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FNH Recap: The Sandwich King Premiere with Jeff Mauro
Posted by Jillian Madison

What’s the perfect go-to food when you’re starving to death and standing in front of the refrigerator with both doors open? That’s right! A sandwich! It’s arguably America’s favorite food, in part perhaps because a sandwich can be thrown together in a pinch from all the great leftovers in your house.

Unless, of course, you’re watching Jeff Mauro’s new Food Network show. On today’s premiere episode of Sandwich King, Jeff made a Chicago Italian Beef Pot Roast Style sandwich… which might be delicious IF I WANTED TO SPEND TWENTY ONE HOURS AND TWENTY FIVE MINUTES MAKING A FREAKING SANDWICH! Want the homemade Giardiniera to go on top of it? Sure, but that’ll be another 16 hours and 20 minutes. Of course you could plan ahead, but doesn’t that defeat the entire point of making a sandwich?!

With the magic of TV, it was all made in 22 minutes. Unfortunately, the rest of us at home don’t have that luxury.

Anyway, the episode kicked off with Jeff leaning over the counter of his poorly decorated set, rattling off the ingredients for his sandwiches. He’s too cool to stand up straight. He doesn’t have to. He makes sandwiches.

Speaking of the set, it was pretty much the cheapest thing ever. It looked like a back corner of a NYC subway that someone set up a discounted Ikea kitchen in. Food Network might as well just come out and say: “we are not expecting you to do well, so we’re not going to throw a lot of money into this at all. Here’s $50 for paint. The bald guy from HGTV said barf green was your color. Now run along and make it happen.”

As far as first-time hosts go, Jeff wasn’t half bad. You don’t instantly want to jump through your television and strangle him like with some “other” winners of Next Food Network Star, and that’s always a good thing. Aside from some over the top accents and an overuse of stupid filler words like “awesome” and “perfect” he held his own.

Personally, I really could have done without those constant triple-camera chopping and assembling shots. I get it. He’s chopping shit. I don’t need to incessantly see it from every possible angle known to man.

And as is the case with most Food Network shows, the majority of the half hour was centered around filler, fluff, and tall tales about the host’s boring childhood.

Jeff’s 2nd sandwich was a panini made on focaccia bread. The catch? He didn’t have a panini press, because “he ain’t no millionaire.” As Eric told us on Twitter: “The Sandwich King doesn’t have a panini press in his kitchen?! Next week, he won’t have bread.”

Jeff couldn’t afford to spend $30 on a panini press, but luckily, he could afford to spend $20 on a heavy-duty cast-iron bacon press. Oh happy days. One thing’s for sure: Jeff certainly ISN’T going to be a millionaire any time soon, because Food Network is going to own his ass for the next X amount of years. Oh, those pesky contracts.

The best part of the show came when Jeff took a break to play a little impromptu saxophone:

Kidding. He was really just eating his sandwich. Maybe next week.

Bottom line: I watched the entire show, and all I got out of it is that people in Chicago are rude to you if you order a sandwich wrong. Jeff did a fine job, but then again, he hasn’t had time to become an overly characterized Food Network-ified version of himself yet. For his sake, I hope that doesn’t happen.

What did you think of the show, FNH?

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  1. Cuisine says:

    Poor guy. Looks like his sandwiches are going to work as well as Rachel Ray’s, which take about 2 hours to cook. I can cook a delicious Chicken parm sandwich in less than an hour, why are they trying so hard at this day long sandwich prep?

    • noclevername says:

      I can call my local deli and they’ll BRING ME a sandwich in a half hour. Anything that takes longer than that is unnecessary.

  2. Mark H88 says:

    “I watched the entire show, and all I got out of it is that people in Chicago are rude to you if you order a sandwich wrong”

    LMFAO! Jill, that’s what I get when I see food shows go to Chicago. Loud / obnoxious people yelling at you that their stuff is the best. It’s just like NY, without the good food ;)

    • Dingle says:

      I resemble that remark! They always choose Chicago diners and restaurants that make being rude their schtick. My husband, born and raised, on the southside hasn’t heard of most of the places featured. on these travel/cooking shows. Most restaurants have amazing and very professional service.

      • ChrisEW says:

        I always find the stories about places being rude if you don’t order correctly to be a bunch of BS anyway.

        My parents are the worst food orderers ever. Seriously, they can’t even handle Subway. But when I visit them and we go to Chicago, I can take them to places like the Billy Goat or any Italian beef place and no matter how confused they get, I’ve never seen them treated rudely.

      • Yum says:

        You’re married to bad, bad Leroy Brown? Cool!

    • Duchess says:

      Dont judge based on silly food shows. Chicago is an amazing food city.

