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Meanwhile… On Pioneer Woman…
Posted by Jillian Madison

Pioneer Woman is quickly becoming Food Network’s new “Semi-Homemade”… that one show you watch not to learn how to cook, but simply to laugh at for the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

This weekend we learned that Ree’s husband is an annoying, picky son of a bitch when it comes to food. Everything she serves to him has to be “Ladd-approved” (he won’t eat goat cheese or sauces with wine, for example). Ree said it was her “duty” as his wife to broaden his horizons, so she made him penne alla vodka. Wow, she’s really branching out. Wine and vodka are so similar in taste! He’ll really be fooled! /sarcasm

She made the pasta and the sauce in about .2 seconds, and then summoned him to the kitchen to try it. He took one bite, and then at Ree’s insistence to let her know how it tasted, he hesitantly and weakly muttered, “it’s… it’s… good.” Wow, don’t hurt yourself there, you unappreciative douche.

If there’s anything I hate in life (okay, there are lot of things I hate, but this is up there), it’s people who act like assholes to their partners. This ass clown took his bite of food, then literally said “ok see ya” and walked out the door without a care in the world. No smile… no kiss on the cheek… not even so much as a “thank you” to Ree. He did absolutely nothing to acknowledge her effort (albeit a small effort, but still). I’m starting to pity this woman. And you know what? After 3 short episoes, “Ladd” has already earned the title of  “most obnoxious Food Network husband.”

Next, “Ladd” took the kids out of town so Ree was finally allowed to have a girl party and eat the foods she wanted to eat. FNH reader Jen sent an email to us about the episode which summed the segment up quite nicely:

She made a dill and goat cheese appetizer – BY ROLLING A BRICK OF GOAT CHEESE IN SOME CHOPPED DILL. Also, this whole thing is incredibly sexist. She’s really setting gender equality back 100 years by exploiting this ‘manly man’ bullshit. “Guys don’t like to eat dinner outside … Guys work outside all day and don’t want to eat dinner outside.” Is she for fucking real?

And why am I watching her asshole husband make steak and potatoes and eating them with his hands while she’s toasting to ‘girl power’ with her fig and prosciutto pizza and sangria? (Let’s not forget her husband doesn’t like wine! What a clever way to reinforce the fact that HER MANLY HUSBAND WOULD NEVER EAT THIS COWGIRL ONLY MEAL.)

Bitches just toasted to goat cheese. And then Ree remarked that “We do not have supreme pizza at girl parties.” And now they’re feeding the dog. What the fuck did I just watch?


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  1. Sterson Jo says:

    Totally agree. I lasted about 10 minutes through that inane sexist drivel.

    • Blue Piano says:

      My guess is that the audience for this show are the same people who love Sarah Palin. It’s that some retro, fake, All-American pioneer spirit bullshit. The people who want to take us back to some 1950s Golden Age that never really existed anyway.

      • Brown Sugar says:

        Not trying to make a political statement here: Palin doesn’t appear to rely on a man to bring home the beef the way Ree does. Also, Pioneer days were about catching and growing your own food; the 1950′s were when convenience food started to become popular (canned goods and frozen meals). Kind of opposites. Or am I misunderstanding what you meant?

      • Wow says:

        What are you talking about? Good Lord.

      • Amy says:

        I love Sarah Palin and still manage to dislike Ree Drummond and Buckaroo Douchebag. I also, like many millions of others, do not wish to take women back to the 50s. Don’t generalize.

  2. Jenna says:

    YES! I watched half the episode and hoped there would be a FNH post about the insanity. My cousin and I just had Food Network on and inadvertently witnessed the “men vs. women” BS. Despite both of us being female, we instantly agreed we would MUCH rather have steak and fried potatoes than that sad-looking salad pizza. And my cousin was appalled that Rae ONLY served a tiny pizza and goat cheese for like eight women. Wth?! I’ll bet those women went home hungry.

    This show is a disaster. And it doesn’t help that Rae is a painfully awkward host. She’d probably get cut midway through a season of Food Network Star for failing to look “natural” on camera.,

  3. BG says:

    I’ll never forget a Pinterest user pinning a recipe of Ree’s and just gushing about how fabulous it was. “The best way to make potatoes EVER, I can’t believe how great they are!”

    She basically made, you know, baked potatoes. With some butter on them. And salt. And then BAKED THEM AGAIN FOR TEN MINUTES. Oooooo. I wish I’d thought of that.

  4. Obvious troll says:

    Yes because we really want another Pat feely or tugboat captain who can’t get off of their women’s teets.

  5. Gabrielle 'Do Tell' says:

    Holy Shit, really? What part of her show is pioneer???the DISTANCE? big whoop!
    Now I would like to announce my new show Cooking with the Historical House woman and how I open cans throughout the ages! Sure hope you buy the fact my can opener existed in 1896…

    • Ina Garten DaVida says:

      She’s leading the way back to those halcyon days where women stayed in the kitchen and let their manly men take care of them

      Next she’ll be pulling up the rugs to hang on the clothesline and beat with a stick, so she can get ready to host the Duggar family. Or Rick Perry…

      • shouldbestudying says:

        Um, agreed, but this website is pretty much my ONLY escape from politics and work, so can we please leave politics out of the comments…thanks!!

        • CINDYBELLE says:

          I have to agree with you about the politics. As far as PW being a “stay a home mom”; this women is always traveling promoting her pioneer lifestyle? She’s never home! Just go to her blog and look at the expensive hotels suites she feels she needs to take photos of to show her followers where she’s staying. She’s such a FAKE!

  6. Peaches says:

    Speaking of Pioneer and Historical House women, my brother, sister and BIL are all Civil War re-enactors. When there are meals prepared onsite they are accurately prepared and made in utensils, pots, etc. that are period (1861-1865) authentic. Maybe Ree should come to a re-enactment :)

  7. KristenS says:

    What does this say about the women who worship her every move?

  8. Jenn says:

    I am so glad I continue to forget about this show! Her husband sounds like quite the ingrate.

  9. Daria says:

    Wow. Since Semi-Homemade has been so boring lately maybe I will have to start DVR’ing PW.

  10. Pam says:

    I was just perusing her recipes at FN and contrasting them to Jeff Mauro’s (who, really, I thought would bug the crap out of me but he’s not bad and the food looks good). I’d say he’s “winning” in new shows based on recipe reviews.

    She (or the producers) are trying too dang hard to portray this “character” of The Pioneer Woman. Her food has been done and done at a thousand church potlucks. Sorry, just not interesting.

  11. Crimdellacrim says:

    I had the misfortune of watching this last week. Yesterday when it came on, before I could change the channel, I saw her uncomfortably stating how her husband didn’t like the “flavor” of wine. I wanted to scream. This woman is totally unwatchable. Her family are a bunch of boors, & I would absolutely slap the shit out of any of them if I saw them. They best stay out of south Texas!

