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Ridiculous Food Network Recipe Of The Week: Rachael Ray’s LEFTOVER POPCORN BREAKFAST CEREAL
Posted by Jillian Madison

This week’s ridiculous Food Network comes from the always-annoying Rachael Ray, courtesy of blogger Felicia Day. Felicia wrote:

A while ago, I got conned into buying 3 years of Rachel Ray magazine by a teenager selling subscriptions on my doorstep. I rarely read them, but this little blurb caught my eye in this month’s issue. I mean, is this for real?! Microwave buttered popcorn for breakfast?! RAISINS ON POPCORN?! Truly a new low in epicureanism.

Way to go, Ray-Ray! You came up with the most ghetto breakfast option in the history of human civilization. The mere notion of eating stale bits of popcorn, now bloated and soggy from floating around in milk, is truly revolting. I understand money is tight these days, but come on. There are other ways to save three cents.

Or, as one commenter on Felicia’s blog noted: “Like there would actually BE leftover popcorn the next morning? Pfft. Amateur.”

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

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    97 Responses

  1. minijlz says:

    It’s really not that strange. In fact I recall a ‘Good Eats’ episode where Alton suggested just the same use for leftover popcorn.

    • jenna says:

      I don’t care if the pope recommended to do it, pouring popcorn over stale milk is soooo gross.

      It’s like dipping your silce of pizza in a glass of milk before eating it. SO nasty.

    • Menage a'foie says:

      I saw that Alton episode too. Grossed me out when he did it, grosses me out now.

    • samantha says:

      I’m glad other people remembered this episode of Good Eats. I think the difference was that Alton Brown used leftover popcorn not from a bag and not completely covered in imitation butter flavor. I don’t really see the absolute disgust that everyone is showing in the actual idea. I think the disgust really stems from that hag of a woman. At least, that’s where mine comes from.

  2. Tracy says:

    my 88 y/o great aunt has done this all her life. Her mother taught her to do this when she was a little girl. She says it was a way to make cereal. They would sprinkle a little sugar on it to make it sweet.

    • Dave says:

      That shit might have flown in 1900 for you ancient aunt but this is 2010 and people do not eat milk over old popcorn. That is ghetto cuisine and I ate better than that out of a microwave when I was penniless in college.

      • Siryn says:

        Um, actually it’s now 2011. Happy New Year!

      • doughboy says:

        Right, today most of us eat a bunch of processed crap and if you think your better off eating food that has been nuked, lol well then.

        • Amy says:

          My dad’s grandparents use to do this all the time. It’s from the Depression. But yeah, we don’t live in the Depression now so WHY?

          • JeHa says:

            Horrors(!) that we should do anything tht people did in the early 1900s, or 30 years later in the DEPRESSION !! They breathed fresh air and were kind to their neighbors! We should never do anything like that!

  3. Mo says:

    Why stop there! Pour milk over your leftover spaghetti and eat it as a snack in the middle of the night!

    Or, pour milk over your leftover chinese food, put it in a blender, pour more milk over it, and make it into a smoothie.

    The milk options are endless! Thanks Ray Ray!

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t forget Bass-o-matic for that leftover fish…

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      pour milk over your leftover chinese food, put it in a blender, pour more milk over it, and make it into a smoothie.>>>

      Nah, you’d throw it in a pot, add some chicken stock and 5 spice powder — voila! You have Mu Shu Stoup!

  4. Eyeris says:

    Do I need to re-pop the old popcorn or do I just pour it right in out of the bag? HELP!

  5. Saltygal says:

    I used to work with a woman that ate popcorn with milk for breakfast, it was however freshly popper without salt, butter, fruit or nuts on top. She said she’d eaten it that way since her childhood in the mid west.

    • Gregory says:

      The thought of eating soggy old popcorn with milk poured ovet it makes me want to vomit. If you are so poor that you can not afford a gigantic $.99 bag of imitation corn puffs from the grocery store, it is time to RETHINK YOUR LIFE.

  6. Amber K says:

    Yuck. How absolutely disgusting! For those of you who want to eat that, good for you. But don’t ever invite me to stay the night and expect to feed me that in the morning. That’s it, I’m hoarding snacks in my luggage again ;)

  7. Jillian says:

    If I really wanted to “re-use my leftover popcorn” why couldn’t I just eat it the next day as a snack? Why do I suddenly have to ruin it by adding raisins and milk and turn it into a mushy, soggy breakfast? Sorry, but homeless people eat better than that.