  3. tylerj89 says:

    I definitely think there was a bit too much filler in the episode: he only made 2 sandwiches- I was definitely expecting sides to go along with it. The whole ‘This is my kingdom. I am the sandwich king’ thing was a bit cheesy, too.
    Some of his putting on accents were a bit annoying, but it wasn’t bad. If he was a bit more relaxed (it seems like he’s being a bit more excited than he normally would, just so he looks ‘lively’) I think I’d watch it again. And that’s saying something as I really don’t watch food network anymore

  4. Katrina says:

    Well, he’s already destined to fail. His goal is to make every meal a sandwich. I feel kinda bad that I doubt every cook in America is going to magically switch over to making sandwiches just because the guy with over sized shirts on TV said so.

    One thing I was very thankful for: He never once said “sammie” because if he had, THAT’S when I would have wanted an arsenic smoothie.

    • Memaw Carol says:

      Is that a good vanilla extract arsenic smoothie?

      • Katrina says:

        Oh yes. The kind for which you have to hike to Burma, take a gondola ride to the caves, and go spelunking to pluck the vanilla beans out of the claws of bats. They are paid a paltry sum by Martha Stewart to cultivate.

    • Sue ZQ says:

      No, no Sammie, but did you catch “focaccacciani”?

      And everything was “perfect”. Except for his “perfectly sweated” onions, which were actually caramelized.

      • Katrina says:

        I wanted to cry when he used a metal spoon in his PERFECTly new Le Crusty pot. I think the sticker is still on the side, it’s so new. I know some people are fine with using metal spoons in their enameled cast iron, but it made me cringe. I treat my pot like a precious jewel since it costs about that much.

        • Lauren says:

          I know, I don’t even use metal spoons in my pots that are not nearly that nice!!

        • cloverleaf says:

          I cringed at the metal spoon in the LC pot, too, as well as every time he said “perfect.” He stepped into Giada territory with all of ‘em!

          I think once he settles down a bit, he’ll be fine. He needs to relax a bit.

  5. Plumpy says:

    Is The “Samwich” King watchable? Sure. Will I make his recipes (or, with a Chicago accent, “russipes”). Naw. When I think “making a sandwich at home” I think simple. I don’t picture pimped out to within an inch of its life. But that’s FN in a nutshell.

    To digress, flipping channels before Mr. Samich’s debut I unfortunately caught Hungry Girl. Oh my fuckin’ gravy, what the hell is up with that set? Bright orange with bright pink, a giant ice cream cone? My retinas will never be the same. And I thought Rachael Ray’s set was garish. FN obviously thinks the viewers are chimpanzees with ADD.

    • In disbelief says:

      Did she really endorse precooked chicken, AND artficial potatoes?

      This is the overgrown 10-year-old version of Sandra Lee minus cocktail time. God awful recipes, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Canned soup, canned clams, precooked shrimp and basil. Wow!

      • Cherry Blossom says:

        Agreed. I’ve often found myself thinking that Sandra Lee looks like a Top Chef Master compared to Hungry Girl. Her recipes are nauseating.

      • I hate hungry girl says:

        I completely agree with both of you on hungry girl! Her show is awful and she is not endorsing good food. Just because she makes low calorie “meals” doesn’t mean it is good for you.

        Jillian… You really need to do some posts on this terrible show.

        • Hillary says:

          I agree! Please write a post about this show.

        • oh_come_on says:

          She has a permanent joker face.

          • Ava says:

            That hungry girl chick is insane. I’ve been waiting patiently for Jillian to rip her apart…and was thrilled when I saw she was being put on Food Network-this means she can be commented on, right?

        • Sue says:

          I totally agree. Her main focus? LOTS of food and LOTS of artificial ingredients just so she can say it’s a GIANT bowl of “chew” for only 200 calories. Hungry Girl is a joke and I really hope people don’t follow her recipes.

        • Plumpy says:

          I agree. Can’t stand Hungry Girl. In my opinion she’s just another annoying fame-seeker with a lame gimmick trying to use Food Network to become famous.

        • Hakuna Fritatta says:

          Agreed. HG is an MSG-athon.

      • Corinna says:

        Totally agree! Hungry girls food is canned processed crap! I’d rather whole natural foods and eat less than FAKE garbage. Nasty!

  6. Dillon says:

    I live in Elmwood Park, and it was a BIG DEAL around here. Personally I thought he did great, and I actually WANTED to watch the show unlike the other miserable FNS winners.

    About the filler words, he actually acknowledged that on his Facebook page XD

    Also, I have been to Johnnie’s (the place he referenced) and have ordered incorrectly. Since I was Irish they cut me some slack. If an Italian guy pulled that shit they’d be kicked out.

    • tylerj89 says:

      I feel like the Food Network wanted him to act in a certain way, like a lot of their chefs, and to me it makes them come across as annoying. So it’s definitely more of a fail on the network’s part.

    • noclevername says:

      great. Then maybe he should be on the local Chicago PBS affilliate or something because to the rest of us it just sounds provincial.

    • Dingle says:

      By the way, this guy is from a Chicago suburb…not the same thing as the city of Chicago. It’s just not, except for the accent.

  7. Destiny says:

    I actually liked it, though I wasn’t really expecting to. I could do without some of the stories, but at least he seems more genuine than a lot of other FN personalities. Then again, he’s the new guy, so it’s possible that a few shows from now he’ll be acting completely different.

