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Giada Used To Be So Much Less Annoying
Posted by Jillian Madison

Fact: the Food Network turns people into ridiculous, over the top caricatures of themselves (think Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, and Rachael Ray). They start off like normal people… but over time, as their egos grow and grow, they start amplifying their most obnoxious traits and habits on camera to make themselves seem like more of a personality – and you can hardly remember the person they were when they first stepped on the scene.

As it turns out, we can now officially add Giada to that list of caricatures as well. FNH reader coffee-n-toast just sent us an old video of Everyday Italian on Food Network’s website, and we could hardly believe our eyes: no phony grins, no teeth, no incessant over-enunciation, and no boobs;  just a normal looking woman who could say “ricotta” without pinching her fingers together and exposing at least 4 back molars.

Here’s the video for posterity’s sake. I for one prefer the old Giada (and the old Paula, and the old Guy Fieri) but your mileage may vary.

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  1. Andrea says:

    this is the first time in a very long time I have seen her without her flaunting her cleavage everywhere.

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen classic Giada in awhile. I definitely prefer old Giada.

  3. Stef says:

    Can’t say I ever experienced the old Guy Fieri.

  4. Old Unkajoe says:

    The other thing I noticed is how laid back this is compared to most of the FN shows that are on now. Lots of jump cuts, loud, fast talking and sped up graphics on the newer episodes of most shows. This is almost soothing.

    • bunny69 says:

      You hit the nail on the head! “Soothing” is definitely the word that best describes this “classic” ep! And there’s no stripper music playing in the background….. I love it!!

    • Diane says:

      Yes, exactly right. I would watch Giada and Ina and it was the calmest part of my day. I’d make myself a cup of tea and just sit back and enjoy.
      It’s so different now.

      • Lisa says:

        And Paula’s original show, in the old house (I think it was actually the producer’s house), I loved that. I felt like I was relaxing at my mom or grandma’s place. I can’t stand the new show with all the guest appearances and fake laughing. Blech.

        • yep, soothing is definitely the right word. i think cooking itself is pretty soothing, but i guess home cooks are a smaller viewing percentage than males so we have to be all OMG LOOK HEY HERE’S A RAW STEAK, HERE’S A WOMAN’S RACK, BOOM FRYING PAN BOOM STEAK’S DONE AND IN YOUR BELLY AAHHHHH OMG NOT FAST ENOUGH!!!!!!

      • Sammi says:

        Ya it’s better than how she is now but coming from a culinary student. You don’t just pull the milk out and then add it. And you need to season Bechamel more than that. AND white pepper is WAY more potent than black pepper. She still bugs the shit out of me, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and her recipes are boring as hell.

        • Your NameNo Nic says:

          Ya, I was surprised by her comments about white pepper, too. Re: milk, she claimed it had been sitting out coming to room temperature for an hour.

          It was cool to see a sort of ‘classic’ lasagna, though.

          Have you seen that Italian dude on Youtube who does 5-10 min videos of how to make meatballs, etc? (English subtitles)

  5. KristenS says:

    Emeril was the first person FN killed with their over-caraciturization. Essence was actually a neat little show.

    • Pat says:

      I was thinking of Emeril and the whole “TV personality, kick it up a notch” thing. Emeril really knew his stuff, but that whole show blew up. Did you ever see when he hosted “How to Boil Water” (before Sean Donallen, who really was hilarious). Totally before the TV Emeril Monster was created.

    • Aunt Ki says:

      Exactly! I like watching him cook, but only when he DOESN’T have a live audience. More cooking, less BAM!

      I would actually watch Giada if her show was still like this.

  6. boke1 says:

    She even manages to say “creamy” like a normal person. I remember her being like this – those were the days. Now she’s just a walking advertisement for Frederick’s of Hollywood, Rosetta Stone Italian lessons and 1-800 DENTIST.

  7. coffee-n-toast says:

    The only time a show is worth watching is when it’s brand new. The hosts haven’t had time to become super-annoying. The one downfall at first is that none of them know what to do with their hands when they’re not cooking (Giada here especially). And we’re STILL waiting on Rachel Ray to figure that one out.

  8. deb says:

    I adored the “old” Giada…the new shows just suck.