  12. R-U-Kidding says:

    Agree with all of the above! How the hell can Susie Fogelstein and/or Brook whoever (Pres of FN) condone this sexist crap? Do they honestly see any marketing potential here??

    It would be hilarious if not plain sad.

    • bananna says:

      I like to think that they’re going for the humor factor, haha we’re so funny, look at us putting this idiot on tv, just like all the other channels put idiots on… it’s funny, right? oh wait, they don’t think it’s funny. 6 episodes, we’re done.

      • al dente this says:

        You are giving Fogelson WAYYY too much credit. EVERYTHING she ‘condones’ is insulting and horrific. She’s an idiot. Heck, the whole FN upper crusty crust are way out of touch with any semblance of reality.

  13. Sue says:

    I caught about 5 minutes during the middle of her first show and could not change the channel fast enough. Then, when I figured out that she started out as a blogger and became this “Food Network personality,” I realized that anything that might have been enjoyable to watch on FN has now become ancient history.

    The thing that truly takes me aback is that people really like this woman and think she’s awesome. Um, yeah? I don’t think rolling goat cheese in dill is anything special. Nor do I think it’s truly awesome that you have a husband who treats you like a pioneer. Um, girl, you are living in the 21st century. We can vote. We can even THINK!

    • Ina Garten DaVida says:

      Michelle Bachmann called and said hey, I like the way you do what your husband says!

      Goat cheese in dill…so inspired! Can I roll it in chopped chives instead? I have trouble thinking of things by myself, what with being a woman and all.

      • granolagurll says:

        You have the best user name ever. Awesome!

      • shouldbestudying says:

        Again, please don’t ruin my thorough enjoyment of snarky comments by bringing up politicians.

        • Diffy says:

          I’ve seen you asking more than once for people to stop with the political jokes, and I wanted to add my two pork pies. I hope this doesn’t come off as hateful:

          If it’s not against the rules of the site, you don’t really have any business asking people to stop doing something just because you personally don’t like it.

  14. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Of course Ree’s husband won’t eat goat cheese and wine. Only them queer-o-sexuals eat that stuff!

    • Eurodancemix says:

      Actually, those foods remind him of that one FABULOUS party he attended during his college years…the wine probably went to his (big) head and he ended up with his lips on his best bud’s (little) head.

      There’s always a reason.

  15. Sue says:

    Oh yeah, one other thing… did she use fresh figs in her fig and prosciutto pizza? No, she used a “fig spread.” Um, hello. Figs are in season now. Why don’t you use FRESH and LOCAL ingredients?

    And if you were a REAL “pioneer woman”, wouldn’t you have made your OWN fig spread? (Heck, I’m not even remotely “pioneer” and I have a whole pantry full of jams, dill pickles, and pickled jalapenos that I made myself. From local ingredients. When they were in season!)

    • Viv says:

      Fig spread? What a cop out, damn.

    • ct says:

      I echo most of everyone’s sentiments here, but as an early reader of Ree’s blog I feel I should mention / remind y’all that her “Pioneer Woman” moniker is definitely tongue-in-cheek. She never imagined herself to be living on a ranch … hence calling herself a Pioneer Woman. If anything, she’s good at poking fun at herself.

      • al dente this says:

        Never imagined herself living on a ranch? Please. She’s got it made on that ranch with Sugar Daddy. No ‘accidental pioneer woman’ there. She lassoed Mr. “I was born into money”. He could be an asshole all day and she wouldn’t care.

    • Ina Garten DaVida says:

      Well, I’m pretty sure they don’t grow figs in Oklahoma.

      • roachc420 says:

        I live in Kansas and I don’t recall ever seeing a fresh fig.

        • Natalie says:

          Wow, not even at the grocery store? That’s hard to believe!

          • Trillani says:

            No fan of Ree’s, but about the fig spread…I live in a fairly metropolitan area and rarely but rarely see fresh figs at any of our stores. Fig jam I probably could find.

          • roachc420 says:

            There’s one grocery store out of 6 and a small produce market in our city of 40,000 that may even have the remote possibility of carrying them, but I’ve never seen then advertised. They’re considered “exotic” around these parts.

  16. KristenS says:

    Also, her nasolabial creases really irritate me for some reason.

    • BG says:


      just….. bahahahhahahahaha!

    • R-U-Kidding says:

      Thank you! I was afraid it was just me who is ungawdly irritated by her permanent dimply smile with the chubby cheeks.

      • Retina says:

        You’re not alone…. I see “fake” when I see her frowned eye brows with a plastered smile; it doesn’t match. I assume her cross looking frown is the result of dealing with her insulting husband.

  17. Ashley says:

    Barefoot Contessa might be a bit stuck up, but at least her husband Geoffrey adores her. He grins when he sneaks in the kitchen, giggles when they barbecue together, and raves over every rich-kid meal she makes him. That a-hole husband of the Pioneer Woman needs to take a tip from the best husband in the Hamptons.

  18. Diane says:

    First off, what the fuck kind of name is LADD? I can’t stand the guy just because of that.

    Secondly, even though I clearly won’t ever watch this show, I’m kind of hoping it’s a big hit and she makes an buttload of money and then tells Ass Face to take a hike because she’s only going to make goat cheese and wine based meals and serve them outside.

    I’m really hoping one of your recaps this season will include a scene where Ladd is kicked square in the jimmies buy a rabid bull.
    Now THAT would be entertaining!

  19. LG says:

    Did anyone else notice that after her douchebag husband pretended to like her pasta, Ree thanked him for stopping by? Their own house??? Their relationship makes me so uncomfortable I can barely watch, but it is so much fun to ridicule her show that I tune in anyway.

    My husband called the goat cheese log a moldy wang. Appetizing!

  20. ChrisEW says:

    Penne alla vodka? Goat cheese & dill spread? Fig & prosciutto pizza?

    Is there something about the “pioneer” concept that I’m not getting? None of these recipes sound like they have any connection to pioneer or country cooking. Sounds like this show could be made anywhere, by anyone, unless you’re dying to experience what it’s like to be a housewife on a ranch with enough time to just hang around and cook all day.

    • Ina Garten DaVida says:

      They actually sound like the food that was cutting edge in about 1998..not that I don’t love me some goat cheese and figs (hey, PW, goat cheese and figs are an awesome combo…there ya go. A free idea)

      Next, as we travel backwards in time to the pioneer era, 80s food! Ranch dressing and quiche, anyone?

  21. BLAKE says:

    I bet she got a beating from her husband after the cameras went off.

  22. June says:

    I’ve been reading her blog for a few years, and I have always enjoyed it immensely.

