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FNH RECAP: The Pioneer Woman Premiere Episode
Posted by Jillian Madison

I specifically went in to the premiere episode of Pioneer Woman knowing nothing about Ree Drummond or her family or her sprawling ranch. I didn’t want to be influenced by the alleged throngs of blog-readers who have her placed atop some high pedestal. I wanted to form my own unbiased opinion of her and the show, which I most certainly did. And my opinion is this: WOW. IT SUCKED.

I mean it really, really sucked.

I will say from the 22-minutes of footage I saw, Ree seems like a lovely woman. She really does. However, I think it was Yoda who said: a lovely woman does not a good show make.


The lodge. The ranch. The shots of people wrangling animals. The “our life is so hard because we’re the only people on the universe who have to get up at 5 AM” mentality. The “let me serve my man breakfast while he’s herding cows” bullshit. The useless footage of a cute little boy running to get his little cowboy hat. The whole thing tried way too hard. It was way too overproduced and schticky. It was all so nauseatingly phony and sickeningly sweet that it quickly became annoying and intolerable to watch.

Also, on what planet is it appropriate – or even encouraged – to wear your cowboy hat to dinner? I guess only on Food Network, where they’re really trying to drive the point home that they LIVE ON A RANCH.


As mentioned above, Ree made a “special” dinner for her husband because the poor guy had to get up at 5 AM to go to work. As someone who watched her dad get up at 4 am every day for 20 years to then drive 20 minutes to a train station to then take a 2 hour train to NYC, color me unimpressed with her cowboy’s 5am-2pm workday.

Anyway, Ree made a very “special” dinner consisting of country fried steak and mashed potatoes. And by “special” I mean “enough fat and grease to kill a grown man standing.” Oh yeah. Move over, Paula Deen.

Every time Ree said “ball-SAM-ic” vinegar, a little piece of me died. The lecture about only using whole milk to make gravy was painful. The quip about kings and presidents not being able to find her ranch was intolerable. But the worst part came when she awkwardly paused her gravy-making and said: “Shhh, do you hear that?” Yes, I do. It’s the sound of your metal whisk rubbing against your metal cast-iron pan AND IT IS MADDENING.


Food Network’s website describes Ree’s husband as a “hunky rancher.” I describe him as “a total d-bag.” Maybe it was the editing… maybe it was nerves… but he came off as a pretentious, smug, selfish, disparaging prick. When he came into the kitchen to the chorus of kids screaming “daddy! daddy!” he didn’t acknowledge them. Or Ree. He simply said, “Is that our food?”

And (and!) he wore those disgusting, filthy, manure-laden cowboy boots in the house without a care. No worries. I suppose one of the 92 maids will clean it up.

I don’t plan on tuning in to this show again. I hate phoniness, and unfortunately, the Pioneer Woman reeks of it.

The worst part? It was all so completely unrelatable. I didn’t watch her cook and say: “wow, I need to make this for my family.” I watched her and said, “wow, this woman and I have absolutely nothing in common, and if I served my friends/family any of those dishes they would disown me. ”

It wasn’t ALL a waste, though. I did take one interesting little fact away:

What did you think of the show, FNH? Will you tune in next week?

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  1. ButtaRumCake says:

    Yep. I was right. Glad I waited for Jillian’s update LOL!

  2. Tyler says:

    So, I really wanted to like this show. I’ve checked out The Pioneer Woman blog a few times, I’ve seen people ”pin” some of her recipes and home things on Pinterest, and, although I wasn’t really a ”fan” of her’s because I didn’t know what she was all about, I had high hopes.

    Let me just say that your review of her episode is pretty spot on and I think a lot of it actually has nothing to do with her as a person or a blogger or a mother or any of that stuff…it all has to do with Food Network’s crappy editing and writing and trying-to-create-something-out-of-nothing attitude toward these shows.

    Also, I though it was offensive when she told her husband to leave some room for tomatoes and he was like, “No…I got all I need here with the steak and potatoes.” I was sitting here cringing thinking…AWKWARD. I also think she may have been the only person at the table who ate that tomato salad (which actually looked yummy). I mean, force feed the kids and your husband some damn vegetables!

  3. Suzette says:

    Thank you for taking the bullet.

  4. Okie says:

    Jillian, I take it back. Have at ‘em.

  5. ProEJockey says:

    You almost have to watch. It is a train wreck. They can’t make shit like this up every day.

  6. ProEJockey says:

    Tyler has a good point. I think I really do like her. I think food network and their editors are completely to blame for this one.

    • Sassy Molassy says:

      I second this. Food Network and their constant need for STORIES and CHARACTERS!!! Just let people cook please!

      • Sassy Molassy says:

        Also, some of the things she said seemed awkward on the show, but it’s totally the way she talks in her blog. This could also be a situation where reading is better than seeing. I was disappointed I didn’t like it, thought at the very least it would be some good tv to store up and watch on a rainy day.

    • Josie says:

      You mean you would actually eat that garbage she prepared???

      • Sassy Molassy says:

        I have made a total of 3 things I have ever seen on a cooking show, no matter who is the host. I watch just to watch, it’s mindless television.

  7. J says:

    I tend to like Ree on her blog. She’s funny and smart and has like 300 giveaways a week. I do hate the recipes on her blog–they are tacky and lame and a little bit Sandra Lee meets Paula Deen. I wanted to like her show, but it was bad. Really bad.

    I read her story of how she met Marlboro Man, and it’s actually a cutesy love story, and she’s a pretty decent writer.

    • heatnjoy says:


    • Rechelle says:

      Oh good GAWD! If Ree Drummond is ‘smart’ than a pitchfork can do math problems. She is as dumb as a donkey… no wait… she’s way dumber than a donkey. My apologies to all donkeys!

      Or perhaps you are confusing posts about nail polish and flowy tops with perspective and insight?

    • Catrina says:

      She has giveaways to earn money by the clicks the readers and posters give her. The story of how she met MM is mostly fiction.

      • LindyLu says:

        What a bunch of catty bitching people.. I think pioneer woman is a little bit country, Iit’s refreshing, but it gives you a little taste of all our ancesters. Yes we don’t each much fried and gravy type foods, my father did because he was a rancher, BUT HER MAN STILL DOES because he works his butt off like men use too, manuel labor requires a lot of calories.
        As you no doubt noticed her man and his helpers and the lady herself and there kids are fit ARE YOU? You seem like a bunch of fat bitches to me and jealous of what she has and is doing . Try helping with calfing and see how much energy you have, plus a garden, she has no help in the kitchen like other cook shows.
        PS: she has a lot of great recipes, bitches have you tried any?your missing out.
        70 year old country girl

  8. Sharon says:

    Shouldn’t her husband be a little more tan for someone who works outdoors everyday? Even using sunscreen you stil tan. Well, they are a very wealthy cattle family so they probably have employed cowboys doing most of the work.

    Did you see the grease dripping off of the chicken fried steak? ewww

    • Brianna says:

      Did you see what she put in those potatoes? She puts Paula Deen to shame. I can’t imagine anyone feeding their kids this kind of crap. Those tomatoes were the only vegetables they had and they were bathed in oil.

  9. LaLa says:

    It was painful! Contrived situations and the food (other than the tomato salad, which no one ate) was hazardous to your health. The Sunrise Punch (or whatever that horrific drink was) seemed like something that would curdle… reminded me of Aunt Sandy’s lemonade fiasco.

    Will never watch again!

  10. JennNY says:

    I heart you! <3

  11. Dick says:

    Countrified Ina Garten. That’s what I kept thinking.

    If the food could be separated from her schtick, I might be able to get behind this.

    There are few things as satisfying as a good chicken fried steak. And there’s always room in my world for a quick tutorial on making real gravy, although gravy is more feel than recipe. But her mashed potatoes strike me as an abomination. Who the hell needs a recipe for something as basic as mashed potatoes? You boil potatoes, mash them and you throw butter, milk, and seasoning in to taste and leave it at that.

    A show highlighting rustic American food (as opposed to the crazy ass cartoon stuff of Paula Deen) is a good idea. Just work with the good people at the Southern Foodways Alliance to develop a program.

    • gah says:

      Food Network isn’t interested in creating a ‘good’ show, they’re interested in creating a show that will get as many viewers as possible.

  12. Scott says:

    Is it me, or does she look like Ozzy Osbourne in that first pic?

  13. Reelee says:

    I missed the show but this recap makes me glad to have missed it. I totally agree about the hats in the house thing – either they were all born in a barn (maybe) or it’s more phony “we’re so western” stuff. I live on acreage and we work hard outside, even with tons of sunblock we are tan! Food Network get these people a spray tan at least!

  14. Todd says:

    Glad I missed this one.

  15. Ava says:

    The episode didn’t really show her cooking! Didn’t anyone else notice that? Sure, they gave snippets…but the majority of it was her on the ranch…driving around, playing with horses. It showed re-caps of cooking…and none of it had actual recipes.

    I found it shameful the amount of butter and fat she added to her food as well. I’m not saying every dish needs to be incredibly healthy, but this is over the top disgusting. Sure, it’ll taste phenomenal, but you’ll only live a week to experience it.

  16. rj says:

    bleh, that fake perfect happy housewife crap annoys me, why do we need another mash potato , steak making house wife on foodnetwork, i`m sure next week its sliders and potato chips.

  17. Evan Thomas says:

    I didn’t watch it, but I’m so thankful for this review because my twitter feed was abuzz by people who were clearly Pro-Ree going into the premier and just made it sound like fairy dust and rainbows. I plan on watching the episode now just so I can make fun of it to myself and laugh.

  18. Sue ZQ says:

    I’m glad I missed the show, but I looked at the recipes on the FN site. Sweet Jesus, just reading the recipe for the potatoes took 10 years off my life. And the tomatoes? Seriously, a cup of oil?

    And FWIW, she posted the recipe for the “punch” on Facebook. Juice, milk, meringue powder and powdered sugar. Sounds like she has a serious sweet tooth in addition to a grease fetish

  19. The show was an epic fail. Ree Drummond was as stiff as a barn door and she was painful to watch. I felt myself cringing the entire episode. When she was deep frying those pieces of meat the camera cut up to her face and it was drenched in grease. Get the woman a towelette for the love of butter.

    She does look like Ozzie.

    The Brokeback comment…Priceless

  20. ChellyBelle says:

    I used to be a bit of a Ree fan – she seemed like a nice lady, and her blog, when it started out, was kind of endearing – city girl struggles to fit into the country.

    But then, all of a sudden, she was famous, taking pictures with a camera that cost more than my car, and she seemed less and less like someone I could relate to. I stopped reading her blog years ago, after trying to get through her stories about how she and her husband met. It’s cloyingly sweet and reads like fan fiction.

    I hoped her show would take her back to basics, but since that didn’t work out, I guess I’ll give it a pass.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      I read the blog a few times a couple years ago and thought it was a cute concept (had it actually been authentic, that is), but the “wonder woman/I can do it all” schtick is tiresome.

  21. JerseyGirl says:

    I watched this show in anticipation for this post, also the same reason I watched Next Food Network Star.

    It was so painful to watch. But your recap was wroth those 22 minutes of torture.

  22. Spencer says:

    In all honesty I didn’t actually think it was that bad.

    Firstly, the food she made wasn’t really creative, original, or interesting at all. But I thought it was a nice ease into the premiere of the show. The steak and the mashed potatoes and the breakfast sandwiches were obvious choices, but I think the show needs to warm itself into what it can be. She gave the basic tips of making the meals, which was fine. There weren’t too too many awkward moments while she was making the food, except she seemed to make little “cutesie” jokes, that she didn’t even make a smile about, which seemed kind of off. It bothered me though that she didn’t really show herself making a lot of the food. She pulled an “Ina Back to Basics” on us and made the videos of the mashed potatoes and the breakfast sandwiches look like an after thought. I would really have liked to see herself make the mashed potatoes in real time and the sandwiches too, if that makes any sense.