  9. Skats says:

    I used to watch The Frugal Gourmet (where “cheaper was better”), Louisiana Cookin’(An old man in suspenders with non-manicured nails) and Julia Childs(I remember her throwing poultry in the garbage, cracking up and starting over on air) on PBS when I was very young. Remarkable how different the shows become when commercialized. This older clip is watchable, nay enjoyable. It was nice when cooking shows were humble and just… real.

    • Jen says:

      Completely agree! My PBS affiliate is running two of the old Julia series (the one with Jacques Pepin, and Cooking with Master Chefs) – since I was still a young thing when they originally aired, they’re all new to me, and I love them. Unfortunately, given that Jeff Smith is a local boy, PBS will never again show the old Frugal Gourmet episodes – I do miss the series, even though his actions kind of ruined it for me. Two other PBS favorites – Breaking Bread by Father Dominic and Ciao! Italia by Mary Anne Esposito.

    • Pat says:

      The Cajun guy was Justin (“Jus-TAN”) Wilson. I have a book of his from the late 60s. loved him.

    • KristenS says:

      The PBS cooking shows are all still really good. I loooooove “America’s Test Kitchen”. Very dorky, with really good, basic recipes.

      • Pat says:

        I love America’s Test Kitchen and its magazine counterpart, Cooks’ Illustrated. I have a number of their cookbooks too, which are awesome. My 4 year old even knows their names (Chris, Bridget, Julia)!

  10. JackEughlayte says:

    It was all about the cans then and it’s all about the cans now.

  11. Eurodancemix says:

    Wow, what a difference. I’m not a fan of hers, but I like this SO much better. This is “watchable.”

  12. burrhaz says:

    Vintage Emeril on Julia Child’s Cooking with Master Chefs series – a COMPLETELY different personality. Watchable, even.

  13. It… was informative, interesting, and it made me want to make lasagna.

    I don’t know how to deal with this.

  14. I completely agree. I actually liked the earliest Rachael Ray shows, way back when. She seemed … humble, even like-able. Then came celebrity and she’s SO annoying now.

  15. Mitsy says:

    Loved the early Giada, Emeril and Rachel for all the reasons stated above. Plus, their best recipes were the early ones and probably their own as well.

    • reneedog says:

      I with Mitsy and the others on this. I even liked Emeril back in the Essence days. The guy had some real charm.But they turned him into Bozo the Clown on Emeril!!!! Live!!!!!.

      Even Paula wasn’t horrible when her show started and I used to really like Rachel Ray. But both are now unbelievable charicatures now.

      I think the new shows are doomed from the get go.
      this MEat and Potatoes horror, Outrageous Food, etc. etc.

      I watched Have Cake Will Travel last night. It was both sort of horrifying and sort of boring at the same time. Ashley Vicos is already a charicature, she ‘s like a FN version of Anna Nicole Smith with a cast of weird misfits surrounding her (The show’s format looked like it was copied from Ace of Cakes, the sidekicks get a lot of billing and plenty of chances to show that they are assholes)

      Ashley was much less obnoxious than she was when she was on FN Challenge, Shrek the Musical, maybe she was comfortable she she has been crowned “Queen of Cake”. (O brother). But the show was mostly boring and the cake was fugly so I turned it off.

      To go back On-topic, I enjoyed watching the “old” Giada, she’s very relaxing and draws you in. She is also wearing much less eye makeup than she does now.

      • bunny69 says:

        You’re right about Ashley Vicos’ new show; it was totally boring and in some instances completely awkward & unbearable to watch! AV seemed to enjoy the spotlight but everyone else seemed to be really just bumbling around! I’m pretty sure most of the “cast” were inserted shortly before filming the pilot episode cause they didn’t seem to interact as if they knew each other. In fact, they appeared to me as if they just met! Not a good show at all…But…a discussion for another time!

  16. Capriel says:

    These early shows reveal just how fake Giada has become. Althought I believe she’s a pretentious snob and the Make-A-Wish fiasco was a turn off, Ina hasn’t changed IMO.

    • Diane says:

      I’m not sure about that, Capriel. I remember watching Ina when she’d say things like “I’m using homemade stock, but the store bought stuff is okay for this.” or “Just a rough chop…don’t worry about making it perfect.”
      Seems everything has to be GOOD (I read that as ‘expensive as all get out’) now or it isn’t fit for her table.