    I don’t think most people’s lives will translate to TV right, because on TV, people expect drama and anything other than ‘reality’.

    I actually feel bad that she sold out and went for her show. I dont think she needed to do that.

    • June says:

      Oh and in response to the “setting back gender equality back 100 years” comment the person made in the article… I stay at home (albeit I work on web sites from home), and I am the one who cooks, so…. am I setting it back too?

      • Megan says:

        Nope. Power to you, I wish I could be a stay-at-home wife! I think the gender equality comments are referring to the way she’s treated by her husband, and the way she treats herself. I haven’t seen the show, but from the recaps, it seems like a very sexist show. The man tromps in like he’s lord and master, and she’s there waiting on his every need, and only allows herself indulgence when he’s gone.

      • Viv says:

        Exactly what Megan said. I’m a feminist and I believe that women should have the right to choose what they want to do, whether it be staying at home as a housewife or not. There seems to be more sexism/gender-dichotomy involved here. The fact that she’s a housewife is irrelevant.

      • JK says:

        As the one who sent in that email – no. Cooking as such and being a ‘housewife’ as such is not what sets back gender equality. Acting like the only way to BE a woman is to stay home and cook is what does. Making the generalization that ‘men work outside’ and ‘only women like wine and “fancy” cheese and fruit’ is what does. Showing a man who completely disrespects his wife while she dotes on him is what does. And ditto what Megan and Viv said – choice is what makes all people equal.

        • Ina Garten DaVida says:

          +1000, JK

        • al dente this says:

          You think she’d be happier with someone with NO MONEY who treated her like a queen? Don’t think so.

          • JK says:

            I never said anything about his money but now that you bring it up – uh, yeah. How you’re treated in a relationship is a lot more important than what shit the other person buys you. I think respect > diamonds. If you think money buys love, you’re very sadly mistaken.

          • al dente this says:

            I’m not sadly mistaken about Ree. If she didn’t like the way she is treated, she’d leave like any other sane woman out there. But, you won’t see her leaving.

      • You all need to go far back in her archives and read a conversation she wrote about that she had with Ladd in their car on a trip. A good quick snapshot of their relationship. Really, it’s a winner. Basically, she wants to buy 2 hot dogs and he’ll only let her buy one and they have a whole discussion about it as if she is 5 and he’s her father. It was disgusting.

      • And I forgot – There is another post where she asks to use a tool and Ladd says no over and over again while she’s holding out her hand for staples. And she gushes about how angry she was at first and then she realized how much he loved her and didn’t want her to be hurt. Even though he’ll put his daughters to work wrangling with barbed wire fencing. What a jerk!

    • Solaera says:

      This. Ree comes across as a warm, funny and creative person on her blog, however, on tv she is so blasé, bordering on downright indifferent…I’m seeing no real effort in any of her tv cooking and the whole show feels like something you’d run across on late-night cable up on channel 275.

  23. Krista says:

    Ugh. Where to start. I’m sure to the stay at home mommy blogger in the Midwest eats this Pioneer Woman shit up. I’m on the end of the spectrum that does not like. Her blog is nothing but recycled phrases, ” I was raised on a golf course!” ” I was a vegetarian but had to eat meat to make my husband happy!” ” I was a ballerina!” ” I use butter in everything!” The recipes are nothing above mediocre but EVERYONE loses their shit over it. She was a guest on Paula Deen’s show and her husband was just as big of a douchebag.

    • bananna says:

      Hey now, easy on the Midwest.


      Okay, most of them probably do eat that crap up. Not this girl. :)

    • coffee-n-toast says:

      God am I tired of the slams on Midwest moms. I’m a stay at home mom in the Midwest, and I think this woman is a fucking idiot. And that’s who loves her – fucking idiots. She is so fake and transparent. She ditches vegetarianism b/c she fell in love with a cattle rancher?? Did he woo her principles right out of her?

      An while I’m ranting, I can’t stand her husband. My husband and I have traditional roles (he works and I stay home with our son), but it would be absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for him to speak to me the way Ladd (??) talks to Ree. Their relationship and the whole show is so infuriatingly stupid, I’m amazed it hasn’t been yanked yet.

  24. trixie says:

    I’ve commented before on Ms. Drummond and her husband. I read her book “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels”, and I can honestly not figure out why she hero-worships her husband. She makes her romance with her husband seem so fabulous in the book, but he really just comes across as a chauvenistic jerk. The fact that he put her life in danger (it’s in the book) and did NOT apologize when she got upset about it spoke VOLUMES to me as to what an ass he is.

    • Bonzy22 says:

      “The fact that he put her life in danger (it’s in the book) and did NOT apologize when she got upset about it spoke VOLUMES to me as to what an ass he is.”

      Summary deets please?

      • trixie says:

        @Bonzy22 – While Ree and husband were dating, they were hanging out at his home one night, and a fire broke out somewhere on the ranch. Instead of sending her home, where she would be safe, he thinks it’s a fine idea to bring her with him while he and some ranch hand(s) fight the fire. Needless to say, the experience frightened her, and when she got upset about it, he acted all huffy and gave her the silent treatment. NO “Hey, I’m sorry you got upset, I wouldn’t have let anything happen to you.” or “You’re right – it was a stupid idea to bring you along to the fire.” or anything like that. He just acted like a dick towards her, which made her apologize to him later on. WTF???? Ree gives modern women a bad name.

    • kitkat says:

      Why does she worship him? $$$$ That’s it. I don’t believe for a second she was really planning on attending law school like she claims. She wanted a rich husband, her “romance” is fiction.

    • Mona says:

      She must be dick whipped.

  25. Kitty says:

    Okay, I’m sure I’m going to get flamed for this, but here it goes. For the record, I have not actually seen the show, but I have followed her blog a time or two in the past and freely admit that I was captivated by her personality and quirky sense of humor.

    I am not sure how many of you were raised in the country, but judging by the comments I’ve read here very few of you were. I was born and grew up in rural Montana (one gas station, one school and one ‘saloon’, and that was pretty much it), and in places like these sexism is still very much alive. According to her blog, Ree was a ‘city girl’ before she met Ladd (aka ‘Marlboro Man’) but the woman has been living in the country for over ten years with her husband. Anyone is bound to adapt in that span of time. You knock her for her ‘Ladd-approved’ recipes, but she is a housewife (or at least she used to be, before the books and the TV show, etc) but that is what a house wife does. She caters to her husband’s tastes because HE is the one who brings home the bacon (or the beef, in Ladd’s case.) It may not conform to your modern ideals of gender equality, but it’s a give and take relationship; the life of a working man and a housewife. This was what I grew up seeing in rural Montana and still see fairly frequently to this day.

