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Restaurant Impossible: Food Network’s Latest Unoriginal Idea
Posted by Jillian Madison

Restaurant Impossible, Food Network’s newest prime-time show, premieres on Wednesday, January 19th, at 10 pm. It will feature Robert Irvine running around the country trying to breathe new life into failing restaurants that are dangerously close to shutting down. If that concept sounds familiar, it’s because THERE IS ALREADY A SHOW ABOUT THIS EXACT THING, CALLED KITCHEN NIGHTMARES WITH GORDON RAMSAY (which, ironically, will start airing new episodes on Fox this Friday night).

For those who don’t know, back in 2008, Irvine got busted for lying to the world about his accomplishments. He said he made Princess Diana’s wedding cake, cooked White House dinners, owned a house in Scotland, was friends with Prince Charles, and was knighted by the Queen. Turns out, that was all bullshit.  So why is Robert Irvine suddenly all over the Food Network again? Shouldn’t he be off sweating on free weights somewhere, or trying to impress women by convincing them he and Oprah are BFF’s or something?

What’s the verdict? Have you forgiven Robert Irvine for lying about his credentials? Will you be watching this crap? Or are you sticking with Gordon?

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  1. Cori says:

    Definitely sticking with Gordon.

    • suz says:

      agree – sticking with Gordon – food network should be ashamed of themselves. Can’t they come up with their own idea – instead of stealing someone else’s. Plus the other guy – he’s a joke!!!!

    • Gee says:

      I like both of them!! I will be watching all of their shows. I really don’t think it is a big deal that Robert lied on his resume the bottom line is he can cook and he helps restaurants that are failing. I am sure other people have lied on resumes and just never got caught. I like Robert and Gordon

  2. Bianca says:

    I was wondering when this would make it on here! I saw the commercial and was like…. uhmm?? Kitchen nightmares? Gordon is way better because he is mean and there to help. I have a feeling irvine will not be as brutal at all really. The brutality is the best part! I love when Ramsay freaks out and hates every dish he is served.

    Odds are I will probably be watching it because it sounds like the only show wroth watching since they botched my line-up and unwrapped and good eats are no longer at the scheduled times they were at for YEARS.

    I wish they would bring back chefs versus city. I love that show. One show that epically sucked was food truck race. Needless to say I watched it but what else is there to watch on a sunday night?

    • Bianca says:

      I never knew who Robert Irvine was anyways. I just saw him on dinner impossible. I figured he’s got to be famous for something. Too funny to know he lied about his credentials. Guy needs a hit to his ego. Maybe Gordon will pay his show a visit. Title it Television Nightmares. Now a lot of shows on food network would probably be hit by him as well as every bit of programming on MTV.

  3. Ferd Berfle says:

    Won’t watch either one. What a waste of time.

  4. Melina says:

    Gordon Ramsay. I have more appreciation for a man that actually looks like a man as opposed to some weird mutant with no neck.

  5. Ray says:

    Yeah, you hit the nail on the head with this one, Jillian. I had the exact same thoughts when I saw a commercial for this show. I got a little tired of Kitchen Nightmares (maybe because of the endless reruns on BBC-A), but if I had to choose between the two, I’d definitely take Ramsay’s program.

  6. RigaToni says:

    I like the UK Kitchen Nightmares but the American “drama” factor in the US Nightmares is really off-putting. The UK Nightmares seems far more real, is not just about filthy kitchens to shock viewers.

    I don’t think it’s out of line to come up with a competing show considering the US Nightmares is to me, unsuccessful.

    HOWEVER, I have never thought Dinner Impossible was realistic, and I find Robert Irvine annoying. He’s not as bad on Worst Cooks, but Dinner Impossible is so manufactured… like what he’s going to not get asked to do these anymore if he fails at the contrived pitfalls? Right.

    If Restaurant Impossible actually helps people and is serious about addressing issues, the way Tabatha’s Salon Takeover is… then I will watch.

    If it’s all Robert Irvine and dirty fridges, no thanks.

    • Tabitha says:

      I agree – I found a real tenderness in the UK version that was squandered in the American transplant of the show (still with Ramsay, mind you). The restaurant owners weren’t just aspiring actors pathetic enough to play the reality show game. They were real people with problems that, despite everything else, had their heart in the businesses and wanted them to succeed for their dreams as well as the sake of their families. Ramsay knew that, and behind the gruffness and theatrics, there are great moments of tenderness. By the end, we really do want them to succeed.