    Also, I have to agree with Jillian about the husband. Like Jillian said, maybe it was the editing or something, but he wasn’t a nice person haha. He seemed very arrogant and “I have to act like an asshole to show myself as a classic cowboy.” He didn’t even try the tomato marinated salad she made, even though it didn’t fit the “meal for a cowboy” theme. He just said that whatever he wanted was fine. Also showing him dogging on Ree when she said she wanted to help with the horses and even forcing her to shove a calf on the ground and hold it’s legs. He was awful and it’d be best if Food Network gave him about 16 seconds of airtime next week.

    Finally, she was a nice change up from the current Food Network shows. I’ve seen myself watching FN less and less because nothing is really interesting anymore, but it was nice to see her life and what she is about. I like to pretend I could afford 9 million lobsters for one seafood gratin like Ina in the Hamptons, or spend 50 years in Italy whenever I felt like it like Giada, so it was a good change of pace. She wasn’t arrogant, she didn’t mention her blog every 5 seconds like I thought she would, and she seems like a very nice person. I think she will grow on me when the time comes. She doesn’t have a bad airing time either. Saturday at 11:30 works for me because it isn’t like every other new show, Sundays at 9:30 am.

    All in all it was a 6 out of 10 for me, because I didn’t find myself wanting to change the channel. Jiilian was right about the douchebag husband, the wrestling of the animals was clearly not needed for the show, and she wasn’t entirely creative with her food or tips on the first episode. Not every show is going to relate to everyone, but I liked how her life was a bit different than the “California or Beach scene” I see on FN a lot. I didn’t like her “Simple but Scrumptious” idea though. As if that hasn’t been overused enough! I’ll be tuning in next Saturday though to see how it is different than her first episode.

    Wow, I think I just wrote a novel…

  23. Njchicaa says:

    Sunrise Punch…. orange juice, pineapple juice, and MILK! (with a bit of meringue powder) I wanted to vomit when I saw her mix that shit up.

  24. Brittany says:

    My opinion is simply this… I think she is a tv/blog “personality” that’s capitalizing on playing that “role” of a “relatable” country mom and wife. It’s a personality that many people find “cute” and warm, because I know I did at first glance. A lot of us city girls look at it and think “Oh okay, that life must be beautiful and simple! I wish my life was that cute!” (okay well maybe not every city girl). But I think when it comes to real, honest, GENUINE country women, I’m not sure if this would really be a slap in the face for them. I mean c’mon.. most of their kids are not homeschooled, most of their husbands don’t look like a “Marlboro Man”, and they most DEFINITELY don’t all have that kind of money to market books, blogs, and television shows on their “life”.

    C’mon… if this doesn’t scream, “market-able type” then I don’t know what more does! Some people really think it’s all the most sincere, easy way of life… but once again, most people don’t live this way… We can only gawk at her and think her life seems perfect. When really it’s framed and painted to be just the way we “think” it is…

    Like Jillian said… I hate phoniness! No amount of “fame”, and money can make me wanna deceive and play such a role to millions of people (when really it’s a brand you’re selling).

    • VegOut says:

      There is absolutely nothing about her life that I covet; from the condescending cowpoke husband to the animal abuse that they make a living from….I’ll pass, thank you very much. I’ve never read her blog, I don’t care how she met Marlboro Man, and I certainly don’t enjoy watching a cooking show where a calf is tied up. So thank you Jillian for sparing me the torture that is The Pioneer Woman’s show!

  25. Kristina says:

    You said it, Brittany. Ree Drummond has said that she wanted her show to be “aspirational”: that is, that stupid “budget people” would aspire to all the Kitchen-Aid, Ford, and Anthropologie stuff she shows off on her blog.

    To think that hard-working ranch women deserve this condescending attitude makes me very unhappy.

  26. Nostrapapas says:

    This show was garbage. I could tell from the previews that it would be horrible, but I didn’t expect this. My mother has a thick southern drawl and has no problem pronouncing the word “balsamic.” Even PAULA DEEN can say “balsamic” correctly.

    I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anyone wear a cowboy hat at the table unless they were eating outside. I can also say that I rarely actually see anybody wearing a cowboy hat in the first place unless they’re a pretentious douchebag.

    This show makes Paula Deen look like a good representative of the south. Hell, I’d rather watch Guy’s Big Bite than this crap.

    …And I share the FNH consensus on Guy Fierri shows.

  27. Lynn says:

    TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!! COME ONNN, “Ree”.. BUT you’se makin money honey so just keep on taking pics of your husb’s butt. WHATEVAH.

  28. Chucks says:

    I don’t think this show will work. Ree is not particularly attractive, she’s “cute” with her bubbliness and all but her face is lumpy looking and her voice is mildly grating. There was nothing really interesting or unusual about her very basic recipes and a good chunk of the show wasn’t even about food but the “Ree-lifestyle”. I think her husband is hot as hell but he DID come of as douchey. Also something about the production values was strange and washed-out. If they had given her a more “Ina-filter/editing” it might have worked more. I will watch again only because I get a kick out of all the controversy surrounding this ginger.

    • Chucks says:

      Also, somebody needs to contact McDonald’s and let them in on this breakfast egg/cheese/meat/bread combo sandwich thing. I think she might really be onto something!

  29. Kelly says:

    I have been a fan of Ree’s blog for a while. Not really her recipes, just her anecdotal stories. I am not a fan of Ree on any kind of TV. Every time I have seen her on Good Morning America, Today, etc. or that gawd awful throw down with Bobby Flay, it was extremely difficult to watch. Another tank for Food Network…

  30. Peaches says:

    For 5 1/2 years I was up at 4 a.m. every weekday and that was for an office job! Didn’t get home until 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. and was usually in bed by 8 p.m.

    I think the cowboys wore the hats inside so the flies would stay there instead of on their manure-covered boots…

    • Nostrapapas says:

      My dad was in the military, got up at 4:30am for 23 years and didn’t get off until 5pm, sometimes not until 9pm.

      I’ve worked on a ranch, and I’ve worked on a farm. In modern times, neither of them is hard work. You spend most of the day standing around. We would get up, eat breakfast, go out, come back in at 9:30 for a snack, go back out, come back in at noon for lunch, take a nap, go back out for an hour, then come back for the day.

      …And nobody acted like it was hard work.

  31. Kelley says:

    This show seems incredibly BORING more than anything.

  32. Rachel says:

    Watching the rerun right now… as soon as she said the thing about presidents and kings i knew i had to get on FNH and see who else barfed.

    That sunrise punch looked kind of like an Orange Julius, no?

  33. Luna Lovegood says:

    I said it before, this was a half hour Ralph Lauren Chaps ad. This show is phony in the same way Sarah Palin’s Alaska was phony. Pure schlock and dreck.

  34. Heidi says:

    I didn’t mind it, but the things about it I hated were all spots where it was obviously FN stuck it’s stupid head in and dictated. The contrived convos btwn Josh and Ladd, the silly crap with the kids…I’d just as soon as seen another recipe, although maybe one with a bit more ingenuity than the 3 we saw. And hell, we really didn’t even SEE the breakfast sandwich being made. It was all VO. (Not that I needed to see it – it was a no brainer, but…I think you get my point.)

    I’m a fan of her blog and I don’t have the issue of her luxurious lifestyle I’ve seen so many complain about here. I’ll probably even continue to tune in, but yeah, FN needs to step the hell back and just let those they invite to have cooking shows actually…you know…COOK.

    • Suz says:

      Ree has always mentioned that she did not want a traditional cooking show. She did not want to be stuck behind a counter. The STUFF we saw today is what Ms. Drummond wanted.

      I’ll keep the rest of my comments to myselef. OMG.

  35. I grew up on a dairy farm and if my brothers or father came into the house in cow chip covered boots my mother would have had a stroke!! Not to mention the hats, everyone always took off their hat on entering the house. The people in this show were ridiculous!

  36. Mandy says:

    Wow. I was once mildly amused by her blog (until it started focusing on home schooling). But, honestly, when I watched this, I just felt like “GOD SHE IS OLD AND TOTALLY UNRELATABLE”. And somehow I had it in my head that her husband was some special cowboy enigma, but what a douche! I’d have stayed a vegetarian city girl if this is how I would have ended up.

  37. Quisicosa says:

    That show was painful to watch because Ree Drummond and her family fell victim to the Food Network writers and East Coast mentality. They live in the Midwest, ergo they must be dumb hicks. Her lifestyle and cooking style got dumbed down. If you look at her cookbook and blog, you know she can cook as well or better than most of the featured cooks/chefs on FN, regardless of culinary school or not. I thinks it’s like they say, if a tragedy befalls you, don’t comment to the reporter who comes around looking for a statement. They will inevitably edit it to make you look dumb. God bless Ree for the paycheck she received, but I almost would’ve just made no comment or commitment.

    • Ava says:

      That’s a stupid thing to say. Just because someone lives on the east coast doesn’t make them them ignorant. That would be like saying you’re pretentious simply because you live on the west coast.

      Can she cook? I think she can-but anyone can cook with that amount of fat and make it taste good. She’s going to kill her entire audience.

  38. Kelly says:

    Another show that doesn’t work well with a well-known internet personality is Hungry Girl-just painful to watch.

    • Dominique says:

      Hungry Girl is the show I dislike the most because everything about it is just wrong lol.

    • Plumpy says:

      Agreed. It’s pretty bad and I’m not only referring to that migraine-inducing, psychedelic set.

    • Luna Lovegood says:

      OMG! Hungry Girl is just awful . I watched in horror as she made a lava cake by putting fat free pudding into a sugar-free cupcake. Ugh, she takes every bit of fake fat free food and attempts to create something palatable. Yuck, she should just shove a Lean Cuisine into the microwave and call it a day.

    • Dick says:

      No doubt. Wife and I watched a couple episodes.

      It’s Sandra Lee with “fat free” and “diet” ingredients.

      I prefer my food to be real.

      • Rebecca says:

        Her granola recipe was atrocious. She was talking about how low fat hers was because it doesn’t have any nuts. “Nuts have tons of fat, and who needs that?” Um, humans do dumb ass! Plant fats are better than animal fat any day of the week!

  39. Misty says:

    I don’t know what’s worse, having to sit through this show or listen to Paula having to ‘toot’ for 30 minutes. I have an idea Food Network, nix this shit of a show and add more Chef Anne!

    • tahitigirl says:

      Pauler and her “toot! toot!” was the utmost in ridiculous. Ree was amazing in comparison (said by someone who was let down by the show).

  40. Dominique says:

    Her blog isn’t that terrible and I was looking forward to the show. However, she bombed. She was too aware of the camera if that makes any sense and she seemed nervous. She did come off kind of fake and had a “We’re better than you” attitude. I was really wishing her show would be similar to her blog, because that is at least somewhat interesting.

  41. fuctincalifornia says:

    she’s not particularly attractive, eh? she looks like she got bashed in the face with a shovel. her voice is mildly grating, you say? i’d rather be subjected to the (comparatively) dulcet tones of a cat in heat!

    i do have to watch the show though. not often one gets to witness a clusterfuck of such epic proportions.

  42. Rechelle says:

    Uh – you took my comment down girlfriend. Guess it hit a little close to home. If you are going to steal funny lines from pioneerwomansux in this morning’s tweet fest – you should at least credit your source.

    • Not sure who you are or what you’re talking about, but I didn’t delete any of your comments.

      I also don’t follow pioneer woman sucks. I don’t even know who that is.

      Sorry, girlfriend.

      • poppy says:

        WTF? Does Food Network pay you to bash their shows to increase viewership?! All along, I thought you were taking the piss. How did you get your post up so quickly?How are you able to use FN’s pics?? You don’t know who PWSux just like you don’t know who The Pioneer Woman is. Yeah. Right. I call bullshit.

        • Mark H88 says:

          So quick?? Are you a dumb/backwoods cowboy too who has no idea how technology works? LOL

          It’s not magic. Anyone (with half a brain) can put up a pictures from a TV show, with text, within a half hour of it airing, so not sure what your beef is all about.

