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Alton Brown Is Right: Man vs. Food Is Gluttonous And Disgusting
Posted by Jillian Madison

Over the past few weeks, Alton Brown’s been traveling the country doing book signings and press interviews to promote his new book Good Eats 2: The Middle Years. He’s said a lot of interesting things to a lot of interesting people, but nothing sent the mainstream media into a tizzy like the interview where he called the show Man Vs. Food “disgusting.”

“That show is about gluttony, and gluttony is wrong. It’s wasteful. I think it’s an embarrassment,” Alton said.

Moments after the interview broke, Adam Richman ran to Twitter to whine like a little girl about his hurt feelings. He wrote: “Alton Brown: MvF is about indulgence-NOT gluttony-& has brought loads of biz to Mom-n-Pop places. You were my hero, sir. No more. This is not to start some foolish Twitter feud. Merely my hurt response to insults hurled my way from the man who inspired me.” Quick! Someone dial 9-1-1! This man needs a waaaambulance!

At the end of the day, Alton Brown is right. Man vs Food is gluttonous, not indulgent. Are you confused about the two? Here are a few photos to help you make sense of it all:

I’ve watched Man vs. Food and Richman seems like an intelligent, fun guy. But let’s call a spade a spade: the show IS disgusting, and that’s why people watch. It’s not about indulging; Richman’s challenges crossed that line a long time ago. He played the “indulgence” card because it was all had, but there’s nothing indulgent about repeatedly eating until you’re physically uncomfortable and sweat is pouring down your anguished face. That’s just stupidity.

And one more thing:


Adam Richman has to stop flashing those stupid MVF gang signs at the end of every episode. I don’t know if he’s happy about eating his his whole hamburger, or if he just made plans to carjack my grandmother.

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  1. Dugglebogey says:

    I’ve seen the show, and the one I watched featured a person going outside the restaurant and vomiting.

    So yeah, disgusting.

    • J says:

      I just can’t watch this show anymore after this latest season. I like the first part of the show when he goes to mom and pop places but the last part when he eats himself til he’s hurting is just gross.

      Some of these restaurants seem like they made up really bad plates of way too much food just so they could call the show and have them come out so they could get on TV.

      Why he is saying Alton inspired him is just sad.

    • Zirna says:

      The show’s disgusting. The host does seem like a nice guy in real life. But then I wonder if he ever thinks about how those who never have even seen that much food in their whole lives, or foreigners from some other countries who maybe don’t get to even eat everyday, might think of us Americans: always have everything you want, and too much of it, and that’s all that matters in life.

      I know a lot of people don’t like Guy from Drivers/Diners fame, but I dig his shows–maybe because I personally think he does have a much quicker wit and a cool personality. Adam looks like he tries, but I don’t think he ever pulls off a line, or interacts as well with the chefs and restaurant owners he meets, as Guy does.

      PS: In fairness to Man Adam, we never see all the mis-takes, edits, or different times of shootings or finishings off of every meal in his show. Maybe they donate what’s not eaten to soup kitchens, the homeless, or to compost. :-o But man, encouraging people to maybe think they should even try to eat like that, or that much damned food–well, no wonder most people are driving around in SUV’s nowadays or taking up 2 seats in airplanes. Adam–do us and your own health a favor–cut down the portions so you can live through a few more food-throwdown contests!

      • CommonSense says:

        Honestly Zirna. Do you really think that people who can’t afford a meal to eat are watching the food network or travel channel? He does quite a bit of good for mom and pop places that are really struggling.

        I’m not standing up for everything that goes on in the show, but come on.

      • Siensunshine says:

        Oh Zirna! Do you watch MvF? Adam is way wittier than Guy, even though I love Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, Adams wit blows him out of the water. Guy is subtle but Adam’s is in your face. I mean, let’s face it, MvF is all about being out there and in your face. If you are going to do it, do it all the way and that is exactly what Adam and MvF does. Adam is the perfect host. I am glad he isn’t really eating as much anymore because he is guaranteed to die at the pace he was eating. Truth be told I love watching him, he is hilarious, and no one could replace him. Let’s face it, if there were not these restaurants in America, he wouldn’t have fire for the fodder.

    • RN says:

      I am a few years late to this thread but it is still interesting. Such passionate haters.

    • Dick Shoussy says:

      Alton seems to be eating the nussack and rack took of kevin branch. Them dudes is gayer than Oprah on a fishing trip!

    • Tom says:

      Its a vile show….the way richman forces the food down with sweat pouring off his face is obscene

      His stomach must be battered from the huge amountsof food hes polished and god knows when he takes a dump it must be tons

  2. TennisAce says:

    I stopped watching Man vs. Food a long time ago when I realised that there was absolutely nothing food worthy about some guy travelling the country eating the biggest pile of food ever.

    It is a train wreck and why people continue to watch it is beyond me. Alton is right about the gluttony aspect of it. As far as I am concerned Man vs. Food belongs in the same viewer line up as Fear Factor. Fear Factor started out as a show about people conquering their fears and ended up being about who could gross out tv viewers more by eating worms, and other disgusting things on tv all for a chance to win the grand prize of US$50,000.00. Give me a break already.

    • Ryan says:

      Its a travel channel show, its supposed to inspire people to travel and try new things, which is why they always show interesting GOOD food from little places you might not ever know about tucked behind the mcdonalds parking lot. Its not a cooking show, its not a show about eating healthy, its a show about traveling the country and seeing whats for dinner in little bars and restraunts everywhere.

      Now get off your pretentious butt and enjoy life a little.

      • Myroxxy17 says:

        Completely agree. If u fear you are going to crave a burger or are mad because your diet is saying u can’t have one then go away,dont watch.It’s just a fun show. loosen up. america eats like this anyway, whats the difference if they show someone doing it on tv. Lighten up.

      • jstchll says:

        Will everyone just mind their own business? we have all seen the show and unless your lives are perfect, and have never oinked out ever…stop bashing and judging people. Who cares what he or anyone else eats or how much they eat. If it doesn’t affect your life or make you lose sleep, shut up about it. Live and let live…and eat, man!

        • Katydoo says:

          I can’t believe how serious these comments are. This programme is light-hearted entertainment and great for people travelling across America wanting to try some of the great food places that aren’t mainstream chains that sell run of the mill GM packed rubbish. Adam is a brilliant presenter, funny, friendly and, I think, gorgeous! If you don’t like it, switch over!

      • Cham1 says:

        Ryan you’re an idiot. Adam should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. No doubt his programme has influenced a lot of other people and places, judging by the number of pubs and bars that now have the ‘see how much you can eat’ contests. Even though he has lost a lot of weight recently it may lead to people thinking that it is just as easy to loose weight as it is to put it on but no doubt Adam has more than enough money now to pay for personal trainers, top training gear etc. which other people don’t. I have watched the show purely in disgust at how much the ignorant and fat presenter shoves down his throat for what he and other naïve people regard as entertainment which will contribute to the USA as the fattest nation on earth. Sort yaself out son!!!

      • Tom says:

        You are missing the main point idiot. Its ok to see places outside mc donalds…but the crucial factor dimwit is richmans absolute gluttony

  3. RBF says:

    Gluttony: the act or practice of eating to excess

    Anyone claiming to have been inspired by AB should know better.

  4. Fred says:

    If what he eats in “indulgence”, what is gluttony in his book? “I think I’ll indulge myself with a 6 pound sandwich, but SEVEN pounds, now that is just too much” – please.

  5. Kenny Solomon says:

    The only episode of the show I actually liked was when they did Brooklyn, but only the part where they went to Brennan & Carr’s…… The food in that place is absolutely amazing – one of the things I miss about not living in the NY area for a decade.

    One good thing about the show….. You may get to see a place or two you might want to hit when/if traveling.

    Beyond that, MVF is an exercise in gluttony.

  6. Sylvan says:

    I enjoy Adam Richman quite a bit: he’s a good host, amiable, and fun. But, really, I don’t watch the show (as i did when it first came out) because it has become “how much can I eat”.

    Remember when he would take on challenges such as “most spicy”? Yeah: that was cute and fun.

