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Top 10 Reasons Ina Garten Rejected The “Make A Wish” Foundation Boy
Posted by Jillian Madison

Ina Garten is getting a ton of bad press this morning, because TMZ broke the news that she allegedly rejected a dying boy’s wish to cook with her. TWICE! Last year, Ina couldn’t meet with him due to a book tour. This year, Ina’s people simply cited “scheduling conflicts.”

Before you judge her, take a minute to think about how busy she is! Why, life in the Hampton’s ain’t easy! Here are her TOP 10 EXCUSES FOR REJECTING THE “MAKE A WISH” BOY:

10. “I’d love to, but all my hydrangeas need watering.”

9. “Shucks! I’m getting fitted for a new denim shent that day.”

8. “If you change your name to Make a GOOD Wish…”

7. “No can do. I’m going BACK TO BASICS and I have no idea when I’ll be back.”

6. “Sorry, I’m too busy writing my new book, Chicken Soup for the Nervous Laugher’s Soul

5. “I can’t! I’m stuck in Meineke all day getting the oil changed on our fleet of BMW’s.”

4. “Are you crazy? (nervous giggle) No way! This is Jeffrey’s one day home and I need to hide in the corner behind my imported African violets and catch him eating my homemade sorbet out of the freezer before dinner so I can laugh at him.”

3. “Sincere apologies, but my driver turned the volume up on his ipod, and now he’s deaf.”

2. “I would if I could, but my pantry is completely out of good vanilla and I must travel to Madagascar at once. First class.”

1. “But Brokeback Mountain is playing at the cineplex and all my friends will be there!”

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    299 Responses

  1. D says:

    inb4 tasteless jokes about the poor dying boy’s sexual identity D:

    But really, Ina, wtf.

    • clara says:

      Oh come ON! This was long ago proven not to have happened . . . why are all the haters usually ‘those with less’ going after ‘those with more’ like it is some kind of evil crime to be successful? Get your facts straight. The boy was NOT dying and his attention whore of a mother is the one that tried to create a controversy to cash-in on! Ina was the victim of a scam and this was debunked long ago! Lay off of her. If you just have to have someone to ‘trash’ why don’t you go after Obama? After all, HE brought down an entire nation in 4 years . . . he deserves your hate!

      • Birdie says:

        Omg, very first comment people trying to make a post about a Food Network host into a political debate.
        I love the internet

      • Stuff says:

        No Clara YOU deserve our hate

        • Clara says:

          You just proved my point . . . you direct your ‘deserved hate’ at anyone who threatens your belief systems . . . Obama good, Rich people bad . . . if you want to see a ‘hater’ just look in the mirror. The truth does not agree with your world view so the ‘truth’ itself must also be worthy of ‘hate’

  2. JeffyJeffJeff says:

    Poor little Duff.

  3. GreenJeans says:

    Surely she had left over necco wafers and other kid “friendly” candies from her last attempt to cook with kids to slap on a cake.

    Selfish cow.

    • stoup says:

      Ah, yes, Necco Wafers and Jordan almonds…every kid’s dream! Not.

      She IS a selfish cow. She seems to find time for Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin, Mariska Hargitay, and theever- revolving door of neighborhood gays.

      The boy should have asked for Alton Brown or Anne Burrell.

      • Matthew says:

        Those pesky neighborhood gays.

      • Lauren G says:

        Oooh, Alton <3

      • Bob says:


      • Numb says:

        Dude, Alton should reach out to this kid and offer to let him be on G.E. – just to show how much more awesome than Ina he is.

        • Anonymous says:

          Alton is a born-again right wing ass. Can’t stand him. The poor kid would fall asleep while waiting for his food and Brown to finish pontificating.

          • NoLeftTurn says:

            And Ina is a dumb ass left wing liberal. Now WHO isn’t granting the little boy his dying wish?

          • Numb says:

            Weird… as a super-liberal myself, I don’t see people in terms of political stereotypes. Alton is a badass PERSON. I don’t give a fuck if he happens to be socially conservative.

          • FuryOfFirestorm says:

            Alton may be a devout Christian, but I’ve never heard of him pushing his beliefs in people’s faces, so his religious (or political) views aren’t an issue with me. As long as Good Eats doesn’t veer from food science to Creationism, i’ll keep watching.

      • clara says:

        Although I love Ina to death, she shows particularly bad taste in her choice of ‘friends’. I couldn’t be in a room for 2 minutes with these left-wing, America-hating idiots, let alone make dinner for them! Come on Ina . . . lose the liberals and gain some credibility . . . you are a successful, bright woman, don’t you know the libs HATE you for your success??? Your values and THEIR values aren’t even CLOSE!

      • Clara says:

        So, in your opinion, as unrealistic and childish as it is . . . when anyone achieves success, they must immediately become the slave of whoever decides they must have a ‘piece of them’. Are you too stupid to realize how many hundreds of similar requests from people wanting them to ‘give up their stuff’ that successful people get on a daily basis? You are letting your heart and shallow understanding of this matter to color your judgment. Just because someone has money does NOT make them your personal slave or anyone else’s personal slave to order at a whim. Just another ‘spin’ on how those that don’t have money cannot respect those who worked hard for it. YOU are the reason America is going to CRAP . . . with ‘crap’ being spelled ‘O-B-A-M-A’.

        • Your Name says:

          You really honestly need help Hun. I don’t understand what President Obama (get that right first sweetie) has anything to do with this. He is the President now so get over it. He won. He was the better man. Also, it’s not about Ina being the child’s personal slave. It’s all about giving back to the people that helped you get where you are. If you don’t understand that, you’ll never succeed in life.

    • Lauren G says:

      Hahahahaha…kids just love Necco wafers and Jordan almonds!

      • Monokeii says:

        I actually loved Necco wafers as a child, though then I thought spinish, ketchup and pasta was a good combo, I dont like nuts in general so of course I would never like Jordan almonds and I never have met a kid or teen in my lifetime that likes either Neccos or Jordan Almonds.

        • Brittany says:

          I used to love Jordan almonds when I was a little kid. Anytime there was a wedding and they were given out as “favors”, I would be the one snacking on them on the way home. I think I was 3 when I first discovered the beauty of them.

  4. Dana says:

    fuck Ina. She should get that boy a special made denim shirt. that will be the only way I will watch her show again.

  5. Smurfe says:

    #5 uh I believe Ina drive a Mercedes, not a BMW. Is the economy THAT bad where she would be subject to being seen in a lowly BMW?

  6. Kbullet says:

    I will no longer be watching her show, supporting her cookbooks or watching anything that she is on. I refuse to support someone who can somehow find time to entertain celebrities but appears to be above making a wish come true for someone that truly deserves it.

    • Sarah says:

      Agree. I can’t possibly imagine what has her too ‘busy’ to see this kid. I know if I were in her position, I’d be beyond flattered that someone’s ONE wish was to cook with me. I wouldn’t just schedule it in, I would drop everything to do it. The only word that came to mind when I read this was ‘cunt.’

    • Menage a'foie says:

      Yup. Count me in on the anti-Ina group. I liked and respected her once. This does it. Ima dunna with ina.

      • Ash says:

        I never really cared for her. I think she made pretty good looking food, with the exception of that terrible Necco cake, but I think she lacks the personality to be a host. Furthermore, the person who writes up the terrible premises for her show should be shot. Oh. A phone call. I wonder who it is. *Camera flashes to mystery caller’s house.*

        • Ben says:

          Possibly the single best comment that Ive ever seen!

        • clara says:

          Oh come on . . . I love Ina’s show because she is not the chatty cow that RR is, nor the trailer trash screeching harpy that PD is, Sandra is just a lush, most of the guys are just ego trips . . . Ina is pure class, quiet, elegant, positive and smart as a whip . . . she is a refreshing break from the crudeness, obscenity and foulness of pop culture. Ina haters usually fall into that last group . . . they despise anyone who has wealth, values, class, dignity . . . everything they are not! Yep, I’ve just described the majority of Obama supporters. They always go for the lowest common denominator.

    • andrew beaton says:

      same goes for me. who the hell does she think she is? it’s unacceptable that she refused to do that for him. she acts all sweet and fake on her show, this really shows her true colors. a fucking selfish cunt.

    • dessertgirl says:

      That’s plain stupid. SHe gets over a hundred requests a month — that’s more than three per day. How does she decide which ones to do? I expect that it is the mother who wants to be with Ina not the child. What three-year old decides that he wants to go out to the Hamptons to meet a chef? Ina films in her own home and if I were her, I wouldn’t want to open my home to a bunch of strangers PERIOD! just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean that she is not entitled to her own schedule. So, mommie, get over it. You are just going to have to swim with the dolphins. which is a far better choice for a six year old.