          • poppy says:

            LOL! I wish I were a dumb-assed, back country albino hick from OK with a couple thousand dollars in my wallet!

            I suppose I wasn’t very clear when I posed my question. I just want to know if Jillian et al have a deal with the FN where they get to preview the shows BEFORE they air. I want to know if FN sponsors this site.

          • FLFamer says:

            @Poppy: What are you talking about? This was posted after the East Coast showing of this dreck.It isn’t some magical formula that’s so different from any other review/commentary site.

        • Rebecca says:

          No, actually Scripps (the owners of Food Network) hates her. They bought “” in an attempt to thwart any bad mouthing she’d do about the Cooking Channel. Little did they realize that Jillian doesn’t need a whole new site to do that!

          • poppy says:

            If Scripps is so full of brutal againstness, why do they allow Jillian to use their photos? If The Pioneer Woman stinks so terribly, then why wouldn’t Jillian look forward to every Saturday morning? There’s more material in that half hour than in the entire season of NFNS.

    • Seriously???? says:

      Yeah Rechelle…Jillian is clearly hurting so much for material for her own “unsuccessful” site, that she has to take the time to hunt down your “twitter chats” to steal material. Chip on your shoulder, much? Why don’t you take it somewhere else?

  43. annmarie says:

    Great review. The show sucked and so does her cooking. I agree about Ladd. He came off as such a d-bag. Really arrogant and dopey at the same time – hard to pull the one off. This review was hilarious.

  44. Your Name Pop says:

    OMG! You folks must be the biggest bunch of losers ever brought together by a Web site. You sound like a gaggle of Junior High teeny boppers (with all due apologies to 13-year-olds).

  45. EllieMae says:

    Toot-toot! Total bomb. Painful to watch.

  46. Charity says:

    She seems like a really nice women but i have to agree that food network edited this show to make it play to their storyline. They probably had a group of city folks put together a list of things they think cowboys do, like drink from mason jars. I live on a ranch in Wyoming and no one around here acts like that. The women do however, play to the whole serving my man because he gets up at 5am to ride. Yet they forget that they are up that early as well to cook for everyone.

    • ANON. says:

      Go read her blog — she loves mason jars. Even did a special post about ‘em once. And her blog is all about serving her man. And serving up her man’s rear-end to the world wide web. I’m not makin’ this up.

  47. Ree says:

    No I am not THAT Ree. I have been a Ree for 23 years, and she is ruining the name.

    But thats not the point of my comment, the point is I have made a few of her recipes and hey all tasted wrong or were cooked badly.

  48. I entered a room, turned on the TV, failed to grab the remote and proceeded to have a breathing problem that kept me from moving for about 5 minutes. Just then the commercial ended to reveal Ree was in Paula Deen’s kitchen!! I found myself hoping that the lack of oxygen would kill me (or at least bring about blessed unconsciousness). After making enchiladas, they were getting ready to move onto chocolate peanut butter pudding when my s.o. came looking for me the first thing I gasped out was TURN THAT F*ING THING OFF!

    I may not have suffered for 22 minutes, but that 5 minutes of the 2 of them surely trumps Jillian’s pain.

  49. ANON. says:

    Her face looks like a piece of dimpled foccacia bread. Just sayin.

    • AL DENTE THIS says:

      LMAO! And what’s up with the crane neck? She just had to go and breed and pass it down to her daughter. Very oddly proportioned. Poor kid.

  50. Nanidas says:

    While I would never take the time out of my day to watch her show or make all that fatty food, I have to say that I’m pretty indifferent towards her. Just another “personality” for FN to snatch up and make 10x worse. I am confused by the amount of hate and love she seems to receive; I checked out her blog and the blogs of the people that criticize her. She’s just…meh. Blah. I can’t bring myself to feel anything, which is strange, because I love poking fun at people like Giada and Rachael Ray…

  51. Sandra-not Lee says:

    That was the longest 30 minutes of my life. It was terrible. My mom and I watched it, she was frightened at all the grease coming off the chicken fried steak. I’ll never get those 30 minutes back. :(

  52. fuctincalifornia says:

    how many more comments are there going to be to the effect that FN dumbed poor ree down? i’d hate to see the troglodyte that would result from dumbing her down. it wouldn’t be able to wipe its own ass, let alone prance around in front of a tv camera and pretend to cook.

  53. foodismyfriend says:

    Wonder if Bourdain is reconsidering who he thinks is the “worst, most dangerous person in America” via way of their cooking. Paula Deen II coming right up.

    • kelligerl says:

      After Guy “Fieri” and Paula, and, well almost everything on this network, it’s only appropriate that this happened.

      Remember the very good old days when Mario was on? And he cooked without a bunch of schtick?

      I like what Anne cooks, I just can’t stand her constantly saying the same things and talking to her food like they are her lovers.

      Seriously Anne….”my cutie little darlings” to a food item, she says.


  54. Gil says:

    I had no idea who she was until today. First, I was watching Paula’s Best Dishes (I DO love Paula, but this show is a shitshow with all her special guests), and this entire family of weirdos lacking personality were on it. I wondered, “Who are they? Why could they possibly matter? Why is that woman mispronouncing, ‘Dulce’?”

    Then, my questions were answered when Pioneer Woman began and the same family was parading around this ranch with personalities tantamount to dry-humping a mannequin (without the Axe spray). I have no qualms about the food she made or its unhealthiness; that is something that rarely concerns me. I just couldn’t watch this woman cook or talk or smile or do anything. I’m sure she’s a nice person, but that kind of thing doesn’t draw a viewer in.

  55. FatCat says:

    I found the worst this show to be that she pretends to be relatable with this “we’re all normal and country” shit. But the reality is she lives in like a “lodge” or something, has tons of money, maids that do her cooking every night (are we supposed to believe that she does her own cooking?)

    And she just comes off as phony looking Thank you for pointing out Jillian how painful it was every time she said “bal-saamm-ic” vinegar.

    • Jen says:

      Oh, The Lodge is just their second home, built for guests and coincidentally with a TV-ready commercial grade kitchen. Don’t believe the FN when they say poor Ree “has to drive to her kitchen”.

      Tell me what housewife has time to cook meals like that, work on a ranch, tend to the home AND maintain an “Entertainment” section on her website all about the countless movies she has time to watch. She hired out the Homeschooling section long ago to people who actually do it.

      She had an affluent upbringing (a fact she LOVES to hit us over the head with on her website and in her book), then married into a wealthy ranching family. She wears designer clothes and wants for nothing. Poor Ree.

      I used to visit her site religiously until I realized how phony it all was and how we were being played for page views and advertising revenue. The comments are heavily moderated so it’s all sunshine and rainbows all the time. But she can’t jump from oversharing on her blog to this “reality” show and get away with it. She doesn’t do it all, she has a variety of invisible helpers to make her lifestyle possible…and she’s making thousands of fans aspire to something nobody can pull off on their own.

      BTW, everyone who would make an appearance on camera was instructed that they MUST wear a cowboy hat at all times. Some had to go buy one just for the show.

      • PigLipsMcKick says:

        So true. I commented once or twice on her blog (saying that I didn’t actually like golden retrievers since one bit off my dog’s face and 2) the recipe somebody submitted was NOT a gumbo) and those comments were never seen again. And yet, I come across Ms. OversharesMcgee saying “omg ree last week I went in for a hernia operation and an impacted colon and couldn’t keep anything down but these brownie bites were SOOOOOO GOOOOOD GURL”

  56. Sophie says:

    She’s actually pretty witty on her blog, but somehow this did not translate AT ALL to television. It really is a shame. I agree, that it seems to be a case of a VERY bad script and editing. It was painful to watch!

    • bunzilla says:

      Totally! It’s like most of Stephen King’s novels that are made into movies: they read great in paperback but loses something significant on film…Well, this Pioneer Woman will probably get relegated to the time slot of death, either early Saturday or Sunday mornings…

    • Dana says:

      Maybe it has nothing to do with script or editing. Maybe she’s just funny online, where you read it and give her words your own interpretation?

  57. As a born and raised Texan, I can say that it is NEVER acceptable to wear a cowboy hat inside the house. Any man who actually wears cowboy hats knows that he had better take it off at the door. Someone needs to teach this D-bag some manners.

    • Jason Reichert says:

      Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner. And I was raised as a SUBURBAN Texan and still know this!

      • FatCat says:

        Yeah but she is in Oklahoma. Maybe it’s different there?

        • Hakuna Fritatta says:

          Nah. Oklahoma is just Texas lite. I’ve never been but have tons of relatives there.

        • Misfit says:

          Nope! I’m in Arkansas, and there is NO difference. It’s downright RUDE to wear a hat inside – even more so at the dining table. Even if you were eating outside at a picnic table, you remove your darned hat.

    • Lacy says:

      born and raised oklahoman here. not ok to wear boots in the house. he’s just a douche.

      • Fiery Red says:

        Lived in the Colorado Rockies and southeast Kansas and most men I know only wear cowboy hats for special occasions. Otherwise, it’s a ballcap that looks like it’s about to get up and walk on it’s own. And ANY work boots are left outside, no matter what covers them. I’ve seen grown men hit with brooms for tracking mud on Mama’s clean floor.

        As for the cooking, it looks like home to me. It’s taken him two years, but my brother has finally accepted that he has to use cheap bleached flour, full-fat sausage, and whole milk to perfectly recreate our Mother’s bisquits and gravy. Sorry, health nuts, they don’t call it “Down Home” for nothin’!

  58. Josie says:

    I wasn’t able to watch the show, but I read the recipes, and I gained ten lbs. and got a clogged artery just reading them.

    Butter, heavy cream, cream cheese … what a way to ruin good potatoes.

    America has an epidemic of obesity, and it’s thanks to this sort of garbage food.

    How did this woman even quality for a cooking show on the Food Network? It’s shocking. And she has zero personality. She and her family actually look like a bunch of country hicks ~~ hicks with money. Money can’t buy class.

    • Dick says:

      I hate to defend the atrocity that was those mashed potatoes, because holy crap.

      But if you aren’t putting butter and milk into your mashed potatoes you’re doing it wrong.

      The problem is the excess, not the presence.

      • Jana says:

        Exactly! I make mashed potatoes with cream cheese and half & half ONCE A YEAR and it’s at Christmas. Everything in moderation is what my mother used to preach and that is so true. The rest of the year I honestly don’t make them that much period-we eat lots of spinach salad.

      • My normally fat-phobic mother made those mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. I’m not so fat-phobic (BRING ON THE FAT) and I have to say they are DELICIOUS. I hate defending them, but DA-YUM they are soooo good. I also have to say I’m not a fan of potatoes to begin with, so I need lots of fat to make them taste good to me.

    • Mom2Feebs says:

      no it isn’t, Josie. It has everything to do with how much of it Americans shove in their faces. Butter, cream cheese, etc all have their place at my table, but in much smaller quantities. It’s called “personal responsibility”.

    • al dente this says:

      One doesn’t need to have any qualifications to be on the FN channel, obviously. In Ree’s case though, MM bought her a spot. Money, baby…makes Fogelfart drool. Who needs qualifications.

  59. Jimmy says:

    i’d love to tape her husband and let her watch

  60. Goober says:

    Food Network has gone totally to shit.

    It’s the trend. Niche channel starts (History, Learning, Music, etc.). Slowly but surely it evolves into a bunch of fake-ass “reality” crap with midgets, teen moms, cowboys, strippers, and pawnbrokers.

    The viewers who originally tuned in because they loved food, music, history, etc. are repulsed and stop watching.

    Only mouth-breathing idiots still watch. The TV execs aren’t dumb, so the mouth-breathers must outnumber us when it comes to ratings.

