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Questionable Food Network Programming
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. Lana says:

    I’ve always used braising as a method for tougher meats than baby …. and here we all thought that Anne knew what she was doing in the kitchen!

  2. Currer Bell says:

    I would agree it’s questionable. Ham AND baby? Too much protein. A meal needs more balance.

  3. Sandra Lee's Liver says:

    Hmmmm. Cannibalism on Food Network? Anything for ratings.

  4. Diane says:

    I’m surprised it’s Anne. Now Pauler I could understand. Slather butter on anything and she’ll eat it…

  5. Pishposh says:

    I think the irony in “A Modest Proposal” was lost to the FN chefs.

  6. Ida Slapter says:

    I’m sure Anne has a slew of imported orphaned children that she’s braising in her 13.5 qt. Le Creuset (or what I’d call – the Toddler Pot). She’ll be letting them cook ‘low and slow’ for 6.8 hours while she meticulously re-frosts each tip of her hair, talking extra loudly to the dye box. The brined ham is simply a distraction for Child Protective Services.

  7. Teague says:

    Was it a Dutch baby?

  8. Andra says:

    Braised baby is so nasty. It is MUCH better grilled!

  9. Val says:

    i hope Anne BROWWNED the baby before braising it..

  10. Deaner says:

    A modest proposal…

  11. Doh says:

    Whooah, Jillian, is it really getting so tough with all the questionable problems with Foodnetwork that we scraped this up. Everyone is aware that this is a Time Warner blooper, right?

    Anyway, on a lighter note, I’d think if this be it the case, Bobby should step in and have a baby throwdown with Anne.

  12. boke1 says:

    Baby braising is very common in underdeveloped countries, as I’m sure you know. While I’m no political activist, to me they turn out way too mushy and should be outlawed. It’s a world gone mad. Poaching is much more delicious and eco-friendly. Brining the baby may seem harsh but it’s got a nice “salty bite” which Giada might enjoy.

  13. Orni says:

    Clearly just an error. It should have said braised ham with brined baby.

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