to make a nice top? Wonder if that would pass.

    • AbacoPeach says:

      How could capris offend anyone? They are over your knees! Capris with a nice top and cute flats would make a smart outfit.

    • Di says:

      I think people would automatically “dress their best” to see Martha. I know I would.
      I think it’s from combination of respect and fear, lol.
      Don’t have same level of respect for RR, sorry.

    • Snark Lady of the Sith says:

      I could comply with a strict dress code if it was phrased nicely like the quotes from the Martha Stewart guidelines. But the Ray-Ray rules just reeked of bitchiness.

    • Mair says:

      U go girl….agree completely!!!!!….I went thru the horror!!!!

      Give it up, Brad!!!

      • Mair says:

        OMG!!!!!…..u guys are all toooooo funy….u have NO idea the day I endured going to her show……..I stressed out so much about the F’in dress code……ended up wearing high heels & had to walk from Grand Central to see this BE-OTCH!!!!~……& to see a girl in flip~flops & A tank top!!!!!!!……I WAS LIVID!!!!!…….& give away????…..PULLEEEEZE…..she’s as cheap as a $2 hooker……”Snyder’s” pretzel bites……that I could’ve gotten @ the bodega down the street where I bought my band aids for my F’in blisters on my feet!!!!!……”Am I right, Ladie’s?”…….

        • Mair says:

          Finding this HYSTERICAL….that people r feeling the way me & my sister’s have felt……& BTW>>>>>>>>when are our show’s going to air????…..looked it up…..no luck……what’s the big secret?……anyone have info??…..much appreciated!!!….:O)

  10. frozenyogurt3 says:

    Here’s a Behind the Scenes video where you can critique the audiences’ attire. (featuring Jerry Springer WTF?)


  11. stoup says:

    I think everyone in the audience should show up in green shirts, that way it’ll look like a bunch of floating heads on camera.
    What a complete and utter waste the Rachael Ray show is!!!

  12. Thom Stilton says:

    Do they have a written dress code for Hobo husbands ?

  13. Chris says:

    They should ban Ray Ray from stuffing that size 12 caboose of hers into those size 4 designer (GAG) jeans she sports. She looks like an overstuffed chorizo!
    And the tight tops only work if you actually have boobs! Screw her and the over priced rolling pin she rode in on!

    • Polly says:

      Low cut tops also only work if you have boobs. She wore a low cut top yesterday, and her “girls” looked like large pecs. So disturbing.

    • Aubie says:

      i think her’s are classified as “tube boobs”. I’m not a fan of plastic surgery but in her case, subtle implants would do wonders.

  14. Teague says:

    I don’t see the problem here. The taping is in the fall and as we all know one simply does not ware white after Labor Day!

  15. Barb says:

    Okay, all of that is crazy (particularly the ban on capri pants), but this to me is the scariest; the audience is cautioned that actual taping may last for several hours, and that, “Audience members who attend must agree to stay for the entire duration of the taping or entry will be denied.”

    This makes me want to get tickets just so I can leave early.

  16. Catherine says:

    The white shirt thing is because the camera has a hard time with white. On the show “Wipeout” the only dress code is no white or small stripes.

  17. Ray says:

    Regarding the first paragraph I don’t see much of a problem. Most of the points are valid. I saw one of Conan O’Brien’s last NBC shows last January, and they did, indeed, stipulate that seating was on a first come, first served basis, and that they give out tickets in excess of the number of available seats. Makes sense.

    I can also sympathize with the statement about not submitting more than one request for tickets. I can see they must get inundated with many ticket requests from the same persons, and that’s ridiculous. Their wording on that is appropriately strong, I feel. If they make it too sweet and flowery, it has less impact and the dimwits will take it less seriously. I also agree (though maybe less so) with their stance on repeat audience members. This isn’t a Grateful Dead concert tour. Give other people a chance at procuring tickets and ease off on your obsession with Ray-Ray (says Ray!).

    I don’t find much of anything objectionable in that first paragraph. It’s professional and to the point, which I guess can be viewed as snippy. Uh, now the all-caps statement at the end of the bit about tickets? That’s verbatim from the website? OK, that’s obnoxious. And… odd.

    Now, the parts about what you can wear to the show, that’s quite different as well. … wonder if I have any “jewel colors”.

  18. Jane says:

    Speaking of dress code, who in the heck is Rachel’s stylist? She needs a Stacy London intervention. But does she dress gerbils?

