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Deeply Disturbing Paula Deen Painting
Posted by Jillian Madison

With a baffled expression and my jaw on the ground, teetering on the line between disturbed and amused, I now present to you… PAULA DEEN WITH PANCAKE BOOBS:

Yes, it’s complete with butter and syrup nipples. That Lacey thought of everything, I’ll tell ya. I’ll never look at pancakes the same way again.

[submitted by Kim]

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    27 Responses

  1. imgovtdrone says:

    Oh…my…gawd… Wow that will haunt my dreams for awhile.

  2. Scoobie-Doobie-Doo says:

    OK — now I’m off pancakes while I try to unsee that image.

    A spoiler warning would have been appreciated.

  3. BurgerTime says:

    I took a lot of art courses in college, and I’m sad to say most of the professors would’ve loved this. It would have received an “A,” and the artist hailed as a genius.

  4. Teague says:

    I think it’s more realistic than some of those airbrushed magazine covers of hers.

  5. Kristyn says:

    Well.. at least they aren’t sagging?

  6. Joa says:

    I truly don’t know what to say i feel traumatized now

  7. Broomhildo Weave says:

    not enough butter

  8. Doughboy says:

    This reminds me of a painting in an old episode of Night Gallery.

  9. Deaner says:

    I saw we take off and nuke the painting from orbit.

    It’s the only way to be sure…

  10. Natalie says:

    Oh God. My eyes are melting. That picture is more disturbing than I would have thought. Between the smile and the butter, oh my god!

  11. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    They aren’t called “pancake nipples” for nothing!

    //More like hoe cakes…

  12. Mac says:

    Dear Jesus on roller skates.

    I’m calling my psychiatrist right now for an emergency intervention… that was just AWFUL.

  13. Yaer says:

    Aaaww come on, now pancakes are dead to me.

    R.I.P Pancakes (17th Century – 2011).

  14. Raymond says:

    OMG she looks rabid!!

    • discobabe says:

      As opposed to her normal facial expression(s)? That’s the over-the-top annoying cackle face she has 24/7.

  15. cdm806 says:

    This looks like the prefect revenge gift for Christmas. Can you say where you food this so I can get a print with out your logo on it.

  16. Hobbygourmet says:

    I don’t know what’s more disturbing: The painting itself or that someone actually took the time to paint that old skank.
    I gotta ponder about that one now for a while…

    • Hobbygourmet says:

      I forgot: Other than the subject of the painting, I think the artist is very talented. Would love to see a Marilyn Monroe done.
      On another note: I am turning America against all these FN-Clowns, one person at a time. Had family over & showed them this site, especially the one where she licks stuff off Irvine’s belly. Another Pawler Deen magazine getting cancelled…
      Mission accomplished!

  17. Diane says:

    Wow, that was totally NOT what I expected as I scrolled down. I thought perhaps an unfortunate shot of Pauler without the right size bra…but THAT?

    Oh Lord…I can’t unsee it.

  18. MikeyG says:

    Anybody Horny? Hungry?

  19. Mark H88 says:

    I’m NAKED y’all !!!!

  20. jb says:

    If bussing tables at Bob Evans during the breakfast shift one summer during college wasn’t enough to ruin maple syrup forever for me, this ought to finish the job.

  21. Jana says:

    I don’t know which is worse-the pancakes or HER SOULLESS BLACK EYES. And WTH is that thing in the background that looks like it’s spurting blood? This hurts my face forever.

  22. kpipe says:

    but just think how happy this will make michael!! in fact he probably has made a 8×10 glossy for his tugboat!! or does he see {“see”? his eyes never seem to open up enought} the need for his little boat anymore??

  23. krosstx says:

    WOw..I’m speechless…she even got the fakeass white veneers in there! Paula would disapprove of this because we all know she would use a stick of butter on each pancake!

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