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FOOD FIGHT: Anthony Bourdain vs Paula Deen
Posted by Jillian Madison

Every few months, Anthony Bourdain makes national news. Not because of somewhere he traveled or something he wrote… but because of something he said about a celebrity chef.

According to Bourdain, Sandra Lee is evil, Rachael Ray is a mediocre bobblehead, and Guy Fieri drives a yellow Hummer because he’s insecure about the size of his penis. And now, according to this week’s interview with TV Guide, Paula Deen is “the worst, most dangerous person to America.”

“She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations, and she’s proud of the fact that her food is fucking bad for you,” Bourdain said. “I would think twice before telling an already obese nation that it is OK to eat food that is killing us. Plus, her food sucks.”

To her credit, Paula Deen didn’t just roll over and play dead. Earlier this morning, she gave the following response to Page Six:

Anthony Bourdain needs to get a life. You don’t have to like my food, or Rachael’s, Sandra’s and Guy’s. But it’s another thing to attack our character. I wake up every morning happy for where I am in life. It’s not all about the cooking, but the fact that I can contribute by using my influence to help people all over the country. In the last two years, my partners and I have fed more than 10 million hungry people by bringing meat to food banks. I have no idea what Anthony has done to contribute besides being irritable. You know, not everybody can afford to pay $58 for prime rib or $650 for a bottle of wine.

In this case, I think they’re both right. Paula Deen’s made a living eating fried butter and giant slabs of meat pressed between doughnut rolls, and she’s endorsing more products than Billy Mays. And Bourdain, by his own admission, IS an irritable bastard.

So what gives?

When it comes to fame, if you’re not being talked about – you’re nobody. Bourdain is a brilliant man who’s well aware of that. His subconscious has evolved some sort of Pavlovian sixth sense that prevents his starlight from fading by letting him know exactly when to make waves by calling another celebrity “chef” out on their bullshit. And it works like a charm.

I’ve been making fun of Guy Fieri’s dick, Rachael Ray’s mediocrity, and Paula Deen’s corporate whoring here on FNH since 2008. But when the comments come from someone famous… from one of their peers… it’s a whole different ballgame. I’m just happy Bourdain is drinking the FNH kool-aid, because at the end of the day, can there ever really be enough people cracking jokes about Guy Fieri’s penis?

I think not.

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  1. lostinplace says:

    just saw this bit-o-news on Fox Network….Paula actually handled the situation with a touch of class and invited Bourdain to her home for a meal…ya, like THAT’S gonna happen!
    maybe she would make him a mediocre butter penis the size of a Hummer and then try to sell it on QVC, hitting all the bases, ha!!!!!!

    • Myk says:

      Her response just goes to prove he is right. The fact that she cooks for “regular people” does not exempt her from making such unhealthy meals. She has the power to teach people how to eat well and instead she’d rather add another stick of butter

    • orchidgal says:

      She’d probably hoped that her butter-laden meal would send into cardiac arrest.

  2. @lVloose says:

    There’s nothing like Fieri dick jokes to get me ready for the weekend.
    Thank you FNH!

  3. Teague says:

    Glad that someone (else) is calling her on her sponsorship and corporate partners.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      What about Bourdain and all the credit card product placement he did in “No Reservations”? I don’t know which corporations the holier-than-thou Tony considers evil, but he’s not without his own connections to them.

    • Tom says:

      Have you noticed all the Fords on No Res?

      • Ocean's Edge says:

        maybe…. but at least he’s not going “hey look it’s a FORD!” like so many.

        I lost so much respect for Mike Rowe when he started huckstering Fords

        • dino says:

          why? why the fuck would you lose respect for someone because of a job they have? You are a fucking lemming. “he sold out…..” fuck outta here

    • Plumpy says:

      I guess Paula needs to make hay while the sun shines. If she keeps eating her own food then her day in the sun may be shorter than Guy’s peen. I just lost 20 pounds by eating healthy recipes of my own creation. I wouldn’t touch a Paula meal with a ten foot pole.

      Since we can’t get enough Guy Ferry small penis jokes, here’s one:

      Guy’s dick is so small he could screw a pasta strainer.

      • Matt says:

        You know, if this was Fark and we all had mad Photoshop skills, “design Guy Fieri’s pasta strainer” would make an awesome image contest.

  4. Sam says:

    While I am happy celebrities do things for the less fortunate, I do despise when they throw that in for an argument. What I want to know is, if said celebrity didn’t get a huge tax break for giving to the poor (since giving to charities is a tax deduction) would they still do it? Therefore it stands to reason that giving to the poor is as much to their benefit as it is to those they are helping. So it isn’t a totally selfless act there.

    • Berger says:

      What huge tax break for charitable contributions? It’s not like the amount of the donation is subtracted from the tax you owe, it’s just not counted as taxable income. And you can’t really expect most fame whores not to blow their own horns, it’s all about the PR.

    • Tom says:

      I hope you are not an accountant Sam.

      • Jen says:

        Actually, if she does it as part of her business, it’s counted as a business expense and can significantly lower the amount of revenue reported to the IRS… thus reducing their tax burden. If you make $1,000 and give $200 to charity, you only have made $800 and thus would pay less in taxes (especially if it causes you to fall in a lower tax bracket).

        Actually, even personal contributions act this way. You’re right in the fact it lowers the amount of income you are liable for taxes on but that, in turn, lowers the amount of taxes due. It can be the difference between making $100,000 (and owing $21617, if single and no other deductions) and making $80,000 (and owing $16125). That $20,000 contribution cut over $5,000 off the taxes you owe by cutting the income you pay taxes on.

        • RJ Holly says:

          I don’t know why everyone wants to attack Paula for making money, after-all, we are not communists, if you want to say her food is crap, fine. If you want to say the products she endorses are crap, that’s great too, but criticizing anyone because they found a way to make a buck is bullshit. do I hate Guy Ferri? of course. But not because he found a way to live like a giant golden turd, but because he IS a giant turd. Oh, you all can stop the small dick jokes about Guy, turds don’t have dicks!

