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Robert Irvine Bleaches Hair After Losing “Worst Cooks”
Posted by Jillian Madison

The finale of Worst Cooks in America aired last night, and to sweeten the pot, Anne and Robert made a side-bet before fine final competition. If Anne won, Robert had to bleach his hair blonde. If Robert won, Anne Burrell had to lose her trademark hair and get a make-under.  Luckily for Anne, her hyperactive but lovable attorney recruit JOSHIE ended up beating Robert Irvine’s stoic but lovable speech pathologist recruit GEORG – and Irvine had to go platinum. So, how did he look as a blonde? Uh, let’s just say “not everyone can pull it off.”

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  1. Dave says:

    is this really true? and did GeorG really say “wife”???

    • Sue Z says:

      Dave, where have you been? She’s been referring to her “wife” through the whole show.

    • Fosterdad says:

      I don’t care what Georg calls her. They live in Illinois. She is not her wife.

      • Nick says:

        Oooh, well you’re a happy person, aren’t you?

      • George says:

        I refuse to use terms other than “husband” or “wife” if you are in a marriage-equivalent.

        • Fosterdad says:

          Well until Illinois legalizes gay marriage (and I don’t care one way ot the other) Theresa is Georg’s partner, not wife.

          • Pishposh says:

            Sure, let’s open a can of worms (as soon as FN posts a “recipe” for it on their site). They didn’t open a law-firm together. A wife is a married woman. Marriage is defined as a social institution, not a legal one. They likely had a religious or social ceremony symbolizing their commitment to one another, and that makes them married. Would it be legally recognized? No, but they’re married none-the-less. Think of it this way: if someone is driving a car without a license, they’re still a driver. If someone is married to someone without a license, they’re still married.

          • TommyO says:

            No, they are each other’s wife, you do not get to determine what they call each other.

          • Fosterdad says:

            So if some guy who is in one of those break-away Mormon sects or some Muslim refers to his 4 “wives”, then you’re OK with that, even though none of the “marriages” after the first one would have been recognized by the state.

          • CariJo says:

            If you didn’t care one way or another, you wouldn’t be worried about what she calls her.

          • Numb says:

            News for your fosterdad: just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t make it untrue. Even in the dumb scenario you just posed… A polygamist has multiple wives, regardless of what the law says about it. If two consenting adults agree to be married, that’s their business and we have no say in the matter – regardless of their gender or situation or even if their one of four.

      • Foodkiller says:

        I’m pretty sure they just drove to Iowa (where it is legal) got married and then went back home.

        • Fosterdad says:

          But they live in Illinois and Illinois does not recognize out-of-state same-sex marriage. Again, I don’t really care if Illinois or any other state legalizes gay marriage. I was simply stating that according to the laws of Georg’s home state, she is not married and Theresa is not her wife.

          • Heather says:

            You seem like the kind of guy who really likes pissing in everyone else’s wheaties.

            It must really suck being such a sadistic and pessimistic bastard that you not only refuse to allow people to call each other whatever they want regardless of the law, but you ALSO are enough of a cockmaster that you apparently looked up the law in Illinois JUST to determine it wasn’t legal so you could make a stink about it.

            In short: Fuck you. People like you are why life sucks.

          • Jenn says:

            I think Fosterdad is just saying the way things are. I don’t feel any hatred/anger or anti anything. For me, it is what it is. Here in CA some people that have lived together for over 7 years seem to think they are under common law marriage. They arent…they are not married. I once told that to a couple and they were shocked they were not married, lol. But it is what it is…no being mean or anything.

          • Pishposh says:

            Except THEY ARE MARRIED. Just because you don’t have a slip of paper to it doesn’t mean otherwise. Marriage is first and foremost a SOCIAL institution, not a legal declaration. To be married is to live like a married couple. If you don’t have a birth certificate, it doesn’t mean you were never born. If you’re driving without a license, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a driver. Opposite-sex married people simply have the luxury of having their marriage legally recognized under the law. If you have a wedding, and you live like a married couple, then you’re married.