    • bunzilla says:

      Thank you for expressing my POV!! I totally agree that the channels I once considered really above par have all gone the way of stupid! The channels you mention and several others have all had a sip of the proverbial purple Kool Aid and are cloning the same over-scripted, badly acted “reality” crap just to attract the growing number of dumbasses! Whatever happened to the chili cook offs or the Pillsbury competition or the pie making contests that FN used to show? Those were true reality shows with real people….Bring back those shows and I’ll start watching again…

      • Spencer says:

        I LOVED the Pillsbury competitions. They would air at just the right time after I hadn’t seen one in a while, so it was nice nostalgia. I don’t really like watching Food Network Challenge (as much as I like Claire Robinson) every single night.

      • Shelley says:

        Cooking magazines are the same way. I’ll find myself losing interest, and then when I come across an issue from 10 years ago where they were teaching how to make croissants or something else difficult and I’ll realize how much it’s changed and dumbed down. Bin Appetit, Fine Cooking, even Cooks Illustrated. Sad.

    • Jeneria says:

      I would watch the shit out of a hooker or stripper cooking show.

    • Jenna says:

      I do admit to liking “Pawn Stars” (and only Pawn Stars, can’t stand the imitators) because you still do get a bit of history, and some of the stuff that is brought in is really neat.

    • ImaGangstaaaa says:

      FN needs a cooking show with midgets.

    • Kathy says:

      This very reason is why I got rid of my cable TV subscription.

  61. deb says:

    just AWFUL

  62. bunzilla says:

    Oh wow…I just took a really good look at those pics and just realized that she doesn’t translate really well onto film either…Yikes!

  63. LACtecia says:

    You re-used a lot of the material from the live-tweets from PWSux. Don’t deny it, just fess up, credit your source, and go forth & sin no more. Trying to be conciliatory here. If my comment doesn’t get posted then I’ll assume you are either in denial or else you are unapologetic about it.

    • jennylola says:

      have you ever read fnh, my friend? the gals here are constant and consistent. i seriously doubt jillian has time to copy pioneerwomansux and COPY what others have posted. especially since she has to endure watching all this drivel on the “food” network and report upon it. consider yourself lucky. you piss me off.

    • Nanidas says:

      Just because Ree has a bunch of VERY obvious quirks and more than one person has recognized and blogged about them doesn’t mean any of this material was “stolen”. This review of Pioneer Woman sounded like any other review that Jillian has done. If you actually took the time to read more than this entry on FNH, I’m sure you would realize that.

    • I don’t steal content from anyone, and frankly, i resent the implication. I always credit sources. I always credit submitters. I don’t read that blog, and I certainly don’t follow that person on twitter. And people can acknowledge and recognize the same things without the content being “stolen.”

    • amber says:

      Not to be a complete dick, but I looked around that pioneerwomansux site, and while a few things made me chuckle, I can say with complete confidence that the writing here is pretty superior to that site. The opinions on this show are similar, but there’s no way that Jillian ripped ANYTHING off of that other blog. Frankly, she is one of my favorite bloggers (so I guess I am biased, but whatever), and she doesn’t need to steal words or ideas from ANYONE. And not for nothin, but she’s ALWAYS given credit where it was due. So kindly stop hating on a talented writer and read some of her other work and experience some GENUINE laughs (and great information!).

      • Ellie says:

        “You stole our Twitter feeds!” Seriously? What are we, 12? Grow up and go away. You’re only making asses of yourselves.

      • Rechelle says:

        My best guess? Amber, Ellie and Jillian are all the same person.

        • And my best guess is you’re a fucking idiot. Right, I have to resort to writing fake comments on my blog. That’s more your speed, on your obviously unsuccessful Anti-Pioneer woman blog. Good luck with that. Bye bye.

        • Ellie says:

          Keep going, PWSux folks. You’re becoming more pathetic by the letter.

        • FLFamer says:

          Rechelle, I have a lot of respect for the things you do, but you’re completely wrong here. Nobody removed your original post (probably got caught in moderation), and these three posters are definitely not the same person. Give it a rest on this, you’re sounding shrill.

        • amber says:

          That guess would be incorrect. I simply stated my opinion. I guess it was “ripped off” from your site too… Oh wait…..

        • casey says:

          The fact that you try to capitalize off of her success by writing a blog that mocks her is really kind of…sad. No, you don’t just mock her; you attack her personally. It’s the internet equivalent of writing a slam book. There’s a line between satire and persecution. Coming to the blog and making accusations and trolling and flaming says a lot about you.

          Jillian wrote the review for comedic purpose while giving her honest opinion on Ree and her show. But your actions go way beyond that. You come to other websites (that have a similar opinion to yours) and you insult and cyberbully. Honestly, does making other people feel bad about themselves make you feel better about you?

          Sorry for getting off topic here, but Rechelle is the reason I loathe reading comments on most blogs. There are some really horrible people out there who are so miserable that they have to put down others to build themselves up.

          • Oh dear God, the cyberbully allegations begin anew. Exposing the faux Pioneer Woman hardly rises to the level of cyberbullying. Rechelle’s Pie Near Woman is creative brilliance. Guess she’s hit a little too close to home for comfort, huh PW fans? Ree Drummond is nothing but a narcissistic capitalist who’s managed to pull off an internet hoax that’s hoodwinked millions. Rechelle’s Pie Near Woman is a welcome antidote to the censored, PhotoShopped crap Ree publishes on a day to day basis. Those of you riding on her coattails might want to find another source of income. Ree’s TV show is an epic fail.

    • Brook Monroe says:

      It disturbs me that someone maintains a Twitter feed for the sole purpose of disparaging someone else’s blog (and/or life). Doesn’t really suggest 100% high-quality mental health, does it? Ordinary people stop exhibiting this laser-focused hate before they graduate from high school.

      Ah. Well, perhaps that explains it.

    • DivineCroissant says:

      Lactecia, I’m sorry to interject, but I’m a published writer and I don’t see any similarities between PWS and what Jillian wrote at all. I’ve read PWS–recently in fact–and nothing here made me think Jillian had “stolen” material. Jillian’s griping about the same sort of things–PW’s artificiality, her horrible food, her weird over-entitled middle-aged white woman blog, but she’s not saying it in anywhere near the same way and she’s highlighting different aspects of those facets than PWS does. It’s hard to imagine someone writing a rant piece about PW and not talking about those same topics.

      Ree gives me creepy “Paula Deen” vibes. I get the feeling that originally she was okay, but then she realized that if she turned up the heat on the “country gal” angle, she’d make more money. She’s so fake, yet trying so hard to convince everybody she’s just an average country person. And the butter abuse! Oh god, the butter abuse! What did that poor butter ever do to her?

  64. Mystrich says:

    It just didn’t feel like a cooking show to me. She showed almost none of the cooking, and a lot seemed to be the serving. Like in one part, she’s driving in her car, and the camera is recording her just saying her recipe out loud.

    Foodnetwork Star requires the contestants to tell a story ad nauseum, but I was hoping for it with this woman because it was “List recipe – show 20 minutes of her serving it or doing ranch stuff”

    I still say they’re preparing her to be Paula Deen’s heart attack replacement.

    Overall though, it wasn’t BAD, just not good. I think it has potential to get better and I’m hoping a lot was nerves (like the president’s and king’s comment which made me cringe too)

    • Lizz says:

      I really agree with you here. I had heard of PW before her show started gettting promoted (in fact, I’ve been reading the food related content of he blog for a while now) and I think this episode just fell flat. One thing I enjoy about her blog are the photos. There are so many of them, it’s almost like watching a cooking show. This episode just skipped right over any actual food preparation, and went for the cheese factor.

      I hate to say it, but I was actually BORED. Hopefully they’ll run out of stupid ranch activites for her to do and let her do what she does best- show off the butter and make funny, self depricating comments.

      • Brianna says:

        They won’t. Because in order to do just a cooking show she would have to be able to do just that: cook. She cannot cook. Why do you think they choose not to tape her cooking? Have you seen her on GMA? She set the the chicken on fire. I found another snippet of her on a show and she was messing it up there as well. I think the only reason FN choose her was the tv setup kitchen she has in her lodge and the ranch life.

    • Dick says:

      I think you’re onto something about replacing Paula Deen.

      I’ve been getting the feeling that they’re going to move her out like they did Emeril.

  65. Kaichita says:

    I am from Ranch Country, Wyoming – and this show is total bullshit.

    • Jana says:

      I’m from Wyoming too-my mom was raised on a REAL working ranch in Utah. This woman is a complete poser. Her husband works from 5 am to 2 pm??? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize they had hours. Real ranchers are at work 24/7.

  66. dja says:

    I don’t really have an opinion on Ree, I think she’s ok.
    You replied to a comment on the last post about her having maids and nannies, so did you really go in ‘knowing nothing about Ree Drummond or her family or her sprawling ranch’?

  67. You guys obviously are not true fans of hers, and I think it’s lovely that she built a huge fan-base before filming a show and fans like me were really interested in seeing her life not just through her blog writing…

    • Jen says:

      I was a fan for a couple years before I finally woke up. You’re not seeing her life. You seeing what she wants to portray her life as. You’ll see the light eventually.

    • Viv says:

      Of course most of these posts are not from “true fans” of Pioneer Woman. You’re in the minority- I mean, Jillian even said (more than once, as I recall) that she didn’t know anything about PW. Neither do I, and those of us up in Canada with only Food Network Canada to watch on cable…well, the show hasn’t even aired on the network yet- I consider myself sooooo lucky. FNH knows their shit.

  68. Kumba says:

    Hmmm. The evolution of this show gives me an idea. Now hear me out…

    If I take a video of my cat talking about preparing seared tuna ahi, and I got a fanbase who tuned in to watch my cat talk about tuna tartar and tuna maki, you think Food Network would give my cat (and me, as his legal guardian and agent) a show about tuna? We can call it “Tuna Purr”.

    Where’s Susie Fogelson, I have to show her all the followers of all those cat blogs and websites! I can already see her sequined shirt glittering with the glow from the dollar signs in her eyes… :)

    BTW, bad spellers of the world UNTIE!

    • Kumba says:

      On a side note, and just think of this as a PS, will food network ever have any shows that feature meal planning? And by that I mean how to figure out complementary sides, scale recipes (up AND down), loose dietary requirements, and maybe even proper portion control.

      To borrow a line from Alton Brown and make it my own: “That’s another channel”

    • jadeblueafterglow says:

      I would watch the hell out of that.

  69. T.Piper says:

    I began reading Ree’s site a few years ago. The recipes, while fairly simple, made some really good food. The photos weer amazing for food blogs at the time, especially considering she wasn’t a fake food blog paid for by Conde-Nast or one of the other blog publishers. I visited her site regularly to see if there was a new recipe posted. I even went so far as to put a bookmark in my bookmark bar so I wouldn’t forget to check…

    For years, Ree would refuse to post pictures of herself, even after posting pics of her husband and children. I wondered, “What is this Pioneer Woman all about?”

    The bubble of awe and mystique was popped when she appeared on Throwdown. I was unimpressed… She reminded me of some rich man’s trophy wife, with too much time on her hands, trying to impress the neighbors (even if her neighbors live miles away… because her husband owns TOO MUCH LAND).

    I’m not surprised that her show (which I’m sure, without checking, is produced by Flay) is bullshit and they’ve taken recipes from her blog and reproduced them for the camera, EVEN IF SHE DIDN’T WRITE THE RECIPE HERSELF… (a lot of her blog recipes were submitted by readers, and she chose to reproduce and photog the results)

    Suck it, Ree. You had something very cool and accessible a couple of years ago. Now I gag every time I hear the phrase “Pioneer Woman” on Food Network.

    You are a SELL OUT.

    • Dana says:

      She went around the web stealing recipes (and other blog ideas). Each and every recipe she posted can be traced back to other food blogs or sites like allrecipes, but she never gave credit and finally got a bad rep for it in food blogging land. There’s no original content in her website.

      Her book was just a bundled version of her blog recipes. I’m not surprised her show is as well.

      Her cooking changed drastically after people found out these were not her recipes. Her cooking went downhill from thereon. It became obvious that she couldn’t come up with a half decent original recipe if her life depended on it.