  8. Rudy says:


  9. paul says:

    Cliche, but true: I wouldn’t feed this to my dog.

  10. Ben says:

    Don’t forget to add a dash of EVOO for extra flavor!

  11. John says:

    Old popcorn in milk? No. I’m a man. I prefer rice krispies in beer.

    • Catherine says:

      With the caveat that it happened in college, I will admit that one time my friends and I ate bowls of pale ale over apple cinnamon cheerios. WAY less gross than it sounds, but I wouldn’t do it again. The popcorn thing sounds nasty though.

  12. Deuce1010 says:

    Who hasn’t thought of doing this, but no one is idiotic enough to publish it! Thanks RR!

  13. Ta says:

    Corn Pops, Corn Flakes, Corn Chex, organic puffed corn cereal… I guess I can almost see how this idea of microwave popcorn with milk could work. But no. Just no.

  14. Daria says:

    This is too weird. Also with popcorn being so light, it seems like it would just float on top of the milk. No thanks!

  15. Alison says:

    I’ve actually always wanted to do this but never tried. My favorite book series as a girl was the Little House series, and there was a part in Farmer Boy that always intrigued me.

    Almanzo would fill two glasses to the top – one with milk and the other with popcorn. He would then add the popcorn to the milk and the milk glass would never overflow. Sounded cool to me as a kid! Still haven’t tried it yet though…

    • Even then it was stove popped corn – not the crap with the processed butter that Rachael depicted in her magazine.

      I’ve tried eating microwave popcorn the next day… and that SLIMY orange glue “butter” tastes even more like poison after the air has gotten to it!

  16. Orni says:

    This recipe is crap. But I’d be very interested in a recipe for those unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag.

  17. Olive says:

    I wouldn’t do it with bagged popcorn covered in artificial butter and stuff, but if I had plain kernels, I’d give this is a shot. I mean, it’s not different than corn puffs, really.

  18. Mandi says:

    You do a disservice to Ms. Day by referring to her simply as a “blogger.” She’s an incredible actress (Buffy, Eureka, Dr. Horrible), well known gamer girl geek, and the creator of the wildly successful web show “The Guild.”

  19. Ben says:

    how high was she when she came up with that one?

  20. Lee says:

    This sounds disgusting, but I might try it with fresh air popped corn.

  21. Andrea says:

    just another example that Rachel Ray has no business being in a kitchen,

  22. GPdogma says:

    Not that there’s ever any leftover popcorn in our house (and we make ours on the stovetop) but..I wonder if….”You could totally entertain with this meal”

  23. Ylisa lisa says:

    Since RR has her daytime show, she lost her interest in REAL cooking. We don’t watch her on food network anymore because she doesn’t seem to care about what she is cooking or if anyone is even interested.

  24. Stephanie says:

    It’s just a bummer it can’t be bashed on the Food Network website. Otherwise, this recipe is pretty nasty.

  25. Plumpy says:

    Very corny recipe.

  26. Spork-no-more says:

    It’s not a recipe, just another piece of crap that didn’t make it to the garbage bowl at RR’s kitchen. The only person might enjoy it is Slimy Sandra Lee, the queen of re-purposed food.

  27. Cecy says:

    Popcorn is the original cereal! R u for real?

  28. PeteC94 says:

    I love my Corn Pops but I honestly can’t see recycling stale popcorn into a breakfast cereal, especially with the butter, salt and other spices people tend to put on their popcorn.
    Does RR serve plain air-popped corn with nothing on it? If she does I can’t imagine that movie night at her house is very popular with her friends. Also, wth is up with popcorn leftovers? In my house it disappears before it even has the chance to get cold. The kids have been known to wet their fingers to get the last little bit of parmesan cheese and other spices out of the bottom of the bowls.Leftovers to me says “crappy popcorn.”

  29. Tyler says:

    Felicia Day = win

    This = more win for here

  30. knowitall says:

    umm, actually not so gross.
    people have been doing this for years.
    ever heard of CORN POPS???
    based on the same idea, pops just has preservatives and stuff in it.

