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Anne Burrell Is The Only Interesting Chef On Twitter
Posted by Jillian Madison

We first posted about this topic back in April of 2009, but it bears repeating: the Food Network chefs are horrible at Twitter. They’re just as dull on the internet as they’ve become on television. When they’re not sending out loathsome self-promotional tweets about their book signing schedules or television appearances, they’re just TOTALLY FREAKING BORING. Paula Deen pimps out Smithfield Hams and Guy Fieri pimps out Ritz Crackers. Giada sends photo-less tweets about “glorious sunsets” and Claire Robinson talks about having a “love affair with cauliflower.”

Jesus. I almost fell asleep just WRITING that shit.

And then, there’s Anne Burrell… the only interesting chef on Twitter. We give credit where credit is due, and frankly, the woman is a breath of fresh air in the Twitterverse. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she seems really real, and she actually gets the fact that Twitter is supposed to be a crazy little place for people to share the interesting things that are happening in their lives. Her tweets are interesting, funny, relatable, and they shed a lot of sparkly light on her personality. Don’t believe me? In the past week alone, she’s documented a trip to London, her quest to get a pat-down by a hot TSA agent, and a day out getting matching tattoos. WITH HER MOM.

You can follow Anne on twitter at @ChefAnneBurrell – or follow Food Network Humor on twitter at @FNHumor.

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  1. Gregory says:

    Just followed her. I had no idea she was on Twtter. Thanks FNH!

  2. Dave says:

    What’s up with her whole obsession with getting felt up by a TSA agent anyway? She’s a good looking woman. Can’t she find a man to feel her up in rea life? I’ll happily take the job!

  3. Sasha says:

    I’ve been following her for awhile and you’re right, her tweets are always interesting to say the least. I like how she includes photos of her personal life and it’s not strictly about promoting herself. Very cool.

  4. thegolli says:

    I don’t do Twitter so thanks so much for showing these pics to us on FNH.

  5. Rachael says:

    I love following her on Twitter; it’s a constant source of amusement for me. She’s one of my fave Tweeters.

  6. Gypsy says:

    She is my number one choice for “Food Network personality I really wish I was related to.”

    I also can’t wait to see if she comments on this post.

    BTW, Cat Cora tweets very rarely and does generally just talk about where she has a public appearance, etc, but every once in a while she will tweet about interesting things in her life. She’s no Anne Burrell but she does have a tendency to be more interesting than the average TV chef.

  7. ron says:

    I love Ann…and not just because I had a sex dream about her!

    • marls says:

      Ron, between Ann’s obsession for TSA patdowns and your comment, I’ll be dreaming shortly of Ann doing patdowns to a porchetta whilst I’m getting a star tattoo on my Big Bens!!
      also, love her by the way! :o)

  8. Jersey Girl says:

    I follow her and she’s great. Michael Symon isn’t too bad either.

    • Bonniebee says:

      Agreed. Ann’s food always looks delicious, as does Michael Symon’s. I truly admire chefs that have imagination and cooking skills. Pay attention to some of these “cooks” and their knife skills…Aunt Slurppy is afraid to use one. I guess if I was loaded, I’d be afraid of a sharp object, too.

      Favorite chefs: Lydia Bastianich, Jaques Peppin, the “Avec Eric ” show-they are on PBS.

      • jennylola says:

        just discovered “avec eric”! am soooo in love with him! lydia as well. go to pbs for the good stuff.

        • anita says:

          Love Ann Burrell – she’s a really terrific chef and cook. PBS really does have the better selection of cooks these days but that’s because they don’t want to associate with the crap on FNTV Ina Garten is not a chef but she is a great cook and her recipies usually are pretty good. Tyler Florence is an excellent chef and great to watch but Giada and the rest have slumped into a boring morass and in this economy, they should start showing ways to cook more economically sane dishes with less waste – I canot stand it when bowls are not scraped out – especially melted chocolate, etc…who would waste that?…only Giada who has SO much that she doesn’t care.

      • steve8714 says:

        What about Nick Stellino or the late Justin Wilson?