      Just check out recipes like The Bread or sour cream enchiladas and you’ll see what I mean.

      It was also around then that comment moderation kicked in full force. It’s bizarre to see how fast it works there. I think she hired people to moderate the comments.

    • RigaToni says:

      THIS. I heard about her blog, and I was actually going to get around to reading it.

      I then saw her on Throwdown and I was disgusted. I said, what “pioneer” woman makes this fru fru trendy crap for a THANKSGIVING DINNER (the Flay douche, sure). I mean, I forget what other crap she used but she actually cooked with proscuitto. On Thanksgiving. In “ranch country”.

      A. I can only find one brand in my local grocery stores here in the southwest, if I hunt really hard and go to two or three stores. Tell me how normal it is to cook with this stuff on a ranch.


      C. Pioneer my ass. Her kitchen is bigger than my house. Tell me how rough you have it, Big City Lady, with your giant professional home chef kitchen and your effing maids. You had to get used to limited selection in your small town grocery store… because no matter how big your ranch is you can’t get Fresh Fields or Whole Foods to open up next door. OOooooo you’re roughing it!

    • Jen says:

      I think it’s rather crass of FN to run with the whole “Pioneer Woman” title, even if it’s her blog title. Ree herself has said that it was kind of a tongue-in-cheek title given to her by friends. She is by no means a pioneer in any sense of the word. I would be much more interested in watching REAL pioneer-types who live in remote locations, don’t have piles of money and hired help at their disposal, and truly know how to live off the land. THIS is why so many people have grown to dislike her. She thinks she has a compelling story, and she just doesn’t.

  70. Bkhuna says:

    I just heard about Pioneer Woman and spent some time on her web site and read a few months worth of her blog material. I love Chicken Fried Steak but hers was not appetizing. Too brown, too greasy and it looked overcooked. I changed the channel at that point.

    I wanted to like this show because she has a couple of Basset Hounds (I dig Bassets) but they turned out to be the only part of the show worth watching.

    Maybe she can bleach her hair and start saying things like “Ridin’ the horse to flavour lodge”.

  71. Mac says:

    I don’t see how any of that makes her a Pioneer Woman. Cast Iron and more butter than you can shake a stick at? Cooking used to take all day and all the other things that were beneath men, yeah you had to do all that. Feeding chickens, collecting eggs, popping out babies at lightening speed, collect the food you are going to cook… the list goes on. She looks like she could be a nice lady, but, like you, see how hard my father works nights to keep a roof over our heads lends no sympathy to her situation. Yeah, you work so hard, which I am hoping is what got you that lovely sprawling ranch, but when I see a house that expansive, I don’t feel sorry for the work that you have to do, I think, wow, you could have had a more modest, still lovely and loving, home and had even more space for… ranching? I don’t wish this woman harm, but it is nice to see that she wishes her viewers harm with her fat laden foods and thoughts that a wife, who also appears to work “hard” on this ranch, should be a submissive woman and cook her “hard” working man a meal, because what else are women for besides birth and blow jobs? And besides, this is a choice, their animal hustling and branding and whatever else it is you do on a ranch, instead of office work, which can be just as hard, or what have you.

    • Catrina says:

      Two houses; she has two on the same property and one was remodeled to do the show. And her nabbing the name Pioneer Women is a disgrace and insult to women who really were.

      • Barb says:

        Good point Catrina, pioneer women didn’t have electricity or gas. Pretty damn presumptuous to claim to be a pioneer under her circumstances.

  72. Ker says:

    I kinda scanned through the comments and all of that but this “pioneer woman” so not into it! I live in cowboy country of northern Nevada and from what I know from the men out here that are real cowboys that drive cattle, it is never acceptable to wear your hat in the house! they are very respectful out here, even though I am an upstate new yorker and not used to cows walking down the road but it happens here, I just think this show is another way for FN to make more money. I miss the days of the galloping gourmet and julia child. I even miss the old rachael ray. Food network took me through a time when I had no job and nothing to do so I just cooked all their funny dishes. Now I’m happy to listen to you make fun of them Jillian! LOL Not going to watch Pioneer woman and I barely watch any other shows on there now! I like watching Anne Burrell and Alex but the others not so sure now!

  73. [mecha:spider] says:

    I watched the six minute episode on the food network website because I work weekends and can’t watch it when it comes on. Here show seems… Bland. I almost felt embarassed for her by how she did things. I understand the calorie ladden food, because if you really are working that hard, you need as many calories as you can get. But the entire show just screams fake to me. I enjoyed a few of her recipes on the website, but I really don’t think this is something that FN really needs. We already have Paula, why add more calories to the line up?

  74. Brook Monroe says:

    Just out of curiosity, what IS the correct pronunciation of “balsamic?”

  75. Maria says:

    She is so lovely on her blog but I did not see that spark she showed when she did the Thanksgiving Throw-Down with Bobby Flay (which is why I think she got the FN gig). And as much as I like her blog, the show left me saying “That’s it?”. It just felt too sacarine. The timing of her jokes was off like “insert laugh here” kind of thing. And it is too funny your comment about the gravy “do you hear that?” And all I kept thinking was “I hear metal on metal”. Too bad. Hopefully it will get better.

    • Melissa says:

      She doesn’t write her own blog posts and hasn’t for a long time now. There’s a publishing company that handles her whole entire blog. It’s very common practice to have ghost writers who just email an “entry” by “her” to her for approval and then post it to her site.

      honestly her show looks ridiculous. She should have just done a reality show instead.

  76. Hal says:

    Something like Extra Virgin with Debi Mazur and her husband. I think that show works very well as a reality type cooking show.

    • Jenna says:

      Yes it does.
      I love watching “Extra Virgin”, because I can watch Debi and Gabrielli (sp?) act like a loving couple without the sense that any moment they’re going sweep everything off the counter and go at it, like I do when I watch “At Home With the Neeleys”.

      • LauraS says:

        Seriously, who has an appetite after watching the Neelys? Maybe that’s just some perverse FN Diet Plan, make you so grossed out by the hosts you don’t want to eat anything.

      • trixie says:

        The EXACT same reason I prefer “Extra Virgin” to “…..the Neeleys”!!! I’m SO TIRED of the Neeleys lame sexual innuendos on their show. Give me a break!!

      • Tara says:

        Remember that when you compliment a show on the Cooking Channel, you’re also complimenting the Food Network because their affilated.

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      That show is cute and the food looks fantastic. Plus Gabriele is a total hottie.

  77. jadeblueafterglow says:

    Oh God, butter and whole milk, the travesty! You know, not everyone eats diet/nonfat/lowfat food and the implied classism I hear in comments pertaining to any cooking that isn’t all about reducing fat content is really obnoxious.

    That being said, this “pioneer” woman is an insult to ranchers everywhere. The subjugated woman vibe is extremely unappealing and if someone came into my house with shitty boots on I’d knock them into next Tuesday.

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      Surely it isn’t only in the great PNW that cowboy boots are referred to as “shit kickers”?

    • Camille says:

      Classism? First time I’ve heard butter and cream defended as being a staple of low socioeconomic families, given how damn expensive that stuff can be. And even if you work on a farm and have that stuff in excess, it makes more money sense to stretch it. (I get less than a thousand dollars a month, in case you were curious about my poor person cred.)

      • That Guy says:

        Often, at least around here, it costs more to get the low-fat or low-sodium variations of food. Several dollars more in some cases.

        The point I’m trying to make though is, you work with what you’ve got, and to avoid getting fat, you need to use some self control. The materials don’t matter so much.

    • Camille says:

      Oh, I just wanted to say I am with you on the poor liddle womenz thing though. It’s easy for this lady to act like it’s oh so glamorous cooking away for her family because it seems clear she’s not actually struggling to make ends meet or in any other way actually experiencing hardship in that regard.

  78. Lynn says:

    What the hell is up with her NECK, besides? Is she part giraffe??? You have to admit, she hit some nail on the head, because she’s rakin in money. Not ONE of her recipes has appealed to me, and I’m sick of her hubby’s butt photos. Geez

  79. Elaine says:

    OMGosh! The Pioneer Woman is nothing more than a pioneer wannabe! I grew up on a ranch. If we’d walked into the house with manure on our boots, we would have been kicked out of the house on our keesters. Same with wearing a hat inside. My dad sometimes even changed his shirt for lunch if it was dirty. If my mother had made meat and potatoes the way that woman did, everyone in my family woud’ve died at 50 instead of 100. Even how they were handling the cattle was bogus- like dudes on a reality ranch vacation. How in the world did this show get on TV?? It belongs on the cartoon channel, not FN. (Oh, and do you know that the people in that show house captive wild horses for the govt- a TERRIBLE life for wild horses!)

    • Melissa says:

      That place she is cooking in is not actually her home. It’s a special lodge she built for her cooking show and to host events in.

  80. Zod says:

    Why does every picture of her look like her face is stuck in front of an air blower?

  81. Julie says:

    Bah! I saw that top picture and prefer the one with the camera up to her face.

    She looks like a foot.

  82. trixie says:

    I read Ree Drummond’s book “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels”. I will admit to the world right now that I enjoyed the book. However, she did come across in the book like she and her husband had this “Gone With The Wind” once-in-a-lifetime romance. I just didn’t get that vibe between them when I watched them interact on the show. And yes, the show was too ‘slick’ and overproduced. Her true personality wasn’t allowed to come through.

    • Loriella says:

      See, I WAS a PW fan until I read her book, _Black Heels to Tractor Wheels_. I also just recently met her at a book signing, and while she was very sweet and nice and made a point to visit with every single person who came through the line, it’s quite obvious who her fan base is: pudgy, suburban wives with 2+ kids who think Vera Bradley is designer. But back to her book, I had to put it down. I couldn’t make it through. It was too fake. Too perfect. It turned me off to her BIG TIME.

      • Kate says:

        Ditto. I only read her recipe blog occasionally, and have liked the few recipes I’ve tried. Some of my friends like her a lot, so when I saw the book at the library I thought, ‘why not?’ Well, because it reads like a cowboy-themed Harlequin. Even if it’s all true, you get the feeling there’s a lot being left out or glossed over. The book felt more like brand building than a true memoir. I thought the show was ok, actually, though Ree came off very flat and nervous. She’s not doing anything Martha Stewart hasn’t done before.

    • Leah S. says:

      Yeah but that once in a lifetime thing is pure bullshit. She’d have to have lived under a rock to have lived in Oklahoma and never heard of the Drummond family. They’re one of the biggest ranching families in the country (like top 25). There’s no way she didn’t know who he was as soon as he said his name.

  83. Missy says:

    The only good thing about this show was the hilarious recap I knew you would provide.

    Yes, it was fakey, it was contrived, the recipes were ridiculous. But have you ever looked at her website? No surprise.

  84. Goaltender66 says:

    I think people are being a little hard on her. I didn’t catch the phoniness vibe as much as I regularly do from, say, Rachael Ray, Giada DiWhatever, Guy Ferry, the Neelys, or the remaining 85% of that channel’s lineup.

    As for the telepresence, the reality is that most people don’t say they are scraping up the fond when they make a pan sauce/gravy. They actually kind of describe it just like she did. For a television show I’m inclined to give the terminology a pass. if you want the technical terms and the polished presentation, go to the Culinary.

    It was an interesting show and I’d probably watch it again.

    • BummerSummer says:

      I totally agree with you. I think people are being too hard on her for stuff that seems a little more out of her control like editing. I’m sure producers are the ones who push the ranch scenes and the “You’re not dirty enough yet! Get in there and wrestle that calf!”

      I’ve been a fan for a while of P-Dub but this show fell flat. Compared to other FN shows (that I usually can’t sit through) this one was certainly a new twist which I appreciated with more production. What pilot tv show have you seen that is perfect? I’ll give the show another episode or two before I completely write it off.