  5. Do I really have to think about Guy’s penis? That just makes me think of vienna sausages in a tin…and now I’ve lost my appetite, and maybe my will to live.

    Wait. Maybe we have the “new food network diet”?

  6. Debra says:

    He’s probably never tasted any of the food he is bashing and doesn’t know the people he bashes personally, which leads me to think he is just as arrogant as he sounds. Most people aren’t chefs they cook like their Mother and Grandmother did and I guarantee no one makes a fresh apple cake better than my grandmother did or fried chicken like my mother in law did, but according to Toni that would be like eating garbage I’m sure. Some people only see a way up by stepping on the backs of others.

    • Ocean's Edge says:

      I don’t know – if the show is ANY indication Anthony Bourdain is a huge fan of mother’s and grandmother’s cooking and is touched and honoured and generally loves the food when invited into people’s homes to eat. There’s very little 5 star restaurant tours and big name chefs… more like tiny little hole in the walls joints where honest food is still made honestly.

    • noclevername says:

      Right. Like you’re on Ray Ray and Paula’s x-mas card list and Ina calls you up to come over for lunch. If that’s the criterea, then we can just pull the plug on this site right now because nobody can criticize anything. You put your name and face out there and you rake in the bucks and then the criticism, parody,etc. all comes with it.

    • Myk says:

      Tony has no problem making good home cooked food. The error in your argument is that Paula does not make that…

      It is odd that somehow it is a bad thing to want people to appreciate the food they consume. Somehow that makes you elitist and somehow that is something that a “poor” person could even handle. Instead they shold just eat crap.

  7. Crimdellacrim says:

    I don’t care what sponsorships particular chefs chose to do or not do. It’s all about making money, as far as I’m concerned. I think you hit the “nail” on the head with Bourdain. He’s become irrelevant. By bashing others, it keeps him in the spotlight. I used to watch his show because I like seeing what foods are popular around the world. I hadn’t seen it in a while, and tuned in the other night. It was all about him and his post-middle age search for amusement, and nothing about food at all. I recall reading his first best selling book years ago (Kitchen Confidential”), where he spent quite a lot of energy mocking chefs like Bobby Flay who had “sold out” to become celebrity/TV chefs. And that’s all I gotta say about that. (BREATHE, Crim, BREATHE!)
    Oh–I do agree with him about RR & SL, tho.

  8. ChrisEW says:

    As much as I like Bourdain, I think he’s starting to beat a dead horse when he continues to bash Food Network. We get it, he had a bad experience working for them, and they clearly didn’t want to be the kind of network that would allow him to do the type of show he wanted to do.

    He’s getting to do quality work on the Travel Channel (I think his show has even been nominated for Emmys), so it’s probably time to move on.

    Except for Guy Fieri. He can keep making fun of him all he wants.

  9. Candi Cane says:

    Anthony B. just stated on a recent episode that he was glad the Popeye’s Chicken by his house closed cuz he was going there too often, so we KNOW he likes & eats fattening southern food.
    I’d like to see him & Paula in the ring…I think she’d kick his scrawny little butt!!
    Don’t F with Paula!!

  10. Bella says:

    I’m not a Paula fan, but Bourdain isn’t any better.
    He comes across now like some sort of aging hipster trying to cling to any semblance of coolness he once had. It’s sad. I guess bashing people is the only way he can stay in the spotlight now.
    Besides, Paula Deen is not responsible for the obesity epidemic. Anyone taking dietary advice from her cooking show as gospel is obviously too stupid to function anyhow.

  11. John F says:

    Bourdain is an irrelevant pompous ass! His opinions are self important at best.

  12. Sen says:

    Bourdain is a hypocritical aging douche bag. I’m actually surprised Pauler responded to this man child.

  13. FactCheck says:

    Bourdain, irrelevant? Ha! You do know that his show was nominated for 4 Emmys this year. As in prime time Emmys.

    • Melissa says:

      Relevance = Emmys??? Really?

      • Davegeek says:

        Well it does tend to poke holes in the statement that Bourdain is “irrelevent”. Or is it only having product in Target that counts as relevance?

        • SPA GIT TEEEEE says:

          And product at Walmart. And Kohl’s. And grocery stores. And ….

          • Katie77 says:

            …and Michael’s! Paula Deen has a line at Michael’s which is always 40% off. “Her” buffet is also at the local casino (or “casina” as she calls it). The line is 2 hours long, the price is $35/person, and it is not very good. Sorry Paula Deen fans! She is totally overrated!

  14. Pat says:

    I haven’t seen any of Bourdain’s shows recently (and he has a new one coming out) but he’s a brilliant writer. And he confesses in his most recent book, Medium Raw, to being a sellout himself. He’s got a wife and small child now and is in a different place in life than when he wrote Kitchen Confidential or all those years in the restaurant biz. But I don’t think he has any problem with unhealthy food or other unhealthy, er, habits.

  15. Judith says:

    Fieri has a penis? Are you sure?

  16. Bubba says:

    Ever notice that Bourdain’s target is always someone with a higher TVQ than he has?

    To me, he always comes across as desperate for attention when he does this.

  17. Da Kidd says:

    Bourdain is one shit talking motherfucker. Only thing is he picks the easiest targets. And why does everyone(the internet) love him? He’s a condescending douche. “How can you tell people to eat garbage” blah blah. He says it while smoking 2 packs of cancer sticks a day.

    • Ocean's Edge says:

      Tony quit smoking years ago when his daughter was born he was touchingly honest about the profound impact his wife and daughter have on his life.

      He may be condescending, but at least he’s honest in his opinions, in himself – which is more than most of the Giada’s on FN these days.

    • Myk says:

      I don’t get it…what does the personal choices he makes have to do with Paula Dean “teaching” poor people that dishes need to have usless pounds of butter included…

      You are missing his entire point.

  18. Monica Ricci says:

    I have LONG thought Bourdain to be a pompous dickhead, so I’m not surprised he said the things he did. Just confirms that I’ve been right all along. And not only is a dickhead, he’s apparently a PR whore too. I guess people aren’t talking about him enough so he had to stir things up. I hope he loses some stream of revenue from his remarks, no matter how small, just on principle. I don’t actively DISlike many people but he’s one that has rubbed me the wrong way from day one.