    Heck, if its about indulgence with a “Man versus What’s-Being-Served-To-Me” twist, it should be about getting the best, most luxurious food possible on a regular person’s budget: not quantity but quality.

    I’d also like to see him take on foods that are excessively savory. Too spicy? That’s easy. Let’s see him eat an entire portion of a traditional Szechuan pork belly dish. Trust me: I love rich, good foods but I could only finish half of mine when served this past spring at a new, local place!

    …And it was normal sized…

    That’s luxurious and deserving of the title “Man Vs. Food”.

    • Lindsay says:

      “Remember when he would take on challenges such as “most spicy”? Yeah: that was cute and fun.”

      ITA. My boyfriend and I started watching this show because he ate something made with the naga jolokia pepper (which we grew and also tried to eat and it was a painful disaster) and we were hooked. We got unhooked somewhere around that DISGUSTING 7lb breakfast burrito that gave me nightmares.

  7. MsFoodie says:

    Why is a show about how much you can eat even popular? That’s just disgusting and Alton is right, it IS gluttony. In a world where we have so many hungry and starving it’s just wrong.

    • Freezezzy says:

      I’ve never understood the concept, myself. Gorging on huge quantities of food just to impress people, win a trophy, or money? I don’t even do that on Thanksgiving.

      The really sick part is that they’ve actually featured this kind of gluttony on ESPN before.

    • Bert says:

      He does not always eat large amounts of food sometimes hie challenge is to eat something super hot and it will only be one burger or six wings or one bowl of soup ect… its not always gluttony.

      • J says:

        That was the 1st or 2nd season. He doesn’t really do spicy food anymore. It’s all about shovelling in as much as he can according to these restaurants crazy eating rules.

    • Jimmy B says:

      I can’t believe that with all the other fluff and bs on TV you guys have a problem with this show. The restaurant business is very competitive and in a lot of cases you must have a hook to get the people in the restaurant and then if you give them good food they will come back. With Real housewives of Atlanta [Orange county, NYC ] and Party Mamas and yes, Iron Chef too on TV, why would this one be any different. He found a niche that people found entertaining and is making a go of it. I personally do not take it for anything more than it is but a show on food challenges that a restaurant has to attract customers. I applaud his creativity and I would rather watch him try to eat an impossible portion of food than Party Mamas that shows people spending 200,000 for their daughters 16th birthday party. I can at least relate to a food challenge that if I fail will only cost me 100.00 . I like the show but will never consider Adam anything other than an entertainer that helps people in the restaurant business advertise their food and place of business. Gotta run and go watch First 48 so I can get my dose of reality by watching some gang related drug shooting and see if they catch the perp.

  8. Lana says:

    Adam is definitely a cutie, and he is a good television host.

    Those food challenges are super common at local haunts – they bring in the customers and boost sales. That’s a good thing. Is it gluttony? Oh hell yes. Is that a bad thing? I guess I don’t know.

    I suppose if you eat 7 lbs of food at each seating, then yes. If you do it only once a year? How is that different from Thanksgiving?

    (playin’ Devil’s advocate here, folks)

    • Boomstick says:

      On my best Thanksgiving I didn’t eat anywhere near seven pounds, and even then I didn’t glorify it by putting it on TV and showing the world how wasteful and gluttonous (YES IT IS GLUTTONY) we Americans can be.

      And once a year? What the fuck are you babbling about? If you really think he only shoots one episode a year, you’re pretty stupid.

      • Lana says:

        Boomstick, you’re pretty stupid if you honestly believe I think he only shoots one episode a year. Duh.
        I was referring to the fact that many restaurants have eating challenges. And if those who choose to take on the challenge do it all the time, then yes. It’s gluttony. However, if someone tries the challenge once or maybe twice a year, or less, then it is not gluttony, and is akin to the gazillions of people who over-indulge during the holidays.
        Thanks for reminding me that I have to spell everything out very carefully for those who are literacy-challenged.

        • pat says:

          Lana I agree with you, Adam is a cutie. I think he’s a great host and I love his show. Sorry haters.

          • J says:

            Yeah you showed us. Telling us how cute he is and then acting like that trumps the rest of us? Please…

        • Kare says:

          I agree too. And honestly, I don’t watch it and think it’s disgusting. His tv personality makes me want to care that he finishes what challenge he’s doing. Whether it’s something spicy or something of large quantity.

        • natasha says:

          I rarely comment on sites like these, but i found there to be so many things just plain wrong with what you’ve said.

          no it’s never ok to indulge in gluttony.

          i come from a country in europe that never had as much food as here in north america. my parents left from ukraine and I am a teenager, but i still know how hard it was there. many died of starvation in communist times.

          what people do in america is disgusting, and eating 7 pound meals is never ok.

          i think people who condone this kind of behaviour lead very unhealthy life styles.

          and just for your information, 90% of times i’ve been to american homes or restaurants – i noticed you guys over eat on daily basis.

          • Willie says:

            Sure, it’s easy to pick on Americans for over-eating, but anorexia is just as unhealthy. I don’t see anyone picking on the 2/3 of the world where people are literally starving themselves to death. Along with the movie and fashion industries, I think all these rail-thin people from Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, etc. are setting a horrible example for our teenage girls.

  9. Syrenmuse says:

    Gross show, I agree. Yech! What is the purpose of eating so much you have to regurgitate just to breathe?

    When I cook, and I cook a lot, I find it insulting that someone would NEED to be challenged by my food.

    You would never find this kind of show in Italy where food is meant to be enjoyed, not BATTLED.

    You want Man V Food? Send Adam Richman out to wrassle an alligator before he eats it.

  10. MLS says:

    I agree with Alton. There’s nothing tempting about watching him stuff his face. You can eat a whole pizza, dude…we get it.

  11. Boomstick says:

    Adam Richman isn’t smart or fun to watch…he’s an un-funny, un-educated douche. He is worse that Guy Fieri. At least Guy visits these places without cramming his weight in food down his throat for funsies. Adam is a fat tool who wastes food like it’s a game. Fuck Adam Richman.

    • Andrea says:

      I’m sorry but there is no room to try to compare Fieri and Adam, Adam wins hands down true his show can make you feel nauseous and the amounts of food he eats is ridiculous. but people mainly at least myself watch MvF because Adam is a very sweet fun lovable guy, Fieri is a Ass-clown period with no class no charisma and 100% poser. so no sir I’m sorry but Richman is no Douche as you say what his show is based on is tasteless, but trying to put him in the same category as joke Fieri is outrageous.

    • cloverleaf says:

      In Adam’s defense, he most certainly is not uneducated. He completed his undergraduate degree in International Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and earned a master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama.

      Here’s what I got from Wikidpedia:

      “His acting career has included guest roles on Guiding Light, All My Children, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, and in 2004 he portrayed God as a butcher on Joan of Arcadia.

      A self-educated food expert and trained sushi chef, since 1995 he has kept a travel journal including each of the restaurants he visited and what he learned from the trip. Although described as “a bit on the husky side”, to maintain his health while indulging for his show on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food (which he began hosting in 2008), Richman exercises twice a day while he is on the road. When the schedule permits, he does not eat the day before a challenge and he tries to stay “crazy hydrated” by drinking lots of water or club soda and forgoing coffee or soft drinks.

      Richman is a paid spokesman for Zantac as of Season 3 of Man v. Food.”

      The Zantac thing is hilarious! I find him very entertaining, in a young, Zero Mostel kind of way.

      • Kitty says:

        This makes me sad, actually. To see he is so educated and understands food and yet, he’s taken this horrible show for–money? Fame? I don’t know but is he really doing it for the love of food anymore?

  12. Boomstick says:

    Also, I watched the Syracuse episode where he ate a giant fritata. My boyfriend has visited that place, and the recipe calls for 12 eggs, not 4…and it’s not six pounds, it’s maybe a pound and a half. So basically they cut the recipe, put it on a smaller plate so it looked better, and applauded him for cramming potatoes and peppers down his fat throat.