  19. Jersey Girl says:

    Jillian…did you stop reading before she broke the law in the ‘rules’?

    “If you or anyone in your party is disabled, please be sure to let us know when we offer you tickets via email. We must be given advance notice of all requests for reasonable accommodation.”

    In NYC new or renovated buildings (sice 1960 something) need to be ADA compliant. NO you MUST NOT be given advanced notice bitch.

    • Ray says:

      All I can think of here is that it may have something to do with the availability of wheelchair-space seating. Like at a movie theater. Typically there aren’t all that many spaces for the wheelchairs. If it’s a similar situation for the audience seating, they may have to know so they make sure that said space is available. BUT… I’m completely guessing here.. obviously.

      • SaraCVT says:

        But they’ve already stated it’s first-come, first-serve, so you’re alerted that you might not get in. Isn’t that enough notice that there might not be enough space for your wheelchair? It must be something else, but I can’t think what. (And I have a sister who’s wheelchair-bound, so I’ve been dealing with these issues most of my life, but I’m drawing a blank here…)

      • Ray says:

        hmm yeah. unless they treat those ticket holders special, something equivalent to a reserved seat. Ah, hell, I don’t know. It is rather puzzling. :)

    • Snark Lady of the Sith says:

      She probably wants to know if there are any disabled people coming so she can be sure to suck up to them. That way people will think she’s so wonderfully considerate of the less fortunate in the world. *gags*

  20. Sarah says:

    Just go naked.

  21. oh_come_on says:

    Why care if people come over and over? Stalking concerns?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Because there’s only a limited number of tickets, a shit ton of people wanting to go, and a lot of the daytime talk shows give away free gifts, sometimes expensive ones. So to make it fair for everyone they limit how many times you’re allowed to go within a certain time period. Not to mention the more times you show up in the audience, the more you might be recognized by people who regularly watch a certain show at home, and then it looks suspicious/weird like you might be a plant in the audience or something.

  22. Interrupting Cow says:


    Is this part for real? It sounds like a ransom demand. And has someone actually showed up with police after being denied admittance to the show? The mind boggles…

    • Um, no, it’s not real. See about 3 sentences before, where I wrote that her directions sounded like a ransom note? I added those 2 sentences in as a joke.

      I can’t believe I had to explain that, but hey.

      • Ray says:

        It did seem oddly excessive. But, with that part excised, the paragraph isn’t really all that bad. Not as gentle as it could be, I suppose, but not terribly out of line, either.

      • I don’t know, man. Telling someone they can’t wear a tank top, capri pants, flip flops, pink, or white does seem out of line to me. These people are sitting in the audience. The camera sweeps over them once every 18 minutes. Like it really matters?

      • Ray says:

        I meant just the ticket procurement part. Yes, you’re absolutely correct about the clothing requirements. I’m trying to recall if there were any stipulations about clothes when I saw Conan. Maybe about green or blue colors. Even then, it seems it would not matter greatly. Conan just would not interview those people in the audience, for example.

        … i wonder what the audience requirements for the Tyra Banks show might be like….

      • Roo says:

        I wore jeans and a t-shirt when I saw Conan. Nobody said a word about it. Also, getting tickets was ridiculously easy. The only problem was you didn’t get to choose the date you wanted, they would send you whatever they had available.

      • AbacoPeach says:

        And it is a quick sweep. Unless you were sitting on the front row, who the hell could tell what color you had on much less whether you were wearing daisy dukes or thongs??!!

  23. Bonzy22 says:

    ugh when will the bitch diaf already?

  24. Suzanne says:

    We went to a taping of Wheel Of Fortune when I was 12 (1986). They were pulling in people from the street, so it was no big deal getting in but once we did we were there for TEN hours. Ten! The wheel broke (supposedly) and they would not let anyone leave. They only let 3 people go to the bathroom and a security guard went with them. I’ve never watched the show again. It’s a stupid show anyway, but now even the music makes me feel like I need to hurl. I would never consider watching a live taping of anything ever again, but I would watch Wheel before Rachel Ray.

    • Ray says:

      Ah yeah, when I saw Conan we were sternly warned that once we went in and seated, there was NO getting up until the show was over. Sounds like they were a tad more lenient at your Wheel taping. Guess they had to be if you were then ten (!) hours.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      My mother and brother were contestants on “Truth or Consequences” back in the 1960s. He wore a WHITE SHIRT. Thank goodness even during those relatively primitive TV production days, they didn’t freak out over it!