    The food looked good, even if it wasn’t something I’d actually cook for myself. I’d hope in future episodes he makes stuff that’s easier.

  8. Jim says:

    Hey guys, the prep time on the Food Network website is obviously wrong. Also, a show about sandwiches is an amazing idea. Jeff just needs to stay down-to-earth and normal, otherwise, if he lets the FN turn him into another one of their fake hysteric starlets that will do him in for sure.

  9. Beth says:

    I really liked the show. I thought the way they cut back and forth between the recipe demo and the sandwich shop really kept things rolling along.

    My only complaint is the sheer VOLUME of the host. I felt like I was begin shouted at for 22 minutes. It’s cool to oh, say, MODULATE one’s voice every now and again. Even Guy Ferry manages it. So hopefully Jeff will relax a bit and be a bit more natural as the series goes on. Overall, I really like this guy and his show concept.

  10. Parker says:

    I really liked the show, out of all the winners so far I think Jeff is my favorite.

    I think the point of the show is to give you one sandwich that is more complex and takes more time, and one that can be put together while you wait for the first one : D. Even though the set is kinda weak i dig the cinematography and the fact that he gets to leave the set. Hopefully they don’t give him some type of “on the road” show and just keep him doing this, i think it’ll only get better with time.

  11. Becky says:

    A-W-K-W-A-R-D. That is all.

  12. Mike says:

    Way to hit the nail on the head. Great review. He brings NOTHING to the table.

    Personally, I’d rather him stop trying to make any meal into a sandwich, and try a little harder to make a sandwich into a watchable tv show.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      Who doesn’t know how to make a sandwich? Apparently, there really are such people for whom such a program is necessary.

      • stellapurdy says:

        agreed. WTF happened to FN? I’d rather watch How to Boil Water with Emeril, at least he was teaching the masses stuff we may have not known. I made an egg, ham and cheese sandwich today and it was lovely. Maybe I should have my own show too

        • Gigi says:

          OMG! Can you teach me how to make one? lol. I am 26 and don’t know what a sandwich is! /sarcasm

          The concept could be good about different ways to spice up a sandwich and sides, but just basic sandwiches/paninis are kinda a stretch.

  13. ChrisEW says:

    I thought it was fine, about what I expected. He’s still nervous and trying a little too hard, and it showed, but I can easily see that smoothing out over time.

    I agree, the set looked cheap. Also, I’m not as familiar with the times FN’s cooking demonstration shows are aired. Is Sunday morning considered a good time slot? I’m almost never watching FN on a Sunday morning.

    I actually liked that he didn’t have a panini press. It seems like a useless, unnecessary appliance. I just place a cast iron skillet on top of the sandwich when I make them.

    • Mike says:

      ” I just place a cast iron skillet on top of the sandwich when I make them” = much more likely to have around than a bacon press.

      BOOM. And just like that, you’ve unseated the Sandwich King and are now the NEW Sandwich King. Welcome to the Sunday lineup. I would much rather watch your show.

      • ChrisEW says:

        Yeah, the bacon press was a bad alternative. I’ve never even heard of a bacon press. I’d originally assumed it was one of those things people use to weigh something like chicken down when they’re cooking it on a grill.

        What he used actually didn’t look heavy enough to really press the sandwich. I was surprised when they cut back to it and it was so flat. I’m guessing some off-screen magic produced that result.

        And while I’m being nitpicky, I also didn’t understand why he oiled both sides right away, when one of them was just going to be resting against that bacon rest for several minutes. Just quickly oil it before you flip it.

    • Mark H88 says:

      While it’s not exactly necessary, I actually prefer the “crimped” grilled texture that a panini press gives to a sandwich. It actually makes it crunchier (due to the ridges as you bite into it) than a flattened grilled sandwich.

      • stellapurdy says:

        A lodge cast iron grill pan for $20 will get you that and also make an incredible steak

        • ChrisEW says:

          That’s exactly what I do. Cook it in a cast iron grill pan with a regular cast iron pan on top.

          I actually have a waffle iron that converts into a sandwich press, but I still find the cast iron skillet method works best.

      • Alan says:

        I generally use my grill pan for panini, but I’ve also used my Foreman grill in a pinch, which wasn’t terrible.

        I vaguely like the idea for a show about sandwiches, but I’m not sure I’d make a sandwich that took fifty billion hours of prep time. I’d be hoping for creative ways to spin the sammich idea past cold cuts… that could be done in an hour or less. Here’s to hoping he delivers.

  14. it wasn’t that bad and it wasn’t that good. I can see some unfortunate ferryisms germinating in his schtick.
    and like DUMMO would he noted his roasted peppers were “perf.” really? perf? bottom line – twas okay, but I can’t see myself tuning in often, especially opposite cbs sunday morning.

  15. Heidi says:

    He almost lost me at “perf,” but overall, I sort of liked him. One way he might have had us with the 9,000 hour prep for the beef sandwich was to talk about how it’d be a great sandwich for game night. Have a few friends that LOVE to cook elaborate meat dishes for parties (hello 10 hour BBQ) and this would fit that bill.