    Now, I do agree that Ladd could have been more appreciative of Ree in the public’s eye. But have you ever thought that maybe he didn’t feel comfortable being seen by millions of people on television? It seems to me that he doesn’t seem the sort to be parading around making a fool of himself on the boob tube. He is a cattle rancher and it actually impresses me that he’s even willing to appear on the show. He’s even shown up for her book signings. He’s doing it for her because he loves her. Give the guy a break.

    Anyway, again, I am not disagreeing with this post. FNH has and always will have my respect, but I really think they are splitting hairs with this one. For all I know, the show is terrible and what little I have seen of it online, it is. Not everyone can pull off a good television show, I know I couldn’t to save my life.

    I just think that maybe people are forgetting that things are very, very different in rural America than most would like to let themselves believe.

    • Suzette says:

      Ree grew up in a town of 15,000 about 20 miles from the ranch. That hardly makes her a “city girl”. She went to college in L.A. Her husband is a fourth generation muti million dollar rancher, taking advantage of as many government subsidies as he can to the tune of over 2 million a year. He may not want to parade around on television, but he doesn’t have to since Ree posts pictures of his ass on her website. Her followers are cult like in their devotion to her. For a study in the narcissistic view of her world, read her post about the 9/11 anniversary. It may make you puke.

      • Walnut says:

        Actually, there’s a pretty big difference between a “city girl” and a “farm girl”. She doesn’t have to live in NYC to be raised differently and not terribly familiar with farm life.

        Further, the fact that he is a “fourth generation multi-million dollar rancher” means absolutely nothing. My brothers are 4th generation farmers and revenues may in fact exceed “a million dollars”, however, you’re completely ignoring the expenses it takes to run a ranch. Revenue doesn’t mean shit until you take the expenses from it.

        It’s not at all surprising that he prefers a meal with meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. Afterall, he is a rancher. He’s eating the meat he raised. Potatoes and vegetables have long been a staple among farm families, because they are easily raised in the garden. Plus, these guys are out working 12+ hours a day. They burn more than the standard 2000 calories in that time and it takes some substantial starch and protein to refuel. A tiny portion of some vegan meal isn’t going to provide the kind of calories needed to work on a farm.

        • Kay says:

          There is no room for such a rational point of view here.

        • Broomhildo Weave says:

          He refused to eat the tomatoes a few weeks ago. He’s a jerk. He doesn’t show any respect from what I have read. Doesn’t matter if he’s the breadwinner, he can still appreciate her feeding his damn ass.

        • Pslub says:

          Actually, he doesn’t eat the meat they “raise”. She has said numerous times that they buy their meat from their local grocery store.

      • al dente this says:

        Yeah, Bartlesville is such a booming metropolis. *eye roll*

    • Kelli says:

      I still stand by the fact he’s a douche.

      • Trillani says:

        He’s absolutely a douche.

        And just for the record Kitty, I’m housewife to a man raised in rural America and our relationship bears no resemblance to Ree and Ladd’s or to what you describe. We treat each other with appreciation and respect, HE treats me with appreciation and respect. “Traditonal” in no way automatically translates to “treat the lil woman like crap”. Being country does not protect Ladd from being a d*ck.

    • He doesn’t bring in the bacon – you the taxpayer do since he receives farm subsidies of over 1 million dollars – and her readers do because her blog brings in around a million a year just from BlogHer, forget all the sponsors she’s gaining as time goes by. And, word has it, she doesn’t really do anything. They have someone clean the house and do the laundry, teachers to teach the kids, staff to man the blog, photographers to take the pictures and cowhands to manage her garden and help with ranch. I’m not even sure she actually does all the cooking.

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      “maybe he didn’t feel comfortable being seen by millions of people on television”

      So why is he even there? Why didn’t FN just cast someone else for the role? And why don’t they make a comfortable enough living on their government handouts…er “farm subsidies?”

  26. FoodieOne says:

    I actually really identify with Ree. My husband and I have a traditional relationship, wherein he earns the money and I stay home with the kids and take care of the house (my husband is active duty military).

    I like things this way.


    Because the work I do as a “traditional” woman is important. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a division of labor in a household. I don’t understand why everyone has such a hard time with this; it’s not “backwards”. In fact, I resent all of the feminists out there who would rather make the same wage as a man while they send their kids off to day care and order pizza for dinner.

    There is nothing wrong with a wife and mother actually caring for her family with her own two hands. I do not “cater” to my family, but I do respect their wishes when it comes to food. For example, my husband likes meat. A lot. So…I would not make a fig and proscuitto pizza for him; he would’t like it. Why would I purposefully serve my husband and best friend something I know he wouldn’t like? To me, that’s rude and disrespectful.

    I actually respected Ladd’s reaction to Ree’s dish. He was HONEST. It was good…not awesome….not life-changing….but good. There is nothing wrong with “good”. Why should he fake-gush all over a dish that was “good”?

    This has to be one of the most staged shows I have ever watched. Everything makes Ladd seem like a total douche. Who knows? Maybe he is. However, I’ll bet that he’s a quiet guy in a traditional relationship. I’ll bet that his deepest thoughts are best expressed by a Hallmark card. In watching, I’m actually surprised that he’s even part of the show. To me, it shows that he’s doing something outside his comfort zone to support his wife.

    • krosstx says:

      Good comment foodieone. I have to agree with some of what you said. It’s pretty obvious that he is uncomfortable in front of the camera and probably only agreed to it at his wife’s insistance and a money offer from FN…lol

    • Allison says:

      You resent working moms? How does what we do have any affect on your life? I pity you if you have to look down on other mothers to get fulfillment out of your life and choices.

      • FoodieOne says:

        I don’t resent ANYONE who cares for her children. You are picking a fight. I think it’s obvious from my post that I am only referring to people who look down on those of us who DON’T “work” for a living.

        I don’t work outside the home by choice. And I don’t appreciate anyone who “looks down” on my choice.

        • HookahSmookah says:

          Women still don’t work for an “equal wage” as men, no matter what kind of job they hold. I believe that women still earn around 65-70% of what a man in an equal position would earn.

        • DivineCroissant says:

          Can you see how your post’s very own word “resent” is why people think you do resent working mothers? We all make choices for our families, and it’s not for you to love or hate those choices others make. You seem oblivious to how you come off here.

          It’s not non-feminist to work or to stay at home. It’s feminist to expect respect and equal treatment from one’s life partner and workplace (be it in or out of home), and to make choices that best reflect one’s own desires, needs, and goals, rather than letting other people or even one’s religion or culture dictate choices and options. If you made your choice yourself, and you feel fulfilled doing it, and support other women’s right to make choices that you might not even agree with, then that seems feminist enough to me. But you don’t seem like you really accept others’ choices’ validity, and that’s where people might disagree. You keep saying you do, but either you don’t realize you don’t, or else you’re not communicating very clearly. Either way, I’m glad you have a good situation and are happy with what you’ve chosen.