  25. Liann says:

    Ok, I hate Rachael Ray as much as any normal person does but this is pretty much standard tv dress code. I interned at another day time talk show and I’ve been to tapings of Conan back when he was in NY. It’s all the same. It’s not Rachael being a snooty snoot, it’s just how TV goes. You can blame her producers.

    • Hookerbot says:

      As others have demonstrated, this really isn’t true at all. Most shows with an audience say something like “hey try not to look like crap and if you could avoid wearing white that’d be super.” Ray Ray’s about a half step away from a mandatory uniform for her show.

  26. martin says:

    Rachael Ray’s husband John Cusimano dresses and looks like a disgusting homeless hobo. I’ve seen him in the audience and on the show. How did he ever get in to watch the show if they actually have a dress code? I say you should dress like Mr. Cusimano and see if you are denied entrance.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    As much as I can’t stand RR, living in NYC I’ve been to a number of tv tapings [what, free stuff!] and know first hand that these crazy requirements are pretty standard amongst most shows and have nothing to do with the hosts and everything to do with the producers wanting to make the audience look polished, desirable and matchy matchy with the sets so the tv viewers can see ‘beautiful’ people. The only times the dress code have been slightly more lax, in my experiences, are when there’s a slim to none chance the audience will appear on camera [late night talk shows] or it’s a trashy show [hey Maury Povich, wuttup]. The Tyra Show was the strictest and most hilarious – her dress code/forbidden items list included everything on Rachael’s and then some. We were told to come in ‘business upscale interview attire’, SNEAKERS were forbidden, and yes, they were literally turning people away from the line who showed up in backless shoes or flip flops despite the fact it was a very hot spring or early summer day and you never saw anyone’s feet when the show aired. I wonder if the flip flop thing is for safety, though, in the event something in the studio falls on your bare feet or you can’t run out in case of a fire or something and they don’t want you suing.

  28. Renee says:

    My friend and I went to see RR 2 Octobers ago. It was a long day of driving and then train rides, but it was a really cool experience. We just wore jeans and normal solid colored tops that we usually wear, they actually taped two segments so we got TWO snacks. The studio is small so it’s easy to see everything that is going on! Overall I thought it was a pleasant experience.

  29. Robert says:

    While we are all shocked by Ray Ray’s demands, the fact of the matter is that there are tons of sad people all around the country who can’t wait to put on dress pants, a logo-less golf shirt, and wait in line for 12 hours to watch this lame show.
    No wonder the rest of the world hates us.

  30. HorrifiedbyFN says:

    I would go to Martha’s show before I ever thought of going to RR and Martha drives me crazy lol.

  31. verucasalt10 says:

    Um yeah, screw that, her show aint worth it. Maybe for Oprah, more so if there was a chance I was going to get some cool free shit but for snacks at Ray Ray’s clown show, not even worth inquiring about tickets.

  32. Chris says:

    You should see Guy Fieri’s dress code. If you are an over-40 male and exceed 240 lbs., you must rip the sleeves off your shirt before entering the studio. Any facial hair must be bleached and trimmed by a blind man or twisted in a rubber band. Ladies are required to put on guest “dresses” leftover from old Springer episodes. And no damned underwear!

  33. stellapurdy says:

    C’mon I get the Rachael hate but you can’t seriously believe that she makes up these rules. She might have control of what guests to book or food to make but I can’t imagine she cares what the hell the audience is wearing. As a couple of people already pointed out it’s likely the producers who came up with that lame list.

  34. Becky says:

    I get them having a dress code, although this seems a bit excessive. I don’t appreciate them telling me what colors I look best in. I’ll go on What Not to Wear if I want to know that. To be fair I do think I look best in those colors, but it’s not for them to tell me. Even if they want you in those colors because of lighting or something, then say so. I’ve seen the show and notice that when they invite non-celebs to be on the show they are evidently not required to adhere to these standards. I’m also sure that it’s not strange to have to be around for a while so they can finish taping, but these people are crazy if they think I’m coming hours early to get a spot AND sitting around for god knows how long listening to Ray Ray retape the same stuff 12 times. Maybe for Ellen, but Rachel just isn’t worth it.

  35. Plumpy says:

    Ray also relegates the “fat” or “less attractive” people to the back row, which I find quite ironic, given her appearance.

  36. Scoobie-Doobie-Doo says:

    Funny as that list is, what does that say about the kind of audience she draws? (Jillian being the exception, of course) I guess white trash needs their heros, too.