      • Capriel says:

        I agree with you about Ina’s insistence of only using the finest ingredients. Of course that means expensive but she has money and doesn’t care what others can afford. But I think her TV persona has remained the same.

        • Diane says:

          You’re right about that. She hasn’t become some over-the-top cartoon version of herself.
          The shents and nervous laughter remain the same. ;)

    • Cynic onlooker says:

      I totally agree with you Capriel.

      Case and point? Giada said “riCotta,” when I know for a fact that she was the one (who, proabably a couple of years later) on her show said that real Italians say “riGOTta” with the “g” and over-pronounciation.

      Also, was I the only one who was taught that the point of a bechamel sauce was that it was white? To mix it with tomato sauce and call it “pink bechamel” is blasphemy.

      • reneedog says:

        Like the bechamel-meat vs tomato sauce-pot cheese, the difference in pronunciation of c and g is a regional/class thing.

        Northern Italians would pronounce the c as a hard “c”. Much further south, the c becomes a hard “g” sound instead. and for the really poor people, the final vowel is clipped off and other internal ones modified. Again, my grandparents came from Calabria and I grew up in a small town in NJ where there was a HUGE proprotion of first generation Italian aMericans that hailed from Naples and points south.

        So Ricotta becomes “rigoat”. And Cannoli becames “ganool”. I kid you not. these are almost dialect pronunciations and obviously represent the extreme end in distortion. Different letters but I grew up with these old timers talking about having a beece of beets (piece of pizza).

        • dX927 says:

          My family originates from Naples, grandfather was born there and came to America around the age of 19. My mom definitely uses the G instead of C but only certain words get the final vowel chopped off. “ragort” and “gannoli” for example.

  17. Sue says:

    Wow. I had totally forgotten that I actually used to enjoy watching her. If it was Food Network that ruined her, holy schmoley! She overdid it with the teeth, she now is fake with the pronunciations of her words, and she now sounds like she wants to every deliciously creamy element to bed.

    Food Network was so intent on making personalities that they lost the reason why we (well, I) watched in the first place. To learn about food, even if you already knew how to cook.

    Heck, not all that long a go, I’d leave FN on all day long (I work from home). Now? Travel Channel. Unless it’s that Ray person, who has been banned from EVERY appearing on my TV. Even in her inanely stoopid commercials.

  18. SCGLive says:

    Wow, it’s ALMOST like Giada wasn’t a pornographic actress in a past life. Almost.

  19. Daria says:

    Totally agree as we’ve discussed here before, FN in general was way better 5 years ago when I started watching. On Giada in particular they mention in her chefography about how she was really nervous and shy in front of the camera and she hardly smiled in her first season. Now of course she has gone too far in the opposite direction. Her set even used to be humble and now it is an over the top beach house, pretty and all but who can really relate to living like that?
    Heck I even bought Giada’s first cookbook and I still use it today for basic Italian recipes.

    But I watch FN no longer and I don’t buy any of their crap merchandise.

    • LJS0208 says:

      That’s basically FN”s motive now, finding people that they can market to sell their crap and make money. They basically say as much on Next Food Network Star. They go for “big”personalities which end up coming across as annoying. It’s either annoying people or stupid competitions, neither of which are appealing to people who just want to watch interesting shows about cooking.

    • chris says:

      totally agree with you , i watch giada and wish a hugh wave would wash her away and her overly pretentious “home” . i used to enjoy watching her , now she`s a fake , phoney, and just as much of a douchbag as Guy Fieri .

  20. LJS0208 says:

    The difference between this and what you see now, is the show accomplishes it’s purpose. You actually find yourself watching the cooking process and paying attention, versus getting irritated by the porn music in the background and stupid catch phrases that you get today.

  21. PincoPallino says:

    What is this “old Guy Fieri” of which you speak?

    • Numb says:

      During his time on the Next Food Network Star, Guy was like 10000x less annoying. I remember being sad that Reggie didn’t win, but thinking something along the lines of “well at least Guy isn’t too bad himself, he’ll probably at least bring some legit restaurant skills to the channel.”

      Ug. Guy’s transformation after that happened almost overnight though – and now he’s easily one of my most hated people on earth.

  22. oh_come_on says:

    By current standards, almost boring to watch (what a relief!) but it’s about THE FOOD, a concept FN long ago deserted.