    • Hookerbot says:

      I always got that vibe from the show, and it’s nice to know that my friends and I were right. His gluttony isn’t even impressive super-gluttony; he just gets a double serving of a thing, puts it on a small plate, and then overacts while he eats slightly more than an average american. Hell, half the times I watched the show I said “you pussy, I ate that much for dinner and still had room for dessert!”

      I want to take over MvF and go full-on True Gluttony mode. I’ll bet Adam’s never even made a all-you-can-eat waitress cry!

  13. Cynic says:

    Haha! Brilliant! Richman can whine all he wants, but that show is disgusting. I’m pretty sure the towns where he’s eating all this food have less fortunate folks who could benefit from a good meal. Instead, he saddles his portly ass up to the table and eats until his seams pop.

  14. Goober says:

    MvF is better than 90% of the shows on FN. I guess that’s not saying much, but I think MvF fills a niche and does it well. The only thing annoying is when Adam squeals and moans about how good the deep fried butter or whatever he’s eating is.

  15. AJ says:

    I watched MVF in the beginning, but the more I watched, the more I was grossed out.

    Maybe it has something to do with the extreme close up shots of food being shoveled in, while Adam is very sweaty and looking like he is about to puke?

    I like Adam a lot, but the frequent close up views of the cheesy/buttery/whatever foods and the follow up of the barely can close your mouth while chewing shots were just too much.

    Complaining to twitter was not classy, though. If Alton didn’t like your show, so be it. Don’t go to twitter and tell someone they are no longer your hero. That was just childish.

    Also, the ‘gang sign’ thing at the end of the show made me wince. Tacky and really not funny or clever.

  16. Claire says:

    I could never understand why my husband liked this show, but when I watched with him, I enjoyed the restaurant profiles Richman did in the wind up before the pig-out. The first 1/2 of the show is enjoyable, to see some, as he said, Mom and Pop places that seem fun. Then I have to turn it off, as the last half is just unwatchable to me.

    • Numb says:

      See, that’s my thoughts on the show exactly. MvF is actually a totally interesting and enjoyable show right up until the stupid ‘competition’ part. Just cut out the bits about him shoving obscene portions of food into his face, and MvF would be a totally legit show.

    • DFM Marlink says:

      I agree completely! The show is great fun up until the competition point, which is often gross and tends to be the same thing every time, down to the catchphrases used. “THE DREADED WALL!!”

  17. Goober says:

    One thing that amazes me is how Adam is not fatter than he is. Or how we don’t hear about him having to get surgery to remove impacted feces from the 10 lbs steak he ate.

    • JF says:

      I’m sure he’s well on his way to fatter and fatter. Check out earlier reruns, he’s probably 50-75 lbs heavier in later episodes.
      I like his personality, it’s kind of unfortunate that MvF will probably cause his death. Not just the weight gain, but also the constant stress on all internal organs.

      • Somebody says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. I saw some first season shots of him, and I was shocked. He’s gained at least 50lbs in the past two years, and it looks horrible. I like him as a host (I would definitely watch any other show he hosts in the future) but I stopped watching this season because it’s just disturbing to see him look worse every season. It would really be a “Man v. Food” show if he could maintain his starting weight WHILE eating all the crap he does.. I thought he was very attractive in the beginning, but now he just looks sick.

  18. AJ says:

    Claire – I agree 100% with your comment. I love the profiles of the restaurants (God help me, that is why I will sometimes watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) – but after that point, I just can’t watch it.

    For the other comments left by randoms calling him names because of his weight, well, all I can say is stay classy.

  19. AbacoPeach says:

    I really don’t have anything else to add to this because you all have summed it up so well other than I so totally agree!!!

  20. coast0385 says:

    He’s just a big fat ass baby, waa waa, get over yourself. Indulgence my fucking ass. If he profiled the resteraunts more then it would be fine. He’s gonna have a heart attack soon. As for Alton more power to you. At least someone at that damn network can give “THEIR OWN” personal opinion and not the network’s.

  21. Casey says:

    Who stinkin cares what Alton has to say??? At least Man vs. Food is entertaining. Good Eats is the most boring show I have ever seen. He is a know-it-all. The whole point of M v. F is for the “wow factor” and for pure entertainment. Alton needs to go get the mole on his cheek removed, learn some self-deprication, and GET OFF THE FREAKIN TV!

    • Brown Sugar says:

      He makes me actually think about what I’m serving my family. I’ve lost over 40 lbs this year by eating better and am grateful for, and encouraged by, his example.

    • Jonathan Doan says:

      “Good Eats is the most boring show I have ever seen.”

      Do you even WATCH television?? What a stupid statement.

    • Hookerbot says:

      Casey, you are as butthurt as adam is over nothing, with a MVF-sized helping of hypocrisy. Who cares what AB has to say? You do, obviously. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so butthurt over it.

      It’s a shame you find a show that actually teaches you something about your food “boring”. Maybe you should go back to cocktail time.

  22. Jonathan Doan says:

    Hear hear!

    Alton is right, and the show isn’t about indulgence by a long shot. That argument is bogus.

    Mom and Pop joints that specialize in super large meals or super-sized entrees is NOT something that needs business. It’s no wonder America is full of fat people!

    • J says:

      It seems like some of these mom and pop places just make up some ridiculous food contests just to get on this show.

      I caught a Man vs. Food recently where Adam was at some place in Maine and he had to eat a few loaded hot dogs a couple burgers a lot of fries and some nasty huge milkshake that had big chunks of a dry looking coffee cake mixed in it. The back up cheering squad was mainly little kids and random bored looking adults.

  23. Declan says:

    I have a man crush on Adam Richman. There i said it.

  24. Brenda says:

    Waste? I’m pretty sure the money for that coq au vin could go to other places, too. We could all eat eat and sustain with the fewest amount of resources, but we choose to indulge in ingredients.

    Waste is subjective and not purely defined in terms of matter (and mass).

    And since waste is pretty relative, is either really wasteful if it makes him happy? I don’t see a lot of acetics in room. We all like our creature comforts. Whether it be a fat pizza or over-priced martini.

    Get off your pedestal.

    • Brenda says:

      ascetics* :-)

    • Chris says:

      I just “wasted” 30 seconds reading this stupid post……

    • Peeg says:

      Yes, we choose to INDULGE in ingredients. The entire point of this post is that there is a huge difference between indulgence and crass, disgusting, wasteful gluttony.

      Alton encourages indulgence, but you don’t see him laboring uncomfortably to consume a 10 pound burger. It’s also possible to produce fancy or expensive ingredients in sustainable ways while there is no conceivable reason to stuff yourself like a sausage just because you’re on some creepy quest for bigger and bigger pants.

      I don’t think you really understand the fine distinction here.

  25. Tom says:

    What a surprise, 99% of FHN agrees with Alton Brown about something.

    I don’t like the show but it has been broadcast for quite awhile now, so alot of people do. At least it’s different. I don’t think we need another restaurant show.

    By the way, most people can name or at least recognize one or two competitive eaters. Those competitions are very popular.

    A couple of people commented about the possible business it generates for these small businesses. Mostly this was ignored. That’s probably the difference between business owners and cog-in-the-wheel worker bees.

  26. Goober says:

    If these restaurants didn’t have these wacko items on their menus (which are available to anyone who walks in and not just Adam Richman), there would be no MvF. Granted, MvF may be inspiring other restaurants to add wacko items to their menus, but MvF is not the one making and selling the food.

  27. Daniel says:

    I can honestly say that seeing Adam almost puke all over himself doesnt make me want to go to any of those restaurants. Vomiting is not something you should want to associate with your restaurant.

    And I for one highly doubt these restaurants need anymore clients. Often on these food shows, these restaurants that have some sort of claim to fame have been on other shows in the past. Whether it be Travel Channel or Food Network.

  28. Di says:

    It IS a disgusting display. But hey it’s a job for the guy who elects to ruin his health publicly. Wonder if Travel Channel pays for his medical insurance?

    Here’s a challenge – send him to Paula Deen’s house and see how many pounds of butter she can cram down his throat in five minutes. Goes down easy, melted – remember her drinking those butter shooters?