    • JF says:

      Yeah, I was going to comment something similar. I had to read “Having Our Say” waaay back in high school, written by the Delany sisters who lived beyond 100 years. One of their stories described how either their mother or grandmother would throw old food into a bowl of milk (it might have been graham crackers, not popcorn) and serve it for breakfast – basically inventing the concept of modern breakfast cereal. But, microwave popcorn is not the same thing – all that gross hydrogenated “butter” and salt in milk? I would try it with fresh, real popped corn and honey!

  31. Rachel says:

    There isn’t a fundamental problem with this. Most breakfast cereals are popped or puffed grains- rice, corn, wheat. Popcorn is just a different way of popping corn than “puffed corn”. I wouldn’t use stale popcorn or flavored popcorn, though.

    I think this is an indication of how powerful society is in determining what foods are okay and which are “gross”.

  32. Diane says:

    That’s just nasty. Maybe that’s why her husband always looks vaguely constipated.

  33. dustyisdead says:

    wtf…… EW!

    stale microwaved popcorn is nasty as fuck. and then poor milk on that for what? to make it extra slimy with that gross powder “butter” floating around like scum on the top? since when did drunk/stoner munchie ideas become magazine worthy recipes? ridiculous.

  34. boke1 says:

    Does it have to be microwave popcorn? Can I use the leftover popcorn from the movies last night or the remainder in the bottom of the basket they gave me at The Ground Round? What about Jiffy Pop? Can I use Jolly Time made in my 80s air popper? This recipe is news to be because if forced to eat leftover popcorn for breakfast I usually just put it in an omelet.

  35. kiss my grits says:

    this sounds like some poor white people shit… #racist

  36. Jan_el says:

    I agree this recipe is disgusting. We usually don’t have leftovers, but homemade air popped popcorn can be used for better things:

    1. Ground into a gluten free flour
    2. Caramel corn
    3. Trail mix snack (raisins/ sunflower seeds or orange essence Craisins/mini chocolate chips)
    4. Marshmallow treats

  37. Mike says:

    My mother tried the popcorn thing on me, wasn’t bad, but I liked graham crackers and milk better.

    • coffee-n-toast says:

      I’ve never met anyone outside my family who eats graham cracks and milk until now. Yes, it turns into a big soggy mess but I LOVE IT! Nice to meet you. :-)

  38. Rummywench says:

    Has anyone actually tried getting popcorn wet? I did some weird things with popcorn as a kid, but one thing that always stands true is that if you get popcorn wet, with any liquid, milk, juice, water, whatever, it gets SLIMY!
    It gets slimy, and disintegrates into little pills of slimy goo with a crunchy/sharp popcorn hull center.

    Fun maybe, if you are kid messing with kitchen science, but not a suitable substitute for corn puffs, corn flakes, or any decent breakfast cereal!

  39. Andy says:

    This is an sad entry RR is beyond phoning it in! I LOVE popcorn and would never ruin it with raisins and milk….really? Stale popcorn for breakfast works!
    BTW, I do like Felicia Day’s work!

  40. bunny69 says:

    The only reasons to try this horror of a “recipe” is if the end was near or if I was completely wasted. It might not do anything for the apocalypse but it might be the equivalent of the ol’ hair of the dog!!

  41. Pete says:

    Love the site, but you missed the mark on this one as many others have pointed out. Popcorn as breakfast cereal predates the invention of Cornflakes (considered the start of the modern breakfast cereal movement) by well over 100 years. Popcorn was a popular breakfast cereal in colonial America

    • I don’t think it “missed the mark” at all.

      I find the notion of stale microwave popcorn in milk to be REVOLTING. I don’t care that people ate it 100 years ago. I’m thrilled for them. Even so, that was with stove popped corn and not disgusting slimy microwave popcorn with orange butter glue.

      Second, corn flakes are CRUNCHY and retain their crunch with milk poured over them. Popcorn turns into soggy crap.

      Awful food suggestion. Just awful.

  42. Justin M says:

    That’s revolting. It MIGHT, MAYBE be okay with just plain popcorn. With that nasty “butter” goop on it no. Absolutely not.

    Anybody else notice how under that it’s suggesting that you use leftover popcorn to “bulk up” crab cakes!?