    • A Guy In Phoenix says:

      First, I think this proved to not even be true. But if it was every wealthy celebrity person should drop everything they have scheduled when someone in need ask for it? I feel for this boy if it is true. But maybe she honestly had other commitments preventing her from helping him out. It isn’t like she said, “oh dying kids no thanks no interest in that.”

  7. Kirsten says:

    Wow, what an asshole. Get the fuck over yourself, Ina.

    • Cushie says:

      Seriously. I read about this just a minute ago and was furious. This boy watches Ina while undergoing treatment and the bitch can’t take a day to make his life better?

  8. MiMi says:

    The poor little man waited a year after getting turned down the first time. Only to be shot down again. SMH FN facebook page is full of Ina cheerleaders doing a full CYA, and blaming her reps. Whatever. Ina should have been honored that a. she has a fan b. that it is a child’s dying wish to cook with her.

  9. Beth says:

    Did it dawn on any of you that maybe Ina says “no” because she knows she could not handle it. I am a very emotional person, who is prone to bursting into tears. I’ve actually scared people. Maybe Ina is the same way and doesn’t want to traumatize the boy.

    • Branden says:

      I could buy that she couldn’t handle it, but turning a dying child down (for two years?!) who just wants to cook with you is bad form, especially when she’s “just too busy.”

      And I would argue that someone that would say no to a kid’s dying wish is hardly emotional..

    • Lana says:

      Can’t handle it? Try being a kid with cancer. Try being the parent of a kid with cancer!

      I can understand Ina’s being too busy if there was little to no notice, a last-minute thing. But a year goes by?

      There is NO excuse.

    • Timmy says:

      I was just about to post the same things. But I was also going to say that, despite her fondness for playing the hostess, Ina always seemed a bit socially awkward to me. She is especially awkward with kids. In fact, I don’t think she likes kids. I’m guessing that she really felt awkward about cooking for a dying kid (i.e., this was way out of her comfort zone) and she dealt with it by using the “I’m busy” excuse.

      She absolutely does not deserve a pass, regardless of her excuse. If she really was busy, she should have cleared an afternoon in her schedule. If she couldn’t handle it, she should have sucked it up and done it. If she felt too far outside her comfort zone, she should have sucked it up as well.

      Seriously, no excuse.

      …that is, if this story is true at all. TMZ isn’t as bad as the Globe, but they’re wrong sometimes too.

    • whatever says:

      if you burst into tears so frequently and dramatically that you “scare people”, i’m going to say you’re less of an emotionally delicate person and more of an over-dramatic borderline unstable person. that isn’t normal, and it isn’t an excuse. it’s called thinking of others. oh, woe is ina, sooo sensitive that she just couldn’t bear to be around a sick child… you and she both need to get over yourselves. it isn’t about her, it is about that child who, for some godforsaken reason, can think of nothing he’d like to do better than stand in that snobby faghag’s kitchen and cook pretentious food. considering how completely irrelevant and unnecessary both garten and the food network have become to anyone with more than two brain cells, you would think that, even if she couldn’t stop think of herself for just one damn minute,she and fn would POUNCE on any opportunity to prove that fn itself is not just a douchebag factory and ina, not just the nozzle of said douchebag.
      but of course they didn’t. that would require ina, her publicist, and fn not to be morons. and of course, they have a league of morons like you making excuses for her.

      • BL says:

        yep, this. sometimes in life we have to do things that we aren’t entirely comfortable with! do you seriously think making a child who could be DYING happy is not worth feeling uncomfortable for one afternoon? can you imagine anyone saying to themselves, “wow, i wish i hadn’t met that terminally ill kid, totally not worth my time” after the fact? SMH.

        • kross says:

          if she was a real genuine person she could meet him without cameras and just cook something simple that he would enjoy BEFORE he dies! Not good Ina! I’m ashamed of you!

    • Robert says:

      No. It’s because she’s a self-absorbed bitch.

    • Menage a'foie says:

      Surely she could suck it up for this. C’mon and grow up.

    • Clara says:

      Nice try, Beth, but you audience is comprised of flaming assholes who are determined to hate Ina because she is an ‘achiever’. This story has already been debunked and yet no one wants to acknowledge this because that would take away a reason they have to ‘hate’. Plus, Ina has class, values, poise, graciousness . . . everything these losers lack (but would willingly TAKE if given the chance). Water seeks its own level and the scum that are posting on this thread are so far beneath Ina Garten that they cannot even conceive of what it means to be a contributing member of society. It is just easier to HATE anyone you perceive as having more than you do.

  10. Judith says:

    I just yanked my one Ina cookbook from my shelf and tossed it in the donation box,

  11. Silvio says:

    Have another doughnut Ina. you can make time for Stuart Smalley , but you blow this kid off ? Fuck you.

    • boke1 says:

      Stuart doesn’t actually get to stay for dinner. He arranges the centerpieces and then she shuttles him out the door because he’s even too gay for her REAL guests, TR, Frank and Steve.

      I don’t think Ina is comfortable around kids. She doesn’t have any and acts like a barking lunatic when she’s around anyone else’s.

      The ever present denim shirts make her look like the girl from WiIlly Wonka who turned into a blueberry.

  12. Justin says:

    Wow, stay classy Ina

  13. Dave says:

    What a heartless BITCH. Hope her busy schedule becomes less so after all the bad press she’s going to get.

    • Ash says:

      The damage is done. Anything she does now, well it’s just going to look like she’s trying to repair her reputation. I’ve seen a few supporters, but the general consensus on Food Network’s Facebook and her FB fan page are grim. If this is honestly her PR/Agent’s fault, that person is doing a shit job for sure.

      • Cayenne says:

        From the TMZ article on line it seems quite clear that Make a Wish Foundation was dealing with Ina’s handlers, which is regular procedure. Frankly, some of the Foundation’s chapters have less than stellar records; this may have the case here. Maybe it was an obtuse PR person or an overly cautious legal beagle who was worried about dealing with a kid whose autoimmune system is likely weak or shot and potential liability. That being said, someone in Ina’s camp dropped the ball big time; there were options, including those mentioned by several commentors on this post.

        • I used to run a pretty big operation, and I had two administrative assistants who dealt with all the people trying to contact me. Not one person who called our corp did I not know about. And if my “people” made an executive decision such as this debacle, not only would have I sacked their rears, I might have sued them.

  14. Toolshed says:

    I was so disgusted when I read this. She is off my TV forever.

  15. StixAZ says:

    Too bad he didn’t ask to cook with Guy Ferry, wouldn’t that have been a sight. The kid would’ve been rockin’ wrist bands and wearing his shades on the flip side!!

    Ina is getting a straight shot ticket to the place where bad people go. haha.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Guy Ferry is a big douche. But I agree that he probably would have been nice to a dying kid.

      Ina is so damn phony. That laugh is like nails on a chalkboard. And I never found her recipes to be *that* great. Plus her granola recipe is disgusting.

      • Lana says:

        Totally a douche, but incredible around kids. He’s done Make A Wish before and was really soft-hearted about it. I give him credit in that one area, if nothing else.

    • Guy would have given him and his family a lifetime supply of Ritz crackers as well.

    • Scarlett Begonias says:

      Yeah but that episode of Dinner Impossible showed that the tool could be a dick when it comes to charity too. He refused to let Robert Irvine use his ovens bc it was during the rush at his shitty restaurant. He asked Robert Irvine to come help him give the kids at Boys and Girls club a good time/meal, and then he pulls some shit like that. Suck it D-Bag.

  16. Brian says:

    We all have things in our life that make us uncomfortable, but we do them. Is she seriously that coddled and cosseted in the Hamptons that she will not deign to spend time with this child?

    Kid: “My dying wish is to cook with you”

    Ina: “No”

  17. Lisa says:

    Ha ha, someone at Wikipedia already changed her bio, unless it always started this way:

    “Ina Rosenberg Garten (first name pronounced /ˈaɪnə/ EYE-nə; born February 2, 1948) is an American author, host of the Food Network program Barefoot Contessa, and an outspoken critic of Make-A-Wish Foundation. She repeatedly refuses to grant any wishes despite dying children requesting to cook with her as their wish…”

    • Sue Z says:

      doesn’t start that way now, but this is included in the 2nd paragraph:

      “She is currently being criticized for refusing to meet a dying child via the Make A Wish Foundation. The boy wanted to cook one meal with Garten but she is quoted as saying that she does not have time for the boy.”

  18. agakitchen says:

    I’ve got the time. The little fellow is more than welcome at our house. I’m a very good cook and have a beautiful kitchen in the heart of Vermont. Plenty of love to go around up here.