      Ramsay has a charisma that Irvine does not. I’ve watched Dinner: Impossible quite a few times, and I always am put off by the way he treats volunteers and others trying to accomplish the “mission.” Why should I care or want him to succeed? He’s a jerk.

      Also, Ramsay is sexy as hell. Just sayin…

    • Lindsay says:

      I’m so glad someone else mentioned this. I love the UK version of Nightmares. It’s clear that American audiences prefer to watch Ramsay fight with the restaurant owners and expose really disgusting health code violations rather than watch him provide constructive criticisms. With that being said, there’s no denying that the Sebastian’s episode of the US version is one of the funniest things to ever air on TV. Seriously, you need to familiarize yourself with that episode if you haven’t previously.

  7. It’s a little disheartening to see that they’re just straight ripping off Chef Ramsay. I will stick with Kitchen Nightmares, but only if it’s the BBC version, because Ramsay narrates those himself. For some reason the American shows feature an American narrator who only helps make Ramsay come across as more of a twat.

    When you get Gordon Ramsay’s narration, he comes off like a twat who really REALLY cares about restaurants.

  8. THE Holly says:

    I’ll give it a shot, but still miss Restaurant Makeovers.

  9. Diane says:

    I honesty don’t give two shits about Robert Irvine and won’t watch either show.
    For this ‘business improvement’ genre, I’ll stick with Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

  10. RERE says:

    okay, irvine may be a liar but i find him strangely even..idk..maybe its the muscles..

    • Janet says:

      Nooo, I dont think so at all.
      I think Gordon is alot sexier :)

    • Kris says:

      I agree he is hot! And i think this show will be much better. While I DO enjoy Ramsay in small doses, I can handle Robert in larger ones! And he is there and much nicer to the ppl than Gordon is.

  11. Kenny Solomon says:

    I avoid all these ‘pre-determined outcome’ / ‘competition’ / ‘reality’ shows.

    Then again, I’m a Dolphins fan, so take it as you may.


  12. Motzi Greps says:

    F*ck Irvine, he’s a blowhard and a fraud.

  13. Lauren says:

    I actually kinda like Irvine

    • Lenny says:

      I agree, Robert Irvine is very creative and an interesting guy. Maybe he won’t be as douchy as Ramsey is.

    • GreenJeans says:

      I like him also. I was bummed when I found out he lied about his background.

      FN should have checked it out like any other company. What I had to go through to get a job to be a frickin sales person should be the norm for a company with high profile employees.

      Ramsey may be good at what he does but I cannot stand the ranting

      • Allen says:

        I agree that FN should have done their fact checking homework, especially after that incident with JAG on NFNS season 3.

        While they’re at it, FN should also open an investigation to Sandra’s past.

  14. CO of Fort Housewife says:

    When I first saw the commercial for Restaurant: Impossible, I turned to The Man, and said, “so, it’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ with a bodybuilder instead of a chef?” I would totally watch Gordon Ramsay over Robert Irvine. Which reminds me, I need to set the DVR to record some new “Kitchen Nightmares”. I only watch it for the insults, I swear!

  15. Tricia says:

    I actually thought that the situation with Robert Irvine and his “exaggerations” was exaggerated itself, and when he was booted off Dinner Impossible for Michael Symon I was sad. I was happy to see him back and I still occasionally watch the show.

    However, I agree that this new show is a blatant rip off of Gordon’s show, and Robert Irvine does not have the pedigree to pull it off. Food Network has copied many other shows before, but not in such an obvious way as this.

  16. Marsha says:

    The man is a liar, will not watch him on anything.

  17. Silvio says:

    Why can’t we send Bobby Flay or Tyler Florence over to the UK and have them fix some of the crappy places to eat over there? And while they’re at, they can turn some them shiteaters into gourmands.

    I am so sick and tired of these Bronko chefs coming over here telling us Americanshow to eat and run restaurants. The UK is a gastronomic wasteland and 90% of its population think tinned baked beans are a delicacy.

    Irvine must be holding naked pictures of Tuschman frolicking at the bathouse to get all these shows , especially after his Tuschman imposed timeout from a few years ago.

  18. T.Piper says:

    The second Irvine tells a line cook he “has no passion” I change the channel.

  19. SarahP says:

    I love watching Gordy on Kitchen Nightmares. Nothing beats watching Ramsay dig through someone’s nasty fridge and telling them their meat is “ROTTON! Its f*$^ing RANCID!”, or telling off some d-bag restaurant owner that only serves frozen food. He is starting to suffer from overexposure though.

