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Giada Over-Reacting To Man Eating TWO Potato Halves (OMG! NO!)
Posted by Jillian Madison

This is a clip from an older episode of Giada At Home, where she made “game day snacks” for her husband and his friends. One of the guys grabbed TWO potato halves (the horror!) and Giada almost lost her shit. Girlfriend squealed. She literally squealed.

What the hell is wrong with this guy! Does he even KNOW how many hours of yoga he’s going to have to do to burn that whole potato off?!

(Thanks for the video, Mark!)

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    83 Responses

  1. jennylola says:

    she is such a bitch! total control freak & might i say, quite the party pooper. you know she did not shut her trap the entire game.

  2. Motzi Greps says:

    Well, yanno–Giada is a tanorexic little twat that doesn’t eat a damn thing. She can’t fathom a grown man eating what constitutes a whole potato (2 halves)…

  3. john says:

    “Two potatoes?” “Yeah, and a big fat sausage too, b*tch!”

    Who the hell smiles like that in real life? That’s truly unsettling. If somebody came up to me with that expression on their face, I’d run.

  4. ron says:

    This scene perfectly illustrates just how out of touch all FN hosts truly are with how regular, NORMAL people entertain friends and family on any given game day!
    It’s about a lot of beer and soda, chips and dip….and enough food for seconds and third helpings.
    What it definitely ISN’T about, is dainty faggoty finger foods, portion control, and making your guest feel like he just got caught trying to ass rape the family dog, for daring to take 2 halves of a baked fucking potato!
    And just for the record Giada De Killjoy….. baked potatoes have no business on a game day table, unless they’ve been baked twice….. and are covered in bacon and sour cream.

    • Kelley says:

      Actually, those were twice baked potatoes with butter, cheese, cream, mushrooms and procciuto so yeah…

      As for the clip, I thought her reaction was so typical of her. She was all like “WHOA! People actually EAT?!” I think she took a bite out of the mozzarella balls and that was it. It was all so unreal, though, she made dainty, cute finger food for guys watching the game and she was the only woman there. I mean, REALLY?

    • J says:

      Whoa! Cool it with the homophobia there buddy!

    • Diane says:

      Ron, that seriously might be the funniest comment I’ve ever read on here. :D

    • A Gay Guy says:

      Hey asshole, I fucking hate finger foods.

      Go be an idiot somewhere else.

    • WootWoot says:

      She would DIE in my house. Not only does my husband not use a knife, even if his life DEPENDED on it, he wouldn’t, no matter how large the piece of meat (he just stabs it with a fork and chomps away), but he gets food all over his glass, face, the table..yes, I know I am not painting a pleasant pic and granted, it’s taken me most of our near 6yr marriage to just ‘let it go’, but I’ve never been THAT uptight. Friends we’ve had over are plain messy (usually the men, sorry guys) and can put the entire platter of a certain food on their plate with no shame or concern for who else may want some.

      Per the beer/smile comment, I agree, I have that smile pulling alchyhaul out of the fridge too!

  5. akabaloo says:

    Oh my god, TWO POTATOES!?

    I’m pretty sure they were hollowed out. She should have known there were grown men there and 8 hollowed out half potatoes was not going to be enough.

  6. Andra says:

    If you DON’T pile foodstuffs on your plate when you’re eating at my house I WILL CUT YOU!

  7. Samantha says:

    hahahaha I love the dramatic slow-down TWOOOOOOO POTATOOOOOOOOHHHHSSS

  8. Goober says:

    WHAT? You’re overeating on Super Bowl Sunday??? Are you mad???

  9. Amy says:

    This really hits a nerve for me today, since my preschool-aged girl complained just last night that her waist (she just pointed at her belly area) is not nearly as small as Sleeping Beauty’s. Look Giada, people are actually not supposed to be shaped like lollipops. That is not healthy. Stop perpetuating an unhealthy body image.

  10. qwertygirl says:

    I wonder if her reaction had more to do with the fact that she had six halves for what appeared to be 5 people (were there other people in the other room?). Maybe she was afraid of running out of food. If so, she should watch the Barefat Contessa sometime–I have never seen that woman make less than 35 pounds of food, even if she’s only serving 2 people. She made a 5lb pork loin roast for herself and a friend for dinner the othe night. TWO AND A HALF POUNDS OF MEAT per person? Either she and “Jeffrey” eat like total pigs, or she has leftovers coming out of her ears for days. And Giada looks like a Pez dispenser.

    • julie says:

      Ha ha ha! I love that Pez dispenser comment!

    • Mark H88 says:

      I literally laughed out loud at “35 pounds of food” (still laughing as I type) LOL

    • Lana says:

      Qwerty, you *have* to call the Pez company. An entire line of FoodNet Pez dispensers – they’ll sell like crazy. You call or I will!

    • Mousey Housewife says:

      qwertygirl – I completely agree. Here in the UK I’ve only had FN on my tv for nearly two years, but Giada really annoys me with her insincere smile and barely concealed bitchyness. Also I’m always amazed and shocked at how much food Ina makes for just her and her hubby! Most of these “couples” meals could feed my entire street, LOL!