  19. Keith Lee says:

    He obviously wasn’t dying since he asked her AGAIN the following year. Maybe he’ll get luckier in 2012, provided the peonies are not in bloom and the world is not on a collision with an asteroid! Strangely, this makes me love Ina even more. Heartless bitch!! Imagine all the press attention fame-cow Pauler would get if Enzo had asked her instead.

    • whit says:

      a kid has to have less than a year to live to get a wish? Being diagnosed with cancer at 3 isn’t enough?

      • artgyrl says:

        You only have to be diagnosed with a life threatening illness, not actually terminal to do “Make a Wish”.
        Children who survive cancer can also make wishes and have them granted.
        I hope nothing more than that Enzo beats his ALL and has many years to watch a different chef.

        • Ash says:

          Actually, a Freshman at my college just got her wish granted (she went to Disney World!) Doesn’t matter, cancer is tough enough. He probably feels like he’s dying and there is a chance he will, whether he does or not. Bless that little boy. These kids should have the world now, just in case they don’t get that chance later.

    • Nikki says:

      Enzo is a smart kid – he changed his wish to swimming with dolphins.

      I can’t believe this heartless, pretentious bitch. Get the hell over yourself.

  20. Matthew says:

    Celebrities aren’t required to do anything. They’re not public servants. They’re celebrities.

    • Brian says:

      They are only celebrities because we, as viewers, have decided that they are. And we can just as easily decide that they aren’t.

      P.S.- Ina is no Charles Barkley.

    • Amber says:

      It’s still a dick thing to do, celebrity or not. Period.

    • Pishposh says:

      True, it’s not a requirement of celebrities, it’s a requirement of ANY DECENT HUMAN BEING to show enough compassion for a deathly ill child to grant them a very modest wish. She doesn’t even have to do anything out of her way. He’s not asking to ride her piggy back through the Amazon rain forest. She just has to cook with him! Incorporate him on her show if she cannot otherwise spare literally a single day to give a child who spends every day living with a terrible disease a little ray of sunshine. Not because it’s what a celebrity should do, it’s what ANYONE should do.

    • Menage a'foie says:

      They ARE public servants. Narcissistic, self absorpbed PUBLIC servants. Without the public, they would be nothing.

    • April says:

      Yay, Matthew! Why should she be required to meet this child? Yes, it would be the decent thing to do, I guess, but swimming with dolphins sounds a whole hell of a lot more fun than spending any time around Ina.

    • Scarlett Begonias says:

      Hahahah….I can’t stand when people defend celebrities (usually more than they’ll defend their own family). People owe their celebrity to the public. It’s not like everyday they have to do something nice, but would doing something nice for a kid kill them? There are episodes where Ina does favors for rich, spoiled brats but she refused a sick kid?

  21. Robert says:

    He should ask Alton Brown. Alton could cure cancer with 15 feet of aluminum foil, a fire extinguisher, and 15 cardamom pods.

  22. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Ina can’t make room in her schedule for this poor kid? This selfish bitch should realize the boy doesn’t have much time. Ina can make Jeffrey his goddamn roast chicken anytime, but this kid might not be here tomorrow.

    I’m done with you, Mrs. Garten. Go fuck yourself with a rusty knife. A “good” one, of course.

    • Mystrich says:

      The thing is, there’s no way its a valid excuse. If she needs to make that roast chicken so bad, MAKE IT WITH THE KID WHO WANTS TO HELP HER.

  23. Amber says:

    Maybe he could meet with Jennifer Garner instead, since Ina won’t cook with her either.

    PS Today’s show is about cooking for a kid’s birthday party. Yeah.

  24. Ally says:

    way to go, baresoul cuntessa.

  25. boo1234 says:

    Ina obviously doesn’t like children, which is why she and Jeffery don’t have kids.

    • Clara says:

      No, its called ‘Endometriosis’ . . . quit making half-assed comments on things you know nothing ab out and which are NOT YOUR FUCKIN’ BUSINESS!

  26. jennylola says:

    what a bitch. of course, many of Ina’s devoted fans are denying this and anyone who wants to disbelieve can read Enzo’s mom’s blog re this snub
    Just proves that Ina Garten is a self-serving, egotistical hag who only has time for “the beautiful people”.

  27. Sharon says:

    Turns down a kid dying of cancer but she had time to show one of the daughter’s of her hot shot friends how to bake. (I think the girl’s name was Tess).

    She also had time to make a high brow brunch for a bunch of college girls who she felt were not eating right. I bet those girls weren’t throwing up chemo drugs.

    Ina, you should shame yourself. You’re off my list for good. Go entertain Frank and Stephen.

    • Logan says:

      Yes. Tess! I think Tess is slightly retarded actually. In a few episodes you can see her out the window wandering around the yard and banging her head into the side of the shanty Ina built for poor Ana Pump.

  28. chris says:

    There are hundreds of comments on the TMZ site from people just as blown away by this women`s behavior , i hope she understands how this is going to really effect her image.

  29. dX927 says:

    This has all been blown way out of proportion. It’s the kid’s fault because for 2 years now he’s been playing hard ball about signing the contract to sign over his likeness to Food Network to appear on a “Very Special” 2 hour prime time episode of Barefoot Contessa to air during sweeps.

    • FuryOfFirestorm says:

      It’s the boy’s fault because he wants to cook with Ina without cameras shoved in his face? Ina should be able to make time for a sick child without using him for attention, ratings or good PR.

      • dX927 says:

        There are these things called jokes. You should look into them sometime.

        • Lizzie says:

          Jokes about a terminally ill child are exactly as funny as Holocaust or rape jokes. Do you know know how funny those jokes are? Not fucking funny at all? Maybe when you graduate from junior high you’ll understand that.

          Of course I don’t know why I just wasted my time responding to someone immature enough to even joke about this. Before you state the obvious I am well aware that I am an “over-sensitive, PC crank,” so save yourself the bother of responding with that.


    Now, if the dying boy had been 40 and gay, she’s be all over that shit like good vanilla on mascarpone.

    • Chris says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. If the parents were two gay men you couldn’t keep her away.

      Still… I am wondering if she even KNEW about the request and PERHAPS this was a huge PR misstep on the part of her “handlers”. Nevertheless… I’ll bet a whole case of GOOD olive oil that the kid gets a visit now. This is REALLY bad publicity.

      • I stated this here elsewhere, but I used to be in charge of a rather large operation, and my administrative assistants had better let me know of anyone trying to contact me, and godforbid they made a decision w/o my approval.

        I used to get around 70 calls a day, and I knew exactly who called and about what. My secretaries would make return contact if I told them, or I handled it personally.

        This stinks to high heaven.

  31. barefootcontessaso good says:

    Wow, you loosers are going to look like real thick-shits when this turns out to be untrue, it is TMZ after all. And all Ina haters can go fuck themselves, but make sure you use a GOOD dildo. How bad can that be?!

  32. Logan says:

    The ONLY way I could defend her is if we find out that Ina was never informed of the wish until now when it has been made public. Perhaps her “handlers” made the call for her?

    Then again, with all the bad press, they’ll probably be cooking together within a week and that will be the excuse for this whole mess.

    Then again, maybe she’s just a cunt.

  33. Melina says:

    What a heartless bitch. Can’t take time away from the sausage fest to make a little boy’s wish come true… I won’t be watching her stupid nervous giggly ass anymore.

  34. KayBee says:

    Excuse #11 – Alec Baldwin not available to do her shopping.

  35. HookahSmookah says:

    No matter what she does, it’s going to be wrong. What is she going to do, come back and say, “I’ve changed my mind?” To me, that’s even more insulting to that little boy than the initial rejection. Because it will be so obvious that she was cajoled into it.

    The “I wasn’t aware of the request,” is a pretty good spin to put on it, but that just shifts the blame to her PR people. Or, they might pump out some “schedule” to prove how “busy” she is.

    I’ll bet Ina and Jeffrey hop the first flight to Paris.

  36. coffee-n-toast says:

    I hear a lot of bad things about celebrities and generally don’t care or have my opinion changed about them, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch her show again (and I really liked it). I do hope that somehow she had nothing to do with the decision or that maybe her handlers/PR said no without asking her, because I will have lost all respect for her otherwise. What a huge dissapointment. I hope Enzo doesn’t take it personally and finds something else to wish for.

    • I wasn’t able to watch her show with a good heart after hearing of this (and I really liked it too). Good thing little Enzo is resilient and has moved on to bigger and better things.

  37. PeteC94 says:

    Ina’s my girl and all but damn if this isn’t harsh, even by spoiled rich girl standards.