  19. Sharon H. says:

    Did anyone else read the part Paula told Page Six to themselves and instantly put it in a southern accent? I know I did :)

  20. Becky says:

    I sometimes wonder why folks actually come to FNH. Let’s see, I come here for snarky humor directed at FN “Chefs.” I like snarky people, I find them amusing amusing in the sea of fake-spewing talking heads… Jillian Madison, Alton Brown, Anne Burrell and, yes, Anthony Bourdain. I love his show, love his personality.
    Keep calling out the bullshit everyone!!!

  21. cloverleaf says:

    I love Bourdain’s writing and his terrific show on the Travel channel. He’s the first one to admit when he’s being a jerk and often does so on his show and in interviews. I like the contrast he provides to the schlockfest that the Food Network has become the past 5-6 years. His is a well-written, beautifully produced show about what interests him: food and people around the world.

    • Ocean's Edge says:

      He really doesn’t put on any pretense – or maybe that’s a pretense in and of itself. If it is… well it works.

      I’ve seen him pick on himself for how much he picks on other chefs, I’ve seen him turn tables on himself and call himself and arrogant self indulgent bastard when he’s been wrong. I’ve seen him promote GOOD causes – his Haiti after the earthquake episode is painfully worth seeing.

      Yeah he’s famous, yeah he’s got a show and books to promote, but in terms of what’s out there in food/travel/cooking shows – he doesn’t make me wanna gag and that’s a big step in the right direction.

      • Gigi says:

        His episode on New Orleans was also really painfully worth seeing. I just caught it recently and I had a hard time turning away. It showed another part of the city that people have forgotten about, the service industry workers that lost homes and jobs.

        • Ocean's Edge says:

          he is HUGELY about protecting and speaking for service industry workers – it’s part of his big hate on for the Beard Foundation and the Beardies – that THEY should be protecting speaking for helping the labour that keeps the industry (and all these highfaluting chefs) running.

      • dino says:

        if all these things make you sick…STOP WATHCING. STOP READING THIS SITE!!!!

  22. sarcastic misanthrope says:

    First off, love this site.

    Second; Anthony Bourdain is a drunken sot and I’d be afraid to eat any food he cooked.

    Third; love Paula Deen, but she can be a bit much at times :-)

    • Brad says:

      >>love Paula Deen, but she can be a bit much at times :-)

      is like saying “Giada’s head is a bit large at times”.

  23. Sonia says:

    I love that man! I love what he said about Guy Ferry.

    On Guy Fieri: “I look at Guy Fieri and I just think, ‘Jesus, I’m glad that’s not me.’”


  24. Scarab83 says:

    Bourdain has always been, and always will be, fucking awesome.

  25. Ocean's Edge says:

    One more reason to love Anthony Bourdain with the passion of a 1000 undying suns.

    But really, ya know early on he dissed Chef Ferran Adrià and El Bulli as over hyped tripe, and he was WRONG, and the man had the balls the integrity and the honest love of good food enough to stand up and say it… not just once, but to become almost evangelical in his love for the great man. But that tends to make less better press

    He also despises Bobby and really likes Alton Brown – all good reasons to like him.

    Despite his irascibility – he wrote a really good piece critiquing children’s television, and loves his daughter enough (and doesn’t take himself too seriously) to appear on Yo Gabba Gabba – I’m not much of a children’s television watcher these days, but … it takes a certain amount of liking yourself and self honesty to be able to do that

    I know I’m probably preaching to the converted, but Tony rawks my world

  26. KitchenConfidential says:

    I’m a big fan of his show & book, but AB has recently been getting on my nerves. Spewing all these criticisms about FN celebrity “chefs” just makes him look like an insecure dickhead going through a middle-age crisis. We’ve got FNH already, and we can make fun of FN because we’re common folks.

    And I agree with Jillian. They’re all wrong.

    • Ocean's Edge says:

      Last I heard (although I haven’t checked personally) the man puts his pants on one leg at a time… just like the rest of us ‘common folk’

      I don’t think because he’s made a name an a pubic career for himself he should have to ‘hush up’ his well founded opinions (face it most of the FNH fans agree with his assessments of them). I mean – wouldn’t that make him an even bigger hypocrite? If he despises Guy do you really want him smiling and making nice and ‘oh he’s wonderful’, just because of some perceived notion of loyalty to another’s fame/celebrity?

      Surely FNH doesn’t get the copyright on laughing at Bobby, or Paula..

      • SPA GIT TEEEEE says:

        Ocean’s Edge, I love everything you’ve said on this thread. Thank you!

      • KitchenConfidential says:

        I’m not saying he should kiss up to Guy Fietti & praise his good name (the very thought of that disgusts me), couldn’t he just hush up and ignore? He’s on a higher level than them & has much better things to do with his time, and hurdling all these insults just makes him seem whiny and insecure. You can go ahead and defend AB all you want. This is just my opinion.

  27. JerseyGirl says:

    Calling the BULLSHIT DEPARTMENT on this one.

    There is NOT a $65 steak on Les Halles Menu (the $50+ ones are for TWO.) I think $23 for an awesome steak in NYC is actually a bargain.

    Lady and Son’s prices are comparable in GEORGIA vs AB who’s in NYC.

    However apparently an $1500 “recipe writing desk is fine?”

    AB is an asshole; he admits it and that’s why I LOVE him

    Paula’s a phony. And, I hate phoney’s.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Phonies :)

    • Jones says:

      Hmmm… people don’t seem to be as positively receptive to the average person who happens to be a gigantic asshole and knows it, be it seems to be ~totally kewl~ when it’s someone with a show. Whatever. I don’t like either of these people, but at least Paula isn’t as retarded.

      • Ocean's Edge says:

        actually I have a number of very good friends who would be considered ‘assholes’ for the refusal to suffer fools gladly.

