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Next Food Network Star: Possible Spoiler Alert
Posted by Jillian Madison

Well, folks, they do it every year.

Without fail, Food Network does SOMETHING to reveal the winner of Next Food Network Star before the season is over. Last year, they added Aarti to their “Our Chefs” page on their website. During season 4, they posted a video clip with “Winner Aaron McCargo” before the finale even aired.

With a few weeks left to go in the show, could THIS be this year’s spoiler?

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So which Season 7 contestant is standing next to Season 6 winner Aarti?

The pic is from a Scripps press release on June 17, bragging about an award that was given to one of their employees. The event was held in Chicago, and Jeff is from Illinois, so that could explain his presence there. However, it seems incredibly unusual to me that Jeff would be at an event like that without having a secure place at the network.

Plus, girls have won the last 2 years of Next Food Network Star. You just know they went into this year saying “it has to be a guy.”

Time will tell.

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    54 Responses

  1. Mark H88 says:

    Yeah, he’s probably going to be the winner, but he could also be the “Adam Gertler / Second Place TV Show Host” winner.

    • ButtaRumCake says:

      I’d rather see him than Vic any day. MaryBeth bores me to tears and the Mexican girl annoys me.

      …not that I’d watch his show anyway, so…..

      • LauraS says:

        There’s no way Mary Beth can win. She’s not good enough of a chef to do anything but fail awesomely during the Iron Chef challenge. I imagine she’ll be okay with the talking part (albeit annoying as fuck). Plus Penny will be there to drive her more insane.
        I’m actually looking forward to it. For one thing that means the torture is over, but I love watching Alton shake his head and call these morons out.

      • Juanita Martin says:

        The mexican girl has a name her name is Susie lets not be racist. She was the one the that had the best critiques from the judges.

        • Pat says:

          Thats not racist, its true. She’s mexican. Buttarumcake didn’t know her name. Don’t be so overly politically correct.

          Anyway, Jeff will win. He has the most coherant show idea and it’s a great way to draw male viewership. Plus he is hilarious and SUSIE is fake, annoying, and not as funny as she tries to portray.

          • Jenn says:

            I honestly didn’t learn her name because I hated her so much in the fist episode I assumed she would be gone early… I should have known better. To be fair… I like the sandwich guy best and I also didn’t bother to learn his name. So there you have it.

    • Kurt K says:

      Realistically, it is a non-event for whomever wins. The shows get relegated to unfavorable time slots and pretty much die. I have watched Big Daddy’s Kitchen once or twice and have never watched the blonde woman with big teeth or aarti’s shit show. I predict all three of these “stars” will have their shows cancelled in the next two years to make room for the upcoming detritus.

  2. Alek says:

    Jill, I am wondering which FN chefs do you feel the best for the network?

    It seems Alton Brown really likes this site despite he works for the network

  3. Parker says:

    I actually like Jeff. He’s moderately funny, he seems like a nice guy and i like his show concept though i doubt they will let him keep it.

    • LauraS says:

      I like him too but I worry he’ll easily fall prey to the Food Network douchification process he’s inevitably going to endure.

      • Drusilla says:

        I can almost hear him yelling, “Whoa dudes, this EVOO baconator sammie is just slammin’!” already.

        • Violette says:

          Hahahaha! Yeah…It’s going to suck when they turn him into a douchebag since I’m positive he’ll get some sort of show. I think that if he wins they’ll pull a Ferry and give him a travel show as well.

  4. Valerie T. says:

    *great big sigh* After all the other “slip-ups” they’ve had, ya think they would have learned a lil something…Apparently not though. What a bunch of frickin turd knockers!

    • FuryOfFirestorm says:

      It’s like FN isn’t even TRYING anymore. Survivor has been at it for over 10 years, but they still manage to keep people from finding out the winner until the finale.

  5. Smitty says:

    That “blurcle” was really effective in creating suspense! I kept wondering if it would be a 6′-4″ Suzie, Mary Beth, or Vic next to Aarti Farti, all of whom probably stand 5’5 or less.

    • ChrisEW says:

      Yeah, I wanted to slap myself for the brief second I spent debating whether I should click on the spoiler. It’s not like I couldn’t guess pretty easily from the blurred image.

      Not that I’m upset at being potentially spoiled or anything, though. It’s pretty obvious that he’s a lock for at least the top two, and probably the whole thing. FN wants a guy this year, and given that Aarti and D’Arabian aren’t even close to Fieri in popularity, I can’t blame them. I think the only way Jeff loses is if Vic suddenly steps up his game.