    That said, its a shame that Irvine lied so much…because he seems to be a pretty good chef.

  20. Bellossom Ranger says:

    I actually like Robert Irvine – he’s British and has a British accent. I am sort of into British people… ^_^

    Maybe he wasn’t Knighted or made White House dinners, but I am sure he did serve in the British Army. Brits lie and over-exaggerate. I had a friend in Britain who plays The Sims 2 and made a wonderful family history story and she tells us that everyone excepts her to be genteel and know the Queen, which is BS. But that inflate their egos – they live in a country which still has a monarchy, for JC’s sake! Who wouldn’t get a little egotistical?

    As much as I didn’t like how the first season of Worst Cooks ended, even though I like Anne Burrell, Robert Irvine is a cool chef to compete against her here – Beau was too much of a Drill Sergeant pop punk guy to my tastes.

    I have never seen Kitchen Nightmares so I cannot compare Rob’s new show to this, but I am keeping an open-minded set about this and bet it’ll be awesome. I watched a few Dinner Impossibles and it’s hard to believe he’s just acting.

    • Alex S says:

      So we should forgive him because you lack a basic understanding of how Britain works as a society? Got it. Just to let you know all Indians don’t live in teepees, and all French people aren’t rude, but go on with your belief that British people lie and over-exaggerate.

  21. Larry says:

    He’s back on Food Network because mot of the stuff he got accused of lying about turned out he wasn’t necessarily lying. You can read his Wikipedia page and his version at

    I kinda like the big lug. His Iron Chef with Paula Dean was pretty funny. This new series looks like a bad idea however.

  22. Teague says:

    What I find really odd is the fact that Irvine (Never mind the fact that he’s an egotistical sociopathic blowhard.) is the fact that Irvine has NEVER RUN A RESTAURANT. He may not have ever even worked in one. We all know he was a cook in the navy. He’s worked in hotels and other institutions. But he has no experience owning and running a small restaurant.

    And FN must have a ‘Blatantly Steeling Shit From Other Shows’ department. They aren’t even trying anymore.

    • Lana says:

      Teague, that was going to be my exact comment. So here’s a “x 2″ from me to you.

      I like Irvine in a take-him-or-leave-him kinda way. But what the hell experience does he have owning, working or being a chef at a restaurant?!?

      None. TYVM. Weird casting = fake show = FN fail

    • SarahP says:

      Irvine has a restaurant in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I’ve had friends that have been, and they said the food was great.

    • baker lady says:

      And it proves they aren’t trying with “chefs” (term used loosely) like Robert Irvine and Beau what’s-his-face. Both are obnoxious idiots that have no talent or personality at all. All they know how to do proficiently is DEGRADE people. Can’t stand either one. I love Ann Burrell and hate to see her stuck with these two losers. Irvine teaches nothing and only yells a lot, Beau is just as obnoxious in his own way. Won’t watch Irvine on anything but Worst Cooks and that’s only because of Ann. Send Robert back where he came from and let him flex his muscles and tell his lies there.

  23. Menage a'foie says:

    I gotta admit, I like the guy. Yes, when his history was exposed, I was angry and thought he deserved to lose his show then. But was ready to give him another chance – he really is a good chef and I enjoyed watching him on “Dinner Impossible”. Haven’t seen “Worst Cooks” yet, because I’m pretty much done with FN. I rarely watch anymore.

  24. Sea Hag says:

    The problem with “Dinner: Impossible” is that the whole ‘race against the clock’ part of it is so arbitrary. I mean, when Irvine runs out of time, nothing bad happens. He doesn’t lose money or bragging rights or an ear or anything. The worst thing that happens is that the people he is cooking for have to wait longer for their food.

    The way to make that show less of a snooze-fest? Put something on the line. Have the food ready by this time or we start pulling fingernails.

  25. Andrew T says:

    It isn’t that I’m “mad” at Robert Irvine or something — I don’t really care. He seems reasonably competent at teaching idiots how to boil water on “Worst Cooks” (I’ll watch anything with Anne Burrell in it).

    But the key hook for Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is that GORDON RAMSEY IS ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL RESTAURANTEURS ON THE PLANET, and as far as I know, Irvine hasn’t successfully ran a hot dog stand.

    Sorry for shouting there, but this is really the basic FN philosophy in action. “Here, watch this twit Melissa d’Arabian tell you how to cook, even though she has no formal training and no f*cking idea how to do even the most basic of culinary skills.” “Here, let Robert Irvine tell you how to manage your restaurant even though he has no practical experience ever having done so.”