    I know that she is a very private person who does not generally participate in charity events, so I am guessing that the request never made it past her publicist. I just hope that if this is the case, she comes clean and issues some sort of apology to the poor kid (at the least, send him a personally autographed bottle of “good” vanilla or something).

    No disrespect to Ina but if I was dying and wanted to cook with a celebrity chef as my last wish, I would be wishing for Lidia Bastianich or Anne Burrell instead.

    • Jen says:

      “very private people” dont have tv shows and go on book tours.

    • Mystrich says:

      Doesn’t do charity things? One of her newest episodes is her doing a charity thing where she made a shitty $5 dinner for people who paid $100,000 to have lunch with her. And she just talked about how good of friends she is with a bunch of celebrities. It was basically her saying “Look at all these rich and famous people I’m friends with.”

      She’s not doing this not because its a charity but because it doesn’t make her look prestigious.

  38. Beans says:

    What a beautiful little boy. Reading that blog post of his mom’s was so sad and inspiring all at once.

    I hope he has fun with the dolphins, and I hope Ina realizes her mistake.

    Get well soon, Enzo!

  39. Stephanie says:

    I bet if the boy was gay, he would have been invited.

    • Bunny69 says:

      I was thinking the very same thing! If this were a case of a child dying of AIDS or if the kid was gay and afflicted with a life threatening illness or had gay parents, etc…Ina would leap at the chance to host an episode centered on cooking with that child. What a lost opportunity to really reach out and give back to her fellow man….Though truth be told, being gay would’ve helped!

      Bummer….. : (

  40. Neuf says:

    No offense to the poor boy but this isn’t a “good” wish. What a giant douche bag. If she did grant his wish, she’d probably make him bring “offerings” for her like good chocolate, good wine and good cheese.

    Someone should meet up with her at one of these signings of hers and shove that useless stack of papers up her fat ass. How easy is that?

  41. citizenrobot says:

    You sensitive souls who threw away her cookbooks – like it matters, she still got the money. And while you lot think your TMZ/New York Post-driven world of information subsists on this kind of gossip, the rest of the world (sadly) doesn’t care – her show will be renewed and she will continue landing lucrative book deals and continue inviting her gays over for drinks and continue pissing your shit off. So all of us, including my sad damn self, who got all angry and up in arms – and GOODNESS, some of you let your homophobia flag fly – have accomplished nothing. Nothing. Yay! Another day wasted on the Internet.

  42. Holly says:

    Wow, you people are disgusting. You can have an opinion, but there is no need to express it using the horribly demeaning terms you are using. If this is true, Ina should be deeply ashamed of herself. But I hope you people have never decided to go to a movie instead of bagging groceries for the homeless, or passed up those Salvation Army barrels at Christmas without throwing in a quarter. And I hope you know that just as you call someone a cow, there is someone calling you one too. Would you want Enzo seeing these things that you are writing?

    • GTFO Ina says:

      Passing up doing charity work every now and then to do something else DOES NOT equal what Ina has done. She staved them off once saying she was too busy, and then, a year later, said she was too busy again. So, she’s got every day booked up solid for two years? Bullshit.

      She has time to cook multiple course meals for celebrities and her “dear friends,” but she doesn’t have the time to do it for one freaking kid? Who happens to be dying?

      Let me see her “bagging groceries for the homeless” (whatever the fuck that even means, didn’t know the homeless were often buying stuff @ Publix) and then your comment will be valid.

      • Holly says:

        Oh dear, I actually agree with you in some ways. I DO think that she clearly could have found the time to cook with the kid, and didn’t for whatever reason, and as I said, I think she should be ashamed. I won’t look at her in the same way again, that’s for sure, and quite honestly, she was already buggin’. I’m pretty sure that she does give money to charity, though (the Gartens are rich and dear Jeffrey is in finance (Lehman Bros, anyone?) after all). My point was that it is entirely inappropriate to call someone horrible names because you disagree with something they’ve done. Especially if you haven’t in some way donated to a charity yourself. Most people here seem to really enjoy calling her a fucking cunt cow in a shent, and that is just not OK. By the way, when charities donate food to those in need, they often have volunteers put the donated food in bags first, in other words, they are bagging groceries. Pretty sure they don’t do that in The Hamptons, so I doubt that Ina Garten has done that. But then again, clearly you haven’t either. No judgements, though, I’m sure you do other charitible work and would never call a woman a cunt.

    • OtherRobert says:

      1, false equivalences are not a good rhetorical tool. They make you look like an overreacting fool.

      2, not supporting a homophobic organization at Christmas-time that refuses to let out-gay members join participate in their work or receive any benefit from their special brand of fundraising doesn’t make you a bad person.

      3, not supporting one specific organization doesn’t make you a bad person. I donate 10% of my writing earnings every month to no-kill animal shelters and animal sanctuaries. Am I a bad person because my money doesn’t go to your charity of choice?

      4, show me on the doll where FNH touched you, because clearly something traumatic happened for you to get this self-righteous.

      • Holly says:

        Oh honey, bless your heart, you’re so right. I’m just a self-righteous fool who thinks it’s wrong to call a woman a cow or a cunt. What the hell do I know? Oh, by the way, I agree with you about the Salvation Army. I also refuse to eat at Jesus Fish and order Domino’s Pizza, too. Oh, and I too donate to no-kill shelters. But then again, what do I know, right? Glass houses and stones and all. Maybe Ina Garten doesn’t like that Make-A-Wish Phoenix organized hunting trips for kids, much like you refuse to help Salvation Army because of their no-gays policy. Again, not defending her, don’t know her, don’t want to know her.

    • Lizzie says:

      Holly is definitely right, calling Ina a b*tch or a c*nt is disgusting, sexist and horrible. As I always say don’t call someone a b*tch when you mean to call her an asshole.

      Ina this was certainly an asshole move, and I hope you get everything you deserve from this decision.

  43. GTFO Ina says:

    Fingers crossed that some other FN chefs hear about this and step up for this kid.

    What an entitled bitch. I actually enjoyed her show, despite the pretentiousness (and sometimes, because of it), but this is too fucking much. Someone who can’t set aside one afternoon to spend time with a dying child, just…fuck you.

  44. kross says:

    Garten, known to many by her TV moniker ‘Barefoot Contessa,’ has refused to meet a 6-year-old boy suffering from cancer, despite his multiple pleas.

    The boy, Enzo, is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and reached out to Garten through the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the first time three years ago, asking for the celebrity chef to take time to cook with him.

    His request fell upon deaf ears, however. Garten’s rep told TMZ, “As much as [Garten] would like to, it’s absolutely impossible for her to grant every request she receives.”

    The little boy, who specifically requested to meet Garten because he had watched her show while sick in bed, made a second request through Make-A-Wish, which was met with a “definite no.”

    Enzo, who asked his parents, “Why doesn’t she want to meet me?” has chosen another wish, which the foundation has been able to grant — the brave little boy is currently taking lessons to prepare for his new dream: to swim with dolphins.

    FUCKING FAT, OLD, HAG….karma is a bitch!

    • Bee says:


      “Fat Old Hag”

      Sizeist, Ageist, Sexist

      you may not be the best person to be commenting on matters related to humanity.

      • Mystrich says:

        Calling someone fat when they’re fat is not sizist. I’m fat. She’s fat. Plenty of people are fat.

        Old? Well, Ina certainly isn’t young.

        Hag? This term is hardly sexist and is probably referring to
        1. Her witch-like quality of being completely heartless
        2. She’s pretty much a “fag-hag” given she’s a straight woman who just loves gay men

      • Ash says:

        Kross! Don’t insult the obese, old, and frightful crabby ladies by lumping them in with Ina. That’s an insult to all groups involved…

  45. Mandy says:

    This is really, really awful. I sincerely hope another chef steps up and offers to cook with him. And if it came to light that she was fully aware of his request and did indeed refuse, I do hope that all the people defending her will realize how truly wrong they’ve been in doing so.

  46. Bethany says:

    I really hope this is somehow a misunderstanding; find it hard to believe anyone could be so heartless :( Very curious to see what kind of statement Ina Garten will make! I don’t think I could stomach watching her show at this point, and she was one of my favorite TV chefs…

    Sending prayers to Enzo, no child should never have to bear that kind of pain.

  47. SLE says:

    Selfish Bitch! Hope she loses her show over this!!!!!!!!!!

  48. AHM says:

    *nervous laugh* Don’t have too much fun without her…

  49. BT says:

    What a fucking cunt.

  50. Matthew says:

    I think the most important thing to remember is that this brave little boy is fighting to become healthy, and that’s more important than what Ina Garten or any other celebrity is doing or not doing.