    Hopefully he doesn’t morph into a Ferry clone and even MORE hopefully, he gets a real kitchen and gets out of the Easy Bake Oven room.

  16. Di says:

    Not great, but pretty good. I enjoyed him. Plus, doesn’t hurt that I actually COULD eat sandwich-type things for all meals ;).
    Hope FN dosn’t turn him into some cartoonish goof – seems like nice normal guy (at the moment).

  17. Stephanie says:

    I thought he did okay, although he was clearly nervous. The visit to the sandwich shop was interesting… sort of a combo of Best Thing I Ever Ate/Diners Drive-Ins and Dives/one of the many ‘chefs in their home kitchen’ shows.

    I have to wonder if he will ever offer any (gasp) vegetarian recipes. Or he could at least mention some possible substitutes or make some meatless side dishes. Otherwise the show is pretty much worthless to me.

    Was anyone else kind of disgusted when he kept saying “the stinkier the cheese, the better”? Was that really necessary?

  18. Shahnah says:

    Why is no one mentioning the fact that his tagline “sandwich into a meal and a meal into a sandwich” (or vice versa) is a COMPLETE RIP-OFF of Tom Colicchio’s book from freaking 2009???

    Complete and total rip-off. I wonder if Food Network, Jeff, or Colicchio himself have heard of this, and what they think about the blatant stealing of a book title to use as his show’s slogan…..

    Jillian — you should do some investigating on this. We all know the FN has someone who follows this blog to keep tabs on what sort of jokes are being made at their expense ;-)–/dp/0609610511/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1313960711&sr=1-2

    • noclevername says:

      I bet Coliccio has a good lawyer…unless FN wrote him a big check beforehand. ka-ching!

      • April says:

        You cannot copyright a book title or a song title. The copyright extends only to the words contained therein. I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve had to make use of copyright law.

    • Rob says:

      Not an attorney here, but I think claiming the tagline is a rip-off is quite a stretch. Close, but the words are not exactly the same and intent is not a measure of closeness.

      How many songs are there are practically anything — love, angst, whatever — that use very similar words and largely the same message yet coexist.

      The same applies here.

      • Rob says:

        On more point I left out of my first post:

        For the author to claim that he ‘owned’ the phrase he would have to be able to claim that he invented it. That is, nobody has ever uttered the words before.

        Hard to believe that some cookbook somewhere didn’t use a similar phrase before.

        • noclevername says:

          A title isn’t copyrightable, but can still be significant in an infringement claim. A person well known in their particular field authors a work and shorlty thereafter someone else uses that title in a way in which a reasonable person may assume the original author had or has created or had involement with the new work. If someone had never watched FN Star or watched FN regularly, but read cookbooks or that author discussing it, and saw this show title somewhere, would it be reasonable for them to assume it was based on his book or that he had some input ie: his recipes being used? Or was the origjnal author damaged by people thinking he had been associated with it?

    • cloverleaf says:

      The tagline thing was mentioned in earlier NFNS threads, Shahnah. Doesn’t bother me other than it’s really awkward, rather than short and pithy. ;)

  19. Mark H88 says:

    While he wasn’t exactly that great, the one thing that I think makes him somewhat enjoyable is that he is one of the few NFNS contestants that feels like your average/ordinary guy. Everyone else just seemed to have such a douchey/bitchy/fake personality.

    Like everyone else is saying, as long as he maintains his “everyday guy” image, he’ll be fine. Just don’t get a big ego there Jeff.

    • Kenny says:

      I’ve never understood this…why do you want someone who is “just like the every day guy”? I’m watching the Food Network to learn from people who have mastered the art of cooking, not the “every ordinary guy”, because I’ve been to many potlucks in my day, and the”average ordinary guy” can’t cook at ALL.

      You wouldn’t watch a gardening show if the host was just your everyday gardener. You wouldn’t watch a design show where the guy was just a homeowner.

      • Rebecca says:

        I think the point is that you can be an ordinary, nice guy, AND an amazing chef. You don’t have to be d-bag or a drama queen to be a chef. Look at Chef Anne. To me, she is a nice woman who happens to also be a wonderful chef. She is not a “crazy personality” just to get attention like so many others seem to be (Fieri, anyone?).

        • Mark H88 says:

          Yeah. That’s what I meant. I don’t need a “big personality” in order to learn something. I want someone who feels like I could hang with them for a beer when the camera’s off. Not some over inflated ego.

      • noclevername says:

        Was thinking the same thing. I want a guy smater then me or who knows more than me showing me how to do something

        • Myk says:

          Based on your posts it seems pretty clear that the number of people out there that you think are smarter than you is somewhere between slim and none…

          • No Nic says:

            Is that supposed to be a bad thing? If you’re above average intelligence or skill in some area you have to seek out your betters in order to improve. Elite musicians spend thousands of dollars to see elite teachers to learn special techniques they couldn’t learn from the neighborhood teacher who advertises in the music shop.