        I think there’s a huge difference between being acerbic and being an asshole. Too many people don’t get that there’s a difference. Assholes don’t defend the migrant kitchen staff that helped them build a career, assholes don’t go to Haiti and practically cry/beg/plead with their audience to understand the real and ongoing tragedy that’s there. Assholes don’t tell you what a tragedy the Japan earthquake / tsunami is. Assholes don’t toss around words like ‘retarded’

      • Denita says:

        ” Assholes don’t toss around words like ‘retarded’”

        Ditto. That was very offensive.

      • JerseyGirl says:


        Please comment on facts as presented: Paula’s menu$ is = to AB’s menu even though the wealth disparity is about a 375% difference between the two Cities.

        Also, STOP using the word retarded!!! Not cool!! Not cool at all.

        And, stop using the word kewl. You’re just a douche for that!

      • Teague says:

        Maybe she’s not retarded but that family of hers that she has inflicted on is comes pretty close.

    • dino says:

      How is she a phony?
      Please elaborate.

  28. Davegeek says:

    Sounds to me like Paula’s trying to fly the populist flag to distract from the truth on this one. “I’m for the struggling working families y’all”. Is that why you instruct them on how to cook fatty crap that’ll kill them sooner rather than later? Or is that how you want to help those struggling families Paula, by killing them off? I guess that way they won’t be struggling anymore and their survivors will have it easier what with fewer mouths to feed and all.

    • Keith Lee says:

      Spoken from her ocean front property in Georgia with an add-on home just for her grandson and another one for Brooke and Jamie…not to mention the huge yellow canary diamond ring she wears while she digs into those frying batters of hers and dough mixes! Yeah…she’s regular American folk…just like us! Barf!

      • coffee-n-toast says:

        At one point in her life, the woman had $200 to her name. I don’t like some of the decisions she’s made (especially promoting super-cruel Smithfield), but when you’ve been that poor I don’t blame you for grabbing every dollar you can get.

        • SummerGirl says:

          Classic case of nouveau riche. She’s raking it in hand over fist and flaunts it. I find it tacky when anyone flaunts wealth like that, and especially more so when that person knows what it’s like to be poor. Have some tact! She acts like she’s for the everyday cook then charges crazy prices for her crappy cook and bakeware. Further, the prices at her restaurant aren’t exactly family friendly.

          And her food sucks. It does. I went to the Lady & Sons (against my will – my mom is unfortunately a huge fan) and the food was awful. This woman wouldn’t know good food if it hit her in her muppet-orange face.

    • dino says:

      Do you honestly think she is trying to kill people? You fucking twat

      • Myk says:

        Do you honestly think she is trying to help people eat healthy? Even if there isn’t intent it doesn’t excuse her for what she does.

        • Bun says:

          Why should it be her responsibility to help people eat healthy? She has never claimed to have “healthy” recipes. I can’t stand the way everyone who has a cooking show and/or writes recipe books is taken to task for not promoting “healthy eating” now. If people are too damn stupid to make good choices about what types of food to cook or eat, it’s their own fault if they are obese!

  29. Dick says:

    Shots at Food Network personalities seem to be a regular feature of press tours he does. Calling out Paula Deen just seems like he needs new material. But hey, it’s good for a cheap headline or two.

    In a lot of ways the devolution of FN has moved beyond Paula Deen/RR/Sandra Lee.

    At least hitting Guy is still relevant.

    This season of No Reservation has been really solid, much stonger than the last one, though.

  30. Deaner says:

    What I wanna know is, has Bourdain taken any swipes at the clod who does the Man vs Food show on the same network as No Reservations?

    Cuz I tell ya, folks, that dude bugs me more than all the annoying people at FN combined.

    • Roger says:

      Yes, actually he has taken swipes at Adam Richman. In the October 14, 2010 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Tony was asked about Man vs. Food and said: “It’s a little morally [questionable]. I think Adam Richman of ‘Man vs. Food’ is enormously likable and a compelling character who really makes that show interesting, but I fear for his life! I mean, the guy must really like T-shirts.”

      • Chingl says:

        Another example of Bourdain’s grim double standards for women and men. Women who revel in hedonism are RUINING THIS COUNTRY!!1! (cue the clutching of his “pearls”) while fellow dudes doing the exact same schtick are awesome renegades, et cet. Typical misogynist who thinks shitting on women in public makes him hip.

      • Deaner says:

        Roger – thanks for the info! That Man v Food show *really* annoys me. Mostly because to me, dining out should be about enjoying food, not making yourself miserable eating a six-pound steak in one sitting.

        Life’s too short to feed like a Burmese Python, y’know?

    • SPA GIT TEEEEE says:

      Yes, all the time! He also makes fun of Andrew Zimmern. He suffers no fools. Everyone and anyone who exhibits douchebaggery is a candidate for Anthony Bourdain’s volatile criticism. Thank goodness for his honesty and fearlessness.

      • Ferd Berfle says:

        He makes fun of Zimmern? Maybe, but then did a show with him where the two of them ate their way across the five boroughs and acted like the best of pals. Oh yeah, that was so he could collect his big Travel Channel paycheck. Honest, or hypocrite, you decide.

  31. Sam says:

    I find him pretentious and annoying. His comment towards Paula amounts to nothing more than trolling.

  32. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    I used to like Paula back when she was “the nice grandma that baked you cookies”. Now she’s “the dirty old lady that keeps trying to grab the poolboy’s ass”. Her cackling and her incessant use of “Y’all” makes me stabby.Bourdain had it right. She’s the queen of sellouts and a shameless whore. She even has a line of beds and linens (why?) , and tried to justify putting her name on an expensive bureau by calling it a “recipe writing desk”.Anthony was also correct about Paula glorifing the unhealthy crap she makes. The stupid cow will make some 100,000 calorie mass of sour cream, mayo & butter, fry it, add a sprig of mint or parsley, and call it “healthy” because it has a “vegetable”. Then she’ll jam it in her gaping maw, cross her eyes, and have an orgasm. To make it even more disgusting, she’ll lick her fingers and put her greasy mitts all over the food- then Paula will make some sexual innuendoes and cackle like idiot.