    And for all the people who are so outraged that a TV personality declined a request from the Make a Wish foundation, I think that you should put your money where your mouth is.

    So you all find it so incomprehensible that someone won’t grant this boy’s wish? Fine. Donate money to his family. I’m sure they could use it. Even with medical insurance, there are clear financial hardships when caring for a loved one with cancer.

    YOU HELP this little boy and then your outrage might actually make sense.

    • HookahSmookah says:

      What charitable contributions have YOU made recently?

    • Rebecca says:

      Mr Wannabe-IRS-Man, you can’t audit my charitable contributions. My idea of religion prevents me from giving in flashy ways, and from really whooping it up in front of others. Matthew 6:3 and all. Yeah, I maybe shouldn’t have called her a chunt, but that’s my cross to bear, don’t go adding judgment of others to yours.

      If our outrage does anything other than make Ina dig her heels in, then we WILL have helped Enzo, because she will have given in his wish.

  51. FatCat says:

    I’ve always liked her show but yeah, find her pretentious often with all that stuck-up Hampton/New York/ French cusine shit. There’s more to food than that.

    But really, rejected twice?!! Totally cruel.

    Her show is not the same either. She hardly ever cooks anymore, it’s just like “this is how I do it” and it’s all flashbacks. And Ask Ina sucks.

  52. Rebecca says:

    I propose we call her a chunt now, a chubby cunt.

  53. chris says:

    Ina, you might as well hang up the shent…Your reputation is ruined. I mean, people can get over a sex scandal, they will ignore the IRS taking your house, they will even ignore a senator cheating on his wife and getting caught with male prostitute…

    But when you turn down a dying kid who asked not once..but twice….

    couldn’t you have taken time out from NOT COOKING that 100000 shittastic meal you had with Alec Baldwin to idk….let the dying kid watch you make Meringue Chantilly for the 9 MILLIONTH TIME!!!!

    I love Ina, but for the last few seasons she has totally phoned it in, and with this, its just a statement against someones character, and this, my dear, exhibits HORRENDOUSLY poor character.

  54. johnny says:

    WOW — I want to say I don’t believe it, but I do. I’ll now mostly NOT be watching FN since one of the few shows I did make time to see was Barefoot Contessa – not anymore!

    Really, if I were in Ina’s position I would CANCEL plans with my family on Thanksgiving day to be able to grant a sick/dying kids wish. I mean how many kids wish for something like this?

  55. venice08 says:

    She should have body grated with her zester and then rolled in good sea salt from Cote d’Azur then dipped in good lemon juice from Genoa.

    What a selfish fucking cow

  56. Mitsy says:

    Although if true about Ina, and I’m very sad about it as well, it would be interesting to see the names of other celebrities who have turned down Make a Wish as well.

  57. Keith Lee says:

    I heard Ina refused his request because she thought it was regular leukemia, not the “good” kind, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (which is obviously leukemia with the volume turned up….).

  58. DerekLutz says:

    No one named Enzo is allowed in the Hamptons unless they’re working in the garden.

    To comfort the boy, Ina did agree to send her boy toy T.R. over but he didn’t make it after being stopped by the reflection of his own image in a window.

  59. goodvanilla says:

    My TV viewing is becoming narrower and narrower. Ina has been the only FN chef I could tolerate for 30 minutes. So many other TV shows in prime time just suck. Thank God baseball season is only a few days away. Thanks Ina.

  60. goodvanilla says:

    Reason #11 Why Ina doesn’t have time to cook with a little boy who’s been sick half of his life.

    “I’ve got to close up my house in the Hamptons, and my apartment in New York, so I can fly to Paris and cook for my Parisan friends in my apartment there.”

    Reason #12 Why Ina doesn’t have time to cook with Enzo.

    “You don’t meet my criteria for the people I associate myself with. You’re not gay, you’re not rich, you don’t own whale pants, you can’t arrange flowers, you aren’t pretentious, you aren’t a celebrity, you aren’t a snob, you aren’t an interior decorator, you don’t live in a mansion in the Hamptons. So get lost you pathetic little boy, and don’t ask me a third time.”

  61. Susy says:

    Inexcusable. Makes me sick, actually. I’m so glad he’s going to swim with the dolphins instead. So glad he’s going to be around something beautiful and not this heartless wench.

  62. Satyr says:

    I read in last weeks Parade Magazine that WWE wrestler/performer John Cena has granted over 200
    wishes to the Make A Wish Foundations. And what makes this even more incredible is that some of these performers are on the road almost 300 days out of the year, and he has found the time to grant over 200 wishes (not in one year, but still…), and this load from the Hamptons can’t make the time to grant only one wish. Karma…thy name is “a bitch”.

  63. jerry says:

    Another celebrity chef needs to step up.

    • Beau Macmillan and Michael Symon already offered to do it. It’s swell of them to offer their time… but it just feels like second fiddle.

      The kid’s wish wasn’t to cook with THEM, it was to cook with Ina Garten.

      That’s like asking for a steak and getting ground turkey. It’s not the same.

      • Keith Lee says:

        Beau might eat the kid.

      • Pishposh says:

        Yeah, but the sentiment still counts. I imagine getting rejected by what I assume is (hopefully now “was”) his cooking idol (TWICE) would be a crushing blow to his self-esteem. At least he can know that he isn’t considered a waste of time by other prominent chefs.

        • Luna Lovegood says:

          Symon said he was going to be in Oregon and offered to cook with Enzo at his home. That’s pretty cool but Beau offered to fly Enzo and his family to Arizona to stay at the hotel where his restaurant is plus cook a meal with him in the restaurant kitchen.

          I would take Beau up on his offer. His restaurant Elements is amazing and the resort, Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain is just gorgeous this time of year.. The weather is shit in Oregon now but awesome in AZ. And spring training to boot? Woo hoo!

          • Pishposh says:

            That’s awesome of him. I thought Beau was a jerk, since he was arrested for drunk driving and he seemed so full of himself on WCiA, but I’m a fan now, knowing that he steps up to the plate to do the right thing.

      • HookahSmookah says:

        Jillian, first, congrats on the book!

        I read that Beau offered to fly the entire family to Arizona to dine at his restaurant and Enzo could help him prepare the meal. Not sure what Michael Symon offered.

        While these two men are being very kind and generous, I agree, it’s not the same.

      • Sue Z says:

        maybe if it was GOOD ground turkey…

        seriously, too bad they turned down Beau and Michael. Bet either one of those guys would have been a lot more fun than a socially awkward old lady in a shent.

    • Satyr says:

      I think Michael Symon and Beau McMillan offered.

  64. Catherine says:

    Sucks for that poor kid — it’s awful, at any age, to realize that your celebrity favorites aren’t as cool/nice/friendly/down-to-earth as you’d like to believe. I feel like this has been the subject of many a sitcom episode.

    That said – #4 made me spit out my coffee laughing.

  65. Labeep says:

    I do not care much about this woman but if this is not a misunderstanding and she turned down the kid, knowing what she was doing, poor her. I work at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and I deal everyday with kids like Enzo. MAW is for kids with serious conditions. I see the hell they go through every day with treatment side effects (not only for cancer but for other conditions) and the diseases themselves. I have seen families under horrible financial strain, losing jobs to be with the child and trying to pay bills. Sometimes we save them, sometimes we can’t. Sometimes the MAW wish is the only bright spot they have, it keeps them rolling, it makes then happy, it takes their minds away from radiation burns or chemo diarrhea. Trust me when I say is not Enzo who loses here, is Mrs. Garten. You are losing one of the most wonderful chances in your life: get the blessing of a smile that will bright your whole life.

    • lindsay maxim says:

      Geez that so sad. Guess what? Children with cancer don’t get everything they want. Make A Wish and their parent should be teaching them that in life you don’t get what they want. How is meeting with these kids an honor? Just because they have cancer. If Make A Wish is extorting celebs and the rich to satisfy others, the something is clearly wrong with this charity. I had a classmate who had cancer. she wasn’t sweet and nice, kinda of brat. Guess what? Her illness didn’t excuse her bratty behavior or her throwing temper tantrums, calling another girl in the class mean names. It’s sad how people like you think these kids are so sweet,loving and are somehow role models for us. Even kids with cancer can be brats. I for one don’t support bully organizations like Make a Wish andwill never support them in the future. To think that other people should make times for these kids,even when they personally don’t know them or are even aware of the very existince of these kids ,have a ridiculous sense of entitlement and obligation. I never give money or volunteer at hospitals. Since most of people working there think they are doing gods work and that these sick kids are more special than anyone else kids.