    It’s infuriating.

    • Carrie says:

      Although I’m not mad at Irvine per se, the lying does make me respect him less. But your point about the lack of experience is so SPOT ON.

      When Irvine racks up the Michelin stars at Ramsey has then I’ll be impressed with him.

  26. MoreBeef says:

    If any of us regular civilians out there had lied about your credentials as much as Robert Irvine has we would all have been sacked and doomed in the industry (whatever industry you work in). As such I refuse to watch anything with Robert Irvine in it. Seriously, fuck that guy. In his non existent neck.

  27. EmilyTakesTokyo says:

    I used to be a fan of Robert Irvine, and I liked Dinner: Impossible UNTIL he came to Japan, where my husband was stationed with the Navy. The base hyped the “gourmet dinner” he would be throwing for those lucky enough to get a ticket, so I moved heaven and earth to be among them.

    The food was atrocious. He was mildly charming, standing at the front of the line, and we were glad to get our picture taken. But the menu was awful, the ingredients subpar, and there had clearly been absolutely no oversight of the cooks whatsoever. We’re talking coleslaw (which, why is this on a gourmet menu anyway) that was swimming in mayonnaise – literally the consistency of clam chowder. The seaweed salad was all slime, everything was oversalted, and everything was overcooked.

    The man is a fraud. I wish he would go away.

  28. Suz says:

    Funny, just this past weekend, I saw him on on a FN ad, and wondered why I hadn’t read about him here. (so much material to work w/, y’know?)
    I thought the guy was a huge Douchebag long before he was outed for lying, and now his Rabbitface and pumped-up bod is all over the place yet again.
    Thank God for the remote.

  29. Plumpy says:

    No way will I be watching that crap. I’ve got a Wednesday night date with Bravo’s Top Chef.

  30. Mike says:

    Don’t care about Robert Irvine. Never have seen anything he’s been on.
    As far as Gordon Ramsey, he comes across as a grade-A steaming log. I’m surprised none of his Hell’s Kitchen contestants have smacked him over the head with a frying pan yet.

    • Lorraine says:

      They probably have to sign a “no-assault even if he calls you every horrible name in the book” statement. LOL!

  31. Beckishes says:

    Oddly enough, I like the both of them.

    As annoyed as I was to find out that Food Network is copying yet ANOTHER show, I will tune in to Dinner: Impossible, (mostly because sadly, I do not get BBC up at college and therefore no Kitchen Nightmares for a while).

  32. drew says:

    o i didn’t know kitchen nightmares was coming back. thanks!

  33. Rob-omb says:

    Falsifying/lying about your credentials is not only fraud, it is a FELONY. Meaning, you can go to jail for it. So yeah, I don’t watch anything with that HGH-chugging douchebag, and FN lost me as a regular viewer when they decided to bring him back to their network.

    • FLFarmer says:

      No it isn’t. It’s stupid and douchebaggy, especially these days when you can dig up anything you want on just about anyone, but it isn’t a crime, much less a felony (unless you’re lying to the Feds for a job with them, I suppose).

  34. Catherine says:

    I’m a Gordon Ramsay fan. Irvine, I’m kind of indifferent about. I think Dinner: Impossible is dead boring, and if Restaurant: Impossible is anything like it (which it probably is, since hello, they couldn’t even bother to come up with a unique title), then it will also be dead boring. Ramsay’s shows work because he is passionate, talented, and yeah, a twinge crazy. Irvine doesn’t have any of that fire; it makes him boring to watch.
    Then again, I could watch Gordon Ramsay read the phone book and be totally captivated…

  35. WG says:

    I’ve met Chef Irvine and had a chance to chat with him for a little bit. He was genuine, social, and very easy-going / no pretense. Seemed to come across as very likable, a guy you’d want to hang out and have a beer with.

    We spoke about how crappy Dinner Impossible’s challenges were becoming, that they were getting more contrived and pre-destined to head to failure… and he agreed completely! Doesn’t mean that the premise of the show would change, but that’s something that’s not in his hands, but the producers — put some blame on Marc Summers and company rather than on Irvine.

    As for the credentials controversy — even HE admits that FN took liberties with what was presented in his CV. When I heard the news, my reaction was “eh”. Really, none of that registered to me any more than I wonder where Sunny, Beau, Anne, or Aaron came from before FN. Regardless, none of that changed Irvine’s abilities to cook or host the shows that he’s been on. And besides, Symon as a D:I replacement wasn’t nearly as entertaining as Irvine usually was. That had to change back quickly.