            Or you could get lazy and arrogant, suck up all the praise that less knowledgeable people give you and let it go to your head. Like Paula Deen.

  20. Mary says:

    I thought the show was pretty good for the first time….I was hungry for the Italian Beef Sandwich.. I’m sure that his show will get better as , Who doesn’t want a sandwich…. ?

  21. Marie says:

    Overall liked it – he is down to earth (please stay that way and don’t morph into a FN Guy clone), and although the time that it took to make this italian beef sandwich was really long I would make it ahead of time for a crowd.

  22. Jess says:

    I didn’t catch the entire show but what I saw, I liked. Jeff seemed a bit nervous/awkward at points but overall he did come across as likeable and not annoying. The beef sandwich looked delicious but the mortadella one, not so much (but that’s really only because mortadella makes me schkeeve). I had to lol when he went to the sandwich shop, the guy he hugged looked a bit flustered.

  23. Hippy_Longstocking says:

    I will agree with everyone here that he was really nervous, and it showed. Told Hubs that, if you follow the FN timeline, in all actuality, he found out he won the day before he started filming. If we can believe that, it would explain the nerves.

    I liked the show, would like to see more down-to-Earth sandwiches, but if he says BEAUTIFUL just one-more-time, I’m going to stab him with one of Rachael Ray’s ugly orange knives. We thought about counting (it was that obvious) but to do so , we would have had to have started the show all over again, and I just didn’t want to do that.

  24. Njchicaa says:

    I watched half of it and then got bored. I also am not interested in putting hours of prep in for a stinking sandwich.

    He is much less annoying than D’Arabian, McCargo, and Aarti but I don’t really see myself tuning in each week.

  25. Candi Cane says:

    there is no way in hell I’m watching his show….much prefer Bitchin’ Kitchen….that girl is HYSTERICAL !
    Pure freakin’ entertainment, and you don’t even CARE about the damn food!!

    • Drusilla says:

      Hmm… girl from Quebec puts on a fake NY accent, dresses like a ho, and cooks the stuff you’d get down at the local Kelsey’s or Applebee’s… this is what you prefer to sandwich guy?

      • ChrisEW says:

        I hadn’t realized that she was on the Montreal episode of Bizarre Foods until I saw it recently. Minus the gimmick, she seemed pleasant and knowledgeable about food. Far more appealing than what we get on her show. And I don’t mind her show, but I also don’t find myself eager to leave it on.

    • lilol says:

      Stop watching FN if you just care about the entertainment then.

    • Ava says:

      Are you kidding? Bitchin’ Kitchen is pathetic too. She probably cooks for all of 5 minutes in the whole show. That’s a waste of air time.

    • NikkiP says:

      Meh, to each his own. Have any of you bashing the show or her cooking watched for more than 5 minutes? The show is funny and she promotes using really fresh and organic ingredients. I’ve made several of her recipes and there was only one I didn’t care for all that much. The show also has great tips on just about anything from wine pairings, to spices to different cuts of meat.

  26. Dale says:

    Cast Iron Grill pan from Macy’s: $20 on sale

    Plastic spatula: $4

    Pressing like hell on the sandwich in the grill pan to make a panini: A little effort

    Knowing that I am not a millionaire and can still service my family decent sandwiches: Priceless.

  27. Jaime says:

    I liked it. I’m sure not every sandwich he does will involve a day’s worth of prep. Surely he’ll switch it up a bit. Anyone with half a brain can figure out how to use shortcuts to make similar sandwiches more quickly, he’s interested in making them THE BEST. The “focaccianini” looked AMAZING to me, but then, I’m a fan of those flavors. It actually made me think that a sandwich could be made significantly better by pressing it, which I’ve always thought of as unnecessary. (Did you hear that crunch?)
    Alton Brown talks about “stinky” cheese, too, and no one questions him about it. If you don’t like stinky cheese, it’s not going to sound good to you. Tough.
    Am I the only one who felt like he acted as though someone was holding a gun on him off camera? I get that he’s nervous, but I think they made it clear to him that they want him to “tone it down”and act a certain way. The problem is, toning it down made him lose a lot of what we liked about him, and actually made him look more tweaked out. All that said, I’ll give him a 4 out of 5 for a debut show, guarantee that he will get better, and say that he’s miles ahead of any other FNS winner/finalist with the exception of Adam Gertler and Guy Fieri. :-)

    • Drusilla says:

      I think it’s not strong-tasting cheese that people (including me) take issue with. I like strong-smelling cheese.

      It’s just the word STINKY. It’s got a rotten-food connotation, with overtones of third-grade vocabulary.

  28. Jan_el says:

    Good food takes time. At least Jeff is really cooking. He actually said the roast could be portioned out during the week for different meals. It’s not just for one sandwich. I was happy to see 2 homemade condiments, although I think there are faster recipes for giardiniera.

