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If Food Network Had Shark Week
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. Lana says:

    I think Rachael would make Shtoup, that’s Shark Stew and Soup all in one word!
    Saves so much time that way, you know.

  2. ron says:

    Wow…this is Giada’s biggest accomplishment to date…… making a photo of a woman wearing a bikini a complete yawn!

  3. Fetch says:

    I really liked Brian Boitano! (But, yeah, I know what you mean)

  4. Rancid SHark Meat – Yum Yum!

    WHo will taste test that one!

  5. Christine says:

    Alton Brown
    How to catch, clean, pan sear to perfection in an Stranded-on-a-deserted-island part 2 episode.

  6. baker lady says:

    Looks lick Rach has had too much botox!

  7. Good Vanilla says:

    I believe Ina wouldn’t want her “gays” to go into the good ocean

  8. Silvio says:

    Gonna take Kelsey longer than a 1/2 hour to to teach McCargo to spell anything.

  9. H.C. says:

    had a chuckle over the Sandra Lee one, considering that putrified fermented shark is an actual food (dare I say delicacy) in Iceland. Of course, I still might try that sooner than some of Semi-Ho’s other creations.

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