    • tammy s. says:

      Give her a break! The other shows on FN are much more contrived than hers and many times the food is something that most folks wouldn’t choose to make. I for one have followed her blog for quite some time and have made many of her recipes to the delight of two hungry college students, a houseful of their friends and for guests at our camp during the summer. The recipes that she made on the show are ones that I have made several times over with no complaints. I agree that the show didn’t showcase her humor and personality as it should, be jeez, stop being such a bunch of critical, whiny haters.

  85. Medium Rare says:

    Your review is rather stupid.

  86. Jillian – this is why we trust and adore you to recap these shows. Honestly, I saw 10 min. and had to turn it off. Won’t be watching it again. It is what it is. If I want to watch cooking shows, I’m turning the dial to PBS.

  87. Rebecca says:

    She needs to fire her makeup person. If that’s her, then so be it, hire someone. She looks like what’s caking her husband’s boots.

  88. ksmith says:

    as for her “keepin it real”…not so much…what we see is the PW “brand” and that if fine and dandy. she is allowed to have her brand and market it..there is no way she actually goes around and says “help me, rhonda” same thing with rachel ray, paula deen and you actually think rachel ray runs around her own kitchen screaming YUM-O at every single pea….hell no…unfortunately (because i did want her to do well) what i did see of the show was just plain bad..

  89. KyEater says:

    Sorry, I like Ree and I like The Pioneer Woman. Ranchers work damn hard, and if they eat a lot of grease and fat, so what. They work it all off, unlike some lardass who just sits at a desk.

    • tammy s. says:

      THANK YOU KYEATER! Finally someone who isn’t so darn critical. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up in the south, but this is normal food that she cooks. If folks don’t like it, don’t watch it. Maybe they could go cook some tofu and soy.

      • Hmm says:

        All that grease builds up in your arteries regarless is you are a “lardass sitting at your desk” or a rancher. You can still make a filling meal that keeps you energized without skimping on “frontier food items” or turning into a tofu/soy fanatic.

      • ksmith says:

        i grew up in the south as well but we never, ever used 2 to 2 1/2 sticks of butter for mashed potatoes, little on heavy cream and cream cheese, and yes my parents and grandparents, etc. are born and raised southerns..yes, the potatoes she makes are delicious.. i think the point some people are trying to make is that you cant “work off” clogged arteries.

        • KyEater says:

          I’ve cooked potatoes with that much butter and cream before, but it was for a family gathering of 35 people. I very much doubt that Ree puts that much butter in if it’s just her family and a couple of cowboys. I still stand by what I said. People who do hard physical labor need calories, and they are not going to get them from a diet heavy in vegetables and fruit.

    • REEsee says:

      You’re sitting right now aren’t you?

  90. Allen says:

    Ok, I like this site – found it via a Giada link.

    I didn’t watch this program but after the review I watched one of the videos on the FN site.

    It’s not mashed potatoes – it’s butter with a sprinkling of potatoes. I mean seriously was that enough butter?

    who feeds that to their kids?

  91. MJ says:

    I saw the last 10 minutes of this fisaco- what a disaster. I only read her blog a couple of times & had no clue that “the Ranch” was a HUGE sprawling little spread about the size of the county I live in. I hated it.

    • eatitonaflipflop says:

      MJ, I don’t know where you live, (I used to live within 10 miles of where they live) but seriously, the entire Drummond family ranch land is most likely larger than the size of the county where you live.

    • coffee-n-toast says:

      When Ree and her family were on Paula’s show, Paula asked them how many acres they had. Ree’s husband stammered for a second and then gave some vague response like “it’s a good size ranch” or something like that. Seemed like he was a little embarassed of his own wealth.

      • ck says:

        I’m a fifth-generation farmer, and nothing shows a silly city-slicker faster than the comment of “how many acres do you have?” It is akin to asking how much money is in your bank account; not polite at all.

  92. Jan_el says:

    Just out of curiosity, I did a nutritional count for the mashed potatoes and here’s what I came up with:

    The numbers are for ONE serving (and you know no one eats just one serving of mash):

    Total Fat – 29.39
    Total Calories – 431.91
    Total Carbs – 38.64

    Add that to the fried steak and gravy.. Sheesh!

  93. Diane says:

    Bwahahahahahaha!! That last screen cap has me rolling.

    Errrr….yeah, I’m sorry you had to watch it, Jillian, but am so thankful that you spared the rest of us the pain.

    I’m not much on shit kickers or their artery blocking food.

  94. Donald says:

    That’s a shame. I’ve rather liked he blog, not so much for the cooking ideas, which were ok, but somewhat interesting in a down home get’er done sort of way, but also for writing about life in the middle of nowhere, etc. The Food Network will slowly decimate the onlien competition by making a news show of a popular food blog, and thus destroy it.

    In positive news, “Heat Seekers” was amusing in a schadenfreude sort of way. Watching Alex cry for his mom in Spanish after inhaling a few ghost peppers is amusing television.

  95. Francheska says:

    Oh my god Rechelle is commenting here? that woman is INSANE

    You can tell she is really really jealous of Ree Drummond’s success in milking that ”city girl gone country” money cow

    Her thing with the Lucille Ball barbie as Ree is just plain fucking creepy, If I was Ree i’d get a restraining order

  96. Venus says:

    I watched this mess and I must say…your recap is spot on. Thanks.

  97. Robyn says:

    Seriously y’all? People really act like that? Obviously you have too much time on your hands and are too judgmental. She isn’t a disgrace, she is doing something she loves. It may look different to us and it may not be as rugged as we think it should be, but who cares? Don’t watch her or read her blog. She began the blog as Pioneer Woman because this lifestyle was different than the one she grew up knowing. Why does it matter to you? Grow up.

  98. ron says:

    Weeelll doggies I’ma gonna head on in to see what kind a vittles the FN has cooked up for me tonight…..well I’ll be a shit klickin horn swogglin son of a goat….it’s another stupid fucking show featuring an asshole host and her dick weed husband!
    What a fuckin surprise!!!!

  99. ron says:

    And just for the record….I wouldn’t fuck Pioneer woman with Ina Garten’s dick!

  100. REEsee says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Tears in my eyes laughing!
    I’m sorry but when I looked at that first picture I thought it was her DAD! She looks exactly like her Dad,you know The DOCTOR that lives on a Golf Course.

    Yepper. Amen

  101. Erv says:

    It’s a matter of preference. If people want high fat recipes let them enjoy it. If people want the fantasies of ‘pioneer living’ then produce a good show. But don’t fake that you’re a pioneer when you have servants left and right. Have some of them help you and be real. The fakeness of their reality shows and over blown personalities is what’s killing Food Network.

    Remember FN the first word in your name is ‘Food’ and how to make it. It’s not ‘Fake Reality Shows’ or ‘Over Blown Personalities’. That why my wife and I stopped watching your channel and only collect the good DVD’s when they’re on sale.

  102. caffeinehead says:

    In the screen caps Ms. Madison posted, it looks like the “Pioneer Woman”‘s face was sculpted of wax and is slowly losing shape in the Texas/Oklahoma heat.

  103. Nell says:

    I think if I showed up at a working ranch with pretentious little Mason jars full of juice-milk-meringue powder I would be run out of the county. Who came up with THAT idea?
    Like another poster said, it could have been the editing or nerves, but Ree and her husband did NOT seem to have the romance of the century going on. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere except there.

  104. Estrada says:

    I love Ree’s blog and have read it for years. But, damn…the show was baaaaaddddd…I hate Food Network. They can ruin anything.

    • Stella says:

      Same here….although since she started her tours and Tasty Kitchen I have felt as if the blog has gone downhill and haven’t read it as much. The show was way over-edited…the entire family looked uncomfortable and scripted. I think Ree should stick to blogging and cookbooks…it’s what she’s best at.

    • Tonya says:

      They really didn’t have far to go with this one though. I’ve read her blog and she seems to lack depth or actual thought to her dishes. Some of the recipes are really tasty, but it seems like more and more it’s about the (not) funny quips and millions of photos of butter melting in cast iron skillets than it does the outcome of the dish.

      She seems to have fallen victim to over-marketing. What she really needs to do is step back, go back to basics, choose 1 or 2 subjects to blog about (cooking, blogging, photography, homeschooling, entertainment. seriously? slow down!!). I think you’d see a turnaround almost immediately.

      Until then, I won’t be watching the show or visiting the blog. PW the machine is a bit too all-consuming for me.

    • Toop says:

      I have to admit, I’ve gotten some recipes off of her site, and been a fan for several years now.
      A co-worker just told me she was on FN, and I felt my stomach tighten.
      For obvious reason, apparently.
      I don’t have the heart to read all 279 comments, so just thought I should attach my comments to a kindred soul.
      Honestly, they can ruin anything.
      Well, I’m still going to make the Ricotta Stuffed Roma Tomato recipe I found on her site tomorrow.
      I will have to attempt to watch the show…once, at least.
      How sad.

  105. - B - says:

    I knew nothing about Ree or her blog, minus a few comments I read on a message board I frequent a couple days before her show premiered. I just happened to have the FN on that Saturday her show premiered, so I thought I’d check it out and see what all the fuss is about, and to be honest, I don’t get the fuss. She made an impression on me and it wasn’t a positive one; I don’t think I’ll be watching her show in the future.

    She seems like a nice lady, but I don’t think I could listen to her voice for 30 minutes once a week, hell I don’t think I could handle 5 minutes once a month. And if her husband is going to be apart of the show, someone shoot me now. He has the personality of a wet rag.

    Another reason I won’t be watching is if her first show is any indication of future shows, will she even be cooking? For a 30 minute show, she cooked for how many minutes? Maybe 10? What’s the point of a show, just do a youtube video or something like it. Or just post videos on your blog.

    • Jennifer says:

      I have been reading her blog for a few years now and the first time she posted she was going to be on one of the morning shows I tuned in. Well…once I heard her voice I decided right there that I won’t be watching any more of her tv appearances.
      Of course I broke my own promise and watched a little of her FN show. Luckily she said “ball-SAM-ic” and I changed the chanel immediately.

  106. Leah S. says:

    Yeah, I generally love Pioneer Woman and her food. That being said, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the show because of this exact reason. it would completely ruin her for me.

    As for her cowboy hubby (Ladd is his name), I don’t think he likes all of the attention. That’s just my thought though.

  107. carly says:

    yah, you can’t relate to that… probably b/c you don’t live on a ranch… and maybe you don’t like that type of food. however, i’m originally from oklahoma… and although i didn’t grow up on a ranch… the type of food ree cooks is the type of food my parents grew up on (when people worked hard before sunrise) so… maybe people can relate to her life and cooking style. yeah- maybe the show was a little corny. but what food network show isn’t? the barefoot contessa is my personal favorite show to watch- and just bc i can’t relate to her life of cooking for jeffrey and mingling with the rich crowds of the hamptons… i stlll enjoy her show and cooking. get off your high horse… you’d prob eat ree’s food and love it.

    • “get off your high horse… you’d prob eat ree’s food and love it.”

      More like, I’d probably eat Ree’s food and then immediately die of a heart attack.

      • LesleyPezley says:


        Some of us small-town idiots in flyover country like down-home cooking once in a while. We also like “normal” people. I have great admiration for a family on a working ranch.

        Was the show great? No. But your snobbish, Eastern Seaboard comments are an even bigger turn-off.

        • Kate says:

          “Normal” people? Ree and her husband’s net worth is over 4 mill, and they receive tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money from the government every year. They’re on a ranch, but they’re not lil ol’ flyover folk.

    • dopey85xxx says:

      The sheer hilarity of this cluster fornicated farce of a show shows the desperation of the Food Network !
      Now the english version Pioneer Woman is trying to be Butter Queen 2.0 ? WTF are these rich ass hicks trying to convey whats their point of view ? I can wrangle baby cows and my douche husband can ride a horse please ! Epic Fail !

    • ED says:

      I think the “relate-ability” correlates directly with “sincerity.” At least Ina owns her Hamptons diva-tude, and doesn’t pretend that she’s been sequestered in this sleepy beach community among the simple-folk. There’s a huge difference between ‘I’m a country girl” and “I’m a country girl (who just happens to live on a ranch that’s bigger than many small Oklahoma towns put together). Girlfriend please!