          BTW, Ladd is a douche. My husband’s from a ranch family too, and even if he doesn’t like something I cook, he at least thanks me for making it–and doesn’t wear a hat in the house! If he’s so uncomfortable on-camera that he can’t even practice basic human courtesy, then he needs to not be on camera. This show is a disgrace and an insult.

          • FoodieOne says:

            You’re getting hung up on one word – resent.

            I resent anyone looking down on ANYONE who hasn’t made identical choices to their own.

            Yes – regardless of how I “come off”, I do resent those who find the whole “stay-at-home-mom” thing to be a continuation of gender stereotypes.

            I whole-heartedly believe that women who have children should take care of them. I know this is an unpopular view that seems unrealistic to most. If you aren’t in a position to care for the children you birth, then don’t have them. Yes. Very unpopular.

    • Andi says:

      It would be charming except she reportedly has tutors, nannies, etc. She’s not doing it with her own two hands. I don’t even think she’s writing her own blog posts anymore.

      Your life is more honest than the one she is portraying. I used to be a fan, but The Empire is really turning me off, because it’s based on an untruth.

      As for Ladd’s reaction, did anyone consider that maybe he doesn’t want to do the show? He looks miserable.

      As for my hubs, he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but he LOVES my fig and gorgonzola pizza. And I’ll whip him up a steak and frites, for dinner. It’s a give and take kind of thing–and over the years, he’s become quite the foodie.

    • Nicole says:

      I’m sure if you got out of the house once in a while you might learn that not all women (married or single) can afford the luxury of staying at home nor are they all feminists. My mother is a prime example of this. Not only did she work 10 hour days, she’d have dinner made, and did housework. Pretty much everything you do and more.

      Aside from that, I’m tired of these “cooking” show hosts including their annoying/awkward friends and family into their shows. Unless you’ve knocked back a fifth of vodka and have a nephew named Brycer, I could not care less. I pray for Aunt Sandy’s return to booze-filled insanity.

      • FoodieOne says:

        I resent your implication. You are looking down on me because I don’t have to work outside the home.

        So…that makes me a snobby person who is incapable of understanding how everyone else lives.

        Gimme a break…

        I emphatically stated that I have CHOSEN my lifestyle.

        • Nicole says:

          No, I am looking down on you because of your naivete towards working women. I have no problem with your CHOICE (I never said nor implied it was by force) of lifestyle nor do I think it’s a step backwards for women.

        • JK says:

          That’s fine – what Nicole is saying is that some women don’t have the ability to choose to stay home. If they didn’t work, they wouldn’t have money. Single moms don’t really have the luxury of letting their husband ‘bring home the bacon.’ They don’t work – their kids don’t eat. Not even ‘take out pizza’ which you seem to think is blasphemous.

        • Hakuna Fritatta says:

          But yet, you seem to be making value judgments on people who don’t share YOUR values or choices.

        • Elysianladie says:

          Foodieone, just go away, it’s obvious you’re being controlled by your husband.

          He probably beats you because you don’t cook him a perfect dinner by his standards.

          Surprised you’re not dead yet, although given the time frame of your last to this post, you probably are dead and your husband in jail.

  27. Tom says:

    Uh, yeah … just because she has a billion readers of what she writes doesn’t mean any of them have a wad of personality in front of the camera. This will likely be another season wherein Food Network personalities don’t win a single Emmy

  28. Just a thought..and I am generalizing about still-pervasive attitudes, I am not speaking of everyone who’s household runs differently and I am not espousing my personal thoughts regarding this matter. By and large, women are still seen to be the caretakers of the home and the children. This means women are still a long way from acheiving equality along the lines spoken of here (and elsewhere in similar conversations). Women won’t be closer to being ‘equal’ until the division of labor is pervasively seen and accepted to be a dual function of the husband and wife (or male/female). Women haven’t acheived equality, they’ve acheived loading ridiculous expectations on themsleves and feel less than adequate when they can’t meet it all. Society expects women to be Claire Huxtable and it’s ‘unfair’ (I despise the word ‘fair), it is unfair that we as women feel we should carry that much weight on our shoulders and it’s unfair/irrational that society would expect this of women. A final thought, when children ‘go wrong’, when you hear of a child convicted of deviant behaviors, who is the first person to be blamed? I’ve noted it more often than not, to be the mother, not the father. People seem to ask ‘how did his mother raise him?’ or ‘where was his mother in all of this?’ before they would sub out the word ‘father’ for that (granted I also frequently see the word ‘parent’ used in that circumstance but rarely ever do I see the word ‘father’ used in such a situation).

    Sorry for the many mini-tangents, I was trying to cover as many counter-arguments as possible. :-) I am not at all trying to put everyone into neat little categories, I realize life doesn’t happen that way. :-)

    • Scoobie-Doobie-DO says:

      It saddens me that as a Society we have come to lessen the value of the parent that takes care of the home and children.

      As far as the PW goes, I tried to like her. I tried to like a couple of her recipes. And I tried to ignore what didn’t ring true. In the end, I just couldn’t swallow the Kool-aid so it wouldn’t hurt me if this ends up being a single season program.

    • bananna says:

      Forgive me if I’m wrong but I feel like we’ve more or less achieved career equality; Now if I could get him to do the damn dishes….

    • Kathy says:

      Women will never achieve equality until we stop putting each other down and fighting each other.

      • Johanna says:

        Kathy, there is a lot of truth to what you say. I guess that explains why Ree Drummond always deletes any comments that are not complimentary towards her.

  29. Morgan says:

    I like her show and her website, but I also find FNH hilarious. I think people are complex enough to enjoy Ree’s perspective and appreciate the humor of FNH.

  30. Johanna says:

    Ree has created her own little Harlequin romance fantasy on her blog, and all the other Harlequin romance-starved women out there have clambered onto her Pioneer Woman crap bandwagon. Actually, she must be just as surprised about that as the rest of us are. It’s her followers that I really feel sorry for. Who are those women that buy that bullsh*t?

    I think Ree Drummond is a very lonely, unfulfilled woman who is trying to make the best of a very bad situation. It is just possible that she should have kept on driving ~~ instead of stopping at that infamous *smokey bar* ~~ and gone to law school instead.

    She definitely is a desperate housewife.

  31. Deaner says:

    I’m still waiting for Pioneer Woman to deliver a newborn calf. Or fend off an Apache raid.

  32. diana says:

    So who originally held the title of Most Obnoxious FN Hubby? Please tell me it was Mr Rachel Ray.

  33. krosstx says:

    ok…my question is…What exactly does her husband do all day besides move cows around the ranch? I’ve never seen him do anything but herd the cattle from one place to another. How does he make money doing that?