  9. Boston says:

    She may be the only interesting food network personality on twitter but there are many interesting chefs including Graham Elliot, Grant Achatz, Laurent Gras, Anthony Bourdain, and David Chang. Also check out Ruth Bourdain a fictional mash up of Ruth Reichl and Bourdain

  10. Heather says:

    Oh lord yes I love her and everything that she posts on her twitter.

    That tweet she posted a couple of days back that (I assume) was making fun of Robert Irvine nearly made me piss myself.

  11. Neuf says:

    I love Anne. She hasn’t become one of the FN’s Stepford children yet so I’m going to enjoy the crazy and entertaining things she has to say until it does. Hopefully it won’t!

  12. Diane says:

    Anne just seems like an all around cool chick.

  13. Scruffy says:

    Does she still overuse the exclamation point?

    Rick Bayless is the best chef tweeter I’ve found.

  14. Justin D says:

    She is my favorite chef on Food Network. I’ve been following her on twitter for a while. She actually writes back quite a bit as well.

  15. like2doBrianBoitano says:

    Food Network needs more chefs like Burrell to get interesting…no nonsense, real and funny….people relate. The need to dump the uptights…FLAY, FLORANCE, RAY, ANDERSON, THE NEALY’S, ETC..

    Sandra Lee…can stay she’s too entertaining as the resident lush

  16. Beans says:

    She’s definitely awesome!

  17. Rebecca says:

    Haha, I love the first picture. She’s like “take the picture so i can get out of here!” Those telephone booths are basically toilet + porn booths. I remember calling my husband when I was with my family in London, and I’d stretch the cord out as far as it would go just to be able to breathe through the fumes. Gross!

  18. Gina says:

    She actually just gave FNH a little shout out for this article! I love her, she’s awesome.

  19. PeteC94 says:

    The title of this article could easily have been “Anne Burrell Is The only Interesting Chef On The Food Network” and still been as accurate.

  20. drew says:

    My wife and I were at home sick yesterday and we watched Ann’s osso bucco show. The very first time Ann deep throated a comment, my wife shouted, “She sounds just like the cookie monster!” Ann will be forever known as CM in my household! Whooaa, look at that meat simmering!”
    Almost sounds like a porno!

  21. Peggy Thomson says:

    You should all give Alex Guarnaschelli a try, too – her tweets are pretty good. Lots of good descriptions of meals she’s making or would like to make or food she would like to eat at that moment. She pimps her show on Saturdays and that’s about it.

  22. Audra says:

    Gee, I don’t know there, Jillian. Interesting? Funny? I’ve read a few of her tweets about London. Mushy peas. She ate here, she ate there. Glad to get home. Watching Gossip Girl. Loves a good pedicure. A little yawn-o-rama for me.

    Does seem like a nice person, though. Perhaps we are all a bit desperate for some sense of normalcy when it comes to the chefs. If Burrell is the most interesting, yikes.

  23. Stacey says:

    That first picture is taken right near Holburn Tube Station, I have a pic in the same booth.

    I’d like to point out the porn ads behind her, and I’m she she’s not entirely inside it because it reeks of urine.

  24. TGIFridays&GuyFieriSuck says:

    Guy Fieri is pimping out Ritz Crackers and TGI Friday’s. He’s sure successfully passing himself off as a legitimate chef–NOT.

  25. N2 says:

    I find it hilarious that so many men are commenting on how they would pat her down (she came out as a lesbian.) Anne is the bomb and I love watching her shows and following her on Twitter.

  26. Silvio says:

    I’ll second that. Those tattoos are disturbing as well.
    Does this mean were gonna see female FN chefs/short order cooks/ jump on the tatttoo bandwagon ?

  27. TGIFridays&GuyFieriSuck says:

    Probably, it’s all the rage among restaurant crews in the pacific northwest. They’re all getting tattoos of wire whisks and salt shakers. Fucking people can’t afford soap and a shower more often than twice a week but they’re out dropping hundreds of dollars on tattoos. Figure out that shit.

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