    Regarding Kitchen:Impossible vs Kitchen Nightmares – I don’t see the issue of two similar shows airing (Next Food Network Star vs Masterchef, anyone?). Both Ramsay and Irvine have different styles, and I believe there’s a difference in the amount of time Irvine has to flip a restaurant compared to how long Ramsay takes to do his episodes.

    I have heard from others who have attended one of Irvine’s D:I meals that, similar to @EmilyTakesTokyo’s opinion, the food can be a bit sub-par. Frankly, this doesn’t surprise me given D:I’s time constraints. But D:I’s rules don’t judge the quality, just that a “gourmet meal for hundreds be prepared in 4 hours using an Aim-n-Flame and a dirty plant pot to cook in” Seriously, what do they expect?

    • Teague says:

      And thanks you your input Mr. Irvine.

      BTW. The story first broke in Florida where he(not FN) had been running around telling ‘stories’ about his accomplishments.

    • Andrew T says:

      I don’t care about Irvine having lied about his resume. I’m sure he can be a nice guy, and I think he’s reasonably good on “Worst Cooks.”

      What I do care about is the fact that a guy who’s NEVER RUN A RESTAURANT is off trying to tell people how to run their restaurants. If you can’t see that’s madness, I can’t help you.

      • WG says:

        @andrew_t: as others have mentioned on this thread, he does currently have his own restaurant on Hilton Head Island, so that covers your “never run a restaurant” item.

        Granted, it’s not the same as Ramsay’s international chain of acclaim, but it’s still something.

        BTW – still pissed that Ramsay didn’t do Cookalong Live 2010 to followup Cookalong Live 2009′s fun. Why isn’t FN jumping on that bandwagon with some of their more entertaining personalities?

  36. Ms Gypsy says:

    Is Irvine a successful restaurateur? The reason Kitchen Nightmares works is that Ramsey is a powerhouse when it comes to opening successful restaurants. Irvine, on the other hand, does not have that kind of international reputation, at least not that I’ve ever heard.

    There is a tendency for American television to make poor imitations of British shows. I’m afraid this is another case of this. (Bear in mind that when the Brits did a UK version of the American “Law & Order,” it was highly popular and even in on BBCA it’s well received. It doesn’t necessarily work the same way in each direction…)

  37. Robert says:


  38. Kiech says:

    If the show is like Kitchen Nightmares UK where he helps out people who genuinely can benefit from it, and maybe learn something along the way, then I will be watching. If its like the US version where they give away a free makeover and leave nothing but false hope (ever wonder why they don’t do many follow-ups on the the US version?) Then bullocks.

    Besides, with Ramsey jilting the summer winner of Hells Kitchen, I haven’t been a big fan of his lately.

    • Ann I. Ball says:

      I wondered about those mere makeover restaurant shows that don’t do follow up.

      It’s like those homemaker shows that leave a larger house that the family can’t afford to pay taxes on and can’t sell because people who would buy the house wouldn’t live in that neighborhood.

      Feel good hype that doesn’t really help anyone.

  39. Hitlerbot says:

    I wanna see Ramsay on ICA. Versus Flay.

    The secret ingredient might be bobby’s hands.

  40. Jenn says:

    I thought at first I wouldn’t be watching Irvine when i found out he had lied. I really hate liars! However, for some reason, I have had a change of heart. I have a feeling he’s had to do a lot of admitting of his errors to others, and also himself to be given so many opportunities once again. I am going to give him one more chance. He is entertaining and underneath it all, I think he actually cares! I will be watching the new show. I hope it’s a good one. As far as Ramsay goes, he’s a total A**

  41. Michael says:

    I will take Robert Levine anyday over Gordon Ramsey. In fact, if there is a white man I hate more than Guy Ferry, it’s Gordon Ramsey. He’d scream at me one and one time only before swallowing his teeth.

    • Numb says:

      Wow… throwing the word ‘white’ in there really changed the context of the sentence quick… I’m not even sure what the hell you’re implying.

  42. eatwisconsin says:

    Lets not forget Food Feuds which is just about the same show as Food Wars. How long until the Food Network has a show with some guy travelling the country trying food challenges? Maybe they could rescue George Duran from making Hunt’s Tomatoes commercials.

  43. Annie says:

    These two shows sound so much alike i’m surprised Food Network doesn’t get sued for plagerism!