  66. cece says:

    Well I am not a fortune teller or anything but something tells me she will have alot of time on her hands very soon. I believe we reap what we sow and she is sowing some ugly seeds.. that child could have requested anyone but chose HER! I pray she never needs a bit of compassion and hear those words.. ” I AM TOO BUSY” I will never watch her again!

  67. Dante620 says:

    Leave Ina alone, she is bound by her Food Network contract to only meet people in GOOD health.

  68. Bee says:

    is the Make a Wish Foundation the effin Mafia? do all celebs comply with their wishes or face a public smear campaign?

    yeah this reflects poorly on Ina, but what the hell is Make a Wish doing bullying people into their service?

    • Matthew says:

      That’s exactly what I think, too! But then, commenters on this blog need a reason to exercise their homophobia or find yet another way to call Ina fat. It’s a classy crowd here.

      Celebrities aren’t public servants, we can’t count on them for anything and we shouldn’t expect anything of them. It’s everyday regular people who can and have to make a difference. I feel badly for Enzo, but he should never have been taught to expect that famous people would ever do anything for him anyway. Might sound harsh, but that’s life.

      • Pishposh says:

        So because you think celebrities aren’t “everyday regular people” (what are, they, then, robots?) they’re somehow elevated above the expectations of compassion and decency that you demand of non-celebrities? Enzo should have been taught that it’s okay for someone to turn down a meager wish from a deathly ill child because they’re more famous than “everyday regular people,” so they don’t need a fucking conscience? Okay, then.

      • Lizzie says:

        So celebrities don’t owe the public anything? Who exactly made them celebrities? Now let’s think about that for a second…oh that’s right the PUBLIC!

    • Kelley says:

      Are you joking? You have to be. Anyone that has actually read the full article knows that Make A Wish actually tried to get Enzo to change the wish as to not bother Garten anymore and even now when they got the “definite no” they said she was a “friend of the charity”. So unless you are making a lame joke, you are just plain stupid!

      • Bee says:

        @ kelley – i actually originally posted the release from Make a Wish about Ina Garten, but i think it got deleted. – so it seems they are in the clear of the smear… so who broke this story to TMZ? Enzo? the whole thing is super odd. i can imagine that celebrity requests by this organization are regularly not met, so i’m trying to make heads or tails over why this particular one went to headlines.

        • Kelley says:

          Actually, I didn’t read the official Make A Wish release. If you read the full TMZ article or even look up other articles on the internet you get the information I wrote about earlier.

          I’m not sure why Bee would think Make A Wish is trying to “bully” artists into doing their service in the first place. They ASK, and they are not asking for something impossible, much less so in this case. Enzo wanted to cook a meal with Ina… in her own words: “how easy is that?!”

          And Matthew… Celebrities ARE public servants. They are celebrities because WE pay for their books, WE watch their shows and WE decide that they are interesting enough and worthy of our time. When we stop caring, they disappear. How many artists have “disappeared” just because we have stopped caring for one reason or another? Ina Garten is who she is in the cooking world because people like Enzo decided to watch her show and think she is great at what she does. Are we not entitled to think that she should be grateful that we care? Should we simply let celebrities do as they wish because they have more money than we do?

          They are not above or beneath us. If we have to do our part to make this a better world they have to do their part too. And they have something WE don’t: media attention. They should use it wisely. Or do you think they have the right to do shit and we have to adore them for it, Matthew?

          • Conrad says:

            Your stupid. They are not servants. Especially for the sick and needy and children too. How many of you would take out your precious time to go meet with a stranger? Whether it be a child or an adult? Children with cancer are not entitled to whatever they want. They and their families are not entitled to treat others badly and make them look bad. I for one willl not give ANYTHING to Make A Wish. I have never given anything to them before but now they have shown us what kind of tactics they use to make people into giving into them. There are tons of celebs who have turned down children form these organizations. But most of these kids and their parenst aren’t like this family. Ina garten or whatever her name is doesn’t deserve any of this. I for one don’t go around meeting with sick kids and volunteering at cancer wards. Why? Because thats not how I want spend my time. How I spend my time is my own business and not others. No one has a right to command anyone into giving in their prefrences for charity.
            PS, I have had Make a Wish people calling me and they simply don’t take no for an answer. Last time I checked chairty was an option,not a command or demand.I wonder how many of the Make A Wish voulnteers donate most of their paycheck to their charity? Spend time with sick children they hardly know more than their own kids? .Stupid.

  69. imbri38 says:

    I always thought she was a ridiculously arrogant, pretentious, “if you don’t live in the Hamptons I’m SO much better than you” ASSHOLE, but this really takes the cake! What a total bitch. Sadly, it’s probably a blessing in disguise, as she’s so inept with kids it may have been a truly lousy experience for the boy if she said yes – but no worries about that now, huh??

  70. Plumpy says:

    Well, I don’t know. The kid needs to hold up his end of the bargain and die of a “good” disease. No dropsy, scurvy, dengue fever, ricketts, maple syrup urine disease.

  71. cowpoke says:

    I hope that all this bad publicity does get her to cook with him. The only thing that matters to me is that this child get his wish. That’s the only thing that matters.

  72. Bee says:

    Make A Wish made a statement about it.

    “PHOENIX ­(March 25, 2011) – The Make-A-Wish Foundation has a very strong working relationship with Ina Garten, a celebrity wish granter who has generously made herself available to grant a wish in the past. Ina is a good friend of the Foundation and we are grateful to her for her support of our mission.”

  73. Spacebratt says:

    You know I am just not sure how such a young person becomes attached to Ina Garten. And just to be sure I watched this morning. She does not have a kid personality, in any way, shape, or form. Makes me wonder if there is not more to this story????

    • Ash says:

      I 100% agree. There are a lot of more kid-interesting chefs. I’m thinking high energy people like Guy or Paula or anyone who’s all crazy. That being said, I work with kids, and they come up with weird ides. He is six, remember. When I was 4 or 5, I stayed up late with my dad and watched Jay Leno, and he was the coolest freaking person in the world, simply because I felt really cool staying up late to watch him. Maybe it’s just something like that.

  74. Azizeh says:


    When your show is 99% making elaborate parties or dinners for any paltry reason, it’s hard to believe you’re booked solid for a couple years. Not even one of those breakfast meetings she loves so much?

    Blaming it on the handlers isn’t a good excuse. She is the boss, and she is in charge of her image and schedule. They should absolutely know what kind of things she is interested in. They should also have the brains to know how bad this will look, true or not.

    She has enough money of her own, without her TV show, that she isn’t a slave to anyone else’s interests but her own.

    • Ash says:

      “When your show is 99% making elaborate parties or dinners for any paltry reason, it’s hard to believe you’re booked solid for a couple years.”

      THANK YOU! God, it’s terrible to say, but the publicity she could have grabbed for this probably would have helped her out more than having a bunch of douches over for finger sandwiches.

      That being said, fuck everyone who would ever do that just for the publicity. It’s about making someone smile, not getting star points.

  75. James says:

    I actually had to double and triple-check this to make sure it wasn’t a rumor. I am disgusted beyond belief. I used to be a HUGE Ina fan, but if that horrible witch can’t make time for a dying child to cook with him, then I can’t make time for her or her show anymore. Not only will I no longer watch her show, but I plan to spread this story around to every single person I know to give her as much bad publicity as humanly possible.

  76. ron says:

    Rich stuck up bitch pulling a scumbag move…..sounds about right!
    What a fuckin piece of shit.

  77. Panna Cotta says:

    So apparently this is not a rumor. I’m not angry, but I’m disappointed in Ina. I thought she came across as awkward but mostly nice on her shows, but I suppose this was a carefully cultivated image.

    Only ridiculous cartoon villains say “I won’t hang out with a dying child because I’M EEEEVILLLL” so I’m guessing Ina really is busy. However, even really busy people – certainly busier people than celebrity chefs – have made the time to meet with a sick little kid.

  78. foodismyfriend says:

    I feel for the kid. Really any kid who has to deal with cancer. Here’s hoping it takes a fucking hike.

    Ina you just fucked yourself royally. How good is that??

  79. Emmaline says:

    You will notice Ina herself has not responded to all this criticism, or jumped on TV to tell the world, “Wait, wait. One of her flunkies made the decision, never her!” That will be Monday’s headline; it wasn’t her, it was a flunkie. Who will get fired. But . . . guess what, Ina? The damage is done and your career is toast. Wait and see. People will not forget or forgive cruelty to dying children. Ever. “La Contessa Ina no sella no more books, getta no TV shows, getta dumped off Fooda Nettaworka, getta shunned in public. Ina bad, bad woman.”