  11. Roger says:

    Those “TWO POTATOES!” probably represent her entire caloric intake for a week.

  12. missy915 says:

    I would took the WHOLE plate of potatoes and walked off

  13. missy915 says:

    lol sorry…would have

  14. BLT says:

    Surprise, Giada! Food is meant to be eaten, not put on a pedestal to be admired.

    What kind of a crappy hostess would make her guest feel like a glutton because was enthusiastic about her cooking?

    Maybe he should have licked his fingers and put it back on the plate in shame.

  15. Susan says:


    OK, I “suppose” that the guy was being a hog for taking TWO/ONE portion/s when everybody else hadn’t served themselves yet.

    That’s stretching it. How embarrassing! Giada always makes the strangest things to serve the guys on game days — fussy feminine stuff — and she never makes enough.

    Why don’t any of the other guys bring along their wives or girlfriends to the game-watching parties?

  16. Susan says:

    OK, perhaps the guy was being rude by taking TWO portions before everybody else had served themselves, but for Giada to react like that? How embarrassing!!

    Giada always makes the oddest food for game-watching parties — fussy, feminine fare — and never enough.

    BTW, why aren’t Todd’s friends’ wives and girlfriends ever invited?

    • Susan says:

      Sorry for the duplicate posts. I am making the transition between old and new computer.

      Why couldn’t Giada have divided her stuffed potato skins so there would be more servings?

      Then, the guy could have taken two pieces without embarrassment.

      Giada has lived here long enough and dated Todd long enough to know the facts:

      Pre-game: Appetizers, but leave plenty to munch on..

      Second quarter: Heat up the chili or whatever you are serving for your main course — and toppings and sides

      Halftime: Dig in.

      Fourth quarter: Bring out the desserts!

    • bunny69 says:

      The Big G loves being the Queen Bee with her adoring drones surrounding her; her over-sized head would probably explode a la “Scanners” if the wives and/or significant others showed up for the fete! Gawd forbid!

  17. Rainbows says:

    A whole potato? Sorry, but in this house we only eat ONE TEASPOON of food per day. So, pal, put the potatoes back, you don’t get any. You can have all the beer you want though.

  18. doughboy says:

    I had to put sunglasses on when she smiled.

  19. CEQ says:

    Do you actually think that those people were there to watch a game? They were probably just there to be on TV. I guarantee as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, they all called it a day and went home. Her smile does frighten me though…..

    • Amber says:

      Of course they weren’t there to watch a game! There’s no way they were filming on a Sunday (this is California – they hold the weekend sacred to recreation, right?) Besides, just like watching a Christmas episode around Christmastime, you should always always question the context of everything on TV – it was filmed at least weeks, if not months, ago.

    • Mark H88 says:

      It’s not even really her house, so yeah it was a fake setup, but I hope this isn’t an actual portrayal of what goes on in her actual home.

  20. ylimE says:

    Maybe she was just surprised that someone WANTED to eat her food?


  21. Diane says:

    Giada’s portions annoy me. She typically makes these tiny little dishes when she’s having a get together and all I’m thinking is, “That’s IT?”

  22. oh_come_on says:

    Giada de LeNarcissisexual A L E R T: game day food isn’t ‘cute, adorable, elegant or petite’. Well unless it’s for Tool-Todd, who ran all his Valentine’s errands on a skateboard. The cute-sy factor’s exhausting.

  23. doughboy says:

    Her smile freaks me so, yet I cannot look away….

  24. doughboy says:

    She freaks me so, yet I cannot look away….

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  26. DerekLutz says:

    After this episode, all Todd’s friends zipped over to Ina’s for Cosmos and canasta – now that’s a game day girlfriend!

  27. ron says:

    And she had a catering company? It must have been a riot seeing her arrive at a catering job for 100 people, with all the food packed into a single Partridge Family lunch box!
    It’s official….Charlie Sheen is still the only rich person who knows how to throw a party.

    • FingerFoodie says:

      You mean a party with coke, booze, and hookers? Yeah, Charlie Sheen knows how to throw a party.

      That guy will be on the news someday, dead from an overdose. Bet the networks already have his post-overdose story/obit already written up.

  28. Chucks says:

    What kind of an Italian hospitality is that?!

  29. BOD says:

    She’s only pissed because as soon as the cameras stop rolling, all the extras / hired ‘friends’ get kicked out, and she has less potato to gorge herself on and then throw up later. Or something.

  30. Chris D. says:

    Couldn’t get over Everyday Tramp inviting tons of guys over for the “big game” (when she doesn’t know the first thing about football) and serves them: grapes, fudge, milkshakes (????) and POTATO HALVES. The guys I invite here for the game would have walked the hell OUT – and gotten some REAL GAME DAY FOOD! Ms. Shark Teeth has got to be kidding me!