      • Violette says:

        Which might actually happend now that he’s promised to give up the whole Vegas Douche schtick, though the Momma’s Boy thing creeps me out.

      • Pat says:

        And to add on here, Marcella Valladolid has already become the staple of mexican food for FN. Can’t really see Susie bringing anything new for the network. Plus, Mexican Made Easy has very high ratings, so it’s not like they need another mexican food show.

  6. Sue says:

    Ugh. So not a Jeff fan. He kinda creeps me out.

    Then again, so not a fan of anyone left. I’ll not watch any of their shows. Aarti was the last one I watched (I only watched her first two eps and then realized she was NOT going to cook Indian food and blew her off my DVR). And I want that hour back!

    • hairball says:

      so not a jeff fan either

    • Spuddy says:

      Just found the blog and LOVE it!
      I was also really disappointed that Aarti’s show wasn’t really Indian food oriented. I enjoyed “Spice Goddess”. Got some ggod ideas from that one.
      I can see MaryBeth doing a commentary show.
      I kinda wish Penny hadn’t turned out to be so “mean”. Her cultural background would have been interesting.

    • Jenn says:

      i felt the same way but she has gotten more into indian food lately. I love her and I like that she makes a wide variety of food. (adding curry paste to mac n cheese isn’t indian food though, you are right)

  7. qwertygirl says:

    Now if they can just train him not to make bathroom jokes while he’s cooking, it might not be completely unwatchable. What am I saying? That would be like expecting Sandra Lee not to glug her drink during “Cocktail time!” (the best time of the day), or telling JA-DA she had to wear a turtleneck.

  8. Daria says:

    Aarti posted about this event on her blog back in June. She said it was the “annual breakfast hosted by the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications” and that she and Jeff had been invited to it by Susie. She said Jeff was merely there because he is from Chicago.

    However I found it strange when I read about it back in June, why invite Jeff and not any of the other contestants? Yet Aarti must have gotten clearance from Scripps PR to post this on her blog?

    • Blicker says:

      True, if it’s a breakfast for NAMEC, why not invite Susie instead of Jeff. You know, cause she’s actually ethnic.

      • Violette says:

        Silly people. Susie wants to have sexy time with Jeff. That’s why he got invited. That’s also why he’ll probably win.

      • Plumpy says:

        Or invite Vic. He’s a Borg, I believe. Can’t get more ethnic than that.

        • Nubb says:

          Resistance is futile.You will be assimilated.

          Yeah,Vic got all those tattoos to hide the scars left by the Borg implants and he shaved his head to emulate his master,Locutus of Borg.

  9. Abby says:

    I saw this on aarti’s Facebook a while back and I wondered if it meant he was the winner but she claimed that he was only there because he lives in Chicago. I don’t believe her though. I wouldn’t mind if Jeff won, he’s definitely better than Mary beth but I don’t think he’s as funny as he claims. I think he tries way too hard.

  10. Tyler says:

    Well duh, of course Jeff is the winner. He’s totally been getting the winner-edit for the past few episodes.

    • Mark H88 says:

      That’s the only reason why I have somewhat of a doubt that he’ll be the winner. FN always seems to edit to ultimate winner in a way that makes you feel like they don’t have a chance and they always edit someone to look real good, but they end up getting 2nd place. That’s why I think Jeff will be the runner up. But unless FN is on to us figuring out the winners and are purposely editing him in the high light to throw us off.

      OK, so that just about clears it up, right?? LOL

      • JBEE says:

        I don’t know. I thought that Aarti was the obvious winner from the very start last season.

        • Mark H88 says:

          Really? I thought they edited her to look real wimpy and without confidence enough to do it.

          • Jenn says:

            making good food and having a warm “personality” on camera is all they care about… the “wimpy” bits were just forced in to make for more “entertainment”… i hope you all enjoyed my quotes of sarcasm.

        • Hols says:

          I called Aarti and Melissa in the first episode and third episode respectively as the winners. This season was slightly harder, but I’ve been between Jeff and Vic for the last four or five episodes. I knew Susie was toast due to felonious possession of a uterus.

  11. JackEughlayte says:

    I don’t know, I’m still rooting for that Mexican broad. No way she could carry a show for long though.

  12. VegOut says:

    I’m rooting for the guy on the far left in the picture simply because he looks more interesting than anyone on FN Star.

  13. bunny69 says:

    Great..Just what the world needs: another douche-bag! ….. Uuuughh…

  14. GoldPhalanx says:

    Sleazy, Chicago dude who only makes “sammies”? No thanks, I’ll stick with Ina Garten and Anne Burrell.