    • Kathy says:

      He makes money when he sells them.

    • kaa says:

      To be fair, you see a tiny segment of his day. They sell the cattle in the spring and fall depending on how many are ready to be sold. They also have a contract with the government to care for wild mustangs on their land and they make a killing off of that. If you look at public records, their family is one of the largest land owners in OK and they are definitely not short on money.

      • werther says:

        That’s true. The money they make from that pharmaceutical company they own (check the public records it’s based in Santa Ana, CA) plus the oil wells, and the bar/restaurant must bring in some really nice extra cash as well.

    • Dana says:

      I seriously doubt he even does that. Have you ever seen a cattle rancher who supposedly works outdoors all day look that pale?

    • AntNin says:

      One time he was spraying cows. With what, I’m not sure, although I did read about spraying them with stuff to keep the bugs away. I just can’t get past the wearing the hat in the house, every time.

  34. bibble says:

    My bets are on that her husband is a gay cowboy.

  35. Ava says:

    I find it interesting that EVERY week now the dish Ree makes on TV is different that the recipe she posts for the same dish on her blog. She states the disclaimer for one reason or another.

    As far as the man/woman inequality deal goes-
    My thoughts? The norm these days is that both parents work. That’s really the only way the average American family is able to get by. Very few families seem to have only one parent working…however, for those that do, to have a woman cater to her husband seems quite backward to me. I’m not saying to go out of your way to make something he dislikes-but for f*ck’s sake…if a woman is going to stay home, clean the house, take care of the kids, make the meals…the least you can do is show an ounce of appreciation.

  36. Brook Monroe says:

    At first I misread that on-screen title as “Cowgirl Donner Party.”


  37. Berger says:

    Just look at the second picture in the post where dude is eating the penne and tell me I’m wrong:
    White cowboy hat + Blondish mustache/goatee combo that gets lost in his skin tone + misogynistic attitude = Max Hardcore

  38. Plumpy says:

    Whoever green-lit this show has his head so far up his ass he can see out his ears.

  39. Jimmy says:

    This show is fucking HORRIBLE…look you all i made this using Vodka…shit my my man is going to beat me…ladies run outside.

  40. Andrew says:

    Oh christ, stop this bullshit.

    If there relationship works for them, and they are both happy, who the fuck are any of you to criticize this woman?

    • Sara says:

      This. This a thousand times over.

    • April says:

      If you put yourself out there in the public eye, you can be a target for criticism.

      If you don’t like it, don’t read.

      Personally, I don’t like it when wealthy people who hire tutors and have assitants try to pass themselves off as “just regular folks.”

      • coffee-n-toast says:

        THIS. Many times I’ve considered starting a blog, but the thing that always holds me back is the possibility of losing my privacy. She so obviously wants to be a celebrity, and this is what happens when you become one. It’s unfortunate but any idiot knows it.

      • buffy says:

        “I have my assistant put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.”

    • Johanna says:

      She has made herself a public figure. That opens her up for criticism. Actually, it’s more like scorn. She’s an idiot.

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      “who the fuck are any of you to criticize this woman?”

      Speaking for myself, I’m a person who stopped cooking like this because of family issues with diabetes and heart disease. Love your kids? Here, fill up their arteries with cholesterol. After all, nothing says love like a little angioplasty.

      I have a positive thing to say about her: she is single-highhandedly keeping the eyeliner manufacturing industry afloat.

    • Elysianladie says:

      Andrew and the people agreeing with him are idiots.

      $10 says ‘Andrew’ is actually that douchebag queef Ladd on an assumed name.

  41. Good Vanilla says:

    did you all miss the fancy chaps he was wearing on his way to the lodge??

    And who’s kids all sleep at the same time… so staged…

    worst hubby on fn? Giada’s gayish guy….

  42. JK says:

    Thanks for posting my email! Something you left out was that this shit needs to be on Lifetime, not FN. It’s not a cooking show in any way – it’s not even a ‘drive around and eat food’ show – it’s a really lame reality show that includes some low-skill cooking. I’m a low-skill kinda girl (I eat a lot of cereal) but I like watching shows where SOMETHING GETS COOKED. Even some kind of low(er) budget Sandra Lee would probably tickle my fancy (if the host wasn’t a nutcase) – but watching what is mostly a shitty reality show is not something FN needs.

  43. Nipchee says:

    I still haven’t watched this show yet, I keep forgetting what time it’s on.

    First of all, her husband sounds like he’s a dick,but then again, maybe he’s not.If he doesn’t like being in front of the camera or if he’s tired, he might come off as being nonchalant and insensitive/disrespectful.
    Or he could be that way.Children learn from their parents so maybe his dad was an ass too? Who knows!
    I can tell you from personal experience that some farmers/ranchers can be chauvinistic and sexist. And they come home tired and argue with their wives (usually about who is the bread winner) and expect their meals to be ready when they get home (even though they don’t have a set time when they come home).They don’t show much appreciation toward their wives yet complain that they themselves don’t get any recognition.Gee, I wonder why…
    Then they go on to say that they work hard like as if the wife don’t do anything all day.Well if your job is so hard, then why don’t you cook,clean,do laundry, and run after kids.Don’t wanna do it cause it’s “womans work” huh? Me thinks BS! It’s cause they don’t know how to do it.They’d whine like a bitch if they had to do it.
    Sorry I went on a rant but that kind of attitude/behavior just pisses me off.Anyways,back to the topic! Ree has a blog,books and now a tv show so she’s making money too.She’s just as much of a “bread winner” as he is.
    I myself as a woman believe that women should do what they want.If they want to be a housewife, then more power to them.If they wanna work,then go to it.What I think is wrong is when both spouses/partners don’t communicate and be respectful to one another.A thank you here and there and being nice goes a long way.It makes us feel appreciated.I mean if you can’t be nice to the one you love then why the hell are you with them?

    Ladd doesn’t like wine? So does that mean he doesn’t like a good beef stew which btw has wine in it! Or maybe he doesn’t like the taste of it.I know farmers/ranchers gotta eat heavy meals for extra energy (again personal experience) but even eating some pasta with meat with healthy sauces and veggies is also hearty.If goat cheese and figs aren’t enough cowboy food for him (IF that’s the case), then he can eat it as a snack and have a steak for dinner.
    And why did she have to eat outside? Are her and her friends “not allowed” in the house with the men folk? Or is it cause they don’t wanna smell the bullshit coming from their dirty boots? lol

    It’s true, farmers/ranchers do make decent money but they have to put it back into the farm/ranch and equipment to make more money.
    It seems as though they’re wealthy so how is she a “Pioneer Woman”? Does she can her own food, wash laundry down by the river,sew holes in clothing and help butcher cattle? No? Then she’s not “roughing it” like the real pioneer women had to.Her show should be renamed “Desperate Rich Bored Rancher’s Housewife.”
    Normally I’d say that it’s none of my business what goes on between her and her husband but they’re on a tv show now viewed by millions so they’re making it OUR business.And now we can see the awkward interactions between her, her family, and the camera.This is probably why she isn’t translating well to tv. It’s like looking at a picture of someone and conjuring up ideas of how they might be until you actually meet them and wind up being something completely different.Then again I wouldn’t know because I never read her blog.