    • Mark H88 says:

      And it’s right there in his freakin tagline: “A meal into a sandwich” … Hasn’t anyone been paying attention? He’s not making PB&J’s!! I thought his concept was to make sandwiches out of “meal” items? Wouldn’t that require more time than just opening a jar of peanut butter? Who the he’ll wants to watch that show? If you want a bolonga sanwich, go to the deli.

      And if the guy made simple sandwiches, people would be bitchin about how they’re not learning anything from him and that his stuff is too simple :/

  29. Catherine says:

    I didn’t watch the show (I’ll have to catch one of the twelve thousand reruns FN is sure to play this week), but it’s impossible for me to take the title “Sandwich King” seriously. It sounds like he should be screaming at us from a low-budget commercial, selling mattresses or used cars or something.

    I think a show about sandwiches could be good, but only if it wasn’t EXCLUSIVELY about sandwiches. How about making some side dishes or baking your own bread, or deconstructing a sandwich into an actual meal? I don’t want to watch someone just throwing ingredients on bread, no matter how likeable they are.

    • Hyeji says:

      Yeah, that’s his tagline actually–”any sandwich into a meal, any meal into a sandwich”. Based on the commercials, it looks like he’ll be making his own chips/fries/etc too?

  30. Myk says:

    OK I’ve read through this whole thing and I just want to make sure that 16 hours of the 21 hour cook time was for his condiment and it takes about 15 minutes to make said condiment and the rest is it needing to sit and marinate.

    People are acting like you literally are cooking this food for 21 hours to make a sandwhich. But, it is funny to think that people are complaining about a guy teaching you to make a good sandwhich when they can go to Subway and have one made for them. Totally the same thing…

  31. Sarah says:

    Is no one going to mention the part where he calls himself “daddy”? That creeped me the hell out. That combined with calling his roasted peppers “perf” when they came out of the oven about did me in. Ick.

    Oh, and is he really big enough to warrant a XXXXXL shirt? That thing was huge.

  32. Laura says:

    Was I the only one that noticed that he said the word “oily” about 939394785 times???? He described the roasted peppers as OILY and then talked about the foccacia being nice and OILY and the gardinara drips to make the sandwich OILY too. My husband and I both commented that use of OILY would be a great drinking game and I even told him “Jillian is going to be all OVER this oily shit in her recap tomorrow!”

    Other than everything being OILY…I think he did great for his first show. That fig spread looked yummers…totally making it!

    • Owen says:

      I totally agree about his use of the word oily. Along with stinky, oily is not really a word I would use to describe food I would want to sound appealing.

  33. FoodieOne says:

    Aside from the hideous set and formulaic, tired presentation, this show highlighted one of the things I hate about Food Network.

    There seems to be the assumption that the average viewer is constantly trying to save money and owns nothing more than one pan. It is also assumed that we viewers have never stepped foot into a kitchen before so we lack even the most basic culinary skills.

    For crying out loud – if you’re going to make a PANINI then please use a PANINI PRESS. It would certainly be the most appropriate tool for the job. It would be great if you told us what alternatives to use were we not to own said press. But, really, as the “King of the Sandwich Kingdom”, you really do need to stop spending your money on crack and buy a panini press.

    • Mark H88 says:

      It almost seems like he had no choice in the matter. I bet FN was like “Aww, hell no! We ain’t payin for no panini press!!!”

  34. KristenS says:

    Thank dog I discovered the WETA Create channel on my cable service….I don’t have to put up with these non-cooking, non-educational FN shows anymore. Now I can watch ATK/Cook’s Country, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin pretty much 24/7. With a dash of This Old House thrown in.

  35. Diane says:

    Sandwiches should not involve that much time or effort. And yeah…that set is awful.

  36. Dumplin' says:

    Ok, I dont know what the deal is and I dont know if every host does it but whats the deal with calling the audience “kids”. Rachel Ray does it too. It is condescending as hell and its probably one of the reasons I stopped watching rachels show. I enjoyed it as background noise while I folded clothes til I realized her way of sounding like an authority on food was to make me feel like I was beneath her and if this jackass does the same thing I will stop watching him too. I know how to make a sandwich douche, you need to entertain me now.

    • Mark H88 says:

      OMG! That is my one pet peeve about Alton Brown on Iron Chef. I love the man, but I can’t stand it when he says “Welcome back kids” – It is *very* condescending even if it’s not meant to be.

  37. NikkiP says:

    Boy, there sure is a lot of bitching about how long it takes to make a sandwich. One of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had takes a long while to make, but it is pretty easy. You throw a pot roast in the crockpot, add french onion soup, beef broth and giardiniera to taste and let it cook for 8 -10 hours. My mother cooks hers for at least 16. You shred the meat, throw it on a crusty roll and top with giardiniera (my homemade takes at least a day, best if you wait 2). Heaven.

    • Mark H88 says:

      Yeah, I’m with you too. I don’t get it. One of the best sandwiches out there is Pulled Pork and that stuff takes a long time (and a lot of energy) to make, but it’s SOOOO worth it! That’s the kind of stuff I want to see.