  33. Steven "Fee Eddy" says:

    Didn’t Guy Fieri change is name from Guy FERRY?
    Apparently it was to honour his grandfather by taking his name. Convenient for him his grandfathers name doesn’t make him sound like a mythical magical creature, or a homosexual.
    Sadly I have seen Mr. Ferry driving his truck, it’s not a hummer (enter joke here….) it is a lifted pick up truck that is the same color as his hair-Gay.

    • Jimbo says:

      Guy Ferry or Fieri prefers to be referred to as Guy FIETTI. HOW THE FUCK CAN HE BE FETTI WHEN IT’S SPELLED F-I-E-R-I? Maybe Guy thinks water is dry and fire is wet. Bourdain is right. Guy is douche of all douchbags.

  34. Roger says:

    When Paula first hit FN, I was glad that a Southern home cook (not a trained chef) had a show. I greatly admire her ability to start a business and raise her two boys as a single parent.

    But as most everyone has noted, she’s gone off the deep end with her dishes, corporate hocking, and over the top Southern personality caricature. And Bourdain is calling it as he sees it. We don’t have to agree with him and Deen clearly doesn’t.

    Tony is a an annoying New York fuck–that’s the Southern boy in me calling it as I see it. But he has talent, respect for food (high and low end), and is an excellent writer. Shit, this is starting to sound like I’m defending him. I’m not. They’re both right and they’re both wrong.

    As long as I don’t have to see the Bobblehead on my box of Ritz Crackers any more, life is good.

    • Roger says:

      PS: My 3.5 year old son saw Guy on TV and said, “Daddy, who is that dumbass?” Out of the mouths of babes..

      • codiferous says:

        Out of the mouths of babes comes the evidence of a child being raised by parents who have allowed their child to hear and use the word dumbass. Guess what that child has the greatest chance of becoming? If you guessed a dumbass, you guessed correctly. Nice parenting…

        • Lurker says:

          And YOU’RE showing evidence of having been asphyxiated by your own farts. It takes all kinds.

        • SummerGirl says:

          Oh please, get off your high horse. Cursing in no way makes someone a bad person. Sure, you should try to curb it around your kids, but it’s not a big deal.

          Besides, did it ever occur to your judgemental self that maybe a 3.5 year old would hear it from someone else? Or do you put your kids in a soundproof hamster ball?

  35. CmpndQn says:

    Love Tony. Period. He calls it like he sees it. I want to drink beer with him and then get him naked (I know, just a dream, we’re both taken). I miss watching him smoke… sooo damn sexy! Tony and Michael Symon… yummy!! Paula is ridiculous. She’s a caricature and has lost any ‘realness’ she may have once had. And before I say this, I just want to say that I am completely addicted to FNH, PH, and Jillian’s sense of humor — and I want to drink beer with her too… but it was Flavor-Ade (spelling up for comment), not Kool-Aid. They drank the Flavor-Ade. : )

  36. Keith Lee says:

    Let’s be frank if it weren’t for those FN’s “stars” with all the over-the-top histrionics and mediocre food, this site would not exist! That is not the first time he disses our Aunt Sandy, funnily, Bourdain now is back working for the Food Network parent company (which now owns the Travel Network)… you can see the douchery slowly seeping through too…see Man Vs. Food (which I used to watch), those stupid Barbecue Competitions…As to Bourdain’s comments, I wonder how the FN honchos feel about that.

  37. Broomhildo Weave says:

    ” You know, not everybody can afford to pay $58 for prime rib or $650 for a bottle of wine.”

    No, but Paula sure can! Quit being a silly hypocrite, Paula.

  38. L says:

    Bourdain needs to stop talking about other chefs and just focus on himself.

    And lately Paula has been pointing out the food she cooks on the show isn’t meant for every single day and when Bobby is on, he cooks lighter meals.

  39. Jana says:

    I want to do bad, bad things with and to Tony Bourdain in a carnal way. This is nothing he hasn’t said before. I admire him for his humility-when he’s been a dickhead, he admits it like when he apologized to Emeril Lagasse and gave him props for helping New Orleans rebuild. Paula has become a gross caricature of herself and needs to go back to being so over-the-top. I used to love watching her but now I just get sick. My dad was a southern boy and he died from a massive heart attack due to his love for butter, fatback, and mayonnaise. Tony Bourdain is somebody I really, really admire for his willingness to speak his mind and then admit his wrongs. And yeah, the ManVFood guy is annoying as FUCK.

  40. coffee-n-toast says:

    I like Tony’s writing and have watched nearly all of his shows, so I’d say I’m kind of a fan; but I physically cringe when he says something nasty about another celebrity. It’s SO seventh grade coming from a 50+ year old man. Coming from someone who’s so well-traveled and who writes so intelligently, it sounds really childish and out of character. He could still be funny as hell without it.

    • codiferous says:

      Indeed. Fame is a strange motivator isn’t it?

      • coffee-n-toast says:

        It is. And although Paula Deen’s TV persona has gottten a little insufferable the last few years, I’ve never heard her speak a mean word about anyone. And, unhealthy food and commercialization aside, she does a lot to feed those who need it.

  41. Maria says:

    This post was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Bourdains comments are unnecessary though. Maybe his comments amuse him. Im glad Paula gave him a piece of her mind.

  42. shouldbestudying says:

    Sure you girls are right, but Bourdain is an insufferable douche that has girly legs.

    • Keith Lee says:

      ha..ha..he has the worst physique..and greasy complexion…I used to hate him…but I love him now since I watched his episodes with his Russian friend (Amir) and especially the one in Iceland!

  43. David says:

    Speaking as an overweight American enjoying food-porn on TV. I have seen Bourdain’s and Paula’s shows, and I don’t care for either of them.

    I don’t like the typical new york asshole that Bourdain portrays… but if Bourdain sugar-coated his critiques, Paula would deep fry them and dip ‘em in butter.

    But in all seriousness, Paula isn’t the cause of obesity and Tony will always be an asshole… you can’t blame him its what he gets paid to do.

    I think it was a good move for Paula fighting back.

  44. Mkay says:

    I’m guessing that whoever wrote the article asked him about his opinions on Food Network…he doesn’t just go around talking about it all the time. He has an episode of No Reservations in Charleston, so clearly he can appreciate GOOD homestyle Southern cooking.