      • No Nic says:

        Hear, hear. PW is annoying on precisely the same level as GOOP. Oh yeah, I’m a working mom, just like you (except I have an army of assistants, nannies, maids, drivers, publicists, chefs, and more money than God).

    • Deb S says:

      Yes Carly, thank you. I think they are being too hard on Ree & her family. I have never read the blog but this seems like a real rural family, making a living on their ranch. Yes, may be the Network is trying to hard to show off the lifestyle (but cowboys always have their hats on). I live in rural Alabama now and have lived in Texas, Tennessee and Georgia, we southerns eat country fried steak and potatoes. Farmers/cowboys want a filling meal after working outside all day. They can afford the calories because they work it off doing hard manual labor. Where do you think the city folk get their beef? I think Ree is sweet and trying to make a go at her dream. I hand it to her for putting herself and family out there. I love cooking shows and hate most reality shows, but The Pioneer Woman I think is good reality with cooking – Real, down to earth good folks. I give a big cheer to Ree and wish her all the luck in the world. Its hard to be a country girl!

      • Vicky says:

        ….I have never read the blog but this seems like a real rural family, making a living on their ranch…..

        Oh please, the Drummond family is NOT the average rural family. They are worth millions. They have snatched up neighboring ranch land until they own a small state They pasture wild horses for the government for a million-plus per year. She claims to home-school her kids – she has hired tutors come in. She is the daughter of an orthopedic doctor. Her blog brings in 6 figures per month.

        I mean, good for them, but “real ranch family”???? Please…..

  108. Alison says:

    I don’t know why people are so upset about her. I really like Ree, but I don’t think a cooking show is a good outlet for her. She’s written about being agoraphobic and I think that translates badly through TV – if you’re nervous you just seem awkward and potentially snobby. It’s also true that her husband doesn’t seem to like the attention of the cameras. Seems like they should stick to the blog, not TV.

    • Tonya says:

      If you’re agoraphobic, then WHY would you even agree to be on TV?

    • Dr. D says:

      Ree is not agoraphobic. She uses her “anxiety” and “agoraphobia” as a way to relate her realness and good-ole-gal personality to her followers. It’s an attention-seeking behavior that brings out her followers in droves when she combats her “agoraphobia” to do massive book signings and trips to Dallas and New York City. A person who really has agoraphobia would not want any attention drawn to them in any public way (i.e. guests and massive camera crews at the lodge or photographing large crowded cities in the middle of the sidewalk, or addressing large crowds of followers ) because of the potential for humiliation from a debilitating panic attack or breakdown from fear.

      Yes, I say followers because she sure has the Jim Jones charisma down pat.

      Give me a break. She’s a narcissist who insults people with her flippant regard for mental illness and mental retardation.

      • Paige says:

        I agree, I have struggled with “fear of the marketplace” in my life. When I am feeling vunerable I can not sit still for a photo. EVERYYHING feels like I am being exposed. I don’t think most people understand overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks when thinking about leaving their home. It truly is not funny or “marketable”. I don’t mean to be rude at all, it’s just that she really puts me off with the “middle child” snydrome and all her fears of flying and airplanes, etc. Anyone that has these disorders would problably not think any of it is funny. However, the Tasty Kitchen site is really helpful.

  109. J says:

    I noticed on Food Network’s website that shortly after the premiere of The Pioneer Woman, her recipes were flooded with 5 star reviews and comments. Many of the commenters had not even made the recipes, but submitted reviews praising Ree and her blog. Perhaps Pioneer Woman devotees are the Twihards of FN?

    I made one Pioneer Woman recipe – chicken spaghetti. It sucked. I love greasy and simple comfort food, but if Ree spent more time honing her recipes than taking photos of the ingredients, I would be more supportive of her blog, cookbooks, and show. All three outlets seem to be more focused on pretty photos and praises to her husband rather than cooking.

  110. Poppy says:

    I have been to Ree’s blog Pioneer Woman and it’s a fun read, she seems like a nice gal but, I think she should stick to homeschooling her kids and taking pictures and giving the whole food thing a break. I’m sure there are lots of people out there that would disagree with me, but her food sucks ass. My hubby is a good ol’ meat and potato kinda guy I have tried 20 or so of her “ranch home cookin’ “recipes and my husband asked that I never make anything from her site again. Haven’t seen the show yet, not really sure I want to watch it. It doesn’t seem worth the time. Sorry Ree

  111. Jackie Hale says:

    Yeah, the show was a sucky and the food are a heart attack coming to get you on a ranch soon.

  112. Kel says:

    Made one recipe from her website EXACTLY – no changes at all – and despised it. We had to throw the whole thing out and order a pizza. Awful! Won’t make that mistake again. And her cookbook thing (bought at half off the half off sale) made me want to throw up a little…I don’t want to be looking at pictures of food and then – BAM – a close up of a sweaty, dirty face. Ew.

    • No Nic says:

      What about the fact that she got caught ripping off recipes from 1980′s community cookbooks from Bartlesville, OK?

      Btw, aside from some bitchin’ pie recipes, the food there ain’t that great. My mother grew up there and can’t cook for shit. I had to learn how to cook chicken from a male roommate. I grew up trying to eat as little meat as possible because whatever the source, mom always, always ruined it and made it inedible. Many childhood fights with my parents trying to force me to eat chewy connective tissue or somesuch. (Now I eat primal and crave meat–and offal. Even pig’s feet.)

      Less heart of the home, more heartburn!

  113. ElSchmucko says:

    What is it with all the pretentiousness about accents? So the lady “bal-SAM-ic” instead of a trans-atlantic “bahl-sahm-ic”, who gives a shit? You East Coast fuckers can’t say “car” or “here” – nobody throws a fit about that.

    And Jillian – I love your site, but you probably can’t relate to the show because it’s a city mouse/country mouse thing. I couldn’t relate to a show about life and food in Manhattan – you don’t have to be mean about it.

    • Susan says:

      She’s not a city girl! for goodness sakes, she grew up in a town in OK of less than 15,000. She lived in L.A. for only four years. That does not make you a city mouse transformed into a country mouse. Why do people have a hard time relating to her and her show, because it’s not real. I can relate to any human at some point. We all have feelings, we all bleed red. Wily coyote, the roadrunner, mickey mouse, PW – cartoons I can’t relate to.

    • julia says:

      SERIOUSLY! I read all of her “black heels to tractor wheels” posts and thought she and her husband are absolutely darling. I agree that the attention they are getting is probably throwing them for a loop and it may be dissolving the sincerity of their personalities. But being a girl who was born and raised in Los Angeles and just a year ago moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to be with the love of my life, I can kind of relate to her show… she cooks great food and has some tips that I’ve never heard before, like shredding your own cheese instead of using pre-grated in a mac n cheese recipe

    • No Nic says:

      You’re the one who needs to look in the mirror. Why are you so defensive about accents? Sure, Okies make fun of Boston accents and Bostonians make fun of “Southern” accents. Everyone else’s accent sounds funny but mine, but YOU are the only one exploding with rage here.

    • Deb S says:

      Totally agree, thanks!

  114. clazzy says:

    I watched 10 minuted of this show and I’m sick to my stomach. If this woman stays on the food network channel I wont be watching it. I feel bad for her kids as she can only worship her “BABY”… and it wasnt coz it was his birthday. She just comes off as sickening! The kid has a name, I assume, oh its TODDY! yikes, SHE makes me want to barf and I do not like the way she talks about her ingredients… makes no sense and she AINT funny. PLEASE rid of her ASAP! Lets just COUNT the times she calls that kid BABY! This woman has no appeal to the tv!

  115. clazzy says:

    Not only do I not like listening to her, her face is not made for tv.. someone get out the oil blotter for her odd shaped face! Her “laddy” hubby, by the way, behaves hen-pecked and totally uncomfortable with a camera on him. Borrrrrrrrrring! The poor kid, daughter, PAGE (or is it PAGIE) oh my … she is such a sweetheart and so insecure; probably coz her mother has only ADORATION for her BABY… Toddy! Gawd, she needs to have another child to worship! Well, at least, TODDY isnt 8 yet! ugh :(

    • Andrea says:

      I saw that show for the very first time today and she mentioned her “baby” about 90 times. Okay, we get it. He’s your youngest kid.

      • Suz says:

        I didn’t think she was ever going to stop saying PAIGIE. Like too many rich desserts — sickening sweet. bllllaaaaaaakkk.

  116. Skattebol says:

    Seriously, what woman refers to her husband as Daddy and her 7yo son as Baby? It is extremely difficult to take seriously a “cooking” show, when said cook, and I use that word quite loosely in this case, the cook refers to her husband as Daddy and her youngest child as Baby.
    Further, is Ree trying to kill her family and following? Who in the hell uses such large quantities of high fat ingredients, including incorporating cream into hamburgers? As a vegetarian, I try to not eat such high fat entrees, but surely most non-vegetarians would agree that cream does NOT need to be added to hamburgers.
    Where are the vegetables in her dishes? Surely, she could have incorporated broccoli, cauliflower into her little bowls of sides for the macaroni and cheese.

  117. Katydid says:

    I live in Oklahoma, in “the city” which is not Oklahoma City that Ree references in her blog. I like Ree’s blog, as for the show it’s nice to see our fellow citizens on television outside of toothlessly comparing the sound of the tornado to an oncoming train (and clarifying that “we thought we was all gonna die”). She’s found a niche, it’s a moneymaker, and there ya go. I’m kind of surprised that anyone would read Jillian’s review and expect a glowing and sycophantic recitation of Ree’s culinary genius. Come on, y’all – that was some fake ass shit. Don’t even tell me you eat with your hat on, or track cowshit and mud inside. (If you do, for the love of God please put on a shirt the next time you talk to the teevee people ’bout the twister). The whole enterprise (yes it is!) is based on a fantasy world where there is never a financial concern, children are always well behaved and loving, and you can eat whatever the hell you want without gaining weight or getting heart disease or diabetes. Is that reality, especially here, where the majority of the people are self-employed in trades subject to the whim of weather and putting that kind of spread on the table every night is simply not possible? No. Way. But, I’ll reckon no one would be too interested in watching me burn eggs on the rare Sunday that I’m cooking (that’s my husband’s forte) while yelling at my kids to pick up the f*#%ing Legos I just stepped on and then launching into a bitchfest about my electric bill during the Summer months. I don’t believe anyone on FN is real, they get hired to do a show because someone thinks they’re “relatable” (Guy, even douchebags gotta eat). It’s why Jillian’s site is funny, for those of us who watched FN climb on to Fonzie’s motorcycle and jump that shark. PW fans, nothing but love for ya, hope you enjoy the show and if it upsets you, don’t go to a site that criticizes her. PWsux lady (Rechelle??), you are a scary stalker nutbag who felt let down after the reality of visiting Ree’s ranch (and announcing when you came in the door that you might have head lice, that’s just nasty, why did you even go? I would have body slammed you out the door, more proof PW is fact-laced-fiction) was not the nirvana you imagined. Perhaps I should start a PWSUXSUXMORE! site…oh wait, that idea was boring before I finished typing. Jillian, you’re really funny. Thanks for the site.

  118. Rebecca says:

    Enjoy reading Ree’s blog, and some of her recipes are regulars on our menu. She is funny, and I love the pictures she takes of “ranch life”.

    That said, I didn’t watch the show, and probably won’t. Straight cooking shows bore me. I really only like shows like Good Eats, shows where you do more than spend the whole time watching the host cook.

  119. J.J. says:

    I’m guessing this is the case of blogs all over the world: Ree’s blog is simply more exciting than her life truly is. In writing, it’s romantic and rustic and adorable. In real life, it’s a bit dirty and average. This is why blogs don’t translate to TV.

  120. Wow — After reading all this, I gotta see the show!!! Your review is a crack up. Poor Ree. Can’t wait to see how her husband acts, hahaha.