  15. Abby says:

    I read on the Vic Vegas Facebook fanpage that the final two contestants are female. I really think Mary Beth will go home next episode though.

  16. My name says:

    Am i the only one who hates Jeff and his idea? Like who wants to watch a show purely based on sandwiches. Sounds stupid to me! He better not win, i’d prefer ANYONE else…

  17. Charles says:

    Thanks Jill!
    Now I don’t have to watch NFNS anymore!
    Seriously, I’m happy! That show’s just stupid now. Plus, I diddn’t want anyone of the final four to win.

  18. Jen says:

    Ugh, everything about Jeff makes me nauseous. Not that I will watch the winner’s show more than once just to check it out anyway, but still. His face is creepy.

  19. Ted says:

    Jeff has some personality that I am sure the food network can sway into line and ruin like all the rest of the people there. But one thing I need to know is why in these last few episodes they need for any reason to bring back that douche bag penny. Even if they needed the toilets cleaned in the back she is not necessary. My worst fears are they will find some little show to place her in like they did tom with outrageous foods and weekly we will have to vomit in a bucket as they flood the commercials on their channels previewing that old hags nitche. Gagging already!!

  20. Mike S says:

    You know, if Jeff ends up winning this whole shebang, I personally have no issue with it. Here was my assessment of the Final Four:

    Jeff: He’s got a weird persona to himself, but it seems like he’s the best fit of who is left. I’ve seen chefs write entire freaking cookbooks about just sandwiches. Giving him a show about that topic would actually fulfill a need for a cooking show. If anything, you would be able to tune in and get some information on how to make a sandwich. Other winners like McCargo Jr. and Mommy McBacon…what exactly are their shows about? I’d take a gimmick sandwich show I might watch or look up some recipe tips for on occasion over the other options.

    Vic Mo/Vegas/Kaiser Soze?: Say what you will about him, he has the look that will draw attention to him and nothing will change that. However, at the start, he was Vic Vegas and apparently did “Vegas Twists” to food, which from what I could decipher involved putting starch inside of more starch and frying it. Now that he’s switched to Momma’s Boy, I would assume he would take a spin on his mother’s recipes or Italian food. I haven’t seen one thing about what the hell “Momma’s Boy” represents in terms of food other than Vic changing his last name to Mo and sporting a damn rolling pin. If they had described what the hell he should be cooking to match the personality change, I might be more ok with this. I just don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to be watching for.

    Susie: She has a point of view with her heritage and Latino cooking style, but can she really pull a show? She doesn’t come off as very assertive, and I would need a reason to watch her over any of the other Latino cooking shows that the Food Network shows anyway. She seems friendly, but that’s not enough to draw viewers or really make people care for 30 minutes. The more I think about it, the more I’m grateful for cooks like Anne Burrell that actually match knowledge with personality. I guess having one or the other is good enough for Food Network these days.

    Mary Beth: I really don’t have much to say here. She has the snobbish, socialite feel like Ina Garten without the ability to convey competence or occasional warmth in the kitchen. If you want her to talk about her opinions of foods, I would rather watch Tom or Adam talk about a giant 20 pound cheeseburger that is actually made of candy. At least with them I would trust their expert opinion on those maters. How Mary Beth has made it this far is beyond me, but if she won, I think she would somehow make Melissa D’Arabian look like a damned cooking savant. Of the 4 remaining, I can safely say Mary Beth winning would be the biggest trainwreck, both in her TV personality and her actual cooking knowledge.

    If they really don’t care about cooking knowledge, why don’t they just bite the bullet and get a damn TV contract with Competitive Eating? You could host Friday Night Eats where Joey Chestnut engorges himself on 15 pounds of coleslaw? At least with that you could spin it as a “sport” and get on ESPN. If the network is going to go down, why not set the plane into a tailspin while lighting the fuel tanks on fire?

  21. Johnny Boy says:

    This network has really deteriorated. The guy is classless nitwit. Really, sandwiches? Who cares? What happened to real cooking and creativity? Now it’s all marketing and $$$.

  22. Sammy says:

    I hope to god Jeff wins. I can’t STAND Susie. I find her dull and nothing special. I still don’t get what special charm she brings to food, and everything about her bothers me. Her concept is nothing new. A billion Spanish food shows have come to FN and they have failed. Except so far that “Mexican Made Easy” Chick, which means they can’t give her a show because they’ve got her! The same reason why they probably didn’t give Adam G. a show because his concept was like “Ask Aida”.

  23. Joe says:

    If you don’ t like the fning Network Idiots don’t watch it. U all on this site are stupid and probably can’t even cook. One word for you all. LOSERS!

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