  37. sopa says:

    Maybe it is just me…but I think she is a victim of ‘over-marketing’….hear me out.

    Not that I do not find her annoying. Not that I don’t find her products ridiculous……never mind I don’t watch her show..(or shows)

    I just think she got swept up into a whirlwind of popularity and I honestly don’t think it is all due to FN and their control. Remember all those people with cooking shows also have ‘talent agents’ who also do a lot of PR and marketing on ‘behalf’ of someone. the ‘behalf’ being $$, bling, bling. they dont care.

    I do believe it has affected her. how could it not? I still don’t make the connection of cook-show host, crossing over to daytime television talk-show host though. It all seems a bit bizarre to me. I think she has decent cooking skills, but a daytime talkshow gig? still not diggin it as much as I don’t dig her 30 min meals shows…but I wouldn’t say i am a hater..

    • stellapurdy says:

      Yes, exactly right. I too think that when her show first aired it was unique given the fact that Emeril’s 2 hour $100 dinner shows were FN’s flagship hour. Rachael was the opposite, something the home cook could relate too when trying to put together Monday through Friday meals.

      And then the greed took over from all fronts and a decision was made to capitalize on her popularity. In a way FN did the same thing to Emeril to the point where I couldn’t stand to watch him anymore.

      I don’t think Rachael has much of a shelf life left. I would guess FN will be ending her shows much like they did Emeril in the near future.

  38. LindseyLoo05 says:

    She’s a joke. My worst fear is that in ten years I’ll have kids and the highlight of my day would be waiting for that puff-faced, high-pitched hooker come on in the afternoons. (Or is she on in the morning? I don’t even know) Its one thing to watch to laugh at her, but wtf does she know about anything, aside from making a grilled cheese. HATE HER.

  39. Mark Lutker says:

    I understand there are rules, I mean that is just logical… you don’t want someone in overalls smoking with a beer can in his hand, but some of these rules really are far out there. What colors are not accepted, busy patterns? So I guess she would have to turn Lady GaGa away…Yeah right, Ray would be pissing on herself running to welcome her at the gate.

    Does Ray know about these rules, or do they not apply to the hosts?

  40. ally says:

    I went to the rachel ray show with a large group of girls (there was about 30 of us) and anyone in our group not wearing appropriately colored clothing was asked to leave! It wound up being a super shitty show (it was the last taping on a friday afternoon so all we saw were fill-in segments and cooking). I was there the whole day and didn’t even get to see her interview anyone interesting. The only good part of the whole day was the 75$ gift card to 1-800 Flowers that they gave to the audience. Even the snack of the day was shitty.

  41. Deaner says:

    Hmmm…you know, there’s nothing in the dress code forbidding me from showing up in a leather mini and fishnets.

    Um, not that I wear skirts or nylons or anything. I’m just sayin’ I could give the RR staff a conniption while obeying their stupid ass rules.

    And that would probably be a *lot* more fun than the actual show taping…

  42. J-Man says:

    FYI, her show is is not on ABC, it’s syndicated, which means any local affiliate can buy it irrespective of its network affiliation, or lack thereof. In L.A., it’s on the CBS affiliate.

  43. atdleft says:

    I know some of the requirements sound excessive, but it seems like standard TV show taping MO… Except IMHO the dress code goes too far. What’s so wrong about shorts and capri pants? I just can’t do summer here in Vegas without my favorite pairs of shorts, and I’ve even gone to some nice events in them!

    WTF happened? Wasn’t Ray-Ray “The ‘Chef’ of the People”?

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      If you’re in a studio audience wearing capri pants, no one at home watching on TV would know it, as your legs would be hidden from view by the people in the rows ahead of you even if the camera did happen to photograph you. That definitely is the RayRay dress code requirement that seems the least logical.

  44. Andrew says:

    No ripped jeans and flip flops? I’m from fucking California!

  45. Lara says:

    Let’s all OBEY Rachel’s stylist: Dark, tight fitting jeans that emphasize a fattening ass, black or brown (on the verge) hooker boots and a dark colored blazer to cover said fat ass. And don’t forget a long dangling necklace to magically elongate your torso. The Nazis wore a uniform too.