  23. imbri38 says:

    Amazing. I wish we could sit the “powers that be” down in front of us, show them that clip first and say “This is how you started.” Then, show a clip of the “new” Giada, and even throw in a clip of that abysmally STUPID “Meat and Potatoes” and say, “This is what you’ve become. Now, explain to all of us – how is this ‘better’??”

  24. Diane says:

    Interesting you would post this just now, Jillian. I found ‘Everyday Italian’ on the Cooking Channel this weekend and simply could not believe the difference.
    I had forgotten how pleasurable it was to just watch Giada cook and act normal instead of having some goofy ‘theme’ going and having to see so much of her weenie husband. (Although I do love to see their little girl…she’s darling)
    That was the Giada I fell for and why I always watched Everyday Italian.
    I really miss that show and that Giada.

  25. ron says:

    Wow..that is an amazingly easy to watch Giada…. although on a side note…. I STILL don’t know what a French white cream sauce has to do with the making of a classic lasagna!

  26. Nursemegg says:

    It’s like Giada on Quaaludes. I like it!

    and to Ron….I just got back from Italy where I took a cooking class. They made the lasagna with meat and Bechamel…no Ricotta. No mozzarella.

    • reneedog says:

      Lasagna with meat and bechamel is northern style where the people eat a fair amount of meat.

      The lasagna with ricotta and tomato sauce is from the much poorer south of Italy where they eat much less meat and have to get their protein from other sources such as ricotta. My grandparents came from Calabria, which is about as southern and as poor as you can get and my grandmother always made a meatless lasagna.

  27. RR's Pompoms says:

    Wow – actually easy to listen to and I agree, no porn music. She actually seems human and approachable. Still kinda sorta has the bobblehead look going but at least there aren’t teeth and overpronunciations to go with it.

    • Cynic onlooker says:

      RR’s Pompoms, I almost think that the porn music plus the excessive cleavage is some kind of subliminal message now, lol.

  28. StephP says:

    Food Network has evolved into something completely unwatchable. I began watching in 1993 when everyone was humble and a pleasure to watch. There were cooking shows on in the evening. Hard to believe, I know. Now there’s just a bevy of annoying personalities, cooking competitions and reality shows.
    It’s a shame that I had to tune out after fifteen years.

    • al dente this says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The sucky food network head douches are totally detached from any semblance of reality. Dumbasses. I hope the whole network tanks…the sooner the better. TUNE OUT!!!…before they brainwash your children!!!

  29. Oob Oob Yittik says:

    Her head is still 5x too large for her body though. Just sayin’.

  30. TennisAce says:

    To show how much I used to enjoy Ina, Giada and Rachel, I actually went out and bought their books. As someone said up top, you could watch them while sipping a cup of tea and thinking to yourself, I could do that. They made it look very easy, especially Giada. The lighting on set was quite charming and you just knew you could make whatever it is they were cooking. These days, it is all teeth, all cleavage and the baby and husband. Meh

    Even old Ina used to make me smile especially when she talked about cooking her husband chicken every Friday. I thought they were Jews until the day she cooked pork for him

    • Lee says:

      They are Jews, though

    • Carrie says:

      Not all Jews keep kosher.

      Heck, I know a family who the mom tries to keep them kosher at least in what they eat (if not in preparation with the two set of dishes and what not) and the husband and the son will totally eat pork whenever you give ‘em half a chance.

    • Diane says:

      Exactly. I actually learned a lot from those older shows. They were *gasp* informative!
      Don’t know why FN had to go screw itself up. Sad.

  31. Hannah says:

    Well, if you ever watch that “Next Food Network Star” thing, you can tell they are prepping them to become like that, all fake and over the top. I hate it. I mean pizazz is one thing, but really. Paula Deen has gone so far over to the dark side now that I won’t even watch her. I remember when she was a true Southern cook and not another food snob that makes disgusting-looking fancy schmancy garbage. Don’t even get me started on Rachel Ray – I’ve detested her for years! Some of my family is obsessed with FN and I’m like ughhh everytime they put it on. I just can’t really stand it anymore.

  32. Lulu says:

    Gidia makes washing her hands look like the beginning of a XXX porn movie. I keep waiting for the pizza boy to knock on the door. I can’t watch her for one mini-second.