    • HookahSmookah says:

      This is such a difficult one to sort out. That generic press release by MAW really didn’t say anything, but implied that Ina has received requests before. However, I doubt than many have been from 6-year-old boys. That is what sets this apart.

      I do not think that we will ever hear a response from Ina’s camp. There is no winning answer.

      1. If she blames her PR people, then she looks like an ass for hiring such “uncaring people”

      2. If she doesn’t respond, then that confirms the rumor.

      3. Going the “I didn’t know” and backpedal is even worse. It makes her look like MAW and the public forced her into meeting Enzo. I know he’s too young to rationalize, but imagine if he could.

      Regarding the posts on FN, unless a lot of posts have been deleted, it appears that a core of 4-5 people support Ina. There are very few negative comments and they are more or less from the same 1-2 people.

      After thinking about it more, even though Beau and Michael seem like second tier, I think that if a 6-year-old was told that a real IRON CHEF wanted to come over and cook dinner with Enzo, he’d be thrilled. Enzo’s mother could get Enzo familiar with MS through YouTube. Also Enzo wouldn’t have to travel.

      Beau’s offer sounds good, too. However, it might be too tasking for him to travel and help out in a restaurant kitchen.

      I just want for little Enzo to get some wish fulfilled before he dies. Of course, I hope that he somehow pulls through, but for the meantime, give that little lad some joy for an afternoon.

  80. Becky says:

    What a BITCH!! She can find time to support a million “Save the Hamptons” events, but not this? I will NEVER watch her show again.

    • Ash says:

      Wtf is she saving the Hamptons from? Lawn ordinance not being enforced? Housing committee letting “undesirables” in? HYDRANGEA THIEVES! Shitballs, life must be tough. 9.9

  81. SouthernGirl says:

    She may hang out in the Hamptons, but a class act? HARDLY!!!!

  82. hell yeah Jillian!

    I’ve been rippin her and her whacko fanboys all day. It’s shitty out today, and I feel strongly about this.

    I’m John Stoll on FB, go there, you;ll see how many thumb-ups I got.

  83. And I see someone linked this on FB. Only gonna be better for JM, and the shitball that Ina created is growing exponentially. Fuck you Clubfoot Shentessa.

    (thanks to FNH member Motzi Greps for that moniker)

    • HookahSmookah says:

      But the 5-6 people on FB in active discussion are Ina supporters and dissing each other. Makes me wonder if FN deleted all of the negative comments.

    • I don’t see any entries for John Stoll on the Food Network FB page. All I see is mostly people defending her. Perhaps FN did delete some posts.

  84. Bee says:

    Jillian: did you notice that the Ina reruns today featured set ups of her cooking for children. i’m assuming programming is set up months in advance, so its sort of a funny coincidence.

  85. Stephanie says:

    oh my word, I just cackled.

  86. Diane says:

    That sucks. :( Poor little kid.

  87. Being for Real says:

    I love that you guys all think this actually matters.

    Ina Garten will continue to sell books, her show will still continue to be popular, and while you all are burning your Barefoot Contessa cookbooks Food Network will continue to thrive.

    Hating is so much easier than actually doing something. Amirite?!!

    • Rick says:

      I’d be willing to bet real money that this kind of press and bad PR will not go unnoticed by FN.

      That sausage-fingered cunt probably does not care, though.

      She’s not exactly commanding the prime time slots for her show – and could be easily replaced with Jamie Oliver re-runs.

    • Kelley says:

      So what do you suggest we do? Sit back and say nothing? In the USA we have a constitutional right of Freedom of Speech which we are all enforcing right now, even you by writing such a stupid comment.

      We don’t expect anything to happen. We are just saying what we feel. And who knows, if enough people are angry at this and she sees the mistake she makes and never denies a charity this way again we will have accomplished something. The world belongs to the brave who dare to speak their mind and do something to change it, not to the cowards who hide behind the “it doesn’t matter what we say, things will forever be the same”. It is because of people like YOU that the world doesn’t change.

  88. Jon says:

    Ina may pass on the cooking request, but I hope she’ll have Michael send flowers when the boy dies…. hydrangeas of course….

  89. misskendra says:

    For a lesson in class and heart, let’s examine Genevieve Gorder’s response when a Make-A-Wish child wished for a room makeover from her: “It’s really the highest honor when a child makes you their wish … I said to HGTV, ‘I’m going to do this, and if you want to capture it for the show, great, but I’m going to do it.’”

    I think the show will air sometime in May. BYO Kleenex.

  90. Emmaline says:

    I still say, Ina Garten’s career is over. People don’t forget a celebrity who denies a dying child’s last wish, and she can’t do enough damage control to turn this around. Whatever she says now, or even if she says NOTHING, Garten’s remarks would be discounted by the fact she denied this child’s wish TWICE. I’m not worried for her, though. She will have plenty of time to cook for her rich Hamptons friends and no more pesky, needy, bald and dying children will bother her. And that’s the main thing anyway, isn’t it?

  91. Sharon says:

    She has not time….really????
    Wasn’t it Elton John who moved in with Ryan White’s family when Ryan was dying of AIDS? How many baseball players have given time to children who were dying without flinching?

    Ina? What makes HER better than those people?
    Yes, when you put yourself out as a “celebrity”, then you owe the public “something”…..if you don’t want to owe the public anything, don’t put yourself OUT THERE.

    Ina, crawl under one of your hydrangea bushes and stay there. You’re done.

    • Lizzie says:

      Elton John actually donated just over $16,000 so that Ryan’s mother could make a down payment on a house in Cicero, IN when they had to move out of Kokomo, IN due to threats of violence and homophobic taunting. I followed Ryan’s story quite extensively at that time because he was my age.

  92. Scruffy says:

    I’ve always thought she was a pretentious phony, this doesn’t change that opinion.

    Does a a celebrity have to bend over backwards for something like this? No, but they have to realize there will be perception consequences. I tire of celebrity defenders who claim they always get a bad rap–who exactly forced her to start down the celebrity road? Was she blackmailed into multiple TV series? No. She could drop off the radar if she wanted and not deal with a fan making a request like that. Poor Ina, she has such a horrible life…

    I question the kid’s taste, but I’ll chalk it up to side effects of the medicine or something, but if she doesn’t realize how shitty she comes across from this she’s an even more clueless, self-absorbed, worthless person than I ever thought. Either she makes poor decisions in hiring people to manage her career and requests like this, or she makes poor decisions herself. Either way, she’s not helping her image.

    Maybe she’s been too busy having custom shents designed to fit her “unique” figure and she’s had to hand select the finest fabrics made from only the rarest materials. She can’t have her denim shents looking just like it came off the rack at Lane Bryant, you know.

  93. Annie says:

    That’s really cold. Her reputation is now forever mud.



  95. kross says:

    You would think Ina could take some of her millions and buy herself some new clothes that aren’t black tents! And her shoes look like something a nurse wears! Her baggy black pants are 6 inches too short! What is up with her bangs? Who the fuck wears bangs? She has a saggy turkey neck and fat ankles. There, I feel much better! Enzo, have fun swimming with those dolphins! Get well!

  96. kross says:

    Now I know why Ina never had kids…SHE HATES THEM! Especially sick ones!

  97. HookahSmookah says:

    I don’t know how credible this is. Yes, I have no life, but it was a miserable snowy day for late March.

    Enzo’s older sister posted on TMS that

    1. Enzo is not terminal nor dying
    2. It was solely his idea to meet Ina, not his mother’s
    3. The family did not leak the story to TMZ.

    I found that a bit odd, if his mother’s blog started all of this controversy, why didn’t she post on TMZ herself..

    On one of the Food Network’s “Ina Hate” threads, Enzo’s mother has updated her blog for people to please stop hating on Ina.

    Still no comments from Ina or FN. Maybe this week.

  98. R-Man says:

    There’s a lot of bitches over at the Food Network fan page on facebook. You make one anti-Ina comment regarding her rejection of Enzo and they flip shit. Jesus. There’s grown women calling each other fatties and acting like middle schoolers.

  99. Annie says:

    more reasons Ina can’t help this dying child:

    # 11. She is holding out for a rich dying child

    # 12. Jeffrey just came out and she is making a stuffed chicken to celebrate.

    # 13. She is still mad at Hansel and Gretel

    #14. She is a selfish b*tch

  100. Suzy says:

    @Annie-I’m gonna go with #14 b/c seriously, she’s just too much.

  101. imbri38 says:

    Oooh…someone realized she stepped in a big pile of shit…this is posted on the ABC news website today (3/28/11) “Now, after multiple blogs and news outlets criticized her decision, Garten is inviting Enzo Pereda to the set of “The Barefoot Contessa.”