      I really don’t understand what these people (the one’s who are bitching) are expecting? I mean, we don’t need him putting bologna and mayo on white bread and calling it a show. Sandwiches are actually kind of boring, so it only makes sense that he’d show you something a little more complex than just throwing cold cuts in between sliced bread.

    • VZG says:

      Yyyeah, I think the point is that most folks would rather just makes the roast than make it just for the sake of a sandwich.

  38. Liz says:

    Gotta tell you, as a Chicago native, 20+ hours for homemade Italian Beef is completely right and the exact point of that sandwich. It’s a slow-cooker thing, which means you make it for a group rather than just a regular sandwich you’d make. And the long cook time makes up for the fact you’re using a tough cut of meat (which was the whole point of the recipe being created in the first place).

    It’s not an ‘instant’ thing like most sandwiches (unless you are using pre-made stuff, which tastes pre-made), but it was never intended to be.

  39. GuyDouchieri says:

    They should just have him interrupt the last 5 minutes of everyone’s show after they’ve made a few dishes and pick food off of their plates to make into a sandwich.

    I’d like to see him try to make sandwiches out of RR’s sammies.

  40. whollyguacamole says:

    Is it just me or is his nasally monotone voice about as annoying a a spoon in the garbage disposal?
    no, so buy the sandwitch king a few “money” words to put in his rolodex so he can explain to us if “oily” is a “really good” thing or not and give Neil Young his voice back

  41. Hyeji says:

    Eh, I liked it. Ina makes most of her stuff from scratch too and so does Wolfgang Puck. A lot of people get angry when seemingly too simple recipes get posted on Food, but then they also get angry when a recipe is multi-layered and doesn’t use that many storebought items. Doesn’t seem to be a healthy medium.

  42. scarletmis says:

    I like Jeff. I see the whole long term cooking thing as another meal and the sandwich is what you make with the left overs from that long roasting meat. Or the fact that you make a big roast and can make a lot sandwiches for the following week. really how else are you going to have a quality meat sandwich without preparing some great meat ahead of time. It’s more cost effective and tastes better, spend sunday making the roast have yumminess all week. Besides why would he have a show where you use all store bought lunch meat. I am sure not all his sandwiches take that long. honestly though, if he is describing how to make a sandwich out of leftover roast then he is going to have to show how to make the roast. just saying. rock on Jeff

  43. Myk says:

    Kind of amusing that on one thread there is a bunch of people calling out Anthony Bourdain for being elitist and defending Paula Dean because she speaks for the home chef and now on this thread there are people saying that this guy isn’t difficult enough.

  44. purplekeychain says:

    “I get it. He’s chopping shit.”


  45. Dee says:

    OMG, I think I caught 6 minutes of this show on a re-run somewhere. As a fellow Chicagoan, I was rooting for him BUT THIS WAS BAD. They should start giving out Razzies for TV. Unless they already do and I just don’t know about it. Ain’t no big thing. Anyway, the more-close-ups-and-camera-angles-than-a-hardcore-porno thing bugged me, too. The finished product didn’t look like anything I wanted to eat either.

    Also, yes, people here are rude if you order ANYTHING wrong, be it sandwich, pizza, hot dog, or your diet coke. But it’s *mostly* cuz they’re in a hurry, not so much because they’re inherently rude.

  46. shouldbestudying says:

    Come again?? The highly respected and dare I say revolutionary FN gave [insert generic tubby male w/ man tits, ie, Flay, Ferry, Florence, Blais] a show on sandwiches?? Who the eff is writing that shit?? Whatever the FN management is drinking and/or smoking, I really want some. Just one more reason for me to look to FNH for clarity and sanity in life.

  47. Sue says:

    Hello Jeff,

    Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you make the Italian Sandwich and the side humor added just the right touch to it all.

    I have been inspired to trry and make the sandwiches.

    Great first episode. Keep them coming.

  48. Freshfoodfreak says:

    They picked the wrong host. All he does is yell at one tone as he cooks. And didn’t the say don’t say boom he is not the bam man… They have to use lots of editing tricks because the poor guy has no charisma. He must be writing his own stuff and thinks his audience is just male morons…. So sad I used to think he was cute…NOT

  49. Patty says:

    The SANDWHICH KING just started! Why do ppl gotta crash on him?! I thought from the very beginning that he would be the winner! He is AWESOME! He deserved his spot! He will have other surprises up his sleeve!

  50. Your NameKathy says:

    It was hard to get into this season – no one really stood out as “awesome” from day one. I guess I was still hooked on last season’s show. Does anybody know what happened to “Aarti?” I miss my Sunday night Aarti Party meal!

  51. Jerk says:

    Look, this guys voice is about as annoying as listening to nails screech across a chalk-board. But at least a chalk-board is only 12 feet; this guys show is a half an hour long. I’d have to choke myself out, wake up, and then choke myself out again just to be able to survive the “I love Barbecue potato chips, I love Barbecue potato chips, I love Barbecue potato chips” three freakin times in a row!

    Can I get past the voice by using the mute button, yes. Can I get past the annoying facial gestures by taking my glasses off, sure. Can I get past the fact that no one is going to spent an hour making a sandwich, not even for a girl!