  44. bunny69 says:

    I remember when Food Network was all about the food…When did FN become a member of reality tv nutworks?? I think I’ll stick to watching Create….at least until they shtoop down and join club of crap tv!

  45. Kelley says:

    Gordon all the way baby!!

  46. Cecil says:

    I’ve forgiven Robert, mostly because he is entertaining to watch (most of the time). Also, though he can be an ass sometimes, he’s far LESS of an ass than Gordon Ramsey who does not deserve to be on TV IMO :)

  47. scglive says:

    I normally don’t really care about people’s qualification, but it’s another thing when it really matters. If you’re not a doctor, there’s little chance I’m going to let you operate on me. If you’re not a successful restauranteur, you better believe I’m not letting you give me more than cursory advice for my restaurant.

  48. Hannah says:

    This blew my mind. Like many others said, this is a total rip-off of Kitchen Nightmares. And like 5 years late. Wow. Way to go, FN. Do you know that Robert is not even likable? Didn’t you fire him once? I won’t watch this, because it is going to be so staged it will be disgusting. Good luck with your ratings, ****heads. (Also, thanks for AARTI PARTY, you ****s.)

  49. britt says:

    i love gordan! and i love kitchen nightmares. i can’t stand robert hes such a tool. i can tell by looking at him that his penis is really tiny – REALLY TINY DICK. he annoys me so bad. stupid faces he makes. ughhhhhhhhh i wont watch but i WILL watch kitchen nightmares.

  50. Reens says:

    I think it’s so cute that FN is so desperate for hosts that they will bring back liars for multiple shows on their network. The execs really have no idea what they’re doing. It’s amazing they’re still on the air at all.

  51. R.S. Hunter says:

    I can’t stand Robert Irvine. Dinner Impossible is one of the worst shows on Food Network. At least Sandra Lee is fun to make fun of.

    Dinner Impossible is just Robert Irvine saying things like, “I don’t know if we’re going to have enough time. I really have to push through this” a million times an episode. Then wabam! He gets everything done, and wow it’s incredibly delicious and everybody eating it loves it!

  52. NickyL says:

    I enjoy Robert Irvine. Dinner Impossible is great. So he lied on his resume. Big deal. It’s not like he did illegal drugs or something along those lines. Everyone lies about something.

    I do hate that this new show is a rip off but what do you expect from FN? The only good thing they have left on the network is Alton Brown, Anne Burrell and Irvine. Everything else is crap. I even hate Iron Chef America now. It seems EVERY battle is with Bobby Flay.

    • Beckishes says:

      I’m in full agreement with you. He probably lied either to boost his credentials or because people doubted him.

      Also you’re right about the shows on FN…it’s just slowly going down the drain.

    • Numb says:

      Are you serious? I think the absolute OPPOSITE. Who cares if somebody does illegal drugs on their own time as long as it doesn’t effect their job? I sure as hell *do* care however when I am interacting with somebody in a fashion where they present themselves to be an expert or otherwise qualified if they are in fact lying about those qualifications. Like somebody said above, I sure as hell wouldn’t knowingly let somebody who lied about having a medical degree perform surgery on me, and likewise I have no interest in listening to food advice from somebody who lied about having food creditentials (sp?).

      • NickyL says:

        My point was, everyone lies. You’ve never told a lie before? Regardless if the lie is big or small, a lie is a lie. Stop with this “holier then thou” attitude. So, he lied about who he cooked for. We all make mistakes. He deserved a second chance.

        • Numb says:

          You’re right, everyone lies. But by the same token, we all do so KNOWING that there are consequences to being caught in that lie. His utter loss of respect is said consequence. Pretty basic stuff here, really.

  53. Lorraine says:

    GORDON. Period. End of story!

  54. Divefan says:

    IIRC Food Network might not be ripping this concept off.
    Several years ago there was a *very* short series named Restaurant (something) where a chef and remodeling expert visit a run down joint and try to convince the owner to remodel (for a small investment).
    The one episode I vividly remember took place in Toronto where the owner *clearly* didn’t give a damn about the appearance of her dive. More shockingly, it was clear that local health inspectors had Never been in this place – when a counter was ripped out cockroaches covered the wall.
    Help me out, anyone?

    • Viri says:

      Divefan, are you thinking of Restaurant Makeover? It wasn’t that short lived (it had a few seasons) and I think it started on FN in 2005. However…the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares started in 2004.

    • Luna Lovegood says:

      I remember it too, I think it was from the Canadian FN. because all the restaurants seemed to be in Canada. It was really quite boring is mostly what I remember.