  29. D says:

    It seems to me if the show were called Men vs. Food, then it would be referenced as an eating competition. After all, the annual Nathan’s hotdog eating competition is gluttonous too since gluttony is defined as “the act or practice of eating to excess”. Exception here is the goal is to be more excessive than your competitor. Food Network’s own Chefs vs. City has eating competitions interwoven among other competitions as the chefs travel throughout the city to the finish line. So where exactly is the fine line between indulgence and gluttony breached? Or is there a double standard depending on the situation?

  30. Ray says:

    I’d like to hear what Alton thinks about the new show on Food Network… what is it called…. Meat and Potatoes or some such thing? Lots o’ gluttony there, too.

  31. Nancy says:

    As much as I love AB, I hate his religious injection into everything (he’s a born-again Christian.) “Gluttony is a sin.” Um.. I dont get a fck. I’m not religious. He could have gotten his point across without being a bible humper. Alan Richman is actually an academically intelligent young man… and while sometimes his shows are about “gluttony”, what about the ones that have small portions, but are just really spicy? Are those too gluttonous? I dont think so. Not all MvF shows are about obscene amounts of food. Sometimes they’re about super duper spicy small amounts of food. Why didnt AB say something about how stupid and moronic Guy F*ggary is?? DD&D’s is a show about ma-n-pa places, but no one can stand that guy! At least Alan Richman is likable! If you read the interview, AB says he liks Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”… on more than one occasion, his shows have revolved around getting COMPLETELY TRASHED. That’s not gluttony??? I could sit here and preach about alcoholism if I wanted to. I still love AB but… get off your damn cross.

    • Nancy says:

      balls. I’m so tired. “ADAM” Richman. Not Alan.

    • Peeg says:

      I’m as irreligious as they come, but I’m still made uncomfortable by the display of excess on MvF.

      And I think that Alton is remarkably reserved about his religion, actually – it’s not like he’s holy rolling on any episodes of Good Eats, and he easily could.

    • SaraCVT says:

      Well, instead of looking at it from the standpoint that AB is disapproving of because it’s a “sin”, consider this: WHY is it considered a “sin”? There must be a reason, right? What is that reason? We know that he is not an unintelligent man, so he would not go along with a belief system he did not see a logic to. He must agree that gluttony is not right, himself. So why does he?

    • AJ (a different one) says:

      I have watched AB from the beginning and never even knew he was spiritual until I read his Wiki page a few months ago. It’s not like it comes up in his show. I don’t think he meant “sin” the way you took it.

      I’m sure he really doesn’t think stuffing is “evil” and the “church ladies” in the casserole episode…just actresses. So chill.

  32. DFM Marlink says:

    I *like* MvF**, but Alton is right. It IS gluttony. And the sooner Adam comes to terms with that, the happier we’ll all be.

    **Now, when I say I like MvF, I mean I like seeing the local eateries featured in each episode. They’re entertaining and educational and make me want to travel.

    I *don’t* like the show when it’s being too cheesy with crappy special effects. Or when Adam talks with his mouth full, especially in the opening sequence. And when the competition stuff starts, my boyfriend and I tune out and just start talking about the people in the crowd behind Adam. “Haha, that woman is totally falling asleep back there.”

    Seriously, the competitions are often disgusting and the same thing OVER and OVER again. “For the first fifteen minutes, I was doing great! Victory was in my grasp! And then I hit…THE WALL.” How many times do we have to hear the same spiel over and over again?

    • DFM Marlink says:

      Wow, that comment makes it sound like I don’t really like MvF at all, which is not true. I guess I’m just a complainer! ;) And I love when my footnotes are longer than the “main” point of the comment. Makes me feel like the amazing Sir Terry Pratchett.

    • Tay says:

      Haha. Your comment hit the nail on the head. If I have to hear about his dreaded “food wall” one more time…

  33. Robert says:

    I’m of two minds about our friend Adam here.

    In one way, I’m a huge fan. He’s charming and effortless with other people on camera. He’s great at voice over. And he actually seems to enjoy what he’s doing. I can watch any episode and have fun just because of his personality and energy.

    But in the other way, I know he’s an actor. I know this was the only break he could get on television. I also know from experience the reason he was struggling to break into television for the same reason I’m struggling: weight. Being on a show shoving food down his throat by the bucketful is not just a health risk, but a huge detriment to his acting career. There comes a point where you’ll just not be castable. I’m not saying all actors need to be stick figures, but he’s not doing any of us larger actors favors by shoveling down gallons of fat and grease each week in a modern day freak show.

  34. Valerie says:

    I have to disagree with Jillian on this one!

    I realize Man V Food is not for everyone, but Alton came off rude and snobby. Captain Uh’s ego has become large and annoying! Although I guess I’d be that way too if people paid big bucks to see me turn a clay pot into a smoker.

    • Andrea says:

      I could not agree more, never thought I’d see the day that Alton Brown turns into a Douche.

    • JT says:

      I agree 100%. There is nothing wrong with critique, but these days, it just seems ol’ Alton keeps getting more pompous and condescending.

  35. Old71 says:

    All I got to say is IT’S JUST A FRIGGIN TV SHOW. They are both sell outs.

  36. Geo says:

    The food is bad, but at least there’s a lot of it.

  37. Azizeh says:

    I don’t think Alton is wrong, but I think it’s tacky to bad mouth someone else publicly. I love Alton, but he should do what he does and not try and turn into Bourdain.

    • Flyingroo says:

      Too late, he just did…

      • Ashley says:

        Alton didn’t badmouth Richman specifically…just the show. Just thought I’d point that out.

        • Azizeh says:

          True, but I don’t think badmouthing their work is much better. He may not have said his name or made a personal attack, but there’s one host of the show.

          Adam obviously took it personally, was offended and hurt by it. I just don’t think it was necessary. Focus on yourself, not everyone else, y’know?

  38. Andrea says:

    as much as I love Adam Richman this could not be any truer, my mom and I always watch him cause we just can’t enough of his personality. he’s so fun to look at and I can imagen he’s even more fun to hang out with, but each season the food challenges his doing is insane! at first they were moderately bad but now it’s just gotten out of hand. I’m more worried about how he’s just getting bigger and bigger, it’s as if he doesn’t even care about his health anymore like he’s on some crazy suicide binge. this has gone beyond competitive sport it is 100% Gluttony now, on another thought some might disagree I know they will true Alton is right in what he said, but the way he said it I think it could have been much more politer. ever since he lost that extra weight he’s been acting like a pompous ass looking at everyone else with this holier than thou attitude, you got fit good for you but that doesn’t give you the license to go around judging others in a condescending manner either. in my opinion there’s nothing to take pride in resembling a dried up corpus, Humility is another diet AV should try.

  39. Lyndsay says:

    Adam Richman would appear to be intelligent, nice and fun if you only watched his show. But let me tell you, I was present at one of his challenges at Rutgers University in NJ, and the guy is 100% Summer’s Eve douche. First of all, the Q&A session you see at the end of each episode is totally staged (which isn’t surprising) so he never actually deigned to interact with any of his fans. There were a lot of people there, most of them college-aged, to see Adam take on the challenge, and if anyone so much as took a cell phone out (they were afraid of photographs being taken), he would shout at them to “F*ck off and get out of here.” The producers had some people escorted away by campus police for holding cell phones. It was not a fun experience at all. Adam was not gracious to his adoring public in the least; in fact he was rude and very unpleasant. Having been a former fan of the show, I was shocked at how much his on-screen persona and his true personality are like night and day. As far as I’m concerned, Alton Brown, a man of substance, is a legend who will be around for many years to come. Richman is a fat-ass who will have a heart attack before the age of 40. But no, of course he’s not a glutton…

  40. SaraCVT says:

    I have a standard for comments which sort of goes like this: “It may be true, but did it help anybody to say it? Did you gain anything?” What Bill Maher said after 9/11 that ultimately cost him his job on “Politically Incorrect” fell into this category for me. He said (for those of you that don’t remember or didn’t hear) that the bombers who attacked the World Trade Center were brave in that they knew they would die, too. Technically, he was correct, but it didn’t help anybody to hear this. I didn’t feel it needed to be said. Perhaps this comment by Alton falls into the same category. It may very well be true, but doesn’t really need to be said.