    That’s such a wonderful idea! I’ve always wanted to ruin wonderfully good ( and expensive) crab with hunks of leftover popcorn! BLECH!!

  43. B. says:

    Wow. You people are really stuck up. Do you never try anything that seems “new” to you? When I saw this on Good Eats, I actually gave it a try the next time I had popcorn. Guess what – it tastes better than mostly sugar Pops! Granted, I don’t think it would be too great with buttered popcorn, but might be worth a try.
    As for this, it was a suggestion in a tiny blurb in a magazine, not like a full page recipe or something.

    • Rummywench says:


      Wet popcorn is slimy and gross.

      Wet microwave popcorn is slimy and gross with fake greasy butter flavor.

  44. Deaner says:

    I remember reading a recipe in an old Amish cookbook about using leftover popcorn in place of “rivels” (kind of a tiny scratch made dumpling) in certain thick soups and stews. That might work.

    As for breakfast…I think it MIGHT work if you threw out the microwave popcorn (Jillian is right on the nose about the orange grease-butter). And did the following: Pop fresh corn, then toss to coat in a hot sugar glaze of some sort and let cool/harden. That would probably keep the sogs away long enough to eat it, and add some flavor to boot.

    Of course, instead of doing all that one could just buy a $3 box of cereal or go get an Egg McMuffin from the drive-thru.

    • Rummywench says:

      I think your idea might work, the sugar glaze to keep out the sogginess sounds promising.

      However, if I go through that much work to make delicious crispy candy corn, I don’t think I would have the heart to pour milk over it.

  45. ron says:

    Oh ..I get it….stale popcorn with milk on it is the same concept as Corn Pops cereal, because they both contain the word CORN!
    By that logic should I also assume that floating chewed Bubbleicious in my wonton soup transforms it into subGUM wonton soup???
    The idiocy of that thought process is almost as priceless as the condescending tone of the posts from the people trying to equate a revolting idea with a delicious breakfast cereal, as if they found the loophole in to make the rest of us sound ridiculous for mocking Rachael Ray’s “recipe”.
    If Mr. Kellogg had ideas like that, he would have drowned himself in Battle Creek after his cereal business went bust!

  46. Old71 says:

    To say that type of food is ghetto is insulting to the ghetto.

  47. Kim says:

    my grandpa used to love to eat stale popcorn with milk…it’s not so much about being “cheap” as is using what you had…he lived through the Depression and they all didn’t bitch about what they didn’t have but did use what they did have…i also recently learned that my grandma (his wife) made 13 loaves of bread 2 times a week) she had 13 people living in her house and cooked 3 meals a day

  48. Mark says:

    It’s the same thing as Corn Pops, people and plenty of people eat popcorn as a cereal. For example, Native Americans didn’t eat popcorn as a snack. They added things to it to make it a meal. You’re pressing and it’s coming across as petty.

    • Melissa says:

      I invite all of you to pour yourself a bowl of Corn Pops, and also pop a nasty bag of microwave popcorn then pour it in a bowl, add milk to each, and then come back here and tell us again how the “same” they were.

      Rachael Ray ran out of ideas almost before she started. It amazed me several years ago the unappetizing combos she & her staff would come up with.

  49. Kacey says:

    Popcorn was the original puffed cereal, so the idea isn’t that far out there, but that popcorn would be plain, not covered in imitation butter. My family used to eat it like that when we still made popcorn on the stove and only added butter to the individual bowls.

  50. Stacey says:

    Actually, raisins with (fresh) popcorn is really yummy.

    My mom used to be on Weight Watchers, and she would make butterless/all natural popcorn, add golden raisins and cheerios and make her own trail mix kinda. If she wanted it sticky, which was rare, she’d add a drizzle of honey. Amazingly yummy.

  51. Cindy says:

    I made this last night with kettle corn – it’s delicious if you like soggy cereals (I do!). My great grandmother loved this as an after dinner snack!

    I really thought it sounded disgusting when she told me at first – but then I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. Try it before you judge it too harshly! You might surprise yourself!

  52. Mary says:

    Are you aware that the origin of cereal was actually popcorn in milk? Kellogs was the first brand to take this breakfast staple, turn it into corn flakes and market it as something that didn’t get soggy as fast.

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