  45. Gray says:

    Everything Paula Deen touches turns to shit. The woman can’t good. All she can do is lather everything in fat and butter. That’s not cooking. That’s a grevious affront to food that, instead of being wasted, could be used to make decent, tasty meals.
    Yes. Bourdain is arrogant, but big name, decent chefs in general are arrogant.

  46. partiallyhydrogenated says:

    The Crisco Cronicles…a butter lathered Paula in a threeway with Bourdain and Fieri, double penetration while all three smear velveeta on a tied up, blindfolded rayray…

  47. Your NameKyLady says:

    Paula Deen has such a variety of foods — some very, very healthy and some not (but that is “cooking” in the huge food world). She is smart, intelligent and will most times point out the concoctions that are over the top and makes either a point of that or a joke. Mr. Bourdain mixes extremes of food that includes what most would consider “garbage” and “slop” that he thinks is cuisine. Yuk! By the way, he admits to being an extreme smoker and drinker. What part of that is healthy? We, here enjoy Mr. Bourdain’s take on the inclusion of “yuk” and Ms. Deen’s take on the art of just “plain cooking”. She is so right, he needs to get a life and leave others alone. By the way, has he ever “cooked” anything or just watched what others slopped up and then ate it?

    • What? says:

      Is this a joke? Paula Deen has a “variety” of food? When butter is your main flavoring, that is not variety. Bourdain eats “garbage” and “slop”? Perhaps you are thinking of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods. And yes, Bourdain is a classically trained chef and worked as such before having his own show.

  48. Bee says:

    Oh Anthony… are you feeling like there isn’t enough cameras on you?

    In line with these comments box. Can someone please explain what the hell selling out means. I’ve always cringed at the term. Being able to make money, doing what you love, whether that’s cooking or making music – is rare and should be considered a rare feat.

    I for one think the term “selling out” should be replaced with “lucking out.”

    Hell Jillian you make money being a writer. If a $5 million dollar endorsement deal came a knocking, would you turn it down?

  49. Cuisine says:

    I really liked No Reservations up to this newest season. He’s basically turned a show about interesting places and their food into “Watch Bourdain dick around in places and behave incredibly irresponsibly.” I wasted an hour a couple weeks back watching him try and pass off some BS about him douching around with some ‘rockstars’ as a show. It felt like it was just an episode of him hanging out with pothead hipsters in the middle of the desert for an hour. I think he mentioned food twice. And then he went to Chernobyl and just completely recklessly wandered into a high radiation area. Not surprised Pauler retaliated the way she did.

  50. krosstx says:

    THere is nothing wrong with any celebrity endorsing a product especially if they really like that product but Paula Deen has taken it to a whole new level! SHe will endorse Viagra if they will pay her!

  51. Myk says:

    Two things that I don’t understand about most of these comments:

    1) He was being interviewed by TV Guide. As in they wanted to write an article about him. Knowing that, how do you jump to the idea that he has become irrelevant? Do irrelevant people get interviewed by national publicatoins often?

    2) As for the comments, how come no one is jumping to the most obvious conclusion. People keep saying he is looking for attention…isn’t it much more likely he just actually believe what he says and if asked his opinion he gives it? That seems way more likely.

    • Dick says:

      Yeah, the the “attention grab” angle is kind of obvious. Of course it is. That’s the entire point of doing interviews. If you aren’t generating attention out of interviews, you’re failing at promoting your show.

      I stick with my point that the problem is that this is old material for him (he’s trotted it out often, aimed at the same cast of characters) and outside of Guy, the other notable FN figures he targets are declining in relevance there as it becomes a channel focused on contests and variations on DDD.

      If he wants to throw bombs he should throw the right ones.

      • Myk says:

        And the fact that he repeats his comments wouldn’t be more evidence that these are his actual opinions and not just something looking for attention.

        If every time he was brining up the newest flavor of the week it would show he was just trying to make headlines.

        Still don’t get why people have such a hard time believing that he just actually believes those things he says about those people and isn’t scared to say it.

        But then again…at this point I am amazed and shocked at how many people are defending Paula Dean…guess Bourdain was right.

    • FNJEW says:

      I completely agree.. he even made the announcement on his Twitter thang, that he is asked OFTEN who is most and least favorite FN Personality (read “sorta chef”) is… and he HONESTLY ANSWERS!

      Good for him!!
      I am a Bourdain fan, and in fact would kill for the chance to head out on a vacation led by his arrogant ass!!

  52. A Rad Radish says:

    i see that being paid to fly around the world, eating the food and observing the culture of 3rd world countries so that an American cable network can sell advertising slots to Walmart has humbled Anthony Bourdain quite nicely.

    if he wants to throw stones at endorsements he shouldn’t look any further than the panel of “experts” he sits with on Top Chef. Tom C endorsing Coca-Cola, and Padma endorsing Hardees are no worse than any of the endorsements Paula takes on. even former contestant Elia noted this already on the Top Chef Reuinon, and look! no love from the big A saying she’s right to have fanned away critiques from a lady who drips BBQ sauce on her leg for a TV commercial.

    Anthony Bourdain is an over-privileged ass. there are millions of people in the world who would kill for his job of travel & cultural experience all while getting famous & getting to be an arrogant jerk.

    its a shame. you would hope that someone with so much exposure to the worlds problems wouldn’t throw unnecessary disses at an older woman who mostly lived her life poor and untraveled eating food her culture afforded her. not that Paula Deen is some impoverished lady to be defended, but i would just expect more from a man who attempts to be so enlightened.

    • Myk says:

      Your last part is satire, right…?

    • FNJEW says:

      I dont think he attempts to be enlightened… I think he attempts to be (and succeeds in being) an arrogant ass who knows a bit about food.