  46. Motzi Greps says:

    Hmmm, I don’t see much wrong with any of the bitchy requirements. Let’s face it, most folks are stupid and need a lot of direction—nasty, bitchy, overbearing DIRECTION. Otherwise, the bar door is open to all of the nimrod tourists wearing smelly Crocs and poom poom shorts with their fat muffin tops hanging out of their ill fitting tank top. Christ, who wears gaucho pants and sequins anyway?! And, if folks are wearing some of this casual shit knowing they ‘could’ be on TV then there’s no talking sense into them anyway. The ticket thing also makes sense. Weed out the riff raff and stalkers. I also doubt RayRay has ANYTHING to do with these directives–the studios have a lot of experience with the American public and how idiotic they are with this stuff. I don’t blame them.

  47. Chickety China, the Chinese Chicken says:

    …because the audience of RayRay is so classy to begin with, we can’t sully their eyes with tank tops and capris.

  48. Katie says:

    Who cares about the dress code? Who can even sit through listening to her?! They’d have to pay me to sit in that studio audience.

  49. MsFoodie says:

    I don’t care if you were allowed to show up in a bra and thong, you couldn’t pay me enough to see her shitty show. She’s not annoying enough on 30 minute meals in which she makes the same crap over and over? Puh-leeze. Can’t wait til her 15 minutes are up.

  50. june says:

    What? No signing of loyalty pledge before you can get in the door?

  51. What, she thinks she’s freaking Letterman? How about this: No annoying donkey laugh, no cheap veneers on your teeth, no muffin top, no cringe-inducing dishes like “Shallot-a-Flavor Pasta” on the show? Ummmm…..anyone?

  52. Megan says:

    You guys need to be more tolerant of the television culture. You’re letting your Faux News minds blind you to the beauty of studio audience participation. It’s always better to be part of something bigger than yourself instead of showing up alone in hideous capri pants. Rachael Ray has worked hard all her life and if she has a few requests you should nod and be happy to follow her requirements.

  53. Carrie says:

    You guys are being immature. Being a gal that lives in Missouri people out here get some pretty crazy ideas what they THINK is appropriate to wear. I doubt RR even came up with this. I can see why they would ban Capri’s. What if they were slightly below your hip line. No one wants to see your pelvis bone hanging out with a thong. They’re just trying to save your eyes from the nasty women who show up on the Jerry Springer show. THANK THEM GIVE THEM A BREAK

  54. mort says:

    I wonder if the show forbids wearing earplugs?

    “And don’t forget a long dangling necklace to magically elongate your torso.” Paula Deen wore the same necklace for the recipe desk ad. Maybe they have to share jewelry at FN.

  55. John says:

    A family member of mine went to the RR show last year. They were there for almost 8 hours and they were not allowed to leave. Also, the day started off with a packaged muffin (like you’d find in a gas station) and the only other thing they ate was a single fry (the snack of the day!).

    • Gina Casey says:

      I saw the blog about someone being there 8 hours. What time did they start taping? Because i got an e-mail to be there 4:30p.m. next week.

      Thank you,


  56. Kelly says:

    While there is no outfit or policy on this planet that could make me attend a taping of this show (and I used to work right next door to the studio, so I’d see the lines every single day wrap around our building), the no white shirts policy is standard because white plus cameras equals very bad things. It reflects and does not show clearly yet draws the eye away like a beacon. The reason for her rules vs. places like Colbert and Daily Show is because her audience will be on camera while the others will likely not.

  57. joanne says:

    It would be incredibly dumb to hate on Rachel Ray for this. I doubt she sat down, in between hosting all the shit she hosts and cooking all the shit she cooks and talking all the shit she talks, and said, I’m going to write the dress code for my show!

    Most likely, it’s the studio or TV network or whoever produces her show. She could probably care less what people wear when all she hears is cha-ching for the money she’s making.

  58. Mary Kay says:

    What amazes me is how people are so rude to each other online. Okay, all shows have “dress codes,” but do some of you have to call each others names because some people think that certain things are okay to wear?

    I live in Florida and capri pants are part of what we do down here… I guess it all depends on how you put it all together. I once read a NY fashion mag that said no woman over 30 should wear capri pants, but trust me… some elderly women look MUCH better in capri pants -

  59. Johannys B. says:

    I am currently watching rachel ray, and she is breaking like 6 of her rules!!! -.- seriously, i USED to like her. i thought she was down to earth. But she has changed and you could tell!!! fuck celebrities.

  60. Foxy B says:

    does anyone know what she does with all that food that she makes on the show? Does she actually feed the staff and audience or does she just throw it out?

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