    Shelly Borrell
    Nibbles of Tidbits

  121. Julie says:

    Whoever wrote this is a big fat hater.

    Oh your dad woke up at 4 am to drive 20 minutes to the train, then get on the train for another two hours? What, there weren’t jobs that were in your vicinity?

    But that makes your dad a hero? So that your dad can go to the grocery store, and buy pre-packaged meat that with the big bucks he earned at his job 234897234892 miles away?

    But the people who feed, raise, and butcher your dads steak are hopeless, sexist, cowboys?

    Get over the culture shock that there are actually people in the world that still live on farms, and.. SHOCKINGLY, work on the farms they live on. Without farms there is no food.

    It’s also the PIONEER WOMAN. Not the Pioneer Woman’s Husband… so why this blogger is hating on the husband is just beyond me.

    WE LOVE YOU P-DUB! <3 <3 <3

  122. Kristi says:

    I very much doubt that anyone will read this, and it really isnt necessary to post my opinion as it appears everyone else has already covered all the bases. I just felt compelled to do so.

    I’ve read the PW’s blog, made some of her recipes, and used her cookbook. My whole family has enjoyed a lot of them. We’ve only had a couple of failures, but that’s the case with all cookbooks.

    With that said, yes, I do find some of her habits, attributes and personality traits FAKE. Its sad that she cant just be herself and not be what she thinks everyone wants. I’ve recently gone back and read some of the MUCH older posts and she was so much more genuine.

    I’m not from the country, I’m not from the city. I’m from a normal-sized mid-western town with nothing crazy ridiculous going on. We enjoy her and her thoughts. After all isnt that all a blog is? Someone’s opinion for the whole world to see? Or am I wrong on that. When they took blogs to a whole new level and made them so important I almost think people forget that every single word is the writers OPINION. I dont know. I hope noone gets crazy upset or says awful mean things in reply to my post.

    This is just my opinion and I wanted to share.

    Hope everyone has a good day.


  123. Kate says:

    I don’t have Food Network so I haven’t been able to watch a whole show, but I have caught some sneak peeks and short video clips from her show. I wanted to watch because I like her blog and LOVE her cookbook, and she seems to have a fun personality. I don’t think any of these translated well into her show. I think it’s probably because everyone was soooo nervous. They seem like kind, down-to-earth, very hardworking people who aren’t used to having 20 strangers sticking cameras in their faces. Maybe (hopefully!) they will get more comfortable with it after they do several shows. Also, Ree sounds waaaay too scripted. She sounds much better when she’s writing and blogging. Perhaps she needs to practice lines less and just talk like she normally does. She would seem much more sincere. I love Pioneer Woman and hope this show works out for her! She needs to make it more her own and not so package-y and stereotypical.

  124. Elaine says:

    Never read the blog, never saw the program. Did grow up on a six section ranch, grew up, went to college and never looked back. My brother inherited the place and you can’t leave land lay fallow or taxes will consume it. My SIL is another country girl who does her best to maintain miles from civilization. This Ree woman sounds like a kook! I don’t know any ranch wives who lasso cattle, do all their own cooking and homeschool thier baybays. You’re more likely to find them traveling abroad, shopping and Neimans and the kids go to boarding school at 13. If this gal’s husband is such a selfish SOB, I guess she doesn’t have any money of her own and nowhere else to get any.

  125. Liss says:

    You know what Jillian Madison, you are a complete tool bag. Wow. Talk about the most annoying and pyscho little review I have ever heard.

  126. MzNancy says:

    Where do these people get the money for this mansion of a ranch? Really, where did they make their money?

    Also, I get a kick out of her feeding 25 people and her sides consist of a pair of 9×13 inch scalloped potatoes. Might feed 6 not 25 !!

  127. SouthernGal says:

    You know what I find amusing? During The Next Foodnetwork Star, they want some that everyone can relate’re 100% right..WHO CAN RELATE TO THIS WOMAN?! I now just want to watch her show for a free comedy hour.

  128. Cookingschool101 says:

    Has anyone ever seen her blog and how annoying it is? The recipes are descent, but she will take a picture of literally a container of sour cream and put it on there…like I don’t know what sour cream looks like. Also it says for example 8ounces, then weight after everything. Gee. Had no idea ounces was a weight!

  129. Hhhhhwhhhatttt??? says:

    UGH! I just wasted 15 minutes of my life. I have never seen any of her shows and then I stumbled into this website. I just had to see it.
    I am soooooooo sorry that I did. Nothing interesting about her in episode I watched. She doesn’t have any of that UMPH!
    Is she trying to kill her family with all those butter???

  130. dorae says:

    Love the show. My dream home. And she isn’t hanging out all over the place. Just normal food.
    Of course, the comments I see here are from a year ago but everyone takes a min to get up to speed. If you have watched the next foodnetwork star you can understand.
    I don’t care if it is unrealistic. But so is the fancy stuff I see on the network.

  131. BBQ Queen says:

    I too really tried to like this show. I have seen her blog and recipes and thought it was cute. She cooks a few things the way I do. Sort of ‘head recipes’.
    I don’t like that she made an apple ‘pie’, didn’t explain what kind of apples she was using, the fact that apples need cored and peeled before using, why she’s adding flour to the mix or vinegar to her crust.
    She has sort of a fake ‘country’ drawl. She’s obviously loaded and her husband acts like an ass.

  132. basketpam says:

    I don’t know who this woman is doing this “critique” of the Pioneer Woman cooking show but I can you one thing for sure, she’s NEVER spent a single day outside of a city either working or visiting. Except for the fact that her family is basically following a script and NERVOUS about this whole experience of being filmed, their life is VERY real. I’ve lived in farm and orchard country my entire life except for a few college years and yes, men DO come in the house and eat with their hats on. They DO track their dirty boots over the house with lots of “nasties” on them. Men DO wrangle and manhandle animals of ALL sorts. I bet you’d cry like a baby when our rooster would attack you while gatherine those “farm fresh eggs” you city folk love. If I were Ree Drummond I would say to you Jillian, “How DARE you! How DARE you sit there in your city condo with perfect nails and plucked eyebrows and trash everything that is my life, my home, and important to me without ever having spent ONE single minute with us and knowing who we are?” Jillian, if you walked onto Ree’s ranch or the Grove farms you would be so out of place and SO lost you wouldn’t have a prayer of surviving one single day. The type of food they eat on this ranch is served ALL over America every day of the week. Jillian, you would be like that high-society, snooty woman I see at the local supermarket around the holidays. I’m positive she’s unwillingly ventured out of New York or some other place where women need a map to find the kitchen. I stood there the first year and watched this woman spend about $8 on a tiny box of “gourmet” potatoes that when I grew up they were called pig potatoes because they were usually fed to the pig being considered too much trouble for the humans to bother with. It’s those tiny little “baby” potatoes that now sell for $60 a bushel after some BRILLANT farmer convinced a crazy chef they were a gourmet item. Farmers laugh hysterically all the way to the bank when you city slickers fall for things like this. City folks are so desperate to “organic” or “gourmet” you’ll pay a fortune for the stuff usually fed to the livestock. So remember this the next time you think all of this on TV is “fake” that these are the very people who provide all that food you stuff your faces with every day of your lives. As a child we also raised, butchered, and froze our own beef. My parents would have a lot of the steer (castrated bull, usually raised for butchering) made into steaks. We ate steak at least several times a week. I got so sick of steak I hated it. How many of you city folks can say the same thing? And if you can’t watch someone wrangling cattle, then you shouldn’t eat beef! Just where did you think hamburgers came from, plants? I can have steak 7 days a week if I want because we’re those “fake farming idiots” whose food makes you gag. And yes, you WOULD starve to death if you came to visit my family because this is exactly the sort of food we eat 24/7 and so do all those in my community. I’m glad you and your friends wouldn’t touch it because you’d only somehow ruin it. Just remember this, during the depression and other hard times it’s the farmers who usually have plenty to eat, thanks to the suckers like you who’ll pay outrageous prices for the farmers leftovers we feed to the pigs. Happy Eating! And oh, by the way, I’m sure Ree Drummond and her husband are laughing at YOU all the way to the bank. And know why she made that remark about using whole milk to make gravy? It’s because women the size of toothpicks like you try to cook and make things like gravy using skim milk and disgusting ingredients like this. You try to “low calorie” everything and then when it turns out disgusting you blame us. If you worked as hard as most people do on a farm or ranch, YES, beginning as early as 5 am. (My brother gets up at 3 am everyday to begin his work day. a full day driving an 18-wheeler then a full day’s work on a farm – do you work this hard?) you don’t need to worry about calories, you WORK them off everyday. That’s a new concept to people like you isn’t it? Hope you enjoy that next steak you eat and hope you think of that “rancher” during every bite. Maybe we’ll luck out and you’ll choke on it before you have a chance to stomp on the rancher and farmer next time.

    • Leslie says:

      I assure you, this ranch has none of the attributes that you claim. This is a million dollar ranch with million dollar budgets. My guess is that Ree Drummond spends more time in the city as well. Good for you working hard! But dont put this Pioneer woman on a pedestal. YOu, more than anyone, should be offended by her claims of hard work!

  133. SammBucky says:

    You guys are terrible. You do understand that unless you are eating fruits and vegetables you grew yourself, you are probably eating just as bad. Sure you think its good, but sounds like you all have nothing better to do then tear others down because your not happy with your life, so you probably have never researched the food you eat before stuffing your face. At least she knows how her cow was raised, butchered and cooked. Let me know when you can say the same.

  134. Saul says:

    Gag. This show is hideous and she is a moron. A moron with a creepy smile. Just saw her as a guest judge on a cooking show and she was way out of her league… “I liked it, it was nice and greasy… uh, you know, greasy in a good way…” Moron.

  135. Leslie says:

    If the time consuming shots of the little cowboy running bothered you, then DONT buy one of her cookbooks! I spent $29.95 on one of her cookbooks as a gift for my sister. About twenty recipes and about 150 photographs of horses, little kids and the back view of her husband, who she nauseatingly refers to as the “Marlborough Man”. I guess FN doesnt like that moniker as I didnt hear it once on her first show. I dont smoke, but wanted to light up after watching the so-called “Pioneer Woman” around her million dollar ranch. She is really roughing it, isnt she?

  136. Kitty says:

    Good review! I can assure you this idiot is just as much of a fake now as she was then. Her husband is still a d bag, too! I can’t believe this BS is still on the air and how many rabid fans she still has and if you say anything about her, they’ll cuss you out, tell you to shut up and all the while talking about what a good “family show” it is! Total dumbasses worshiping a hugely wealthy dumbass pulling the wool over their eyes!

  137. these people have money. a cattle ranch which denotes wholesale slaughter of animals for our consumption. come on now! the children being home schooled. up at the crack of dawn, and in bed at very early hours of the evening. the girls instead of being at home with “mama re” are doing everything their “papa”, granddaddy and other male gendered relatives do. they are very beautiful young girls and I think that they could certainly adapt at having brains, beauty and “brawn’ if they spent more time not having to go thru the “motions” when their on camera. everyone comes across as stiff. so to me they sound “corny” and appear “corny”. no disrespect intended. I’m sorry. for “Re” to have given up being a “vegan” she had to of fallen head over heels for this “last of the era “cowboy” who presents himself, along with the other males as “cattlemen”. her cooking is a vamped up version of how us ‘poor’ folk when we were kids ate. to cook one of her meals would blow the budget for two weeks at least. she’s not the only one. all the cooking network shows are guilty. you all have made it hard for me and others of similar income to shop. no more cheap cuts (oxtails, ham hocks, salt pork, beef roasts etc..) are on our lists unless its a holiday celebration. also how can she have time to blog and take photos, shop, and have a life with her “family”. cooking is very time consuming no matter how well planned out.

  138. OH! I started watching “REE” when Paula got the ” BOOT”. I knew right away the it was the same “DIFFERENCE”.

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