      • Myk says:

        Today they replayed his cooking show that had chefs like Thomas Keller, Jauque Pepin and Scott Conant teach some basic techniques and I learned more than anything Paula Dean has done.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree….Anthony is a spoiled rich kid, former addict and alcoholic. However, he kicked his bad habits and is a really good chef. his biggest problem is keeping his comments to himself. It is not respectable to say bad things about people who have in no way harmed you. He is a bit of a buly. As for his comments on Guy’s private parts….How does he know Guy’s size unless he’s been there and seen it….Guy is a trained chef. His food is good and realistic for the public to cook at home. Love you Tony but be nice!!!

  53. Lisa says:

    AB just seems like a huge grump to me and personally I don’t care what big endorsement deals people have- most of us would sign on the dotted line if offered that kind of $. And Ray Ray actually does tons of good for hungry children and shelter animals. So I won’t knock her. I don’t know what good AB does. It seems like he just spews his hate wherever and whenever he can. Maybe he thinks he is doing some good that way. Boring! Moving on!

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      Ray Ray actually does tons of good for hungry children>>>

      How so? Despite her claims to “feed, fund” and whatever else it is, IMO Yum-o is nothing more than a tax shelter. How much has RR actually spent on hungry children? Were she able to cook without excessive amounts of fat and serve double portions, I might not view her with such disdain.

    • Brad says:

      Mr. Bourdain is clearly just jealous of their success. Ms. Deen, Ray and Lee could buy and sell him multiple times over. These lovely women never professed to be chefs and do much to help others and feed the hungry. He’s just an arrogant, bitter, pot-head who probably has never done a damn thing for anyone else. Get over yourself Mr. Bourdain!!!!!

      • Hakuna Fritatta says:

        Ms. Deen, Ray and Lee could buy and sell him multiple times over>>

        Surprise Brad! Money isn’t everything. I’d choose being Tony over Deen or Ray any day.

        • IndyBrad says:

          feeling the need to sepatate myself from this Brad, thus ‘Indy’ Couldn’t disagree with you more, but hey, nice name!

  54. DerekLutz says:

    I’m a fan of Bourdain’s show but I think his “grumpy celebrity” persona has gone to his head. If he’s not complaining about FN celebs he’s not doing his job in his worldview.

    He’s hypocritical in that he’s often seen on his show drinking in excess (e.g., recent Ukraine show where he and Zamir polished off bottle after bottle of vodka), smoking cigarettes and a diet that appears to subsist on heavy meats and fat. How are those habits any better than eating Paula Deen’s food?

    I’m not defending Paula. She’s a corporate shill and willing to put her name and likeness on any product, many shoddy or defective.

    • Myk says:

      Bourdain isn’t teaching normal people how to drink in excess and smoke. Paula Dean has said herself that her “job” is to help the home cook…

      That is the difference and that is why she is dangerous. She is using her fame to teach people that cooking with pounds of butter is ok…

      • Heather says:

        I can’t recall her ever saying “This is healthy, and this is what you should feed your children each day every day”.

        The day that all food shows become pre-filtered vegan health food shit is the day that cooking shows die.

        Sometimes it’s good to indulge. Paula doesn’t parade her food as healthy, I’ve only heard her mention healthy food once in a satirical way on her show, to say that people will mindlessly copy everything on tv… well, you have to let those people take responsibility for their actions.

        This is one of those “Mcdonalds is at fault for obesity because they sell the fatty food” type arguments. No, Mcdonalds, Arbys, Wendys, Paula Deen, etc are not at fault… the people CHOOSING to make/order and eat the food are at fault for their choices.

        If Bourdain wants to go on a witch hunt for every source of un-healthy cooking he better attack pretty much every classical chef, all of french cooking, etc etc.

        I’m not defending Paula. I agree she’s too corporate now. But blaming her for obesity is ridiculous. Nobody puts a gun to your head and forces you to watch, or go to the store and buy the ingredients, then take them home, cook them and eat them. You choose to do that. If you get fat or die off of Paula, or anyone’s, food then its your fault for choosing to eat it.

        -From a fat person who chooses to stay fat.

        • FNHFAN (formerly FNJEw) says:

          Would you rather eat a Bourdain meal, or a Dean meal?

          • Daria says:

            I’d rather eat Bourdain’s food, because there is nothing unhealthy about eating meat and animal fat which seems to be his MO. I have no quarrel with butter, but Paula’s problem is her breading and frying everything in vegetable oil.

        • Myk says:

          She said it herself that she is teaching the average home cooks. That some of us cant afford a 60 dollar steak.

          You don’t believe that she feels her show is intended to teach the “moms” around the country how to cook?

          • Erv says:

            Did you miss Heather’s entire point? Paula dean makes food she likes and is cheap. If you want healthier and cheap try Good Eats. BTW: They both on the same station.

        • Hakuna Fritatta says:

          I can’t recall her ever saying “This is healthy, and this is what you should feed your children each day every day”.>>

          True enough, she doesn’t pretend (as some others on FN do) that her food is “figure friendly” or in any way good for you. I can at least credit her for honesty there. But man, that cackling hen persona has to go.

  55. jadeblueafterglow says:

    Bourdain is a spoilt, arrogant prig. The egg is on his face for acting a douche, and Paula Deen’s response shows that she’s got far more class than Bourdain ever has had or ever will have.

  56. Lisa says:

    I’m not a Deen defender by any stretch, but I hate Bourdain. He’s like that bigmouthed kid at the back of the class who never grew up. Ooh, I’m so bad ass, I drive a motorcycle and booze it up for breakfast! Notice me, notice me!

    He’s said it himself, he’s fucked up his body with bad eating and drinking habits. I’m sure the nurses will be super impressed by that when he ends up in the hospital when his liver fails. Hope his $$ can save him!

  57. Sarina says:

    I find Bourdain pretentious and hypocritical. Does he really think he’s going to live longer than Paula, or is a better example?

    I admire Paula for making a life for herself and her boys as a single mom by working very, very, very hard. So, she something of a corporate shill, but can you blame her for wanting to make some $$, after the struggle she’s had? Walk a mile in her shoes (as yes, you guessed it, I have done – struggling single mom for years), and then criticize her for daring to compromise her integrity a bit, for financial security.

    Her success was hardwon, and she has built something that will endure for her sons and grandchild. Imperfect though she certainly is, Paula shows her greater maturity and class in her Bourdain’s arrogant comment.