    • Robby says:

      what the fuck? didnt feel like reading the whole slew of comments, but, comparing what alton said to something someone else said after the sep 11 2001 bull shit happened?

      do you compare a male whacking off to hitlers gas chambers too?

  41. Gurl*Haggard says:

    Hi Jill, LOVE this website! However, it seems that after Alton Brown donated money to your site it looks as if you are pandering. Would you also denounce Nigella if Alton didn’t approve?

    • Lady GaGa says:

      I think if you look back in the entries even since his donation you will see critiques of Alton. Because Alton is an intelligent host, he doesn’t usually do outlandishly stupid things like Guy Ferry and his cohorts on the network, so there isn’t a reason to tear him apart.

  42. Polly says:

    Not to defend Adam (from what I hear, he’s actually kind of a jerk) or his eating habits (ugh), but what makes his gluttony “wrong?” No question it’s gluttony (he’s kidding himself if he calls it indulgence), and it’s undeniably gross. But “wrong?” It’s not like the food he eats is otherwise going to feed starving children. Assassins don’t kill a person for every pound of food he eats. Yeah, it’s glorifying unhealthful eating habits in an increasingly obese American society, but his show isn’t the sole factor for the nation’s spiraling health. If Alton wants to start making moral statements against social wrongs, maybe he should start with something that is actually doing society a wrong.

    • Peeg says:

      - what makes his gluttony “wrong?”

      - Yeah, it’s glorifying unhealthful eating habits in an increasingly obese American society

      Asked and answered!

      • Polly says:

        “but his show isn’t the sole factor for the nation’s spiraling health.”

        Answer denied. If anything, the causation is reversed: his show is likely so popular because many Americans have unhealthful eating habits that they enjoy seeing put on a pedestal.

    • Tawnie says:

      Adam is a really nice guy. I met in Tucson under the worst of conditions Arizona heat, hardly in a AC in a small burger joint. He was genuine, kind, humble and an all around great guy. He has helped so many small businesses with his challenges. Lindy’s on 4th which is where he did his challenge in Tucson has seen a boom from him being there. That is what should matter here. He is a nice guy doing good things for small business.

  43. Robby says:

    this is not gluttony! its entertainment!


    i like the show, he even came to my city once. i want to beat him at the bubb’s burger challenge, nay, i WILL beat him.

    • SaraCVT says:

      Actually, no, I’m not entertained. That’s why I don’t watch the show or other displays of excessive eating. What’s entertaining about watching someone eat more than they need to to satisfy their hunger?

  44. luna lovegod says:

    How much food gets wasted for the sake of entertainment on shows like Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef?

    And it’s not like they are buying cheap ingredients either. I’ve read articles on how they go to great lengths to get exotic or hard to find foods for the “secret ingredient” or because the competing chefs requested it.

    Maybe they donate some to a food bank but I’m sure a lot of perfectly good food gets wasted. I’ve never really seen Man V. Food but I bet a lot less money and food is wasted on that show than on Iron Chef.

    So Alton Brown should remember one of the most well known golden rules of Christianity:

    He who is without sin can cast the first stone!

    • Polly says:

      Very true. The competitors often break down tons of produce only to use a very small portion of it during plating. I sure hope they give it to a neighboring soup kitchen or something.

      A couple of weeks ago, there was an Iron Chef America episode where some kind of fish was the secret ingredient. Toward the beginning of the episode, Kevin Brauch asked Alton, “So [this fish], is it endangered or not?” And of course Alton said it wasn’t, but why does he even need to ask? Does ICA make it a habit to make endangered animals the secret ingredient? “Today’s secret ingredient is…PANDA BEAR!!! ALLEZ CUISINE!” I found it kinda funny.

      • L.P. says:

        The young “Chairman” seems to be saying “À la cuisine !” ([let's go] to the kitchen), which would be correct. Alton Brown, otherwise quite erudite, seems to be saying “Allez cuisine” (Go kitchen!)… :)

    • thegolli says:

      My feelings exactly. FN wastes so much food on most of its shows, and yet they’re the ones who are always talking about childhood hunger. If they do contribute to a food bank, I wish they would make that clear.

  45. Flyingroo says:

    Isn’t it amazing how, for example, people who quit smoking become such zealots, trying to make others quit? I think it’s the same process at work here, A.B. gets freakishly skinny and he starts bashing people who dare to do differently.

    What people should understand is that MvF is somehow like a gladiator show for Romans, one wants to see “blood” when watching it! Those restaurants that sell those items, they do it for fun, they barely have a handful of customers aka “gluttons” eating them, they are not getting rich from that.

    For those wondering about Adam, he actually said many times that when he’s not filming he tries to exercise 2 hours a day, also he says he prepares for these type of shows – there are things one can do to protect one’s stomach and heart. Also, many times he advises people NOT to try it themselves.

  46. Lady GaGa says:

    There appear to be two kinds of people who are commenting on this. One who think over stuffing your face is absolutely disgusting and shouldn’t be celebrated and those who think watching a total gross out show is fun and good ol’ American television. I’m part of the first group. Its not even because Alton said it. Quite honestly I would feel that way if Sandra Lee was speaking out against the gluttony. Alton is an intelligent host and I feel like I LEARN when I watch Good Eats, even if its not food knowledge directly.

  47. But isn’t gluttony the premise of the new Food Network show about the annoying guy obsessed with meat??

  48. Jane says:

    Alton Brown has jumped the shark – if you put his eyeglasses on Tuschman – you’d have twins. Manorexics.

    I cannot watch Alton anymore – his face frightens me.

  49. Senjo says:

    Ew, Alton pulling a Bourdain…dnw. I like the show. Adam is adorable and most of the time fails at the heavy eating contests (He wins most of the spicy ones)

  50. Mary T says:

    I’m so glad this article warned me about the grossness of the show.. I cannot watch all these shows where they eat weird food, it makes me wanna vomit my own self.

  51. Insinkerator says:

    I have only watched MvF once. That was just recently when they did Syracuse. Hey, I was born here and still live here so… (Go ORANGE!)

    Anyways…the name of the show denotes that it is going to be some type of contest. I mean it is Man VS Food. I don’t think he is promoting ‘gluttony’ like the typical hot dog eating contests around July 4th do, or at least not in that same vein. On the Syracuse show that I watched, he went to Dinosaur BBQ (over rated IMHO), Heid’s Hotdogs (not even in Syracuse) and Mother’s Cupboard a ‘rinky dink’ diner near SU. ‘Mother’s’ was the only place where they played up the gluttony aspect by having him eat a large frittata. (I’ve never understood the appeal of having pepperoni in my eggs but I suppose that is another subject.)

    Back on point…I think it would be ‘different’ (wrong) if he challenged fellow diners to the challenge. He is only putting himself on the line so I say let him. If the masses want to watch, then I guess there is money to be made. I have seen a couple segments of ‘Triple D’ (hey I spoke the lingo…now…I feel dirty) where they have had some food eating contests. Don’t remember ‘anyone’ having issues with that. Yes I know ‘Triple D’ (there I go again) doesn’t rely on every show having a contest but it has been show cased from time to time. I do find it funny that Richman responded (oh, excuse me ‘tweeted’) his reaction. Does he really care how Alton feels or did he do it for promotional purposes? Any exposure is good exposure…..right?

    As for disgusting…to each his own. Like I said I only saw the one show. He ate a lot of food but it was done in a civil manner…not like those aforementioned hot dog eating contests where they jam the hotdogs and buns in glasses of water to help them go down. Now THAT is disgusting…

  52. Ruth says:

    I truely dislike this show, but I think its funny how we can track his weight gain from show to show… haha

  53. billyboy says:

    I both love and hate MvF. I love it as I do love to eat the same kinds of food and frequent the types of places that MvF showcases. It has made me aware of so many spots I would like to try, run by some really cool people and I thank MvF for that. My girlfriend and I went to Mother’s Cupboard in Syracuse the day after the episode aired and we both loved it. The regular portions were HUGE (for us anyway)! As one poster had said before, the first 15-20 minutes of the show that spotlight local people, places and food are great.