          • RyRy says:

            Well, if they’re “married”, feel free to advise one of them to get a spoual health insurance plan. I’m sure the health insurance will understand that “we’re not legally married, we just had some bullshit powpow in our backyard and now we’re married”. Let me know after that if they’re both covered on the same health insurance policy.

  2. Mish says:

    I’m glad Anne won but secretly I hoped she’d lose so I could see her get the make-under! I wanted to see how she looked without that crazy hair!!

  3. Teague says:

    That actually makes him look like even more of a prick…And than didn’t seem possible.

    • baker lady says:

      His hair has NOTHING to do with him looking and BEING a prick. They could lose him entirely on all shows and it sure as hell wouldn’t break my heart. Love Anne…detest Robert Irvine ALMOST (or maybe even EQUAL) to that Beau jackass from last year.

  4. PeteC94 says:

    Sweet Jesus that made him even more creepy looking. That last pic could be in Wikipedia’s ‘How to Recognize a Pedophile’ entry (assuming it even has one).

  5. ron says:

    If he had longer hair maybe this would have been funnier, but with his crew cut he really doesn’t look all that bad or different really!
    It would have been much more dramatic if Ann had gotten the new “do”.
    Hey….you can’t pull off a winner here every single time. Hell….even “Modern Family” had it’s first dud episode….it happens.

  6. PeteC94 says:

    Speaking of Anne, is it just me or does see appear to be in pain in that first pic?

  7. Valerie says:

    hahahahaah! That’s the best laugh I’ve had all day!

  8. Lana says:

    Pffft. Big deal. That bleach job will grow out in, like, 48 hours.

  9. Marky Mark says:

    He looked positively GAY!

  10. Lori says:

    Jeez, Fosterdad. Hate much? It’s a word.

  11. boke1 says:

    Anne needs to put her head back before she gets another spray tan. Holy neck lines!

  12. Jason Reichert says:

    Irvine looked positively Rodmanesque.

  13. PKirch says:

    Except Georg’s wife looked more like her mother/grandmother.

  14. Elyse says:


  15. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Did anyone notice her horrible spray tan. It totally grossed me out. She was splotchy all over.

  16. DerekLutz says:

    Robert reminds me of someone – 80′s flashback, oi!


  17. aldente_this says:

    When the judges were all cat-walking down the street to eat/judge, is it just me or did that one judge Marc Murphy look like he had a two by four shoved up his ass or had his XXXXS thong on backwards?

    • just some guy says:

      Ha! Yes! I made my wife watch it just to confirm, and I loved their i-am-serious faces, this is serious, life and death balances in our hands…

      though I guess 25k is pretty serious for someone.

  18. Goober says:

    The fake hair color goes well with his fake resume.

  19. Amanda says:

    Ohhhh, how this post and all its comments made me laugh!


    Did anyone else find him- or herself being profoundly annoyed by Joshie in the beginning, then growing to love him!? He is crazy, but seems like one of the nicest people you could meet.

  20. After the show I bleached out sections of my hair….I did it first HA!

  21. FingerFoodie says:

    Robert Irvine is just creepy. Even more so with that god-awful yellow hair.

    He’s like the creepy man that lives down the street and offers the kids passing by some candy, inside his house. (read: pedophile)

  22. ICryAlot says:

    That last picture is the main actor from “Ratatouille”? “Secret of Nimh” maybe?

  23. pat says:

    Robert Irvine looks like “Zippy the Pin Head”.

  24. Kaydee says:

    Personally, I just love Robert Irvine (and Anne, too). I was rooting for Georg to win over Joshie, but I think Joshie & his GF made such a cute couple.
    BTW, funny how everyone jumps on the guy stating a fact about marriage laws & calling him a hater, but no one says a word about the icky hater comments on Robert Irvine. Pffft!!!!

  25. Jenni says:

    Wow. Some of these posts are merciless. I guess this is just a good life lesson… no matter who you are or what you do, even if you are successful, there are people who jump on the chance to say mean things.

    Love this show. Love Anne and Robert Irvine and how patient and thoughtful they are to develop the cooks’ potential.

  26. Gracie the Troublemaker says:

    Lol! Anne’s signature hair is saved by the critics! Robert’s….eh not do much. Suck it Robert! >:)

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