  58. ulsterchef says:

    Food TV has become in the Professional Culinary world what the little windmill in mini golf, is to the PGA. Chef Bourdain is absolutely right. The cooking entertainers should just tell everyone it’s like Professional Wrestling, JUST A SHOW!

  59. unclemo says:

    Bravo Anthony…Paula Deene’s recipes nauseate me.Thank you for highlighting the difference between an accomplished chef like bourdain and a
    unimmaginative cook like Deene.It’s not the cost that is the focus…you can get decent ingredients for the same price as the slop she uses.

  60. Diane says:

    I think the whole thing is hilarious and Jillian’s comments about both Pauler and Bourdain are spot on.

  61. JackEughlayte says:

    Is that a photo of Paula Deen or the dame that played the Mother on “Everybody Loves Raymond”?

  62. balancingact says:

    Seeing Anthony’s early episodes of No Reservations..I thought.. “What an arrogant, self serving jerk”.
    Then I saw some later episodes where he seemed to see the world as bigger than himself …seemed to see and appreciate other people for what they are…individuals who are unique and okay…..with different views..different dreams…I thought..maybe not such a bad guy..
    Then I read his hilariously ignorant comment about a person he doesn’t know and I think..”What an arrogant, self serving jerk.”
    ….Seems to target female cooks…
    “Hey about going after the real bad guys..the people who allow all the chemicals and preservatives in our food?
    Butter? ..really?….

    • JD says:

      To your point about Bourdain attacking the real bad guys, he actually talks about issue of overprocessed foods and the evils of corporate food companies in his latest book, Medium Raw. I honestly suggest this book to anyone who may be on the fence about Bourdain (if you already hate him, this book won’t change your mind.) His tone is actually somewhat softer than Kitchen Confidential/A Cook’s Tour – he mentions having a daughter changed him – and he also talks at length about the importance of teaching Americans basic cooking skills.

    • Jimbo says:

      Bourdain doesn’t always go after the females. There is a chef he admires named Gabrielle Hamilton and she released her memoir early this year. He even considered her book better than his because she too lived a hard live and struggled to make it in the food world.

      I have yet to get her book, but I’m sure it will be worth a read. I hope it’s the same with you.

  63. Barb says:

    Good points about the ultra arrogant yet desperately needing attention Bourdain, particularly the question of what good has he done anyone. Entertainment is good in itself, but really, at least Rachel gives some money to shelter animals. He’s going to blast Paula’s unhealthy cooking while also blasting vegetarians? Does he stand for anything other than his immediate hedonistic desires? If not, fine, just shut up and stop criticizing everyone else who’s doing what you’re doing.

  64. Anne says:

    More PR for both of them. Cha–ching! Mission accomplished.

  65. yournicknamehere says:

    Yeah..and AB2 never ever endorsed anything ever…….remember the Visa (I think it was Visa) signature card you would see him hand over in the show all the time? Yep – corporate shilling.

  66. Sripol says:

    Paula Deen is a very nice lady! People just love to think they are right all the time, but nobody really knows everything and what you think you know might be completely false. That’s kindda arrogant for someone to say that out right about someone they haven’t even met.

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      nobody really knows everything and what you think you know might be completely false. >>

      So, you’re personally acquainted with Paula and can vouch for her character? Or just going by the character she plays on FN?

  67. IndyBrad says:

    Bourdains spouse is way hotter than Paulas.

  68. 100% says:

    Question: Can there ever really be enough people cracking jokes about Guy Fieri’s penis?

    Answer: Can Paula Deens toothpaste go on pancakes? ….exactly

  69. Mike says:

    I realize this is an old post but Tony Bourdain criticizing anyone about health issues is beyond hilarious. In fact, it may even be the very definition of irony.

    Isn’t this is the same aging has been who is well known for his almost flamboyant (early) heavy drug use, (current) overly excessive alcohol abuse and (recent) excessive tobacco use? Or the same loser who was chewing coca leaves in Peru and even (suggested by himself) consuming hallucinogenic drugs in the Amazon and Paula Dean is the dangerous one here? She may be slightly annoying, (like Rachel, Sandra, Samantha and Guy) but dangerous? Other than hocking a new diabetes drug, I don’t believe any of these other personalities have ever promoted, glorified or encouraged any drug use. And Paula’s the worst culinary culprit here? Isn’t Tony HIMSELF on some fairly heavy cardiac cholesterol reducing drugs because of his own uncontrolled gluttony? (ummn, ya, ah, hi kettle, you’re black……)

    In the end consider the source. This is the same disappearing pan flipper who once made a living talking crap about Chef Emeril as well. That was until WE ALL watched terrified Tony cower before Emeril on the Katrina episode. Face it, that was the most teary eyed and uncomfortable we’d ever seen Bourdain and Emeril looked like it took everything he had NOT to elbow Tony right in his throat.

    He’s also the same broke down excuse for a host that slammed Jamie Oliver for being so pompous as to televise his family on his show and according to Bourdain (nobody cared to see and he would NEVER do on his show) Ahh, and yet again we have Bourdain irony. If I had a freakin’ penny for every time I saw his wife or kid on his show….. I wonder what changed his mind? Better yet, who screamed louder? The almighty dollar or his camera starved wife?

    If I were Tony, I’d worry more about producing future stellar episodes such as Romania, Iceland, Uruguay or Cleveland and seriously reevaluate my taste in women. Aside from the obvious, his wife has got a mouth like a drunken Sailor and has just about as much respect for other women as Tony does. Seriously, just read some of her more articulate Tweets that usually begin with her calling other women, “bitches.” As for Tony, track down how many times he’s referred to eating sperm as, “a womans facial.” Ya, that’s respect and real class might I add.

    I’d say if Tony defines as irony then Bourdain translated must mean delusional, hostile hypocrite.

  70. Jen says:

    Hmm so I see Bourdain is a people basher because of the food’s they make and consume and that it’s so bad for them, WELL how about all the alcohol he tends to consume, I can almost guarantee that’s not to healthy for his liver!!!!

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