    • Divefan says:

      viri, I think you’re correct. I still only remember FN showing a few episodes. Not that it was a great show, but the shock factor of what I saw was unintentionally (?) hilarious. Wait, that covers most of FN these days.

  55. DT says:

    Well, it doesn’t feature Guy, so it’s a win in my book.

    • Jim says:

      oh yeah, Guy Ferry who started calling himself Guy Fieri exaggerating it to “Fieetti” when he started making pizza and is the biggest damn wuss and poseur you have ever had the misfortune to see

  56. DT says:

    why do I care if Tony from Hoboken can sell veal scallopini?

  57. Stogoe says:

    I think I hate Gordon Ramsay as much as any rational person hates Notre Dame football or the Yankees.

    Which is to say, full-on over the top hate. And I don’t even have a good reason to hate Ramsay, I just do. It’s instinctual.

  58. FLFarmer says:

    I refuse to watch it because I’m not a huge fan of Irvine. I’m also not a huge fan of the Americanized version of Kitchen Nightmares, and rarely watch that. The BBC episodes are much better.

    I also happened to catch what are undoubtedly reruns of The Opener, with David Adjey showing up to save the day at a couple of places. Same schtick: restaurant can’t open because of bumbling staff/no direction/incomptent owners.etc., and he jumps in to save the day – in fact, in one ep he actually says that.

  59. Krista says:

    I love Gordon. The guy knows his stuff . I never understand the idiots who ask for his help yet refuse to listen to what he’s telling them. Why did you waste his time if you aren’t going to change jackass?!
    As far as the other poser goes, yes everyone has embellished their resumes at some point but you’d have to be a moron to do it when you are in the public eye and think you are going to get away with it. Princess Diana’s cake…really? Of course the guy is still with the network so maybe he isn’t such a moron after all.

  60. Jenna says:

    I like Irvine and didn’t really care that he faked his credentials. I won’t however, be watching this because I stopped watching FN over two years ago (I have watched it a few times since then but not at all in over a year.)

  61. Lara says:

    I actually think Robert is fun and I’m glad they brought him back.

  62. eileen says:

    I think the concept should stay with Gordon Ramsay, or at the very least, be copped by someone with equal cred. I don’t think I would enjoy watching someone take on the role of bossing people around and telling them that their life’s work/family business sucks, when their previous appearances predominantly consist of mass producing large amounts of food in the most stressful way possible, and teaching bad cooks how to hold a knife.

    Ramsay may be mean but he knows his stuff, actually seems to care, and pulls it all off suavely. Irvine just stresses me out, and is annoying and weird.

  63. Nurbie says:

    Gordon… Irvine is a twit.

    Miss the UK version though, less drama and more results. Gorden is really heavy handed in the American version… almost off putting. In the BBC version, he seems to freakout less… maybe they could let him nap or give him a cracker or something?

  64. Jon says:

    I ate at the big reveal of the pilot recording of this show at some terrible place in Jersey. Was the worst restaurant experience of my life.

    We had to wait 2 hours past when we had reservations. This wasn’t a big deal because it was a filming for a show. But once we were seated the service was awful. Nobody knew what they were doing. It was a good thing we had drinks from the bar, because it took us 3/4 of our meal to get water. Bread? Had to ask 4 different people.

    The food was by far the worst I’ve ever paid for. Also it took forever to come out. Food was bland, overcooked, oily to the point of almost being inedible. Just awful.

    It was cool to be able to see at least a slice of how they put these shows together. I was there as he was doing his ending “and here we are at the end of day xxx, the restaurant is once again full of customers, enjoying our excellent new menu, etc etc etc.”

    All in all I think all these shows are a rushed sham. Its about ratings, not putting out good food.

  65. TheMiddleMe says:

    Not interested in watching Robert Irvine do Gordon Ramsey impressions. I have not watched anything with Irvine in it since the scandal broke and I’m shocked they re-hired him. That aside, he does not have the charm or presence that Gordon has. Irvine always struck me as flat and boring in personality.

  66. Eve says:

    I’ll watch both, because I am a whore for food shows. I wish they’d just go back to Dinner: Impossible for Irvine, but it appears that this new show has replaced it.

  67. I just caught Restaurant Impossible last night. The one where they make over an Italian Restaurant “That’s been in the family since the 40′s”. All I can say is that the “Interior Designers” should actually learn to be interior designers. That was the absolute worst, ugliest, and disappointing make-over I have ever seen!