    Now, maybe they can change the show up a little bit and get that gal from “spice it up” and perhaps Rachael Ray and turn this television series into a true show about sandwiches! Then I’d say this guys got a decent shot at becoming the next best food network guys by working with real melons and great tasting fish recipes!

  52. Allison says:

    I think he’s been “pulling pork” for quite some time, if you catch my drift…heh heh, wink, wink…nudge, nudge.

    He looks like Tim Curry from back in the day.

    Just sayin’

  53. Michele says:

    Seriously…he needs to stop calling them “Samwiches.”

    Either say it properly and say sandwiches, or be cute and call it a sammich…but stop butchering it both ways. You sound like an imbecile.

  54. wanderer says:

    Well I quite enjoy Jeff’s personality and for the first time ever I see san’wiches as an adventure. All these cooking shows are about creativity and inspiration. Home cooking can become humdrum, just like anything else. Shows like this open up new possibilities. BTW — we’re trying to get my niece to name her new puppy “Schnitzel-Biscuit” after Jeff’s succulent san’wich from this week. AND, I think Chicago is a fun town, even though I love NYC too.

  55. Your NameCheryl says:

    I love this guy, let’s face it, if you’re not from Chicago, you don’t get it. Not many TV chefs have a personality, might take some getting used to Jeff. Go EP!

  56. Bobbie says:

    I was hoping for someone else to win the show. Well, I decided to watch one show just to see how bad it was. What a shock! I think the set is kind of charming and Jeff is terrific. He is so entertaining – so down to earth. I put this on my DVR for viewing every week. He made me a believer with his down to earth personality. You go Jeff!

  57. Paul says:

    Geez, Debbie Downer has a blog. I find Jeff entertaining, down to earth, and likeable.

    Who said sandwiches have to be made in 2 minutes?? His sandwiches are original, and look delicious. They aren’t difficult to make, but take a little time. I record his show every week, really enjoy it. Too bad little Miss sourpuss can’t see that.

  58. Tommy says:

    first of all THIS ARTICLE WAS HILARIOUS!!! i laughed out loud more than once… especially at ‘i get it, he’s chopping shit…’

    as far as the show… he wasn’t my favorite on ‘next food network star’, but i liked him. I’m not sure I like him as much outside of that context. He’s trying so hard to be interesting and funny, and most of the time it’s just annoying. I’ve seen two shows, and the food looks good, I wouldn’t mind eating what he’s made once he’s done. Do I want to spend an hour or three or more making it myself? no. By the way, it’s not really that difficult to take ingredients you like and put them on bread… I really don’t need a show dedicated to showing me how to do that.

  59. EddyWheelz says:

    Did they cut the show or change the time? I haven’t seen it lately…

  60. Jessie says:

    I am surprised by the negative remarks. I personally like this show. I like Jeff, not only he – but many of the other Food Stars think
    they have to talk every minute they are on camera , Aarti for example, and Guy F. drives me crazy. I hope Jeff’s show continues.

    Now to get some of Jeff’s recipes.

  61. Margaret says:

    Has he been dethroned I looked for several weeks and thought the internet would tell me day and time–I figured he would get more interesting after a few weeks on the air.

  62. JW says:

    What I find extremely pathetic and unprofessional is Jeff’s FRESH and ORIGINAL idea that includes the catch phrase “turn any meal into a sandwich and any sandwich into a meal” (copied and pasted directly from his bio on the foodnetwork website). Hmmm, this kind of sounds like the title of a book I own…” ‘Wichcraft: Craft a Sandwich into a Meal–and a Meal into a Sandwich ” (by chef/author Tom Colicchio in case you are wondering). Deep sigh, eye roll

  63. Sully says:

    I just saw this douche making a complicated grilled cheese sandwich and instantly wanted to knock him out. His attempt at humor made Guy seem normal. After cutting sourdough bread with a knife, he bragged about his chubby biceps. Because, obviously only a macho man can slice bread without a machine!

  64. rom78 says:

    The guy is so annoying and tries too hard. Its like he is trying to be like adam richman with his puns and jokes. The guy looks like a douche

  65. LindaJ says:

    I’ve yet to figure out why we need a show to teach us how to make a sandwich. Isn’t that a no-brainer???

  66. Rob G says:

    I thought this might be a good idea for a show but i can’t believe they are ok with him hosting it…He comes off as being one of the most fake people on TV today. It is so irritating to listen to him attempt play up to viewers about how “awesome life is”. And how cute his kid is when he gives him part of a mango and “eats it like a little cute monkey”. I can’t imagine and HOPE that this show will not take up anymore of peoples time on TV and gets cancelled!

  67. Amy g says:

    I love the Sandwich King! He is funny and I use a lot of his ideas for sandwiches with leftover food: like the pot roast sandwich! I found a ton of comments above to be rude and full of jealous people. He is down to earth and entertaining while I am getting ideas. My family loves him too! Keep doing what you are doing Jeff because you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB!

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