    The reason I partly hate MvF is I just can’t get behing someone stuffing their face until they 1.) sweat profusely or 2.) vomit. I LOVE food! I eat, sleep, breathe, write about food. While I’m eating food I talk about other foods I love. I am a big fan of actually tasting my food and enjoying it. Having said all the above, if I am truly turned off by the show I can exercise the power of freewill and change the channel.

  54. Kare says:

    Well to be honest he’s not the one creating the food challenges. How can food be a challenge if it’s not either spicy, a lot of it, or gross? And thank goodness it’s not the latter, because who’d want to watch that? It’s not fear factor. And when I say gross I don’t mean gross to watch. Watching someone eating even a little messily can be hard to watch sometimes– but that’s really not my point. Just putting that out there. I like that he takes on these challenges. I root for him so much each episode :D

    As far as his weight gain I heard that he’s actually still pretty athletic and exercises twice a day. And really, it’s not like he’s doing a different challenge daily.

    I like Adam and I like Alton. They are both really entertaining to me. When I see how outgoing Adam is, and how people seem to enjoy talking to him I wonder “What makes Guy so much more annoying?” I mean they’re both practically doing the same things during the first half of the show. I guess because he’s not saying slamma jamma this or man hole cover in flavor town.

    • Kare says:

      Also I think I feel the need to bring up Alton’s waste of a tower of glow in the dark pancakes during his anniversary show. I didn’t really think about it till my sister pointed it out asking me what he’d do with them. Before then I just thought it looked cool… and it did.

      • Azizeh says:

        I’m sure everyone has a different definition of gluttony, but going to great lengths to make the best tasting food possible while others starve could be looked at as gluttony.

        Why didn’t he go after Ace of Cakes? They make cake sculptures that barely have any cake in them, are full of wood and fondant, and sell them for thousands of dollars. Is it different if it’s artistic?

        Or should we forget about the towering cake challenges where it’s inevitable that someone’s labor of love will crash to the floor?

        If he really has a problem with it, he shouldn’t sell his show to the Food Network anymore.

  55. Shelby says:

    I actually love Man vs. Food. Adam is a great host, better than ANYONE on the food network. It’s not like he just goes to restaurants and orders the food as a meal. It’s supposed to be entertaining! It’s a CONTEST.
    Alton totally pulled a Bourdain and he just lost a fan. Keep your opinions to yourself!

    • jamy epotch says:

      Alton is right. Mvf is disgusting znd the host is just as disgusting. Watching that fat pig shovel food down his throat while sweating profusely is nasty too.

      I bet you like to rub one off while watching that fat sack eat don’t you…

      • Lorenzo says:

        Admit it. What really disgusts you is all the cash Richman is taking to the bank while you sit in your little cubicle at work doing whatever it is you do.
        Call him fat, call him disgusting. But also call him Adam Rich Man.

    • Taa says:

      Words right out of my mouth!!! Gooo ADAM:)!!

  56. Diane says:

    I admit that I watch MvF…but it is disgusting.
    I often wonder if Adam Richman has a wife or girlfriend and if she makes him sleep in the back yard after coming home from one of those challenges where he ingests ridiculously spicy dishes.

    ‘Cuz you know his farts and poops have GOT to be atomic after that.

    And the gluttonous challenges? I hope he has a lead lined sewer system in his neighborhood. Just sayin’.

  57. StrawberrySusie says:

    If you actually read the interview that began this debate, you will see that AB was talking about obesity in America.
    “”And there has got to be a correlation between food media and Americans becoming big fat pigs,” he says, “I’m not going to say Food Network’s responsible for American obesity. I’m not going to say that because of course what you put in your mouth is your own fault and your duty. But the fact that the rise of the celebrity chef has happened hand-in-hand with people becoming big fat pigs, someone’s going to reckon with that.”"

    Then came his comment about MVF.

    “He also points to the Travel Channel’s popular eating challenge show “Man vs. Food” as “disgusting.” “I think it’s a sin,” he states. “That show is about gluttony, and gluttony is wrong. It’s wasteful. Think about people that are starving to death and think about that show. I think it’s an embarrassment.”"

    So in all, he is simply stating that he personally thinks gluttony is a sin, his first amendment right. Just like you have the right to say that you think it is okay to over-eat.
    But is AB saying he hasn’t done it? NO, not in the slightest! He’s not proclaiming to be a perfect person who can do no wrong. I can say cussing is wrong and but have done it myself in the past.

    Adam could die of a heart attack or stroke because of the food he’s eating. YES, over-eating or “gluttony” can do that! I see it everyday in my line of work.

    Just my 2 cents.

  58. Sam says:

    I understand where Alton is coming from, but i love MvF. But Alton has to understand, hundreds of people have done the challenges before Adam has. I wonder when FN is going to copy this show like they did Food Wars.

  59. I find Food Wars much more offensive :P

  60. Lana says:

    Although I watch Food Network all the time, I’m pretty sure that sitting on you couch and just watching shows about food could be considered gluttony too… So in a way Alton owes his career to gluttony.

    • SaraCVT says:

      I’m not sure I follow the logic there… I am genuinely curious–how did you reach that conclusion?

      • Lana says:

        Sitting around thinking about food, watching other people eat and prepare food… Wasting food by prepping food that won’t be used. It’s not traditional gluttony, but another facet of obsessing about food that media has made possible. In the sense that gluttony is a perversion of the purpose of food, I think it could be considered gluttony. But, as far as Lobster Shooter’s comment goes, I think only the viewer of the show is committing sloth.

        And AB is active in the waste. Iron Chef screams gluttony to me. I’d say the show is an example of greed and pride, too, while we’re talking about sins.

    • I’m pretty sure that would be considered “sloth”

  61. bunny69 says:

    I just want to watch the episode when Adam’s stomach explodes….Now THAT would be educational! : )

  62. Technically, gluttony is indulgence, so Adam Richman’s logic fails. :P

  63. mary says:

    AB is right, in my opinion. Gluttony is just wrong.

    How can Food Network pretend to be so concerned about world hunger (like those short ads around the holidays, Share our Strength) and yet chose to broadcast a show like Man vs. Food? Hypocrisy, for sure.

    People are hungry all over the globe. Many food banks, even in America (yep,even in the USA) have demand that often exceeds their resources to give. C’mon Food Netowrk, please show at least some integrity, honesty and sensitivity about real world issues if you choose to put them on screen on your network.

  64. licoricepirate says:

    i LOVE adam richman … and the show .. he’s so cute/charming/charismatic etc .. hard to hate. u gotta watch it while STARVING, though. or else it’s gross.

  65. JackEughlayte says:

    What surprises me is that Adam Richman would even respond to Alton’s holier than thou bullshit. Does what Alton, Bobby Flay, Emeril or any other of these sell-outs, think mean shit anyway? Wake me up when Oprah weighs in on this debate.

  66. liz says:

    I went to a taping of MvF when they came to Richmond for a challenge (I was the girl that ate the stupid wings as well). While he seems like a fun guy, he’s actually a bit of a diva and a douchebag. He seemed like he couldn’t be bothered by the people that came out for the show, and threw a fit after the challenge was over. I had more fun talking with the director than with Adam. Sorry, dude…remember the fans when you go on location.

    • Tawnie says:

      Not sure what happened there but I had the absolute opposite experience. He could not have been more kind. This was dealing with 100 plus degree heat in a small burger joint in Tucson. I found him to be a really down to earth guy.

  67. liz says:

    Let me rephrase…he wasn’t a douche. He was actually very nice to my friends and I. We were just disappointed that he wasn’t able to hang out more, but I now know there’s so much that goes into his day.

  68. Sarah says:

    I guess Alton got his dig in before his own network started airing ‘Meat and Potatoes’ which is a show that features nothing but grotesque food challenges and gluttony at its finest.