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  32. Baron von Tollbooth says:

    did anyone else see that ‘italian vacation special’ show where JAHDAH was sitting in a car eating chunks of cheese out of a GIANT cheese wheel? that was HILARIOUS.

  33. If that were my mother-in-law (an Italian) the guy could have taken 3 whole potatoes and there would still be plenty for everybody else… PLUS she would be encouraging him to have more.. I think Giada needs to bone up on what a REAL Italian personality is. My nickname for her is Giada Anorexic. *done

  34. FingerFoodie says:

    That scene reminded me of one of Ina “Shent” Garten’s outdoor parties littered with gay men. Those guys weren’t there to watch a football game – they were there to watch a fashion show.

    Good grief.

  35. foodie says:

    I LOVE IT! It was great to see that I was not the only one looking at her party favor’s over the years and thinking “REALLY, your going to make 10 appetizers for 10 people?” If I had ever been invited to her place for “DINNER” , I would have eaten befor I went, or even better, brought a large pepperoni pizza under my arm!!!! I would bet that more guests would prefer to eat an entire piece of pizza instead of 1/2 of a baked potato. Not everyone saves all of their caloric intake for dessert giada!!!

  36. hookahsmookah says:

    I’ve got it! She’s so used to serving tiny portions to Jade, that it’s carried over to feeding adults. No….

    Since her food perpetuates, eye rolling, shimmies and moans, that poor guy probably spent the entire first half of the game in the bathroom (or out behind the bushes.) /winky-wink!

  37. Sam says:

    Who goes to a gamday party in a dress shirt and khaki’s?? What a tool

  38. ron says:

    I finally forced myself to read that ridiculous Redbook interview that she did. My favorite part was when she tried to pass herself off as a struggling newlywed with little money!
    The favorite granddaughter (according to Giada in an earlier interview) of a multi millionaire Italian heavyweight in Hollywood, allowed her to struggle with money after she was married? I believe that like I believe that Paula Deen is celibate with low cholesterol!
    Nothing pisses me off more than children of privilege trying to make themselves sound like ordinary strugglin folk.

  39. fine says:

    i think ive decided id fuck Todd. bend his ankles back behind his ears and make him squeal like Giada watching a grown man eat two potatoes.

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  41. Chris D. says:

    The Redbook article was another joke. She “upstages” her husband??? How??? I think he’s gay on his little skateboard, scooting around town in search of finger food. The prior Redbook article had her saying she “has never once sat down to eat a plate of food in her entire life”. Then on the Today show, she claimed INFANT Jay-Dee (sounds like a rap artist) COOKS LAMB AT THE STOVE…. and EATS IT. This kid isn’t big enough to lift a POT OR PAN, and had NO TEETH AT THE TIME. Even Today show hosts said to her….”What???!!!!” They should have said WTF and put her in her place. Then the Esquire article with her in a white negligee, covered in tomato sauce. Tampax used it for one of their ads.

  42. Be says:

    I gaged her reaction as, “2 potatoes? That’s it? Eat more you weak little bitch!”


    “2 potatoes?! No one has ever eaten 2 of anything that I’ve made!”


    “2 Potatoes?! They’re made of wax!”

    Ah, Giada. The Quintessential actress of our time.

  43. kross says:

    The guy should have said, “Yeah bitch, and after this I’m eating an entire bag of cheetos!”


    She has a bossy side to her for sure. In the episodes I have watched most of the time when she is serving her guests, she likes to instruct them on how to eat some of the food like they couldn’t figure it out themselves. Annoying. I know Ferry has a bobble head out, but does she? It would be more like a normal doll in her case, but couldn’t you just see it in the back of someone’s car window like the little Taco Bell dogs a few years back??

  45. Teague says:

    Seemed that she was a little cheep with the food. It was a measly little spread.

  46. FirstBoot says:

    There are no words to describe how much I loathe this bitch. She is a bossy slag with only 5 ingredients in her recipe arsenal and only 5 words to describe her crappy food (say it with me: crispy, crunchy, nutty, sweet and bite). She sucks.

    What an ungracious hostess to boot. I wish that guy would have shoved “two potatoes” in her mammoth sized mouth.

    • chris says:

      I totally agree i can`t watch the little bi*** anymore, what i`d like to know is when for the love of all that is good in this world will, Food Network go down the tubes?? will it please be anytime now??
      her cookbooks suck , she sucks, !!!

  47. Philinhorny says:

    While I wholly agree this video is hilarious, she made only a few of those potatoes. Mothertrucker needs to stop hogging the potatoes and let other people get at them – especially Ms. Lollipophead.

  48. Lisa says:

    lol, girl is dumb.

    She got her start in catering, right? Then she, out of anyone, should know the first rule of anything involving food is always make than you need. If you’ve got leftovers, you just… wait for it… eat them the next day. DUN DUN DUN. Or send some home with the guests. Staged or not, she acted like an idiot. If she hadn’t been holding that plate, I bet she would have jumped up and down, too.

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