  33. Liz says:

    I think Giada did really well in these old episodes. She could use a little bit of humor, but she’s not a very funny so maybe that’s asking too much.

    I actually enjoyed watching this – she looks down at the food the whole time, which makes me believe she knows what she’s doing. In her newer episodes she spends too much time staring at the camera and smiling hugely and not much time actually cooking.

    I used to love Giada, I really did. Not so much anymore…

    • KristenS says:

      Nathalie Dupree (PBS cook) used to look in the camera as she was pouring liquids or mixing things. It was really quite funny – I was always waiting for her to completely miss and pour milk all over the countertop! It looked to me like she was eitehr a) trying to read cue cards or b) had some sort of media training and was never able to make it loko “natural”. Anyways, I always thought Nathalie’s camera-looking was funny, unlike Giada’s whoring.

      • Bonniebee says:

        I also remember Nathalie Dupree and her cooking show. Poor woman was the messiest cook I’ve ever seen. One time she knocked a measuring cup on the floor and had flour flying all over the place while making biscuits. She was not too coordinated, but funny to watch.

      • Sarah says:

        I remember an episode where Nathalie Dupree dropped a saucer on the floor and broke it. She simply said oops, very nicely asked an assistant to get it, and went right on with her show. Nowadays, that would be completely edited out.

  34. Tom says:

    I think new Giada looks better. I like the make-up and cleavage. If we could combine current looks with past presentation…

  35. tito says:

    the day I really just did not like her anymore and did not watch her show anymore was when she was a judge on a show on the FN. she gave her fake huge smile and all these fake nice comments and as soon as the contestant left the room, she just started talking crap and turned to everyone being stupid and very rude. if you are going to be a judge, be genuine and tell him/her what you thought they did wrong and what they could improve on. dont be a phony b*tch about it and try to make yourself look better.and frankly, her smiles get bigger and more scary as the years go by. can’t stand her.

  36. tahitigirl says:

    Was this the same person? About the only thing the same was “there we go” and “perfect”. I’ve never seen Everyday Italian so this was a real eye-opener. Now I understand why people used to appreciate her.

    I caught “Paula’s Home Cooking” the other day and was shocked at the difference between “then” and “now”. It’s like once she got her teeth done and started wearing wigs she morphed into Manic Paula. I liked her better the old way (just like Giada).

  37. Mel says:

    I used to watch food network all the time. Now don’t watch it at al bc everyone has become so fake.

    • bunny69 says:

      Amen to that! Used to love FN cause the hosts were “real” people. The only one that hasn’t really changed (except for the veneers) is Nigella. She’s the same upper-crust, prim n proper English lady she was years ago on Nigella Bites…Still like to watch her shows if only to listen to her speak the Queen’s English. : ) Everyone else can go drown themselves in marinara sauce or EVOO!

  38. glasgowmomof2 says:

    Crap I mean watching.

  39. Chad says:

    “no phony grins, no teeth, no incessant over-enunciation, and no boobs”

    Know what else? No regard for basic health standards. Notice how her right hand goes from handling raw ground meat to grabbing the olive oil, reaching into the utensils, and pinching some salt.

  40. FLFarmer says:

    I used to keep FN on all the time – I work from home mostly, like another commenter – and slowly but surely it wound up being my noise of choice less and less over the years. Now, I never watch it because it’s full of annoying douchebags. I do watch one show on Cooking Channel every week: Luke’s Vietnam. Other than that, I catch the Two Fat Ladies from time to time. I refuse to watch Cooking Channel until it’s in HD. So, alas, old Giada will also not be gracing my screen any time soon, even if she’s so much less annoying than new Giada.

  41. Mike says:

    Boring! New Giada is much better! She looks great and keeps your attention, and sounds more like she knows what she’s talking about when she pronounces things right. This is also missing background music.. It’s too plain and dull.

  42. Annie says:

    I agree 100%. The quality of the shows have really gone down the tubes. They are pretty much impossible to watch anymore, unless you are looking for a comedy show not a cooking show. I imagine the ratings have gone down the tubes too.

  43. Leo says:

    Her head looks HUGE in this video!

  44. Bellissima says:

    What is it about cracking and beating eggs that says to the producers “Let’s put porn music here.”?