  44. Doughboy says:

    Why didn’t he even take his hat off to sit down and eat? Another show about hype and drama without substance.

  45. kaa says:

    I agree, the show sucks. She is just too awkward for tv. I have to say, she jokes a lot about gender roles on her blog and you can read she is joking but it really doesn’t come across well on her show.

    i feel like this is going to end in a jon and kate disaster. she has tasted fame and will just keeps seeking it, no matter the cost.

  46. Sam says:

    What I’m still perplexed about is the ‘He doesn’t like the taste of wine’. Now I love wine. I could drink it all day long. However, I initially hated it because I had bad wine. And I still don’t like some super super dry wines. To say that ‘wine’ is a flavor that he doesn’t like is ridiculous. Some wines taste similar, yes, but some wines are drastically different. Saying blanket ‘I don’t like wine’ is like a 4 year old saying ‘I don’t like veges!’. He has not tried all of the wines, probably very few, and he has not tried them while manipulated into sauces/marinades.

    I’m not saying that she should be experimenting every night with food to prove a point, but I sure as hell would (and used to for my ex) make a random dinner that included something he ‘didn’t like’ cooked really well. Then, I just wouldn’t tell him I put it in there. Likely he gets 3/4 of the way through before I admitted it was there and he would be like ‘I guess its not that bad’. (And then grumble because he was a man and hated to admit he was wrong) I do this with broccoli for the kids I used to nanny for and they magically loved it.

    And there is no such thing as ‘girly foods’ and ‘manly foods’. It is all just food.

    • Denita says:

      As someone who has a lot of food dislikes and as someone who has had people try to sneak stuff I don’t like into dishes thinking I won’t know it, I can tell you that this is a horrible suggestion. Doing something like that is disrespectful and tends to produce anger, not acceptance of the thing that’s disliked.

      • DivineCroissant says:

        Yeah, I don’t think that works on most people. I’ve been tricked like that too, and it not only didn’t inspire me to love for the foodstuff in question but made me realize that the person sneaking it into my food was disrespectful of my boundaries. On the plus side, it did lead to our much-needed breakup, so I guess tricking people into eating stuff they dislike does have a good side: it says something really definitive about the person doing it!

        • Sam says:

          But did you sit down and go ‘I don’t like green food!’? I doubt it. There is a difference between sneaking in food to someone who has actually tried food and doesn’t like it (that’s rude I agree), and to someone who has said a blanket statement and likely not explored the food. Because honestly saying ‘I don’t like wine’, is just like saying ‘I don’t like green food’ with the variety of flavors.

          • Denita says:

            There is no one who knows me who does not know the foods I dislike. I’m very outspoken about it.

            And still, people have tried to sneak things I dislike into my food.

            Here’s the thing-I don’t like wine either-and I’ve tried enough of it to know that I never will. I’ve made blanket statements about this.

            But just because I made that blanket statement doesn’t mean I’m so silly or stupid that I don’t know the difference between what I think tastes good and what I think is nasty.

            Here’s something else I really hate: when people tell me “you don’t know what’s good for you” after I say I don’t like something. That just pisses me off.

  47. Susan says:

    Get rid of this show FN, just get rid of it…

  48. Sounds like the Pioneer couple could learn a thing or two from Ina and Jeffrey or Soft Porn with the Neelys.

  49. Ladd says:

    Back to the kitchen with all of you!

  50. Andrew says:

    Perhaps he’s socially awkward and doesn’t like being on tv? I’m not defending him, he might still be a douche for real, but it’s a possibility.

  51. Katie B. says:

    Good to know that I am not the only one who detests the Pioneer Woman. All my zombie mommy friends get very upset with me when I talk bad about Pioneer Woman. But really, she’s perpetuating gender stereotypes, and it’s just wrong!

  52. houstonray says:

    Hate to break this to everyone, but I’ve heard there is a movie coming out based on her “story”. I think it’s got some inspid title like “black heels and tractor wheels” or something like that. Reese Whitherspoon is rumored to be the lead…


  53. krosstx10 says:

    I don’t like wine, goat cheese or mint either, BUt I do like me some fig preserves!

  54. RR's PomPoms says:

    Haven’t watched the show yet but it’s already making my head hurt.

  55. FatCat says:

    I personally think she is the worst host ever. But even worse than her inability to talk in front of the camera is her husband, who is just the stupidest sexist cowboy around. Why the hell won’t he eat pasta with wine? Hello, haven’t you ever heard of men drinking wine, or is he just one of those stupid pricks who won’t touch anything but beer?

  56. Jana says:

    I think the comments ABOUT this show are far greater than the actual show itself. If Pioneer Woman is doing anything, it’s providing fodder for FNH and that’s always good. Ladd reminds me of every damn man in Wyoming except those guys are real working ranchers who would never wear their hat or sh*tty boots in the house.

    • TxMomma says:

      This show is just a total joke, one great big (unintentional?) parody, and another programming embarassment for FN … and the Pioneer Woman ?? well she is one enterprising person, but in truth she’s made a MINT off of borrowed church cookbook recipes and her PW schtick.

      And NO halfway-mannered cowboy or rancher would EVER wear his filthy boots in the house or wear his HAT to dinner … !!! Geezus

  57. sacha says:

    One of the things I found funny on her blog is how she has talked about her husband’s brother Tim and how he will only eat cheese that is melted. He thinks it’s raw if it’s not “cooked”.

  58. Heidi says:

    I love the pioneer woman! I hope you keep the show on. She is new at tv and will get more comfortable as time goes on. She is doing a great job with fantastic recipes!! I have a hard time finding food my husband likes and her recipes are right up his alley! Finally a show on Food Network with real recipes for real people! Thank you!

  59. Tracytrips says:

    I think the show is boring…and she is definitely more entertaining on her blog than her show. I must address a few things though. I also live in Oklahoma. We have a farm that is more hobby than income, but with temps that were above 100 for over 2 months there is no question of eating outside. It ain’t gonna happen. I had a few dinners outside but I had been inside my comfy house all day. Dirty boots. This ain’t the 1800′s. There are muddy boots in my house every day.
    Also…it would have been SO fake had he given an obligatory ‘kiss’ after tasting it. Who the hell does that all the time? I cook, the family eats, I clean the kitchen. There ain’t no romantic thank you. There is a credit card waiting to get spent though.