  69. Stacy says:

    I’m a big fan of Alton Brown. He is right. Eating to excess like that is gluttony. It is a waste to sit there and eat a 4.5 lb. steak with all the trimmings. I did the math. That meal could’ve fed 19 people. But instead, it fed one. So, yeah, it’s extrememly wasteful. Indulgance is lke a rare truffle-meant to be eaten and savored sparingly. Gluttony is eating too much of the usual everyday foods. Why can’t Adam eat like a regular person while showcasing these restaurants? I can’t watch MvF. I just about puke watching eating himself sick. I watched a couple of shows. Eating a 12 lb. hamburger and 5 lbs of fries made me skip lunch and dinner. Food that’s not used on FN is given to food banks. Food that’s used in MvF is eaten and then sometimes thrown back up. Wasteful. Adam’s going to eat himself to death. He’s not looking too good, either. Alton didn’t call Adam gluttonous. He said the show was. Hey, if the shoe fits.

  70. BW says:

    Right, the man who he looks up to the most just trashed all of his hard work and efforts and he’s “whining”. I cannot imagine how much it must hurt to have someone who you idolize so much put you down like that.

    As someone who has worshiped the ground that Alton walks on for the past several years I too was put off by these comments. Alton’s preachy comments were completely unnecessary. Man vs Food is better than any show Food Network cranks out, including Good Eats. If he was vomiting the food back up after the challenges so he could eat more, then I could see a problem, but he’s still eating the food and his body is using the nutrition from it. I cannot believe how childish this article is and how condescending Alton has become.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Hey, the show is Man vs. Food…not Man Cooking Food, or Man Looking at Food, or Man Smelling Food or anything else. The premise of the show is about a man who enters eating challenges or, in some cases, challenges involving spicey hot foods. He’s not asking that you or anyone else do it with him, or even that you watch. He’s doing quite well without the holier-than-thou’s. Adam Richman has entertained millions…and MADE millions for himself and the Travel Network. What have YOU done?

  71. Your NameJoanna says:

    Adam is great and brings lots of biz to small places, yes it is a but overdone with the portion issue. Food Network should sign him he has a great following and lots of fans like myself! Alton although I love Iron Chef what are you??? Middle aged is boring even for me being middle aged!

    • Lorenzo says:

      Being middle aged is not boring. BORING is boring. Being dull, like yourself, does not discriminate against age.

  72. Kevin says:

    I’d honestly like to see Adam either leave or get fired from Man vs Food and come over to the Food Network to take over Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. MvF is always 2/3 of a pretty entertaining show up until, of course, the challenges. (but the Hottest Whatever ones really aren’t all that bad),

  73. ryan says:

    to everyone that is badmouthing adam richmans show: lets be honest, if you hit the lottery and won multi-millions. would you even donate one cent to charity. my bet is that most of you wouldnt, so wouldn’t that make you greedy? if you are greedy, you have no right to stand on a soapbox and preach. no response is required, just some food for thought. thank you.

  74. Disgusting! says:

    This show just shows why we are hated around the world.We constantly play in to basic American stereotypes. There is something wrong with our society when we play shows in which some fat mother fucker shoves his face full of food, while children are starving on a daily basis all over the world! This is entertainment? Every country in the world has it’s issues but shit like this is just wrong. The fact that this douchebag is proud of his “accomplishments” just makes it that much more sickening. Shame on the travel channel and anyone who gives these pricks ratings.I love how we have billions of dollars to spend on bombs and missiles and jet fighters, yet we can only give so much when it comes to food aid. What a joke!

  75. some girl says:

    Ughhhh..get a life now you are just arguing for the sake of being difficult. I saw a 400 pound woman at walmart dressed in some very unforgiving stretch pants. Do you think I told her she was a disgusting fat body? No! I don’t really care that her cart was full of pizza and candy bars.

    If you don’t like it don’t look at it.

  76. Rebeasta101 says:

    That’s the gang sign of Maine

  77. Christy Olsen says:

    its not about gluttony at all! its about a man with a passion for food who puts a unique twist on the typical food show by doing an eating challenge. it teaches you, it entertains you and most of all it always leaves you wanting more.

    in my opinion i see this mans comment a mere attempt to somehow knock the success of this truley amazing show

    adam makes it clear that indulging now and then is okay but too much is unhealthy, and i believe this show has just the right balance and does not a all give off the wrong message to viewers

    im a 15 year old girl whos a fan of the show, so call me bias if you wish but i strongly suggest you re-think what you’re saying and give the guy a break, hes turning something that he loves into a career and for that should be praised.

  78. eric s says:

    you guys are all idiots. this show is great. if you have been to other places in the world then you would know that these challenges have been around for yeeeeeaaaarrsss!!! so what if he’s made a show about attempting to beat all of them..its awesome!!! the people that are against this show are stupid… this is america people! lol theres alot of problems in this country and MVFis not one of them.

  79. lori Kringle says:

    Silly stuff…It’s a show…It’s fun…Pride is worse than Gluttony!

  80. Zed says:

    I watched Man vs Food 2 times and I agree with AB that the show is about gluttony and gluttony is very wrong. Actually I really don’t even like to see people eating so the show was a real turn off for me.

  81. I make stupid reality shows in India. I lost millions in venture capital. DC United fans calls me a bozo.

  82. DaFax says:

    this sinful gluttony bullshit needs to go, not everyone has your religious proclivities. also, how can you hate on how the man makes his living? you’re telling me if a network offered to pay you to travel across the US sampling differet local foods and attempting challenges youd say no? and the crying about foreign countries needing food, fuck that. tell em to eat each other.

  83. Dsgusted aussie says:

    You americans are disgusting no wonder you’s are the fattest in the world, how coukd you even eat that shit ever heard of a salad? I saw 1 episode i was sick to the stomach with all that fat, and sugar! No wonder america is hated so much you think you are top shit but the only thing you are top at is gainging weight and clogging arteries

    • hey dumbass! says:

      are u serious?? shut the fuck up! you act like we’re all like that, well guess what not all of us are! don’t sit there on your fuckin high horse and act like you’re better than anyone else. stereotype much?? that makes you 100 times worse than anybody with clogged arteries. and since when is Australia important?? oh that’s right, it’s not. so shut the hell up, get off your high horse, and get a life!

      • Tollenheimer says:

        I think you went ahead and became the lesser man here. Cursing does nothing but refute any sort of intelligent points you may bring, and allows your comment to be used as fodder for any responses. This reactionary comment is more upsetting that the originating post (and I’m an American, too).

        Australia is equally as important as America, and you’re just as bad as the first guy. Here’s to pots calling kettles black all around the world (in a politically correct way, or course – not in a racist nor derogatory manner).

    • Lorenzo says:

      Hey Dsgusted Aussie,
      Why don’t you go put a kangaroo on the “bahbie” and eat it. What’s you country good for except some stupid red rock. Where are you people when it comes to defending world freedom and proppping up a sagging world economy? You and your silly little hats and unintelligible dialect. The most interesting thing about your country is flushing a toilet and watching the water go down the opposite way.

  84. Izzi says:

    HELLO ??? Adam R. is ONLY taking these challenges because the Establishments are offering them…No one has EVER gone into a Restaurant – ANYWHERE and seen a FOOD CHALLENGE…So, Adam takes the CHALLENGE. That is it. Plain and simple. It’s not like he MAKES the Restaurants do it just for him. It’s for ANYONE that wants to take the CHALLENGE. It’s a show – that’s all it is. Watch it or don’t watch it. Who cares. Listen when the Owner tells how many people have tried and failed and how many have actually won. It’s just NOT Adam R. It’s HUNDREDS of people that have tried…
    And why bring up other Nations,..has NOTHING , absolutely NOTHING to do with this show. Get a life out there. No, better yet…Watch the Cartoon Network. Maybe there’s something there that you find ” who knows what”….aagghh…
    Good for you Adam R…When people talk about you…
    you know you made it!!!