    “Ina became aware of Enzo’s story this weekend and will be calling him today,” a spokesperson for Garten said in a statement to “She looks forward to inviting him to spend some time with her at the Food Network studios.”

    • Annie says:

      It’s too late now. It’s obvious all she is trying to do is save her own ass. She could care less about a sick child. If she did, she would have said yes a long time ago.

  102. Diplomat says:

    Elitest tub of sh:t

  103. Dee says:

    Wow. Santa even makes time to come once a year. And he’s a way bigger celebrity (popularity, not girth).

  104. Kelley says:

    LMAO! So we couldn’t achieve anything with our criticism, couldn’t we? Freedom of Speech people!

  105. Neuf says:

    Dolphins are cuter than whales anyways

  106. YOUSHEEPLE says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous as she does a lot of charity work and has supported the organization generously in the past. Her staff said no and she was only aware of it recently because of the calls for comments. She has commitments and scheduling that she can’t just blow off, otherwise tv crews and editors don’t get paid and they don’t have an income. She has been unfairly targeted over a misunderstanding and even the charity said she has been amazing over the years with them. You try being extremely busy and popular, you could spend 365 days granting wishes and requests and still be shot for it in the media. Shame on them, too!

    • Ash says:

      I don’t see anyone who spends 365 days a year volunteering getting shot down by anyone. I do, however, see one woman who made a little boy wait for 3 years getting smashed by the media.

  107. Ash says:

    Follow Up of the Day: Well how about that: Turns out Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten does have some time for terminally ill cancer patient Enzo after all.

    Garten, who previously turned down the 6-year-old fan’s dying wish for facetime twice — once with a “definite no” — released a statement through her rep saying she “only became aware of Enzo’s story this weekend” (despite the wish being over a year old). “[Ina] looks forward to inviting him to spend some time with her at the Food Network studios,” the rep went on to say.

    All’s well that the Internet made end well.


    UPDATE: So apparently Enzo is now snubbing the Barefoot Contessa right back! TMZ says Enzo isn’t even interested in meeting with Ina Garten anymore, and is much more excited to fulfill his back up wish: Swimming with dolphins.

    • Annie says:

      Good for him. She deserved that.

    • Jenn says:

      Good for him! He will have a lot more fun with the Dolphins, than some stuck up woman that lies about not being aware of his request! Oh yeah, and she doesn’t even know how to cook for kids. How dissapointing that Ina turned this boy down! I won’t be watching her anymore.

      • HookahSmookah says:

        I serious lywonder how much of this has been contrived. If Enzo (and not his mother) truly said FU to Ina, all the better.
        If Enzo truly declined, then good for him.
        That really makes Ina look even worse. Fake back-pedalling, then HE rejects her.

  108. Michelle says:

    I always thought she had this air of superiority about her. I’ve tried watching her show several times, but couldn’t watch it all the way through b/c she just seemed so fake and entitled. You could tell she is a real bitch.

    All the points have been made. The best one is that she should be flattered that a dying child picked cooking with her as his greatest wish. Instead, she was “too busy” entertaining her Hamptons friends and celebrities.

    Way to go, Ina. LOL. Thank you for confirming my instincts about you!!

  109. Julia says:

    I think Ina and her gays have been watching Dynasty too much.

    C’mon, only Alexis Colby would be hardcore enough to pick on a little boy with cancer.

    Can’t you see Ina in something pastel with huge shoulder pads, red claw finger nails, and a huge coiffure? Now that would really make her really hardcore.

  110. jazzlvr says:

    I hate what has happened to FoodNetwork. All of a sudden, in just the past few years, everyone on that network has become a freakin’ Rock Star! They are COOKS, for heaven’s sake. I think they all need to bake and then eat a slice of their own humble pie…

  111. Annie says:

    Update: Dolphins refuse to swim with Enzo and America is outraged. However, Flipper has been invited, and has accepted, an invitation to cook with Ina.

  112. Stix says:

    I just read he snubbed her back and decided to go swim with dolphins instead. You go kid!

    • HookahSmookah says:

      What a second-class insincere offer. How about going to the FN studios for a cookout? I’ll bet that Tuschy and Suzie were ecstatically planning a prime-time special that would involve numerous FN hosts and Ina would be the primary hostess. We know that Santos (probably the only good real cook on the show) would grill something indoors and Ina would call it a day.

      As we all know, Ina can’t grill worth shit.

      Couldn’t have Ina invited them over for an afternoon at the barn and prepared something very simple, gave the family a tour of the gardens and call it a day. She could even delegate the tour to Miguel. (Yes, I know that sounds racist, but it’s par with the course.)

      She didn’t even consider Enzo’s health. Is he well enough to travel across the country — given jet-lag and all — being under hot lights and numerous takes? I am probably making huge assumption that this would be on TV — but still going to the FN studios in NYC — how impersonal. Whether or not it was on TV, it still would probably be overwhelming for him.

      Honestly, I think he best offer was for Michael Symon to drop by and cook with him in the comfort of his home. Beau’s generous offer was also awesome.

      This is just a sad and difficult situation to take sides on. I hate to think that MAW would subject celebrities to circumstances like that. Does anybody know of anybody else who has had an internet campaign smear then into compliance?

      I have a feeling that Ina was singled out because she’s not an “A-lister.” I would not call Genevieve Gorder an any-lister,(nor Ina) but her story warmed my heart. It took her 2-3 days max and that was to completely redecorate a room. All that Ina needed was 1-2 hours to make cupcakes or a simple entree’ with Enzo.

      I predict that things will be “back to basics” with Ina and I hope that Enzo enjoys his swim with the dolphins.

  113. fe says:

    well she only cooks with the finest imported dying children

  114. SriRini says:

    Well, just try to be sensible about this. The reason why Ina Garten rejected act, MAYBE:

    1. She just ankward/uncomfortable with children, well maybe because her childless issue? don’t know.

    2. She just have a horrible management/PR teams. Talk about UNproffesionalism manners.

    3. She just dumb pretentious snoot a.k.a SNOB!!

    So the last one of my opinion is not sensible, more like prejudice but COME ONE! How come she can had time hang with gays and snobberies but “busy” to sick children’s simple wish. You Ina can just visit the boy without media, or just phone him, say somethingggggggg!!How easy is that??How bad can that be??

    I bet Paula Deen and Guy Ferry can make it for him 1.000.000X better. Even they can be a bit media whore, but I believe they never blew this good opportunity, plus it’s all a good deed. A good deed will lead you to something wonderful.

    So, for me Ina Garten (if the 3rd reason’s right), is just the most horrid FN host ever. Why snob if you just an unattractive shent-clad genius-A class-wannabe..You are not Madonna, not Grace Kelly, not even Jackie-O, let alone Mother Teresa (duhhhh).

    Well I read some from angelforenzo, and I must admit the boy’s mother wasn’t good either. I just can’t stand her self-pity blog, kinda hypocrite IMHO.

    out with gays and snobberies

  115. Sean says:

    Wow, I think she’s american and have no idea who she is…..but what a heartless witch.

  116. Annie says:

    I’m sorry but I always had a Strange aura about her. She never made any “kid-friendly” meals, and she’d rather spend her time catering to multi-millionaires. I always hated that old-hag. Though she has a calm demeanor, she doesn’t present any recipes for the working middle-class. “Oh, Truffle butter is only 8 bucks!” I’m sorry, but most of us don’t shop at Whole Foods on a regular basis. And as for “Back to Basics?” it’s not everyone that can make a “Basic Fillet-Mignon, which truffle mashed potatoes accompanied with a side of saffron rice, and the sickening fact that she has NO TIME to make a wish for a child? Shame onto that swanky pig. My mom enjoys watching Ina, but I will discourage her from purchasing any of her cookbooks, foods, etc. Someone mentioned that Make-A-Wish Harasses people? GIVE ME A BREAK. Clearly if a child is sick, and wants a wish, it should be granted. That boy suffers everyday, and for whatever reason, he saw Ina as someone who could alleviate most of the pain…Celebrities have tons of time on their hands, but Ina decides she’d waste most of time on trying to prepare 100k meals for obnoxious, pretenous elites like herself.

    • Clara says:

      You cannot POSSIBLY have watched much of Ina or you would know that her meals are truly ‘middle class friendly’. She does not cook with that many expensive ingredients, and ALWAYS tells you what you can substitute. Too bad you are so hell-bent on hating Ina that you are willing to LIE about knowing anything about her show. Sheeeeeesh. Also, celebrities do NOT have ‘tons of time’ on their hands. What delusional little world have YOU created for yourself???? Your so-called opinions are all based on your fantasies of what it is like to be Ina or any other celebrity. You are just a hater looking for something else to hate!

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