  60. Mustard says:

    FYI, interesting part of one of her blog posts. There are so many people who commented on this post saying “How cute!” and “You two are adorable!”
    Personally? I think he sounds like a pretentious asshole. Enjoy!

    PW- We just stopped at a convenience store in north central Oklahoma, and I wanted to get two hot dogs for breakfast. You wouldn’t let me. Why?

    MM- Because you were also buying four doughnuts.

    Are you saying I’m fat?

    No. I just knew I didn’t want a whole hot dog and I couldn’t see how you’d want a whole hot dog, considering you were getting four doughnuts.

    Yes, but don’t you think that’s a decision I should make on my own?

    Well, I think that’s why I’m here…to help you with these situations. Have you eaten the whole hot dog you got?

    No. I have not eaten the whole hot dog.

    Then it was a good decision.

    But I think I’ll eat it now. Just to prove a point.

    Knock yourself out. What about the four doughnuts?

    I’ve eaten one and a half.

    That’s about right.

    So can we stop at the next convenience store and get a hot dog if I go ahead and finish this one?


    You realize that just makes me want a hot dog more.

    Yes. I realize that’s how your mind works.

    Like, I’ve never wanted a second hot dog more than I do right now, for instance.

    Will you hand me my Dr. Pepper?


  61. Ladeda says:

    Pioneer woman SUX!
    I can’t wait for her to come back!

  62. OMG!!! says:

    I seriously want to fuck this bitches shit up!!! What a waste of time watching this show. I also want her dumbass ungrateful husband to get raped by a horse. The end

  63. Paula Powell says:

    I totally despise this program! I do not like the whold damn family. They are sickening.

  64. H.C. says:

    Hilarious write-up! Though I’m starting to wonder if fail is more due to the producers & editors than Ree herself. I can imagine the whole gaggle of them to simplify her usual recipes, and getting her to say corny things, then cut & snip away for maximum drama effect.

    Of course, Ree & her hubby can actually try to grow a pair and put a kibosh on this foolishness if that’s the case.

  65. R.K says:

    I actually have been following her blog for awhile now and I find her blog for me some what entertaining. I was excited when I first found out she was going to have her own cooking show. But….. When I first watched her first show I pretty much did a palm to the face and was embaressed for her, and I get that way every time I see her next show. Its like watching someone who is trying way too hard to impress us and it seems like shes reading those poster cards. I like cooking shows when you can tell they are just being them selfs and having fun with what they are doing. I’m sticking with following the blog and leaving the show behind.

  66. Mark says:

    Y’all know this is tv right?

  67. Pienearwoman says:

    If I had a bunch of girlfriends over and all I served them was that disgusting version of wtf sangria, a hunk of cheese rolled in dill and a tiny slice of fig pizza – they would never come back… and I wouldn’t blame them. I bet Grandma Drummond went in the kitchen and heated up some canned soup for everyone as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

  68. Alex says:

    The comments on here are the only way I can stomach watching her show.

  69. Dino2010 says:

    This woman needs to take cooking 101.Sandra Lee or Anne Burrell should kick her A$$ for even going in the kitchen.nothing but a lot of hillbilly, hokey slop.FN should try to make a show using the real French chefs from Chopped, Ziggy and Johann. Was Ree just a friend of one of the network execs that helped land this farce on FN? The whole genre of this show bites from top to bottom and waste my Saturday morning.Whats next on FN California beach bagels?Get rid of this middle-aged, over the hill chef wanna-bee as she rates about as high as the snobby, bagle slinging jew, Barefoot Contessa,but at least Ina can cook.We want shows that teach and inspire one to cook.Fried cow patties are not a popular entree.This show is a waste.

  70. TheRightWay says:

    Is this funny? This is the way it Get in there and cook me dinner woman. I pay the bills!

  71. LS says:

    For ALL of you who don’t like the show … Don’t watch it! But for those of us who can really appreciate someone coming along with simple, easy to follow recipes not to mention DELICIOUS!!! Support Ree and keep watching. Ree is adorable and doing it right. Her husband from what I’ve read and seen is a HARD WORKING MAN! Dedicated to his craft and seems to adore his wife … We don’t need to see them kiss and say Thank You … I’m sure they’ve done alright if they are still married after all these years … He seems to be taking great care of this accidental country girl and She is taking care of him and their children… Not to mention feeding them well! Kick Ass Ree! We Love you.

  72. Marty says:

    I also am not a fan of Pioneer Woman … but I think you’re a little harsh here. It seems clear that her husband just doesn’t want to be on the show. It seems more likely that he’s the one being “roped in” (haha) to doing something that is really dumb.
    I’m no fan of his either but I can see that if my own husband was being forced before a camera he would be a man of few words … which seems another reason for her to have said no to this silly idea of a cooking show at her ranch. Ugh.

  73. Daneen says:

    Sure, she’s having a girl party while her husband has one on his own in a tent with Jake Gyllenhaal.

  74. Erin says:

    Is it me or does she look terrible on her show? I guess there is a lot of editing on her blog.

  75. SouthernGal says:

    Just discovered your website..might I say..hillarious!! I CAN’T STAND THIS WOMAN. Her jokes are bad, her food looks like a moron could make it. I watched one episode one day – she literally made butter/bacon sandwiches. I mean shit – my little 9 year sister could make this. It was literally texas toast, lots of butter (heart stopping much?) egg, cheese and bacon. WOW difficult one there. Well, thanks for the website – you have one new fan!

  76. MIGUY says:

    Just saw this show for the first time, and WTF? Saw the Fig Pizza episode.

    Interesting how the cow-husband asked who was doing the dishes, and then he immediately names the girls. And when the boy wanted a small steak, he was like “WTF boy!? No, you get a huge piece, now eat it!”

  77. La princessa says:

    OMG! Are you kidding, Food Network? I just happened to tune in and watched a few short moments before switching off. Call me shallow, but this “marm” does not fit the profile. What kind of garbage is she cooking? I’m not interested in her musings or truisims, I watch FNTV for the recipes and skills (of which she doesn’t have) not for her problems with her picky husband who should be in the barn shoveling manure. Is this the Food Network, or how to cook for a rural church social? Phew!

  78. Your Name Here says:

    You guys should check out! That blog is pure gold in cackling about this woman! I always change the channel whenever this show comes on. I refuse to even call this woman a “cook,” none of her recipes are original (they’re just stuff we’ve all seen before), and she doesn’t even use proper techniques most of the time. On her blog, she does have quite a following of those desperate ranch wives, who “want to be just like her, when they grow up!” And what’s this with her being so constantly moony over her husband? He’s an unappreciative, picky prick who’s no Tom Cruise either. I guess at her age, there’s not many other options for her out there, huh?

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