  45. VegOut says:

    Old Giada was so much more tolerable! Funny though that as a judge on The Next FN Star she totally forgets how she started out!! No smiles, no fake laughter; all of the stuff she gets on the contestants for. I don’t watch FN anymore; I like the Cooking Channel because they air the older shows before all of the hosts heads blew up and they became brands instead of chefs. Even Ty Flo is watchable on the Cooking Channel-and that’s really saying something!!

  46. qwertygirl says:

    Much more watchable than today, although she doesn’t smile hardly at all. Of course now she looks like some kind of a clown, but a smile or two would go amiss here. The funny thing is, there ARE some shows on (primarily Cooking Channel) that aren’t the obnoxious new style that FN seems to have adopted. I find French Cooking at Home with Laura Calder and Nigella to be far less hyperactive than the likes of Guy and the Raytard.

    Of course, calm or not, Giada still looks like a Pez dispenser.

    • Lisa says:

      in her At The Table With, they talked about how she hardly smiled and was super serious in these early episodes. They almost axed her, but didn’t want to face the wrath of bigshot Dino. Not their words, but that was the gist of it.

      She doesn’t smile so much as she does grimace.

  47. So There says:

    When “bobblehead” (her head is way too big for her body) and she smiles like the “Joker”, starts enunciating Italian words like she’s teaching 4th graders, my skin starts to crawl. Just cook and
    talk like a regular person. At least Sandra Lee (Aunt Sandy) has booze on every show!

  48. Gypsy says:

    Wow, it’s so weird to NOT see her oozing ego and vanity in this old episode. That is so nice to see.

    I feel like I can relate better to a TV chef who seems like a real, down-to-earth person.

    Giada, Rachael, Paula? Used to like all three; now can’t stand them for more than a few minutes at a time. Fake, plastic, and too full of themselves.

  49. Todd Sharp says:

    Wow what a coincidence! I was just thinking the same thing about Aaron Sanchez. There was a really old special from 2001 called something like Taste Of Mexico on Cooking Channel the other night and the first thing that popped out at me was the fact that Aaron was not all ‘in your face I’m Latino!’. In fact I about had a heart attack when I heard him pronounce chiles as ‘chill-ease’ instead of the ‘cheeee-layyyyzzzz’ that he usually does nowadays.

    • stoup says:

      I saw that special with Arrrrohhhhn Sanchez and thought the same thing. I had to do a double-take…he seemed so mellow back then.

  50. Pharmy (Pharmakeus Ubik) says:

    Without her boobs in the way, I can actually understand her. Unfortunately, I can also see what a giant head she has.

    Too bad FN has forgot about substance over style.

  51. T.Piper says:

    To be fair Jill, she did kind of say Ree-coh-Tahh.

  52. T.Piper says:

    Also I have to point out that in early eps of Iron Chef America, Anne’s hair wasnt anywhere near the bottle of Dippity-doo. Just saying…

  53. George says:

    I also notice that she used to tell you the measurements for the ingredients. 5 tablespoons of butter. 1.5 lbs of ricotta.

    Now she’s all “a little this” and “some of that.” They’ve stopped expecting the viewers to learn to cook from the show.

  54. Barefoot says:

    Giada’s show has been reformatted to follow The Barefoot Contessa formula and I like it better. Just like with Ina, Giada has a party/picnic/shower/housewarming/guests that she plans a menu for, then takes you on a field trip in her luxury car (Giada’s Audi/Ina’s Mercedes) through her exclusive beach community (Giada’s Pacific Palisades and Malibu/Ina’s Hamptons) as she prepares the meal. I think Giada has become much more annoying, but I like the format better.

  55. Teague says:

    This is the Giada that poor little rich girl Giada (The Donald Trump of the cooking world.) forgot about. The one before she turned so mean, nasty and egotistical.

    FN with a show where some actually cooks. It’s like finding a clip of MTV playing a music video.

  56. Liz says:

    Notice how all the dudes love new Giada (aka tits ‘n teeth only) and all the girls love old Giada (food trumps boobs)?

    Ahh, just the way the world works.

    • MikeP says:

      actually I could never stand her. the old Giada was scary due to her abnormally huge head, but now it’s the boobs…which ain’t huge she is just weighing in at 60lbs…her fucking huge teeth and her over pronouncing everything. She is just annoying as f*ck

  57. Bub says:

    She looks, talks, and cooks like a normal person. You are right. The fame has gone to her bobblehead.