    If that was my restaurant I would have sued the producers of the show. Those “designers” had NO IDEA as to what they were doing. NOT A CLUE. Fire them and hire a real design team.

    It looked like a bad IKEA design, but much worse. Immature, no respect for the family, and clueless to the overall look of the restaurant. A complete joke.

  68. Jennifer says:

    I am sticking with the oringal Ramsey first of all Gordon admitted several times his own resturant failed when he got the big head and things got away from him. I know Irvin has lied and seems happy to say ( I smoked but didnt breath in) lol Sorry Resturant Impossible is not a hand up but a way of taking peoples need for help and doing nothing more then trying to cause drama, on the Season 1 episode 2 Manillies resturant is a good exsample of drama the pre cooked pasta did anyone else not noticed that for pasta that had been left out without being iced or kept cold it was awful white when due to the items it takes to make pasta it would have been turning yellow so where is the real in the show. At least with Gordon he is honest when the food is not the problem. Then the Closed sign come on maybe he doesnt know how to read but I saw a sign that said Closed Monday and Tuesday.
    I agree they had problems but did the show make them worst????????? Or did they help, I can not see where doing home improvements to the tables will help, yes the paint and the new flooring is a great thing but was it done on this show or was it done prior to the show arriving I do not feel that this show is trust worthy because the meat balls didnt look any different and the sause come on everyone who has ever cooked before knows a jar may cost just a few dollars it has very little to no taste and it would cost less to make sause from scratch with the only cost of maybe a few cents. In the big picture Gordon is right cook from scratch and do not try to add real to a jar you have no way to control the outcome of the seasonings. The eggplant is another thing if they cut and prebreaded the egg plant eight days in advance they would not hold the breading as I know from cooking Egg Plants most of my life you can not precut them a day before they change colors and the texture changes they become slimy and the ones shown saying the date was nine days old must not have been changed because those egg plants had not changed color and they were holding the breading to well. Not to mention the smell of a nine day old egg plant I cut one to check and I wish you could post pictures as it goes to show Irvin is still lying so sad. I feel the harm far out weights the benefits this business could have gotten from Robert what was he thinking and the comments about saving a family. Do you really want to eat off a table that was pulled out of the trash????????? I WOULD NEVER EAT OFF A TABLE FROM THE GARBAGE NEVER!!!!!! For that reason Robert you have done more harm then good but you will do what ever show you can after all it is a job and that is how you make your money not like Gordon who is on many shows, has cook books and real business without lying about friends.Grow up and stop tearing down American business go the London and destroy those OH BUT THEY DO NOT ACCEPT LIERS DO THEY??????????????

  69. Mr. Perfect says:

    Mario Batali was the best Iron Chef by far, the show has been lacking since his departure. Everyone picks Bobby Flay because he is the easiest to beat.

    For entertainment sake though I would like to see Ramsay Battle Irvine on Iron Chef, I would also like to see him go against Batali. But that seems extremely unlikely maybe they should hype it up and do it on payperview, uncensored cooking action lol.

  70. Be says:

    The most shocking episode of Kitchen Nightmares will be when Gordon gives a genuine smile.

  71. Sugar Baker says:

    I am SO disappointed in Irvine. Years ago Dinner Impossible was really good.
    Since he came back it feels like he’s a totally different person. Sour and angry underneath.
    Now he’s got a really pathetic show ‘renovating’ restaurants in 2 days. Granted they’re better than they were before he got there but …
    Seriously some of his ‘fixes’ like with the sports bar were unbelievable and are you kidding me nasty. Potato chips nachos? Pre-grilling burgers and they looked like something you’d get out of a freezer in a mini-mart.
    THEN to find that he’s hooked up with a media whore/Gail Kim. Yeah. Good on ya. He met her in probably 08 and divorced his wife (who you can’t find ANY photos of) in ’11.
    OK, I get the thing about marriages going south, but I get the feeling he’s addicted to this athletic thing and this new squeeze just feeds into it. Not to mention all the leather and oil and wrestling shit.
    I am SO disappointed.

    He has lost all respect from me.

  72. Jim says:

    I saw him on that show a couple years back cooking for cowboys in a roundup out in Wyoming. He served them fish and corn bread with ingredients from the local market.

    Well he did something I’ve never heard of before and couldn’t do myself…he fucked up the corn bread.

    I never head of anyone ruining corn bread but he managed it – and yet he screams like a little kid at anyone and everyone for the smallest error. I can not stomach watching this pretentious twat on Food Network because I know how what a lying ass he is

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