  85. Krista says:

    I do watch man vs. Food and perhaps the challenges themselves portray what could be gluttony, bit you all miss the big picture of the situation. It is the restaurants that provide the food and create the challenges. If it wasn’t Adam it would any one of the other Americans that also try the exact same challenges. It may be wasteful but again blame the eating joints for creating the challenges and not one person out of thousands of people for trying. He does this for a paycheck at least the other people that we do not see do it for the help of it. So. Why not bash the people that have no other motive than winning a shirt. We all do something to make money and he is supporting local business as well as doing what he loves to do for his job. I think people are more jealous than anything because most people don’t have such luxury.

  86. flora68 says:

    I like Adam Richman and sometimes enjoy the show, up to the point where he starts eating…I just can’t watch anyone stuffing himself with mass quantities of ANYTHING; it makes me wanna hurl.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Hey Flora,
      There is something odd indeed about someone who says they enjoy watching Man vs. Food “up until the eating starts.”
      That’s like saying I like watching football, up until the game starts. Sheesh. The stupidity of these comments.

  87. Adam Richman is a complete douche, i tweeted about his weight gain, so he sent me nasty private messages talking about how he is a big star and i will die as nothing. He is a pretentious yale drama asshole, what else is to be expected. Its not man vs Food, its pretentious drama asshole vs food!

    • James says:

      Yeah….I doubt very much this happened.

    • Amanda says:

      I wouldn’t really be bragging about being a dick to somebody. Though I agree with James about this probably not even being true, it deserves to be said that if you go out of your way to be rude to someone about their weight (or anything else for that matter) you get what you get.

  88. Pugtime 777 says:

    Man vs. Food is obscene. Can you imagine how Somalies in Africa would feel after watching this man stuff his face? How about the hungry children here in America? This show is an affront to moral values and should be canceled!!

    • Lorenzo says:

      Oh brother. Puleeze get off your moral high horse.

      • james 400oz steak says:

        hahahahaha quite.ill try put a constructive argument forward so no Internet warriors hiding behind their keyboards replying saying “wanker” always has and always will be irritates me that people spend more time worrying about other people than themselves.ive just turned the dragons den off cos i don’t like it.if you don’t like mvf,do the same.dont take it too seriously it’s fun ffs

  89. Kayla says:

    Ok,im tired of everyone saying mean things about adam I think hes a fun character and a sweet guy ofcourse hes ganna be aoffended with what that guy says hes a sensitive guy,and i love the show it really is educational,he’s not doing anything wrong so leave him alone!

  90. Robert says:

    Adam is a guy you want to hangout and have a beer with. Down to earth nice guy. Alton is a guy you wnat to beat the sh@t out of..snobbish..

  91. [...] you ever watched "Man vs. Food?" This show is the most ridiculous crap on television ever. The basic premise goes like this: Adam goes and eats himself silly, dining on a [...]

  92. HotDog says:

    Adam Richman is a fun lovable guy on this fun show which however doesn’t make much sense. He just overeats and isn’t that good at it. He usually fails at the spicy challenges which is embarassing. For example, i think he failed (or came close) at the Orochon Raman spicy noodle challenge (I hear lots of people pass the challenge) and I know it’s spicy by American standards which is moderate by world standards (so a teenage girl in Korea can beat him in those challenges). It’s fun to watch him make jokes, devour a 4-pound pancake and get applause but after 3-4 episodes, you kind of wonder what’s the point. I guess Adam also wondered what’s the point since he just left the show. Like other celebrities today, he’s famous for being famous.

  93. HotDog says:

    Wow! After reading many of the comments…I take that back or with a grain of salt. It seems Adam Richman might be a bit of a brat or douche on the set. Several people mentioned his poor attitude and cursing at spectators when not taping. Not good. Good thing the show is over. He’s an actor and maybe he really hates doing this show and gaining all that weight. Who knows?

  94. Myroxxy17 says:

    Those of us who do eat healthy and have self control dont mind watching this show, what are u guys really mad at? …

  95. jstchll says:

    We have all seen this show. But none of us host our own TV show…. And people are talking down on him? Hmmm… What’s wrong with this picture? GO ADAM!

  96. Jacob says:

    What I find obscene tbh…Is how people are commenting saying blah blah blah kids in Africa blah blah. What have you done for those kids? Do you think badmouthing a light-hearted T.V show will help them in the slightest? I don’t know if you realise but most of those challenges have been there before the show. I also expect that if starving African kids even managed to get their hands on a T.V then the last thing they would be watching is food programs on the travel channel. Unless you’ve really done something to help those poor kids then you cannot take a moral high point on it.

  97. john says:

    It’s got nothing to do with kids in africa, the show is just plain disgusting. Americans wonder why they have the repuatation they do, well its shows like this. Everything about it is disgusting: the host, is incredibly fat, ugly, creepy, weird, and the way he gets so excited about disgusting junk food is almost offensive. He pretends like its a travel show and he’s visiting all these interesting places, but let’s be honest, every restaurant serves over-sized junk food, full of moronic fat families cheering him on as if he’s in an olympic rowing race and not just scoffing down a plastic cheeseburger.

    Disgusting vile trash. Brings back awful memories of visiting america and seeing nothing but mile after mile of junk food outlets, no doubt full of people like this oblivious to the fact that the rest of the world consider them gross.

  98. boxermama21 says:

    I always thought the show was good, yes some of the stuff is gross and a little over the top but hey he’s gotta do what they tell him to make the money and he does bring to light some great food joints that most people would never know about, and lets face it gluttony has been going on for years hes not the first, we all took history and learned the Romans were the worst for it. So leave the man alone and let him do what he wants I’d rather see him then some of the other shows they have going on right now at least he brings some fun to the table.

  99. cj says:

    Ha haaaa….just came across this article. Alton Brown, love ya, but STFU. I love Adam and the show is funny. Lighten up folks, so sick of people playing the third world country card. Most people don’t even bother with these challenges, and those that do and fail normally take home the left overs or try to get their friends to help eat it. Good grief….bleeding hearts. I do enjoy his fandemonium show much more, but I’m sure folks will find fault with that too cause he’s “victimizing” pigs, cows and chickens…..lmao

  100. raidmirror says:

    I am with the guy who posted this.Yea , damn right , the guy is total fool and idiot.Eats like an idiot.Whatever you say , i have always wondered , how much pounds of shit he would do everyday ? hehe , this makes me laugh and feel crazy.
    Basically i think this guy is like a clown.I see his shitty serial and i laugh inside even when no one is around.
    Some further points -> Have you seen his shirt and belly ? his stomach looks like a hood of a truck , and this idiot has got man boobs too.In every serail when he wears a full sleeve casual shirt , he doesnot even button it.Thats because of this idiot is filling it up too much.

    I want to just spit all i have got for this idiot.Other things which are funny are like when he eats some desserts , one time he had a plate full of 8 scoops of ice creams , with oreo crushed on it , hot chocolate sauce, marsh mellows , nuts and many other things. I was like smiling and laughing inside, i was speechless , this guy is a fart or what ? he doesnot even think about getting blood sugar or diabetes and then some.

    Sometimes he devours big buns with pork , beef drenched in very hot chilly sauces which were sometimes 400% hotter than jalepenos or other chillies. Doesnot this shit make him shit tenfold ? this thing i always have wondered.MY GOD , man this asshole is nuts.

    Whatever you say or i say , that show is lame , thats true but this guy has succeeded in one thing for me , that is amusing me. He is like one of the fat boys of alice in wonderland.

    Only thing i can say is may he gets his body checked regularly and may get long life , because if he continues like this , a heart attack is inevitable.

    For negative comments -> yeah yeah whatever dude , it doesnot matter.

  101. Cham1 says:

    Adam should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. No doubt his programme has influenced a lot of other people and places, judging by the number of pubs and bars that now have the ‘see how much you can eat’ contests. Even though he has lost a lot of weight recently it may lead to people thinking that it is just as easy to loose weight as it is to put it on but no doubt Adam has more than enough money now to pay for personal trainers, top training gear etc. which other people don’t. I have watched the show purely in disgust at how much the ignorant and fat presenter shoves down his throat for and how he and other naïve people regard this as entertainment which does contribute to the USA as the fattest nation on earth. Sort yaself out son!!!

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