  58. doug says:

    I think I remember seeing an interview with Giada saying that she was tamer in her first season because her close relative(brother?) had passed away. I’m not entirely sure this is accurate, it’s only a vague memory. That being said I still prefer this Giada over the current one.

  59. Eowyn_2 says:

    I have a hard time blaming it on the actual talent, however. Especially since I’ve seen episodes of “The Next Food Network Star”. It’s the FN execs who are demanding their stars act a certain way. These people start out with something good and personable, and then FN badgers them to fit their format. When you’re exposed and in the public eye so much, you start to believe the crap they feed you about how you “should” be.

    I see this on Bitchin’ Kitchen too. You can totally tell when Nadia G goes off her wacky script and starts the FN food porn. She loses her confidence and goes a little plastic and reads off the teleprompter describing the flavors of the dish she just put together. That’s EXACTLY what they made those poor kids do on TNFN Star.

    (Not that I’m saying Nadia G is a chef. She’s obviously a comedienne first and is just using food preparation as the vehicle for her comedy. Doesn’t mean I don’t find it damn funny.)

  60. Tom says:

    I just came by to catch up and had to comment here because I lament the Frankensteining of the people I used to love … especially Giada and Paula. I’m sure I could find a video of Paula on YouTube where she comes out the back door and roly poly down the side yard to a waiting table of everything she cooked and says “I’m here with my best friend, my fork!” or when Giada barely says ANYTHING and just cooks with the most sublime and minimal direction … but it’s OK, it’s TV, we can SEE what you’re doing. Now Paula never apologizes for the butter (that was so endearing!) and Giada can’t pick up a lemon without giving it big whiff. I’m afraid of what Melissa D’Arabian will turn in to! Well, not really, I can’t watch that train wreck

  61. NATHO says:

    She actually enunciated parmigiano reggiano LESS than Rachael Ray. WTF. Bring THIS Giada back!

  62. Kellijean says:

    I know I am way late at commenting, but I just discovered your website yesterday (Iam in LOVE!!!!). I must say, she almost looks gross in this video (weird, greasy hair and shiny face), but I would rather watch this a thousand times then watch her new stuff once! WTF Giada?!

  63. Ellen says:

    So true! I used to love Everyday Italian and Giada, but in her Giada at Home series, she couldn’t be more annoying. She drives me nuts when she samples stuff and gets overly excited about how it tastes. I used to be such a fan, but how I can barely watch. Too bad!

  64. indigo says:

    Giada is beyond annoying.
    Big head,big teeth little tits and dark roots.
    Always wearing low cut tops like she has something
    to show………….little tit cleavage made with foam filled push up bra.
    She so needs to get over herself.

  65. Bea says:

    It’s a joke; Giada seems to be 24/7 showing off her million-dollar dental (and boob) work. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her posing for Playboy but… Wait! she wouldn’t dare to disappoint her husband. Or wouldn’t she?

  66. Janet says:

    I agree!!! She shows too much cleavage and it makes me not want to watch her show at all.

  67. Croftoness says:

    I used to really enjoy Giada. But then her smile began go get wider and wider and scarier and scarier and freaked me out. It was just so annoying and fake! It was like she was a puppet and was being told “Your beautiful! Show them your pretty smile! Smile as big as you can!” And like all puppets she obeyed and Bam! Super scary huge toothy smile. I have moved on to better chefs.

  68. Alicia says:

    Wow she was so serious and laid back. I prefer her like that. Her face looks different too, I can’t figure out why,but she looks different.

  69. shaye says:

    she has such a big head on a tiny body.

  70. Sherry says:

    My biggest question about Giada is…..
    Why does she waste so much food? When she cut chives, she throws away half of the bunch perhaps because it isn’t “pretty” enough. Or when when chops onions and carrots and trims the tops and bottoms if the veggies, she throws half away in that dam trash can. The sniffing, tasting (chewing with her mouth open so we can hear the crunch) is disgusting. The useless comparisons with herbs e.g lemony thyme, or minty parsley , for goodness sakes use lemon or
    Mint instead. I agree FN used to be my go to channel, not so much anymore, honestly many friends and family don’t even bother anymore. I di still enjoy In and thank goodness for PBS!!! Make your donations to keep it going!!!

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